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■v T tie e 1 tl boar a;' < 
CONTENTS . k-p^yi: 

>**•*■«•••••••••*••■•>•••««■•••••■•••**■••*«•*•>••■•»••••■••• bOovcf -* piLj^ ' 




THE AMUSEMENT WEBK'IN NEW TOBK............ .......... .V...;v;^.....S.;^ 8-8 

ASIDSKMBNT EVBNIS OI*. 5CHB WEEK IN CfllCAOOl . v.. . . .-. . • . v,.;^? • • • • • • ■ I . . v' 12-15 

MOtiMON PICXURB KifiWS ■•■•■••••*«•■«••■*•••■■•••«•■■ s'J ■> ■ ' 14 

EDITOBIAL ....i. 18 



BIG CITY NEWS j.. 20-21 

CARN X ViAXi N!ks W'S •••■■■■■■•■>■•■*■•■■■•■■•••»•••>■■>■••••*•'■■•••••■•§•■■•■••■■•.••■•'* S3 - 

FAIB NEWS ......... 24 

CIBCDS NEWS .....i.. 28 

CIECUS GOSSIP ...... 28 


Pexformeis* Dates ^ 

Circos^ 'Carnlrals and Wnd Wests .^..i. Si 

Bnrlesqaa ] .'. v.......-.v....w....................... &8 

Minstrel ...................*.•..-.....••..................'............ a^. .'.......* 

Bands and Orchestras .............. ............^......-.^.../^..^•.t...' 

Stock . and' B^ertolre .................... .......... ^. - $>^^...^. .... -r.^ . *. • * 

Dramatle and. Mnslcal- — ......^t^.....^... >• * ' . 

Addltiooal Petfoitneis' Dates .ii.. ;4'';-'.-..tA-'.. ........ . 88 

rnji SYNOPSES — '....i...............^ 36 

UST OP.FAIBS ..,V....... ..i...:..^......../jVi .s... 38 

LIST OP FILMS AND BELEASE DATES: .-.-..-vj^i i i ....... ..... 41 

DIBECTOBY C . ivf ; 44 


STBEET FAIBS ............ ...i. ............ . 48'. 

NEW FAIBS ..A;. ^.-S:..-;.-...;...;. ........................ 4» 



LABOB DAY CELBfflBATIQIlS..-lO.-.. ....'l.-i.^. .............. O- 





T FTTER 1 1ST ■ ' ■ ■ rV" '-".r- , 

NEW TOBK AND CHICAGO ATTRACTIONS- . --C .y. ......s- , , 61 

SEPTEMBEn 19)i, 


. At totb tlw pat> 
dm and in 
tor bnylnc 


<. V« '«UIT • 


Several lots or 
. C • e o n d - Hand 
■Ohaiia for sale a>t 
-••peelally low 
. aneea. Also seat- 
iag for ODt of door 
<isa.'AddTesB Dept. 
.■ B.. BT BBL rUB- 
■KX... Gtaad Bsplds. Uleh.; Boston. 224 Con- 
St.; PMladpIphla. 610 Flanders Bldg. 

Tbe Wisconsin 


lis:, u. s. k. 

In mif 



BasItaiT^ Bpace^aiistr, Itfs- 
Banns, .Moaer-BsTinc 

Xo;1T>a TUs 'Oiltir U to Xaka 
Tonr .^oiiBsn Gnir. 

- Write Today^ -far Circnlar 0. 
Canal- DoTsr, OMo, 



Manaoar and Impertar. of 


Far. Add.. 81 3rd Ave.. New York, tt. Y. - 

MABS ISO A DAT witb oat 
woatfeifol OhsTnpum ' Sletnzt 
If s rTilna . ' Takes, developa, fin 
islt»~]>ita<o in half mliuite; 30D 
■n bontf^No dark room. Ez- 
perlesce jmnecessaiy. Photo 
Post Card* and BattoBS all the 
ni8el.<'ToB. eoiB OMnier any- 
where. Small Inraatment; hlg 
prollta. Be yonr own boas. 
Write for' EVee Book, Testlnia 
nlals, etc. Amiaricsa JOmt* 
gheto Oo., Dept. 60; CUoaco, HI 

CIS aak«_&naa4ta|fe lUpment of All Heta! 

% at n-OO, K^iJK.-Fseton, This chak- 
> drabt meet aSA apptoftf-aad rwjuirs- 
^Hl» S!?**^"**"*; •V>r a«Ie-Be<siHid- 
V-Pla Edim MiaiBB, f 10B.qO: Power, 

. JI BJUiTUIQ CO..- MS: Btanrtll Ato.. 
•Pa. >■ ■-■ .•-'■■■.:.' . 




*TS — One 20x70 white ;tent, 'lO 
one season, poles and'stskes, 
40x60 Tunnd ends, 7 , f t. 
kes, black top, white aldrs. 
Concession tent, bine { and 
•lis. poles and 'stak^, nsed.' 
•.rx, 930,00;t Fbwer'sT No. .» 
iv>ne n>antli;.'S100,Mit:Xnblii 
S ?n'SJ»h -/NoeT'SJSi^^ao.OO; 
•:I23.00. Best Shn-jj^ice 
, ' -sek. " I -want teoti, aims, 
and all- kinds of- amnee- 
: jtreet; .Owemlbaio, Ky.- 

ared, -any size. Letter 
--aldi). Anything for a 
Koblak. Gross & Euther- 
Bcnd, Ind. 

Inets,' 100. $2.C0; 1,000, 
100. ¥7; 1,000. tsa. S nd 

to copy. J Hlgh-elsss work. 

(end. prepaid. ABX- PHOTO 



The A. H. Andrews Go, 

174-176 Wabash'Avonu*, 
Branehaalnall leading oltlea. 

It' Pays to Diseriminate in hvtying 

CFlin TflfllY for Upholstered Chair Catalog S-l 
OCnU lUUIII „ Mpy.'Plcture Chair Catalog S-2 | 

Fbrtfard, skeieh of Ooor tor 
Free Seating Plan. 

ftliOT' We have fatidshect 85% ' e( the thoatiaa ORO/'' 
/O seated in the past 10 :ycaia-M4 n eai vMi H. /G 



218 S. Wabash Ave.. Chicago. I9W. i8thSt.New York. Pittsburgh . 

Vurnpin' YImlnyt 


Inyt Myl Hew Thay Fall for Our Lueky 'Lavan 
Toilet Combination 

Xoa_sell for_$lJ>0. Other fellows making fe.O0. f 12.00. f IB.OO. $20.00 

(S3.20 valne). 

and S25.00 daily. Will put YOU on easy street. Tonr ablU^ gsoBee yonr'Umnt.' Great 

_ ~ ^{KHUIon-^good. for flOO prodt Weekly. This la ' ~' 
In tbe "27 Varieties'' 'we msnnfactnre^ Ton ssto nflddlemsn's prollt. 

This la only one Pippin 

— , Oor new Colored 

Clrcnlar 1b like seeing tbe ri-al goods. Free to. workers. Get aboard. Act today. 
£. X. DAVIS SOAP CO., 405 Davis Bmldinr, ItSS CairoU Avenue. Ohlcsgo. 

Wanlfed for Coulter's 

Railroad Shows 



■ ■" - ■ ^ , - ■ ■ ^ ' - - i 

People lo sll Uoes^jbf tbe'clrctis bnsiness. Aerial Acts, Acrobatic Acts, Wire Acts. Contortion 
Acu, Brother Acts.^jn fhet.,ao^ act that Is suitable to complete tbe highest class clrcns- in the 
world,' to which air winter's work South will be given. Working men in all departments. XVnr, 
sfx, eight and ten-horse Drlv«s, Polers, Beatmen. Best of wages and good treatment, irnslclans 
of '.'all -kinds tocomplete twenty'fonr piece Band, good- Bass Drommer and Snare >Dmmmer, with 
faUf^Ine of traps. -Good salaries and;be8t accommodations. Those that answe red sd - before, write 
again.. Band men 'address EU'W^ Blng, Bandmaster; all otben address ABTHUB ELDRIDOB; 
Director General, as per rente: as -follows. All must report September 16tb. Bowell. Neb., Sept. 
1st: David-City, 2Dd; Sewaid. 3rd; Daveiipoft, 4tb; Hanover, Kaoi, eth; Hlawatli8,'7th: Iiamonla, 
Iowa, 8th;;Xancaster, Mo., from 8th to 16th. • • ' . 



The most fascinating occupation in the tli<>- 
atrlcal business. We teach yon la tpo 
lessons. Send lOc for Theatrical Diction- 
ary and full particulars. HAMILTON 
HAVEB BUBEAU, Dept. A., V»X .Met- 
ropolltao Bldg.. New York City. 


. ''.i.OO^k AT THe PRICEI 

itii"^^'^loo'ii'*°°* ''•"^ oar. New 
- - 'iboid'Rolled Steel Bind* 

't^usk wbod^^'^Btt^rW-yeted 
tapping tey.l^BElhj (FDR 
vfREB CAT^DOiStJE:: 7 

J5.00 Aei^t iaeqMred oa .%;D. D ahlpmentii. 


serial ; . 



Boston. Haas.. 
Bncyma, - Ohio. . . 
Buffalo, N. T. 
Butte. Mont.... 
Cincinnati, Ohio 


' 'iS!»i5mlrtflel<I..St.i:''^ 
44Tv'.Wooit'St;:, 41^|ri|<!l«»l ?t.v H. a. 

■■•-(J^o'toiryJ'-32-38 leae*h«r'«t;'.H,v9...^' 

'■ X- ' ^'^i'/'-P'Tt^sBUR&.-j^ ■;- * ; 

-When , In thfe "JfqilbwInB *cltlii^ jet '-Jhe. ssim 
trunb same - golVMitWi' MUe price, lUtli;.Biia 
imumlfteti^t : Chaise* addi^ c from -llw. foOgtoiiii 
deslers: '" ;:' ' N'' / ' r '.ji'^ 

New'S'ork; K. Y. ;'^. . .'.aimhel' Brotben 

Ohlc«s)>.i..IU.'. .-• . .Ti.'Marfhsll 'UlBld *' 0*., 

Akron;-'Ohio. ; jV-a.-TB; iSpenca 

Altoona> Pa ...... . . AltWHia OeaUier\aoods> Og^' 

Anderson,' Ind. . . • BaOaoD ..Bna^ 

Augusta, ;Ga^.. iv.. '.v^Angnatii Trank'Oo, 
Baltlmbre.^'Md.. .'. . . . . .€., 3. Dunn Co.' (2'storei) 

Boston, Masa.^. ........ .;'i>^i..W. . Wl--^Winslil», 

. . U . . . . . .is'i .W..' Hi :.WInsliI» 

. ... . . . ... B.- R. Bitl 

. . . .Prank 'fl. ^PhlUljs 
.-. .Mdnttna Tnmfc Factni 

, ... .-i ...... .Gi S. mils- A 8» 

Cleveland, 0;....'...tlkly a!- Bockett Trtnk.Oi. 

Colnmbns, Ohio. ... ^. .t. Wsllscn*s ^Tmnk Ston 

Crawfqrdevllle. Iiid>»J'..v.t.4....Iianls- Blscbot 

Cumberland. Mdii,'rt''...V..^....B. B."- Shesnr 

Dayton,' Obla;'........l......'<:^D.' Leonhard's Set 

Denver,*-Cgt :..,J>enver, Trunk Paetory O, 

Detroit. Mich,......: ..Shadboldt & Chia 

Dniutb, Mlhn,'.'... Twin Ports Trunk Co. 

Port Wayne, Ind..,.'....Patter8on-F'letcher O. 

Fostorla, Ohio,.';."...,. .The Peter Cfotbing Ct. 
Frankfort, ■Ind......<^,.j..J. -W. Coulter's Sw 

Grand Kapldi. iMIch. . i .Paul- Elfert 
Hamilton, Oat.;'. ...Hamilton. Leather Goods Oo. 

Hnotlngton,- Indi. . . .F. . Dick's' Son * Oi. 

Huntington, ' W. Va/l .Ndrtficotf-Tate-Hiisy 
Indianapolis. Ind... .//.'..'....Chas. 'Mayer * ». 

LaFayette, Ind ...... i....I«eb'ai Bene Ct. 

I.ebanon,' Ind. . . .■'. . .. . . . JBIbert Perkta 

Lima, Ohio ^e Hoover. Bonsh 01. 

Logansport, Ind Sehraeiler' Jk Porter <j»- 

LonlsTllle. Ky- . . . ^ . .. - -Gathrle's 'Trunk Stan 
MIddletown. .O.-.'.Blttfer's Hamess'ft Buggy 

Mobile, Ala. '.i. ...•.' Mobile Trunk Ct 

N»wark,, OMo ...::.„;.-„....,...... .Ed. D» 

Pblladelpbhi, Pa. i. ..Wm. Cnnj 
Port Huron. Mich..'.:.. .Ofttenbnrger H«mcs» ». 
Portland. Me ......i.i.....J; Bracken ftOi 

Portsmouth,' . Ohio; . ..v.-. ....'. .John Hat 

Providence, R; I....- u ....... .Berry * <*. 

Richmond, UtH....-.: .JMIIIer Han><>m CH 

Saslnaw.- Mich. ... .Lleberman Trunk <* 

Savannah, Ga...; ...Savannah Tmnk FacW 

SprlngdeM,' Ohio. , :. ; . .... .". . ; , .Wm; McCnlW 

Syracuse, N. Y....... Syracuse. Trunk Oi 

Tiffin, Ohio .-.......■-..iZlrgerrClothing O. 

Tlftton, lnd-;..-..;.....Shortle DepaHment Stm 

Toledo. OMo.'.. .-.Wilmington *. » 
Trenton. N. < J. .'-i.&. . . . A. Mfrite 

Washington, Di'0;i'...;Becker'B Leather Good« ft. 
WbeeIi«i?.>W. iVii".::.'i...v-......Bt» ft SelW 

Wilkes-Warte;- Pa . . . '. .V ~. . '.Harvey H. -Kemm«« 

Zaneaville; Ohio..j;.'.; :,i.Tbe -Warner SWI 

Tbe 'Theatt^caI;.Prafesrion will appiechtte at 
saving. of time aMyexeeislve elpress chatgein 
this arrangettenC" v.- ■ ; '■' 

WatcH this Bat growl; >^^. '. '' 

L^rgett and fioeat Stock lo Ame 

.:, _-::BAR HON Err- 
so page ' lllnatrated catalogue free. Man 

Srofeislonal catalogue. Inciudlnir lOll snpplei 
8/cents. . A; BOTBBBBRO, ISl West OaU'l 

street, Chicago, 111. 

"At the sign of the 


IMa«tta&cliitttlBr.faest>iJ«yfngprofes8toa 1 

„ ' '- la (be world. Tlwusanas on the ttaee ^iPS 
We ctach DiusUa iitt.BMBtla, Oistnr at yo<irM>| 
QitaUfir'yoQ for a geod-Mylng iibsitlon.- Our niCT^il 
KiesiuieaBa campRh«»ln, Dmlspapsmrasdii' 

I W(ftaIbrpMlciilsiC«i3aaB«atvUlk, inuci 
~~ 'sfWiisliM.OWa'sfti 


Aiiierica*5 Leadingr Amusement ^^feekly 



416 -EIiB Street. • . . . . . . Ciaclnaatl. Ohio 


nummary of Results at the International Exhibition that Set the High Mark on 
Several Species of Events —Brief Items of the Salient Features? 

CWcaso. 111-. AnS- 21 (Spedil to The BlU- 
iird).— Lincoln Beachey volplaned to earth 
St Digbt and the greatest aviation meet ever 
Id passed Into hiatoiT- Uddentalljr, in taU 
jal flight Beachcy establlabed a new world's 
icitade record, the official -readSp^.ot -the baro- 
ipli showing that be reocbed a beli^t at 11,- 

MasT woild'a and American recoidB were aet, 
Jtb Beachejr'a altltnde record u tbe most im- 
rtant. tboofb W. 6. Beatty*s teat iit carry- 
f a paaaenger for tbiee bonra and forty-nmr 
nates- was regarded as one- of tbe most prac- 
al records smaabed.. 

Tom Sopwltb, tbe EoBllsb aviator, topped tbe 
t in the amoont of monejr- -won, aad estab- 
hcd new American speed records for ; fllKhta 
~th passengers. Beatty broke a world's record 
canring two paieeDsera 1 boar and 18 mln- 
s. Sopwltb establlabed a new nsorld's rec- 
br ascending 500 meters ln.«S -mlnntes and^ 
aeconds. Parmalee estabUstaed - a new lec- 
by canylng 498 extra pounds In bis bi- 

Special Priz} (first man to break world's 
nird for carrylnj; one passenger more than two 
nts)— Won by A. L. Welsh, Wright blidane; 
e: 2 hoots. 4 minntes:. record later broken 
W. 6. Beatty In Wtlsht biplane. lime: 
11.85. ■ , - - 

rwenty Mile Baee Iter Uono^anes— Won by 
rle L Ovlngton in Bletlot. Time: S3dS1.89. 
mttea Mile Ccon Water Baee— Won by 
irle Ja, Ovlngton In Bleriot. .Time: 17:12.45. 
Altitude— Won by Howard GUI -la Wright 
ilane. Hetgbt: 4,980 feet. 

Dally Duration— Won by O. P. Sogers, In 
Wright biplane. Time: 2 honrs, S5 minntes, 
33 seconds. 


Twenty Mile Bace For' Biplanes— Won by 
Lincoln Beacbey In Onrtlaa. Time: 23:11.2a 

Eitdit MDe' Passenger Canylnic Fat Mono- 
planes — ^Won hy Tinn -Soowlth in merlot. Time: 

Aligbtlng— Won by 3. V. Martin In Oraliame- 
Wbite biplane. Distance from mark, 1 foot, 
S Inches. 

Special Prize : (f3,000 :fer first man to break 
world's record 1^ . canning two ' passeogers more 
than' one hoar} — ^Won-'by 'Tom' Sopwith in 
Wright-Farmau biplane. Time: . 1 . honr, 10 

CUmblng 500 Meters From Start — Won by 
Tom BOpwith-- In Bleriot. mono^ane. Time:- 4 

Daily Dnratlon— Won by Kene Simon In Bleriot 
monoidane. >TIme: 3 boors. S minntes, 32 
seconds. » ,— - 


Twelve UUe Race - For Monoplanes — Won by 
Earle L Ovlngton In Bleriot. Time: 13:30.92. 

Starting From Ground — Won by John J. Fris- 
ble in Frlsbie biplane. Distance: 88 feet, 3. 

Fifteen Mile Over Water Bace — ^Won by 
Tom Sopwlth In Bleriot monoplane. Time: 
17:8X1. ■ ^ 

. Altitude— Won hr W. G. Beatty In Wrigbt 
biplane. Height:^ T.703 feet. 

Daily Dnratlon— Won by A. Ii. Welsh, In 
Wright biplsne. Time: 3 hours, 30 minutes. 

Nine Mile Bace For Biplsnes— Won by 3. A. 
D. McCuidy In McCnidy biplane. Time: 

Nine Mile Bace F(s Biplanes Carrying Pas- 
sengers-Won by Eilncoln Beachey In Coxtlss. 
Time: 10:19.87. 

Weight Carrying, Fonr Miles— Won by Tom 
Sopwlth In Wright-Farman biplane. Carried 
two passengers.. 

Climbing 500 Metess FMm Gmdnd — Won by 
B^Mie Simon In Bleriot miaioplane. Time: 4.23. 

Dallj> Duration — -Won _by A. I>, Welsh in 
Wrl^t hlidane. - Iline: S 'hoars, .30 minntes. 

FIFTH'S DAY'S Brarora. >" 

Fifteen Mile Oveiwater. Bace (monoplanes and' 
biplanes)— Won by Tbm- S(V«ith in- Bleriot 
monoplane. Time: 17:02.08^' . -v-"-- 

Mine Mile Ftee-For-AlljBsee .yjoa. by Uaedin 
Beacbey in CnrUss 'biplane. Hme; 0:28^2. 

. Altltnde— Won by Uncoln-Beachey ia Cnrtiss 
biplane. Height: 7.917 ; feet » , 

Dally Duration — ^Won hy Uncdin Beachey in 
Cnrtiss biplane. Time: 2 honrh, .22 minntes, 48 


Twelve Mile Bace Fbr Biplanes — Won by 
Lincoln Beachey In Cnrtiss. Time: 13:34.80. 

Twelve Mile Bace For .Mmoplanes Carrying 
Passengers— Won by Tbm. St^with In- Bleriot. 
Time: 13:44.82. 

Quick Starting — Won by John 3. Frlsbie In 
Cnrtiss' biplane. Distance: 131- feet. S inchn. 

Bomb Tbrowlng-^Won by 3. A. D. McCurdy 
In McCnidy biplane- 3 points. 

Climbing 50 Meters (anprozImaWly IM feet)- 
Prom Groond — Won by Bnaene Sly la Onrtlas-. 
biplane. . l)me: 4.30L- 

Dally ■ Dnratlon— Won Iv W. 8. Benttj l» 
Wrigbt biplane. Time: S bonn, SO mlnntsB. . 


Twelve MUe Bace For Monoplanes— Wm by* ' 
Tom Sopwlth in Bleriot. 'Time: 18:IB.60l - 

Sixteen Mile Cross ConntiT-and Over Water 
.Ba<;e — Won by Tom Sopwlth in Bleriot mono- 
plane;-. Time: lS:fi&80. . ■ . 

AllghtUg— :Wan -hv Xom. Sopwltb la Blerlo* 
monoplane^ distance from mark, 8 Aet, B in- 

Altltade — Won by' P-' O. Parmalee ia WHsbt 
biplane. Heigtat: 10,837 feet. - 

DallT Dnratlon — Won v by A. !>. Weldi la 
Wright biplane^ Time: 'tS. bonra, 2S minntes.' 
as.-secmidB. j.-^f^/J: ■ 

Twelve Mile Bace For Biplanes— Won by 


Eugene Ely In-Cnrtlaa. Time: 13J8. 
- Twelve Mile - Bace ;Ftor Mmoplanes— Won 
Tom Sopwlth in Blerldt Time: 13:82.3. 

Climbing SOO Meters^Woa ,br TomTSomritit 
In Bleriot -and Bene Simon In Holaant.' limer 
3 35 

Weight Carrying— Won by.~P.' O.. numalae . In. 
Wrigbt biplane: 458 pounds. . *, 
' DaUy 'Dnratlon-— Won by- -W. O.. Beatly In 
Wrigbt -biplane. •:XIme:.-'::S.;lioiiis, SO minntes. 
World's passenger- --canylnK^ record made hr 
Beatty in liIs.dnration':ilI|^;' Time: 8:38.22.25. 

■ (COntlnned-on page S9). 


il'viB'"iIi'"' '''"^ rlcht: CHpt. Wild. Hammond. Prl»bte. Rimoa. Hamilton. Badger, Marsaud Barrier. 

» oii iune, August 15. sborlly bt-forf Johnstont- niiniged to his death. 

tPnoio'oy Bnrce & AtweQ). 
Badger is the young I'tttsburg aviator who was killed by tiic eollspse <^ blSr- 


X 1\ e OIlll>oap«l 

SEPTEMBeR % 1911. 


Description of the Features that have 

of Successful Open-Air 


Uaalaa's Point, tbe Coney Island of Caaada, 
MXVMS Uie bay from Toronto, la more popular 
than ever- thia season with tfae hosts of pleaanre- 
weken wbo cross over dallr. Xliere are many 
amnaement devices, bis band coocerta, novel 
ontdoor . acts and ail kinds of sbows at Ban- 
lan'a^PoInt. Xlie Stadlam Is tbe bis atbleUc 
livid wbere. tbe borne games of tbe Toronto 
Baseball dnb (Eastern League) are playvd, as 

. veil as tbe Xecumseb Lacruvse games and big 
•tbletle eviante. Tbe magniflcent grandstand <t1U 
arat ie.OOU people, and tbe bleacbers T.OUO. U 

. Bolmaa la the enterprising manager, W. 1>. Gar- 
mod. Secretary, and Ed Coombes, press mana- 

: Tbe following U a list of tbe amnaement 
devices and tbe . names of tbe attendants In 

' cbaixe: Packet 'game. J. Catbbect; Bat game. 

Hr^lioiiai basket game. Mr. McGerk: meny-go- 
coimdv Mr. PbUIpa; penny arcade, Mr. Spartl; 
duck . game. Mr. ^^mlis; paper game, Mr. Gou- 
tl>er; glass game, Mr. Sbarpe; rose game, Mr. 
L^ona; cane rack, Mr. Cnppbert; ahootlng gal- 
lery, Ur. Sims: rainbow dips. Mr. Day: Madame 
De Leabe. palmist: pbotd gallery, L. J. Xinaof- 

I stay?, obaervatioa wbetl and California swings, 
Mr. Blcbardaon: tbe dips, anto ride and scenie- 

. lallway. .0. Alexander; pin game. Qeo. Gnn- 
ner; ball game. : H. H, Home; Big Scream. 
James Daly: Hoop-la. Mr. Peasly and Mr. Rome: 
Victoria. Qneen of Fat Girls, Mr. .Thomas Blt- 
ebie^ manager: Madame SIdosIa.. beanleil lady, 
Capt. Mlclr. dwarf. Mr. SlUonla; AmertiaD prize 

• baby JobAny We)>b, Mr. B. Webb, manager: Mr. 
Bowman Is annooncer for tbe p^'Ize baby: Div- 
ing .horses King -and Queen, Mr. Gorman. A 
apiendid fleet of pleasnre steamers carry, the 
crowds to and from tbe Point during' tbe season. 
There were SO.OUO people at tin PDtnt on -Do- 
minion Day. Jiily l. * • 

Grimsby Beach — ^well-named "the pride of 
Canada" — ^Is a magnificent wooded park of more 
tbajL one hundred acres, stretching half a mile 
along 'tUe southern shore of Lake Ontario and 
twenty miles west of tbe month of tbe Niagara 
Btver. The uiammoth forest pines, mapli-s and 
otli« varieties of forest trees have lieen sealooaly 
guarded for more than tbe balf-centnry tbU 
beauUfnl park hts been' in existence.-: U Is 
asserted tbat along the entire burdrts of Lake 
'OnttLlla' there is not such another loniiy fornit. 
American capital has finally acunlred this ^fam- 
ous 'camp-meeting - ground, and while ri*taloiog 
all the durms and ddights bt tlie park as an 
Ideal sammer ;Iioine, modem metiiails ot illver- 
wihm of the highest class luve been introiloreil to 
meet the diversity of taste of tbe resort's cllen 
teIe.''' Grfinsby Beach. Is snd will continue to 
be a residential park. WliHe a smaH section of 
tbe woods and beach will be devoted to outing 
grounds for Sunday-School picnics, soelel.v ex- 
cuTKluns. etc by far. the larger portion of tbe 
park will be devoted to the cottage life ot tbe 
permanent sommer resident wbo wishes to en- 
jmr test and qnlet among the towering pines. 
The acceniliillty of Grimsby Beach is one of 
tbe contlnnlng causes of Its phenomenal popu- 
larity. It is situated on tbe main line of 
tbe Grand Trunk Railway, scarcely an hour's 
ride west of Klogara Falls. All- tniins to and 
from Toronto or Detroit over the Grand Trunk 
pass Grimsby Beacb. The elegant cars of the 
Hamilton. Grimsby & Beamsrille electric road 
stop at -the park every hour. There are several 
beantlfnl rides from the park tbrongb the fine 
fruit coimtry of Ontario. There la a aplendld 
palace steamer plying direct between Torsnto 
and Grimsby Beach direct, giving a fine sail 
on Lake Ontario of two and a lulf hours each 
way. Two steamboat lines operate between be-' 
twees. Tonmto and Hamilton. Tliere are two 
fine hotels on the grounds . equipped with, every 
modem ' luxury and convenience. There Is a 
splendid bathing lieach, boat booaes, etc., and 
the fishing is good. There are all kind of 
-amnaement devices, indndlng a fine athletic 
field, bowling ' green and lawn tennis courts. 
Tbe auditorium has been entirely remodeled and 
la one of the moat modem structores in Canada. 
Daring ■ the season an excellent stock company, 
known as the Stetliag Stock Co,, appears . under 
tbe management 'ot'Lortng Sterling. lo addi- 
tion to: fids- company, on special evenings, dra- 
matic musical comedy, lectures and concerts are 
given. ' The Canadian Sabbath is strictly ob- 
served iat Grimsby Beach. All religious ser- 
Ttces are mider the direction of a committee .of 
the .Cottagers' Association, Pliyslcal culture Is 
taught - by an experienced director. Frank . M.. 
Howard of Hamilton, bandmaster of the Uth 
B^dment Band.'Condacts the mnsical program. 
There Is a central boslness block, called tlie Bee 
Hive, wliere all' sorts nf merchants ' sell supplies 
to the campers and cottagers. 

The stair of managers and attaches at Grims- 
by Inclndesr H. H. 'Wylle, gineral manager; E. 
G. Becker, assistant manager: J. Becker, To- 
ronto representative: 0. Livingston, press agent: 
A. C. Crisp, iraetmaster; J. Rlnker. general 
foreman: Mrs. Mary Kenne<iy. manager Park 
House and Lakeview Hotel; Miss F. Bales, as- 
sistant to Mrs. Kennedy: B. E. Savlgna. electri- 
cian; H. . Brill, assistant electrician; W. Gil- 
more, boats and bathing: A. X. Moore, moving 
picture theatre: Pref. W. B. Davis, dancing 
master: W. Feck, mana^'er merry-go-round: Vic- 
tor Xeiss. shooting gallery and Hoop-La; P. 
.Biblet. photographer; Wm. Culver, . lunch room; 
Clias. Werner, high strike; Cbas. McCa.v, r.s- 
- taurant; Aj C. Nelaa, Icntfe and cane rack; 6. 
W. Oliver.' beach booth: S. Dyton. maaager ball 
teaia: W. .A. Corson, ice- cream cone vender; 
and Ira Smith, popcorn stand. 

In the audltorlnm tbe Sterling Stock Co. 
commenced - their season June .2S, giving ' a 
list of well-known, plays... Tbe .roster of the 
company U: Loring Sterling, proprietor: Walter 
'Wilson, manager: Sarah Glhner. leading lady; 
Pesstp KlnsrrtoB. Gertruiie Livingston, Walter 
Banshow. W. Bnrrett, Geo. . Mas&n, Chas. L. 
Freeman. G. E. Marx, Lottie Collins and Oscar 
Oanstrom- General Manager Wyiie has i>een 
bandllng big crowds. dorlnc Jclr and Aneiut, 

Scarboro Beach Park, the big white city, 
kuotvu as "tbe people's playgrounds." Is besa- 
tlfully sttuatefi on the blue wattrs'of Lake On- 
tario, in the eastern part of the city. TiuIiT 
the liberal policy of tbe Toronto Street Bailway 
Co.,' the proprietors of tbe park, ivUo have spared 
no expense in beautifying thc''|iflik. adding new 
devices, etc.. the iwpuiarity ot Scarboro Is in- 
creasing. This resort presents a beautiful sigltt 
at n!ght. being lighted by a thousand incan- 
descent lights. It is the policy of the pro- 
prietors to book, nothing but the best in the 
way of attractions, and so far they tiave met 
with great success. The finest military bands. 
Imported and local, aiipear . during tlie season 
also the biggest acts prucuralile. 'ihe vandevnie 
ttieatre . has a diange of acts weekly. ' Another 
popular feature is the' Old Plantation S'aow. 
where the program is cbaused n-eeUl.v. Scarboro 
inn is veiT popn«ar with the clientele. 

The Sunday concerts are usually - largely at- 
teisded, and- the several magnificent fireworks 
displays draw big crowds. Fred L. Hubbard, 
iceneral manager, and Geo. H; W. Moran, at- 
traction manager, are gent'emtu well acquainted 
with the dmnsement business. A large corps of 
assistants to 'these two men are working to 
tbe best interests of ScariMro. Tbe Toronto 
Street Baiiway Co., under the manaKement of 
B. J. Fleming, provide a splendid service to 
and from the park. Artists and bandmasters 
appearing at Scarlroro this season are loud in 
their praise of the treatment accorded them 
by tbe management, < 

The' list of amusement concessions jit Scarboro 
follows. Tbe scenic railway in charge of Jess 

maker; Bobert Hatrlaon, chief of -police. The 
scenic railway in charge of L. Jeseops is oper- 
ated by the following: ' W. McDonald, i. O' 
Brien. G. Suiilb. J; Lawior; P. Gardiner, F, 
Beteii, C, Cowan, H. Oobson, Mr. Feidcnmp 
and Mr. Kemp. Ih charge of ' the chutes is 
B. Cooper, with the following assistants: W. 
Frremau. Wm. Fisher, C. Hague. J. Learmoth, 
S. Roberts. W. Skmmous, H. Baines; F. Luneban, 
H. Pollard and Mr. Mclntj-re. £. Lane and 

A. G. Cbrlstman ore in charge of the carouseL 
The Cascadiii. undir tbe management of S. 
Courtney, is operated by: J. Kirkwood, C. 
ue!°ner, Mr. Bamsay, A. Stuart. J. Thompson 
and W. Caunln;;b:im. A. Reesor and P. R. AI- 
doDS have charge of the swings, A. Smith 
Mr. Wright. B. Tarllng and W. C. McPheraon 
are tbe willing workers at the House of Nou- 
sense. The midway is hindli-d b.v J. E, Ilon'son, 
D. Aahbiiry and R. Hill. Wm. Bush li< In 
charge of the laujrhing .gall w.v.- Tbe.Ktaff of 
the vaudeville theatre Incudes W, Eeverly, ..Hiss 
P. Lee and W: Scltmldt. Tlie tlclder is handled 
by A. J. HsU. T. Love and Mr. McGregor. 
The'Johnstown Flood has A. Caineron as mana- 
ger, with tbe followtng;attaclu>s: A. L. Beiil, E. 

B. Beed, E. Forester, Mr. Weaver, planiat, J. 
Pt'bles and- G. Dawki>H. Mr. Anderson and 
wife operate the pho:o shop. The Electroscoi>e 
Picture Theatre, has 'the 'following stalf:' W. 
Dineen, manager: W. Pall: B. Shanks, operator; 

C. W, Heaton: pianist: G^ C. Sarvls, soloist; 
A. Yonng and J. C. McNlece. Mr. Dineen is 
also manager \ of the- penny arcade, assisted 
bv G. Eaton. Tbe Plantation Show, is run by 
W, G. Canninghsjn. assisted by J. Kirby and J, 

.ljstemn|;-'to tbKTBaod-.A Scarboro.'Beach.^-'fbronto^^. Canada 


Gessup is a big favorite. Jess baa been on the 
scenic for five years. Harry Dobson. one of the 
best motion picture operators in the city, is 
head man .on the grips. The penny arcade, 
managed by Wm. Dinee, who' is assisted by Geo. 
Eaton, is a moneygetter. BlUie also has charge 
of the ElectroBcc^, a motion picture theatre 
running tixree reels of film and illustrated songs. 
Geo. Sarvis la the singer. Mr. Sarvis sings 
a sacred solo at the Sunday band concprts. 
Cecil Heaton is the pianist, Russell SaankJ is 
operator and Bert McXelce spieler. '.The New 
Vaudeville Theatre in cliarge of Wm. Schmlt, 
the one-armed piano player, is doing good basl- 
ntss. This theatre runs thiee acts. Miss Pearl 
Lee. the pianist. Is a,so a fine cometlst, and 
is a great ' favorite with performers- and the 
pnUIc. Jos. X. Deger, wbo runs the Shooting 
gallery, reports, good, business.' He has a 'Shoot- 
ing . gallery downtown. The Johastown Flood, 
now In Its third season, is still a big drawlog- 
card. Alex Cameron, tbe lecturer.- -has been 
with this show for the past three S4a3ons. Geo. 
Dawkes is the spkler. The. Cascades, in charge 
of Stnart Coartenay, is as big a drawing fea- 
ture as ever. The Cascades has not bad a 
single mishap this season. Mr. Stnart. has 
b< en here for the past five seasons. The chutes, 
with Boy Cooper in charge of the boats, and 
Wm. Flsber at the top. Is always a great fav- 
orite. ' The carousel, managed by Ed .Lane, is 
still' an. attractive moneygetter. The Old Plan- 
tation, managed by Wm. E. Cunningham, and 
of which Jack -Speight, is stage •manager, is 
sti*l doing capacity business. . Performances are 
clianged weekly. The Hobse' of Nonsense, al- 
though in its fifth s;-ason., is doing good busi- 
ness. -Arthur Schmlt is inanager. The other 
amusement concessions- the' midway and tick- 
ler included, are getting- their - share of the 
patronage. Ed Houseu is manager of. the mid- 

The park gives three free outdoor ac'-^; On 
the first holiday. May 24. . attendance .it Scar- 
boro was 38,000. and on Corooatioa I>ay. 35.000 
IierBOBS passed throngh the gater- 

Tbe officials and attaches of Si-irlmro Beaeh' in- 
clude: The . Tmonto Railway Co., pronrletora; 
R.>J. Fleming, general manager; F. L. 'Habbard, 
manager; Geo. H. Moran, manager of attrac- 
tions; V. MacRee. prrss repr: sentative; D. H. 
McDongal, acconntant: Geo. Bust, chief sasb- 
ler; E. G. Hubbard, afi'dstant caslder: Bernard 
H.' DaHum.. manager jm- -A. Iiwncer. candy 

?pei}:ht, Etage carpenter. J. Deger is in charge 
of tbe shooting gallery. Arthur Kerrins Is 
cbief electrician, Wm. Cunningham, chief an- 
nouncer. Tbe boats and bathing beach are in 
charge of Mr. Splnks. Frank Carrol. Geo. Wild- 
ly and I^edTbomson, manager, look after tbe ath- 
letic field. Jack Maynard is park foreman, W. H. 
Loeted and F. Wheat, are property men. Mr. Mc- 
Callum is in charge of tbe 'store department, Mr. 
Harris is draftsman and Thomas Taylor time- 
keeper. The office stait consists of Miss Bames, 
R. Wei:8 and F. Casburn. Tbe Mutt and Jeff 
game is in charge of Mr. Merker; tbe bowling 
alleys are handled by Mr. Lanham. Mr. Ueln- 
tyre has charge -of tbe tenpin game. Lansby 
Gardner and James Gardner have charge of the 
cigar stands. . . JOSEPH OIMSOX. 


Newark, N. J., is Indeed a fortunate town, 
ideally placed ■ for tbe amusement of its citi- 
zen": its proximity to Xew York City, with its 
wealth of amusements, is an advantage that 
many -.f Its Inhabitants fail 'to realize. Trains 
go and come- in very, rapid snccession over a 
most accummoflatlng number of - Eastern road. 
>.pd». Py getting an earl.v stOTt. any Joy- 
8earc?itDg Newarkian can accoihplish the tliTills 
of bust -Ing Coney. But Coney falls to lure the 
loyal citizens of the New Jtrsey- mettopblls. 
Riiteriirlsing minds - have supplied - It with a 
li<< nldide of theatres and - three of the most 
attractive parks that the readers can imagine. 
These' three are: Electric Park, of which Chas. 
A. Dunlaii is the bead: Oly-mpic Park, of which 
H. H, A. Schmidt is, the hiad, and Hillside 
.taiiisement Park, of which E. H. TbalW is 
solely responsible. It was the writer's pleas- 
ure ;tb enjo.v the hospitality .off .the two first- 
m'nlloned of theve amnsemrnt rp,sorta the past 
week, for which reaso'n he will deal with, tbetn 
at greater length:" the last-onentioncd 7.-iIl have 
a review in an Immediately subsetiiient Iwn". 

There . is . a greennrss. a verdure, about the 
Newark parks . that ; makes them prepossessing. 
Bow !moeh ' more appealing they' "are than the 
the ' boardwalk-floored, leafless.' grassless New 
Totk parks. Their frondescence satisfies us 
that thr'y tulflll the ver.v definition of a |>ark 
much more than the concession- •overed, extra- 
vagantly-ilghted' resorts'- of. tbe ' Knickerbocker 
State. ■' ■ .':' ■:■-■",'•■■:■•■..''.*' ... 

An Interesting half-boor ride on the Spriiia. 
field Avenne car coaveys one from tbe center 
of tbe town to Olympic Park, where a majtatic 
arched vatrsui-e invites one to paaa liem-ath 
it into the fascinations of the grounds. The 
abundance of grass, of- liowers and fresh air 
furnish an auspicious beginning. To the rlt;bt 
as one enters, the frame hostelry ot the pro- 
prietor is located: dlrKtly behind this Is tlie 
ofllcial office building — a small two-story iilaoK 
of ideal proportlona, -aurronnded . by- Bowen- of 
all shades and degnea ot floreaeeuce": and frag- 
rance. ■. ■ . 

In the .office we recognized ' the foUotrlng ' 
stair: Herman B. A. Schmiatj. ntoprietor; Jamiw 
M. Beldon. general manager; Ida Scbmiat, treas- 
nr«r; Frederick Bosenfeld. bookkeeper; Emma 
Kettenring. assistant. . .Robert E. Long, whs 
did Olympia's press work all summer, left 
o\ the 20'h of Amnst to resume bis . familiar 
duty .as advaviee agent for Brady's Westera 
Nfnitaer Company^ Joining the ; ahow-l at . Kansas 
City. • 

To tbe left of this building Is situated a do- 
mestic menagerie, comprising innumerable s{ie- 
cles of raTiblts, guinea pigs, monke.vs, goats and 
stieep. .\ pedigreed greyhound iind collie tire 
two very important and widely'kuown members 
of Olympic Park's attractions, Tbe enclosed 
bowling alleys are located near these aniiiiil 
pens. The next big building on the bnrtltv 
•f the park Is tbe oiiera bouse, in which a 
company of Abom players are ~ soon to enjey 
tbe close of a prosperous season. The fars- 
weil festivities are to take the form of a two 
weeks' grand opera program. In which, Madam* 
Butterfly Is to be presented the week of Se>-: 
tember 4. Thais the first half of the final week, 
with Tales ot BoSman - claiming the dlstlno- 
tlon the second bait. - IbU week perennial Pin- 
afore is tielng ottered tor the first time in three 
years.- ..-■..■!" - .. , 

Behind the opera house is a feast that will 
captivate -any. eye — ope of -the prettiest and 
best-laid haif-mil racetracks in tlie country. 
General Manager '-/ames M. Beldon - announce* 
with justified. pr!de that after two years of 
faeard-rendihg enforced idleness, this stadinm is 
to be opened to the sound of the . equine hoofs, 
for on Labor Day actual racing (something which 
all redblooded Sew Jeraeyltea have been long- 
ing for) Is to' be resumed: -Of cenrae,.- book- 
making- will not be tolerated, so as to <;onfotai 
with the rigid laws. The persistent eriterprlie «( 
the management Is ' nowhere better ezempllfiel 
t:;au in Just this Instance. 

Saturday. Aognst 86.-tlie Knights ot Columbns 
and their 8.O0O friends ntlllzed 'the track for 
athletic games and oh the following day Man- 
ager Beldon astutely offered tbe visitors a 
unique treat in- the form of a competitive bi- 
cycle race between a group of one-legged cyc- 
lists tbat make a practice of -anch contests, Oa 
Sunda.r, September 3, motorcycle races nan 
tieen arranged. They will continue <evei7' Sabbath 
for ^Ive or six -weeks consecutively. ' - 

From tbe racetrack onr attention tnms 10 
the. carousel, which revolves away at a meny 
rate, bnckiug and snorting under the manage 
ment of Boscoe C. Brlggs. Fred Dolle is pro- 
prietor, l-otils PhlllppI assistant manager, .^b* 
Weiss, helper, and ClltC Robrlck. officer. Neit 
in turn comes tbe gigantic coaster, the product 
of the T. M. Harton Co. ot PlttsburgS. Pa. 
Mr. F. 3. Kitbeart la their local representative. 
Bill Cooper Is his assistant manager and be final 
able aids In Otto Polzl. assistant, and Oscar 
Koenlg. helper. Mrs, Kitbeart takes- care of 
the cashdrawer. 

The shooting gallery Is under tlie protec- 
tion of Charles H. Guerln and his son RlcbanL 
The elder Guerln fell with a'.domb-waiter thMj 
weeks ago and is Just now -able to get arouno. 
again. ' . 

We have now encircled the greater part «I 
the park and confront the big dancing pavil- 
ion and Casino, for which Bandistel's Orehestn 
of nine pieces famishes the music. The oaly 
other remaining- straetnres the racehorse sta- 
bles and the amtton sheds. Owner Schmidt ana 
Manager Beldon bave carefully provided both as 
airship and an aeroplane tor their patrons entn- 
talmnent.' Tbe aeroplane tiaa been built W 
skUIcd mechanics right on the grounds an* 
made Its first ascent last Thursday. Angmt 
24, The plane Is a thirty-slx-fbet medium Car- 
tisa type. Pred Owens, well-known figure la 
aviation circles, is the aviator. Fred was at- 
meriy with Strobel for four yean and llew_ » 
King Edward Park. Montreal. - last July, flnlsk- 
Ing tbe season with tbe Gnlted Aviation Coo- 
pany. This year' has seen blm at MIneola, l> 
I., and now at Olyinnic Park for the remaia- 
der of the season. He goes np with the moa- 
ster dirigible airship OLvmpIc every atterniw* 
abont S p. m. This yellow dirigible la tbe law- 
est of Its kind outside of those In the goven- 
ment service. It is ninety feet long, cnrryllf 
18,000 cnble -feet of gas and Is propellort b.v s 
twenty-borsenower Cnrtlss motor, Tbe , air- 
ship crew la: Fred Owens, aviator; Bd Boiana.- 
assistant aviator; Artbur Bonks, gas maa. 
C-Tover Cray and Herman Sebmldt Jr„ gonetu 
utility. . _ 

fYee vaudeville ol four dittei Kit -acts is a» 
pensed on the Central Arena Jach afteipoM 
and evening. - Last week Dan Kttidte. a locii 
Trvlnirton man, and Ida two chlldrek; te«t irrfl « 
the acrobatic- wire. , The Gra'..esiui UhadulpJJ 
contributed an aerit I novelty, whll? >Ve:i«olI. fj 
Ingglor, and the aerial contortionlat. The Gr»i 
Johnson, flllrd out the program . - ■ - . - 

A free sliding monnt is enjoyci, b.v the jaiiM 
Bters and the InteriH pffresh'aent ,f (CcsaloBi 
al ar» alile to va<int (Innrlab'.ni, bui new. * 
Doumar. assisted h.T Mike DsvlA. handles t» 
ice cream "ones. Frank M, Suiter la in cl'"'5 
of. the candy, and poncorta' conccsslona. - assl»itw 
by Ms- wife, who also attends -to thrr atjM 
In the opera house,' Bnd;by.' Andrew -PfelfW- 
James M. Beldoo' Jr. Is. In .rHRrgc .of tjie b«« 
counter, assisted by Elmer Diehl.- ' 

The Testanr'-nt. dance' bail and, opera ut . 
the drawing features of the evening • •tteaj- 
. ance. .Boland 0. Pjay .li -Mr. Abom's .1<M> 

SEPTEMBER 2, 1911. 

T* ti e O 1 1 1 b o a r <i 



laced Certain Parks in the Vanguard 
Amusement Resorts 

rfiiri'iii^ntatWe. The treasurer U none other 
tlinii our oW fricua Fred W. Gregory, who ha8 
•jmi nt till! star.d for three years and was for- 
merly treAiiurer ot the Bmpire Theatre, Fitts- 
iiirffh. * 

Manager Beldpn has Instituted a aerti >) ot 
rlanibakra. the first of which was held Tupb- 
lay evening, August 22. These are sure at- 
ii'uilunve promoters and cultivate the patron- 
lu'Q of tue better classes. 

Olympic Park stretches out so picturesquely 
■ ml majestically with its colorful Tlstaa of- horti- 
cultural plants all abloom, that one com- 
liares It most favorably to the Zoological Gar- 
ijens ot Cincinnati, OhlOi^ and anyone %vbo hns 

.-I'er had the good foriuhe of. beholdliic the 
ijuren 01^ grounds, can appreciate the coni- 
liilmcnt. Indndlng the racetrack and staMps, 
llr. Schmidt has turned over (erty-Bve acre* 
tor recreation parposes. The public appreciate 
It. nrlth the result that at the close of Its 
iitli season 01^-mpic Park can look proudly 
upuii the year 1011. Chas. Hunter, manager 
If the restaurant, and' Cbaa.'Moiitaloo, manager 
it the dance hall and the opera, bave contrlb- , 
ited greatly to the Olympie nuuiagenieDt's sne- 
ss. ■"■ 
A very pleaselnt twenty-mlirate tide from 
the noisome center ot Newark, brings one to 
the delights, of Electric Park, well named 
Slectrlc, since it has 'no less than 30.000 elTul- 
^reiit incandescent, electric bnlbs studded on 
'vpry available point of vantage, so arranged 
^ to present a perfectly symmetrical panorama 
rrom the distance and a haven ot splendor 
from witWn.* ..... 

.\ winning feature ot the park is the area 
Mhich it comprises, ' some of 'Which- Is covered 
•y tall shade trees, under which the most 
frolicking picnic parties can gather, - and the 
remainder ot which Is devoted to armnaements. 
i>n the right as one enters Is the Casino, where 
>ne can obtain both the choicest foods and bev- 
•ragea, . VarioiiB. Small concessious thence skirt 
he way to the hippodrome or Inclosed arena, In 
vblcb the' Wild west exhibition is given, 
rbls gronnd is as good a field as there Is In 
she state ot New jersey for' the purpose. Ad- 
mission is charged for the grandstand seats, 
bat admission te the park also entitles one to 
t glimpse of this performance, albeit yon 
ire Goitapelted to stand. 

Next to the arena la the musical carousel,' and 
.et It be understood that the children all know 
the pleasnres that this nook of the park alTanls 
them. Next In turn comes the new $30 OOO 
roller coaster, a veritable peer of Us kind. 
This machine Is Just enjoying the first season 
ot Its career. Without a doubt It Is one of 
ibe safest In. the world, with such wicked dips 
ind sharp turns that one ride falls to suffice 
the ordinary patron. It Is almost entirely of 
the most dnrable maple and eqnlpped with the 
latest ot engines and safety- derteca. The Crlf- 
tth-Crane CO.. Iti bnlMers. have constrdcted a 
levice that serves as a dlstlnGt credit to tbelr 

Near *hla structure are the cowIm^ qnarters 
ind Manager Geo. P. Kemp, brother to the 
proprietor, F. M, Kemp, has so arranged mat- 
ters that the boys can live just as It they were 
out on the ranch. Little cabins have been 
built, similar to those In the West, and a 
regular cowboy settlement and Wild West town 
Is presented. This Is one ot the most ideal 
irrangements Imaginable and the boys and girls 
ippreclate It immensely. Aronnd from this Is 
located the beautiful dance hall,' as carefully 
kiiilt as the best In the state. A restaorant ad- 
"1ns it. The Boor of the dance hall (SOxlAS 
feet) is 8t bard wood and so brlgfitly Illuminated 
that yon almply can't withhold dancing on It 
i» soon as Sweet & Vincent's Band of eight 
men etrlke op their dulcet strains. The charge 
mr daDclDg is very nominal (one cent per 
wrson per dance). Needless to remark. Man- 
lier nnnlap has created the tnoat popular dance 
»or in the city. Idiw prevents him from de- 
follng the nse ot the building to dances on- 
Sunday, but the able director haa not allowed 
:ne crowd to snlfer disappointment, as he ar- 
•anges a basketball entertainment on thla day — 
ind you cah gncea the reet. 
Electric Park contains leven acres all told 
ind, because ot Its convenient location, en- 
J''y*_t''« moat gratifying popularity. Mr. Charles 
a. uimlap Is tta president, general manager and 
»«<wkliolder. Kmest HIrachott Is the 
secretary and treasurer. The company . Is lu- 
S"""^'' 'ST »«».000 and haa been In ex- 
atcnce for the last nine yeara. during which 

■ISS . SK'bS,'"^''* '"'''o "pent In tie nelghbor- 
!• «',*18*.*00 In Improving their enterprise. 
r™''»''es «nd tholr neighbors appreciate this 
iJf.L Is tasted to its capacity 

■•very Saturday. Snnday and holiday. 

■iv5il? ^i? feature attraction ta Kemp's Wild 
'n *>>e country wUl 
*our vJ^, ^li" "L" Kemp boyg ate. For thirty-' 
f ^oiw.. iff" Ungerea in the limelight 
iutrnrt .^S'^lJ"'- » '^^y <='*™ to be the fltst to 
■pntnr^ i.f'L®?"""' Chariot race as a circus 
Tr i ,K '^'"'^ '"^y ™e known as the Kemp 
h„i„-° "if c'""'K<^ to the opposite 

II' ■hmP" ""^ Kemp Sisters. One ot 
I ,i„ Jmii"".'. •?«"••«<». but the remaining one, 
vi!'-i 'n with the show, P. W. Kemp 

■ st,.r 1., (betwcn 6.000 and 7,000 acres) 

"int i f- '» »'"» proprietor of this 

"on ■,V pi5,T*.''*t"^f«e baa managed It - all 
It L.?"''*^.?"" arfanglng to 

,f,i' y^'l' ^be central fairs, commencing 
l^i v t w f,i»"^ "V- When the show doea 
II. Jo Li l'™,: Kemp, baa arranged for' a' fen-' 
'■n? . 'f"*; '>» bis outllt ho baa Ella 

' v.<,„o\^^'r' ri""'„l'""«n squaw, , now sev- 
■■'mliT «m" 'fbe redskin opened with 

./.n .1,111'] Stanton. Iowa. o5 his, first 

(••lerin , .»7"b blm. Doc. c. A. Barnett, the 
i.-rir " K ^2°?**',:. *• »"» fluty with 

■linn i^lSP, blB^oia «paclty. The aggre- 


•Ive S.1 .1" -*'. "fO".'- 'orty .head of , horses. 

Ing Western cowboys and cowgirls; Howard Lem- 
on, chief of cowboya here, also at the Seattle 
Espoaitlon In 1909; Walter E.. Newball, as- 
sistant arenic director; V. Johnson, tbe Utah 
bucking horse champion; Dick Lamoat. Glen 
Bingham, Charlie Ferryman. Tee Stokes, TOmmr 
Lee, Joe Combs. Tom Honts (dte Indian), Jes- 
se Stokes, Vic Cody, the rifleshot expert, who 
at present Is on the hospital list with a form 
of appendicitis; Lizzie Hclley, Catherine Wlth- 
•■rs, Olga Klrsp.e, Mildred McConneU, Mabel 
Kenjockety and Mida Kemp. The home of the 
Kemps Is at £1 Paso, lU. 

A survey ot the devices reveals the Identity 
of the following concessioners and attaches. The 
Old Mill JImmIe O'Oonneli. manager; circle 
swing, Walter Boder, manager. Coppie Epply, 
asistant; soda stand, by the Sorelll family; 
Perrts wheel, Charles Bpply; Japanese rolling 
bails, Pata Sen In' charge; mllk-ahake stand, 
Dan Fox; souvenir coanter, throwing ball game, 
honnla game and the wheel of fortune, Herman 
Sllberger, assisted by hU wife and daoghter: the 
••Viwy village and tribe, headed by Charlei 
Smith and Mme. La Belle, the gypsy que«>R. 
who travrls to the extremity of Florida erery 
winter, where the camp of the nomads U lo- 
cated: the ciMster Is operated by BIIIIe"^Call.' 
numager.. Alfred Uarkowsky. and Bed-Sehanfler, 
asglstants: earonsel, Charles* Keenan; the amuse- 
ment parlor, slot machines, phonographs and 
automatic devices. Daniel O'Brien, .manager;, 
the candy stand and shooting ga*Iery, operated 
by Mrs. O'Brien; - Cashiers May Green, eaahler- 
general; Bessie Gates, Laura Worth, Mabel 
W<»rth, Misses Eeenan, VoUmer, O'Gonnell and 

high-wire fire diver, gave a performance and woo 
a heap ot applanss for bis daredevil spirit. At 
tbe theatre a plantation show drew a large ahar, 
of the patronage;. The patriotic boUday events 
passed with no aerlons acddenta. 


It TOO want to take a pleasant ride and see 
a very pretty amueement-alfarding park, none 
better can be suggested than Gala Park, North 
Beach, L. I., of which Bnssell S. Sehaller Is 
secretary and treasurer and Samnel EL Abrama. 
manager. With bis official force tbe park has 
f.'rged rapidly, to tbe front of pnbllc attention 
and ia experiencing the best seaaon of its ca- 
reer. At North Beach there are abont one hun- 
dred concessions. The toboggan slides and one 
of the large caroosela are controlled by Mr. B. 
Joy Morris. George W. Kremer . baa. also In- 
stalled, two large caronsels In this park and F. 
Droge possesses stUI anotber. Tbe colossal 
shoot the chutes. Bappylond. Oie Indian Show 
and tlie firee circus are esatrolled b7 the com- 
pany and are imder flw paitlcalar snperrision 
of Mr.- Abcams bimselt. The Eterls wheel Is 
operated by James Thom. while J. J. O'Donnell 
pays tbe necesssry attention to the Texas pony 
track. The mammoth open-ali swimming pool, 
the largest pool of Its kind In this part of thk 
conntry. and the bathing paTtllona, are con- 
trolled by C. Dentschmann. The Glggler and 
the Barrel of Fun are operated by Wiuram Oes- 
terle. Then there are to be tonnd the osnal 

lltUe Florence ot the dance hall; police. Charles 
Vauover, chief, Ben Trembly, John Dolan, 
Charles O'Conner and Charles Garbrant, also 
night watchman. 

William D. Conklln Is chief electrician, as- 
sisted by his son. Boscoe D. The brilliant Illu- 
mination ot tbe park la a tribute to the elec- 
trician's ability. The tact that Electric Park 
eutahlnes any ot Its competitors is an Indis- 
putable fact and Is largely responsible tor the 
successful season that Charles A. Ounlap Is 
experiencing. lUr. Duolatf has Just engaged 
Ella . Haekeft; a \erj yetsatUe eqnine per- 
furmer for the fairs. She opened at the De- 
posit (N. T.) Agricultural Fair this week, work- 
ing with Mr. Dunlap's remarkably Intelligent 
equine, Indian Chief. 

There Is no doubt bat that Electric Park is 
under the beet of manasemeat, ablj' assisted 
by competent Uentensnts. 


Lincoln Park' at Worcester, Mass., has been 
In operation for IS years. It Is situated on tbe 
shores ot Lake Quinslgamond, and comprises 
about twelve acres ot land. The newtbeatrr at 
this park has only been In operation abont two 
years. At preseot it Is plsylng TsadeTlIle and 
musical comedies to good business, 

Coburn and Iiwin are the managers ot the 
various concesslona located along the pike. Mr. 
William C. Flemmlng, formerly manager ot the 
Venilome Theatre at ButTalo, Is maiuger ot the 
theatre and of the out-of-door attractions. The 
dance hall, acenic railway, skating rink all ap- 
pear to be making money. The boathoi'Fea along 
the sborea ot the lake are doing fine; The 
weather baa- bo<-n very suitable to open-air 
amusements and If It continues amnsemsnt 
men will reap a barveat. 

White City. Park at Worcester. Masa.. ts In 
Ita seyeDth season this year. : Mr. George Osl- 
lagher, Ur. ,Bobert Clark -are tbe two main 
tactoia as regards the snccewtnl ' operations ot 
the aumsTOOS concessions. Mr. Gallagher is the 
general manager of alt attractions, anil >' 
Clark handles the publicity work; Tbe largest 
attraction la the massive ball room aceom- 
.modatlng two hundred and fifty couples a) one 

The scenic railway, chute the chutes, merry- 
go-rounds and other concessions are doing fine 
business., Tbe evening before the Fonrth ot 
July, fireworks' were .dlaplayed. and George Oal- 
Jogberfs.Saadt'Sava'.a'Baaoert,.:' Fnt.,.Qaicmi-* 

smsU games, such as the dip and the nigger 
bead game, cane boards. Jananese rolUng games 
and many other competitive and prise amnse- 
ments. Tbe Terminal Unslc HaU. at wblcb 
vaudeville ts featured doily, is under the man- 
agement ot Gns. Buschatzke. Heniy Daufklrcb 
haa the targe.* t dancing pavIllOD at Nortb Beach.' 
P. P. McMahott gives his labors to the Merlden. 
the leading picture house at ' North'- Beach. 
Combination picture and dancing pavUIona are 
controlled by F. Raflner and D. DIttrich. L. 
Lep»In Is responsible for the sneeess of the 
German Castle, where free Tyrolean aingers and 
other musical pertormeia are to be toimd. A. 
Bracber Is the genial host at Santord's -Point 
Hotel,' aptly termed the Oelmonleo ot North 
Beach. . 

F ree pyrotechnlcal displays are featured every 
Toeoday and Thursday evening and swimming 
ram. uid naval parades are oft times offered.. 

An Individual feature ot this resort. Is Its 
large, grassy lawns, where Jolly picnieers con 
enjoy the pleasures afforded by mother eartii 
without congestion. 

Thla Thursday, Friday and Satiuday. the 
land parade took place and features ot this 
kind are to be expected till tbe end of the 

Tbe Fourth Annual Carnival atarta September 
5 and continues until the 9th, when auch ex- 
traordlnailes as the naTol displays and pyro- 
technlcal celebrations trill feast. the eye every 


New York. Aug. 26 (Special to The Bill- 
board). — ^As one enters the park, he will find 
numerous beverage concessions . owned . by An- 
derson Reld. but under the management of Ar- 
thur Buck, who has brea In the same position 
for three seasons. Arthur is there when yon 
want .a Luna sundae. 

One ot the most popular . concessions here 
and' one that ileserves * credit; Is the Tesser. 
m,inaged by Cbas. Dowd, -who certainly Is- one 

Ray Montgomery and He'sly Sisters, who for- 
merly worked here and also have been In tbu- 
devllle for the past three years. Joined, the 
Queen et the Foliea Bergere, which opened at 
Chester, Pa., ihe week of Angnst SO. 

Steye -Turner, onnouncep.ln front ot tke Grand 
Caaroiv-i^aiid seTeral . others, termed - an sntomo- 

blle party to iy>rt George, Angnst IT, for a 
visit With a number of. coaccaeiiuialcea. The 
party arrived early, and went borne late. Tbey 
were entertained at supper hy Bd. Fttapatriek. 

The Bathing Clnb at Lnna this seossa hss 
enjoyed many oatlngs, - Once.. a week tbey col- 
lect together and Jonmey to Pet ut saa ' s batb- 
Ing pavilion at the foot of lOth Street All tbe 
members of the above include song wzltera, act* 
era. managers, property men, electrielaos aad 
performers, who do tbelr pert In tbe epem-air 
free drens. 

Warren Cleyeland, who bas charge ot Shoet 
the Chntea. reports tmsinesB is good. This was 
the first chutes tbst PanI Peyton. eeostmetedU 

Walter Larek, the popular advertlstas maa 
of Lnha, wlU leave soon to Join the adrertlains 
force of the Appalachian Bxpcsltloa. wUeb hIH. 
be' held at Knoxvllle. Tenn..- tnna September 
11 to October 1, 1911. 

Barry COillns, professional represeatattve far 
the F. B. Haviland. Pub. Co., Is making a bit 
with the Tlsitors by singing There's a Dizi* 
Girl Who's Longing for a Yankee Doodle Bogr.: 
also Honey Love, assisted by Xemlela's'BaBA'. 
and hln forty-five musicians. 

King Carlo's Indtan- Tillage and Umiiwiss at 
Novelties, loteted «m tbe old OreaiolaBa site, 
bos decided to play all the Mg fairs tills fsB 
as' one of the msin attractions. 

The St. Leon Family, who has been one of tbe 
free attractions in Luna's Free dreoi tUs 
sntnmer, closed its season here on Angnst 30, 
and Joined Folly of the Circus Company No. 1. 
cmder the management ot Frederic Thompson, 
whicb opened at Trenton. N^^ J., tlie week of 
September 1. 

Joe Gain, who for a nnmber et yean -was ~ 
chief apedal ofllcer, and stIU holds the suae 
position in Luna, has disposed of. bis IntereM. 
In- an amusement concern on Snrf Avenne, bat 
will organize a. company ot hfa owB end will 
ziake a trip Sontb this tslL - 

Robert Ersas: wbo bss besa sick fbr soas 
time, resumed his nosltton aseletaat tteaa- 
urer ot the Lnna Pork Company, aad we are 
glad to aee bis smiling face once more. 

Edward Boldea's European Clrens and his 
bucking mnle. Alexander the Great, ia some 
cut-up act in the free circus this week. Ales 
ts ridden by Norman Woodward and Is knowa 
as the boy wbo can ride any way. TUa Is aa 
act that never gets stale.- - . 

Fritz and his hlgh-dlTlng dogs are stUI mak. 
Ing good. He makes a hit with the children. 

Jack Dowling!* aaylnge-rliand aae a penny 
and I -will put Lnna Psrlc en I t « » ya msliwas 
is good. Jscfc says 'tbe real -work to ' coming 
soon, when be onena at the. Colonial Theatre, 
one of Percy Williams' houses. 

H. L. CnrreUr manager, of the Motordome. al. . 
so chief driver, assisted by Jack ADman. are 
creating a sensatlnn 1^ their fast drtring la 
tbelr 45 b. p. racing machines. These tw« 
daring drivers go aronnd a track very near 
straight ep and down and hold tlie thou- 
sands of people that visit this show spellboand. 
After their season here they will embark m 
Havana. Cnba. to open In one of tbe Mg parks 
there. ' 

Peter Brothers, who spent part ot the snm- 
mer In Montreal, Canada, at King Edward 
Park, retomed Isst week snd Is now one of the 
llehttiing ticket sellem In front of tbe Llvtrig 
Wonders et the' 'World,- one ot Oisar Ssod'a 
shows. ■ ■' ,■ 


Locsted St Forest Park, IIL, a sobazbaa vO- 
lege of Cbok County. HI., on the bonks of the 
nesPlslnes River. Owned by tbe Ferset Part 
Flair Grounds Amusement Company, -wllb tbe 
following _ _ ^ .... 

Offlcere— President. John P. Harding: Vice- 
Preiddpnt. H. F. MiIwibot: Seetetair aa< 
Manager. H. A. Bredel; Asidstaat Moaager. 
Joseph Grein: Treastirer, J._.3. ICeniiedyt_^ 
iilstant Treasurer. Ernest Chapln: DlT»etors. 
J. CK O'NeO. A.' B. • Wlnterrotb: General Pnb- 
llcltv Promoter, Harry J, Bryan: Auditor. O. 
T5. W. ngenrrlts: Chief EleetrlHan and Stop»r- 
Intendent. Panl Helnxe: Bookkeeper, Charles 
Olsen: Mlas Jnlle Seaman. In charge ot esah- 
tws; MI»a Lauretta Flynn, secretary to man- i 
nger: Edward Clement, sneclsl measencer. 

Police Force— Captain. F. W. Lick Jr.: LJea 
tenant. W. F. Flynn: Sergeant, Herman Psowa; i 
Desk Sergeants. Rd .Schnlts snd Sam Traevi 
oeicets: W. H. Shnrtlef. H. Zahn, George R. ' 
Scott. T*e -Prince, Al D WUcox; Watdunea: 
a wnile. Charles 1»Iosaey._ - V..- 
. Firemen— Chas. Krmis. Cbas. .DletrMB. 

Gateman — Chester WaWI. 

Checker— Robert Sehoff, 

Cashiers — Mis* JuKe Seaman, manageTnv:,Mn, 
J. T. Brewer. Miss M. Jorgensoo, Mand Tliomi*. 
enn. Mollv MeCarthr. Winnie Aekennaa Jnele 
Mtekow. Bessie Smith. Mamie Dewar. Margie 
Kline. Rcse Pochert. Marr Tonie*. TlMie Cer- 
ny. Ti"le StorV. 01lv» Conley, Mrs. Howard. 
Anns Teska. M. Klrlln. M. 0>wlM. Oatber- 
in.. Gordon. Mrs. F. Ebrhardt. Marv Flanlnn. 
Flla Kloty. Anns Norman Mabel Gordon, HIai 
Gr-ham. !(adle Pitt. Mildred Kline. 

Grill Room — 14. Zlmmrnnan. mamtcer: nar- 
t"n«I"«Ti: rr«nk Mn1c1>takl. Horwe Nelsoa. Jsrfc: 
FsTtlett. Rob DmoB, Jim McOlnals.. Jsm«sk<' 
(Dnel Brows, 

Vhndevme Theatre— Bonked Vr S. O; Kat^ 
tbewe; nlava five sets: CbaDge of Ml twice' a ;' 
week; admlsainn, 10 cents.- Joseoh <]r*tn. mm- -. 
seer: Ed Kl<ae. stage manager; Silas - lioa 
Fr»nk. mnMcal director. 

i Hall Room — Ftneet flnOr In Cbleagn.' - Ad-' 
mtsslon. 25 ceifta: v'ttxine eentesia WoSare. - 
day niKhts. Walter B<*amer. mrnagee; iWIgkt. 
Crawley, doorman; ordieetra ot five i4eM.'.,M 
by Joseph Orcein. . , 

(Cootioned «i pace VS.) 

% ti je D 111 t» o a r a 

S^fTE^ER !^it»J 1. 



Inteepid A^tor Completes Passage of l,265^Miiesand lowers 
all Previous Records— Hopes to MakeJ trip from 
San Francisco ta New York in October 

America tuns again proven her prowess — ^thls 
time In the air, when Harry ~M. A.twood, the In- 
trepid aviator, . nnder tbe ^ fnanaicement o£ l«eo 
Stevens. -landed on Goremor'a Island In New 
Xdrk Harbor, after a passage ot 1,265 miles 
Crom< St. Itonls to New Tork. and lowered tile 
record' of Herr Kocniir, tile Cersan aviator, by 
over one. hundred miles. This is the sreatest 
■clentlflc feat recently recorded and the papers 
and bDSineas centers thtoochoot the coontry' 
h»e. not been alow to show their wUIIng goh>p- 
cratlon. This reeord-breakias aerial nomad, was 
wrjr recently denied 'a license by. the Aero Clab 
of America: but, today, he can hardly And the 
least obstacle to even his slightest wblm. The 
w achievement reflects naught imt sliperlative cred- 
it apoa tile aviator and Ills stager.: All the 
watercraft in tlw bay and the Hudson paid 
aalntatory tribute^ to the Neatest feat of the 

Up to tlie last day Atwood pursued Ills 
Jfluniey. with .remarkable serenity* bat his adr 
Tent Into tile metropolis was delayed by damage 


Odambns, Ind., 'Aag. St (Special- to The 
BUnMud). — ^Dan beach, the aereoaat and illde- 
foc4Ife performer, and Hlsa Emma Flgley, 'Of 
DeOanee, O.. were •married bets' at Use fair 
■rooads immedlatelr after IcaA bad-pKftimed 
ila ilMa'ac t. 


New Zork, Aag. 26 (Spedal to The Bin- 
hoard). — Ona Hill will this season have three 
cooipanlea playins Uott and Jeff, the Incidents 
oC which are founded on Bud Fisher's cartoons. 
lBeaide«- these attractlODS be wlU have BUlle 
BldUe, a company playing Atonnd the Clock, 
besldee one other show, liearlng Ills banner tUs 
■eason. The opening dates ot the various Hill 
companlea are September 4 and It. 

to Us engine and a tlireatened fire, which held 
him at Nyacfc. X. Y.. on the 21th. In a -rather 
Inadvantaseons topographical pocket. His 
course was resumed and- finished, however, on 
the 25th In a burst of slory. He left at once 
for Boston to compete In the meet there, and 
also expresses intentions* of making a' trans- 
continental air tour from San Francisco' to New 
York this. October. . • 

SCIentUcally, here Is precisely vriiat^Atwotfd 
has 'acconqillshed: 

Mstance covered In .'air line — ^1.26S miles. 

Total distance.' IncInOlng detonrs aionnd New 
Xork anil other places-^1,385 miles. 

Started from St. Loiriii — 8:03 a. m.; August 
14. _..'.,..■ 

Finished '€k)vernor*i« Island — 2.38 p. m.. August 

Flylns time for entire trip— 28 boars.. 9 min' 
ntes. : • , '. -. - ■' 

Number of flights en route — 90. 

Average. distance of 'ea<A flight— 63% miles. 

Beats previous world's record by 100 miles, 
not crediting him with the extra 100 miles 
Diileli lie claims for detours. ' 


To American and English Production of Der Rosenkayalier, 
On Account of Tremendous Expense Necessary for 
the Proper Staging of Magnificent Opera 

london, Aug- 22 (Special to The Billboard). 
— On reaching London yesterday,' P. 0. 'Whitney 
formally cancelled all his arrangements for the 
production of Der Rosenkaval-ier, forfeiting both 
the American and English rights. 

Mr. Whitney states that bis original opinion 
of Der Bosenkavaller as a brilliant mnslcal work 
remains unchanged, and that the alteration Of 
his plans was solely on account of the enormous 
expense that nonld be attendant upon the pro- 
duction of the piece. The composer requires an 
orhcestra of 82 musicians, while the total 
strength of the company, including artists and 
chorus, would be over 2,000. Another thing Is 
that the ooera was to be given Is German, 
which at once limits the patronage. 

Outside of New York, amy three American 
cities olfered any prospects, .of reasonable sup- 
port—Boston. Phnaddphla ' and. 'Chicago— and 
they were by . no means ' certain. The railway 
fares, too, wonid liave been practically prtdilbl- 
tlve. . . 

In addition to paying large advance royalties, 
Mr. Whitney , lua already spent a coudderable 



FVohinah EHscovers 
New Playwright 

New York. AOS.. 2S (Special to The Bill- 
baazd).-T-In Algernon Boyesen. son of the. late 
Prafeuor Boyesen ' of Columbia University, a 
yoans American playwright long resident In 
Paris and as yet totally nnknown to the 
American stage. Charles iYoliman buieves that 
be has bnraght to light a new American play- 
wright of the iiighest order. Ur.-FtolimaB pre- 
dict that, with the ripening of Boyesen's pow- 
ers, be will do for .the .drama of American life 
what the foremost European, playwrights have 
done for the drama of older civilizations. Mr. 
Boyesen's manuscripts have the technical ex- 
cellence of .-Enropean-made plays, combined with 
the dramatic strength and optimistic ' outlook 
characteristic of American laaywritlng. Ev- 
erything that Jlr. -Boyesen-has written la close- 
ly related tor the psychology, the morals and 
manners of current . American life. 

On the strength of his latest play. The Other 
Sfacy. eonttaets covering tlie production of all 
Bo yesen 's plays for ^ tlie nest Ave years have 
passed between'' Cbarles Ftolunan and Sanger 
and Totdani wiio turned oat to be tlie American 
agents for the new playwright. Qrerloyed at 
tlie news:. of the acceptance of his play. .Mr. 
Boyesen writes that be will sail for this coun- 
try: itrom Paris 'within tlie next few weeks to 
watch the final rehearsals, of his first play that 
Jias reached the. stage. £4ke most playwrights, 
Boyesen iias been writing fur the stage for fif- 
teen years. 

His output is small, numbering in all three 
manoscripts. but nntU Mr. Frobman's accept- 
ance of Tlie Other Mary he has been denied a 
bearinir, much less a prodnctlon, on all sides. 

Imat Monday the cast tlut will: support' Mme. 
NasimdVa in The Other Mary, was finally com-: 
^ted. Its ; pr&ielinl members wUl be Brandon 
Tynan, Valcolm Williams,' Frank (Soldsmltb, 
WlUIam Hasson, I.acla Moore and 'Grace Seals. 
Madame Nazimova's first season under Mr. Froh. 
man's manasement will begin September 21. 

sum on scenery ami costumes, and also has quite 
a few members ot the company , nnder contract. 

Mr. Wbltney'B losses will nndonbtedly be very 
large, bat he figured that it would be better 
to pocket bis lossi's now and forfeit bis rights, 
than to produce the opera and p ««>» li ly sink. 
1200,000 more. 

Joint stars in Hie Siren, wbfch opened at- Atlantic City, Angnst 20, and will go'into the 
Knickerbocker Theatre, New York. 

R. P. Donaldson 

Seriously Hurt 

The many friends of Bohert P. Donaldson, 
formerly general agent for the Adam Fetzer 
Shows, Blllle Boughton's Overland Show, Con- 
roy (Concert Company and others, will regret 
to learn that he was seriously injured in an 
, antomobile accident August 16, at Marshall- 
town. Iowa. The full extent of ' his Injnrtes 
are not known, bat It will be some time before 
be Is' able to get anmnd. Donaldson was to 
have started In advance, of the Melver' Stock 
Company, September 27, bat will hardly' be' 
able to take the road at all ' this season. ' He 
can be addressed care 325 South Third Avenae, 


New Xbrk. Anguat 28 (Special , to The Bill- 
board).— Harry Recard. the Australian vande- 
"ville magnatf." fanck booked one pf the Hassan 
Ben All trouimi ot acrobats foe a toiir of Austra- 
lia, to begin Jlay a. 

Another of the Ren AU Berber . troupes has 
been enjc^ged to fill a two weeks' engagement 
at the expositloa in Toronto which opens An- 
snst ; 28. 'Wlien the two -weeks* contract has 
been sued the troupe'^ will proceed to San Fnh- 
etsco. where it wlU Join the Abom's Bohemian 
Olrl Co.. which IS to open- the latter part of 

The Bohemian 6irl company wlilch is to be- 
gin Its season at the Majestic Theatre In Brook- 
lyn September II. wni have with It one of 
Ben Air« Berber tronpes ta appeal in tbe ali- 
ductlon wene- of the opera. 

Ben Air^' Amshl Tioiipe. the latest group to 
be braiisht from 'the other ^de^ 'Is expected to 
Kacb New Twk'Tneaday. 

Jtta]]|a< and Bart write that they are making a 



Albuquerque, K. M.. Aug. 26 (Special to The 
BlUboard). — Aviation fUghts will be one of the 
ble features of tbe New Mexico State Fair here 
October p-14. A contract^ has been closed 
with the Chnrtiss Company to fnmlsb tbe flyers. 
Albnquerque is almost a mile high, and tbe 
.aviators will - be at a considerable elevation, 
even before they leave the groond. 

Kliegel Eros/ 

Offices Burn 

New Tork. Aug. 28 ( The Billboard). 
— A dispatch received Monday states that the 
offices occupied by the Kliegel Bros., at 3Sth 
Street and Broadway, were gutted by fire late 
Sunday night. Kliegel Brothers are manu- 
facturers of theatrical and electrical stage ef- 


Astoria.' Ore.. Ang. 21 (Special to The Bill- 
board). — Hugh Robinson had a thrilling expe- 
rience here today with tbe Curtiss hydroplane, 
Robinson had made a .namber of fine flights yes- 
terday. and was juat starting out again today 
in very, rough water, when his propdier struck 
1 large wave and broke. One piece cut a large 
hole in the boat, vvhlch filled -with water, and 

and floated 

the aeroplane, tamed orer bai 


Hamilton. O., Aug. 27 (Special to The BlU- 
board). — ^The private car of Cobnm'a Minstrels 
was -In a smash-up near here today, while en 
route to Cincinnati from Springfield. 

Iieo Uantell. a performer, was Injured aboni 
the arms and shoulders. Several others were 
allglitly bmlBed, but no aeriaus Injnriea were 
reported.^ . . ^ . 

Tbe- train canyliiK Uw car was poAad lata 
a 'frelglit that bad Just left a siding, but ihr 
•oglneet saw the danger and rerereed In time 
to prevent a serious wreck. 


Chicago. Ang. 2S (Bpaelal t» The B l l l fcos^ g )'- 
— Isaac Woods, manager and pradncer of 
School Days Show- at White . Olty. was llBcd 
$5 In tbe Ooart of Domestle BelatUas for vio- 
lation of the Child I«1ior Xaw. .It waa al- 
leged be tmfiojei Dorotby Wells, nadet. IC 
years of age. 


William O'Day. now In (%iclnnatl. Ohio, 
is suffering from an attack of nervous prostra- 
tion and is In need of llnanclal' aid for treat- 
ment. He Is at present cooSaed to the Hotel 
Imperial nnder tbe care of Or. Helfferldi. AH 
donatkms, no matter bow ■nuU. will be thank- 
fully received. 


New Orleans. La., Aug. 26 (Special to The 
Billboard). — Mrs Bernard Shields; prominent in 
local ' theatricals, has issued* a 'Statement in 
which she charges Miss Jean M. Gordon, assist- 
ant factory inspector, with discrimination in the 
enforcement of the child labor law. Mrs. Shields 
says that an affidavit was made against allow- 
ing a fifteen-year-old boy performer to' appear 
on the stage of a regnlar local tbeatre, bnt no 

action waa taken against allowing ' children to 
play In the Flowerland Festival at the Tulane 
Theatre last May, nor have any steps been taken 
against allowing 2,000 children to participate in 
a forthcoming entertainment. Mrs. Shields also 
states tbst she is not opposed to the enforcement 
ot the Child Labor T.SW, but that .ibe Is op- 
posed to nnjust discrimination. 


New York, AuK, 26 (Special to The Bill- 
board). — The Curtiss Aviation Company has add- 
ed another aviator to its' state in the person of 
Cromwell Dixon, who has for soma time been 
startling ^vlatlon centers, wifit his miraculous' 
5L*y''. '?'^<>'" -l»'?'''»^*;»">«e»C. "Viator on tbe 

Big Aviation Meet 
at Canton 

Canton, 0.. Aug. 26 (Special to The Bill- 
board). — The first international aviation meet- 
ing to be held in Ohio will take place at Canton. 
September 26, 27, 28 and 29. The meet will 
be modeled along the lines adopted by tbe Chi- 
cago Committee. It will be nnder the ansplce» 
ot tbe Aero Club of Ohio, backed by the Bnid- 
ness Men's Club; the Board of Trade and a list 
of citizen guarantors. Flf^ tiioasand d^ilar^ 
has been snbscrlbed. M. A. & U C. Vimwa 
and BIwood Salsbnry bave been contracted wiik 
to manage the enterprise. The Wright Com-, 
pany, tbe Cnrtlss forces and a number of ia- 
dependent aviation men will eo-opecate witb 
Salsbnry and tbe Vinsons. 

Incidentally tlie Stark County Fair bas be-a 
absorbed by the a-viatlon meetiug pruposltios. 
It has been decided to build a prog«*am of nifbt 
attractions Including a blR ballet-specL.urle of 
100 people, a feature concert lihnd nnl other 
attractions. This will give 'concession iienplv I 
great opening. Headquarters have li«en'es<air 
Usbed In the Courtland- Hotel, Oanton: 


Montrose, Colo., Ang.' 26 'Special to' The Bll! 
board). — ^The Western Colorado-Utab Fair am) 
Racing Circuit opens' the season' at Glenwood- 
Springs, (;ol6.i August 30. One of the specur 
features will be areoplane- flights by ' the Curti.^* 
Company. This -Is expected to be an exceUeit 
drawing card, aa- it will be the first time is 
attraction of this kind has been presented a! 
a fair in Western Colorado.- 

Foliowing Olenwood fair and In ..dose order 
will come Hotchkiss, Delta, Montrose, Orani 
Junction, and close at Salt I.ake City, tbe Bni 
week In October. This gives a clrcnlt of sir 
weeks, and no doubt will ..draw many concei'' 
Bloni, street sbows. etc. - Tbe raclns parses for 
tbe clTcnlt will total |2B,000. 


Decatur, , III.. Ang. 26 (Special to Tbe BUl- 
botrd).— Decatur Lodge No.. ,01 of the I<<>T>< 
Order or Moose, are arranging , for , a carnival 
next month that will eclipse anything In thi' 
line ever- held in this vicinity. A committee 
consisting. o( 0, B. Orrnt. EU Parks and J..r. 
Nelntker, was appointed to confer with repre- 
sentatives of .carnival companies, -and the heat 
company that It Is possible to secure will sho' i 
here. The dates have been set for the wM> 
of Sept. 20 to 27. 

L A. T. S. E. NOTES. 

The list .of ofBeers of the Detroit Local No. 9> 
for tbe balance of the season nr ISll. la at 
follows: a. A. Cochrane, president: John H- 
Martin, vlce-nrestdent: Hitry Griffin, treasnier: 
John L, Doyle, secretary: Jsnies Powers, Mw- 
ness- manager; I,eo Doe, sergeaht-at-amw. fw 
truatpes ate: Fred Bleborst, • William MurtaJ 
and William Dale. .Delegates to-Dettoit Fedrt*' 
tion of Labor: J. Powria and H. Waadel. T» 
Bzecntlve Board conslata of the fallowing: I- 
iA^^^Cotknn^:rJ. Il-Daile,' P«ter'8en^tfi. Ja«» 

SEPTEMBER' 2, 1911.' 

Tti e - B I ll l> o a r d 



Reported to Have L(m^ Much "Money This Season — ^Rumor 
Has It that Wife 6f Dan Robinson Will Request the 
Appointment of a Re(^iVer for Shows 

Ottawa, IIL, Aug. 26 (Special -to- The BIH- 
iioard). — Mrs. Beasle Robinson, wife of Dan 
Boblnson of Cincinnati, - today- foiled a plan to 
■■tidnjp" Boblnson's ' Circus, tents, -menagerie, 
wagons, baggage- and > all. George Little, for- 
mi-r manager of Jack Jobnson, world's ctaam- 
liion pugilist; "Bunk" Allea and E< H. Alliath, 
at Clilcaso, liBd cancelled the dates for tbe 
«taow, and Mn. 'Boblnson, throngb Intercepting 
a telegram, became aware of tbis, and was 
told tbat tbe men intended to put the clrctia 


Sew Tork, Aug. 26 ' (Special to Tbe Bill- 
board).— Black and White, two foreign girls 
who do a nOTelty acrobatic act, bare been booked 
lij- Irving Cooper for a tour of tbe SolllTan & 
Considlne Circnit; opening October 3 In - Cbi- 
Kago. Black and White bave been in tills' conn- 
try before. They first appeared here with Hnr- 
tig & Seaman's shows, Ister- playing tbe Wil- 
liam Morris bonses. In tbe spring they left 
die Static. Tbey are now in Ansttalla. 


Marlon, O., Aug. 19 (Special to Tbe Billboard). 
— Manager Fits Bogb Lee, who has been in 
cliarge. of tbe Son ■VandeTlUe Theatre for the 
past year, bas: resigned his position and will 
M to Portsmouth, where he baa eecnred a third 
intereat and the management of a fine vande- 
ville'' boose baring a seatingscapacity of about 
1.000. He will be aaaociated with Gcs Snn in 
tlia Ten tore. . . 


Xew York, Angnst 26 (Special to ,The . Bi]I- 
!>oanl). — Irring Berlin, . author ; of Alexander's 
Kagtlme Band and otber successes, will take 
a ayer in randerlUe, opening at Banunersteln's 

September II;- - ■ - •- 

Showihah Killed ; 
Family Injured 

Middlesboro, Ky.," Aug. 26 (Special to TJie 
Billboard). — Mexican Joe Morgan was killed 
and bis, wife and two dsnghters seriously 
wonnded August 15, at Four Mile; near tbis 
city. Mexican Joe was showing tbe closing 
act for the erenlog when some one began shoot- 
ing in the direction of the atage. , .About fifty 
sbou were fired witb the abore result. 


on- a- train, send it to Chicago, and tliere sell It. 

With the aid of forty employees, Mrs. Rob 
Inson grabbed on to the receipts and bpid on 
to tbem. Then she obtained an injunction rei- 
straining tbe remoral of the show. 

She intends Monday .to ask for a recelrer. 
Mrs. Robinson owns a large Interest in the 
showi and Xlttle. Allen -and Alliath also are 
Interested .financialy.. . It Is said that .the show 
has been losing steadily all season. ' i 


First Visit to the City of Cool l^ the POpuIar^^Twa 

^ ^^^^^^^^^^ ' ■ 

and Financially. 

' Chicago, .\ug. 22 (Special to The Billboard) 
— ^At last the long heralded twenty-firercent 
circua, the Sells-Flbto- Shows, has appeared In 
Chicago, and the great, industrial popnlations 
able to see a genuine circus, at their . doofs, 
able to see a genuine circus at their rery doors, 
and at a price tbat puts tbat style of entertain- 
ment within reach of eren tbe most race- 
Rnicide-defyinR families. The Sells-Ploto Shows 
came Into Chicago from the West, bavlng 


The Billboard Pub. Co., 
CInclnnaU, Ohio. 
<Sentlemen:~-I am writing yon and all 'show. 
men. at my hnaband's reauest. He has been i. 
reader of The BlllboanI for yetn.ana has hMn 
In the show business slnCB be ma four years 
•>r age. Be has been oat. with a ahow of his 
own, known as ' the California Jnmping Jack. 
We hare been married only two years snd bare 
a baby nine months old. He was arrested on 
suspicion of harlEg robbed a postrOtfice and is 
now in the Beaumont lall awaiting trial, which 
.•omes oir the third Monday In October. My 
husband Is Innocent of this charge and I am 
asking help from all show people, so that I 
may prore It. I will aell our wagon ahow. 
viiich consists of one dock pan, card atar, the 
bewitched fan. disappearing- dice, prodnce balf- 
iloliar, large sixe bottle and glaas. the fonr-door 
noi. and oyer a hnndred other tiicka, which 
1 will sell veiy. cheap. 

Tom mpeettnllr, . 
■ ■ ratok. Tex, 


i.."*?* .^"^elty Machine Company polnta ptoud- 
f^- fact that they bare closed a contract 

i;>r tiie Inatallatian' of their popular deTlce, The 
jToIlc. at Central Park. Allentown. Pa., which 
iwFf*."'* ^« I*hlgh Valley Transit Co. 
irmid,.nt and General Manager B. P.- Sterens 

,h 'he '•dvantsge of- erecting The Prolle 
.1 ih.- ond Of the seaaon and not waiting nntU 
« i?i..u"i' °f "••on o' « foresight for 

'^'» to be- tximmanded. The derlce has 
heen_8hlpp»d by the manufacturer and 
°.° win cMttmeDce the day after Ijibor 
s..«.,„„ ^■Xjf?'?^'* the- ffiMle of the present 
"itZ It woold be well for 

: ' """»«««» to think nbont InataUIng their 
^ * H'ln now. 


i.,rin"' -August ae (Special to The BIU- 

1,. V<.',7 x!'- J""??" t'""* LonlsrUle waa 

ar n .., ^ *'"'? w«k arranging fbr the ap- 
■ K m,li„°,' "uslcal celebrities to appear at 
J ,. m "SS*"""** during the forthcoming 

iN'tili ,0*niP Is prominent In the ahaw 
JSil?* ■ 'n practically erery 

■ ■'"'J- fr om actor to: mana ger. ■ - • 

Nina l.ester'.haii llnlfdied Oeorte' B 

Her -eterer terpslchorean act. La Ttagedie d'nn Mardi Gras, 

Winter Gardens. 

waa one J>t the features at the 

John Colling 

Needs Assistance 

John W. Collins, the old-time microscope man, 
ia down and out In San Antonio, Tex. Be has 
been la the hospital for five weeks, anfferlng 
With locomotor ataxia. Be would like to hear 
from' his old-time fHenda; and any assistance 
they- can gire him win be greatly appipciated. 
Address John W. ColUns,' care Bexar Drug 
C!o., Onntcr Bldg., San Antonio. TBs. 


WUlmar, Minn., Aug. 2S (Special to Tbe 
Billboard). — S. B. Baer, committed suicide 
here August IT. The drug used was. cyanide 
of potasstuin. ' Financial dtfllcultlea ' waa ' t)ie 
cause of his atit. Baer was at one time a 

gtdmlnent tbektrlcal manager, with bonses^ »t 
lonx Falls. Sioux' City and. I,eipar, Iowa. Mr, 
Baer had the dlSbwIWa; of being. thW 


to be Exhumed 

rittsburgb. Pa., August 26 (Special to The 
Billboard). — Frlen«:s and former business asso- 
ciates Of the late B. M. GuIIck Plttsbuigh theat- 
rical man, bare petitioned Coroner Jamison to 
hare tlie authorities la Brooklyn, N. Y., e x hu m e 
the body from tbe grare in Greenwood (Ceme- 
tery. This will -be done. 

James Varley, for 21 years adrertlslng man- 
ager for Mr. Gnllck, hfaded the petition. Ho 
declared tbat Jane Honsewrlght, Gnllck'a honse. 
keeper, had exercised nndoe Infinence to keep 
frl'nds from' rlsitlng the dying theatrical' man, 
eren though Gnllck bad written to some and 
asked them to risit him, as he was lonely. 

Tbe only will of Mr. Onllck's that has been 
found 90 far ' heqneathea ' bis entire estate, 
aamoantlng' to abont 1100,000. to Mn. Honse- 
wrlght, with the exception of a flOO'beqneat .to 
his son, James Oallck. - It -Is also said that 
relatives will take steps -to contest the will. 

played In Aurora last Saturday: BoeUord cm. 
Aogust 17. and Freeport tbe Wedaeadax be- 
fore. At this latter point they had tlie mis- 
fortune to be visited by a aerere -tbnnder- 
storm and dondbnrst. wlilch so dannged tha 
canvas of the big top tbat it had to he left oa 
the lot. The storm came right after the after- ^ 
noon performance waa concluded, and compelled 
tbe abandonment of tbe evenlnig performance. 
Fortunately, last yesr's canvas was at hand, 
and 'the ahow has since been exhibiting under 
It. The damage, waa . speedny repaired, and 
the. tfMnr . entered Borkford -tile next day ana 
paraded im idiednle. time. , 

On Sondaymomlng the tents were pitted la 
Sooth Chicago, and a reeord-breakliig' attend- 
ance from the employees of the great steel 
mills tnmed ont to give the show a weleoma- 
at both performances. On Monday, Angnst 21, 
the canvas was stretched on tbe site of the . 
George M. Pullman Industrial School, Illtit 
Street and Indiana- Avenue,- Kensington. Thia 
is In tbe center of one of the most Important 
manufacturing distrlcts-of the Western metrop. 
oils, and only a block or two from the Pullman 
station of the 'Illliiois Central' Ballrbad. The 
accessibility of tlie site, and the fame of tha 
performance, which had preceded it from Sooth 
Chicago, drew « , great crowd Ibmday iilgbt. 
when Tite Billboard -represeatativea -niada tlieir 
call. They received eonrtedna - and hoapltabia 
attention from Manager Fred BaUm Botdite- 
son and Presa Representative F. Carmlchael, 
whom they met on the lot. Mr. Tammen lias 
not been with the show since it left tlie Twin 
Cities. - _ 

Beyond doubt, the .Sells-FIotb Clrcns glrea 
the biggest quarter's worth of entertainment 
ever purveyed In America. The menagerie, 
while not as extensire 'as scmie of the other me- - 
nagerles on the road. Ia excellently selected; 
snd may be said to make op in ' quality what 
It laclu in quantity. . Especial conslderatlaa 
lias 'been D.^Id toward features that will inter- 
est the children, and it contalna a remudcaM*. 

(ConUnned on page 56.) ' 

The Moral . . 
Godle Produced 

Rochester, N. T., Aug. 21 (Special to Tba 
BilllMiard). — The Initial perfomaaoe - of -Xlia 
Moral Code, a new play by Herbert ■ Thomaaa. 
was produced by Arthur Hammerstelii at ,tb* 
Lyceum Theatre tonight. 

Tbe play Is In four acts and five aeenea, and 
the action involves a prominent sorgeon who 
shoots his wife's admirer and the letter's, ar^ 
rest, to avoid scandal, on a cliarge of- Imrg- 
lary. His conviitlan by. - the criminal eonrt 
and the confession of the real, cause of. tha 
shooting form the strongest scene In the plav. 
The doctor's attempt to murder his rival tmdet 
the pretense of performing an i^aatloB In the 
ampUtheatre of a hospital ia as nnnsaal stage 
picture. . * 

Mr. Hammerstein has ataged The Moral Ood* 
elaborately, aiabel Boebock la tbe wife; Jan. 
Wilson the doctor. Orme. Osldara and Rank 
Hoillna are also in tlie east. ■ - 


Kalamaaoo. Mich., Ang. 22 (Special to The 
BiUboard).r-Tbe Stage Employees Union- haa 
demanded -an increase of wages for the mem- 
bers employed at the Fuller Theatr« here, 
and nnlesa the demands are acceded to It 
is not likely the Imnse will .open oa -schedol* 


WUImar, Minn.. Ang. 25 (Spealal to The 
Billboard) .-^4am Bear, who has been connected 
with varlons. amusement enterprises In Slonx 
Falls. S. D., and adlolnlng territory, committed 
snlclde here on Aogiwt 18. 


Atlantic City, N. J., Aug. 21 (Spedal to Tha 
BUlboard).— The Siren, a neir miwcal comedy 
In which Charles Frohman is starring Donald 
Brian, was given Its prendeio at' the ApoHa 
Theatre last night. The play fairly took Its 
heaiets by storm, and prtHalsea to be oaa of 
ttie (accesses of tbe season. Donald Brian, aa 
the Marqnta de Baraillae, and Julia Sander- 
son In the ' title role, made, a most diamins 
pair of stage -sweethearts. The company 'In- 
cludes Frank Hoalan, WIU -West, Kltaabett 
FIrtb, OUbert Ohllds. F. Pope Stsmper. Slocenee 
Morrison and Moya Mannerlng. 

The American version of the libretto la by 
Harry B. Smith and the music hy Leo ML , 


Philadelphia. Pa.. Angr 2s' (Siwdal to The 
Binboard). — ^Albert. Berry, a oaraphnt* Aocnpor, 
was arrested at Ooatosville. Pa., sear here and 
formally charged vrith murder. - The poUoa ac- 
cuse ttie ballooobt ' with : JuiTlna: led tiia..-spk 
ileh 'dragged .A-r»rn.mat^^';itiomya^ji^ 


Xtie Billboard 






Iidtial Production of Sfapleton and Wodehouse's A Gentleman 
of Ldsure a Decided Success — Douglas Fairbanks in 
Role, Well Supported by a Lai^e Cast 

Kew Tork. .Ang. 27 (Special to The BIU 
-toad). — The prellmkiaiT season «f the Plsjr- 
kome In West Foitr-elslitb Street opeaed 
Tlmrsdax erenlaff^ Aagnst 24, -wltb tbe prodae* 
tlon ot a merltorlona . new . comedy featnrlnK 
DODsIaa ralrbaoks In the principal role. , Tbe 
janthfnl comedian responded most Ingenkraslj- 
to the lines In The Qentleman of Leisure, and 
IB oonaeqnence has Inrested falniael£ wltb . a 
vvblde tnat stands oat for prslse and landa- 
tton. At the end of tbe third net the call*, for 
nr. Falrbanka became Ureptesslblc and the 
SomiB star waa compelled to make n brief ear- 
talB inaedi. . 

Qnlte an easoitlal element of the new play's 
■occeas la Its pithy plot. Unslcal comedies 
woBld do well to have Jstan Stspleton and P. 
C> Wodphonse, Its anthors. originate plota and 
aetlOB for themaelTes. Tbe story narrates the 
azperlenees of -Mr. Sohert B. w. Pitt, a gen- 
tlenwB- of leisure; glren to a passion for bet- 
ting, who. agrees to turn bwglar on^a^dare for 
the wager of & dinner. . Pitt stmnblea stealthily 
Into the "honWof a girl whom he had - met on 
tb*- XnsItanlB and bad often - longed to - meet 
again- One eompHeatkm. oianaa - after another, 
bat Anally, through tbe heroine's aaalstanee. Me 
MiOKfiU gentleraan gains bis pobit Tiafam* of 
Anen Lnpln, Allan llmmy TdeoUne «nd The 
Deep Patple rise dorlnK. the tobb^ icenet. 

Mr. Brady set s new- faahl<m In pngramsi 
A little cacd folder, -whieb carries no advertis- 
ing, proved quite a featnte of the opening per- 
nonnance of tbe aeason. 

The TMbnae comments npon the sew proOne* 
tkn as followa: "The prellsilnaiy season of 
ae Playboue In Weat <8th Street opened with 
Hie pzodnctlon of a new comedy, entitled A 
Sentleman at IMmre, with Douglas Fairbanks 
in the principal role. Thronghont the foor acta 
of the play Mr. Fairbanks was applaoded gen- 
eronsly for. the manner In which :he rendered 
- tbe- ch ar acter of Bob^rt Edgar WUIoaghby Pitt, 
the gentleman of lelsnre. 

"At tbe end of tbe third set tbere were so 
Bany eaUs for Mr. Fairbanks and tba other 


New rorfc, Aug 26 (Special to The BmboaTd). 
— Uebler * Co. last week annenDced the most 
Important engagement so far made for thplr 
theatrical year. This resulted from the cabled 
acceptance by I«wls Waller of the part of Boris 
AndroTSky In The Garden of Allah, soon to he 
Rodnced for the first time In tbe WOTid at tbe 
Century (formerly the New) Theatre. For 
the better part of a year. <3eorge C. Tyler, 
managing director of the flrm. has been cast- 
ing about for the most suitable actor to iday 
the central male cdiaraeter in the Bebert Hleh- 
ca>* drama. Two players of world.wide repnta- 
tlon have been nnder conalderatlan. Forhes-Bob- 
ertsott and Xewis WaUer. Mr. WsUer has nnr 

When In London this spring and ■nmmer, Ur, 
&ler, who felt that In Bdr, WaDer he had found 
tbe Ideal Boris, dlsoissed with the London 
edebrily the ptojtet of coming -to- the TTnltad 
States. Tbe role naturally appealed to^ Mr. 
Waller, but there 'were many^ dlfllcnltles to 
orercome before be could agree. He had never 
keen In America, and his poaltltRt In the world 
of London theatricals was so much of a flxtnre, 
with so many Obllgatlona for the 1911-12 sea- 
son .already contiaeted for, that It was feared 
file arran^ment would fan ttrongb. Kow, how- 
ever, flie nutter h^ been adjosted, and Mr. 
Waller wm Wbarfty sail Cor Itefr York to or- 
iginate on the stage' the ebameter whlcb, 
ocongb tbe novA Is ftmlllsr to TlrtaaBy mil- 
Hons of " 

K. A E. N OTE& 

. New Zork, Angi>at.'3S (Spetdal to Tbe BIB- 
bond).— SIsw te Erisnger's prodnetlon of nie 
Bomidnp. under the direction of Toseph Brwks. 
opens Its Sfth season at the Boston Theatre. 
Boston, on Labor Day, with new aceue r y and 
eostnmes. Baplay Holmes will again play the 
role of "Slim" Hoover, the fat man whom no- 
body loves. Tbe play will make a long road 

Their biblical play, Ben Hnr, which ia enter- 
biK Its thirteenth season nnder the direction of 
< Joseph Brooks, will open Its tour later In the 
year than nsnal, as a Broadway engagement with 
a Mg cast Is planned. Tbe cbarlot races wlU 
he ataged en a- larger and more sensational, 
acale, due to the advances made - in ntnge con- 
atructkm and lighting. In the galley scene the 
Alp .will be sunk In fnll view of the andlence. 
carrying down with It the battling slaves and 
pirates. An entirely new production will be 
tnxUt and new costumes made. A tonr of tbe 
lamrer cities will follow. 

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm,, their Idyl of 
yooth. -wm make Its first tonr this leason In 
the third year of Ita exIsteBCe. The first sea- 
son was played In Boston and Hew England. . 

(Con tinned on page SB.) 

A complete list of mttr«ctions at 
New Yeric Theatrea mppomn en 
page U. — ' 

principals of the cast that be came before the 
enrtain and . made a brief speech, thanking tbe 
andlence for the reception given to the comedy. 

"Elmer Booth, as Spike, pleased tbe andlence. 
and George Fawcett. as Big Phll, shared In 
the apphinse. Bntb Shepley, as MolUe, won the 
(Contlnned on page 61). 


Sophocles' Oedipus Rex Presented to MetropoUtan Audience 
at Irving Place Theatre— Production Not Entirely to 
Liking of Critics— What Xhey Say About It 

IBVIN'O PLACE THEATRB.— Oedipus tbe King. 
A tragedy In a prologue and foor episodea. 
By Sophocles. 


Oedlpns, King of Thebes. 
Joeaata, his wife 

;..John r. Kellerd 
.LllUsn Klngsbnry 


Her atrikisg beauty, clever acting and mnslcal talent, which finds vent not only In vocal 
exercise, bnt in an ability to play the violin wouderfnlly well, while she gives an exposition of 
extreme terpslcborean grace and rhythm in The i'lnk Lady, have insored a permanent place among 
Broadway stars who waa scarcely known before The Pink Lady was prodneed. 


The first performance of Mlaa Burke's new 
play, Tbe Bnnaway, will occnr at Atlantic 
City, September II, after which It comes di- 
rectly to New Torfc. C. Aubrey Smith. Miss 
Burke's new leading man, came from London 
on the Manretania especially to join -her forces. 
The engagement of The Bnnaway at the Ly- 
ceum Theatre follows the production of Tby 
Neighbor's Wife, which will be produced by 
Daniel Frobman September 6. 

Klaw ft Erlanger will |»esent Miss Charlotte 
Walker early In October In a dramatization of 
John Fox, Jr.'s novel. The Trsll of the Lone- 
some Pine, by Eogene Walter. 

WUIIun Morris has been engaged to plsy 
the principal. comedy role In When Swpet Six- 
teen, the song-play by Victor Herbert and 
George '7. Hdbart, which opens at Daly's The- 
atre on September 11. 

For his spproacbing production of The Grain 
of Dust, a dramatization of the last novel from 
the pen of David Grsfaam Phillips, James K. 
Hackett has engaged E. M. Holland. Tracer 
Conlter, Tanghn Trevor, Charles Stedmsn, 
Frank Rurback, Olive Oliver. FaoUne NeS and 
Mary Moran. 

Its disbanding, has bees^^ased . to .play hls^ 

orlglnsl psrt ot the Cat In I3ie Bine Bird, In 
Llehler and Company's revival, which opens the 
season at the Centnrr Theatre. 

Without essential alteration, the original 
company which presented Everywoman at the 
Herald Square and Lyric Theatre last seaaon. 
will reanme Its mn at the latter bouse on 
Labor Day. The engagement Is limited, 

Allen Aynesworth. the English actor who 
came to New York a short time ago to be lead- 
ing man with Grace George in Tbe Earth, and 
m the repertoire company at Tbe Playhouse, 
returned to- Europe August 23 to undergo a 
anrglcal operation. HIa brother. Dr. Abbot 
ADdersan. la a London practitioner, and when 
the actor found that amold tronble had begun 
to bother him- he decided to go home to hia 
surgical relative, undergo an operation, and 
return to. :(ew .York In tune for the .opening of 
the 'Tepertoire cdmpany. He expeeta to be 
back |n fonr weeks. Miss George and her com- 

5 any will procfed wltb rehearsals of The Earth, 
[Qch Ado Abont Nothing, and another comedy 
that-ls to be presented st. The Playbooae. 

Otto HsnnbacbV. the: pIsywrlKht and librettist. 
Who retnrned mint;Batope,on the Kaiser Wllbelm 
der Gro«pt .TMsdsynr,APiniat 23,, brought With, 

as It eaa M stsged. no nisw puqr baa a 

Antigone ^......Oonstanoe VerDon 

lamene ..........^.....Arllne Dewe; 

Priest of Zeus Mayne Lyntei 

Creon, brother of Joeaata Brie Bllni 

Telreslas ■• Chariea Jamn 

A Boy «••••■'. Dorothy Temon 

A Messenger from Corinth. ... .Edwin Onshmai 

A Messenger ....AodlsT Boocleinll 

A Shepherd ..'...«. »«.'.«.r. J. Kellr 

A Senator ...•sorgo Mannlnc 

Another Senator ..ArHmr OondsiB 

A Hand-maiden Agnea Mllln 

Mew Tork, Ang. 25 (Special to Tbe Billboard). 
— Sophocles waa tbe maater of Greek traEedlim. 
His Immortal works are the embodiment ot at 
most gennlne of HeUenle prtnelplea. Thus u 
the people rankled at the heart wlfli nnreniit- 
tlng vindication and inexorable revenge. » 
doM the drama manifest In nndevlatlng term 
the Idea of vengeance ao coastltntlonany In- 
grained in oar blghly civilised aaeeatois- TImn 
and conditions bsTe'sInee changed — tbe theatm 
of today bear no resemblance to tbe spaclon 
open-air amphitheatre «f the pee-ChrSatlan en. 
As we unfortunate twentieth centmy belnt> 
drink In the wisdom and learning of our ton- 
fathers, we begin to realise how really little «r 
the genuine, original atmesphero ot the dimlt 
In Its native tongue we Imbibe Item tbe Esi- 
llsh version, Impoverlahed at Its best- Ocei- 
slonally do we. seem to recognise the stetllit 
qaalltles of Bllverlness that the drsma at tlx 
age of Its presentation most sctnaHy have p» 
sessed. Sophocles - baa endowed hIa Immorti' 
work with the spirit of s time long since f« 
gotten. The qnalltles of the lefty. destla.t. 
driven mind of the Greek find very little expiw 
alon in their descendants. That lllnstrlonfnf^ 
of mentality .has suffered ■ sad relapse In tb^ 
modem Inhabitants of Hellas. It Is with > 
reverential appreciation, therefore that we vl«v 
tbe performance and exhibition of a race at lt< 
most civilized and developed era. I< would br 
well If the nowaday crlUea vreald feel lb« 

(Continued on page 00). 

PhiUips' Lyceum 
Opens Season 

New York, August 26 (Sneclal to 'Oe BUI 
board). — The opening for the sesson ot tbf 
Phillips* Lycpom Tbeatre this week , was mon 
suspicious snd presages to eqnsi at lesst, K 
not overshsdnw, the highest record made In A 
theatre during any of the twenty-seven seasw 
that Mr. Ptallllns has <H>erated the Lyceoa- 
HIs companv this year Is a spleodtdly M- 
sneed oresnlcstlon. In the $rodneHon of Ttt 
Girl of Eagle Ranch, which waa the acgrep 
tlon's Initial rlTort of the 1811-13 term, an 
the artists acquitted themselves credltablT. 

In the lust were: Rarold CliTHnont. J. U- 
Hollcky. Harrr MacDonald. Warren F. Hill 
Frank Base. Harry Sehrnperley. R. Chrl>ll(- 
Mlm eerry Mnrley. Mlaa Emma de Castro, Ul« 
Alice Meredith and M!<s Carrie Rhe. Tlir 
piece waa staged by Warren E. Hill 

The execntlTe staff of the theatre Indndu: 
r.nnls A. Phillips, proprietor and mananr: 
Panl H. . Wolff. tn>asarer: Warren F. HIU. 
stage director; Frank Ffeffer, atage manapr 
Georee Frank, mwlcal director: John Corprt. 
scenic artist; WlUtam OooUd, advertlilu 

Parlalan setMng and teems with local cdlf 
aleaiwrt at first hand In the fanbnrg* hv X' 
Hsnerhach; Hugo Felix, tbe popular FfW" 
romnoner, who wrote the orlaiBirt acore « 
Msilarje. Sherry, hut whose wtirk is but IIHI' 
Imnwn In this conatry, baa wr i t le u the amt 
fOr the piece. 

The chorus rehearsals of Tho Quaker OIn. 
the lateat London mnatcal cnm^dy aareeas. wbin 
npnry B. RarriB will prodnee In tbla comnr 
tbe latter part of Bentember. be gaa at tbe Bad 
son Theatre. .'last Hondsy. Angnst SI. ' 

John Hysms snd tells Mrlntyre. tbe" new 
tsMlnh^d stars of The Girl Of My Dreaw 
mnnded ont the firat month of their srasoa ■> 
the Criterion Theatre. As mtialrsi eoraedv >" 
Fhlldren as well as growa-npa. Tbe tllrl o( W 
Dreams has novelty aa well as aelody W 
humor to Ita credit. 

With only two more weeirs to rtm, Chnit" 
Ma<-IVin<M In The Snring Maid. stlH eontlaw" 
to crowd the Liberty Theatre to flie Walla. TV 
record of thia eharmlnv star snd opera UJ 
notable trlumnh for Werba and Lnescher; »»• 
(Inrt that Mlas McDonald In tbe row of «» 
aanev Princas Boieni. ia recelrlng the 
fluttering reception each night that Biarked » 
enthn'laam which greeted her at every P"' 
fnrmance the flrtit season. 

To give The Pink Udy toorin* jsoniMM 
proner eaport. KInw & Krianger enuagort Ci« 
enre Hyde, who will act is tdTSDce repreatui 

James T. Wllnon, the vandevllls actar. •> 
formerly with Babes In Toyland and The WW 
of Os. married Irene Berry, one of the f"l'<' 
of The Three Twins Oombany now In rohoar"" 
The pair were united Angnst 2S In Mew 
Cltr after fours veara of conrtahlp. j 

The nam'- of tho new olay In which WJ 
Belssco •will present Frsnoea Starr bta wj 
'Salectsd. .R la to-ba.called Tb* Oaaa.of Be* 

(Oootlnned on page S4.) 

SEPTEMBER 2, 1011. 

The Bill l>io a r <1 





Comedienne Makes Hit at Fifth Avenue— Two Girls and a 
Piano Clever Comedy Act— Novelty Wire and Sliarp- 
Sliooting Act Well Received as Opener 


a plana. FlfUi ATeou; tovtttm mlB- 

utes; Im one. 
Burnliam and Greennroud reci^tered one of 
ibL- solid btu on tbe Fifth Arenne bill fbli 
uit'li. Mncb credit for tbe soccen of tbe two 
s(rh> tirlanai to Mlaa Greenwood. Her ftoteiqae 
antics, aided by an over-supply of good bnmor 
iml cbecrfnlneaa, and tier abUlty to "put orer" 
bi*r comeily, found atiuudant favor witib ' tbe 
Klfib Avenue aodlenrea. Her partner, MUa 
Ilurobanii cooflnea ber work to plaiw playing, 
•iDsliia and iMktns pntts. Itarnbaxu aod 

iir<«nwood, aa a comedy act, are a aure-flre anc- 

KIT SAXSOV, novelty wire act. Banuner- 
stels'a; nine mlnutea; . fuU atage. 
Beridea tbe azeention of some neat wire 
walking feats. Kit Karson creates Interest and 
attentlou by soffle abarpabootlng, done wblle lo 
vulooa postures oa tbe wire. He also does 


New Tork. August 28 (Special to The BUI- 
board).— I>ater la the scasoa Tbe Melroy Doo 
will be Joined by Clara Melroy, and tbe offer- 
log made Into a three act. Tbe Melroys 
worked aa a trio laat aeaaoa for William Mor- 


New Vork, Aug. 28 (Spedal to The BlU- 
b.iiird).— At tbe FUtb Arenoe T&eatie last 
Suuda; nigbt, Edna Au^Tf tile ceraedienaCi tried 
wut a nefv playlet written by bersf^lf and In 
which sbe played tbe principal role. The piece 
was given a tevorable reception. 

Otbera added to the bUI for tbp Sunday per- 
Cwoiances were: Mabel Florence Players. Harry 
Lelghtoa, LUIlaa OTabao. J<din Birch and Baby 
UoU MoiTlson. 

Opening of 

Williams' Houses 

, 28 (Special to The Blll- 

lH>atd).— Tbe Percy Williams Urcnlt of tbe- 
itrrs In Greater New York wlU start the season 
(oiBg Monday, AuKust SS, wltb the opening of 
ibe Orpbenm, Brooklyn. Four more houses, tbe 
Lolanlal. Alhanbra and the Bronx in Manhattan 
iBd Ortenpoint in- Brooklyo. •open Labor Day 
>hlle Mr. Williams- newest playhouse, the 
Bushwlck, located at Broadway and Howard 
Ivenui'B, Brooklyn, opens Monday. September 
II- All of these theatres are devoted to the 
?re«nUtlon of blgb-clsss. modcriaijrandevUle. 

Mr. Wllllsms* stock houses In Brooklyn, the 
.rescent and the Gotham, open September B. 
n ith SIX vaudeville tlieatrea. two stock bonaes 
■nd varl«» other theatrical enterpriaea, Man- 
■Bcr WllUatns Is facing one of tba' bnslest 
ilieatrlcal yeara of bis career. 

Tbe coming season on tbe WUUama Circuit 
I Impressive array of beadllnera. 

imong those who wlU make their appearance 
'V Amelia BluKbam, Irene 

ranklln Victor Uoora. Frank Keenan. Carrie 
•i Marr Sam Chip. Uary Marble, ranoy Rice. 

M. Creasy and Blanche 
fflpJrt Heath aii4 othera of «qnal 


bf.'S^iiT'"'*. S?* .S""*'^ Lambert opened on 
S' »',">'«ne Circuit at tbe Empresa 
.n Jil'.K ' Seattle. Augnat 14. and acored a 
T"' """P'e «™ being billed 
'» «" tbe 8. & O, bouses. ■ 
heir r!..'.?! »" jnoklng a wioirW toor, 

or W„ ii"" . T''" »« ■<»• Australia and . other 
'5">, ™>n'/'". returning to the States.- Br- 

h .,,i,b.,. ."'^J""'. •"»• ""ed '«"n tl" 

in oiii "ctlsU and their tone' U mag- 

i i'^tly arranged without Incurring the sltgbt- 
»< cause fo r worry to Terry and LambertT 


wnlT ("pedal to The Blll- 

& AmS 'ijK*"'''"^ °- B»Iomon. manager of 
cba^S °", ^J"*.'"' «» Brooklyn, and prevloaaly 
»dTe ^L."' '^"iJr°'ly "> Brooklyn, to MIn 
"nloA^s J^"-^^ .«»L»°«»W will ha per- 
mir lioa.-y moon In AtlanUc 01^. 


■^Tt'J ^ (Special to The Billboard). 

I«''we" ,„^%'T? " I'yr''=.J^"'l 
rnno niiK Vi Sharley Sleetb. who was ao- 
Soto.I » II* 3""l*"«- •luned eontraeta 

'nvanr Jm "'>«ej« Mr. fields and tala 

•« Mttlarlllt, aeptambw a;- " 

a little lariat spinning, which he uses aa an 
opening. Ibe opening Is good, but aa tbe act 
aeaxa the end it becomea better, each sncceed- 
lag trick being more dlfflcnlt than its predecea- 
aor. Hla abarpsbootlng la exceedingly elever. 
One of hla feats Is to hang suspended by his 
boots from tbe wire, and while In this position 
demolishes with correctly-aimed wsds tbe tar- 
gets that have been placed op atage. Oiu-nlng 
tbe show Is tbe most dUBenlt of spots at Ham- 
raersteln'a, but Karson went exceptionally well, 
eoaslderlng the hsndlcsp. 


SteUa Mayhew Heads Bill Made Up Almost nEtirely of Fonl- 
nine Talent— Van der Koors» Belle Baker and 
Aida (h erton Walker Well Received 

New Tork, Ang. 28 (Special to The BUI- 
board). — ^Mera man fadea Inta Inslgnlfleanee 
when one pursues the Hammersteln program 
tUa week and arrays the galaxy of fcminine 
talent reprencnted on the bin agalnat' tbe'weak 
male contingent. Kbte thq list at Calr dmrm- 
ers wfao usurp everything— from the good posi- 
tions accorded them to tbe final encore. SteUa 
Usyhew is probably the Orst oa the list, and 
not so rniy tar in tbe rear come Belle Blanche. 
Belle' Baker. Alda Overton, Walker and Mile. 
Uaito Corlo, who la teatmed in Slolaaao'a 


Be baa Just returned to America, bringing vrith him SO Berbers, whom be will use in bis 

acrobatic troupes. 


New York, Aug. 26 (Special to The Billboard) 
'—-Harvard and OorncU opened last week on 
itbe Proctor Time. For tbe past four years tbe 
set has been working continuously for the 
Dnltcd. About November 1 Harvard and Cor- 
nell expect to open oo the Sullivan tt Consldlne 

Klein and Clifton open September 4 at the 
Miles Theatre. In Detroit, booked hy Keete, the 
Chicago agent. 

On Monday of tbls week Blandie Qotdon, 
who bllla benett as the (amona Georgia coon- 
sbouter,' opened at Proptor'a S3d Sticet Theatre 
for a tonr of the Proctor ClTciUt. 

The week of September 4, t. >. Morrison and 
bis companr presenting a dramatic playlet, 
called The Verdict, begin work for tbe Sheedy 

Jim and Ann'a Baby is the title of a rtiral 
romody-dramatle sketch In which Margaret May. 
Mamie Lee and Company, tbls week began a 
tour of the Proctor houses. A third member of 
tbe rompany Is Rsrry Bsrker. After tbe set 
bss flnlBhrd tbe Proctor Time the company will 
go Weat to appear In honaes-booked ligr the W. 
V. - A!, 

Rkvlng tnlinied their contraeta with W. S. 
Oleveland (or hla time, HInca and 'R&ton, the 
eccentric comedians and dancers, are lyack In' 
Mew Tork, nlaylng thr.Pioctor CIteult, OB wUdi 

Peter McNally has resigned as stage manager 
of Proctor's SStb Street Theatre to become aa- 
aoctated with Sdphle Everett and Company, in a 
capacity similar to that in which he was em- 
ployed at Proctor's. His old posltloa has been 
assumed by Frank Neville. 

Weston's Models sre playing return dates In 
all the Proctor Theatres. The act made a tour 
of the 'circuit only about three montha ago. 

Tbe Tag-Day 'Episode Is tbe title of a skit in- 
which Sheridan and Sloan are appearing In I*roc- 
tor bonsea. The SuIUvaa & Consldlne' Time has 
been booked up for them, tbe opening stand' 
being Louisville, Ky., and tbe opening date Nov- 
ember 12. Sheridan and' Sloan -have coatracts 
for twenty-flve weeks. 

Nick Paleveda, the original lanky lad with 
long, loose limbs, baa ]nst conqileted his new 
act (or the coming season, epenlog Hie' 'week of 
September S. He win Introdaee many new fea- 
tures this sesson. - 

William St. WilUa, principal tenor, and his 
wife. Blaine D. Gilbert, prima donna, are spend- 
ing a deligMfnl summer at Atlantic City, where 
Mr. 8t. -WlUla jts -enjoying snceess as tenor so- 
loist with Martini's Symphony Orchestra on 
the Steel Pier, alngtng eneorea such aa Mary. 
I Ixive Ton; BtniBeam gtooz. U(h lan't All 
Roses, Bosie: Olt;t1t'a MIca 't» be Mc« to a' 
Nice Uttte Girl, «*^' ■ 

pantomime. Paris by Night. It la tsoly a 
woman's bill an^ they "clean np" la a m«*"*r 
that from mere man's point M Ttew la nndnly 

Kit Karson. one o( the mere men, wto 'doaa 
a nsvelty wire act that la really ■ nonltr. 
afforded- a taost pleaalng and Interesting epsB- 
Ing noDber. - 'What Karaon undertaken ■ and ■ 

ETforms la described In detail onder die head- 
g of New Acts. ■ 

The magic work of tbe Tan dcr Kdoca.''wka 
are presenting a comedy act csUed FeUzi ttt 

Mind -reading Dack. 'caused' much SBerrlmCBt. 
The good work started by the first twa acta 
was continued by Louis Stone, who Is Mllsd 
as the Topey Tnrvey Dsncer. snd who danesa 
while hameased to a platform oa wbeeU: 
dances a clog wrlth hla bead- downward and hla 
feet stamping on a wooden platform six (sat 
In the air. His dnish is a dance white perform- 
ing a hand-stand. Stone has a novelty. It la 
one that should keep ' him busy in the beat 
houses continually and without InterruptlOD. 

Bert Fitzgibbon. who- tMlowed Stone, eanaed 
much laughter; as did Welsh, Mesly and Moo- 
trose. In their aoobatle comedy act called Tbe 
Big Scream. 

Belle Baker was originally programed (or 
SiMt No. 11, but. was moved up earlier on the 
bin to fill tbe posltloa foUowlng Welsh. Mealy 
and Montrose. She sang Let'a Make l4ma 
While the Silvery Moon Is ' Shining, a eooa 
ran?, an Italian namber and conclnded wia 
Omey Man. Five bows, to -answer to the ap- 
iHanae, briefly tells bow well ber 'work waa 

Alda Overten Walker, assisted by Bobby Kemp 
and eigbt dusky maids, closed . tbe first half 
of tbe show. Her act is along the lines o( • 
mioiatnre mnslcal comedy. 'Wboewr staged 
the nnmbers. poaaesaed experience Jji work oi . 
this kind. Alda Overton .'Walker la a elerer 
artist and has competent support In Bobhr 
Kemp and the el^t glrla.. One of the mnslcal 

(Contlnned on page 60.) 

Selden Will 

Produce Sketch 

New York, Aug. 26 (Special to Tbe BlUboard). 
board ).-r-Abont the middle of September, Edgar 
Selden. general manager 'of the Shapiro Mnalc 
Co.. Inc.. will produce in vaudeville a dramatic 
sketch called Tbe Getaway, written by Will A. 
Page, and secured by Mr. Selden by siieclsl 
arrangemi^nt with Doubleday. Page A Co.. |rab- 
llshers of tbe story. Tbe author is well known 
aa press agent and business representative for 
Cbarlce E. OlUlnEbam. 

In tbe cast of Tbe -Getaway will ha thtea 
people. Two of the characters are of ther^'light- 
fingered" gentry type, while the third penoa la 
a part of a hotel detective. ' The piece la said 
to b" grlpidng tfaronghonti vrlth a snn>rtBe (or 
a climax. - - - - - 

Mr. Selden wUl give the piece aa .dabocaU 
prodoctlon. It will be complete la- evecy da- 


New York. Aug. 26 (Special to The BlU- 
board). — ^Ctaable to withstand the lore of the 
footlights any -longer, Irving Coopir, with hla . 
brother Harry. , who were membera 'ot the' old 
Empire City Quartette, wiU go Into 'vandeville 
for a abort s.*a8cn. opening some time in Sep- . 
tcmber. They will appear in Percy G. Wllllamr 
theatres In New Tork. Irving Cooper, since 
bis retirement .from the stage, baa been a 
maaager and . wradncer of Tandevllle acts. 


Imsginary bill framed up by the New 
Tcck conespmidenf and Inclndlag acta' ap- 
iwaring at the aeveral vandevIUe honaca. 
Importance of act la Indicated ny POIulloo 

A— Kit Karaon. - Novelty Wire Act. . 

Hammersteln's; fnll stage. . 
B — Linden Beckwltb, singer. - . , - 

Fifth Avenue: In ^one. . ; - , 
C — Cameroa and Gaylord. - comedy ' aketcb. 
Off -and On. - _ . . 
. J'iftb Avenue; full stage. 
D— Belle Blanche, alnxlng comedienne. . 

Hammersteln's: in one. 
B — Covington and Wilbur, In protean «om- 
edy-drama. The- Pataonage: % 
FI,(th Avenue; fnll stage. 


F— Bumbam and Greenwood, eootedy sing- 
ing and musical act, 
Fifth ATOine: in one. 
G — Cblllns and Hart, burlesque scrobsts. 
Hsmmersteln's; open in one; cloaa 
full stsge. 

B— STELT.A MATBRW, singing coae- 
dlenae. assisted by BUUe Taylot; 

Hammerateln's; In one. 
1 — ^Rickey's Circus, comedy. 

.fitemmeiateln'a: fnll ctase. - ... - . 


Tlt e eilll>i>aP€l 

ef^PTEMBER 2, 1Vii< 



Dtamatizatioii of Quixotic Thfme HasJPremieis^ at Paterson— 
Recep&mii Extended New Pkiy Suggests that the'Same Pop-_ 
iilarify which draustark Met Will Welcome New Piece 

Hair Toifc Aug. 19 (SpeeU to The BUUMUd). 
the - Loreeom Xbeatie, . Patenon. N. J., 
^Kncmt IT, Baker and ,'OastIe ' pradaeed. (or 
aevflnt tfma as anr atase. Ocoige O. Baker'a 
ftunBUxatlon of Harold McGratlra norel,. The 
Q«aw Girt. James W. Castle staged tin piece. 

ProgsoetlcatJoa In matters tbeatiicsl. inofar 
■s the productloa of a new plar Is eoneenied. 
■eoerallr obtains no fortber eonaUeratlffli. tbaa 
«be oUItzatioB oC the sobjeet Cor debate. This 
statement applies to the time prior to tba fliat 

JDnr^the sneceas at the dramatisation ot Uc- 
Ontb'B' tomutlcism. Baker and Castle bore 
eanguliie expectations. The7 bellare that a plar 
wlttr « qnixotle theme like that nranlne thtooga 
The Oooae Qlrl would aceme for them, the same 
hserest of . shekels as resnlted from their pro- 
Auction' of Oraoataric That their Jndgment was 
eomid, was exemplified in the reception extended 
the work hr tiie flrst-nieht andlence. 

Tlie Goose GM Is as .interesting play. The 
■iitOr woreit piots and coonter plots, -tiiraagB 
•a or-which Is disentanskd the hisbnr ot the 
Cooae Stri* and ner final restoration to 
sphere, make an attrsctlTe - recital. 

Baker displayed munistaluble algnn 

la tfis dramsthntlon, as in pcevioos efforts, ot 
posse Ming a thorongh knowledge in his art. 
" >A. more ^mpiete prodnctlon conld not hare 
- been made. .For theistaglng of the piece credit 
most .be giwn to James W. Oastie. Be has 
provided more ttian the ordinary requirements. 

The' stoiy Is told in four acts. The first 
■eehe shows the Black Eagle Tavem: the second 
set la' a scene of a corner of the Palace Gar- 
dens: act three has the same. set. ss scene one, 
'iSBd the action of the final part takes place In 
tbe throne room of Uie king's palue. Xhe set- 
ting is most elshwate. 

Xbe role of the Goose Gld Is iBtelllgently 
Interpreted by Mii« Virginia Ackerman.- She 
.pofseases ■ charming and winning penonailty 
■nd.dlqilayB abflity as an emotioosi actress 
when required. She played the Goose Girl part 
camtodngly. .Victor Snthfrland. as the Amer- 
tem Oaama. mt Vtiebnx. to 

moch pfsise Is. due for his excellent eharaeteri- 

The company is an ezeeptiraally wdl-bal- 
anced one. The. following is the cast of char- 
acters, and the pla]«ta: 

. (OmUnned oo page GO) 


Fijction Between Lessee and Owner of Th^tre WiU Probably 
Result in_ a Refusal on Part of Latter to t^eiiew' 
Lease, Which Expires Next Year 

A romor has gained drcolatlon that the days 
of 'the Havlln regime in the Grand Opera Bouse 
in Cinciunatl are numbered. It Is said ■ that 
John H. Havlin'e lease on the house expires 
next year and that Cbas. P. Taft, acting for 
the Simon Estate, ownera of the building, will 
not renew the lease. - - 

Encourages New 


Sew Tack. Aug. 28 (Special to The Bin- 
board).— WlUlam Elliott, a son-ln.Iaw of David 
Belasco, will enter the ranks of the pradodng 
msBsgera, He win be asaoclated with Ur. 
Belaaco. Ur. KUlott states timt It Is the In- 
tention of his father-in-law and himself to 
encourage new autbom. and In accordance with 
tills Intention h« will read carefully every 
manuscript submitted to his firm, and that 
meiit, and not names and repatatiooa, will 
his selections. Tbe firm will pndnee a 
play In 0» spring by a new author, a woman, 
wueh Hr. tBlIkitt says be eosalden one of the 
most unusual plays he has ever read. 

-BUIott was formerly mi the stage, playing 
(or oianr , jeu»: iiiider Ur. Belasco's manage- 

- ■touCH Siy F OB $110. 

New Tork; Aug. 19 (Special to The BUl- 
board).—DnrIn|t the stay In this eUj Ot Hose 
Oppenhalmer, who accompanied Mm W. Con- 
■uKe bere. as Incident oeenrted that will leave 
■a InddlUe Impccasini upon Oppenhelmer's 

Oppenbdmec b Interested In Oe Sullivan & 
CmtUlm (arodt. With John W. Conaldlne he 
came Bast to 'complete some matters of busi- 
ness In eonneettoa with the 8. & O. firm. Wed- 
nesday aftemooB be bed a few lelsnte momente 
and decided to while them away at tbe ball 
game. In Mr. Caosidlne'a ear be motoced to the 
Ameilean league Park to witness tbe game 
' between the Tigers and tbe Tankees. When he 
enteccd tbe park be was Jostled by several men. 
JiosBliig peocle Is a common eeenrrenee at s 
''ball.csnis snd Opnenbelnier tailed ts W Pu- 
tleaisr attention to It. ^ ^ . ^ 

V ACter tba same he tetmsed to the Knicker- 
bocker Bolal. where be tad n dfaner engage- 
ant with some fHends. When tlie check was 
nrtwnted Oppenhelmer reached for hia waUet 
Kit found It waa gone. He recalled the Inci- 
dent of the loMUng at tbe park. It was tten 
Out the wallet was stiden. Oppenhelmer lost 


' New york, Aug. 28 (Special to The Binboard). 
—Several tbeattes comioislng the Sullivan and 
ConsUllite chain of bouses open tomorrow for 
the 1911-12 season. The Empress in. Cincinnati; 
the Empress, . (^eago, and tbe Empress lu Hn- 
waokee are three' of the honses that-^start off 
tbe season's drill tomorrow. . 

Snllivan and Consldlne have made clianges 
In the mansgement of a nnmlwr of their thea- 
tres. At Jlilwankee, George A. Bovycr has 
been placed to charge- of S. & C.'s house, the 
Bmpress. At the Empress In St. Panl Charles 
D. Stevena la 'manager,"and at the Empress In 
Chicago. Jamee.Veimlniore >t]ie ittrmer New 
Yak: newspaper ' maii.r-ts- is eootrol. 

j; :B.. Btwonr' liss' xestghea as tnanager of 
lliiijiiuiinsa Tlniini. inil, liai hnrn ni-rrriTitT 
'•-.?''?*?•'.■■ ---.^f^j '.,1' 


Harlem's popular stock favnlte, who is now appearing In vaudevUle. 

The Siren 


Atlantic City, N. J., Aug. 21 (Special to The 
Biiiboard). — ^Donald Brian made bis debut as a 
star at the Apolla Theatre tonight In The Si- 
ren, a new musical comedy from the ^ pens of 
tbe autliors of The Dollar Princess. . Julia 
Sanderson, Elizabeth FIrtb, Vnttk Uoulan, Will 
West. Gilbert Cbllds, F. Pope Stamper, Florence 
Uorrlflon.' and. Moya Mannerlng are among the 
artists In tiie company of one hundred. The 
Siren is In three acts. The music Is by Leo 
Fall, and tbe libretto of Leo atein and A. TV. 
Wliaer hax been adapted by Harry Smith. Vrom 
Atlantic City Mr. Brian and The Siren go to 
ttie Knickerbocker Theatre, New ITotk City. 


'WUmlngfon, Dela, 
Bllllioard). — Homer Stai 
theatre at Sbellpnt Part^' 
toUy wounded " " 

Aag.v34 (Spedat to Tbe 
tacC-'^nn rattadie of the 
"lis city; was paln- 
— * <ai>ehaKS of 

Frohman WUl 

Not Retire 

New York, Aug. 26 (Special to The Bill- 
?£'?J;r'^°' 5°"* ''"^ •* •>■» Iwen rumored 
that Charles Frohman was so Betlootly HI that 
be woold be forced to retire from business, and 
that Klaw & Erian'er would arrange to take 
over Mr. Frobmaa's boilnegs Interests. In connec- 
tion with this a close business asiaelate states 
tliat Mr. Frohman will quit the show bnslneas 
when be dies, and not Iwtore— and that Mr. 
XYobman la suffering from Inflammatory rheoma. 
ttsm, painful, but not aerlous, snd that he would 
probably be np and aronnd In time for next 
■eason'a leheanals. 


Richmond, Vs., Aug. -28 (Special to Tbe 
Billboard). — Jake Wells today closed a. deal 
with M. I/. Hofhelmer. whereby tbe lortle The. 
atre, }nst built, la leased for a term ot yeara 
to Welta and bis ssioelates. -Tbli breaks down 
the threatened: opposition to., the Wells and' 
Leatb; awnpanyiliitejssto-. lni tbis . istste, , and< 
lanfiuWtOa jMoiM^^ the tb«iti< 

The statement Is made that tten haa bees 
more orr.leaa friction. between. Tafi and Havlln 
for a number of yeara, dating back to the 
time when David SInton waa alive and Bala- 
forth & Havlln were the lessees of , the boose. 
It seems that Ralnforth Jfc-'UavIin were never 
able to get a lease that save them axelnslTe 
control ot tbe bonae. aa Mts.''C. P. TSft, Mr. 
Simon's dangbfer. was a~ supporter and patron 
of the German Theatre Company, and ttaraagh 
her the German Theatre (company haa rented 
tbe Grand Opera House for their prodnctlou 
on Sunday nbthts during the regular season. 
This, of course, waa a - handicap to Messn. 
Balnfortta & Havlln. aa It only gave them • 
six days' booking for their attractions, cottint 
OQt Sbnday, which. In Cincinnati.. Is probablr 
tbe best night in. the week for, tbeatfes. The 
handicap became more exaggerated when tbe 
SbnlKrts opened tbe I,yne Tneatre, mnslng tbe 
boase Sundays ss well as the other, nights. 
Tbis E^ve tbe Sbuberts quite an advantage am 
was qalte an important factor lik-lbelr struggle 
for a foothold during tbe first two years er 
the life of the Lyric 

Another incident that did not add to tbi 
good feeling between the . Tatts and . Havlia. 
was about three years ago, when the Tlmei- 
Star, Mr. Tat t's newspaper, ralaed ithq .tbest- 
Tlcal adrertlFtng rates. Havlln, at' the time. 
Joined with the other theatrical, masagem aai 
refused to advertise. In ; tbe Times-Star, am 
placed In bis tbestre megram a notlee to that 
effect. It wss often lemsrked at the tlbie that 
Havlln's stand In the matter woold not help 
bim any In getting s new lease St the explratlea 
of the present one. . Harry Bainforth letlrel 
from tbe firm of. Bainforth & Havlla sevtril 
year» ago. and Havlla assumed sole control «t 
tbe house, with T. Aylward as resident. manage. 

In addition to the above, it. ta aald. then 
will be a new Richmond In the theatrical fieU 
in tbe person of Charles W. Murphy, piesideit 
of tbe Chicago National. League Baseball Out. 
and that the theatre need as a nuelesi 
for the bnlldlng ot a.powerfnl organisation wn 

(Continued on 'psge SOl)~ 

New Telepathic 


New York. August 28 (Special to Tbe BIS' 
board). — ^Aletbeia and Alrko, who style then 
selves aa exponents of telepstli^ snd proptietir 
vision, are again la tbe Eaat on tbe unltrf 
Time, after i tour ot tlw Pantages Time 
the West, and fOUowbag a w^. dii a un d van. 

After playing fOr tbe Halted Time, 'AleOeli 
and Aleko will go over the Miles Circuit, ev- 
ening November 15. and thea follow with i 
tour of tbe Pantages <31rcnlt. A complete sev 
prodnctlon, wllb special aetnetr. drops, ttc 
is now beiat bollt. 


New York, August 28 (Special to The ^ 
board).— 431a Haaaan Bea All. bead ot tbe a)^ 
brated blgh-ecbool for aerobata aear Taafle. 
Morocco, vrlU arrive In Mew Teck August la 
with sn Innovation la the way ot aaBseoX 
features. By special dlspeasatlen from tv 
different ehlefi In tba Bona, bo bag ■aeond • 
company of expert Bnbar daneein, aien t« 
women, and these be will present In aa eUbono 
apectscis later In the s a aao n . The moat 
tnresqoe ot the Nectb African dances bsve hen 
seen In America. In notlf and form they it> 
entirely different from tba rellgloaa dsncsa v 
the peoples farther EasL Tbey havo none « 
the objectionable featotca of these. la riew « 
the unsettled polltleal ceadltton In the 8«> 
country Jost at present. It waa arcesssry (* 
Hassan to pioenre apeclal pemlssloa from «<a 
chief betoco tbe men and wemea were aUesM 
to leave. In case of actual war they are Is M 
tetnned at once to their l e s ue cU va tribes, tc 
cording to t heir eontraeta with H awan. 


New York. Aug. 28 (Special to Tbe Bin- 
board).— On September IB. Lep Solaaon bc^" 
manager of the Grand Opera Hooae In &■««' 
lyn. one of tbe llnka In tbe Wm. rn 
chain of theatres. 0istll laat week V- 
Solomon wai treasurer at the Dlty Thn^ 
from which bonse be waa tranafened to ^ 
Nemo, at liotb Street and Broadway, and pU'*' 
In complete charge. At tbe tino of the cbiv 
he waa notified that bis tenure at the Memo ** 
to be only tempnrair and that npoa 8apt<B»| 
IR he was to asmme diatft of tbe ataad 01^ 
Bouse In Btooklyn. 


Col. 7. A. Pattee has bis Old ftoldler WU^ 
booked ahead with the United Booking OBcs 
on the big time until the etoae of next 
son. He has forty weeks' time withoat sn M" 
week. ^_ ■ 


New York. August SS (Special to The 1^ 
board;)— Gladys Wllhnr, the.- alnflng cwj 
dienne, wai billed at 'Proetor'a^tt Sttg 
OiutN jtha Jast tlitaa .tarmiat tUa «aek^f 
iwM eMopMBed' > to .^enw^i'Jowiaaihlpkilllassc 

SEPTEMBER 2, .1911. 




Practicaity in Readiness for Opc^ning — ^Success of Last Season 
Results in Management Being Inundated in a 
of Applications for Space 

KuoxvlHe, Temi., .Aognst 28 (Special to- The 
Ittllboard). — The aeconil AppaUehUn Expoaitlon 
AiN-iiliie Is but a tew iajB away and preparatoir 
vork progreMlBK (aToraUy. Ita ofllcen - and 
directors are aaajrulae of a much greater anc- 
tms than last jear. . »^ 

The ffildwar. under the directorship of the 
popnlar amusement manager, K. G. Barkoot, 
will be ■ prime factor of the exposition. Many 
high-Erade featore abowa and a large number 
. of iwngatlonal free acta have been engaged. 

The time aet for tlie opening of the Appala' 
chlan Exposition ' la at the commencement of 
the most delightful season of the year, when 
(be terrific beat of the past aimnner Is but 
a dim memou. The monntalna and Tallejra 
are clothed lo tbelr most beaatlfnl raiment, 
and the brilliant inashlne la tempered by the 
soft, balmy breeaea of September. Taken all 
in all, there la no more delightful spot on 
Mirth at this seasoo of the year than Knox- 
vuiv. la 'the heart of the famooa Appalachian 
r»clon nhere the' exposition la-to be held. 

Lwl }-ear belns tbe first of ttae expotitlon. It 
an onkoowa quantity, and tbe people were 

■ Komt'wbat apathetic; but the aplesdld success 
achieved awakened the enthualaam of tbe skep- 
ilcat ones. and this year all Appalachians far 
and near are boosters. Bretyooe who can raise 
tbr price for mlies arousd. baTe signified- their 
Intention of comloc and railroads are already 
tuuy makins ptef^ratfama to transport- tbe lanc- 

' vst number of people ev«r canted orar tbeir 
Knes to any ezpoaltloii or edebratloB In the 

Slpace In the exhibit building Is praetlcaUy 
^11 t-aken. Many famon^ ribbon winners are 

■ **Qt**red for tbe horse stiow. enough to Insure 
lis belOK the largest and beat oatside of Mad- 
ison Square Garden. The kennel and poultry 
rhotra are also attracting a great deal of at- 
jentloo. 1 am 4old the excelleace ot these 
.•xhlblts will do more to edneate the people of 
tbe desirability of ralslag blooded atois In- 
stead of acrob animals thaa anything else baa 
has ever yet done for the fair Soathiand. Tbe 
mining and mineral exhibits, tbe acricnltoral 

• Iniplement display and Goremmeot exhlblta wilt 

Vaudeville Gossip 

[Varl ETeljrn has returned to Springfield. HI., 
after a trip to Chicago to appear In a 
«uit againit Dave Lewlnma of tbe Coogress 
Cafe. She had t>een booked t» play there by 
Conej- Holmes of the W. V. M. A., by tele- 
graph. When Lewlnasn flUH his alBdaTlt he 
declared that flolmea had nothing to do with 
the Congress bookings, and that he did not 
even know Holmes. A. B. Heyeia, who books 
the Congress, helped In obtalniag a settlement. 
Ml8» Erelyn gets part mooei "nd Part In 
' future time. 

Grade May has referred a esse of caacalla- 
Buffalo Theatre, Chicago, lU., to 
the White SaU and suit has been brought.- 
She alleges that she played two perfbrmancea 
Jetore Andrews canceled her. The W. B. A. 
V. is making a campaign against maaagaia 
»no cancel in this way. 

WOTd has reached tbe White Bats that 
*;"/ht Magee, manager of tbe Maae Alrdome 
at Joplln, Mo., was unable to pay aalarles July 
Si and ramor Is that the idace of amusement 
la eloaad. 

Tom Becgan Is said to hare Bvelyn Arthur 
s-M- Mona Rees and Mrs. Felicia Rees under 
contract to appear In halla and other places ot 
■ eatertalnnient (not TaudovUle theatres) and the 
oHclploa of Absolute Life are to receive twenty 
five per cent of tbe grass receipts^ 
.. L'"^"'"' '» Memphis, Tenn., for the Sulll- 
IJ .Conaldlae (^rcuit U one of the results 
2L,l'"^^P^'"»»*" »««nt trips tbrangh the 
tni^,; 7*" ««t 1.B00 people snd 

^ in the heart of tbe city. The 

comrnct for a SblUran 4 Constdine franchise 
wwk^" * Chicago last 

twnil"-,*''?''*' ""i* «S»nw*a to Ohieaso after 
twenty weeks on the Qna Sun Circuit and haa 

oe« month 

John p Beel Is putting on a Tanderllle show 
'llle 1 "apllU" between KendsU- 

In ri i t-'WDler. Ind. Hs spent Ust week 
s?™!;. setting the acta and Incidentally 
fo? i'! «',''•«"« with J. C. Matthews, calling 
.liwl;,"'''? ■PP«arance on tbe Pantagaa Time 
' . 1™ i^t"^,!;" rL\ .'••udeTlUe'ahow to 

i ,1. , 'S,,."" '"">'»»« points thla week eon- 
lie;!^ "i ^f,"** American Comlnuca, John P. 
"e v^r'" ^i"^..""' Palmer. Alice Van and 
"eMoru and Oyaceta. ' 

are In ri f "^"S* Klk'M. KugllBh perfOrmera. 

» .tor. ""Jtagerald's Tunllng Olrls and tell 
«in rf. "1 ml'trealmiait which la calculated to 
from PnJi"^ irtde_ sympathy. The glrla camo 
ele? i-r.h "M St FItsgersId's request and trar- 

rant., ^Sf ''""-i'*""' Keith ft Proctor and 
mld^'^^■ ^PS: "r tfi«t ntageraW 

wd wSX?.!^-'* f While with «ha clrcua 

were hrSn'-^ OB to tbe fact that tliey 

s ilarr i. 55 " *• them, bo raised <ho 

« d»f!,e *Lj 'Srl-JP* «•»• fifty cents 
"OM he ^w*;? '°"'f*« tooms. -Often 
vneJiii* Plawa, -where- negroes 

P»w I ' . !22£E*.J"* «»™ fe'tancea would 
»^T,t£i,S^^^ which threa «f 

be ot such great magnitude that they will 
eclipse anything of the kind ever attempted 
In the Southern states or, tot that matter, 
anywhere else, excepting, ot eonrse, the World's 
Fairs of Chicago and St. Louis. > 

President Taft. WiUam Jennings 'Bry«n, 
Champ Clark of Mlsaourl, Governor Ben W. 
Hooper of Xenneaaee. and the goremars of s ?t- 
eral other states are among tbe dlatlngnisbed 
visllora who n-lll attend. 

(C^iotlnoed on page 50.) 


Personal Parag^^ Pertaining to t&e Vast Army of Artists 
Who Are Popularizing' Vaudeville in^'^ " 
America and Atiiroad 

The Great Kento and Oompa&y if6 fileetiiiK 
mth sneceas in their tour through Arkansas. 
The tour wlU close la about alx weeks, and a 
reat will be taken at their borne In Beaton, af- 
ter which a company twl be^otsanlaed. canylng 
10 people, to tour Ae Jtortfaeaatetti States m- 
der eanvaa, 

Shirley Parrlsh. known as S. Alvtfado. who 
was Injured recently while doing ^a bi^ wlit 
bicycle act at White City Pork, West New 
Haven, Conn., is mure seriously hurt that was 
ar«t thought. Brsldes hiii back being badly 



"» 'n»y approaebaa hla lot mmtr, the aan- 

Great Hnngarlan pianist, making second toor of Snlllran and Qinsldlne Cbenlt. 

Harry Wiggans 

Loses Eye 

Harry Wiggans, the amusement promoter, 
and creator of the FVwIlsh House and tbe Os- 
trich Farm, and now boidlug concessions at 
East Lake Park. Birmingham, Ala., met with 
a serious accident that caused ■ tbe ion ot bis 
left eye. Mr, Wiggans h«s ]ust returned from 
Atlanta, Tthere for several weeks he has been 
under tbe care of a celebrated' oculist in a 
Talu attempt to save the optic. 

Friends of ' Mrs. Wiggans will be glad to 
hear that she la recovering from a' twelve 
weeks' siege of typhoid. 

ager of the aet would cnrse them terribly. 
Their story baa appealed to show folks here and 
J. O. Matthews, ot the Pantages' office, has 
provided them with some matte.T with which to 
eat until the White Bats-Actors' Union can In- 
vestigate their case.- - -When tbe girls first 
came to Chicago they applied to the Associated 
Charities. The orgaiiisation refused them and 
tnstroeted them to see. Mr;. MatthewK. ' 

Urn. flophir WtcMoB' ot Union -BIU,'^. '7.'. 
mother 0» B4:i.;W'^erso% 'th«ijChleilBo^ hp<Am^ 
agent, died August ,10. aged rTT>'year»?- r'f-'- : 

The Blnaldos are adding three drops to tlieir 
spectacular offering, making a total ot twelve. 

Acrobats Held 

at Ellis Island 

Hassan Ben All, the piodncer ot vandevllle 
acts and Importer of foreign novelties, is hay- 
ing considerable trouble In entering a troupe 
of ■ Arab acrobats to -thla country. Forty of 
these dusky performers arrived In New York 
on the steamship Olympic on August 16, and 
are being, held at Ellis Island until certain 
technical difflenlMes are overcome. Hassan Ben 
All has appealM to the Bureau of Emigration 
at Washington for their release. Twenty-four 
of the Arabs are engaged for the- coming aea-. 
son at the. New Sofk Hippodrome, and the 
other sixteen for the Abom Opera Company's 
prodnction of The BbhemlcB Glil. ' 

injured, be siistained a broken loot and a brokek 
ankle. ■ ; 

Tera Berliner, the viOInlst, la back In Chi- 
cago after a three weeks* vacatkni spent on ber 
farm at Snmmerdale. Ala. She starta her rcK- 
Dlaz season Aiigiut ZT. 

La Tine and Inman. Resenting • rural Cometh- 
novelty sketch. Sally's Visit, open at Ban CIatr£ 
Wis., Sept. 3. for a twenty weeks' teur oa 
W. V. M. A. Time. 

Bawls and Ton Kaufman, after lestlnc tat 
three months at Muskegon, ailcB.».Mened- thete 

engagement - August 27, at ^rlnC GTOVe PaA. 

.Springfield. O. ■ .. . - • . 

(Jrimm and £atcheU, "The Bon ttoin kl«> 
sourl," open on tbe Fllmmer Circuit at UI^S- 
town. H, X., August 28, with eighteen wceka ta 
follow. ■ < 

Gum ttab and Uc. Weid. isiiteeti^ 0Mne« 
tbeir aeWMit AKgast 28, at Kn^HSE ^mOTSi 
the I mteMfaM*: <S(icolt.^boOhaa -,^IMtk' Pm* 
Casey. ■,, Tr!^. ■ 

LeahySmthetti^ jtaoan Xing artiata. haVd li«t 
closed twenty' weeU with De Bae Bros.' Xlfl* 
streis and are notr playtnc the paAa and 
f alra. 

MIsB Josle St. Claire;' 'eiaylag -Btir etiginal 
part, recently rejoined ffe gotta Bros;, tlw 
headline act on the (>rphenfii( nrk Cifeolt. 

Tbe O. T. Crawford BooUngf HxsUaata ta ea^ 
tracted with H. 8. Magnire f or h» eddcated lMa» 
Mascot, to play twelve theatres Ifif St. lettl. 
„.9ayton Cionch:' formerly wlf* Wlli 1. 
e'Heam. la making a big hit W Itta ' hbcK- 
face act oa the Giu Sun Time.. 

Ball. Ward and Ball, after reatlng of tbalr- 
home in Milwaukee for a few -weetatTwis -tfoA 
fairs through the Middle West 

Thos. T. Shea and Alma Baldwin are tefdtb- 

>ng East over the Fisher Time, after a awfiM 

aeason on the Coast. 

T i- O^H"^ "d wife have doeed with thtf 
Johnnie J. Jona fflunra and have Joined Banr 
oix, at Troy, N* X. 


V '^''J^' ^ff'^' 20 '(^lectal to The pin- 

board).— The O^ptaeum-. In Brooklyn, opeaa jlon- 
day, ,with Percy Q. WlUUma' . vandeWle. 
Amelia - Bin«9tiam b^aOi. the aeaabn'a Wtlal 
bill. She will ' dlst>lay her .histrionic abilities 
•ji an ac^ called Great idomenta ftbm Great 
Plaw. ~ Others •& the. hltt win te Sam Chip ^, 

^tcr. Barry and WdltoWTMOoSftex aS^K 
McConnell and Simpson. Three Keaton aaff tte 
Flying Martins. " " 

Current Gotham 
VaudeviUe Bills 

K Aognst 28 (Spedat .to Xha> Bm- 

w«? '"Ode^B booiM ant 

. Kew Brlghton-^mrie DeUar, Frank Tinner. 

f^^'i.?f^' WUIard SImms and Cbmpan^^ftO^ 
T^^l^J^^ ^i Patton and Co., The 

Musical Hodges. Buby Bsymond and Co., aadl 
the Altna Brothers. 

Fifth Avenue — Emma Cams, Porter J. 
White nd Co., Salerno, Tim Cronln, Joe Pan- 
¥i?,J?'' f^S*?"*"* Athletes, Mr. and 
Mn, Allison and Walter and Georgia Lanrenca. 
.. Hammerateln'a— The Apple of Paria. Oonsnl 
iSLSiS'^.S.'"'^ Sunahlne. Howard and 
f» -S'^'wA!?." O^rton Walker, Bert Xevey. 
ftlSV^^f,"^'?...,^?^ King, wm Boehm^a 
Q.iS**'««^'5 Wmiama and Warren. Lonia 
S'lJ^'-OlUe Young and April, Alfredo, Tlnita 

Lewis, and winiams and Dun. 

Henderson^— <Tn8 Edwards' High Flyers. Lee 
Marqnarda; Pendletnn Sisters. Boss Boma. Jar- 
vis and Harrlsott. Meehan's Dogs, Bush Broth- 
er*. Cooper and KbMnson, and others: 

Orphenm — Amelia BIngliam, Sam Chip and 
Mary Marble. Jack Wilson Trio. Great teatar.' 
Barry and Wolford. Courtney Sisters, MeCoa- 
nell and Simpson, Three Keatona, liytng Mar- 

OPEN ON g . A e. V 

New York. Aug. 26 (Special to The Binboord). 
— With booiclngs for twenty-eight i^eeta, Hv* 
acts have been booked by Chris. O. Btovrn to 
open on the Sullivan and CbnsidUe Circuit at 
the Empress Theatre. Cincinnati. September 4. 
The acts are: Art Adair, Kara. PhtUIps and 
Merritt, Sullivan and Pasqnelina and Vlbnoe 
Westony. _ ^.^ ^ 


m..Ane. 26 (Special to Tbe Billboard). 
—Fred Lew haa awarded the contract for a new- 
bnslnesa block and theatre on' East Seeand! 
Street to Edward BleU. Tbe contract cSUa Mr 
completion by JannaiT I. 1012. 


Nejv Turk. August 28 (Special to The Bin-' 
l»ard).— Maale Martell. the character stngfiit' 
comedienne, opened ^ Thursday on the PtoetoF' 
TImo. Miss Marten Is a Western act. Dan - 
Casey la' dlrectlng her tour. !?" 


S*'' lg*i-*'"l: 2ff (SpM'jl to,The Bra 
—May Ward, who ataned. In.: Tarfann'mialed' 
modnetlona. . opens - on the ilTalted! ~ jflmTitt 
^Vt^J^""^ SentembarAS^S 

' '-^ 'i-'i^jf^-i-:' 


wc^m at Ua tome. IM PmuA Blieet. BnAto^ 

Xti e Billboard 

: SEPTEMBER 2, 1011. 





&OWS that Hold Over and Those that Replace Others of 
. Which the Runs Are Ended— The Kaleidoscope of 
Play Bills in the Western Metropolis 

' Chleaxe. Angnst 26 (Spedal to The Billboard). 
— Edwin Alien, who returns to UcVlcker's to- 

jillbt tn tbe nieof WUHam I<ake In Xbe Deep 
■Pnrple. has scored some of bli most consplca- 
oaS iOhJcaEO sncceasea on the stase of tbat- 
hI»torlc playhoBse. Arden made tala first ap>' 
pearance tbere as a star in 1888-90 tn Zorah. 
* Haj ef bis own compoBitloo. which Is still 
drawloK down roraltles for Its author from the 
stock "eonspaaie«. Other McVlcker's saccesses. 
la which be appeared were Hearts Are Trnmps» 
Jim Blndsoe and Home Fidki. Tbe company 
■nmportlns 3Ir, ArOea In - the ArmstronK- 
Humer play la cast as tcihSini Georse Bruce;' 
tnspectrar, Richard Garrick; Gordon La.Tlaek, 
Eknmett Corrisan: Harry Leiand, the badger, 

- Bobert Cain: "Pop" Clark. Frank Cnrrler; Con- 
■olly; Edward Otllesple: Finn, police llenten- 

■■•nt. Georxe M. Fee; Doris Moore. Madeleine 
Louis; Kate FallOB, Aane ^therland; Mrs. Lake, 
WlUam 'I>ake'a' inother, Masete Holloway Fish- 
er; Bath Lake, his sister. Helen Fnlton: Cbrls- 
tlao. Mrs. Fallon's housemaid. Tlrslnla Pbllley; 
postman, J<Ab Wllllama; belllx^. Andrew Kelly; 
vntot, Geonte' M. Zom;. pace, -Henry DaTldAin; 

. Messenger. William Page; orsan finder, Glo- 

: vannl Caralaro. 

Tbe current week Is tbe last of the summer 

< leasoB at the Olympic. Get-Bicb-Qnick Wailin?- 
ford-' play luc; Us last performance here on Satur- 
day nlKbt. September 2. It will bare then nin 
fbr ten solid mootlis, which makes tbe record 
for a nQU-mnsIcal play In the- city - of Chicago. 
For tSs closinjr week many cbanjces hare lieen 

-- made In the cast. Georj^e Parsons has ' lieen 
anceeeded In the part of Blackle Daw by Wil- 
; Uam Forestelle: J. C. Torke bas .replaced Royall 
Traer an tbe bote! clerk; Charles H. Wilson Is 
Joiepta Kaufman's successor In 'the psrt of tbe 
xeporter and film magnate; and Chas. B. Ham- 
Un Is now -tile real estate dealer. 

An Sretyday Man. with Thomas W. Ross in 
tba title part of Bobert Kelson, • seems to hf 
tbe llTest attraction tbat tbe Cort Theatre tus 
had In a Iook time. Owen Davis baa departed 
Cron bis favorite field of melodrama and bas 
eoaatnicted a play of modern life along orlg- 

Manager Issues 

Defi to Union 

OUqaKO. August 26 (Special to The Billbnardt. 
— ^Manager U. J. Hermann of tbe Cort Theatre 
•bas uttered a defi to tne demands 'of - xbe Mnsi- 
- dans' Union tbat downtown playhouses use 
Sleyen men la their orchestras. He haA dis- 
missed bis old band at his theatre and has en- 
gaged "romasso's five-piece orchestra for tem- 
porary service. It Is his intention to later in- 
stall a Hungarian orchestra. Other Z.oop man- 
acets are preparing to follow suit- and Ignore 
tne demands of the union. Tbe musicians de- 
mand tliat the outlying faonst;s employ seven 
men In tbeir <»chestras. Tbe drmands of tbe 
musicians -are the result, of a plea of tbe mem- 
bers of tbe so-cail«I Trombone Clob, which ix 
seeking the Introduction of an elbow bom In 
. «»o«y-tlieatrfc-v -;- :v ,v. - • 


Oblcago. A*giist 2S (Special to The Blllboanli. 
— -The first' of the Tliird Degree shows tbat thi- 
Dnltod Play Company are putting out on tbi- 
road this sensoa opened at Bockford. 111.. AnsuitT 
19. for a thirty weeks' tour over Stair & Hav- 
lln Time. Sarab Paddrn beads the company. 

Tbe Western comnany. which Iins Fr» 
Oale and Kennetb Stuart as Its principals, be- 
gins Its season at Michigan City. Ind.. on Sep 
tember 2. and will tour tbrougb to the Pacific 

Tbe Soatbem company.' with Grace ixjrd 
Its featnrrd member, will open at Freeport. 
DL. August 31. „ 

Tbere wHl be two comiianles playing The T.lon 
and tbe Monse. one to tour tbe Middle West 
opening at Clinton. Iowa. 'September 3. and tbe 
.otber to cover tbe South and EUt. opening- at 
Crown Point. Ind.. August - 24. . : 

Inal and ' pleasing lines. Tbe scenery wbleh 
depicts the AdlrondackB is from the Btndio of 
Frank Dodge and Is in excellent ' taste. The 
supporting company is cast as follows; Peter 
Cary. president Peofile's Gas Co.. W. H. St. 
James: Horace Van Anistin. tils friend and bnsi> 
ness associate. C. B. Weils; 'Norwood Van Aul- 
stlui latter's son; Bill Woodbury, famous foot- 
ball player, Frank Wnnderlee: Walter Jatdlne; 
a IHRKer on Us. honeymoon. Bawdd De Becker; 

tContlniud on page 60). 


Outdoor Amusement Resorts of the Windy City Have Had 
Excellent Season and the Business at the Various Open 
Air Places of Amusement Holds Up Remarkably 

Chicago. August 26 (Siiedal to Tbe Billboard!. 
— ^For. tbe waning days of summer the- local 
park managers have provided extra atttaetiDni' 
calculated to appeal to the children -who will 
soon be returning to their studies. . At ForesI 
Park a new attraction is ofCered in tbe shape 
jf a travd-lectnre on Hawaii, delivered by Mr. 
Loyd Cbllds of Honolulu, who bas spent yearK 
in tbat Paradise of -the Pacific. Tbe beautiful 
moving pictnres of Honolulu are alone worth 


' ^ R IALTO . 

Obleago. August 25 (Special to Tbe RlUboardl. 
.— Dellgbtfnlly cosl weather bas given a- great 
' Impetus to Indoor amusement in Chicago, an*! 
the end of next week will see nearly all of 
the play bouses of tbe Western metropolis In 
fun swing. Tbe Deep Purple. Paul Armstrona 
and. .WUson Mixner's drama of the sordid sliV 
of Uf<». will reopen McVlcker's Theatre tomor- 
tow night. August'36. Uebler & Co. have made 
tmt> new -and Importnnt changes In the east. H 
B. -Xertbmp will not appear as previously sr 
lugcd. sni tbe mle of Harry Lelsnd. "the 
Imdger.*^ win be taken by Robert Cain. It Is 
probable that Ada- Dwyer will take the part 
OC Kate Fallon In the opeidng performances, 
bat she will be succeeded later by Anne Sotber- 
land. a great favorite bete, and not by Jeffrys 
hewix. t* announced. . , 

On Friday night. September 1, Dtistin and 
Wniism Fimnm will appear at the CHiIcagH 
^■eia House In Rdwaid Fepdie's latest meM- 
drama. The t.ltrl<«t -Rebel, tbe scraes nf which 
-atr laM la VInclnia dnrhae- the laner part of 
ae..riv1l nrar. Edward Uaefltegcr Is bafy 
reheanilne the -play- for Manager A. B. Woods, 
aaa the pralicrfon Is made by those wim, ba«e- 
.«it»HMe<l-41it.'>r«!h«««als ttistRkei».tlK>a5wartbrf * 

McceMor t«' Held hj - tke : Sneinr ■■M-WMmn- 

the' price of admission. la the grill room tb< 
.-Igbt UiwiUan vocalists and- mnHldans prorldi 
fxcellent and novel free - entertainment. Braa- 
sek's Prise Band gives daily and evenlog con 
-■erts in tbe band shell in the grove, and tbt 
many rides and pleasure deTlcea, Including An, 
come in for a great share. of attention fnw 
young and old. 

At Sans SoucI tbe free vaodevUIs bill tn ttt 
(Crystal Casino Is a magnet that assures iaigt 
attendance. Next week's bill will Incinde Ap- 
dale's' Animals, Lane * O'Donnell, Oeimar and 
Ilelmar, Davis and Walker. Fvnr Gypsy Piayrn. 
and -Danders snd Dsle. Tbe beautifully <Sm 
rated rathskeller remains a favorite place 

Tbe Cbimes of Normandy Is tbe second 
the free comic operas to be presented by tb 
White City Opera Q>mpany, and nnler the dl- 
'ection of Saivatore 'fomasso and George Bo- 
bert. will hold forth all next weejc in 
beautiful Terrace Garden of tbe popular SouU 
Side amnsement park. Bohnmir Kryl and Ik 
famons banl will discoarse sweet music afto- 
noon and evening, and the maltltnde of rids 
and attractions provide entertainment for alL 

Klvervlew ExiKisltion will vltaK- Hs leafo 
In a burst of glory on September 10. The i» 
tordrome, liowever, ^ill vonttnae Its races nnU 
late in the fall, during which time stieel^ 
Sunday races will be held. On *Monday Armli 
Hand and bis band will succeed Patrick Oinwq 
and hl8 Itbacan Band and will remain - oats 
the- end of the season. Special picnics ut 
schedulid for nearly every day tbat remaia 
of tbe snmmer season. 

Tbe Minneapolis Symphony OrelMtTa will ta- 
gln an rneagcment at Ravlnia Park Mondq 
night. This orchestra is new to Ravinla. bnl 
bas been heard and liked In Chicago. Gene- 
vieve Wheat; contralto, will be tbe soloist Tan- 
day evening; Richard CserwoDsky. violinist, iriu 
play Wednesday afternoon; Mrs. Truman Al- 
dricb, piilnliit, will be heaid Wednesday Blrbt: 
Joseph Scbenek, tenor, will sing Friday aijlit; 
and LoDls Heine, cellist, will piar oar 

. She wUl stsr this season In The . Wiiinlng. Widow, imder the direetion of Max Kplegel. 

Sam Lederer 

Painfully Injured 

Chicago. Angnst 26 (Special to Tbe Rillbnard). 
— Througb a letter to Frank Rivers, auditor 
of tbe Kohl-Castle bonses, received today, and 
bearing the postmark of Prague. Bohemia. Sam 
Lederer. manager of the Olympic Theatre, 
states that he is recovering from s severety 
sprained ankle, caused by slipping nixm the 
deck of tbe ship tbat bore him Enropeward. 
The aocident- occnrred on the first day ont. and 
-be was oonfined to ills bertb during the entire 

doab. Partlenlar interest attaches to the pro- 
duction from' the fact tbat 1011 marks the 
aeml-centfODlal of the- beginning of the great 
conflict that racked- tbe nation.' -M. A. Kelly, 
bead of tne department of military tactini at 
tb« United States military academy at Provl- 
denee. R. I., bas been - engaged to direct tbe 
msncnveBS of tbe hundred odd supernumeraries 
nbo ate t9 appear la tbe ptodnetlon. Mamie 
Lincoln; who is sald'^-te-'be'-ia gnnd-illeeir of 
lUastrMos maHsted presldent.> win'ba're the 

(Oo9tlBaad M page Si.) ' • ' : 

Woman Makes 

Theatre a Fort 

(Alcago, August 23 (Special to Tbe Billboard). 
— ^After sustaining a siege of fonr days and 
nights in the ilrcsslugroom of tlie People's The- 
atre.' West Van Btiren and Leavitt Streets, in 
order to protect a leasehold that she held on 
tbe property, Mrs. Delia Ha.vden, on the advice 
of tbe court. ' compromised with 3. W. Qninn 
for the . sum of f 128.34. and retired with the 
honors of war. Tbt- case attracted considerable 
attention, and Mrs. Hsyden was the recliiient nf 
a score of offers of marriage from those who 
admired hrr plucky fight. She Is the widow 
of tbe -inventor of the computing scale, who got 
t26,(X)0 for h is patent. 

fAtty feLix going into re- 

Chicago. Angnst 2S (Special to Tbe Billboardl. 
— Henry W. Unk. manager pf Fatty Felix, with 
headquarters at the Jordan Show Print Com- 
pany. Cbyeago, annooiKf^a. (he eommenrement o{ 
-ivhearaaia fer.thli sbo* ,«a..Sliitcniber. ii. ,Tbe 
mad'tinir wlU'OpeB on September 24-|t McSe<iry. 

President Theatre 
Changes Owners 

Cblcago. August 26 (Special to The Blllboanii 
— ^rbfiigb a deal consummated this mi 
Isaac A. Levlnson has passed title .to bis Pnt- 
Id'Pt Theatre to the Lontse Amnsement C 
pany for a rumored consideration of (30. 
The tbfatre is located near tbe Xith Sunt 
entrance to Washington Park, on Garfield Bod- 
eruril, between tbe South Side Elevated Sifl- 
way aad South Park Avenue, sad Is a poinbt 
place of amutiement on tile South Side. It bil 
a seating capacity of 


Chicago. Ang. 25 (Special to The Blllboaidi. 
—The boys attached to the various eoncesrtn 
and Interests In Forest park a«e arraugiiu; n 
attend tbe Wolgast-McFarlane dgbt. In SID 
wuiikiH-, on Sept. lo, lu royal fashion. The u- 
rangements are under the snpervisluu of Ut^^rii 
(Kill I llittck. who. In 1906. held tbe banliD' 
weight cbainplonstalp. and who Is miw coouecl<( 
with the Park. -The party will travel hi thw 
or more Bpi>cial cars on the Northwestern RiU' 
wa.v. and have bad three sixty-font pennua 
made to emblazon tbe name of Forest Park •■ 

CharU-s B. Macloon, Blvervtew's Director « 
rubllrliy. who was seriously Injured la r 
antunioblle accident late In Jaly, expecti 
return to the park early next week. IhirlM 
tbe week Immediately following the sccldeol I 
was not tlioiiKht - that Mr. 3klaela<tn would- nI^ 
Vive, tbe Injuries being Internal. 0» *■> 
thrown from a sneedster empIoye<l at tbe pu> 
In one of tbe stunts of the "thrlllt-r" typ*-:" 
exact dniillcate nf the ear that killed B>lp> 
Ireland early this week on the KIgIn race copw- 
The same car turned "tnrtle" at niverrlrt 
Friday night, and Thomas Orr. the driver. ii>>^ 
acnionsly escaped with bis life. The cat'V" 

When tbe season closes at Forest Park. M» 
Jnlle Seaman, who is In charge nf tbe ciami« 
nt that iMpnlar resort, will bemme the brl*; 
Ed. Walderaade. tbe well knnwn Morth S* 
restaurs t«nr and saloon keeper. . 

Mr. Hay Harper, of tbe oBlee nf Kans SnW 
Park, has been connned to Ms home wtti > 
severe Illness. 

The Billboard Is now on sate In White C » 
at the snnvenlr stsnd. presided over by H" 
Jean Sttaub. ^ 

nellwond Park, near Jnllet. on the line Alt* 
Chicago and Jollet Bleetrle Railway, is MtW 
an nvlatlnn m'-et of. Its own tmlay. totaanfl" 
and Sunday. Aognst 2.1. 26 and ST. Rene 8lB?J 
In his mnnniilane. and John Friable, l» 
biplane, are tbe performers. 

Morris Belfeld. pnnddeal of . Mis Vblte W 
Amnsement Cnmrany, was lined and 
yesterday by Mnniclpal' Jndgenerker. rnrjitn 
tng from the bands of Anna wlllard, a aM*;^ 
waltreaa, who was picketing the 8onth 
pleasnre tifrk, some matches, which wen W'H 
ed, "White City is not fair," 

A eomptot* .list of •ttr«etlons 
Chloago TiiMrtrM appMir* o*> p*f 

iWj ■■•■iiiiliiiotH ^ 

SEPTEMBER 2, 1911. 





Victor Moore and Emma Littlefield Score Heavily in ah Act 
Far Beneatli Their Abilities— Bessie Wynn Fails to Get 
Over a Couple of Songft but Wins Audiences witii Others 

Cblcago. III.. Ane. 23 (Bpeelal te The Bill 
; I'taete'i au old eomedr Hue tliat bai- 

keen iitit acroaa bjr a few monolocUta and cow 
cdIaD>> wbicb runs aometlitiiic like tbia, "Xut 
mml an awful lot of nice t>eople In CtaleaBO — . 
If yuu're lucky," evidently 'Beaile Wynn dl< 
■ot expect to be "Inckjr" becanae abe made au 
avfiil failure In trying to set away with ang 
ie»tlve aouga in tne early part of brr fcper- 
toire on Moudar nisbt. Uer OnMI. Jnat for ■ 
Eld, iraa rare but hardly raw, but the aecoml 
nubvr, Tbere'a Sometblug Coming Down, was 
raw aa tbey make 'em now-a-daya, even fui 
barirwoe sbowa. Tbo aoog In Itaelf la bad 
caongb. but Mlaa Wynn'a buatueaa during tbr 
Tendftlon waa really repulalre. Ko doubt Bb<- 
dlacovereil ber mistake a« both aonga -were cut 
tor the latter part of the week and replaced 
with kid numbera. Mlaa Wynn la clerer aa au 
artut and puta over i> good aoog In One atyle. 
It would lie far better If abe would .leare tbi- 
•picy sainlH-ra far the EnsUsh mualc liall artlats 
vbo anrclallze In tbia daaa of aonga. 

Victor Jluore and Emma UttleBeld bold tbr 
headline lioalttan with one of tboae bare atage 
acta. It aeeioa that people of aoch talent a:. 
Itr. Moore and Vlaa LIttlefleld would find a 
better' vehicle; tauwever, they go Tery big and 
Ki.r il a great aucceaa. 

All previona recorila for atteiutauce at the 
Majestic were ahattered tbIa week wben th<- 
buuse ivaa Add out at the majority ot the per 
fonaancia and played to n real tbeatre-golog 
croTd who appreciated the meilla of a care- 
fully M-lccted and well balanced bill. 

The bill I» nwneil by Jeter and Bogera. com- 
edy akatera .and dancera. who are reviewed un- 
der kew acta on tbia page. 

Clay Smi'h and .Mvlnuiie Twina appear in ar- 
tlstlc nmii<«-ii>ie. The trio carrlea Ita own dpoj. 
arblcta ailila a noticeable tone to the offeriUB. 
They are cuatomed neatly and all have a nat- 
ural atage (irewnce. Their aouga are renderea 
in a pieaidng manner, and alt arored a bit. Tbf 
dancing of the two yonng ladlea la clever but 
Jnat a triHe alow in apota and can eaaiiy be 


at Wilson 

Chicago, ni., Aug. sa (Special to The Bill, 
board).— Manager IJcalzi. of the WUaon Aveum- 
Theatre, moat have bribed the weather man 
tbia week. Cool nights were m omer for the 
entire week, and tbr rrault at tbr Wtlaon ha:! 
been nai'km bouvea at every performance. The 
ealambos lu tbeir electric novrliy utTerlug. prove 
■ big aruaatiun, aa tlieir act la Jnat • trifle dif- 
ferent tnmi the ordinary run uf nndevllle acta. 

Tbr abow la oprnrd by Mr. anil Mr*. Xello In 
an exceUeut Jujntllug oflTerlng. Tbe atnnta have 
been attempted by otfair Jugglera but not lui 
auccrsprtilly aa by Nellii. Tbe act went very 
well r«r one of tbia nature, conaldering that the 
WllMiu audience la very bard to pleaae In this 

tYaukllu ClilTord and Company a»|)ear in a 
pleanliii: Wratrrn dramatic akrtch. naing four 
peoiile ami score hrarlly. The acling of earb 
membi-r of tbe company la clever and found com- 
plete fiivur. 

I'riiTul. tbe wblMtlIng ventrllotinlat and mlml^ 
Is Iblnl iin the bill and handnl out Mmte new 
material In tbr ventrlloqnial line, lie adbetva 
atrUtly lu whUtllnK and Imlutlona, aud waa 
one of tiie bita of the bill. 

rtiHrir-, --im rs i-^lit ti hy Frank IlaMIrta.v. 
appear next to cloning. They bare their o%vn 
apeclal ilroim and atage arttlng and are coatnmeiT 
vry nieely. Their minm were well rendenil 
and Were rntboaiaatlcaily received. They re- 
aniadeil to tvn encurea. 

The Sniainbiia lu au electrical ant cinae tlie 
anow Their myaterlona contnd of electricity 
and Hr» had the audience apell Iwnnd and made 
ihem ihe t«ile of enmmrat In general after 
tho <hn<r. •ttn.j made » Mm bit and will an- 
oonhtnlly find blanket eontraeta awaiting them 
on anme af the . more Important time. 


^Ou« Sun u •xprctad to anrlre In Cbleigo this 

_^Cbartw B. Bray left (Alraga for New York 
."'.'r:'"''' ""I- ■'«• wlU letum about 
the ii.l.iflle of the w.-ek. 

CJinr'e. B. Ilndklna left on tha Mlh (or a 
hurt WW , rip t» New Tork. 

Kninviiir. Tenn.. hna a new tbeatn> which 
bMik'ni ' Ch«rt<a B. Bodklna 

onS,'"'." "T. 'be ednrai<-d rblmjianaee. 

"p™--.! at M Iwankee -ihla week for Walter F. 
STT .iJ"'' P'nT l'n«» t» clabt weeka 
p ti ,?.">"■» the pgntagea Circuit. Ohariea 
K. H.Kikin. h .plneinc the act. the Pantagea 

A"<;'«*<» through J. C. Mattbewa. 
•hii? ITolmi-a ta now biHiklng thirtyaaven 

km Vm-i °° 

oj^;, Vi.^^*'' Tbeatra at Little Boek. Ark.. 

'"la week. nUTing apllt weeka. 
H,.n?-' r''""'''* rtoiliitlna road abow atari* "nt 
"ireim ■ '■ *• baa twenty wreka on . tbe Lyric 

«*. their traarf^tlOB^lWft, »«Ji^,»wrtT^ 

(Cootliiiiadm iHUi* W). ii 

improved by picking np a little. One unforglv. 
able olfenae la committed, tliey ao tar forget 
ibemaelvea aa. to pull tbe old line "Oh look 
at the moon** in reference to the **ba1d bead" 
Kag. Chuck it, Mr. Smith, yon are flirung with 
failure when you go from your good material 
(o anch a line aa tbia. It may have Iieeu 
uaed aa a cue for the moon aong bat try to 

(Oontlnoed on page 60). 


Review of Acts that Have Not Before Been Presented Before 
Chicago Audiences, Though the Performers Pre^nt- 
ing Them May Have Be^Seen Often 

JETEB It BAOEBS. Comedy Skaters and Dane- 
era: Majestic: first In nine-act abow; 
tiinc, nine nUnntes, working In one. 
When Clare Victor Dwigglna created his fam- 
ous cartoon cbaracter, Ophelia Bnmpa. It la 
doubtfU If be ever tbongbt it wonld be instm- 
mintal .in creating laughter ontside the Kew 
York World and affiliated papers. However, a 
certain yonng man aeemed to realise that tbia 
would be an ideal character for ■ comedy roller. 


Bla rapid llaa In TandevUIe, fair and aviatinn ctrelm la a popular topic ot diacnaaton among 

profeaalaaal people. 


The Lyric Theatre at IJma. Ohio, opera Sept. 
4,. and will be iwoked airaio tbia season by tbe 
Chicago o0ce of Snillvan it Consldlne. Tbe 
opening bill will l>e beaded by 'be La Vctiea. 

Grace Wtlaon recently idayed the Tbalia Thea- 
ter, being idaced there bv l^hiirle* H. noutrich. 

The Hamlin theatre will <nien fur tbe aeasdn 
BepL *. . 

Th* Magle Tlieatre at Fiort Dodge. Iowa, opens 
Sept. 4. and will ho mokvd by Charles It. Don- 

Lawta and Obapin are In Chicago for a few 
weeka and will preaent their offering here, be. 
fors returning Eaat, where tbey have a aeaaon'a 

Tbe l>rlncess Theatre In Davenport.' Iowa, 
opeiw Labor Day. and duties B. Doutrlch .will 
lirnvlde the bookings. 

Madam Bedtnl came. In fnn her home at 
Annira, IlL. laat week, ami arranged Cur aome 
bookip-— from tbe Aasoeiatlon. ' - ■ . 

f^iarlea H. Dontrleh. who is-now Ohirago r«p- 

Seaeral manager of the W. V. 3t. A., -attor a 
rief trip toNew York. 

McOralh and Teonan onen nest ««-ek far 
Walter F. Keefe. and will nlay all «f tK.> hooaea 
bonked by tbe Theatre Bnnklag Clorponitlou. 
. Oiialp. who baa a coneeaalon at Riverview 
tbia anmmer. ivturned laat Saturday from a 
week In Mew Tork. 

skater. He must have studied tbe cartoon well, 
for his conceptioD of tbe character ' la w<irtliy 
of "Dwlg" himself. One of tbe boya worfcs 
stralgbf ai>d tbe otber aa Opbella. Their akat- 
ing 'ls clever and their dancing on tbe toilers 
wonderful. ' Just one little tip: There Is a 
trifle toe maeh slapatlek stuff 'and were tUa 
eliminated, the act would be wacthy a pMee oa 
a bill with the' beat and biggest vandeAllo has 
to offer. 

let: WiUard Theatre: tblid in nve-aet 
abow; time, eli^teen mlnntee, full stage. 
A TEIP TO XKW YOBK. Cbaractera: 
Mrs. Brown. Hiram's' wife. Mayme Egbert 

Cherry. Hiram's daughter. Anna (3onnelIy 

Lucittda. a peat ......Lynn White 

Joe Davia. a acamp.v.;.. Bamlah Ingram 

Bee; Arthur. JFoe'a bratber.''.'..Bfl»twaod'UarrlsaD 

Hliam Brown. PtekIrd CMt B. Neliwn 

■ To alt in an audience and watch an - artist 
doing a Jag s^-rms simple. But to do that Jag 
without a ktidden aoberlug h> another thing. Of 
all the delightfully enacted drunks, bringing oat 
-the comedy aide uf tbe affair. Mr. Cliff Xetaon 
takea tbe belt, Tbe play embraces one. Hiram 
Brown, who faaa made a trip to Kew York and 
come home *'plekled'*: attto -of- certains ac-tlous 
of aald Brown during bis sojourn in the mrtrop- 
<dls. wherein a certain girl.- a pink mask, s 
mask ball, and a lost watch and -ring -give 
Hiram much food for thought on . his ■ return 
home. Mrs. Brown decides to hsve the min- 
ister (very cleverly played by Mr. Harriaan) 
abow Rlram the error of hia waya. Now It ao 
liappens that both tbe minister and bls lirothrr 
Joe are m lore with Cherry. ' Joe "Joba" bla 
brother by banding lilm a fake telegram calling 
blm out of town. .Joe masaneradea aa bla 
lirother and leama that Cherry is rather an- 
xloua concerning him... Hla impersonation la 
clever, -bnt bla work Jnat a trifle alow. Haay 

(Continned <a page 61.) 

O. It, Seymour had aomelblng new In bla act 
. w „■ TO. » . laat week — a-apralued ankle. It did not keep 

Manny Newman'* Vandevlile Theatre, at I.a him fmm Jnmnlng. 
Batlr and llprtng Valley "U'wlll he booked tbe ; """hiir" firfton'rieh. mh^ la iow Chicago rei.- 
ciimlBg aeaaon by Cbarlea n. Dontrleh, > rewntatlv* of Oeorge n. Webster and Bert 

IMwaM . BioBden .,WM, .here Iaat<„we*k from - Ls«ey..jwii| tlw-JoUawtng. acta oat for Welwter 

™^ W $!b«m.*-hr ^. C.f,»ate^i^. ft* < and BaHoar; StrVemt aaa^Woo.^ack Wolft th*' 

New Headliner 

Lands Heavily 

Chicago, m., Aug. 28 (Special to Tlie Bill- 
board i. — Jack Taylor, tbe yuung college Iwy. 
appearlug under tbe bllllug, Tbe Cliverfiil. 
Chattering, Comedy Conjuror, waa tile heaiUlne 
attracUun at The Wiliard the first three daya. 
and tbe WUsuu'a the last four. It la very 
doubtful whether any performer haa ever made 
such rapid strides as -baa Mr. Taylor. He baa 
JiU flrat professional try out at tbe Clark Thea- 
tre in April, and has nut lost a alogle week 
slnre. Manaiser l.Icalxl. ot tbe Wlii>ao.-an4 
balf owner of Ihe Wlllard recognized the laaial- 
bllitles fur Taylor, aud tu<ik the gamble of brad- 
lining and featuring a name laHiwn to prsrtl- 
cali<* Qoue uf tbe patrons uf eitber iMiMe. A« m 
result. Mr. Licalzl said. "He'd do the same 
tbiug over, over and over agalu*' (stealing 
Remlck's stulT). Taylor has a manner original, 
and a wonderful perMuuallly. and. aa the mao- 
Bger remarked. "It's not what he dues: It's 
the way be doea It." 

Tbe ahuw la opened by Emma Wiwlrr and 
Company, gymuaats. Tbe act Is gnod In spttta 
but lags terribly, and If snores and slabs w~fe 
lu evidence, tbey were forgivable. Miss Powirr 
Is a fmaU woman, and disidays rrnuirfcahi- 
streuKth. A very clever dog is Inlrvidocra. 
which is one of tbe best things In th... art. 
There are |insslbnitit.s for the art. as ' both 
lady and gentleman are riever peoide. but tiiey 
sbtiulil wurk with an alarm cl«jcfc Instead nt 
lUf 'irchi-stra. . 

Edna Kuiiert. dramatic contralto, appears 
sef.ond. Till* ssl.l ibr better. 

The Cliff Nelson Players apiiear third, and 
are revlewetl under New Acts. 

Jaefc Tsylnr hands tint a bmi(*b of mr*u|.nr^ 
chatter aud magical stimts. whieb pmvnl a **Hn- ■ 
pletr Ifuiiivatlon. He ojiens witb a few stunts la 
nia***. and doses with about ten minutes '»f 
new monologue .if a very good sort. Taylor 
proved one of the biggest bits ptaying the WO- 
lard in the last year, aud may well feel prund 
of hla great success. 

Tlebor'a Eilncated Seala close the abow. aa4 
went very big. The act waa reviewed te the 
columns two weeks ago. 




Chicago. August 23 (Special to ' The KiU- 
bnardt. — rass-<tiaf action vrlth the Imp wia nee af 
the role, aaaigned to Batry Fax In tlie Pet of 
tbr IVttiroats. and the threat of the eratwhile 
Chicago comedian to leave that pmaneilan so 
dismpted the flans of hla man'aip^ that tbsx ' 
"erp oomnellrrt to rellmnish tb-ir hooklna aa 
tlie opening attraettoa at tbe Olympic Theatre, : 
5t^nt-ro'-«*r: S. Tn 'eonsrnnence. ■ th* time' was 
aaalgued to John Barrynwre and Thomas Wlas. 
ami these .loint stars will appear St the Ba»- 
dolph Street playhonse oo that -date lai r'srie 
Sam. tbeir new vehicle. *rhs play. 'wUrh lo 
aald to hnve no patriotic algnlflca'aee.' I« thr 
teanlt ot the collaboratlou ot 7amea 'O'Dcs. a 
Chlcagosn. and -*bne CaldwelL 

Mr. Fny (or PItagrrald. aa be I* hmawa la 
private Iltri has slnce= natehed no bbf dlffsfeurr* 
and will aiinear in The -Prt of the Pettleo a te 
after alL Harrr For. b o ie in ' i . It la-aaM. win 
oot -be aeea la - tba^ pier*. < whiah- wlD «oJ«« tb» 
'Ktmid ^nWen '<h«> ilW.f ^ ■niia« e m'(^ < « ' -Ott lW 

Snareaa, 4aors*.«mUT«atiao.aM Qtae* | DtUattaat^'aBdP' Mfen' Blegfetd; 


X fi e El 11 1 1> o a r CS 

SEFTEM8ER 6, i9tt 

Motion Picture News 


\Evenis of the Week Told on the Screen Encompass the 
1 Happening of the Entire World— Motorphoto Co. 
Establishes: New Epoch in Fifan Maldns 

5:; ' }««nr ir<>rk. Ans. 26 (Special, to The sm- 
: ! *o«Td).— Hie cniient Fatbe WeeUrt wWcli l« 
-?A^t xeleflsed when this paper ffoes ,to. press,' Is 
vriaclmlTe la Its scope u notUns- else can^be 
;-:^SBid . abOot It. It win cantalB topics, steaned 
nrom aU qnartetB of the globe, aoine of tUe'In-' 
' «■ 'teiwtiiie erenta In -AustralU and Oe .live topics 

r'of iUneriea.' - • 

V . . .The Fathe Oompany has gone to mnch expense 
ris preparioc for this featniie' of their .biuiness, 
'hanng eitaiilMied a corps ot tea camera men 
'who iBtaiMt •eaSr at. all times to catch the bn- 
TOrtsnt «Teiits^ia Kew York as ther happen. 
^ '- n limited lii'In- 

'alalia was eaasbt Inr, > apeelal camera man who 
■ left for- the scene within a boor from the time 
it happened. A' general news tickea is soon 
' to be placed is the company's offices on 25th 
^Street <ao thai -all fiie Important ;iiews . will; be 
:{^>:cecelved long'befote. It la;)irfaited. While this 
^'''.wrtlde •.tf DetDg written a camera man. is 
:..;v«waians- the, expected landing of Birdinan At- 
' wood' at Albany^ while another Is stationed at 
. . Steetfeebaae Park. R. Y. 9^ company has 
'.v;j;:camen BMa-^in an the pilnelpal cities of the 
^.wotld readr^to.lllB the''tinpaitant arents. 


Kew Ssrk. Ang. 28 (ftieelal to ^Ihe BUI- 
boaid).— The recently Corme' U. S. Motor, 
r photo Company, whose organisation was ^an. 
' noonced In a prerlons Issue, has nndertaken a 
s aamawhat 'different line of manufacture f^m 
' any other film company. The company wlU 
manufacture mostly commercial and scenic 
. i- Alms, and -haTS an arrangement whereby a 
~ " thonaand' feet of Blm Can be condensed and, pat 
' - ' Into leas than lOO feet. -The ptctnres axe primed 

mneh smaller, and are nm la three rows on the 
ordinary width film. 

The Company is selling their own projecting 
machine to show these pletnres, and are at* 
tacUng an entirely new line of trade for their 
market. They expect to specialize the talcing 
of pictures, and take tlioose which -wlii be of 
interest to special dubs and people. A contract 
has recently been signed with the Sontiierh 
Ballioad Company for tbe taking of commercial 
and scenic pictures along tbe route of tliat 


'Exhibitors Are Initiated Into the Mysteries of Pkotograpby- 
Moving Pictnre Men See Themseires on the Screen 
at Sefiig fechibiting l^wnisF -^^^^^ ^ 

Chicago, Aug. SS (Special to The Billboard). 

■On Friday momlBg, August 25, a Hoe of toy- 
(amobiles, numlwrfag about thirty, snd each 
one containing alKiiit seven exhibitors, started 
from the city office of tbe Seiig Polyscope Go. 
for a day at the atndlo. After drlrisff 

throngh the business section ot the city tbey 
left for the plant. VThen' within a block of the. 
Btodro-, they were , Ifaed up In good- parade; 
fasUibn. and Selig's moving picture machine 
was put to work, and at abont 2:39 the mem- 
bers of the MoUon Picture ExUblbxs Atsocla- 

Film Explodes; 

Panic Ensues 

fltt^bUfe Btu, Aug. Se (^dal to 33ie BUl- 
boacd).— £^ or ot "Oar- In a moving ^eture 
theatre i at (Snonabntg, fourteen miles south 
at beie^ tool^t caused a panic, wMcih resoited 
< ^In the tfeath of 26 -persons and the Injnry of 
"■■ 00 ■ more*^"' • 

There was Bo Are. The theatre was located 
on the Koond floor of the building, and the 
audience of about 700 had Just started to leave 
their seats after the first show, when the blow- 
ing out ot a fuse started the aesseleas cry. 

About ISO people were watting Jnst around 
the turn In the hallway to take -their places for 
the' aeeond show, and Into this closely packed 
' dowd Jammed the 700 from wlthtn the house, 
and in an Instant nearly 1,000 people, three- 
f oortiis of them women and ehildren, were 
'* crowded' Into the narrow, eteep, Dl-lighted 
: stairway leading to the street. 

The pictnre theatre was in the Morgan Op- 

- era House, which b a large stinctnre, -affording 

• a seating capacity for about 1.000 persons. 

5 The operator had Just thro'wn the title 
oT the next series of pictures on tiie screen: 
/ ■ A Uttle Child .Shan Lead Them, when the 

- film exploded and his asbestos cabinet was 
- ': \filled ' with flames. The operator anceeeded In 

~ extinguishing the flames, bnt made the fatal 
mistake of op^nlns the do<v of tbe cabinet and 
sllawlns the tmoke to mdt Into tlie andltorium. 
Ss'HiIe caused tbe yell of ••Flior' and the and- 
'•-■'' fleace, tnrnincr In their aeats, saw the smoke, 

' -MOA the-panlc was on. 
i / 'This Is not the first catastrophe that ba.« 

?• happened as a result of having moving plc^ 
t 'f^toie theatres on the second or third floors or 
^ '>;' old 'and' Olisolete opera bouses and hails, and 
-vlt --will probably not be the last, unless every 
i' city and town In the country prohibits the 
-' t^- shewing of moving pictures In bn nd ln ea above 

the ground floor. . ^ 

The proprietors of moving picture shows, 
whether they are on the ground floor or above, 
f';^ 'should take warning from this dteadfnl catas- 
trophe and make their theatrps as safe a^ 
po^lble, widen the stairways and entrances, and 
: provide a number ot exits for use In just such 
caaes. If the moving picture people do not 
''i^^^^^ themselves to do this at once. 

tl»eT will bu forced to do so later on, as tlilB 
. accident Is bound to result. In' legislation an 

- 'over Ike" country to make laws and • ordinances 
I' governing motion pictnre houses more strin- 

V "gent. - <, 


In addition to the extra lobby display on 
Borneo and Juliet, Thanhouser Company have 

- been otCerlng exhibitors gratia, they a^nonnee 

• . , .ttaat<'botb three-sheet posters, and spectal;^book- 
l lets -'foe the'* dIatrlbntlOB. ,aie -now available to 
~ ochlbUon who -wish to 'spend a tittle money 
'•■^ In.- featuring the picture. This mafcea Borneo 
•-"r-ajajt lUUet tho first-film Issued as a regulst re- 
; i ' wfeaaeron- mantifaeturer's re^^ day, to 

-be honored with a three-sheet poster,- or Indeed 
any "tMng OTer the- size Of one-sheet. The de-. 
-' : paztnre, since It- Is made Is behalf of Sbakm- 
Deatian PTOdnction, a classic, would seem to 
prove- -tliat the best classes' of pe<9le - are be- 
inK dnoni to the moving plcturea. 

;a^aw Ixwe.^wllU.a"-' ^' 
: 9ieti&e -thaatie In I 



Governor Tener of Pennsylvania has fixed Septem- 
ber 28 for tiie execution of George L..Marion, iAe Thea- 
trical Agent, who was eonyict'e(l of k31ing his eommon^ 
law wife. '■ 

There can be no doubt of his guilt, but there is; 
much evidence Ikliat Marion was the victiioi of msanity, 
and ou this ground it i^ believed tib.e -Boardi of Par- 
dons will eotamute the' Sentence if suJ^^jieiit effort is^ 
made on the part of 'those ysrhq \^ to see Marion's^ 
life spared and tosave.thefprpf^^^ 
of having one of its ij^P^^j^i^^ 

All who are interestediaxe invifaed^^^^^^^^ 
Board of Pardons, HarrisburgyPa-^lstreng^^^ 
your own, the general plea, that ^ to , 

save Marion's life^ ' ^ - 


tlon of Illinois, saw themselvee on. the ama i 
-the Seiig exli&Mtkia moma; 

Preceding that the membCTB- were . 
thiDug^ the entire building and gvoands. 
tbe Seiig plant Is one of the finest and Itrn 
In the conntry cae* without saying, and md 
claim It the flacat In the world. It Is o 
plete In every .detail, and every imaginable u, 
of prop- Is. at. the command of the prodoceil 
rare collection of wild animals lias been< J 
cored by Mr. Seiig, which in themselves wS 
make up a good attei zoo. 

That which perhapa interested tbe ezhibltj 
meet was the takbig o( a- plctare. In gen 
aeenea of which the moving pictnre tbeatn i, 
l>artlclpated. The name of this film wUl) 
The' Bun on the Bank, and when released i 
shew aeveral persona prominent In the ma 
pietme industry. Mr. Thmer, the bead l 
dncer, personally aspervlsed the taking oti 
film and explained In detail to the eshlU 
the many things Out go to make np a pict 

At noon a good ' luncheon wa» served i, 
heartily enjoyed by all present, aa was alal 
exhibHlon of the film, Cwt In tbe Jnnde.. ~ 
Blm was tslcen In Vlorldak and' Is a s 
that will undoubtedly be tbe snbjeet of 
talk in film circles. The courage demong 
In this picture by Miss 'Williams In facdntl 
denizens of the forest la aomethlng wood 
and is possessed by tew women. One 
sliows where a. tiger poiueee on her besdi 
actually claws her. 

Among some ot the Qalcago film men i 
were 6eorge Kieiae of tlie Kleloe Optical 0 
John Bock ot the Tltagraph Co.. frank 7 
of the Tttijnq^ aoA W. H. Seiig. 
self," extendbg. a wdeoma hand to alL 

Moving Picture 


The. Princess, at Mt. TenoD. O.. , 

man. Owner, with Sam Bantman. managcf. | 
aented the Initial pertOtmaace Angnst I, ( 
big bnsinesa. 

Tbe Colonial Is tbt name of a new i 
plctar« house c^ned at 615 Main Street, 
ing, W. ,Va.. by Phillip Kockert. 

The People'a Amusement Company 'wtDl 
a new theatre September 1, at Bntherfo^ !( 
Mc,'Oolael..of;.iUw,KlelM OiitIcai;oi. ! 

go Moving 
Picture News 

Chicago, Aug. 26 (Special to The Billboard). 
—Mr. Carl Say, of Muskegon, Mich., and treas- 
urer of the' Michigan Exhibitors'- Association, 
was present at tlie gathering of the Motion 
Pictnre Exiilbltora' Aasociattun of Illinois, at 
Selig's studio last week. Mr. Bay la building 
a new moving pictnre boose In Muskegon, which 
will open soon, and which he will name the 

Majestic. Besides tbe Majestic. Mr. Bay o.wna 
aeveral other moovlng pictnre theatres In Mus- 
kegon, and also owns the opera bouse In that 
city. He recently sold his Elite Theatra to 
Mr. F. A. Albcrtns. 

Tbe Seiig Polyscope Company la now In the 
midst -of taking one of the greateat feature 
films that has been pnt on > the 'mai1cet»slnce tbel 
Passion Flay. ^Tbe subject is Colombos' Oiss- 
covery of America. Tbrongh tbe Knlgbtai oft 
.(^ilumlnis they., have aecored. tbe oae ot-.the- 
boata. Nina Plnta and Santa HaTl%^wblch-we^ 

exhibited In Chicago during the World's F<(L-. 
Tbis pictnre will require a great .oiifia'y..''of- 
money, and It will - take a . monJOii or .Our*' to^ 
take-It. .■ . , : ■ ..'; •' ■(; . r 

The American Motion Slide, Company Of Chi- 
eago'are potting on the market a -motloif^ 'slide 
that in many waya will VTOn avOovelty to the- 
atre, managers, and wlsicn lias possibDltles -"that 

Dante's Inferno 
Scores in Cincy 

It required considerable nerve on the part of 
Managi-rs Oaler and Erb to enter into a contract 
t» exhibit tlie Dante Inferno film at tbe Grand 
Opera - House, Cincinnati, for two weeks. One 
week is usnaily regarded aa being enough fur 
anr show In Cincinnati and many managers 
shook their heads when they learned that Osier 
and Erb bad paid a big eum ot money tor the 
prlTtlpge ot pieaeatlnic this famona film - for 
two weeks. It was iwedleted that they wonid 
lose out. ! , 

The result of the experiment has proved that 
Oaler and Erb knew wbat ttiey- were alwat, for 
the -picture drew . larger .crowds dnring the 
second week tban dntinK the ' flrat weeli. Hie 
hOBae' has.been'packed four times'- a 'day, 
: Oaler and . Erb bare the Otalor state rights for 
the: celebrated film and wlii book tiirongh the 
■tats -tm a percentage basil. 

-Mr. , A. G, BIder, ' owner of the Urfeoln Pack 
Theinre,' Chicago, has-jntented a'devKe for -tn- 
sertihg ' between the fflm and - light when ' the' 
:plcttlt« ' Is being ■ shown on - tlie . sereea, ' which 
makes It possible to keep the Blm. -f tatlonary 
.for a- period of . a halt honr.^ Thia. wUl' prove 
very useful for shfirt i titles .and, abort Sim 
leHna. ...^ -jaa,dlso.,p,atea&^ a.Aew water- 


a vacation la HlChlgui at i 


Good films are very easy to find — but fi 
tlonal ones not near no eaay. Howenr.j 
Bex Company, who ' have been placl>( ^ 
meritorious productions on the market, CM 
a one-reel story de liue when tliey ocrt 
and executed The Tom Scarf. No'>»5 
heralding has been given this story, but 1 
Careful acting, such vigilant detail «»kl 
such consistency maintained throaghom. r 
the production should be cousclentloosly 
and commended by tbe press. J 
Tile .story suggests the plot j»f DevUu 
■ant'a "The ' Necklace. Insomnch ^ It ptn 
the struggles and sulferings of a pessmt' 
too Indigent to pitrcluse an attractive ,ti<^ 
•cart from a mendicant peddler. Her afu 
despair at her poverty leads her to' wm 
'wblcb Is happily counteracted by her r 
tion that her love for her kin mnsi 
destroyed by her desire for vapid Bncrf. 

The strength of the story is by no iliu«| 
of the extraordinary qualities, ttie work (4 
performers towering mightily as well, -TOT 
gered wife was interpreted with a itUIL 
suggested long stndy of the paaalon. Wm 
xiety of tbe husband 'was mme natini r 
could ever be brought out by pen. I" I 
tograpby was par-excellence; the ecenoTj 
good and well chosen. The people - vK| 
shown In typical European postures <n| 
times. The stage dlrectorahlp ably aPlf 
film that xedonnda ctedit' ta' tba Ila| 
paay. . .. ' • 


Mew Tork, Aug. S3 (Special to .TttJ 
board).— The Uelles Company has V" 
their ! European, agency with Mr.- J. F. 
at 3 Kew Compton Street, Charing Ctw I 
London, 'W. C. The agency was abandomi 
munths ago and since 'being te-eatablh^'jl 
Mr. Brocklias the company reports twj 
inesa .- throughout Emropa and tho Brttltir 


New Tork, Ang. 26 (Special to nj 
board), — I'tomlncnt among the Br*', 
Kalem Company Irish productions vul 
three reel production of Colleen Vli^l 
company has staged the picture at i»l 
location the events In the story were »^ 
to have taken place, and around irW 
original story was written. An augoffiQ 
was produce, the picture, aid 
few advance photos wblcb have ttw 
New Tork office of the company,- the 0>| 
Ises to be ono of the moat notable »ff 
releaaei. > • ' . \J 

At the present time no release dot' J*] 
Bet ' .for tnesa 'films, nor has 'the plei^ the- press. -In a.lator.lMne.J", 
tartew of tte!<pI«.tmt>Wlft I>jyp*>- s« 






! on 

SEPTEMBER 2, 1911. 

Xlie p fxi boar d 






He wia bnt a bOI)0, but witb > Iieart 
aa tilg OS a barn. He proved popular 
witb tbe cowboya* and was made 
eherlir. How lie showed sratitnde to 
his benefactors la a bea'atlfol. dramat- 
ic story. 



A clergyman who bad saved a lire- 
time In order to go abroad, heard the 
confession of theft of one of his par- 
Ishlonets. Be abandoned bis life's 
inam- to save the unfortonate fi^Dm - 
czposnrs and rain. 


$2 0 0 

Two hnndred dollars was needed to 
save his wife from blloduess. Though 
poor sod needy, he was brave. An 
act of heroism gained for blm tbe 
lewatd of the grateful— 1300. 



This la ■ beantlfal atory. Old 
Callfotnla In the days, of Indian ont- 
breaks. A bandit sivk* rvtnge In a 
^ JUasloa, wherein Is .hMboted a yoonK, 
lady, adopted tn chlldbood as a wait, 
A prvtty romance followB, which. 
bowevH', ends In a tragedy, owing to 
- -aaotter Indian aprlstng, 

Ttais la a special telPBse, and - one 
yon can not aKord to mlas. Semem- 
ber tbe date— September 28th. ' 

Saran Fhotos of our Lcadinc Flajren. tlJOO 

CHEUES. 214 L3nh SUNevYirkCity 

Westeni Reprasentative 
JMI •.Mtl. IM laaMpk Mnal, eUcacB. IBs. 


Listen! Yob!! Be Reasonable 

DaaH yea know that there' are 
"tricks In all traOei"! Don't yon 
know that some Sim dealen send out 
big fat lists Joat foil of good snb- 
lecta tor almoat nothlngl Aren't 
yon wise enongh to "smell a rat"T 

When they get your deposit they «eU 
yon tbe sabjects yon ordered bsve 
been sold and to make another se- 
lection, or If they do send what yon 
order It Is a piece of "JUNK" that 
won't go throDgb yoor machine. We 
a«ll oor "JUNK" film for aerap eel- . 
Inlold snd never try to onload It on 
oar cnatofflers. 

Every Oln wa Ball ia Oiorangbly 
cleaned, Inapeeted and npalicd from 
end to end before It Icavea onr plant. 
We employ aotblnc bnt taooeat meth- 
ods In sellinx our fllma and yoa moat 
be aatlsiled or w« don't want yonr 

Send for Uala. 


ITS N. Gtaan St., nanr 




PMS. Doarboen St.. - CHICAOO 


Ii,^ .'""y 'lock of aims, wtaether It eob- 
r\nnI»!'J?l«?' • 'houesnd. and pay spot caab. 
K w. j^'^^ BOUGHT Oirr. Write or wire. 
msOH. ta pnion gqaare, »«w York. 

Kotian Pictare and 5 Cent Vndevflli 
Ibiatra Far Sail 





Eights, comprising the states of Virginia, South Caro- 
lina, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, 
Tennessee, Louisiana, Florida and Arkansas, for the 
Masteipiece of Moving Pictures..... 


Both the Milano Films and the Helios Films. Now 
arranging bookings in theatres witii large capacities. 
All communications to 



Soite 100MQ02, 1482 Broadway. 

NEW YORK cmr. 


The Perfect I\/Io.tion Picture IVf ctclilne 

"W« bare naed tbe No. 6 Ua- 
cblne for over a year, and Jt has 
given ns tbe best of aatlataettoa. 
Onr patrons ten oa tbat they 
have never seen a elearar or OMite 
steady pletnre." 

HOnZB BBOS.. lyrle Theatre. 
Pomona, CU., 7mie 10, 1911. 

"After operating for live years 
from coast to coast, both on tin 
road and In permanent booses, ns- 
Ing almost every kind of ma- 
chine made and onder every kind 
of condition, have fonnd Hie Pow- 
er's No. 6 head Is the only one 
really bollt to stand tbe strain," 
P. CANS. Crystal Xbeatie. 
TIctaila. B. C3., Can.. Jone 3, '11. 

Ton can't afford to be wltboot. 
POWER'S MO. & Onr partial 
payment plan, wUdi la extended 
to established and responsible ex- 
bibltors. makes It caay for joa to 
boy It. 

VMtB tedar te tmttiSBa o. 


us NMMw Street. - - • - NEW YORK cmr. 

For fauiteen jraua tba leadns BiBfcen «l Kedoa FSetoTo UadiineB. 


Prompt shipment. 12 Reels, Posters and Banners, $12.00. 

xhe: fila^ exchange, 

Ol WMt Mtit Street. . • - - • NEW YORK CITY. 

Large stock of Reels for sale at low priees. 


W« can buv your entire 
part, and will pay spot 
cash for aame. , 


Will sell you a complete line af films, 
machines, alldesLetc., t o rngg x m ilat- 
class FILH RE3iTAl> OFniE. w can 

sell you any films ypu may want. 
Send for our latest BARGAIN USS. 

GENERAL FiCM BR0KER& .23 E. htMni Blvd., jEHKAGP,^ Ilk 

wcm mxmus, mam ia»n<ar }m.m,%mhm mfa. 





"The Perfect©** 

On aceonnt of a apedal canaratinc 
process, flvea yoa a neater taa 

pressors, thereby prodnetBS tbe 
most powerful Ucbt at a coat leaa 
tban that neeessltated by ether 
light ontata. ' Beeanae of Its sim- 
plicity In operatlns and wetsWns 
only IS ponnda It ahooU appau 
to every exhibitor. Hie "Pertse- 
to" stands SO incbes blgh. uid 
being non-ezploslve. can at all 
tlroea be baadled' Caaily and wltb 
perfect safety. 
PRICE, Cemplet* with Burnsr, S2S. 

Bear In mind that with tbe "Ferfeeto" 
nm produce tbe most powerfol tbe 
least possible' cost. 

Write fbr further partlcalars. or w« will 
ship C. O. D. upon receipt of deposit. 


WHO Know 

tell us that the Edison Un- 
der writers' Jljrpe ''B"Kineto- 
scope stands labsolutely alone 
as the machine which never 
fails to do the wOrk required 
of it even under the most 
s tjr e n u o u s circumstances. 
They know because iOiey have 
tried otheis afid^ f^^ fhem 
wanting. What's the use of 
of a lot of e2cpdiimenting 
when you'll come to the Edi- 
son evraitually? Isn't it ad- 
visable to sta^ right so long 
as we can show you by the 
experiience of others and &om 
what we know of themachme 
oursielves that the Edison is 
the one which will make your 
idiow all you desire it to be? 

Let us discuss the matter 
with you in detaiL 



71 Lakeside Awnue, 


Theatre Managers 

If yes want to sen yetr Bovlas pMsre nueUne 
or axtbaage for a new sue. write as. Spedai 
tadoceaMotB offata< far Mrirty days. 


V7 8L Ofh AtfMta 


' Ibm Saista, JaA. 

grade second-band . machlnea beo^t. aoid aad 
exchanged. We have 15 reete of tilsji« lasB Sim 
for aale or exchange; alao song and Tectara sets. ' 
Edison. Pqwa and othw makea Oeap. KA- 
TIOtTAI. BMWX>YMlDtT W-; -PBIi»t1L annn. :. 

It ynn as* it ta Xba tlilftastj, tail ttssi so. 


Xtie Bill board 




ISSUBD WBBKIjY, sDd eotere4 u Beeond-dus 
- Mall Matter at Poat^fflce. ' Olnefnnatl, O. 
Addraas all communications for tbe editotlal or 
biulnen department to . 

416 Elni Stf Cincinnati, O^ U. 8. A. 
Long DUtance Telepbone, Main ZTflB. 
CWIe aOdraas (Beslatered) "BOIrtraj." 




ill HoIlaiHl BnUdllw; lUO 
Tetophon^ ISM :Bi7aBt. 

jaOB 'bUUer BuUiUss, 103-109 
^ , Idepliooa. Central 0934. 

Boom 803, Mluooii Trust Bnndlnc. 

Weatbank BoUdlng, 880 Market St., Janetlon 
Market, BUis and Stockton Sta., Suite 021. 


170 Tempi* > Cbambett,^ BL O. 

121 Bos MontOiartre. Xtelephona 222 — 81. 

^rarious places,, thereby deriving great- 
er profit In a shorter time. This prac- 
tice has not, however, reached the state 
of monopoly, nor is it ever likely to, due 
to UK) rapid changes that take place 
in the amusement world.^ - Any . conqes- 
sion only serves Its proprietor with 
profit as long as the patronlzlng,^b- 
lic stamp their approval on it, after 
which It Is always best to cast it aside 
and scramble for something new. 
While one man labors at new schemes 
and devices, so does his competitor 
and soon he finds that to keep in front, 
he can not count on any one form of 
concession for longer than one or two 
seasons. Ttds shifting of popularity 
is the backbone of the profession and 
keeps it fiowing in a free and urOm- 
poverishable state. Thus It Is that the 
concessioner must needs be ever watch- 
ful and keen to the times and condi- 
tions; that sUrronnd. him.- 

a boon to the profession of 

■ABVZBTtSISa BATES— Xma^ ceata per 
Une, 'acat* maavament. Whole pace, flM; 
half pace. flO; anutet pace, fSS. He adyec- 
tiiement meanmoc leia fnaa Bm linaa aooeptad. 

Babtcription, H>00 a yeaz; 6 montb, IS.0O; 3 
. month!, ilMt psyiUe is advasee. 

So ntn oliaiga to OaBafflan or roieiga inb- 
■ :acxib«ta, 

TiTB! bUXBOABS la for lale on bU traina 
and Bew>4tasd» thionchont the TTaited States 
and nmmmAm , wbiidi are tnppliad if tin Amar> 
loan Sews Cot, and its brascbes. It is alio on 
aals at Bientaso's, ST Avenae de I'Opera, Paris. 
France. When not on sale, please aotifr tbis 
i office. 

Bemittaaces shoold be nada bgr peat.aBe* ar 
express monar order, .o> refOatered Iatter_ad> 
..dressed or made payaUa ;ta Xha BOIboard. Pnb- 
■Bahlac Company. 

The editor caa not nndartaka to retnis nnso- 
licitsd msaotoiipt; eoneooBdeats should keep 

Saturday, September 2, 1911. 


The concessionaire is the most es- 
. sential element of every outdoor enter- 
terprise— the parls, the fair, the car 
nivaL He Is a big factor at the cir- 
cus—the red corpuscle Uiat gives the 
life and vigor to the blood. Parks are 
splendid institutions but without the in 
" telUgent direction- of the privilege hold- 
er's Ambition they wouldbe naught else 

■ thaji val*id irfchlc grounds, void of en- 
tertainment and pleasiure. 

A manager can hope to draw the 
crowd on ; the strength of the beauty 
of his grounds, its .sbadiness and cool 

; leafy' gri»ves--biit 'hia hope will not 
rest, on the profitable foundation that 

, It would, were he not to introduce Mr. 

: Concessioner to hla premises. 

The typical privilege man la by very 

'nature,;^ a . reitfcent, tacltumt business 
. than during working hours, but a warm- 

. hearted, ■ congenial contpanion . when 
his toils are over. He never conducts 

. his. occupations in- the vaunting, vain 
glorious method- that - other groups of 
men In other fields ar© -wont to do. He 

..Is -on the whole a self -sufficient fellow; 
content to : t^e care of his own in- 
tereMs^-: without meddling into the. in- 
ner Jof Us Neighbors' worries. It is 
because of this confined and what may 
be termed concentrated energy that 
eaci cbhcessidner "contributes his mo 
dicum; to the, general success of any 
junusement enterprise in which he en- 

Quite a few instances of promoters 
trying to take advantage of their con- 

^ c(»slon«s have vbeen recorded from 
time to tlme^ but thei plucky little fel 
low usually teaches the would-be pa- 
trician a good, sound lesson that he 
never, forgets, and never again does 
the :fcBCJner try to do £ui injustice to 
any i concessioner.^ 

Just as In all commercial linesi so 
In the privilege^ gtame, the industry Is 
beine carried on In. larger and broader 

. channdSL There waii a time when there 

■ was almost one concessioner to every 
booth or attraction. Today, however, 
the- more prosperous fellow often con 

' trols a number of concessions and ap- 

bur Uttle- Chicago friend did not ex- 
actly 'Neash In" last week, hut It has 
ceased to be a contemporary, -never- 
thele^, however a poor specimen it 
may have been at its best. The fact 
that it failed to comply with the print- 
er's demands to "come adross" Is re- 
sponsible for its demise, though it has 
been moribund from the very moment 
of its birth, and the ' obsequies ' were 
without pomp or ceremony. 

The failure of the paper to establish 
itself Is not due altogether to; lack of 
ability or to a negligible quantity of 
perseverance in the make-up of Its 
founders, promoters — and now its chief 
(we might truthfully say Its only) 
mourners. There was no place for It 
It was a supererogation, an excres- 
cence, a thing for whidi there was 
neither' need nor: excuse for Its being. 

It tried to break Into a field iaiready 
covered thoroughly, impartially and 
disinterestedly by The Billboard,- and 
instead of turning Its energies (save 
the mailE!) - to the . uplifting of the 
amtisemeht profession, it sought by bb 
vious Innnendos and hints of big stick 
methods to coerce patronage, and gain 
a following tluough f ear of Its antag 

Theire wds no room for it, even;.If it 
bad einployed a different policy. V-.But 
as it was — sic seniper superomnibtus. 

The Ebxnler dtJhoolmaster, a dramatization 
of Edward Eggleston's famoos American clas- 
8te by Benlab Foynter, was piodaced for the 
first time at Ft. Wayne, lod., Aueost 10, and 
despite tbe intense beat was grepted by a large 
sKdii-nce. The numerous curtain calls denoted 
the success of the piece. 

Boster of Billy Co'mpsny, the tour of which 
opens September 3 la Omaha, Meb., nnder the 
direction of The Bhnberts: Frank C King. 
Dale Derereanx 7r.. Albert Bruce, George H. 
Ashe, Chester A. Taylor. George DaoKerfield. 
Ed. Wlllla, Walfred Wilson, Prank King Jr., 
Mand Folsom, Beth Merrin, Gladys Wayne, Mrs. 
Mattie Ferldiis and Miss "Chick" Perkins. 
Gny Crandall wHl be this agent and Frank Daily, 

Dale Derereanx Jr., has been engaged to 
play Sam Etxstace In. Btlly. opening September 
3. in Omaha at the Boyd Theatre. 

Tbe Orphenm Theatre at Sioux Falls, S. D. 
has been leased to Wm. Barrlngton, who will 
continne to play atock. Taodeyllle and motion 
pictures.^'. ■ 

Cecil yapp, who ' was with tbe New Theatre 
Company from the time of Its IncpptloD till Its 
disbanding, has been engaged to play Ills orl^- 
nal part of the Cat In The Bibe Bird. In I,lebIe^ 
and^Company*s revival of the play, which opens 
tbe season at tbe Century Theatre. Mr. Tapp 
was one of the most pqpnlar players of the 
New Theatre organisation, and' '.the Cat waii 
perliaps bis most successful characterisation. 
-Thongh his early appearances were .all In Lon- 
don, with Sir Herbert Tree, I«wls Waller and 
other leading stars. Mr. Yapp-T-Is' an Americaii. 
bom In St. Fan], Minn. 

Tbe Girl From Bector's will . begin its second 
fieaRon on Tjibor Day. Monday. Sentember 4. 
under the direction of 3Jax. Plohn. In tbe east 
wm be Dorothy Dalton, George W. Paige. Frank 
Dnrien, Margaret, Dawson and otbers. Tbe toor 
will commence In Charleston. S. C, and..exten<v 
tbroiigb tbe Sontb to the coast and the North- 
west. maklDS a ■ srasaB' of - about forty weeks. 
Ed. H. tester wm be the manager with the 
company and Will M. Elliott In advance. 

When The Blue Bird Is rerlTed at the Cen- 
tury Theatre next montb, pumerons departures 
will be made from tbe performance as given 
by tbe New Theatre Company li»t season. 
While abroad this summer, Bngh Ford, tb>- 
general stage director for Liebi^ & Co., vlsitea 
tbe various productions of the Maeterlinck play 
on view In London, Paris and Moscow, and re- 
celved from tbese representations - many • sug- 
gestions that he will work out In lae Fentury 
rerival. The Russian performance, lo pnrtlcr- 
lar, thongb In it Imptvssloniatle « waa 
carried to extremes, isffered many iwiats wbirn, 
when Incorporated Is the American ver.iion, 
should add gioatly to the effecttyenesa of sinr- 
eral scenes. 

Ethel Brandon baa been re-engaged ».~ Ueblcr 
A Co. for her orlglaal part of Mnmvy Tjl tb 
this play. 


At the Country Club, one of Jess* Lasky's 

best big girl acts, has been secured by William 
Alexander and will be sent on tour beglnnlnc 
tbe last week In August. Mr. Jarvis Joacelyn. 
tbe principal comedian, has been re.ensaged for 
b(s old part of the chairman of the House Com- 
mittee. Ettle May Lyon, who has been tbe 
leadlngj lady with - the : Planopblends,' WW b*«n 
secured "for the role of the wife of the -president 
of the conntr- Club. ' Kendal Fellows will be 
seen as tbe Irish butler. The rest of. the cast 
company will iaclude May dlnton, Kitty Whit- 
ney, liOnlse HoUls. .Marlon Craig, Harry Xauek, 
•M. Van . Beieshy. Howard Heialy and Jack 
Barry. ' 

Musical Walker, who dosed with: Boy- B;, 
Fox's lAne Star Minstrels a few weeks ago; In 
order Ho play vaudeville time, has signed - with 
tbe Binsling Show for the balance of this sea- 
son. -B& vandeTllIe-baoklngs dosed at Lincoln. 
Neb., on the XM Sparks' Time. Walker downs 
on tbe track and does- s blackface comedy 
musical act In the concert. He also.playa la 
tbe clown band In tbe parade. For two years 
be had been doing principal end on tbe Fox 

The Rerbert-Gllpln Famons Shows are now in 
their 22d week under canvas. Business Is good, 
and all. with the show are enjoying .the best of 
health. Mrs. Ed. S Gllpln is away on a vhdt 
to home folks at Mill Shoals. 111.. Fred Lake 
rejoined the company after an absence of five 
weeks, during which he played Tsuderllle. This 
week we I play Boblnson. III.; our tent season 
ends abont the last of October. A mtmber of 
return dates have been arranged.' for nest' sea- 
son. ( 

Eddie Miller, prlnelnal ' oriental dancer ana 
snake charmer with Welsh Bros.' London Hip- 
podrome Shows, has dosed with that company, 
and is spending a vacation at his home In Glena 
Falls, N. T. Mr. Miller has joinrd hands wltn 
E. S. Mnndy In a- new act, entitled, Just in 
Time. The team will be known as Miller Bros., 
and the act will consist of singing, talking and 
character changes. Introducing a wonderful snake 
dance, nslng a den of snakes; 

Miss May De Mar of tbe well-known vande- 
vine team of Golden and De Mar, Is In tbe 
Deaconess Hospital in Cincinnati, recovering 
from an Operation. Miss De Har Is well and 
popularly known In vande^le clreles, having 
been appearing recently on the Wm. Pollard 
Circuit, and ber many friends will .be glad to 
learn that she Is rapidly recovering, tbe opera- 
tion having been most snccessfni. 

Grade' Emmett. fresh from, -the farm, 
Tlved In-New York last week, snd Is busy re- 
hearsing, prior to ber opening Sept. 4. Miss 
Emmett was to have prodnced her new act. but 
the managers In tbe Middle West pnt in a bid 
for Mrs. Morpby's Second Husband and ber ad- 
visor. Fat Casey., booked Mlaa Emmett solid 
for the season— this being the tUb year for 
the act. 

Jack Wallace, with his Educated Cockatoos 
baa finished 27 weeks for Gns Sun. and onens 
Aagust 28 far Norman Jeiterlea. Wallace 
states that while playing In Stannton, Va., 
he was offered $5,000 for his feature blrd.^ 
White Eagle, bnt dedlned. He is negotiating 
for a New York appearance in tbe near tntnte. 
either St Hanimetateln's or tbe Americas Moalc 

"Baraum," tbe hypnotist, and his ' company 
open tb»lr season at Sheboygan. Wis., Angost 
30, playing In Wisconsin and Minnesota until 
October 16, when they open on the Cort Time 
Tbis company is booked solid for tbe entire 
season over the above circuit, carrying fifteen 
people, special scenery and a number of now 
advertising features. A record season is sntlc- 

Boater Myrtle Vinton Co: H. P. Bulmer, 
manager; Wm. B. Binder, H. H. Budds. Nelsim 
H.!,BeIl, Albert A. Hazen, Wilford I.«roy, Viv- 
ian Bidmer, Ethel Leonard, Mary Davis, and 
tbe ever popnlar Myrtle Vinton. An orchestra 
, has been added this season, and with all nen 

Elaya::fand. everything up-to-date, bnslncf-s h*,. 
een good so far. 

M-Ts. Xa Belle of the La Belle Sisters, was the 
Tictiin of a peculiar accident at Undale. August 
17. ;a baggageman noticed smoke Issuing from 
one of Mrs. Ls Belle'a trunks: she wss called, 
and , upon unlocking tbe trunk, flames -burst 
forth, painfully but not seriously , bnmlng ber 
about tbe hands. Clothing, etc., was destroyed 
to the value of $50. 

Wlllard Halsted, presenting A Pew Min jtes 
In Posterland, has another orlgloal Idea for next 
season In the vandevllle line, presenting a new 
Colonial number. Tbe Story of "Waablngtn- 
With aperlal acenerr- soeclal slides and ros 
tames. Putting the two toeetber making 
very interesting and novel feature. 

Happy Gns Frail and Clarence Breeding, 
known as the German count and bis friend, are 
in their tenth week In Indianapolis, with fonr 
weeks' retom engagement to follow. . Their 
Dutch comedy set is going big In tbe slrdomes 
and movln<! picture bousrs. They wBI be busy 
nntil the latter part of November.. 

Ethel McDonongh, formerly Divine Myrma 
tbe Diving Venus, opened nn eight ' months' 
tonr_over the Orpheum Circuit at the Colum' 
bla. St. IjOuIs. Aug. 21. At tbe conclusion she 
wllLietimi to^Gnrope to fnlOIl contracti at the 
Palace Music Hall, London, wbere she so suc- 
cessfnlly appeared last season. 

The Pay Sisters, after forty-eight solid weeks 
on Frankd Bros.' Circuit, are spending, a - va. 
cation on their grandfather's farm near Ot- 
tnwfl, Kan., and visiting other relatives In the 
vicinity. They open at Ottawa week of An- 
(rust 28. with their own show, Tbe 'Fay Sisters' 
&SBOcisted PIsyers. 

Wlltiard Halsted. presenting A Few Mlnntes 
In Poaterland, has another original idea for 
next season, presenting a colonial number. The 
Story of Washington, with special scenery, spe- 
cial slides and costumes, putting the two scti. 
together and making a veiy novel ' snd-inter- 
estlnS feature. 

Bozell's Minstrels will put In the vntlre win 
ter oh Western VsndevllIe - TIme.' -'Mr. ' Boxell 
will put out one ot the strongest minstrel sbows 
In vsndevllle, carrying a toll ^band and orchestra 
and a company^ of eigbteen performers.- This 
show has been ont all snminer and report a sac- 

'.. .. D EATH S. .7;; " 

AIXBN — ^May Maybln, known aa Mme. -Allea, 
died at Keller Hospital, Tampa, Fla., Aui^ii 
14, from complIc'atloD of diseases. Tbe iluceaiiel 
waa a mcmbet ot many first-class repei-ioln 
shows, but (or tbe past eight years had beeo 
playlns; ' vaadevtlle. She woa. a resldeut ut 
^est Tampa, bnt born in Philadelphia, l*a., ao) 
-waa-:^^aia.«ld. Sbe is'SlBVlved by a graul- 
mother, two brothers snd her father, all reil. 
denU of Phlladslpbla. Interment 'waa In Wood. 
laws .Cemetery, Xompa, August 17.- 


points monagrers at the head of his ooerao. 

Jos. M. Galtes baa engaged Fred O. Latham, 
for many years stage manager for C. B. Dil- 
lingham, to produce the sew Victor Herbert, 
Fred de Greaac and Harrr B, Smith opera, Tbe 
Enchantress. In which Kitty Gordon Is to star. 
yte. Latham' prodnced all'' of tbe FMtzl Sefaeir 

Nellie Parker presented her - husband. Dr. 
Harry Porker of the Hndaon Comedy Ooiiitmair, 
with a boy on Auguat 17. Mother and sua ate 
doing nicely at tlielr home, IIGO N. Main Sit wl, 
Boekfoid. IIL, and 'would be glad to hear froa 
friends. _ ■ ;■ 


Joee Leo and Nina Gallagher, members ol the 
Prlngle Stock Company, playing In Srattle, 
Waab.. were married on the stage of the {Seat- 
tle Theatre. Aiwast 15, Immediately after tba 

—TOm .m\ 

ecnichialon of 

••TOunK perfnmance. 

Julian 1,'Estrsage, whoso entlte American ex- 
perience up to this ttaue baa been under Charles 
Frohmaa'a management aa leadlnis man for Bll- 
lle Burke, has aevered bis connection and will 
next season play Nldaa in Paul Wiltitach'a 
dramatic version of Thais, uud.r the mnnoge- 
meat of Jos, if. Gaitea. At tlie close ot uias 
Burke's toor last week Mr. L' Estrange re- 
turned to New York and sslled yesterday for 
England for a alx weeks', holiday at borne be. 
tors xetomlng for the Tbais season. 

Joseph M. Galtes. with .the help of Jake Tan- 
nesbaum. the veteran theatrical mauagi-r ot 
Mobilei Ala;, has made a discovery in the |ier- 
eon of Gabe Chamblln. Mr. Tannenbaum ri-altr 
discovered the- yonng man. for he >.aa Iteeu ia- 
strHmcLtal for several years in having his voice 
cultivated. For the past year Mr. Cbamblls 
has been singing In th:* choir ot the largest 
Episcopal Cbnrcb ot Mobile. In response lo • 
wire -of Mr. Galtes. he left for New York Mos 
day, and U, otter liearlns Um sing. Mr. Galtei 
Is snOclently lmntess<-d. be will tie him up 
tor a long term contract. Mr. Chamblln Itaa a 
tenor .voice which is described as being ot us- 
usual quality and posaesses a clearness of loss 
which .'dosely tesembles that of Caruso. 

Otto Viola, "tbe nan who falls." Is meeting 
with great success In Europe. With his ex- 
clusive agent, Cbaa. ' I'omfaaupt,. he will sail 
for AiistrBlla JuIt. IPIS. for a tonr of thirty 
weeks im tbe Brennan Clreult. wlth Sontta Africa 
snd Honolulo to .foUaw:7U!s:H»Us-lisoked.-aolld 
nntU 1»14. • 


Some of the smaller publications 
could almost eke out an existence 
from tne pruceeds that could be de- 
rived from advertising that The Bill- 
. board declines to accept. Not a u e.ek 
passes but advertisiiie copy which is 
received, accompanied by ciuih to jjay 
for its; insertion, is returned to the 
tienders becatise it would have a ten- 
dency to 'besmirch our columns and 
debauch the amusoment . business. 

Legitimate advertisers should not 
be forced' to. associate witt^ thoRe ad- 
venturers in - the advertising field 
whose greed induces them to make 
promises tliey are unable ts fuUfil. 
An advertiser is judged by the com- 
pany he keeps, and the dishonesty of 
one advertiser -reQects discredit upon 
the honest ones who advertist^ in the 
same paper. 

.^n occasional advertisement which 
'shoidd not be allowed to appear is 
likely to creep inta the' advertising 
cnJumnB of any muer, but it is tbe 
endeavor of The Billboard to protect 
both honest advertiisers from undesir- 
able association and uur readers from 
frauds. ^ When our attention is called 
to unfair dealing, a prompt investiga- 
tion is niade, the advertiser com|)elled 
to make restitution uiid his bueinesis 
thereafter declined.. 
° .Action of this kind is not entirelv 
unselfish on the part of The Billb.iard, 
because we realize that it is to our 
interest as publishei-s of- the leading 
amusement weekly to seek the ad- 
vaiicement of the amasement btita- 
.licss. Entirely inde^tendent and en- 
gaged' in uo factiontu fight, our mle 
object is to proinote the interest of 
amusementfl as a whole. 

As recipien ts of the ad vertiping pat- 
ronage of men who have devotea tiioir 
time, energy, capital and intellect to, 
the upbuilding of the motion picture 
business, we deem it our duty to pro- 
tect thentfroin those who would un- 
dermine it. Films and dides depict- 
ing hangings, burning at the stake, 
white slavery and' others of. a sensa- 
tional nature do not have a. tendency 
to uplift ami perpetuate tiie motinn 
picture business. ' Advertisinviof such 
nlins and slides is alw&ya declined by 
The. Billboard, regardless' of how re- 
mtmerative it may -bo.- ' That t!ii« 
Ijolicy is appreciated is BDuwn by the 
constantly increasiog 'volume of od- 
yertising, • ' 

SEPTEMBER 2, 1911. 

Xlie Billboard 


Songs Publishers Are Boosting 

- Matt WopoMAap 

In thU department THE BUXBOAXD will irint (Mb week 
the okonuu of l«t« tanf tifdjCIrnomnnmiIwi hr thrir jat- 
Uili«n for ma on. tho ituait AftUta wla txA ,tb»i» anmlian 
taitaUe for their Mt eu oMain oomplet* piefoisloiial oopiei 
by addreiiinc tbs vnlliihen. ' ThU Ooputment ooutltntet a 
Talnable aid for prrfeiilenali, aa anly Maca that have intrinalo 
merit and are etpeoiallr adapted for naa an .the itace will ho 
produced. Faifermen will; br aonraltbw'thU department, ho 
aparod the time and tnaUo at <n'ia« namoMoa aenca that have 
BO parttenlar valae, or tiv* bo erldaaoa of iattdnin* Ionce*Itr> . 



CiM&c Da aimI bror, CcisBUD and bcu Al - - ;in- alrr*. T£g-tieH> 

list Becaiae I Lov^l^'ilW Never Seem (M. 

L Butonc. 


— uiss- 


S If .It 

• 5 • » . 

^^^^e^^W^--"^ ^ ^^^^^ 

.J ! 



1 _>_'^ 

When ordering prof essional copies, 
say you saw it in The Billboard. 

Where Love is Kiizg- 

(In BMiulind StaiwLand) ■ ji^i. 

" WHEiM I'm Alone Im Lonesome- 



Ttie Billboard 

SEPTEMBER 2, 1911. 

The World of Amusement 


The Whirl ot Mlrtb or Dooley's BecepUoiit 
Is a farce In two acts, written by Edgar Sel- 
Aen. It Is not the borlesqne type of attraction, 
bat an interesting and entertaining musical show 
Ben W. Harris wrote the music and George Pax- 
toa staged the nnmbers. The entire production 
VU made under the personal direction of 
Charles W. Daniels. 

A most competent cast of people has been en- 
gaged. Eddie B. Collins, who is known as The 
Uan With the Fnnny Face, Is principal com- 
edian; Nellie Walker is prima donna. Others 
with -the company are: William J. Senney, 
Willie Mack, George M. George, Harry McAvoy, 
Charles 7eager, Howard Dalley, Nellie Walker, 
Hester Waters, the sonbrette, Mande Stevens, 
Ida Yeager, Edgar Hall, Robert Seattle, Irrin 
Kllnger, Arthur Hamrty, B. J. Levy, a male 
cfaonxs of six, and sixteen girls. 

Edgar Selden has provided an interesting 
book' and . Eddie Collins, as well as the others, 
in the cast, every opportunity to make the best 
of tbeir parts. 

The Whirl of Mirth shonld be one of the best 
shows on the Wheel this season. Comparisons 
can not be . made at this time as most- of the 
shows are not yet opened, but judging from 
what attractions have been on the Wheels in 
previous years The Whirl of -Mirth stands up 
well In comparison. 


The Bchman Show will be the only Singer 
show to retain Its old title and. will be a strong 
Show, using as the book a modified version of 
the Girl from Rector's, with Florence Mills as 
lAtCr vthe leading prima donna role. 

Palntine ;tbe Town, the 'new show In which 
Pete Cnrley Is to make his retnm bow to bur- 
lesque andiences, is another strong production, 
with a line-up of fourteen principals land a 
hig slnginc chorus ot twenty girls. The show 
will be billed as Halllday & Curley's Fainting 
the Town and will include in Its cast such 
well-known players as May Shirk, who will play 
the leading female part; Margaret Howard, 
Clara Raymond. Geraldine May. Betty Davison, 
Jolin H. Price, Ralph Rockway and Thomas 
Shields. Painting the Town will carry more 
scenery and properties than any burles^iae show 
which ever took the road and Its extra feature 
will consist of a novelty In the way of'tt mys- 
terious fountain. In which real water will be 
used and which will require an entire car to 
transport It from stand to stand. One of the 
features ot the Painting the Town Show wUl be 
the singing. A small operetta will be Included 
In the numbers, for wUch a special chorus of 
solo and choir singers have heen engaged. 

Ben Welch's Bnrlesquers Is the third show 
to be put ,out by Jack Singer this season and 
great -preparations are being made to make this 
a banner production. The company is headed 
by the popular and versatile Ben Welch, who 
will be supported by a* strong cast and a power- 
ful choms of good-looking girls- AU three 
shows are rehearslne in New Twk and. irUI open 
In a few days. 

C. B- Arnold. . formerly a well-known 
carnival promoter and later a part owner of 
the Bachelor Club Bnrleaqneis with Harry Has- 
tings and also fermer owner of O. B. Arnold's 
Fads and Follies and the Serenaders. Is now 
secretary and treasurer of the Jack Singer 
Amusement Co., Inc., of which Rudolph Hynicka 
Is president and Jack Singer general manager. 
The oOces of the Arm are located In the Co- 
lumbia Amusement Co.'s new skyscraper build- 
ing at 4fth Street and: Broadway, where all 
the business Telative to the productions at pres- 
ent owned by the firm la handled. Among the 
prodnctions owned by the Jack Singer Co. are: 
Halllday & Onrley's Painting the Town. Ben 
Welch's Bnrlesquers. The Behman Show and 
The Passing^ Review. The ^nger shows have 
always been notable for their gorgeousness and 
high moral standard, and they have led the 
inarch of improvement ever since the days of 
split In the two wheels. The executive s^tatt 
of the Singer Company includes; Sydney Wire, 
freneral press representative; Jake Lieberman. 
John Jacques. Charles -Falbe, Louis t«vlne and 
P- C. Hill, .traveling managers; and C. B. Ar- 
nold, secretary and treasurer. 


Philadelphia. Pa.. Aug. 25 (Special to The 
BiniMiard). — ^Brother John Williams of Ottawa 
I.o<lge No. -49, T. M. A., died suddenly in Phil- 
ad'Iphia, Aufnist 14. and was buried In Phil- 
adelphia Ix>dge - burial plot In Montrose Ceme- 
tery, August 17. with appropriate ceremonies. 

Brother Williams was familiarly known as 
"Chincse'f Johnnie Williams, having for years 
portrayed the character of a Chinaman In 
Harry Clay Blaney's Across the FaciOc and A 
R»<*e For Xilfe. He was also well known on 
Keith's Orpheum Circuit, bavins played In 
vandevUle. He leaves a wife, who Is a mem- 
ber of Cleveland Lodge, T. M. .A. 


Philadelphia. Pa.. Aug. 25 (Special to The 
BiUboard). — ^An Invitation of Washington Lodge 
No. 7. T. M. A., to Third Grand Vice-Presi- 
dent Charles H. Spraguc, to Install oScers of 
Lod;;e No. 7, .Tanuary 14, 1912, has been ac- 
cepted. Tlie Third Grand Vice-President will 
visit Washington and duly instail the officers 
on that dat'^ A banquet In honor of Brother 
Spra.etie will follow the ceremonies or inst.illa- 
tlon. Washington Lodpe promises a Star Span- 
^1<>d Banner Baannet, with Rp<l, White and 
Bine- favors, in honor of the first Grand Lodge 
officer who has visited the lodge. An Invitation 
has -also been extended to other lodges. 


E.iston. Tta.: Axis. 20 (S'wial to The Bill- 
board). — Ea^tnn Lodpe' No. SI. T. M. A. was 
instituted last evcoinjr at Pastime Theatre with 
45 members, by institntlng officer Bro. - Harry 
A. Thomas. Philadelphia Lodee No. 3 T. M. A. 
Bro. Tliomas also Instilled the officers, as fol- 
lr>ws: President. J. W. Mclllaney: Vlce-presl- 
d«*nt, J. M. ^K)mas; Past-president, William 

Langhra^: Rec, Secretary, Winfield Sproat: Fi- 
nancial Secretary and Treasurer, C. D. Buss; 
Marshal, Edw. Black; Seigt, at arms, J. F. 
Bicker; Onter gnaM, W. Benner; Ohnstees, W. 
McCIary, J. A. Hoyt and Robert S. Brown. 
Lodge pliysldan. Dr. B. S. Baub. 

Meetings second Sunday of each month at 
Pastime Theatre. 

Instituting officer Bro. Harry A. Thomas Is 
well known here, being a native .of Baston ana 
formerly employed at Abie's Opera House and 
Orpheum Theatre. 


WlUlaan Preston Hemsteger was tentatively 

engaged fifteen weeks ago by McMabon & Jack- 
son, operating the I^ric Theatre, Cincinnati, as 
a motion picture house dnriiig the summer 
months, to act as descriptive talker and lec- 
turer. His work lias been so successful that 
Mc>[abon & Jackson retained bim considerably 
longer than they originally intended. He is at 
inresent alternating between, the Lyric and the 
Albambra, the latter being a ' regular moving 
picture theatre, booked t>j aicMahon & Jack- 

arranged, which will be considerably lower than 
wbat they have been. The usual high-class 
attractions will prevail, however. 

H. H. Robey has just completed a new theatre 
at Spencer, W. Va. The theatre is centrally 
located, and has a seating capacity of 725, with 
Incline floor, stage 14x40, dressing rooms and 
private electric plant. Repertoire, musical com- 
edies, minstrels, vaudeville and moving pictures 
will be played. 

Wm. Krelitz has succeeded F. A. Shlnabrook 
as maoagei: ot the Rosednle Opera House, Cbam- 
bersburg, Pa. 3Ir. Sbinabrook bas organized a 
Company and, purchased the Franklin Guard 
Armory and will convert the theatre into an 
up-to-date theatre. • 

Tynes and Taylor have leased the Grand 
Theatre. Portsmouth. O.. for the coming sea- 
son. Mr. T>'nes. who also owhr the Columbia 
Theatre, will have the management of the 
house. Klaw & Erlancer will; do the booking. 

The Unique Theatre at Mayfield, Ky., is 
tmdergoini* extensive repairs. Tlie Hickman- 
Bcssie Ck)mpaiiy will open this house August 14. 
and Manager T. Jj. McNutt has some excellent 
attractions booked for the coming season. 


1 ^ 


Leading woman with Price and Butler for the past three seasons. 

The Gallipolis Theatre, at Galllpolls, O., 
under the management of J. L. Kaufman, has 
undergone a series of renovations during the 
summer months, and is now open, running vau- 
deville and motion pictures. A local paper, in 
commenting upon tile new house, said that no- 
where in the country can be found a prettier 
theatre for Its size. Mr. Kaufman has had 
considerable experience In the theatrical world, 
and Is fully capable of making the Gallipolis 
theatre a popular place of amusement. 

Edward L. Moore has added White's $2.riO,000 
theatre at McKeesport, Pa., to his circuit ot 
houses In Ohio, Pennsylvania, West A'lrKlnia 
and Indiana, and will open September 4, pla}-- 
ing first-class attractions. Pred E. John.son will 
be In charge. Mr. Johnson is. well iwuown in 
the theatriral profession as a manager and form- 
er advance man. 

Jalce Weils and the Bandv Brothers will 
operate the Liberty Theatre of Savannah, . Ga.. 
during the coming season. An application for a 
charter for the Lllierty Theatre Company was 
filed la the Superior Court by Jalte Wells, Hu- 
hert Bandy and F. W. Bandy. It Is stated the 
house will open the first weeic in September. 

J. D. Moore has leased the Grand Opera House 
at Amarillo. Texas. The house has not been 
very snccessfhl for the past few seasons, Init 
under the maoagemeDt of-' Mr. Moore there Is uo 
reason whv It slionid not be a BIk snccess, as 
Amarillo Is a jrnod theatre town and the house 
modem and up-to-date In every respect. 

August 2S was the opening date of the 
Shubert Theatre at SprlnxQeld, Mans. Wm. D. 
Fitzgerald wm aKain manage the banse. It is 
reported that a new scale of prices have b.-en 

Manager King of the Atchison (Kan.) Thea- 
tre and the People's Theatre of Leavenworth, 
Kan., has secured a list of Singer tiooisings for 
his houses. Both theatres have been renovated 
and redecorated for the coming season. 

The Opera House at Swayzee. Ind., will be 
opened September 1, after having been closed 
tor several years. New scenery is being painted 
and the bouse put in iirst-cluss condition to 
offer sioclz and vaudeville attractions. 

The Lyric Theatre, Bcllville, 111., has 
clianged hands, and hereafter tbi; house will be 
managed tjy W. J. Gillman. The iiouse will 
bo tborouKhly renovated, and a number of im- 
provements added. 

The new Victoria Thcntn-. Gnld«l>oro, N. C, 
under the manaf;cnient of Gourdon & Brown, is 
doing good IjlisInirSH. orfcring high-class vaude- 
ville entertainnionts. 

Nemnlcl; Brothers have leased the Mllo Then' 
trc at Little Pulls, Minn.. Legitimate attrncllons 
will bs feoturcd, interspersed with vaudeville 
and pictflrcs. 

MftropoII.'S. III., win have a new theatre, to 
be Icnown as tlie Klite. The house will open 
about Octolwr 1, with James Slick as man- 

The Kingston, N. Y.. Opera Honse opens Au- 
gust 30 with .ly-w Dockstndcr'R Minstrels. Man- 
ager C. V. Do Bols will asiiln be at the helm. 

Tlie Orpheum Tlieatrc, Springfleld, Mass., 
opened for the Boason August 14 wltii a sood 
bill. Mr. Carallo Is the assl-stnnt manager. 

The Newport (Arlc.) Opera Iiouse changed 
hands August 7. It. O. Parvin will be the 
new manager, vice 3. W. Grubbs. 

The season at the Grand Opera House, Stev- 
ens Point. Wis., win open August 18, with Ilia 
Cat and the Fiddle. 

The Opera House at Atwood, 111., is completi 
and ready for Its formal opening, which will oc- 
cur August 15. 


The Honeymooners Company, managed by W, 
H. Murpby, which bas been touring the West, 
report that they have been out ail summer, 
and that considering that they have been play- 
ing opera houses with canvas shows for opposi. 
tlon, business has been satisfactory. Their 
booltings In the West are nearly completed, af. 
ter which they will move East. They will play 
in the East and Soiith the coming season. 

Wm. Trlplett and his company have become 
firmly established favorites - throughout the 
Southern states. In response to a persistent de- 
mand for the attraction. Manager Loshley hag 
made his bookings again Include Georgia aad 
Florida time. A number of new plays have heea 
adTded, with others in preparation. Decent addi- 
tions to the executive stafC include W. B. Goe- 
bele, business manager, and L. B. Archer, general 
agent. The company is in its forty-eighth week 
and win not dose this summer. Chas. B. Smith 
has joined as electrician. 

Alley Stock Company closed a fifteen weeks' 
engagement at the Snperba Theatre, Atlanta, 
Ga., and wlU rest for four weeks. Members of 
the company left for their homes. Manager Y. 
C. Alley win spend a few weeks In New York 
on pleasure and business. The remilar season 
opens In Septemher. 

The fifteenth annual season of the Myrtle 
Vinton Company will open la Seymour, lon-a, 
August 8: Teheaisals at the same place one 
week earlier. Tbey are booked almost solid for 
the first' five months of the season. In many 
of the towns booked they bare played lor tat 
last several seasons. 

The National Players, under the management 
of F. Wlrick, dosed their regular summer 
season at the Alrdome Theatre, Elwood, Ind., 
August 16. Many of the company joined oae- 
nighters out of Chicago. 

MlBs Euby Thome, who has just dosed het 
engagement with the Alley Stock Company, will 
spend a week or so at'her home In liaatavIUe, 
Tens., before leaving for New Xork. 


The poetical tribute to Al. O. FleldMiere re- 
produced, was wiitten by Dr. H. M. Bamlll ot 
NashvlUe, Tenn., and was printed in ths Con- 
federate Veteran: 

When labor's done and life Is pas^ 
As comes to all ot us at last. 
And at the Judgement bar we stoniQ, 
The sheep and goats on either han^ ' 
I think I know your final plea 
And wbat TOOT future fate shall fife 

Wtaea 43abrlel'a trumpet thrice bas vested. 
His cty rings fmrth, 'Wall AL G. Vleiai" 
And bowing tow betee the Book 
Of Fate, with kind bnt bomely look. 
The prince of modem minstrels stands. 
An old-time banjo In his hands. 

The angel speaks, "What Is thy plea. 
Whereon must rest thy destiny?" 
Then, slowly kneeling. Field doth cay: 
"Dear Lord, on this thy judgement dsy, 
Wblch long ago tbon gavest me, 

I've tried to charm sway men's fean. 
And oft have dried the mourner's tears; 
B.v sons and laneh and merry jest. 
Thy minstrel. Lord, bath done, bis best" 
Tben with a smile upon bis face, 
The angcl answers, fall of grace: 

"Wei! done, good minstrel, thoneh men caip. 
Unstring thy banjo, take- this harp; 
And when the Pharisee shall frown. 
Tune np tby harp and wear thy crown," 


During the period of the Benalssance In Italy, 
when in other countries the actors, by being 
compelled to play more frequently than hsd 
hitherto been customary, were compelled to 
seek refuge inside a hnilding, as they could not 
repeatedly expose themselves to the risk or 
having their performance spoiled by torrents 
of rain, or other Inclemencies of weather, 
on the other hand, m Italy, with Its equal cli- 
mate, the risk is not so great, and even at this 
day there are many open-air theatres in that 
country. The staee in those days consisted o( 
a square wootlcn plattorro about six feet histi. 
covered with canvas all around the bottom. The 
front and sides of the stage are open. Tlie 
hack consisted of a decorated curtain, fastenod 
to a partition of lathes. Behind this baclt- 
ground was the dressing room, used by actors 
and actresses togother, in which they retiroil 
also during tlie Intervals of their octing. For 
the medieval custom that nil performers remain 
visible to the audience during the whole play 
no longer suited the conditions of the stage, (or 
one tiling, bccnhse/In the small professional 
companies the same actor had frequently to ptaj 
several parts, and bccanse the new repertolrfs 
reonired various changes of costtimo. 

.The decorative back-cloth was either palntei 
as a landscape In perspective, a street, etc.. 
and in this case the actors went In and out Hf 
simply pulllni? the curtain a little one way or 
the other. Or the backgronnd consisted simplf 
ot draperies, and In this cose the actors w-nl 
In and out in different places, and where tlipy 
were supposed to listen unseen to some speccli 
on the stage they nnt their heads between Its 
folds. Tile latter kind of background seems to 
have hopu most commonly used; at least, in 
most llliistrattons we notice such a richly foMod 
bnck-cloth with heads pnoplnit out. DndoubtefllJ 
this T-as th" older "rrangcmcnt, and the palntril 
curtain n Intor reform. 

Frelicli olisraviii^rs of tho sivteenfh cpnlurf 
show oxortly tlie same scenic rnnstructlon. '^^r* 
cent that the theatre Is found inside a building. 

SEPTEMBER 2, 1911. 

Xtie Billboard 




Soeclal reduced Items for 'tbl* montb 'iolj: ^ 

S lfW Bosle". P«r 1"°^ ■ " *9 fS 

SO llgt"-- Frames, per groga 1.00 

Shell nind CDqIds. per gross 4jB0 

Whips, pur gross aso 

Crrl iK MainB Toys, per gross 1.76 

Made Kan Twlrlers, per gross l.Oi 

Small Jap Cloth Parasols, per gross lO.itO 

Brown Wire Tall Dogs, fler gross 4.80 

Extra I-arge Spiders, per gtosa 3.00 

Bead Bracelets, per eross 2.8.J 

4-Diece 0>nar Bntton Bets, per gross l.SO 

Gas Llghtcm, per gross 6.00 

Potato Knives (PeererB), per gross 3.7S 

Large Red, White Sc Bine Cloth Parasols, 

per gross 18.00 

Lone Balloons, per gross 2.25 

Fountain Pens, with Clips, per gross 16.S0 

Shell Boxes, 60 different stTles, per gross. 20.00 
" Siring Beads, each In a twx, per gross.. 4.25 

Small Tinsel Parasols, pec dozen... 90 

Laree Cloth '^Parasols, per doxen 1.40 

Sbell Pnrses. with long Chains, per dozen. . .8.1 

Gilt Jewel Boxes, p«r dozen 85 

Red White & Blae Fair and I«abor Day 

Pennants, with tassels, per 100 3.iS0 

Hat Bands, per 100 2.00 

Slip us an order; we will fill It for you rlgbt, 
as WB KN'0\r ROW. and will saTe you money 
besides. Bemember. we neTer disappoint, as we 
have the goods to deliver. 


Kotlons, Jewelry. Cutlery. Canes and XoTeltlos, 
Kd South Street, Philadelphia, Fa. 

Write for onr 1911 Catalognea. 


Oor 1911 Catalogue Is ready to mall. Send tor 
your copy today. It's free. 


Rubber Balls, Rubber Balloons, Balloon Whistles 
Whips, Canes. Ousters, Confetti. Slappers, Hst> 
and Novelties of all kinds. 


Gold Plated Clocks and Uetal Jewel Boxes, Optl 
eal Goods. Cutlery, Raxors and Stiears, Chine 
Novelties and Specialties. 

No Goods 0. O. D. wltbont ■ cash depoalt. 


822.824 N. 8th StPMt. 
ST. LOUIS. - - U. S. A 



Ready to Join immediately. Elght-In-One ana 
Jungle Show combined; Human Fish; India 
Show, headed by Princess Xaji. Would like to 
hear from the largest booking associations or 
carnival coiup.mies. Address BUCKEYE 
AMUSEMEXT CO ., Gen. Del., Syracuse, X. Y. 


I.arge two-sided Electric Street Sign, w.>rd 

••BIJOU," In script. Four by ten feet. C st 

jaw.OO. Win sell cheap. 

JAKE ROSENTHAL. Dubuquo. Iowa 

roE SALE— Empire Candy Floss Machine. Good 
condition. Will sell Tery chean. BOS No. 14, 

llili Station, Harrlsburg, Pa. 

rOE SAIE— 2 male. 1 female black bears, 3 
years old, tamp, $40.00; one live 300 iioand 
turtle ssr. CKi. IKL E. BENNETT & CO., Box 

— , Ca iuljrlilge. Ohio. 

rOE SALE— Seven-lu-onc Show, featuring a 
l uMlng Kangaroo Act, an Emu or Wingless 
ii.itricli. Alllgntors. small anlinaU and freaks. 
/•ISJr.:?'''''''*- ^'^e pictorial banners. A. li. 
i;OODMiit. Wright's Hippodrome Shows, South 
C blcaBO. lll., Angust aSth to Sept. 10. 

For Sale, Organized Rep. Show 

Waterproof Tent, seating 1.000 people. Seats, 
keener}-, stage. Electric Lights, nil complete. 
UmpniLv up In 12 bills; 20 people. Band snil 
I icUesiiu Addres-s A, care Binboanl, Cin- 

I'luil all, 0. 

f."^. SALE— 12 .Mervy-so-Kound. $100; Papier 
Jiaiie Oalateu Statue, Jlo; UIgh Dive Dog and 
I...lilers ?-0: White Tent. 40x00. with poles 
I, .„ "'i'-' •'" SOO'l coiirtitlou. $50. It's n 

™H I'OND FOR SaXE-Automatic. moving 
iXh '"'"I'lete. with BMs eniiiue, 100 Osh. 
I'lmiUuss etc.. all for $113. Will t>ay cash for 
iirciis il,,,,s 1,1 good coiKiltlou. D. F. PUES- 
I'arkembnrg, %v. v «. 

xi?S,i?*'''^.Tj*''''' "ud second-hand Candy Floss 
e' liVl T-,.*''''^ *•*"• »'""• It inter- 

l"W. Vt ' ^- MPG- CO., Lud- 


i''"t w";'''"; Slerry-Ko-ltound Horses. Calile, 
l'iii„ i" i, ' V'""' "allcry. miles, Stereoptloons, 
•ITli -^''nl"*""- fH.v. Doll Backs. WAI.- 

lad. 120 Went .Main St.. tticbmoud. 

Roll Tickets 

The very best that can he pro- 
duce'.l. Good, heavy stock, well 
pDrfi,rated and accurat«ly num- 


Ticket Reels 

2,000 Capacity. 

NICKELED, • - $1.25 
JAPANNED. • - .75 


Iron Boxes 

20 inches high by 10 x 10, 
like cut, 

$2.50 Each 






5 Days and Nights— Opens Labor Day 

Septenber 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. 

WASTES — A few more good atao\rs on percentase basis; also eames of all binds, on low flat 
Tate. Come on. See Herbert Tlce, Fair GtounOs, Fougbkeepsie, or telephone oCBce, 1031 Mnrray 
Hill. Come on. we will take care of yoo. 

1402 Broadway, New York. 


Septemb er 19-20-2 1-22-23 

The Big Fair of Soatbeast MtssoorL Supported by Scott, New ATadrld and tffaslsslr-{>I Conntleft 
Groands lighted by eh^ctric lights and open each night antll 12 o'clock. Free band concerts afii 
dpeclal attractlona. No admission charged at ntvht. Erezythliig free. Some good, hlgh-^liH 
clean shows could make a barrel of mon«-y. Xo exclpsive privileges snld and no camlrals. Mozw 
money In the itcb. reclaimed SIKESTON farming district than any farming country In the state 


President and General Manager 




September 5 to 8» inclusive. 

Wlicre wc liavo an attendance of people on tbc bis da.v. .Ml kinds of amusements, and 

are particuiarl.v nitNioiis to iiave a Moving Picture Sliow. Vantlcvillc. Wrestliu^ ]ilatcb and Wild 

West Sliow. Will lako sliows on poroeiitage. Exclusive piioto privilege oiien. For terms, call 

on or ail.lrcss C. H. SMITH, Supt. Privileges, Litertyville, 111. 


Wili be hold at .\TKF.N', S. C, N..v. M. 15, Ifi and 17. Tl'-c.ird breaking crowds a 
cprtaintv. Prosperitv reij;ri'<- Want to hnar inghL an:iy fioiii FiRnr-CI.ASd AT- 
TR.\CriONS AXD <X)NCESS10NS We prefer ti. contract oi: peicent^ge basis 
for attractiuiis. ilERBF.RT R. CYLES, Secretary. 

Wellston Carnival and Street Fair 

Woihicsitay, St-pt. 20. Thursilay, f'cpt. 21, Friday, Sci.-t. 22, Sa^urdyy, Sept. 23. A 
Carnival Coiiijjany \>:iiito'l, and all kinds of Coneossi. ns. 250,000 people visit our 
F.air. CIIAe^ .1. llEXNtNGER,, AVolIston, 3Io. 


Sbows. Concessions of every description for Firemen's Camiral, at Diimont. S.. J; Seven days. 
Opens Saturilas-, Septeniber 10. Ciost's Saturday. Septemlier 23. All bis days. Everytblns Soes. 

Answer at once if .voii want to (tot nione.T. 

Mew York Office: MM 1st Avenue, Kew .Y«rk City. 

Anyone Can Make 
$25 to $50 Per Day 

Operatlne this big. sew. attractive game 
at Fain, Carnivals. Parks. Picnics, etc 
Price complete, ready for bDslness. 9iS. 
Also bave for qnicic delivery tbe Anro- 
matlc Hooligan, Antomtttlc Johnaon, Kick 
ing Mlde Mand, ball tiimwlng games ttiat 
bave a i^atatlon. For prices and fnll par> 
ticniars of any of tbese address CINCIN- 
NATI NOVBI/rr CO., zoo lUteentb St. 
Cincinnati, Ohio. 

No. aq, $3.Ta 

par Qroas 



For Cajrnlval Sales. 


We carry tbe largest assortment of Knife -Board 
Knives west of tbe Mississippi River. Oor prices 
are absolntely rocic iMttom. We also carry a 
fail line of Streetmen's Goods. Carnival Novel- 
ties and goods for Fairs. We are the oldest 
Streetmen's snppiy bonse in tbe United States, 
and bave tbonsands of satisfied cnstomers; we 
can satisfy yoo and want yonr business. Orders 
sblpped same dsy as received. Catalogue FBES. 


907 Lucas Avenue, • ST. LOUIS 



ISO auorted large canes, bard 
(laaen, gold and silver beads- 
no cheap canes. Woctb $8.00; 
Price. |S,00 per 100. 

Honey witb order. Ctnes and 

SIHSEN & SON 50 Ann Si, NiwYsikCity. 

Send for catalogoe. 

$5.50 S"nT? $5.50 

You 'will coin moneywith it. 
Write for FREE Circulars. 

WATCH tilis spica hr the 

Sample Plates FREE. 


Dept. W, 1262 64 Blua'Island Ave., 
CHICAGO, ILL. Estab. 1891^ 



Amusements of all kimis. Novelty antl Si'tiivenir 
Stands. Cane Racks. Wild West and Planta- 
tion Sbows. China and Paddle I>r.min::s. at 
our fair, Sept. 20. 27. 2S. 29. Finest Pike in 
the state. Lite lo hear from bi^ carnival com- 
panies. W- J. I'ERKIXS. Secy., Raudoiph Co. 
Fair, Red Bud, 111. 

FREE " ATTBACnONS — Our special open air 
Vaudeville 'Attraction is the bicRest and best 
drawing and pleasing Free Attraction that 
monev can secure. Its cost is extremel.v reas- 
onable, and any sized program can l»e ar- 
ranged. Balloon .Ascensions, day or night: all 
nigtit ascensions with fireirorlis display. Wrltt^ 
us your dates anil we wili submit details and 
price. TED SPARKS AM. COST. CO., Century 
Bl dg. (opp P. 0.). Kansaa Clty, Mo. . 

"THE OAKVnXB HOB-imB." Oa]niIte.^> la., ' 
Sept. 13-14. 1911— COSCESSIOSS WASTED. 
Two big days. W*ell advertised and ble crowds 
coming. Good money bere. Address GEO QRA- 
HAM, Manager, Oafcrine. la. 


Tbe best ever. Samples lOe. < BOXAI. PEIT- 
XANT CO.. 7 Sanford .St.. SpringfleUU Mass. 


Xtie Blllboarcl 

SEPTEMBER 2, 19ii. 

Resume of the Week's Important Amuse 


roe opeolnc of the Maxyland Theatre, Ansut 
21V. : > nutable one in local tbntredom. Tbs 
event mariwd an historical epoch in Baltimore's 
lelalioh to the stage and famons old-time acton. 
TUa Catherins of famous stars was a tribote to 
(Manager James L. Keman, who celebrates his 
46th anniversary as a tbeatrical manager. A 
special Boorenir program wag issa^'d 'containing 
interestlDK tacts concerning the manager and 
the aetws. Mr. Eeman'g father condneted a 
prodnce and commigifion basiness where the 
Uaijriand Theatre now stands. Mr. Keman be- 
gan bla career as a derk for his fatber. In 
ISei, ill. Keman enlisted with Harry Gilmor's 
fiunons cavalry troop and continued In the 
■service with tlie Contederate Army until the 
odose. of tb* war. After tbe war be came bade 
to: :tlii» elty. His brother, Bogene Kernan, now 
manager of the. lorctmn Theatre in Washington, 
haavtalnni tlie Baltimore Opera House in pay- 
meat r ot a bad debt. After much persnaston 
James X.. Keman was induced to take charge 
of the Iwniae. That house is now the Monu- 
mental 'Xlieatre. 

Mr. Eenum made anlte a fortune in this old 
tiieatre and then his business expanded to 
ttiree theatres in Baltimore, two in WasUngton 
and one in Buffalo, N. X. Several years ago he 
disposed of his Interest in these theatres and 
lias confined his time exclusively to the man- 
agement Of bis ; new structures — tbe Maryland 
and Anditortum Tlieatres and the Hotel Ker- 
nan, wiilelt are imder. one roof. 

In tlie lobby of the hotel liang many framed 
leaalntlons and allver loving cups which were 
presented to Mr. Keman as tokeni ol esteem 
expressed by business men and civic otganlxa- 
tioDs of this city. In the lobby of the Mary- 
land Theatre, tiangs a .handsome oil painting 
of Mr. Keman, which was presented to Iilm by 
the employees of the house August 1^ In 
the rathskeller, under the theatre, the walls 
resemble a vast ball of fame for tbe great 
nnmlier of relics and old pictures of famous 
thespians who have long passed Into etemlty. 
Mr;. Keman Is proud of his collection. 

Charity has been Mr. Keman's hobby and 
recently be founded s bospltal bearing Us name, 
and he lus also made arrangements by wUch 
his furtnne -will go to charitable Iiutitntlons 
after bis deatli. Tbe eetors who were on the 
bill to honor Mr. Keman Included Mrs. Aimle 
Yeamans, Maggie Cline, Lottie OUson, Gus 
Williams. Frank T. Ward, lolm P. Curran, Fox 
anti Ward, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Thorne, AUau 
aoi) Clarke and Jolm I>e Claire. Lottie Oilson 
maile iier debut at the Monumental Theatre In 

' Xyman EL Howe has I}ecome interested in 
the "See America First" movement wUcb was 
started in this city and each week bis exhibi- 
tion will contain some American views. Last 
week a film showing tfie heantlfnl mountain 
gorges in Colorado was presented. Ibis picture 
was taken tbrangb the courtesy M the Denver 
and Bio Grand Ballroad. The picture of the 
train wladlng through the rocky gorges was 
very Interesoiur. 

"No Interruption to Business while Improve- 
mmts are Going On" Is usually conspicuous in 
front of any business establishment, and the 
Victoria Theatre was handsomely renovated 
thronghont without closing the doors. This 
popular playhouse Is one of the heat boslness 
stands In the city. Messrs. Pearce and Scheck 
have spared no expense on the artistic eml>el- 
lisbment of the house In makinK It cozy and 
comfortable. Manager C. E. Lewis has been 
very busy looking after the work and to get 
good rei^nlts he only engaged experienced work- 
men and artists. 

Maggie Cline. who Is appearing with the 
"Old-Timers" at the Maryland Theatre, wrote 
a letter to James Keman in answer to a re- 
quest for data concerning her stage career. 
She stated that she made her first appearance 
In this city with Snebaker'B Majesties at the 
Monnmental Theatre the week of January 7, 
ISSl. She said that she was bom in Haver- 
hill. Mass.. on January 1, 1860, and she is now 
61 years old and she don't care a dam who 
knows it, and dares anyone to deny it. 

William L. Ballant, manager of the Gayety 
Theatre, is the sole heir to the real and per- 
sonal property of bis mother, Mrs. Jennie C. 
Ballanf. by her win, which waa filed In Or- 
phantf 'CoiKt, Angnst 17. Xbe will wss drawn 
October SB.: 1910. Mrs. Ballanf died Juno 
2S last Sie named her son executor without 
. ■ bond. ■. 

Katherine Kavanangh, the well-knovm Balti- 
more actress, will open the season at the Savoy 
Theatre, In a play of her own construction. 
Diamond Chip. The house will open September 
4. and the Boston Flayers which played here 
last season, will resume after Miss Kavanangh. 

J<An Thomas Cox, a retired patrolman, died 
after a lingering Illness at his home at Hamil- 
ton. Angnst 20. Cox figured as a hero and saved 
many Uvea In the Front Street Theatre panic 
In 1895. During a performance, a leaky gas- 
pipe caused someone in tlie audience to yell: 
"Ftrel'V and a rush for the exits followed. 
CoX ptrtroUed this beat and he reached the 
theatre In time to calm many of the panic- 
stricken people. _ 

A romance at HOIIywodd Park came to a 
. climax August 18.. Miss Barbara Frances Leyh 
and diaries W. ^dd were mazxied. Both 
worked together at the Ben-Hur race. Miss 
Leyh sold the tickets and Mr. KIdd was the 
electrtdan. Mr. KIdd makes his home In Nor- 
folk and In summer works at tbe park. 

!nie Fashion Plates were the opening attrac- 
tion at the Moniunental Theatre. John Q. 
Barbour is the musical director and a violinist 
of artistic skill. He played several selections 
during the intermission and was repeatedly en- 

The Madison Amusement Co. has asked for 
a permit to erect a new handsome moving pic- 
ture theatre on Madison Avenue near North 
Avenne. The proposed stmctnre will cost 
$5,000. F. e. Tormey is drawing the plans. 

Edward J. Dean, a brother of : Tunis V. 
Dean, the tbeatrical manager, has written a 
three-act comedy entitled The Girl From Koko- 
mou The play has heen accepted by a New 
York manacer and wUl have Its first perform- 
ance in Indianapolis, where Mr. Dean makes 
bis heme. 

Miss Katherine Kavanangh lias gone to James- 
town, K. Y., to Join Talerle BergerC: and play 

with her for two weeks. She will return In 
time for her opening at the Savoy. Sbe has 
accompanied Miss Bergere many seasons in vau- 

Owing to tbe crowded houses at tbe Audi- 
torium, Mr. Perry was obliged to continue 
Dante's Inferno for another week. Tbe pic- 
tures attracted so much attention and pnbllc 
interest in the lllnu waa so keenly manifested, 
that many requests were received to continue 
the pictures, nie KInemacoIor pictures will be 
put on for s week, and then Al. Wilson wUl 
make his appearance. , 

Camp Ford, near Tolchester Beach, is the 
summering place for many showmen during the 
hot montlis after the theatres dose. This 
bnucb is composed of electricians, billposters, 
stage carpenters and other mechanics wlio travel 
with the Savage, Liebler. Shutwrt and other 
well-known dramatic companies. The camp 
closed August 26, as the boys have received 
notice to report for duty, .^ong those present 
were: Gecarge Orashan, George Leonard, Wm. 
Muldee, Dick Bamngartner, George SchaS, 
Bngtv Thomas. B. Flsherty. George Hanna, 
Jim Santrr, George Undsay, Jlmmle Doyle and 

Howard LeYan made several successful avia- 
tion Bights before crowds of spectators at Bay 
Shore Park, in spite of the fact that he was 
snffering from Inlnrles received In Pittsburg 
July 8. ■ 



This week began the dosing of our summer 
gardens and the opening of our downtown thea- 
tres. Delmar Garden closed its season of opera 
August Vdt . and while the garden will remain 
open for a few weeks longer, the theatres will 
l>e dosed. The American Band, of Providence; 
B. L. will give concerts daily and become the 
chief attraction. The Suburban Garden will 
close its dramatic season with tbe current 
week's bill, bnt will put: on vaudeville ana 
motion pictntea for the remaining days of Uie 
summer eeason. The early closing is caused 
mostly by tbe players having to depart for 
their winter engagements, and it tielng not tbe 
desire of the managers to' put In Inferior at- 
tractions. The week's amusements are still 
plentiful. Inasmuch as with the closing of these 
garden theatres we have the opening of the 
downtown theatres, and in two weeks more all 
rwlll be asking for business as usual. 

The Monopol's pictures of "Dante's Inferno'' 
will Iwgin an indefinite mn at the Garrick 
Tiieatre here, beginning Ang. 26. and Judging 
from the advance interest displayed by the 
press and the pnbllc, tbe engagement will be 
highly successful. The lobby has been crowded 
with spectators all week gazing at the photon 
of this production. Uelville Stoltz, the Sbn- 
bert's local r^resentatlve, 'will conduct the 
progress of tlw show, and every minister has 
received an Invitation to attend the perform- 

Tbe annual made-ln-St. -Louis show opened 
at the Coliseum on Monday, August 21, and 
will continue for one week. Tills show has 
been a success for three seasons, and Is an 
exhibition of all goods manufactured In tUs 

The German Theatre Companrt wUch has 
been placed on a safe basis of permanency by 
a guarantee fund of glO,000, raised by a syndi- 
cate of local lovers of German <qiera and 
drama, 'wUl begin its season at tbe Odeon The- 
atre on Sunday. October 1st, nnder the diiectltm 
of Hans Loel)el. 

Mme. K. LIpzin, in plays especially written 
for her by Jacob Gordin, aooeared for two per- 
formances at the Shnbert Theatre in this city. 
August 20. The Orphan Girl and The Unknown 
were tbe plays. 

Manager D. E. Bussell opened his American 
Theatre August 20, with Tbe Bock of Ages, ana 
with a msh. The theatre looked Its best after 
a thorough cleaning, and much pomp attendea 
the opening. Manager Bussell has heretofore 
managed the Imperial Theatre here, but this 
year was given the American. 

The Higby Stock Company has replaced tbe 
Jossey Stock Company at West End Heights, 
and the following players comprise the com- 
pany: A. D. Vosbnrg, Alfred Allen. Albert Pat- 
terson, J. C. Koplo, Miss Pearl Kincaid, Mrs. 
Margaret Allen and Mr. Higby. 

A bUl is about to be brou^t un liefore the 
City Council to dose an shows onder tents In 
St. Louis. The VOL Is In the bands of the com. 
mittee. and a pnbllc hearing wUl be heard on 
the bni this week. There are a number of 
tents in this dty now operating motion picture 
and vaudeville, and It Is to do away with these 
tbat the bill is introduced. The outcome will 
be watched with much Interest by those con- 

Bobert Conness, leading man of tbe Snburban 
Stock Company, met with an accident last week 
while olaylng The Inferior Sex, in which Char- 
lotte Walker is starring. During one of the 
scenes where the dischsrge of fire arms Is re- 
onlred. he accidentally shot tbe little finger of 
ills left hand, and 'was compelled to liave it 
dressed by a physician. Be was able to con- 
tinue his part, altbough It ddayed the ihoir 
for awhile. 

Dr. Hatfield, who baa been touring -with tb« 
New Olymnlc Shows this summer. Is again back 
In St. Louis. He reports a good season,, but 
was compelled to leave the company on account 
of Hi health. 

Miss Sbelly. of the team of Shelly and Daw- 
son, who have been playing the Eastem Tbe- 
atrical Exchange Time here, were comnelled to 
cancel two weeks of their time on account of 
the acddental fall of Miss Sbelly during the 
progress of their act this week. The accident, 
'while serloas. will mend rapidly, and the team 
expects to be 'working again by September I. 

Al.' Messing, boslness manager of tlie Cblca'o 
Examiner, was a visitor In St. Louis last week, 
having come down to see his brother, Oscar 
Dane, who Is eondneting the Kastem Theatrical 
Egcliange of tUs dty. . _ 

Fltxgendd: and Oddl -Itft St. Lonis for Cb|. 
cage. eanedUng some of tbelr time, on account 
of the death of Mr. FltsgerSId's . father, who 
died In Chicago on Angnst U. 

Tbe Atlas Manufseturing Comnany will ex- 
hibit their first picture. The James Bovs in 
Mismnrl. at the Cbnokee Tneatre here on 
August 2S. ,Moch Interest Is being taken in 

tbis film owing to tbe scenes being taken In 
and around this city. Ibe photographing and 
acting of these tllius have created much news- 
paper comment, and tbe picture patrons are 
oagor for Iih apiH-arance. 

Miss Lucvllu Mayer is maklug a tremendous 
hit at the Grand Central Theatre In this dty, 
with her soprano solos. With the big organ 
and her exceilrut voice, the Grand Central has 
been packing them In for the last two weeks. 



The Ci nc i n nati park season is searing the 
end, bnt the various amusement resorts continue 
to draw as well as at any time during the 


Coney Island's Harvest Home and Sliver Ju- 
bilee are on in toll blast, and for the first time 
In several years the boats have been forced to 
make extra trips to handle the crowds. Tlie 
tiippodrome races on tbe quarter-mile track are 
a big hit, and tbe Midway, with the Oriental 
and Lion Shows, and the fat man and Pfalilppluo 
budgets, is doing a bi- business. The MardI 
Gras an4. Masked Carnival on the 24th, the first 
ever held in Cindnnati, 'was a big success. 
Elaborate MardI Gras decoratUma and special 
dectrlc lights added to the event. Prises were 
given for the most comic costumes. Taken in 
all. Coney's 1911 season has been the most suc- 
cessful In years. 

The recent fire at Chester Park would be 
dassed as a rather high-priced attraction, but 
it has been the cause of some great crowds at 
this resort tbe past week. Col. Martin hag bad 
all the debris deared away, and things are 
running as smooth as though a fire were never 
hoard of. Cobnm's Minstrels 'will take the 
place of vaudeville in tbe opera bonse, start- 
ing August 27, and continuing nntll tbe dose 
of the park, September 4. 

A number of outings have kept things hum- 
ming at the Lagoon, while at the Zoo tbe 
HlBTOtha Indian Players are attracUng large 

Heuck's and People's opened August 20 to 
large audiences. On August 27 the Walnut 
opens 'with Thomas E. Shea, in repertoire. 
Tbe Empress opens on tbe same date 'with Sul- 
livan & Couiddlne vaudeville, wliile the open- 
ing attraction at the New Lyceum 'Will be the 
Lawrence Stock Flayers, In The Boad Dp Ibe 
Mountain. Tbe Standard oSeis Bowery Bnr- 
lesqners as an opener. 

Keith's Gdmnbla and tiie Grand Opera House 
will be right in line for the Home-Comlng 
Celebration, opening September 3. with high 
dass vaudeville, as usual, at the Columbia 
and Nora Bayes and Jack Norworth, In LIttl. 
Miss Fix-It, for two weeks, at the Grand. 
Tills Is the first two weeks' engsgement at 
the Grand since the memorable initial engage- 
ment of Ben-Hur. 

Lyman Howe continues to delight large audi- 
ences at the Lyric. The feature picture this 
week is a remarkable film, taken dnring fnll 
Bight In the air by Lincoln Beacbey, who 
operated his aircraft and the camera at the 
same time. 

Dante's Inferno oictures at tbe Grand bare 
been well attended. Of the thousands tbat 
have viewed these pictures during the past 
few weeks, there were bnt few who were not 
convlneed that tber bad seen the steateit mov- 
ing picture ever conceived and projected npon 

General Manager Sol Stephen of the Zoo, went 
to New York a few days ago to meet the steam- 
er 'from Bambnrg, on which will arrive the 
female hippo ptirchased by tbe Cincinnati Zoo 
as a mate for the male now at tbe garden. 

The Hamilton County Agrlcnitnral Sodety's 
annual fair was held at Carthage, August 16 
to 19. The fair was a record-breaker so far 
as exhibits were concerned, and tbe attendance 
was also well up to the average. The big 
Btlidway was wdl patronized, and tlie races 
brought out the highest class horses seen here 
In years. 

Acting Mayor Galvin bag issned a proclama- 
tion calling upon all citizens to hdp welcome 
and entertain tlie thonsands who will be here 
for the home-coming week, commencing Sep- 
tember 4. 

Chairman Crosley of the Auto Committee, is 
in Elgin, 111., soliciting entries for the automo- 
bile races. A number of the leading drivers of 
tbe country are taklni; part in the races there 
tills week, and Mr. Crosley hopes to be able 
to arrange for their appearance here. Tbe 
races will be hi>ld Septemlier 9. 

A contract has been dosed with tbe Mc- 
Curdy-Willlard Aviation Co. for an aeroplane 
race over the auto course on the same day as 
tbe auto races, probably in competition with 

Plans are also being made for a cross-country 
flight from LonlsvIUe to Cincinnati on Septem- 
ber 5. 


September 3 marks tlie. opening of tbi- other 
theatres here and on Labor Day, September 4 
tbe parks will close their gates for the inii 

The Wlliis-Wood offers for Its initial nttrtc- 
tion. The Country Boy. 

This theatre, popularly known as "tbe tbei- 
tre beautiful," has during the summer monthj 
been repainted and reflniahed and will be more 
attractive than ever. 

Manager Martin Lehman of tbe Orpbenm, n>- 
turned borne tbe middle of August, having spent 
two months in Califoroia since tbe Orptacmn 
dosed. Mr. Lehman said this was one of hit 
longest vacations and he enjoyed himself Im- 
mensely and now feels ready to take up the 
strenuous duties of managing the Onihenm. Ur 
Lehman says, that If bnsuiess continues good it 
will mean a new Orpbenm here, as the capacity 
of the present Orpheum Is taxed greatly. A 
year or two ago the Orpheum Interests iiouglit 
property here for the site of a new Orpheum 
and may decide to build npon It this geasoD. 

Manager Lehman bas announced tbe openiag 
of tbe Orpbenm as Sunday, Septemlier 3, with 
tour big headliners. 

Harry S. Lipsis, a local newspaper man. 
will be associated with the Omhenm this sea- 
son as assistant manager and publicity man. 

The Giliis Theatre had a very auspicious 
openins Saturday night, August 26, 'with Wil- 
lie Live, the Boy Detective, as the first show. 
The cool weather saw the house sdd out for 
the first performance and thia waa good also 
for both the Sunday performances. 

E. 8. Brigbam Is again manager of the 
Giilis, with LeRoy Slmonds as business man- 
ager, and J. K. Sberlock as treasurer. Mr. 
Sherlock has been treasurer of the GllUs » 
good many years and bis universal courteoosoe^^ 
adds to the pleasure of the patrons of the 
GUlis. . 

Tbe Gayety. the Eastem Wheel burlesque 
theatre here, oiiens Sunday, Septemlier 3. wltb 
The Columbia Bnrlesquers. Burt McPhall 
still continues as manager of this house, anil 
announces that tile attractions will be main- 
tained at tbe same standard as last year. 
Many surprises in tbe form of novdtles are 
promised for the coming season. The orches- 
tra has been enlarged, a feature tliat already 
was the talk of tbe circuit. 

Electric Park offered Its pstrons the week ot 
August 20, oletnrea of Fsnst, accompanied bT 
the music of Sorrentlno and tbe Banda Bossa 

The concessions at Falrmonnt Park mar 
close In September but Falrmonnt Is generall; 
kept open until October, as there are man.' 
picnics held there during tbe month of S^'ptem- 
ber and the early part of October. 

No new date for the coming of the Two BlUt' 
Show, Buffalo Bill and Pawnee Bill fron 
September 4 has been announced. Tbe orlr 
inal date that this show waa to appear in 
Kansas City was Labor Day, but there Is as 
ordinance here prohibiting exhibitions tbe 4tk 
of July. Labor Day and Chriatmas Day. 

Everything is now. all In readiness at thr 
Merchants and Manufacturers' Fair 'Wblcb It 
to be the week of September 4. at Caraivil 
Park. Kansas City, Kan. Merchants and manu- 
facturers of both dtles bsve taken an lo 
terest in tbis fair and everything promise? 
success. Will Flrstenlierger is general man- 
ager of this fair, which Is tbe second annual, 
and he has been most energetic In pushing ev- 
erythlng throngh to a success. It Is expected 
that tbe attendance thii leuon trill tar exceti 
that of last year. 



It is officially announced that Charles W. 
York, former manager ot the Spokane Theatre, 
will snccecd Harry Hayward ns raanagi-r of 
the" Andltorlnm Theatre. Mr. York has been 
In the employ of John Cort, general manager of 
the Northwestern Theatrical Assodation for 
the last seven or eight years. 

Mr. Hayward goes to San Diego. Cel., In 
Septemlier to assume management of the new 
John D. Spreckleg Theatre. ni» family will 
accompany him and he plans making bis per- 
manmt home there. 

Carl G. Mtlllgau succeeds JObn B. Hoppe 
as manager at the American 'Theatre. During 
the past season Mr. Mllllgan was press agent 
and business manager for the Lawreni>e-San- 
dusky Company. George W. Seattle will suc- 
ceed Mr, Mllllgan as press ■ agent anil the 
buKlnnss management of the Lawrence stock. 

J. W. Lewis, former treasurer of the Spokane 
.Tb"strc, while gpenrling his vacation at Twin 
Lakes, Idaho, was bitten on the hanit by an In- 
sect and Is now In the hospital suffering from 
blood poisoning. It was feared that be might 
lose his arm. He Is reported to he resting 
easier. The attending pbysldan believes now 
tbst the member can be saved. 

J. W. Hager. treasurer at the Auditorium 
Theatre, will succeed William B. Watson at 
tbe Orphenm Theatre. 

E. AXEI.80N. 


Joseph M. Hollcky of Brooklyn, foraierly <i 
this city, a well-known road actor, and MR« 
Sarah A. Brown, ot 91 Sixteenth Street, norib 
ot this dty, have Just announced their marrlatr 
and will be at borne In Brooklyn, atter Novea- 
ber 1. 

Sunday night, August 20, marked the clo« 
ot the season ot summer stock ot the Leo Baker 
Stock Company at the Shubert Theatre, wiii 
the final production of Raffles by that company. 
It was alsti made the occasion ot a testimonial 
performance for Manager A. G. Balnbrldge Jr.. 
and his man}' friends and acquaintance, 
showed tbelr appreciation ot bis services a> 
the playhouse in a substantial manner. TIh 
Shuberts donated the free use of the bouse, aud 
the work ot tlie players, stagehands, orchestn 
and bouse staff 'was freely donated. 

Miss Lauretta Bletz, mezzo-soprano, is maklo; 
nulte a bit with patrons ot the Twin City Woo 
derland Park, where she la featorlng Remick') 
popular songs, singing with Koehler's Korta- 
western Military Band. 

The regular fall and winter season has no< 
practically opened at all o( the local thi-atre«. 
Chauncey Olcott In Macusbla, opened tbe rugnlai 
season at the Metropolitan Opera House, Sao- 
day evening, August 27, and Way Down E«f 
opened the Shubert Theatre tbe same evenlnjc. 
The regular vaudeville season at the Miles Tbe- 
aire opened Monday matinee, August 38, vVi 
Pantages' bookings. The season has alread* 
lieen on for some time at the Dewey. GayetJ 
and Orpheum. and tbe Unique Theatre has neva 
closed Itg doors. 

Tlic opening at the BIJou Opera House Is Sun- 
day afternoon. September 3, wltb In Old Ken- 
tucky. Wonderland Park and Longfellow Cat- 
dens are running full Wast and will continue W 
remain open until cold weather sets In. 

Joe Scbaeffer will not return to the Dc«e.' 
Theatre, -where he was for so long<' 
as advertising agent, this season. Instead 
will remain with the Unique Theatre, wlitw 
he Is engaged in a like capacity. Be will v 
]olnoi1 at this theatre later by Bddle Clark, 
has been associated with tbe Unlqne for man.' 

Corbctt Morris, tbe popular Juvenile of <M Baker Stock Company, which dosed Its 
gagement at tbe Shubert Theatre. Satunl"! 
night, August 19, loft for Denver, Colo., wlim 
he will visit a week wltb bis mntber, who" 
lie has not neen tor some time. He will tlie> 
proceed to New York City and will probabV 
be seen opim the road In one el tbe new 
diictlons ot Mils seagon. 


SEPTEMBER 2, 1911. 

Xlie Billboard 


ment Events in Big American Gities 


Tile New Cort Theatre will poaitlrelr open 
Saturday nlgbt, Septeiulx^r l*. John Cort Is 
here, arrived Auguat ]7, anO la peraoaallr 
rushing the completion of the bulldjng, ao II 
Is deHoltely aasured that the contractors will 
turn over the plasrhouae to the manager la due 
time. The premiere will be Margaret Mayo'* 
-comedy. Baby Mine, by William Brady'a Com- 
pany. This new bouse wJll be equal to any 
theatre In the country for beanty and com- 
fort. The facade ud Interior are maaslTe 
aod tasteful, and 4he Interior scheme of decor- 
ation will be most dlstlnctlTe. Mr. Cort an- 
nounced that In tbe future lie will make tbe 
New Cort Theatre bis Western headquarters. 
Mr. Homer Cnrran will be resident manager- 

Tfae annual California State Fair takes place 
at Sacramento, August 26 to September 2, In 

Miss Evelyn Creen, a popular and attractive 
San Pcanclsco girl,' left here August 17, di- 
rect for New York, to Join one of the Shn- 
berta' productions. Charles f. Oale, tbe 8hn- 
berts' local representative, recommended ber. 

For several weeks the Bert Xevey Circuit 
was playing six acts eomlns direct from Shee- 
' dy's Vandevllle Exchange. New York, but the 
last tew weeks none bave come bere. Why 
this sndden change of Sbeedy sending no more 
acts here baa not been learned, and tbe 
managers of tbe popular priced Taudevitle the- 
atrffi were forced to pick up what ' they could 
from all the different booking agents In or- 
der to meet their bills. 

A. A. Biancbl, a recent arrival from tbe 
Northwest, will be advertising agent for the 
Ssvoy Theatre. 

Turner and Oabnken. the big moving pic- 
ture Arm here, purchased the Sovelty Tbeatre, 
Stockton, and wlU turn it Into a flrst-class 
moving picture Uieatie. 

AI Von Arx. ■ magician, arrived here Ang. 
IS, direct from Kew Zealand, and was a BIU- 
' board visitor. Mr. Von Arx left here some ten 
montbt ago as a member of tbe Nicola Com- 
liany, and traveled thtonghoat the Orient and 
Far East. He reports tbe company Is doing 
splendid business all through the tonr. and 
contemplates taking over a company In tbe fotnre. 

Colonel Case, well known as a fancy sharp- 
shooter both In vaudeville and Wild West 
shnwa, is now recovering from a broken apn, 
caused by being run over by an antomoblle. 
The CoIoneL however, takes the matter as an 
unavoidable accident, and la singing the praise* 
■of the automobile owner, who Immediately 
picked up the Injured man and removed him 
I" '^Sfy*** liotPH"!. paying all expenses and 
i1 ^"""^ preaentinif Case with a check for 
tl^ooo, and also sent him to bis rancb with 
Instiiirtions to remain u lone he deflred, 
-for life, if necessary. Several lawyers were 
conUniiaJly after Case to bring • big damage 
suit, hut Case would not consider it, ss he 
felt the antomoblle owner treated him white. 

The following attractions are booked for 
J."i°*'S? Columbia Tbeatre: RIdiard 

Carle. Tbe Country Boy. MlaxI Hajos, Tbe 
■Commuters: Montgomery and Stone. The Old 
SS'^ f i'll ^S^^ev. Seven Days; Bobert HU- 
\r.M- Sff^^^^r^^ Held. The Spring 

e^!;?- '^'iK. ?P'»i„T'>e Slim Princess, Julian 
sir ^'X?*"^' • Widow. Blanche Bates, Chan- 
Skinner, tittle Miss Fix-It, Maude 
Adams and Jumping Jnnlter. 
i«r .i'^v^^-.J** booking agent, mourns the 
iSff S' "'"«!'«- which occurred August 17- 
Slie wag aged 80 years. 

'^i^S^ *SP*' feet, nsed for the 

fS, -"""^ ^'■TP anring tbe Eagles' Conven- 
w™w. ;* ?>«n««f«tiited In cl^t days The 
th™ cit^" M«n»factnrlng Company of 

v.^w' »""•«"■ «bnnt that Mai DIU and 

Th ^S?**". '"'2' <"««>lved partnerablp. 
trlTi, il"*- seTC«l 

f^rLf » Jtcdmonrt Company, who at dlf- 
jereni times have made money for the house, 
new1v"'^J2Lti manageiiient and present a 
ttT Ln^*?'"* .*J2?'= company, and reoiwn 

w?ArTh , R«»fho will be the Hrst otteHng, 

Jnl,J n J? ""V ■•he Mouse to follow. 
Con^^ntlTO* * here attendding the Eaglea*^„?j'"', "'!*' IWlInn Mnslcsl Comedy Com- 
f-VS., ""^e i>'"vlnK a stock ensagement «t tbe 

S.l'^'L^^:!"*' Stockton. 
win w T^^l'^ « popular box-offlee man. 
«" Theui?. **' the Piisteboards «t *he Sal 


schednS,! Tl r'""- I-«te City, which Is 

The Gi/",„Th"» y?" P"" September. 

r..n at ^L'"<if,'^ T"'^* on for « t'™ weeks' 
"roasted" rh^^^i?"""*:.. The local papers 
roasted the show, the cast and the entire 

S^?"-..."""'"' anmmer this house U closed, 
but wUl open for the winter season. 

An elaborate blU of Keith's vaudeville has 
been arranged for the Orpheum Theatre open- 
ing, Monday, September 4. This hense wUl be 
under tbe maiugement of H. O. Cassldy. 



The New Metropolitan Theatre wUl be com- 
pleted and probably opened September 18. It 
is undecided what company Klaw & Erianger 
will send out from New York to this beautiful 
•healte, but It will probably be The Spring 
Maid, with Mlzil HaJos. the Hungarian song- 
bird. Whatever tbe production may be, It will 
lie a dlstlngnlsbed company. George McKen- 
ale, representative of Klaw & Eriangsr, has 
r:TeIved advices from headquarters that Messrs. 
Klaw and Erianger will be In Seattle for the 
opening nlgbt. and that they will have at 
their guests Henry B. Harris, Charles B. DIl 
llngbam, Joseph M. Gaites, Al. Hayman. Pat 
Casey and Jake Gottlob. 

Gilbert Barry, for several years manager of 
tbe Grand Opera House, will be the manager of 
John Cort's new tbeatre at Ogden, Utah, wblcb 
Is Just being completed at a cost of {80,000. 
Mr. Barry has been In Mr. Cort's employ for 
many years. He was with blm at the time Mr. 
Cort built tbe Grand Opera House, which was 
the keystone to bis later success, being one of 
his oldest and most trusted employees. 

By tbe terms of an agre-'ment reached be- 
tween John Cort and Ed. Drew, the control of 
the Seattle Tbeatre passes from the former 
to tbe latter. Tbe Third Avenue playhouse, 
for the last year the home of a stock company, 
will for the next two years present a line of 
dollar attractions, which will iDctnde, beginning 
September S. The Flower of the Ranch. The 
House Next Door, The Red Mill, The Traveling 
Salesman. In Old Kentucky. The Third Degree, 
Billy Clifford, Max Dill. Checkers. Tbe Tbree 
Twins, George Sidney, Rose Melville and PoUy 
of tbe Circus. 

According to the Portland Oregonian, Alex- 
ander Pantages has lefus^-d an offer of five 
million dollars for bis chain of theatres. Those 
making the offer had gone Into tbe business 
very tborongbl.v, and estimated that bis real 
t-state, leas-^s, etc., were worth f4.000.000, and 
added a bonus of $1,000,000 for good will. Mr. 
Pantages refused the offer and It Is announced 
that be will at once spend $2,000,000 In new 
theatres. Inasmuch as be Is at pres.-nt building 
on Market Street in San Francisco, and In one 
of tbe most desirable parts of Portland— both 
theatres being Class-A steel buildings — this 
seems to be a conservative estimate. 

Tbe Williams Stock Company opened at the 
Princess Theatre in Victoria, B. C. Angnst 6, 
with Friends as tbe bUl. Pinkie Mnllaly and 
Arthur Cyril bead the company. Margaret 
Doyle, Mr. Van Dyke, Byron Lovlck and Dave 
Williams are In tbe supporting company. 

Within a week of the marriage of Us dl- 

waa home for a tew days last week. Charlie Is 
out of the show business and now general rep- 
resentative for the Cnrtlaa aeioplueik He U 
here trying to get a sottaUe date for -a meet- 
ing for some flights. 

Billing Is out for tbe opening In September 
for Keith's vaudeville house. There will he 
some hot contests on in the vandevllle lines tills 
season. Arcade has had ten-cent vaudeville for 
past years, and now the new honse has adver- 
tised their prices with 1,000 ten-cent seats. 

Tbe new Bralley'a Theatre Is faatly rounding 
Into shape, and will -soon have ite finishing 
touches for Its fall opening. 

Otto KHeves, for years manager of tbe Valen- 
tine Theatre and Caslno-Fann, and who in the 
past two years handled the Aodltorlom Theatre 
of the Shnbert's theatre, has left the field and 
is now coimected with Mort Singer's attractions 
in the capacity of manager of Heart Breakers, 
which Western tour opens Monday, August 21. 

Another management change has taken place 
in theatricals In tills city. Tom H. Tlemey, 
who has been with Stair & Hsvlln In this city 
for the past eight years at the Lyceum, and 
past year as manager of the American, has re- 
signed, and his place will be taken by Edward 
Wilbur, who halls from the .Academy Theatre 
of Bnifalo. 


vorced wife, George L. Baker, general manager , them, 
of tbe Baker Amusement Company and owner of 
tbe Baker and Bungalow Theatres In Portland, 
was married at Medford, Ore., to Mrs. Clara 
Skeel Galloway, widow of R. W. Galloway of 
Portland, Ore. 

At the close of her engagement at the Or- 
phenm in Portland. Ixetta Jewel left that city 
Atigust 5 for New York City, to Join the Uebler 
forces. Miss Jewel Is one of the most popular 
leading women to visit tile coast and her career 
Is one that is being watched with interest. 



S'"- tr'^i W"do"fhe "bSx-omce™i'.;;? 
th^t this sw -li tl""> months sco 
•ame hofisj r.™2 f "'K hn»lne«8 «t the 
ooiise. Cam? too soon to repeat. 

MMon «^°M»r"t„T^^."'"'; "» "nK-ndld lo- 

pass Is ,,„rJ^ Street, where everybody must 

^^^ ^^'"conyenim!'''^''''' -"'■'S 


♦h?^Plr»r nlJ". «°"«'';« which were given by 
Ancns „?'T"'. Sunday evening, 

"rr e„,^;, "t Pentonnlal Park, proved to be 
N'aslivllie m,„t """" '■•Tte crowds of 

Tenn, 51"^'' The directors of the 

'his h,^ , ",'"'1 r?'"" *J"» wntracts with 

-fair w"k. " """J" concerts all during 

BI*S"*Lr''','* V*J»"'"' «t»r«ctlon at the 
^ctlnns .J-iii ^ SnP'oraher 18. Other early nt- 
•M -rTe ni^LVr Jf* O'"-!- The Soul KISS 

■"»« will „^M,^ "corge n. Hick- 

he the Bijou's manager. 

"rlninmi vacation trip I was en- 

I'leas,?^ ]'Z,I- ^- Sfenhena. manager of the 
«»enlV. ?, h"' and the Alrdome. Manager 
<te» ta imr^ " orettlest pli-tnre thea- 

Ahothc, of S' ^S"* J» ''<"">« • iwod business, 
'wr or bla tbeatrea la th. lutm, ,>inh.M> 

Theatrical openings are in order for the fall 
season. Lyceum opened its doors Sunday mat- 
inee, with Granstark, an old favorite attraction 
of the past season. 

Manager Moore still retains tbe management. 
Hap Hook, formerly assistant treasurer of tbe 
house, has been promoted to treasurer. 

Bob lAtban does the same stunt In tearing 
off the coupons at the door, and tlie old fam- 
iliar yell, "Cortaln Is np!" 

Tbe Empire vIU rontlnne shop, opening Sun- 
day. August SO, with Joe Hurtig's Bowery 
Burlesquers. Harry Winters will handle all 
the affairs for the firm and tbe tiox-oSce will 
still have Charlie Schafter's smiling face to 
say. "How many " 

Ted Nicholas, an old-time publicity man. will 
handle that end of the bouse. Rolwrt Ripiioo. 
who handled the ad\'ertlslng in past years, has 
left to take the same capacity with the Gayety 
Theatre at Kansas Clly. Mo., which is on the 
same burlesque wheel. 

The American wtU oi>en on or about Septem- 
ber 3, with melodrama. It Is reported that 
Clinrlle Wilbur, formirly with the Academy at 
Buffalo. -n-UI be the manager. 

It Is reported that the Valentine Theatre will 
bare a new manager for the coming year. 
Harry Ketchum. formerly with the Valentine 
Theatre at Springfield, O., Is spoken of. A 
change in the box-othce force Is also on the 
list, but no one as yet engaged. 

Tbe new scale for the stage hands went Into 
effect In this city last week. Now the boys 
behind the scenes get extra pay for Sunday 

Manager Bronson wns In the city and Is now 
busy in the starting out for his opening date. 

China Chop Suey MuUln of the Wayne, is 
married. Won the girl on , drinking Coca-Cola 
for six months. 

Had a chat with Manager Tom Henry at tbe 
Oaycty. in Toronto, last week. He had Just 
come In from the East. Very busy tor his 
opening of August IS. Tom seems to be a fix- 
ture with th<' firm at that city and Is very 
popular. Has simie theatre. 

Roy Bell, treasurer ot the Cort Tbeatre. Chi- 
cago, was home for the week. His theatre 
opens again for the coming year on August 17. 

Bob I.eroy. one of the old-time agents and a 
great pilot for theatricals, was In the city lu 
ndvani'c of Blllv Single Clifford attraction that 
la billed for the Lyceum. August 30-33. Bob 
claims that his attraction Is In for one big 
season. Openings at Dsyton and Columbus were 

Charlie Wurttalngton, a well-known performer, 
and In fact, handy ia all hrandMs ot «baatrlc*'s. 


When the Shuberts take over the Boyd Thea 
tre this fall, there wUl be warm competition 
between the rival theatrical factions, Klaw & 
Erianger, who book the.Brandels, and the Shu- 
berts. It Is rumored that both factions will give 
Omaha their best attractKms, and It then re- 
mains to be seen whether a city of this size can 
support two flrst-class tiieatres at the high 
prices of admission. . The Brandeis wUl open 
the last of August snd tin management an- 
nounces the best booking that this city has seen 
in many years. The Shuberts siso promise good 
bookings for the Boyd. It Is not likely, how- 
ever, that their house will open before Septem- 
ber 15. 

The Gayety will continue to book the Colnm- 
bla .Amusement Company (Eastern Wheel) bur- 
lesque attractions and wlU open on Attgnst 37, 
with The College Girls. All tbe shows this sea- 
son will remain for a full week. Instead of 
omitting Saturday night as wag done last sea- 
son. The shows will come from St. Paul, 
where as laat season they came from Kansas 
City. Manager Johnson has received the entire 
season's bookings tor thirty-eight weeks and 
U well pleased with the shows that will appear 
at his house, 

Dnrlne the past season at the Oaye^. 71.617 
ladies attended the week day ten-cent matinees- 
Thls does not Include the ladles who attended 
the night, Sunday and holiday performances. 
This honse Is becoming more popnlsr every 
season with the ladles, and It is too high-class 
burlesqoe shows which ai^ear there that draws 

Manager Franke of the Krug, iias returned 
from Kansas City, where he has been spending 
bis vacation. He Is having bis honse renovated 
and putting in new carpets. Everytiilng will 
be in readiness for the opening on August 27. 
Western Wheel bnrlesQue will continue at this 
honse. snd all shows will remain a week Instead 
of tonr days, as during the psst sesson. 

E. Ii. Johnson, manager of the Gayety, has 
retnmed from a delli^tful vacation trip to the 
mountains of Colorado. Mr. Johnson Is well 
pleased with the business at his honse during 
his abeenc& 

The Musicians* picnie at Conrtland Beach on 
August 10. proved a big success^ and the excel- 
lent music pleased tbe large crowds. 

Manawa continues to be a popular i«sort for 
Omaha people, and business Is very good at this 
beautiful lake resort. The new dance hall 
erected this season Is doing a nice business. 

T%e writer was a guest of the Campbell Bros.* 
Shows for three days. In Nebraska, where the 
show has put In five weeks' time, and while 
business has not been what It was In former 
years. In this territory, it was quite satisfac- 
tory considering the condition of the CJimtry 
and what other tented Shows are doing this 
season. The show Is about the same alae as ln 
the past, and the performance on an average 
of shows of its sixe, while the menagerie makes 
a very creditable showing. The Campijell 
Brothers have nine performing elephants that 
would be a credit to any show. The stock 
looks flue and painters are with the show, golus 
over all the wagons and dens, which will great- 
ly Improve their appearance on parade- My 
visit with Fred Hatfield, Ed. Campbell and 
others connected with tlie show, was a very 
dellebttnl one, and every courtesy was shown 
me by the Camphell Brothers. 

H. J- KOOT- 

Iiavlng started on his theatrical career tea 
years ago aa program boy at Stanb's Tbeatre, 
being promoted to treasurer and assistant man- 
ager, which places he held until lie wait to 
the BUon two years ago. The Gay ivened 
August 28 with a strong bill with five sets, 
including pictures. Four shows will be offered 

Open air Tanderllle at Chllliowae Park la 
drawing well. Ctanehs Band brtn g ' a a trong 
card. OCX S iaXBSaS. 


manager of the Bu i u a ess 

J. Bnab Brohsotti. . 

Tbestre. resigned Isst week to go Into hi 

here. He Is sncceeded by Bert Plttman. who Is 
well known In Denver as former' maiiaser' of 
the Novelty Tlieatte here- ' 

The season at tlie White City haa been fSslrly 
pr<«table this yesr, and Mansger Bnrt baa 
worked hard to give the pnhUe a goad line 
of attractlona. The season doses I«hor Oar 

The Elitcli Gardens win close I.aboc Day. 
The past season has been a^ profitable one. 
Manager Long has spent a lot of money la giv- 
ing' Denver a good stock Company and the beat 
of plays. 

The Broadway opened its 1011-12 season 8tm- 
day, August 27, with The Spring Uald aa the 
attraction. The attendance on tvenlBc algbt 
was very good. 

M. M. Koser. 621 West lltit Aveane, and 
W. G. White, 70B Lincoln Street. Denver. lUTa 
Jointly built a headless biplane that la be- 
lieved to bs far In advance ot other air ma- 
chines. The new Koser-White biplane waa 
taken east of Park Hill Angnst 19, and with 
George Renel, the French motorcycle rider, 
as the aviator, was given Its first extended, 
trial. . The new biplane rose like a bird and 
nnder iierfect control executed a straight-awaj ^ 
lligtat, a turn and came back with tlie Qeed 
of an express train. The machine made aootber 
SBCcessfnl flight Simday and Monday. 

Buffalo BUI was in Denver last wei-k and gave 
two shows at Union Park. Colonel Cody comes 
to Denver so often .that we feel he is a Denver 
citizen. Says he wUl retire to private life 
snd divide bis time between Denver and his 
ranch at Cody, Wyo. A great many people 
were disappointed at not Bei>lng a atieet paxajde, 
bnt Colonel Cody decided at the first of the 
season that the parades were too trying on 
the employees, as weU as npon himself, aiid 
that feature woidd be eUmmated this year. ' 



The opening day program of tbe Appalachian 
Exposition. September II, Is now under 
course of preparation. Governor B. W. 
Hooper will formally open the exposition and 
will be accompanied by his entire staff. A 
systematic advertising campaign has been con- 
ducted, the press has printed -many colomiis 
about It, and billboards far and near announce 
tbe event. Interest In the show is manifest 

H. Q. Barkoot, director ot -the Midway, an- 
nounces the following shows for the Midway: 
One-ring Circus, a Wild West A. P. Gorman's 
Musical Comedy Company, Wild Animal Show, 
Honse that Jack Built. Diving Girls. Eight- 
in-One, Ghost Show, Egyptian Hall. Ckmgress 
of Fat Folks, Olivetto's Band, with several 
others under consideration. 

Among 'the "big men" who will speak at 
tbe exposition are: President Taft. W. J. 
Bryan, Gov. Harmon. Gov. wUson, Champ 
Clark and Uncle Joe Cannon. 

Fred Martin, who has been manager ot the 
BUon since It opened, has resigned and will 
devote all of bis time to the Oay Theatre, the 
aew vaudeville bonse. Corbin Shields, who tass 
been with the Wells people for several years, 
succeeds Mr. Martin. Mr. Shields comes here 
from I^ncbbnrg. Va. Mr. Martin Is believed 
to be one of the youngest managers In the 
eonntry, being now la his twenty-fltth year. 


Monday, August 28, wlH be a red-letter day 
In Vancouver as far 'as theatricals are con- 
cerned, for on that day the theatrical season of 
1911-12 wiU be Inangnrated. Miss Mohedy' 
From Btailand will start tldngs at the Tan- 
coaver Op«a HOnse, vriille the Avvmie Theatre 
will reopoi on the same date with George B. 
Howard and Company, in The Gentleman Ftom 
Mississippi. At the Empress Tlieatre the Val-; 
ter Sanford Players 'wUI Inaogorate their xega- 
lar season- This theatre has not closed Its 
doors since It opened some three and a half 
years ago. ISlen the Vancouver Exhibition will 
also commence on the above date. 

John Philip Sotua and his famons band -will 
arrive here from Australia early next month. 
The band will make tbe Initial appearance of 
Its American tour at the Vancouver Opera 
Honse, September 18. 

Andrew Mack's engagement comes to an .end 
at the Empress, Angnst 26. For his last week 
he will present Atrah-Na-Pougfa and Tom 
Moore. Htmdreds have been turned away night- 
ly during Mack's engagement and be Is oaettag., 
the above plays by special request tor his fare- 
well week. 

The musical season which opens here shortly 
promises to be the best In the history of the 
city. Several of the world's famous artists will 
appear. Among the early attractions la this 
line are Jan Kubellk and Kathleen Parlow. 

Alt. Goulding anr Jack Pollarl, formerly of 
the famons Pollard Ulipotian Opera Company, 
have been engaged to ^pport Max Dill In The 
Rich Mrs. Hoggenhelmer. Messrs. Gooldlng 
and Pollard when not 'working, make their 
home In this city. 

Joe Bonner, a local boy, made his reappear- 
ance In this city with the Lewis and Lake 
Company at the Grand Theatre last week, and 
Is meeting with big success. 

J. M. McLean. 

A. H. Woods has added another big feature 
to the Margnerlta Sylva Opera Cwnpany by en- 
gaging the Royal Blue Hungarian Gypsy Band 
from Buda Pestb, which Trill lie heard In tbe 
garden scene In tbe second act of tbe new 
Frans Lobar comic opera, Gypsy Love. The 
hand Is nnder the leadership of Karl Kapossy, 
and was secured at the InsUgatlon of the fam- 
ous Vienna- composer. Kapossy and Lehar are 
great friends and were together in the same 
regiment in tbe Austrian army. Lehar was the 
bandmaster and Kapossy the cornetlst in the 
Kaiser Von Joseph Infantry. The Hungarian 
leader and his players were the favorites of 
Prince Louis ot Battenburg. the father-in-law of 
the Spanish king, and they -were always sent 
for to play on state occasions. The Kat>ossy 
band is the only real Gypsy band ever seen In 
this country. A. H. Woods will make the 
Sylva production the most notable In his career 
SB a theatrical manager. The actual mnnlag 
expenses of the enterprise -will be dose to 
$10,000 a week. This makes It tlie most ex- 
pen^ve American ptodnetioa ever laimched oat- 
slde of grand opera. 

Miss Lillian Bussell has nnder conalderatton 
the book of Tbe I<ave Syndicate, a musical com- 
edy by Fred Ve Greeac and Bvry B. Smith, 
and if ahe finds the part outlined for her suit- 
able, Che has agreed to sign a contract with 
Jos. M. Gaites, who will star her In the piece 
next season. 

Additional Big City Letter* witl 
be found en page 60l 

22 Xlie BlllUoaPd ' " September 2. i9ii. 


J.T. Fitzgerald Contributes an Excellent Forecast of the 
] Coming Season as Affecting tiie Business and Pro= 
• fession of Ice and Roller Slcating 


fievlTal of Toiler skating^ .Xhe same old 
MOW Is OQ tlie lips at managera, giofesstonal 
Bkatera ana tliose mostly interested in t&e wel- 
fare of ToUar skating for tbe past fonr years. 
Kack time It Is some one glvlne Us views on 
bow the roller game is going to pan out, and 
tbe difference of opinions In many cases are 
qnite a contrast. Still tbe game on little 
-wbeels goes on just tbe same as tbengb it were 
one of onr regular bnsiness enterprises. And 
so It wQl be for tbose wbo are conducting tbeit 
■Icatlng rinks la tbe manner like some tbat I 
IWTe visited tbe past year. In these rinks there 
la BO. sach tiling as how long they are going to 
last, bnt tbe thouglit of tbe manager who is 
condnctlne a. well-Kovemed rink Is what he can 
give his patrons in the way of masqnerades, 
flower carnlTals, popular blrthdny parties. May 
pole dance, fancy and graceful skating con- 
tests and numerous other souvenir nights to best 
please them. . It la very true that there are 
rinks throughoat -the country that have closed 
their doors, they say, for lack of bnsiness: in 
fact, that is the story tbat is etrcnlated. but in 
many cases It Is not the tmth. I have been 
told by the help employed In some of these 
Tlnks that if the rink had been properly man- 
aged and. the manager-wonld have spent a little 
moneir In. trying; tOy:plea^.1iIs patTOBSr tba^ the 
rtnk wonld be still; nnmlng. Still It Is natntal 
that in some of the small places where rinks 
are conducted. -on a small scale, that , if there 
Is not ;enongh -life, kept info the game it will 
die ont.sooner than, in the larjier cities, and in 
: most . Instances It Is tlie small Tlnks that are 
not siiccessfnl. ' In other cases where the rinks 
are ..closed for. the . summer months,' -tihe skat- 
ers, are very eager for the fall and winter op- 
ening.' and In these places business has been 
good ever since the onenlng of the link in that 
localItyi:- .Sa>'..Z :flsd; that .the peAlmlstie opln- 
lan Is held only by managers who mismanage 


Winner ot the Chicago Street Marathon, April 
23, 19U. Age IT years. 

If rink managers were to get into closer touch 
with one anoUier, organize associations ana en- 
ter Into correspondence' with each ouier, tbe 
skating game should live aa long as any other 
sport. If the rink business In your town Is on 
the vrane. book attractions. Son wUI And It a 
great help. Bun local alCaIrs now and then, 
put on a good race or a novelty event, give 
your patrons something to come again for, and 
they 'will keep your, rink open. Repwts are be- 
ing circulated about the opening of new rinks 
in new localities, and in such places bnsiness 
has been very good. ' Many of the popular rinks 
in the large cities have tooted attractions many 
montlis ahead, which, goes to show that the 
roller skating same has not yet reached its 
■Waterloo. Tbe Western Skating Association 
has been a great help to the skating game, 
and its officers are always ready to lend a help- 
ing liand whenever it is called upon to do en. 
I woold like at all times to hear from mana- 
gers of rinks and skaters throughout the count- 
try, and may be able to answer many ques- 
tions in doubt and render valuable assistance 
in many cases. 


In one of the Garrison finishes. Henry Beck- 
er. Chicago's champion professional skater, tlie 
smallest skater in the professional same, ilf- 
feated Fred Martin, champion of California, 
who had bee* cleaning up the Chicagro skaters 
during Becker's absence from competition, in 
both the one mile heat and final of the two- 
mile race by two feet at Riverview Rink. Sun- 
day night, August 6. Becker got off to a Rooil 
start, and ^ayed bebind nntil the last three 
laps, when he sprinted to the front, closely fol- 
lowed by Martin, with Ed Schwartz in third 
position. The last lap In the final shows tbat 
Becker is still possessed of bis old-time speeil, 
by the wisy .he .sprinted around; the last torn 
and won the final In a grand finish. The time 
ftv the race was S:20. 


Leo Giasbrenner, who carae into prominen^'c 
by winning the second street roller Mara- 
thon, April 23 6f this year, in the fast time of 
32;o6 4-5 for the ten miles, has not yet reached 
his seventppnth year. Leo. who has only been 
skatin;; tbe past two years, has . skated some 
creditable races. He won tbe Harmon Cnu 
series from a field of fourteen of Chicago's 
fastest amateurs at Riverview Kink In the 
early part of the stmimer and finished in the 
list of prizes in many other races before he 
retired for the summer. He is good on either 
a flat or banked track, and when the fall sea- 
son sets In hE is gain? to try and set a few 
new records. He lias plenty of endurance, is 
one of tbose youngsters fnU of determination 
and plenty of nerve to Imck nn his speed, and 
we hope to hear more about -him later on. 

(Continued on page 60.) 

Established 1856. 


55th Year. 


Automatic Musical Instruments 

for every purpose. Tbe world's largest and only complete line. 
50 different styles, including 

PlanOrcheatra, Pianino. Plate Plnno, 

{Antomatio Orebntra) 65>note Player Piano Mandolin Onartet 

Skatlntf Bink Bands, 88>note Player Piano Mandolin Sextet 

AotomaUcHlIltaryBanda. Violin Piano. Antomatic Harp. Ete. 

Wurliteer was the pioneer in the electric musical instrument field aad is to- 
day the world's largest manufacturer. Branches in most large eitiea. Write 
for big 84-page catalog, picturing the entire WuriitEer line. 

CT We supply the V. S. Goaemmettt t^lth Musical Instruments. 


CnrcnmATI (IW to IZl E. 4th) ; hew TOBE (SS » ST W. sa, bet. B'way and 5th 
Ave.); CmCAeO <Se6 & S68 'Wabash); FaiI.AI>EI,PBXA (1835 Chestnnt); BAST SI. LOTUS 
(912 Fine): CiLEVELAlTD (206 Prospect Ave., & E.); COLUHBUS. 0. (S7 E. Uain); 
rONDON, EKGLAND (Kew Solyphone Supply Co., Agents, 2 Newman St., Oxford St.). 




Ability, integrity and Experience 

In'vites offers for first-class fall and 
winter engagement. Salary or per- 
centage. Now at Coliseum Rink, 
Niss^ Park, Winston-Salem, N.C- 

Suitable for Eink, 100x200. 

Organ for BigRinks 

Proven peer of theni all. Out- 
classes best bands sure. Has made 
success of several big links in U. S. 
and Canada. Cost less than band 
for one season. Oiu' price lowest 
and eiidl(^ paper music unrivalled. 
Don't give profits to band for less 
and low er quality of music. 

Catalog and pricts and 
testimonials by return mail. 



FOB QUICK SALE— Fonr 42-ft. Box Bali .Uievs. 
at $100 each; 150 pairs Roller Skates, all B. II.. 
at $1 pair; I Schlenter Electric Floor Surfacer, 
at $2(10, and one Odd Pin Alley, new. at $50; 
coat $S3. Aililress I'ilO 6tb St., Evansville, Inil. 


know it. Order a sample pair and be 
CONVINCED. Write for free oaiaiog. 
We carry a com,-4ete line of rink sup- 
plies. VVe supply parts lor other 
makes of skates. 


Made to Sarface Rink and Dance Floors 

Ovpr 1,000 In uaa. Mada In ttaraa size* 

For Roller HInks. Amnsement Companies. Dance 
Halls, Contractors and Bnilders everywhere. 
Machine ea.slly rented to Contractors and Build- 
ers at a net profit of not less than $10 to $2S 
a day. It is very easily operated, as when the 
handle Is raised, it is inclined to more forward 
ot its own accord. Built on the only correct 
principle. Gnaranteed to be the BEST mnchlDe 
with which to produce an even, smooth surface 
on any Itlna of wood floor, old or new, hard o> 
soft. ■Will surface from 5.000 to 7,000 sq. ft. 
once over. In 8 hoars. Two to four times over 
will make it smootb and level. Send for onr 
TEB.. 103-106 IT. Canal StrMt, DUcagD, lU.i 
Sew roA Offlce, 1001 Flatlras Boildinr. 

Professional Roller Skaters' Ass'n. 

Organized to give greater prominence to bona-flde Professional Sttatera — those icbo 
have a finished act to offer Managers seeking Exhibition Skaters — and to promote roller 
skating in general. 

All the Stars of the Skating World 



Oerman Comedian, Fancy and Speed ex 
pert roller skater, presenting tbe most 
entertalnlns novelty comedy act before the 
pablic. Address Billboard, Cincinnati, O. 


Features The Dip of Death, Fire Tunnel. 
Sea Saw, 27-In. Cycles, High and Broad 
Jumping, Fancy, Trick and Daneing on the 
rollers. 26 minutea of thrilling feats. 
Playing rink and TandevIIle. Addreaa, 
Brookville, Ind. 


Greatest living exponent of the art of Patlnage — Superior Artistic TUck and Figure Skating 
—Astonishing Stilt Skating — Marvelous Skating on toy wagons. The only real FANCY 
SKATl.sG BI5RLESQUE performer. Managers will kindly write early for booking. Ad- 
dlreas 73 Broad Street. Now York City. 

Henley Roller Skates 

^IPFfl A I • "i^^^ I'air Scpond-Hand Skates in first-class con- 
ijr fcVI/tU. jjtion for sale, cbeaj.. 

Henley Racing Skates 

Osed and endorsed by speed skaters everywhere, and are also desirabU 
for Individual nse, where the finest and moat 
complete skate In the market is desired. 


Send tor Skate Catalogue, FBEE. 
Official Polo Guide 10c. 




SEPTEMBER 2, 1911. 

Xtie Billboard 



Budget of Notes from Several of the Larger and More Impor- 
tant Carnival Companies and Individual Items of Gos-j 
sip About People and Attractions in the Field 


Jackson, Mo., dariug tbe week of August T, 
anil Uoouvillc, Mo., durlDK tbe week o( August 
H, both gave tbe Fatterson Sbows a large 
iijuoiint of bniilm;8s. At botb places tbe crowd 
imroasi-d up to the last day of the week. 
TUe wenthpr during these two weeks was tbe 
liottest tbat has overseen recorded in the statu 
for tliiit I>>ngth of time. 

The l'utter!>ou Trained Animal Show Is pack- 
iii- tiuiii in at uvery performance. J. Wm. 
C";;liluii Is talking on the front of tbe show 
aiKl tni'ive big acts on the inside make a per- 
f,.rJiiiin<'e that always pleases. 

iliv Auuex (Suven-in-One), under tbo macage- 
uioui of J. J. liejano aud with Artbnr U. (Doc) 
•(Graham as lecturer. Is drawini; laige bOBloeM. 
Tlie features are: Mme. DeVeie, tbe bearded 
lady; Uappr Mamie Seitz, the fat girl, aod 
Siarrln. tbe a^Ifled boy. 

Jolin B. Johnson's "Nomla" show continues 
tu be as strong a drawing card as ever. Large 
biii'iuess Is tlie rule at all times and bas 
li,-i>ii <liirln;r thi.< entire season. Doily Lyons is 
li:iuii]liii; ihe front of the show and tbere are 
■jr, people on. the stage. 

M. U. Custc Jolni'd at Lsnrlnm. Mleil., with 
Ills Inii^rnaiioaal Vamlerllie Show and bas been 
Ijiiviiif: a most successful run. 

I!:ic]^uiaii's Glass Blowers, nnder the man- 
agiiueni of Will Z. Smith, are working seven 
firfs sod business Is uniformly good at all 
times. ' 

Brainard's Snafcoidant Show and Bejano's Tiny 
Mite Show are two pit shows tliat are prob- 
iililv getting more money than bas ever been 
iiikcn In with attractions of this kind. Xhe 
ftriuer Is under the management of Bud Boyer 
-and the latter is managed by Valley Durham. 

Tlu> GIrl In the Moon, managed by George 
ll»nrk and the Squeezer, bandied by i. Preston 
Kverett and Will Harris, two grind sbows, are 
setting good money at all stands. 

Tbe Diving Girls, an attraction new to the 
vatnivttl deld. Joined at Taylorrllle. and is 
iiiaking a -decided hit. It is owned and man- 
aiitsl by David C. Wblttaker. 

George C. Davis joined at Jackson, Mo„ with 
his minstrel company of twenty people. The 
tlinw Is setting big money. Mr. DstIs has Ids 
-oun private car. 

}. B. Johnson also bas hla Penny Arcade 
with the Pattenoa Shows. 

Ilralnard and Rlasler's Ferris Wheel, tinder 
ilie maoagement of Steve Fnlghnm, assisted by 
W. R. Patterson, is as popaiar as ever. 

The Patterson Steeplechase, the largest rid- 
ing «levice that lias ever beea<carried by a car- 
nival company. Is sttU doing tbe same large 
liuslne^'s that it always bas done. John E. 
.M.:ntilng bas the managemeat and C. N. Rissler 
1o cUecfeer. 

Several new shows will join during the next 
t\ii> weeks and b.'fore the Lincoln, Neb., State 

The feature free acts with tbe Patterson 
£taows are: Hayes and Beatrice Wemtx, in 
tlieir double trapeze act. and tbe performing 
vli'pliant iiodoc. handled by Trainer Sacastan. 

Coghlan and Johnson have five * concessions 
vlib tbe show and report good bnslness with 
all of ttaem. Among the other concession people 
n Ith tbe abow are: Nagayama, witb bis vase 
wlieels; Dick Mitchell. C. L. Nogle, Ben <Spot) 
.SFlileberl, Maude Jameson. A. B. Kaatman, A. 
T. Bralnard, Mrs. J. p. (Slim) Snttle, Charles 
l$liarp, wbo bas tbe dining car and also the 
Ms co<)k house, and W. A. Edmonds. 

Prinei'S!! Dixie, who handles the lion act In 
tlie trained animal show, lost bcr pet baby lion 
iliiriiiR tlie Chicago Heights engasement a few 
-nrcks Of:<». the b.-nst choking to death. It was 
a treai:iired pet and the loss was keenly felt by 
tile owner. 


rile I'urker Shows. Eastern Company, Ned 
Stmiuliton. manager, the past two montba have 
I>teii plajinii Illinois and Iowa. Business while 
11" rec'irii-lireakcr, has been good. Everybody 
s-'etilii!: a piece of money. Davenport was a 
I'lif sur|irl>e. made one think of old times. Was 
Iwaiid on tlw streets and thev Just naturally 
sprnt their money, and didn't seem to cate 
"jiere ilicy sp.nt it. Last week, Dixon, 111., 
with ih> exception of two rainy nights, was 
far above the average. Under the auspices of 
llie state Militia. Tbere two thousand . soldiers 
.nml cvrtntn numbers were granted- leave of 
)ili.eiiir eaeU night. We were located along 
• M- blinks of llock niver, a beantlfnl and plc- 
liMisque str.nm that abounded with flsh, and 
company, especially the lady members, 
niiiiliily hiui .1 time landing bull-heads, yellow 
inUlis ami ehannol cats. Manager Stoughton 
ni.iiio several ashing trips up the river. Mrs. 
siilhe Wagner entertained a company of friends 
"Mil a moonlight party, giving a chicken fry 

i.ii', ■ e<iulpraent that goes with it. 

•»Uy IJ.ver has the animal show, consisting 
"f a trwipe of six lions, handled by Erncstln- 
i.nK..w. I.Mrs. Dyer), a troupe of leopards and 
pmaas by Captain Dyer, n bear act by Prof. 
„'•';••■'■• wlio also handles the; educated dogs and 
linahs. featwlhg Queen Dixie. A new groope 
lea IS are expected from headquarters next 

II f. roldon, managing Edwards' two pit 
eu ivs elnliiis that this Is tbo best season the 
„„'•,",.''"■ "'ver had. nis big snakes, Long Tom 
ami (.iiNiii. iiotii being good feeders, have been 
,"ir ,1''" to the iMx-offlcc. At Dixon both 

<i Mie«e feeding during the same week caused 
1. ' 'I", .exelioinent, big Satan devouring « 
I'l" welBhIns almost flfty pounds. 
n„Vi i',' Slock, with his Fonr-Jn-One, Eiinino 
. *'*"''*"on of oildltles has Just pur- 

11 " "f boxing kangaroos, which will 
""■1 grill ly to his already strong exhibition. 

■ mirnoii s Daughter, under tha management 
1,1,.. ' n<^k. is as usual. la.vlng awiiy n 
"u liaiik-roil. There has bifn an extraordinary 
••r.e numher of visiting professional friends 
ni Vl;,'"''-^ Ilntch's Water Carnival Is playing 
iiL l"^''.'^""'' twelve miles from Dixon, and 
mi'mlwni of the companies have been ex- 

changing visits. Several members of the show 
took advantage of the short Jump to Chicago 
and attended the aviation meet at that city. 
B. O. Talbert, general agent of tlie Parker 
Shows, spent the week with the company^ and 
predicts a dean-np for the last part of the 


The Great Empire Sbows have Just finished 
a very euccessf ul tour of fifteen ■ weeks in 
Pennsylvania, and are now In Its second week 
In Ohio. Last week at WellsviUe, nnder tbe 
auspices of the Firemen, doing a great busi- 
ness: this week at Uhricbsville, with the 
weather as an opposition. The shows and 
toncesslons baTe no complaint. 

Tbe company has added another show to its 
long string of featore sbows. a one-ring circus, 
one of the largest traveling witb any carnival 
company. The line-up of tbe circus is: Doc 
Hastings, manager and producing down, with 
the following assistants: Ed. Wilson, Fred 
Bonle. Ed. Melchlor, Klrke Adams, eauestrlan 
director; Prof. Garvlc with his performing 
Ponies and Dogs; Ling Ho Foo, Japanese Jug- 
gler: Wilson, contortionist: The Three Adams, 
revolving breakaway ladder and knife throwing; 
Martin and Martin, comedy bar performers, 
and the feature act of Madame Bonle, the queen 
of the air. Other paid attractions carried by 
this company are as follows: Tom Hasson's 
Streets of Cairo, with Doc Sloman in charge of 
the front; J. Oliver, with liig trnnpe of 
wrestling girls, headed by Lottie Oliver. Doc 
Ennls. manager; George Eagle's Five-ln-One; 
Smitblyns and Knight's Big Vaudeville Shows, 
of seven big acts; Electelcia, the lady who 
defies electricity: Hampton's -Crazy House: 
Jim Carys Fun Factory. KatzenJammcr's Kas- 
tle: Merry Widow Swings; Doc Swimmer's 
Working World; Clyde Gllberth's Plantation 
Show, with seventeen people, including ten 
musicians: Copping's Ferris Wheel; Beard's 
Jumping Horse Carry -us-all: Hampton's Human 
Roulette . Wheel, twenty-six Concessions an-' 
Michaels Padnano's Famons Italian Band of 
sixteen pieces, featuring Miss Olivet Walters, 
the girl who sines' to beat the band. Wliile 
the show was playing New Castle. Pa.. Mr. 
Hampton purchased a eo-foot sleeping ear, and 
had it delivered to bis long string of cars, 
fourteen in number, at WellsviUe, O. 


fnie first complete blowdown In the history 
of Macy's Olympic Shows occurred August 21. 
at Mar.slifleld. Mo. With hut two exceptions 
the cairvas on all tbe big shpws was prettv 
near torn to pieces. Tbe Pive-In-One. or. Jun- 
gle - Show, was the worst sntferer; about $150 
worth of small animals were drowned, in ad- 
dition to the damage done to the tent and 
banner. The eitorm started early Monday morn- 
ing with plenty of rain, bnt all shows were 
ready to open for the evening performance, hut 
did not do so on account of tlie rain continuing. 
The wind was not so bad until about 10 P. M.. 
when the tents started to go down. The shows 
were lucky enough to have several extra tops 
on hand, jbo will not be compelled to cancel anv 
engagements. New tops have aires dv been 
onlered for all shows. It Is still raining and 
the outlook for the week looks very poor, al- 
though the town Is a good one. 

The Krause Greater Shows enjoyed the best 
work of the season, at Mocongahela Clt.v, Pa., 
at tbe Firemen's Convention week of Aug. 7. 
Monday night a county official stopped some 
of the concessions, so Manager Rranse closed 
the entire show down nntil the matter . could b*^ 
adjusted, which was done In very quick order. 
Shows and concessions then opened and were not 
bothered In any way for the balance of the 
week. The shows all did capacit.v bnslness, 
Tlie best of sattgfactlon was given by the frei. 
acts which were Coleman's balloon ascension 
and Elma Meier, in ber trick and higb-dlving 

The Bnslness Men's Association and the local 
lodge of Elks of Shelb.wille. 111., are prepar- 
ing for a big fall festival and home-coming. 
Over 52,000 will be spent for decorating, at- 
tractions and prizes, and during the last three 
days of the home-coming $1,000 in gold will b;- 
given away on a plan that will allow every 
person trading In ' Sbelbyvllle an equal oppor- 
tunity to secure one of tbe priies. All the 
shows will be on the streets, wbch are 60 feet 
wide, and paved. 

Roster of the Great Empire Shows: J. W. 
nampton. general manager: I. C. Simpson, 
business mansger: Elldie Wilson, secretary; 
Jos. Thoma. contracting agent; L. D. Lynn, 
promoter: Ilarry Staines, promoter: Doc Hast- 
ings, promoter of publicity; Fred English, su- 
perintendent of transportation; Hen Waginr. 

The Famous Wlnslow Sliows have contracted 
to furnish all the shows for the fifty-fifth an- 
nual nichland County Fair. Sept. 5-S. at 01- 
iiev. III. jV strong line of free attractions have 
also been Iwoked. ibcliiding aeroplane flight*. 
The fair will mn day and night, and with pooil 
weatber tile WInslows look for the best- week 
of the season. ;- . 

The engsigcment at Bicklcy. W. Va.. was 
one of the ' lianncr weeks with , the .\dains 
.'Vinnsement OK! .^ snpiwr was given by Man- 
acer O. L. ; .\n«ms at the Hull Hotel. Aug. 
I.'S In honor of Prof. S. Battlatos. of the Royal 
Italian Band It was one good time. 

Adams <fc Stall! t'nlt>-d Shows report best of 
weather and playing to good buslns'ss. Another 
show has been adde,! to tlie company. The La- 
gnrta Family, In vniidoville. The management 
is w,'U pleased with this show and they are 
drawing big crowds. Everybody well and smil- 

C. G. Dodson. manager of Dodson's Lsily Min- 
strels, Is some lucky person. Manager Dodson 
was the winner of a five-passenger automobile 
offered In a water melon teed guessing contest 
at the Lawrencebiirg tlnd.) Fair. His guess 
was 012. wtallo tbe melon contained 91S. 




Lai^est and cheapest line. Crepe Paper Panama Hata, 
Labor Day and Columbus Day Buttons, Badges, Pennants, 
Canes, Confetti, Serpentines, Magic Twirlers, Wire Tail Dogs, 
Shakers, Hat Bands, Burnt Wood Novelties. Halloween and 
Thanksgiving Goods, Gas Lighters, Papor Bells, Xmas Deco- 
rations, Eletitric Light Covers— all the Latnt Novelties. 
POSTCARDS. Free Catalogue. 

W. F. MrLLER, - 158 Pari Rov. HWYOHL 

xhree: big oistes 

WEST TERRE HAUTE. IND. fW??;,'^L'"B-L%'S^l''"o^I^. 

dred thousand people within two miles. Brilliant Street Illiuninations. Widely advertised 
mtniVIVCTrhWIV l JVr* Septembar 13-23. HOME COMING — SOI.- 

NEW COURT HOUSE. Average annual attendance. Forty Thousand People. 

WA.<CHI1Vr2TrftlV TIMTk Seotember 25-30. EAGLES' FREE STREET 

Spedal rates on all nulroads. A big opportunity to plajr three Sne towns in suecesaion. 


rnNrFQ^inN<S BoIIais Each. Mo exclusives. except Confetti. Jap. Poodle Dogs. Knife 
Hack, Photo Postcards and High Striker. No spindles toferated. 

Addrass NIGRO AND LOOS, August 28-September 2, Toledo, ills. 

oer 1.000 


lELRY and NOVELTIES of aU Kinds 

Write for free Catalog. 

Webb-FreyscUag Mere. Co., t^^nSrV**' 

No. so. Gm. (S.QO sr. 

No. eo. Oss. 3.G0 sr. 

Kalamazoo's Big Fair 

September 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8, 

Wants Shows for Very Small Per Cent. Also 
Several High-Class Singers to 
Sing With Band. 

Riding Devices for sale. Concession Men, tate notice. Here are five days and five nishts to da 
business with large crowds of people- Tliis is one of the best Pairs in Michigan. We fnmlslk 
current for lighting or power, free of charge. We are not tight. Shows and Singers, please wire. 
"WK. P. EWGTTT.MATT, Secretary, ....... Kalamazoo, Kieb. 

Central States Amus. Co. United Shows 

Wants shows of ail kinds. Pit, Girl and Grind Shows. Plant., etc. 'Wire. Good opening for 
Flve-in-One. MUST HAVE SWEIX. FRONTS. Open September Uth, In Decatur. HL. nnder 
Moose Lodge; drawing population TS.OOO: Dreamland Park. GrlggsvlUe to follow. Thla la In 
the Heart or tne corn l>elt. and It's Inst rained. Gome on and get tbe money. Evetytblne goei. 
Concessi ons, $10. Be otf the sronnd, Sunday IQth. So get busy witb tbe wires until September 10. 
B. G. PTTTTTiTPS, care do. Bead Poster Ptar.! Sontb Bead,- Bid. 

' N. B. — A-1 Promoter, wbo knows tbe Sonth. 

12th Annual Corn Carnival and Fall Festival 

GIBSON CITY, ILL., bct. lO to 14 

Alw.ays big crowils. Tn tbe heart of the great corn belt of the world. 
COME ON FRIENDS. L. C. WRIGHT. Pres. and Amusements. IRA 
GimORE, Concessions. v--- 


As Free Attractions, for Seventh Annual Street Fair and Horse Show. Brocton. 111.. September 
20th and 21st. 1 want to hear from all kinds of thrUlers, Aerial or Platform .\cts. Trick Housa 
or Wire Stunts (none that need electric servicel. Will consider any single act or family or 
tcani who can change for two, three or four. Send full description, time, photos, if yon can, 
references or clippings. State what we have to furnish, and make your price. You pay yonr 
own. -Wdrcss EOT H. COOK, Brocton, HI. ^- 



Will tumlsta Tent and Banner Front for a Rood Plant. Show. Legitimate Concessions always 
welcome Can use Doll Rack, Knife Board, Vase Wbecl and .Foodie Dog. Long season Sootb. 
Sumner. la., .\ugnst 2Sth to September 2nd. Other good ones to follow. Address all mall t» 
J. F. CAI.EIKS, Secretary-Treasurer. ■ ■ ' 

A. B. C. 6th EDITION 

Cable Addraa 





Main Om 







Ttie eilltsoard 

SEPTEMBER 2, 1911. 


Spokane Interstate Fair Promises to be the Most Preten- 
tious Held in the Eighteen Years of the Association's. 
Existence — Miscellaneous News 


Spokaae. Wasb., Aug. 23 (Special to The 
BiUboaid). — ^Xlie elgbteenth aanaal Spokane In- 
terstate Fair, which will be held October 2-8, 
Will be one of the best in the history of the 
fair. TSie grandstand has been enlarged and 
the Kionnds laid out in flower IiedB. 
* Mondasr* the. apenlnj; day, 'Will be Boy Scout 
;and MlUtarr Tmt, with the traveUng men In 
veharse at nleht^ Tuesday will be Spokane Bar, 
also Idaho-Iowa and Stevens County Day. Wed- 
nesday, the ' gnests of honor win be tbe dele- 
gates to the State Grocers* Convention. Thurs- 
day, Derby Day, Minnesota and Okanogan Day. 
Friday will be Bolster Day, in memory of 
Herbert Bolster. leader in the founding of the 
old Spokane Frolt Fair, seventeen years ago. 
Saturday will be I#abor Day and a special auto- 
mobile and motorcycle parade will be held. 

FernIIo'8 Italian Band has been engaged for 
tbe concrts, afternoon and einenlng. The 
races will be one of the big features of the 
fair grounds; Pioneer Day in the Palouse, 

position, arranged for the exhibits tbat the city 
of Kew York is to have at the exposition. 
Onrlnif his stay bete Mr. Allen and Mr. Gasman 
closed- many large contracts with local maim- 
factnren for exhibits. 



The Billboard Is In receipt from the BU Bridge 
Co. of Roodhouse, advance sheets of their new 
catalog of the well-known and popular Ferris 
wheels. It is exceilantly Illnstrated, showing 
the Ug wheel la Its Tarloos parts. Ftom the 
advance sheets it can lie readily seen tliat the 
new catalog will be well worth having when 


Houston, Te.^., Aug. 25 (Special to The Bill- 
board). — ^Tbe Houston Annual Horse and Au- 
tomobile Show will be held November 6-11, in 
the spacious New Auditorium Building, where 


Showing the amphitheatre and race track. 

full of bucking horses. Indians and other at 
tributes of the early times In Eastern Wash- 

participants may hare tbe fullpst advantage In 
showing their horses. Saddlers, roadsters. 

ington win be the night spectacle together trotters, pacers, high steppers, mnabonts, pairs. 

with fireworks. 


Xew York. August 19 (Special to The BiU- 
boonl). — B. H. Allen, general manager of the 
International Municipal Congress and Exposi- 
tion to be held In CHiicago, Septemlier 18-30, was 
in Mew York for several days and wiUi Ed. 
GoBnan, the Eastem representative of the ex- 


tandems, fonr-ln-lands. Jumpers, 
heavy weights wUI be Shown. 

middle and 


Austin, Tex., Aug. 26 (Special to The Bill- 
board). — Extensive arrangements are being 
made for tbe Austin (Tex.) Com Carnival and 
Coimtty Fair, Iwglnnlng October 9, and lasting 
one week, Inelndlng Sunday. Tbe com palace 
win be In charge ot I. C. Bandolpli. president 
of the National Com Growers' Assodaaon, and 
this alone is a guarantee of the success of the 
enterprise. The amusements will be In diarge 
of James I/. Glass and F. Gail Wallace, with 
B. H. Vance as secretary of tbe company. 

Among the attractions will be tbe Com Pal- 
ace, Trades Display. Threerlng Circus, Poultry 
Show. Baby Show, Balloon Ascensions. Blectrlc 
Theatre, Oriental Show, Plantation Show, Va- 
riety Theatre, Darkness and Dawn. Creation 
Show, Shepp's Dog and Pony Circus, Holmes' 
Dancing Girls, and twenty other standard at- 

Dates will also be played In Lockhart and 
Taylor, Te.ias. 

The ninety-first annual fair of the Worcester 
Agricultural Society will be held at Greendale, 
Worcester, Mass., September 4 to 7, Inclusive. 
The list of attractions this year are m>.% 
numerous than ever before. Elaborate plana 
have been made In regard to tbe vaudevttle 
show, which will be oflfered every afteraj^li 
and evening. It has been announced tbit both 
the biplane and monoplane inter-state aeir- 
plane races of the Harvard-Boston avlttlai 
meet, will be held Septeml>er 4. instead or 
separately on September 2 and 4, as first in- 
tended. This change will enable tbe fair 
management to show Worcester both the blrr.- 
men and tbe regnlar fair attractions on tiie 
opening day. A fine list of racing events mo 
on the program, as well as a number of other 
sportlDg events. The boardwalk concessions 
have all been taken. This year Is expected to 
be the banner one In the history of the Wcl- 
cester Agricultural Society. 

The premium list for the Thumb District 
Fair, which will be held at Port Huron, Mich., 
September 12, 13 and 14, will be sent out with- 
in a few days. The list has been revised and 
premiums will be offered for many farm pro- 
ducts which were not indudeil in last year*s 
list. This feature will be of interest to agri- 
culturists in general. From the many Inquiries 
received by Secretary John S. Wlttllff, the In- 
dications are that the exhibits will be larger 
and more numerous than ever before. In addi- 
tion to the fair exhibits there will be races 
every day, with tbe three-year-old trotting 
futurity as a special feature. 

In point of attendance, attractions, exhibits 
and racing, the fair of the Boone County Agri- 
cultural Society at Xebanon, Ind.. August 8 to 

11, inclusive, was the greatest ever. The total 
attendance was over 50,000. There were a large 
number of concessions, and all reported that 
they made money. The Mazeppa Carnival Com- 
pany furnished all the attractions. The free 
acts were: The Sherwoods. The Warwlcks, ana 
The Six Flying Moores. It is the intention ot 
the society to spend a large sum for free acts 
next season, as Secretary len Titus states they 
arc great crowd-getters. 

The Nemaha County Fair Association will 
hold a thne days' fair and festival. October 11. 
. 12 and 13. at Sfneca. Kan. The directors are 
trying to make this the largest county fair In 
Northeast Kansas, and want the concessioners 
, to csme and help them entertain. Tbe Manbat- 
; tan Agricnltnral College Is . to occupy a wall 
space of 100 feet. The exhibits and 'premiums 
will be better and larger than ever before, 
which means additional Interest from tbe sur- 
rounding territory. 

Secretary B. H. Alexaiider of the Bnsbnell, 
(111.) Fair Association, reports their 1011 event, 
held August 8 .to 11, inclnsive, to have been 
very successful. Despite a windstorm on the sec- 
ond day, and rain on the third day, the total 
attendance was over 22,000. All the concessions 
did a good business. Amoiig the attractions 
were Big Steer, Russian Wonder, Snake Show, 
Big Mule. Vaudeville Show and Curtiss Aero- 
plane, with Crisse Trio as a free act. 

I.. B. Walker's Fairground Shows open at 
Worcester. Mass.. I/Sbor Day. Among the shows 
are Superba, the show beautiful. Beautiful 
Orient. Walker's Diving Girls Show, etc. Mr. 
van Andeen, the well known orator, will be with 
Iilm. The Shows play all the big Eastern fairs, 
including Worcester, Rochester, Brockton. A 
Konthem trip will also be made. 

The first teal carnival In Uvonia. N. Y.. was 
held August 7-12. Livonia is a thriving small 
country town in agricultural and milk pradnclng 
terrItor.v. and thickly settled. The fair will 
continue yearly. Flrst-cIass attractions only 
were used. Next year's dates will fall <m the 
second week in August. 

Fatrick Conway's Band of 60 musicians W.ll 
be a feature of the Minnesota Pair .at .Minne- 
apolis, September 4-9. The fair opens Steoien,. 
ber 4, but the band will give a Sunday concert 
on the 3rd, and will [day every afternoon .inn 
evening at the State Fair grounds the balance 
of the week. 

The Huntingdon Agricultural Society. Division 
A, Huntingdon. Quebec. Canada, will be held 
September 7 and 8. The fair will have a splen- 
did exhibit of poultry, vegetables, fruit. In- 
dustrial and decorative art. Excellent music 
and taking sports will be In evidence. 

The speed program will be one of the big 
featmres of tbe Jefferson Cennty Fair at Brook- 
J^y^Pi^- September 12. 13, 14 anad 15. About 
fP'SP" V'U.-??..'"''"'?^ 'n stakes and purses, and 
National Trotting Association rules wUl govern 
all races. Entries close September 8. - 

M. Ttelds, one of the cleverest white stone 
men In the business is covering the Indiana 
fairs this season with a crew of six men, sell- 
ing his famous Arizona crystals. 

President Taft has accepted an Invitation to 
attend the State Pair at Charter Oak Park, 
Hartford, CSonn., September 4 to 9. 

Wolden. (N. y.) Farmers' Old-Home Week, 
Fair and Carnival will be held there September 

12. 13 and 14. 


Worcester. Maps.. Aug. 26 (Sno'-Inl to The 
Billboard). — (Hayton and Craig ot Boston, have 
signed a contract for a Cnrtiss biplane to make 
two flights each afternoon of the New England 
Fair here, Sept. 4 to 7. 


Danville. III. Aug. 19 (Special to The RtU- 
boatd). — ^A special committee has been appointed 
to arrange for aeroplane races as a feature ot 
Danville's big "Home-Coming Week" snd Fall 
Festival, to be held beie Sept. 11 to 14, In- 


Wheeling. W. Va., Aug- 19 (Special to The 
Billboard). — The Cnrtiss Company will furnish 
the aviators tor the West Virginia State Fair 
at Wheeling, September 4-8. 

The Free Street Fair and Home-Ck>mIng, to 
be held at Newcomerstown, O.. October C-e, 
promises to be the largest and best thit >ias 
ev**r been held at that nlace.- Tbree of *ije 
Secretary of the Mississippi-Alabama hist free acts on the road have been seciir.vl. 
Fair, Meridian, Miss., Alcorn Co. Fair, . 4U shows and concessions will be placed o-j the 
Corinth. Misn. and the Kentucky-Tennessee- 1 stnets. Crop conditions In tbe Tnsrarawaa 
Mississippi Fair Circuit, also supervisor ot | Valli y are good. Ezcmrslons are bel3« s>- 
the $190,000 fair plant at Meridian. ■ raogtd on the Pennsylvania Ballmad. 


.TO.OOO feet original Talking Pictures, with two 
sets records to match. Two large Exhibition 
Phonographs, power's Machines, portable a«- 
iM-stos bontb. Gas Making JIachlne, trunkn. 
cases, show paper. Outfit complete. In fine con- 
dition. Mnst sell at once; disagreement ot 
I)artners cause. Cost {2.500. What am I of- 
fered? Quick. WM. THOMPSON, Boom 17, 
3 Tremont Row, Boston, Mass. 


will have a gala day of sports In September. 
Want amnseinonts and aviators. Will sell space 
for concessions. No admission charge. Expect 
10,000 attendance. 


Stroudsbnrir. Pa., Sept. 4-8. Clean Shows 
wanted for Midway. For ail particulars, ad- 
dress HARRY KOJAN, Kensington Baths. 
C!oncy Island, N. Y. 

FOR BALE — O>tton Kandy Machine. Cost when 
new, (lOO.OO, In good condition. First $20.00 
takes It. Also Merry Widow or Waiihor Woman 
Baseball Target, with one dozen baseballs and 
backstop; complete, cost 936.00; price. Slii.oo; 
or first $30.00 takes botb. Address O. W. 
OAKS, Garrett, Fa. 



Write for our new 1911 catalogue. Just 
going to press. Same mailed free on appli- 
cation. These are a few of the big sellers 

we have: 

A big assortment ot Ladles' and Gents' 
Rings, at tS.OO a gross. 

Latest stylo Coat Cbalns, with pearl but- 
ton, 1« on caxd, assorted patterns, 75c doz. 

A big assortment of Ladies' Brooches, set 
with brilliants and colored stones, 00c dO£. 

The latest styles In Ladles' Neck Cbaiu> 
and Lockets, set with very line brilliants 
and colored stones, sliding lecket, $7.00 

The greatest Scarf Pin ever sold on th** 
market, a 1-orer's Knot Pin. fancy Roman 
gold, set with a very fine Imitation diamona, 
ll.OO a gross. 

We carry the best Collar Button Set made, 
assorted backs, 4 on card, $1.90 a gross. 

Tbe best Scarf Pin ever sold, set with a 
fine brilliant. Tlllauy mounting, and alsi> 
colored stones, 75c a gross. 


Wholesale Jewelers. 
The l'p*To-Oate House. 

300 W. Madison St., CHICAGO. 

S £1°' O 

SOS Htt ^ 

• a «= » 

o = " _ 

Q a - B 5 B> 

o to fD c U 
t» M tr :3 #11 





For a limited time we 
win sell our Post Card 
Machines, equipped with 
symmettlcal Lens and 
Antomatle Shutter, for 
$25. Will take all sizes 
Post Cards or Tin-Types. 
Black and White Plates, 
per 100, 75e. 


1390-92 St. Paul St., 


dronlai* for the asking 

Diannd Novelty Ca., Scfemctaiy. N. Y 

Operate Btbi't Priaiaa Mtehien 

The easiest and qnlckest way to makt 
money. Let them gather pennies for 
yon day In and day oat. The beit 
aeller for elgars and candles. Writ* 




From the A. Colker Manafactnrlnc Co., Newport,. 
Ky. Onr quality la the best and prices the least. 


mnstrated Catalog 

NeveWa far hfars. Canlr A 
Street Hoi and Je b b c r t . Bud 
6ood$ and Wire ArUib' SanUiu; 


7U So. Der bwn 8L CmUM 

— 9iaa.oo — 

Buys Empire Candy Floss Machine, costing 
complete $I8S. All profit. Have cleared $i'i> 
a week, but 111-lieaIth compels me to sacrifice. 
Will demonstrate to party meaning business. 
S. a. MAY, 1330 Wabash Are., Chicago, 111. 


Wantedl— HIgli-class Specialties as premiums 
for Pnnch Boards. Can use p»cKct knives, 
fountain pens,, Jfwelry. line hosiery, umbrelluti. 
«tc; Call or write. Send sample with lowest 
cash prices In large lots. Address DAYTON 
STORE FIXTURE 00.. U V. feffenea St.. 
Dayton, Ohio. , 

to join good Carnival. No objection to rolus 
South. Address It. V. J., BUlboard. OInclnnati. 

SEPTEMBER 2, 1911. 

Xtie Ol 11 board 



"The Cutlery King" 

Carries the largest and best stock ol 
KNIVES toT Knife Board purposes ll 
the West and at lowest prices. 
You are missing something If you> 
Knives and Canes do not come froir 
"Harrv" — the man who always servef 
THE CHEAPEST. Trial order wil' 
convince you. 

Write for Catalog of Cutlery, Jewelrj 
and Canos. 

Sole Western Agent For 


Hard Baked, Finished Canes. Higheai 
in lustre and best In quality. Japanes< 
Crooks for Fairs and Carnivals — Ill.Of 
per M. 

Send Your Orders to 


335 W. Madison St. GhieaEO. III. 

Sole western agent for I. Eisenstein t 
Co.. 44 Ann St., New Tork. Prices o> 
Canes the same In Chicago as Bostoc 
New York and CincInnatL 



with ordinary doable 
artd triple parachute 
drop. Have open time 
for Fairs, Home-Com- 
ings, CclebratlOQS. etc. 
For particular* mrlte 


Lealle, Mioh. 

Balloon Ascensions 


Have open time for Home-Comings, Cele- 
brations, Parks, Fairs, etc. We build bal- 
loons, parachutes, inflatots, etc. Write 
for full particulara. H. P. FRENCH, Mgr. 
Waverly Park, LansinK, Midi. 

At Liberty- Balloonist 

All Occasions. 

Parachute exblblUons eztraordlnar}'. New can- 
nan act extraordinary. Write qoiclc. Addrest 
PEOF. CHAS. SWABTZ, permanent •ddrees. 
Humboldt, Tenn. 



Now booking for dates on and after 
August 15. PROF. FRED H. LOCK- 
WOOD; home address, Gen. Del., Coke- 

Wanted -Balloon Man 

Good Butcher for outside stand, that can grind 
\S ,;"„„?l'2!y- *'^«t seUing seat butchers. 
fi:, "v '^ODFBBY, care Sparks Show, Kichwood. 
Olio. Si-pt. 1st, Mt. Sterling. Browustown, Ina. 

5?*^f^. ^""^^ ™E IKON IB HOT— I have 
•ooc of the American 36 ft. Box-ball Alleys, In 
Iiirfect coudition, for sale, at a rare bargain; 
r„VJ' '0' Sfooi concession lent. Address 

Uolt i'a 814 W. Long Are.. Dn- 


SoDtcmbcr 27, 28. Two big days. Amusements 

M. E. REIUBT. OiJ^'m Annse. Ctemmlttee. 

THEEE BIO DAirS-Street Pair and Home- 
J|<»»lng. BellTille, O. Uirge attendance and 
"18 attractions, September 12, 18, 14, 1011. 

WANTEi)_B Sat Alto Saxophone, , low pitch. 
Send fuu descrlptlan and lowest price. Address 
MUSICIAN, S40 Ksses St., Lynn, VTau. 

Size. Per 100. Per 1000 

4x13 Obi Yon KU ....f2.S0 

4x13 SouTCnlr S.EO f23.00 

Bxl4 SonTenlT 4.B0 Sl.OO 

Tx2I SouTenlr 5.T5 40.75 

8AUFLB 8BT of 4. Aowlnc lIIM 
a>« Miua. by asall, He. 

Ft 1 a t e d and 
sewed, with spe- 
cial insenpuons, 
made to order. 
W rite tat prices. 
All Kew 
Go To It, Kid; jr 
Pon't Swear, It 
Sonnde Like 
BCU; Oee, I 
WUh I Had ■ 
There Ain't Mo 

Girl: rot Ladies Only: OhMi ITp. 
Bell; If Too Want to Fight Join the Army 

Per 100. 85e; per 1,000, $8. 

Special inscriptions to order. Write for prieei. 
The I«test irorelty Crefttioa, The Ore«test Oatoh Oat. 
When dropped reproduces a loud,- startling sonlld of 
window glass broken In thousands of pieces. Per dos< 
60c: per gross, $7. Ssmple by msil, lEc. 
F, BIEBHTBAL, Kfr. of VoTaltles, Pennant*. HoTSlty Bnttoni, Etc., 868 W. Hadison St., OUcaco 



Home-Gomlnf{s» Carnivals, Street Fairs, Antomoe 
bile Parades, Anniversaries, Centennials, Etce 

O ur decorated autemobiles have won first 
ranzes and honors all over the country 
Write for our beautiful catalog — ^the only 
one of its kind — containing illustratiouE 
of decorated automobiles and floats, con- 
veying valuable decorative ideas and in- 
formation. Expert decorators fumished 
on exclusive contracts. Scback oiigimU 
and artistic flowers cost no more than the 
ordinary kind. Write for Catalog R-9 
Send 25c in stamps, postage prepaid 
Worth many dollars to you. 


1679 Mllwaokee Ave.. CHICAGO. 




The Cimyne Medel Aergplane "Ad." In tqieraUoi 
300 ft. In the air <»Br the busiest streets 
of ColuiiBnis, Ohio. 

! have three propositions, which will give you great 

value as an advertising medium, costing from S16 tc 

$125. Don't delay, as the season is flying by. Tf you. have a friend 

in Chicago, have him come out and see the outfits iu operation and 

advise you as to their value. 

(I have no agents) SILAS J. CONYNE, 3508 McLean Ave.. CHICAGO 


Established 1893. 

85 Beaver St.. NEW YORK. 

Special Price for 1911 on Our Ferrotype Dry Plates 

For All Kinds and Makra of Photograph 
'. Maehlnaa and Cameras 

13-4x2 1-2 Square Plates 
42-line Button Plates - - 
Mounts for Square Plates 


75c per 100 

- - 25e per 160 

Othar Sixes of Platas, Mounta and Pest-Cards at Right Prioae 

National Developer, ready to use, 25c per package. 

To Be Safe Use Only Beaver Braid Plates. Tie Best Siiee 1893 


Four Days— Sept. 27, 28, 29, 30. 1911. 

Attractions wanted. For Piivileges, address R. E. HANSEN, Secretary, 
Forest City, Iowa. 

FAIRMONT FAIR. Fairmont. W. Va. 

Sept, 12, 13, 14, 15, 1911. For sale — all kinds of privileges — no gambling. State 
fuU particulars and sp.ace required in first letter. Fairmont follows Wheeling, W. 
Va., and Clarksburg, W. Va., follows Fairmont. Three good towns and short shipe. 
.Address, JNO. S. .SCOTT, Secretaty, Fairmont, W. Va. 



Wd Unim Sliile Pail 


Want manager who can and will pay rea- 
sonable salary. Big money-getter. 

State Fairs, etc.- Now 

Addrecs "L. C. T.," care Billboard, 

Cincinnati, O. 



Hot-air Balloons. All sizes in stock. Aeroplanes 
for Park Pbotograpl-.ers. Balloons for Adver- 
tising purposes. Everything In Aircraft and 

CO., 240iS Clybonm Avenne. Cblcago. 


After Sept. 17. CHRISTINA SEPON, 
2704 W. 8th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 



fVUl go anywbere. Beat of references. 

Aiksaisu Oity, Biu. 

Lady Wanted 

Intelligent, fine loolcing yonng laOy for lilgh- 
class act; must make good appearance on and 
off. Mast nnderstand mnglc a little and pos- 
itively not afraid of liorses. State aU In first 
letter and salary expected; we pay transporta- 
tion only. Send latest pnoto; mnat join on 
wire. BOSS & MABTIN, care Gen'l Delivery, 
Colnmbia City, Ind. 


Comet and Sllphom, quick. Preference ^vea 
to one wbo can donble on piano. Sbow en rent* 
to CaUIorula. 

BOB & EVA VeBIILIT CO., Tarry. Moniaia. 


Firat-claas man to make openlncs on Girl Sboir. 
C<d. James Barry, James Sbea, write. Van 
Anden is wltb me this season. Can use two 
more A-1 Diving Oirls. Ijong engagement. 

51 Hanover Sti, Boston. Mass. 


A-1 Trap Smmmer. Most own ontflt, Indadlng 
bells and eflecta. Sbort hours, good pay and 
permanent ]0b to light party. Fakers and boose 
fighters, save your paper. Wire or write 


Royal Thsatra. - TROY. ALA. 


In aU lines, good leads, cliaracters. sonbrette, 
and all otiiers write. Tell all first letter. Si^nd 
photo. If any. Address M. C. ALTBXBUBG. 
11 S. Main St.. Mt. Vernon, O. 

WANTZaO — ^A first-class entertainer for street 
work. Want a man that can make good for 
week stands. Must be strong attraction. State 
salary wanted. We pay transportation after 
joining. Address PI.ANT JUICE MEDICINE i 
CO .. P. O. Box 5S6, St. Joseph, Mo. 

— "W A l« X E D — 

Comedian for Fatty Felix. Genteel Heavy Man, 
Character Man anad Woman, Sonbrette, Laily 
Pianist, play parts: prefer one that can sing. 
Stage Manager, direct and play parts. Prefer- 
ence given aU with good voices and specislUes: 
good dressers on and off. State experience, 
weight, height: lowest salary; pay Owen. Sea- 
son opens September 24th. Call 11. Address 
HENBY W. LINK, Jordan's Printing Co., SM 
W. Superior Street, Chicago. 

WANTED AT ONCE— For Walter Savldge 
Amusement tio.. A-1 Clarinet ; also Trap Drnm- 
mer. Wakefield, Neb., August 21st; to ZStli; 
Battle Creek, Keb., 28tta to Sept. Stta. Addren 
J. H. BANKS, Band Leader. 


We have a special confidential proposition to make to all you operators of Button and Sleeve Machines that should double your income during the Fair, Park and Ga 
nival Season. Write for free particulars today. This means to you an enormous increase in your earnings for the 1911 Season. WriteP O.Box 7 T>mP8f?qnare New York, 


Tlie Billboard 

SEPTEMBER 2, 1911. 


Circus Men Deny that Any Adjustment of the Associated 
Billposters' Circus Committee's Demands for Tickets 
Has Been Effected — Other Circus News 


There appears to be no fonndatioix la trntb 
for the report pablisbed in the last edition of 
the ofQdal organ of the Associated Billposters to 
the effect that the circus men and the bill- 
pasters' association liad reached an onderstand- 
Ing with regard to the issnance of tickets to 
billposters and that an differences had l>een 
^^ched np at the Asbury Paris Convention In 

If sncli an agreement had been reached, the 
Billpostlng Committee for the Showmen's As- 
sociation wonld know something alioat It, bnt 
no member of that committee iias had tha 
sllshtesti: Intimation of an adjnstment. 

Furthermore . neither the terms of the agree- 
ment nor the names of the circus men partlci- 
patlnjr in It liave been promnlgated as has here- 
tofore always l>een the custom when such agree- 
ments were effected. 

No daabt the wish of the Associated Billpost- 
ers has constituted Itself father to the tliought 
as disseminated by their official organ. 

So far, however, Herbert Ouce seems to be 
the goat. 


Colonel James T. Inters, who died at his home 
In Cheltenham, Pa., August 2, was iMm about 
1S43 in Pittsburg, in a locality called Hard- 
scrabble, near where the mufiicipal bfdldings 
now stand. When James T: was a baby the 
family embarlied on a Sat boat and drifted 
down :t(^ what is now CoTington, Ky. At that 
time tUs partr of the country was wild. When 
only a. lad he- went- to'^ Richmond, Ind., to en- 
list , in ' the army as a drummer boy. He as 
later, made drum major and soon after was 
made second lientenant of the STtb Indiana Beg- 

He and his brother, Wesley Inkes, were with 
the late P. T. Bamnm for many years. Inkes' 
show career covered a period of over forty years. 
He was owner of several large museums in his 
tune, one in St. Ixiuis, Mo., and . anotber In 
Bza(dElyn, N. T. He was associated with Mr. 
Hntchuon, of the Bamnm & Bailey Show and 
H. P. L. Harris, Stewart Craven, Geo, Bunnell, 
Add Nathans and a host of othen. Daring the 

Sast ten years he has been a' parteer of Flndley 
raden, with the exception of one season when 
he -was with H. Wilson of the Buffalo BUI 

As a man he was retiring and scrupnlonsly 
bonest, never descending to anytliing qoestlan- 
able. He was a gentleman of the old school 
and was an artist in i;lafis manipulation. His 
body was laid to rest In Nnthwood Cemetery. 


A car containing the entire tent oatot, scen- 
ery and' property of Boyd Burrowes -Show, all 
the performers' tmnks, costumes and Instru- 
ments and Ivy's troop of dogs, was destroyed 
by fire while in transit between Mason City and 
Utchfield, Meb., August 16. As It is not in- 
surable the loss is heavy. Every effort will 
be made to replace tile outfit and resume busi- 
ness at an earqr date. 


Daring the past foor weeks, while running 
through the Middle West, the men of advertis- 
ing car No. 2, Buffalo Bill-Pawnee Bill Com- 
bined Exiilbitions, have had opportunities to 
exchange social calls and courtesies with friends 
omnected with tented organizations touring 
through that territory. - 

Willie the Bamnm & Bailey Show was at 
Davenport, Iowa, on Snnday, July 23, Jim 
Drncker, AL Estedet and Lew Brownell of 
car No. 2, were royally entertained by the 
Hart Brothers, James Powers and the Everetts 
of the Bamnm & Bailey Circus. They had 
dinner in the cook tent, were escorted tiirough 
the various departments, and given every at- 

At the evening performance, the day follow- 
ing, Victor B. Cooke, manager of car No. 2, 
bis broflier. Vnlcan COoke, Peter S. MCNally. 
press representative: Jack Beardon, boss bill- 
poster, and others, were the guests of Mr. 
Sam McCracken and ^l^aauxer Charles Hutch- 
inson and Auditor Fred De Wolfe. 

Mr. TlMmas Evans, for a great many years 


Equestrian director Eobinsou's Famous Shows. 

with the Forepaugh-Sells Cticns, and who Is now 
with the Bamnm & Bailey ontfit, bad a very 
pleasant meeting with Mr. McNally, who some 
years ago was press agent with tiiat organiza- 

Peter S. McNally, press agent with the Buf- 
falo BlU-Pawnee Bill Combined Exiilbitions, 
was the guest of Mr. David Leahy, private sec- 
retary to Governor Stnbbs of Kansas, on his 
recent visit to Topeka. Mr. McNaUy was es- 
corted over the State Capital, was dined by 
Mr. Leahy and also by Editor Keeney of the 
State Journal. 

In almcst every city and town visited by ad- 
vertising car No. 2 of the Two Bills' Shows, 
some siKimming pool, natatorium or some public 
bathing lieadi has been found and everybody has 
taken the opportunity to indulge in a swim. 
Mr. McNally, the press agent, who has been 
for years the champion long-distance swimmer 
of the world, and who has an unexcelled record 
as a life-saver, has given the boys Ms per- 
sonal attention and has developetl several na- 
tatorial wonders. The boys have • created a 
sensation everywhere they have appeared by 
their excellence in feats of natation. 

Car; No. 2 was side-tracked for a night at 
Newton, Kan., wiiile en route to Hutchinson, 
and during the evening a number of the boys 
attended a moving picture show. While the 
show was in progress a .film caught fire and the 
audience was se&L-d vrith panic. There might 
have been serious results had it not been for 
the presence of mind of Victor B. Cooke, "Pud" 
Johnson, Xew BrowneU, Earl Johnson and Ed. 
Decker, who, r reallziag the situation, jumped 
into the breach and by persuasive words and, 
even the exercise of piiysical force, compelled 
the audience to file out of the doors of t£e thea- 
tre in good order. As a consequence notiody 
was injured, yet there were many persons there 
who were irate over the rough handling meted 
out to them by tlie boys of car No. 2. 

Millard Walton, who is secretary to Vic- 
tor B. Cooke, and who, by the way, is a 
nephew of Mr. W. D. Coxey, one of the lead- 
ing publicity promoters of the country, is writ- 
ing an Interesting story of his first year's ex- 
perience on the road, which he pnrposes pub- 
lishing on his return to bis home at Philadel- 
phia' tUs fall. Mr. Walton la a very bright 
young man, and verT-'popnlar with liis asso- 


The Great Keystone Shows are now In their 
29th successive week touring South Carolina, 
Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland. We are 
playing to yery large business, and wliile there 
are - no tnm-aways, a nnmlier- - of capacities 
have been recorded. The outfit has been en- 
larged In every department since the opening. 
We haave been following another show for the 
past ten days, but can not see any decrease 
in our receipts. 

The big show Is featuring 14 acts, and. has the 
natives talldng at every-.stand. ' The side show, 
or wild animal department,- is .doing -very well, 
and constantly adding- new features. 

A Mllbnm Ughtlng System has been Installed 
and la matdng them all take notice. 

Fourteen wagons, 30 -head of draft stock and a 
troup of ponies are carried 

Bitr show roster: Dock and Bnssel, - managers; 
Bob Bnssel treasurer; Sam Dock, front door; 
K. E. Bobertson, adjuster; Prof. Geo. Blyths, 
bandmaster; Howard Blythe, supt. of privi- 
leges; Geo. Ayers, supt. of canvas; Performers; 
Andy King, Amlnxise Hockenberry, Geo. Greg- 
ory, Mr. and Mrs. Pete Thompson. The Mllle> 
Trio, Bob BusseU and Sam Dock, trained pon- 
ies, dogs bears and monkeys. Side show; Bob 
Snssell and B. E. Bobertson, ticket sellers Kell- 
er Iseminger, ticket taker; Prof. Deltino; Am- 
brose the Soatli Sea Wonder; Mile. Monzetta, 
Snake Enchantiess; Electila, the Electric l^ady; 
Lee's Boyal Punch and Judy and Mile, Payette, 
Mind Beader, and four cages of wild anlmBla. 



Had an Interesting interview recently with 
G. F. Holland, the (dd-tlme circus man aud 
bare-back rider, who Informed me that my 
grand-father. Levi J. North, was the peer of 
all baie-back riders of the '50's and '60's; that 
Levi J. North was the first man to do a som- 
ersaplt on a horse and that he also did 100 
somersanlts on a vaulting tioard, which record 
Still holds good: that the Levi J. North Great 
National Amphitheatre and circus played to 
Immense business in Chicago for six months 
dnrln^ 1S5&; that the Amphitheatre was situated 
on Monroe Street in Chicago "In a very re- 
spectable and retired part of the city," and 
that the Majestic Theatre Is now on that loca- 
tion. The Amphitheatre was to Chicago In 
those days what the Hippodrome is to New 
York City today. 

Tony Pastor was a down and Wm. Kennedy 
was a leaper. When In later years Tony Pas- 
tor opened his own theatre, Mr. Kennedy was 
his door man and remained in that capacity 
until Mr. Pastor's death. 

Victoria North, my aunt, was Vesta Victoria's 
mother. My father, George L. N(Sth, was a 
six-year-old rider. 

Last Wednesday the- first advance car of the 
Hagenbeck-Wallace Shows was attaclied to the 
rear of a C. & E. I. train and on the same 
car was the private car "Wisconsin." owned 
by Mr. John Rlngllng. The two cars were 
connectf-d with each otlier. This Incident seemed 
to be too much for the Baraboo abowmaa, f^r 
at Chaffee bis elephant car Jnmpeil the 6ack. 
Mr. BIngling was en route to Birmingham, 
Ala., and the Wallace advance ear -was going 
to Cape Girardeau. Mo. 

The Yankee Bobinson Show recently suffered 
a severe loss by the burning of one of its 
coaches. Another coach was rented from the 
railroad company and the show proceeded with- 
out any delay or serious Inconvenience. 


Any orders received for Banners, high-class 
work, perfect shades and lights. Special 
paintings on freaks of all kinds. Banners 
turned out in three days from the date of 




CDW. P. NEUMANN, JR., Pras. 


1 22-28 North Despiaines Street, 


Phone Canal SSM 

Xstabliahed UBS 

Thomson & Vandiveer 

Manuf aetnrers of 


M« Emt Paarl Strwt, CINCINNATI, O. 


★ or HE W YO RK ■ ' A 

Circos and Show CaoYases 

- Canvas Work of avary daaorlptlon 




and ererytlilos In canvas. Send tat catalog. 

lOieiEnY BROS. TENT ftANNINfi eO. 

109-11 SontlL aCsia Street, 

St. Zottls* H(t> 

you need an d we w ill send I/)Wl!Sr estimate 
and catalog. HHKKBOUi AST CO., Omuha, Sab, 


Central American Grave Robbers. U; nalr IIS Python 
Snmkes, broken to handle; thoamnds of nt Snakes, Bab- 
oons. MoniceTB. Lion. Camel, mt barsain; Monster Han 

Monltey. Traine d Bldin i a nd P andni Monk. Maeanrs, 

Fanots, Bllds. FDXHAH<8'WIU>A1III(AI. 

400 Washlncton Stzebt. Buflato, 



For Show Parades, Horse and Pony. Acts, Ad- 
vertlslntr pnrposes. etc. Send for price list. 
Uannfactnred by K. BOHAEKBS. 612414 Hat- 
ropolitan Avenne. Brooklyn. N. Y. 



lOe-lO Broadway, - BBOOKI/YN, N. Y. 

BI06S' WILD WEST, two-car Show Property 
on exhibition and sale In Cincinnati, O. Best 
offer takec It regardlets <tf valns. Address 
0. W. BIOQB. rajnttmni*, AA, 




128«127 So. Cantar Ava., 




Now IB the time we need the work and 
can give quick action and close price 



WE HAVE FOE T.KASK, CABS, GO ft. long, for 
shipping scenery, automobiles, advance, baggage, 
privilege, stock and m«rry-go-ronnds. Desirable 
for show and circos companies. KeaaonaUe rates. 

Boom nt, 198 XioUgaa ATeane, CUeagaw 


Dealers in Wild Animals. 
42 Cortlandt Streat, - ■ - Vaw VoA dty. 

ClreuB and Jugoling Apparatus 

Clutis, -batons and Nov eltie s. Stamp for cata- 
logue. EDWABD VAH WYOS, CincinnaH, Ohio. 


and Show Canvas 

. Black and white; new or vecbod-tund. 
Barsains in second-band tops, 



—West of Salt Lake City, UUfa— 

evs TEKT Ain> AwnKe oo. 


Circus Tents 

Manufactured br 

W. H. LUSHBAUGH, GovilfttI, Ky. 



Save freight, save time, save moner- Quick 



Seats, BannerSy Light* 



OanTU Ooodi of all descriptions. Get an Me* 
of mj line for your Fair Tent. See me for yasa 
fall euTM nesdi. 

tS John Street, Hew York Oitr. 
Telephone OSS John, 


Eto., for allow purposes. ROBISON BROS., 
1360 Market St.. San Frmnoisao, CW 


W. T. BODQBN, Box S32, CampbillivlUe, Ky. 

SEPTEMBER 2, 1911. 

Xtie em board 



N. wnrfc. N. J.. Local No. 18, I. A. B. P. and 
R held their rcKuIar meetlDC Snndar. Aagnat 

'i3 ami liad a large attendance. Bereral Im- 
porinnt matters were broaght up and action 

Taken on aame. The local la In a good llnanclul 

^°S"'B°"jacobs of Local No. 18, wIU be bnal- 
jtfti manager of Cherry Blwsom Company the 

"Srofhe^'Baron Nat GoWeu of Local No. 2. 
«nd narrr Marlon of Local No. 7, are In New- 
«rt booming Dave Marlon's Vreamlanders, and 
Tom Mauer la here with Boyal Bam. Bro. Fred 
Flandreau of this local. Is mnnlng the center 
route for Jersey City BlUpoatlng Co. 

Newark BlUpoatlng Co. Is atrlctly a nnlon 
shop, employing members of liOcal No, 18, and 
the following men In charge of ronte: Cen- 
ter of cltT, A. I. Walters; helper. L. Davis; 
railroad. Gua Price; helper. P. Gaynor: hill, 
Ous Albright; helper, 8. Gaynor; Orange rontc, 

James Corcoran; Bllaalietb, Tom Cannlngbam: 
Perth Amboy, Mike Bergen; Plalnlleld. John 

Since mortal man did not dare attend, the 
writer can not give an accurate description of 
the pranks played by this bunch of Eves as 
they frollced in the woods and on the river 
bank near Old VIncennea. The jealons men are 
inellned to chrcolate certain stories that wonld 
Indicate that the ladles took advantage of their 
opportunity to spend a day nnnsually close to 
nature and the water in the river with the ex- 
ception of a tew eaaes of pop, bnttermllk, lem- 
onade and sometUng stronger for those who 
rellataed It. More than*Bixfy members of the 
female contingent of the circus attended the 
onting and all reported a most dellghtfnl time, 
it probably being the first event of the kind in 
the history of circnsdom. Mrs. Sadie Uchtell 
and Mrs. A. B. Bennett were goests. of -honor. 

May God bless the Sardonyx Clnb and their 


It Is a posttiv« fact that at least one and pos- 
sibly two animal clrcoses that are at present 
on the Pacifle Coast, will winter at Zapp's 

to winter-qnarters. It Is currently reported 
tsat the Sells-Ploto Show will close October 
14 and it has been announced by the BingUng 
forces at Fayettevllle, Ark., that that show 
win disband in tbat city on Octolier 31, and 
ship direct from there to Baraboo. 

The present administration of Little Rock, 
Ark., Is of the progressive sort, not in tbe 
least hostile to amusement Interests. Tlie cir- 
cus ordinance in that city has been practically 
prohibitive but the present administration head- 
ed by Mayor Charles £. Taylor, has secured 
moat liberal reductions and consequently at 
least two of tbe big shows will exhibit In that 
city this season instead of being forced across 
the river to Argenta. 

Lawrence P. Wall and bis dancing kids, Lo- 
retta Newman and Jimmle Tan. visited the Two 
Bills Show Angnst 19. which was given on Col. 
W. F. Cody's ranch at bis home town. North 
Platte, Neb. Bnffalo Bill was given a royal 
welcome by tbe people of Nortli I'latte. The 
mayor presented him vltb s lorim; cnp, irMcb 
he said was a token of love from his life-long 
blends, comrades and admirers. 


Eight women with the Hagenbeck-Wallace Shows all born in the same month form a clnb and give a picnic "for women only.' 

Richardson; snipe routes, C. Berger and W. 

Al. Boblason and Phil Coben have returned 
from 101 Ranch and Bnffalo Bill Show. 

John Fltverald baa retnmed from Detroit, 
and !■ employed at HUIaUe Park. 



The social side of circus life received a 
novel Impetna with the Hagenbeck-Wallace 
Shows recently when the ladles of that en- 
terpriae coneetved the Idea of enjoying an ex- 
clusive "Hen party." Saturday night dances 
and "stag parllea" have been frequent with 
that show bat never befoi* bad tbe ladles in- 
sisted 00 tbe privilege of ciTioc an ezcloalTe 


There ate eight ladles with the show who 
were horn In tbe same month and they have 
organised a clnb called tbe Sardonyx Clnb, and 
only women who were bom In that month can 
iieeome membera. 

, The following la a copy of the Invitation 
imiFd to the arxty Udlec and score of children 
■"■111! the show: 

3rtr tibj: 

^'fc Jtarbongx (cxrt.»M) Club 

Molt ?(rt»mi9iwita Salt. JUara Jinn. 
3tlar.act-»a||„. )U>tli(, ^tm. 

■">UU, hnil, ,„ „ ,„„, .Ktalirti., 

••»",S«ti|," i» »i w» Ja 
><«»i. <Mi^ x'iBi, mil, 

: -' 'atJniamiMiklaiiBn ■ , 

fiaat* ausi inla. 

*t< SaamiltM 

Park, Fresno, Cal. The climate at Fresno Is 
the most desirable for animals during the win- 
ter months and Zapp's Park has room and per- 
manent -cages enough to house hundreds of wild 
beasts. Tbe park la tbe borne of James A. 
Morrow, an animal sbow and drcns monaser fvr 
years, also Leota Zapp and her string of six 
menage horses, troupe of ponies, do$$ and inon- 
keya and John Zapp, a man of park and thi>at- 
rlcal experience. Leota ZaM> is at present pre- 
sentini: free acts at the big Weite.-n Fa;rs. 
John Zapp is at the park managing tbe »mn^ 
mcnts, and James A. Morrow la handling the 
animal circus with the Great Parker Shows. 

Sirs. Frank A. Bobbins celebrated her birth- 
day at Grand LMge. ^Icb.. August 16. and was 
the recipient of many beautiful presents. Among 
these received were some beantifnl cot-glass 
pieces given by F^ank A. Bobbins. Mr. and Mrs. 
B. W. Anders. J. E. Ogden. J. H. Hughes, La 
Belle Asia, also embroidered center-piece, hand- 
crocbette table-cover, hand-embroidered allk tl- 
oiona, crochette coin purse and handkerchiefs, 
toilet set. sterling vanity box, olive set, and 
numerous books, toilet articles, etc, from vari- 
ous friends. Bestdes the above-mentiOQCd. the 
following were present: Mtb. J. E. Ogden. Mr. 
and Mrs. Joe Beauford, Wm. Cavanaugb. Misses 
Marie Devere and Hilda Foster. Milton Bobbins, 
J B, Gordon, Francis Fllend and Uargoerite 

Tlneennes (Ind.) continues to be loyal to 
the Hagenbeck-Wallace , Shows. Tbe WaUace 
Show has played In tbat city nine times in the 
last seven years and each time It does great 
bnstnesa. On the 22d it exhibited there again 
and did the biggest business It has ever done 
there, and that, too. In spite of tbe fact 
that tbe Sells-Foremngh Show opened tbe season 
there and tbe 101 Ranch was there very recent- 
ly. On Sunday tbe clcpbants of tbe show were 
taken out to the park and made a feature in a 
novel swimming act tbat attracted thousands 
of Sunday vlaltora to the park. Mr. A. B. Ben- 
nett, one of the 2t-hour men with the show. 
Uvea In Vlncennes and be was elated with the 
way his home town treated his employer. 

It Is fenerally conceded that this baa been an 
off year In the circus bnalneas, but It seems that 
the Hagenbeck-Wallace Show Is the one excep- 
tion among the larger abows that makes tbe 
report true, for that aggregation has been 
Playing to exceptionally "ood business on the 
Bverase and being of an optlmlaUc nature Mr. 
Wallace has decided to keep his show out un- 
uaually late at?d the Peru show will prooabiy 
te t*e Iset one oC the bis clrcnaes to return 

Bert Lafayette of the Two Lafayettes. left 
tbe Forepansb-Sells Bros.' Circus at LeMars, 
la., Aug. IT. and repaired to the Samaritan 
Hospital at Sioux City, la.. In mder to nnder- 
Eo an operation for appendicitis. Reports from 
tbe bospltal directed to Dr. Ellet with the 
show, indicate tiiat Bert Ja improving nicely 
and Is expected to rejoin the show wltbln a 
few weeks. 

Tbe Barteno Wild Animal Showa are now 
playing fairs. Barteno has a carload of ani- 
mals collected from ail parts of the world. He 
has a few more fair dates in Missouri. «t tbe 
conclusion of which be goes South for the win- 

Mr. and Mrs. AI Blngllng rejoined the Fore- 
paugb-Sells Show at Independence, la., Aug. 
22. Tbey motored from Baraboo, Wis. 

Wild Animals 
Oraamental Birds 
wd Monkeys 

Five Elephants, Tieers, Lions, Bears, Sun 
Beais, Beindeer, iJanias, Blue Foxes, Po- 
lar Foxes, Ostr-he^ VutUues, Mcmater 
Regal PyiQion SmSxB, laigest ever &b- 


Dept. R. 



For Circuses, all kinds of Tent 
and Oatdoor Shows, Coscesslos 
and Street Men 


For Traveling Photograpbeis. 
Write for new catalogue. 

lOM V. TweUtfc St.. 

at. bniis, Xo. 

Car ballders. All classes. Sbow eats a sps* 
clalty. Shops, Harvey, IlUnola. 
841 Bailway Exdiange Bnildiac, OUsac*i 


Comedy Hoop Manipulators - 
and Jugglers. 
Care of 503 North Clark St., Chicago, m. 


Is cutting quite a dash as a 
clown and comedy juggler. 


Jenklnson. 1724 Fillmore St. San Francisco 

Wanted, Good One^RlDg Circus 

AH particulars in first letter, at once. 

WftBXED ZO BVX—A. seeaid-band tent, 6pz90 
or 50x80. Don't want no rags. OTIS JOBS-. 
SON. Box 414, Walnut Bldse, Ark. 


"Wanted In SbreTeport, "La.. 
Addieaa £D. SEAKAH, Shrevepozt XA. 

840-048 Meridian Street, CHICAGO. IUL~ 

Eatabliahed Sinoa I8T0. A 

ZOzSO, ronna and gable end; 8 ox. drUI. 10 ft. waU. Used one mimth t30.00| 

20x60, round and gable end; 8 os. drUI, 10 ft. waU. TTsed tbree weeks. Frice....... T4.009 

One Crazy House Tent, 16x10; side waU 16 ft. hlgb. 10 os. donUe fiUlng duck Used ^ 

one week 35.00 

One SOxSO, round ends; 10 oz. duck, 9 ft. wall. Used tbree months. Price 60.00 

One 60 ft. round top. with two 30 ft. middles; 8 ox. KtaaU. 10 ft. wall. Bed and bine 

trimmings. Used three weeks 300.00 

One TO ft. round top, 30 ft. middle; e>A ox. drlU, 10 ft. wall. Used two months. Price.... 110.00 

One TO ft. round top. 40 ft. middle; S^i oz. drill, 10 ft. wall. Used two months 135.00 

One 80 ft. round top, with one 40 ft. middle; 6% os. drill. Used six vreeks. Price 269.00 

One 20x40, black top, 10 ft. wall, with seats. Used three days. Price 150.00 

mTBBAT & C0XFAX7, Inc. S40.64B Merifllaa Street, Cadioaga. 

— FOR sa.i:.e:- — 

HALF HOBSE, HALT SEEB. Tbree sepan(te boms on right front foot, Incites 
>s\g. Mo chest, no right shoulder. Right knee 8 Inches shorter than the left. Blgiht 
iiiil fkrat upside down. Bight side like deer; left side like horse. left front foot like a 
li, per. walks like crawfish. SeTea years eld and alive. 

BH AIJ. H 0B8E. S years old, GO lbs., 30 Inches lilgfe. 

A SHEEBy T colors of wool, front feet like deer. 

PIO, one bead, two bodies, 8 legs and two tails. 

Bann ers and Poles, two Tents, Crates for Shippinc. 

BEST TBAINED BEAB OH EABTH FOB BKLLY. Gets drunk when told and causes 
nngb house. Uve ones come «u>d see this ootllt. Ill health cause of selling. SSTe car 
rre and stamps unless yon mean bnslness. Ask Blyerrlew about show, and also Mr. 
.tcTenaon, of tbe Chicago Billboard (be saw the show). Must sell <inlck. Ad dress - 
CSLET SHOWS Ko. 6, BiTsrrlew Expoaitios, GHI0A80, 

TOft mniUL 



Xlie Bllltioarcl 

SEPTEMBER 2, 1911. 


Personal Items Gathered by Correspondents and Contributed 
by Circus Attaches in All Departments 
of the Arenic World 

The Kpv York Hippodrome has Boanded the 
Imsle call to arms. It's now three-year 8aper- 
iDteiHl«iit, E. 3. Holland, the past snmmrr 
24-honT man witb tbe Yoouk Buffalo Wild West 
and of much former circns experience, was one 
of tile first to answer, arrlvlne In Kew York on 
Smtday. Ansnst 20, from Mt. Vernon, Ind., 
cwheie be left tlie Seaver attraction in a veir 
-pMmerona eondltloo. On his way East, tie 
■bnped over to greet bis bnther, Oeorge F. 
Hofiand. wbo had Imtalled the cltcns at the all- 
wiielE'.canilTal In Klcbmoad. ind., noder the 
■naptcee ot the United CarniTal Company oi 
-■ CblescK Big Otto's Trained Animals are a dis- 
tinct 'ftatme of the diena, and of the carnival 
irbteh 'pleyed' to upwards of 1S,000 people on 
Batmday ^^last. Slane. 

The crew of the i;o. 1 car of tbe lOI Bancb 
consists of P. W. Harrell, manager; Mark 
Wlsehart,^ boss blUpoRter; Bert Babcock. second 
bmah; Joe Betwller, Frank Beeae. 6. Becker, 
B. I. Layden. W. Carej-, G. Blodgett, W. 
. Jaekaott. W. Mocerf . Jim Robinson, L. Bnr- 
' ton. J. Ellington, 1>lllposters; 6. H. Phllpott, 
boss lltbo.: H. C. Wail and I.. McDonald, 
asalstants: Harry Kaley, cbanffenr; Andy Dn- 
Ftane, paste maker; A. J. Bateman, steoog- 
3rapller;^H> C Adams, program solicitor.. It is 
claimed that this Is the only adrertisInB ear of 
today that carries an anto, which Is ased tor 
; blUlns the dty. 

Dniing the exhibition of the Kit Caraoi, 
Bulfalo Ranch Show at Dodgevllle, Wis.. Angnst 
18, Chief Medicine Clond and his sqnaw, Mary, 
lost their one-year-old son, after a short lllnest,. 
The papoose was burled at Dodgevllle. * The 
death; of the little -.faUow had >u vnyed. on the 
. mind: ot-;the: mother; that aha attempted snlclflt 
by hanging hemelfvay n aiiawl firam the. rafter 
OTerhead In the car. 'Her hnaband arrlTed Jnst 
In time to save her, and .In^ a short while she 
had< fnlly recovered. Uanager .J. C. Kelly 
statcA that she woold not be able to take part 
In the show for some time to come. 
: '6n the No. 2 car of the Forepangh-Sells Show 
arer Tbm Dransfleld, manager; Wm. H. Smith, 
boss billposter; H. Itskln, second bmsh; 1. 
KeaHnic; lithographer; J. P. Staellcross, W. 
Scott. H. B. Stover, Bert Ellsworth, E^ank Fos- 
ter, W. S- Hoover. W. Westiwrg, Bob Unwood, 
Jas. Bateman, Frank Hartwell. H. Smith, Jn3. 
Gillick, 1. Perkln. E. O. Dennlnger, Mose 
BeHer and Chas. Donglas, billposters; Peter 
. GTord.' porter; O. F. Worth, assistant porter. 

Advertising Car No. 2, of the Yonng Buffalo 
Show, has the following roster: I. C. Admire, 
manager; A. W. Holland, boss billposter, as- 
sisted by F. Bntler, O. Ablemeyer. Jno. Admire, 
Slim StaeClnre, O. Jones, I,aag VanAmbnrg, 
Bhor^ Stevens and Buster White; Whity Tay- 
lor, Taylor-. Hall, Bob Delroy and Billy Jjons, 
baanermen; H. . J. Halcro. lithographer; D. J. 
Bevlngton and Sleepy Anderson, programmers; 
T_ Galrgns, porter. 

After an nnsnccessfnl season of eight weeks 
with tbe Masterson Railroad Sbows. wblcn 
closed in Harper's Ferry, W. Va., Merritt 
ISelew, eqnestrian. Joined the Young Buffalo 
Wild West Show. He Is dcdng a new. act, that 
of an inebriated cowboy, flnlshlng the act .with 
regular principal riding on a , broncho In an 
open arena. He is also potting on a high 
school act. 

Included In the roster of tbe No. 3 car ^t the 
Sells-Floto Show are: Fred McMacn. manager; 
Frank Hossman, boss billposter; Al. Bntler. 
lithographer: Ed. sicKeand, Bert Stites, Paul 
Barnes, Bud Berger. Henry z,amb, Jess^M. Hart- 
man and Bert Wade, billposters. Wbi. Baxter 
Is advance agent. The car has been ont twen^ 
weeks. ; and not. a day has been lost. . 

Tim raster of vrorking men ' with Jones .Bros.* 
Buffalo' Ranch and Wild West, follows: Joe 
<l>eafy) Kesser, superintendent of canvas. 
Whittle Morgan, in charge of seats; Sam Fort- 
ney. in charge of sideshow canvas; Boy Buffalo, 
In charge of animals; Joe Allen (Brooklyn Joe>, 


In charge of stock; Sam Fatten, assistant on 

Wm. Mocerf, who has been with the John 
Boblnson Ten Big Shows for the past twelve 
seasons, doing excursion ■— orfc on Car No. 2, 
is no longer connected with the Ten Big. He 
is now doing special excursion work lor the 
101 Ranch Show on P. W. Harrel's Car No. 1. 

Deacon Delmorc, of Erie, Pa., the well 
known announcer, formerly with the Cole Bros,' 
and the Famous Robinson Shows, lias been en- 
gaged by Samuel Haller for the Monitor and 
Merrimac attraction at Blvervlew Park, Chi- 

Brigade No 1 of the Tonng Buffalo Wild West 
has the following roster: L. H. Egan, agent; 
D. J. Bevlngton. boss billposter, assisted by 
Homer Hall, Jack Egan. Smyth MacGnlre. H. 
J. Halcro and Billy McKinder. 

Atterbury Bros.' Shows are going South for 
the winter. The outfit will be enlarged for 
the tonr. All people with the show have signed 
for the winter season. 

Miss Almee Cowden Is meeting with great 
success with her dog and pony act with the 
Chas. N. Harris Show, now playing New York 

Newport and Stirk. with the John Robinson 
Shows, are having spedal 8een«y built for 
their vaudeville act V the TilBn 'Scenic Com- 
pany. Tiffin, O. 

Reports from Camphdl Bros.' Shows say that 
business for them in the upper peninsula of 
Michigan haa been beyond expectations. 

Cant. G. Georgron and his troupe of four 
Cossacks, joined the Young Buffalo Wild West 
Show at LaPorte, Ind,, August 14. 

Frank G. Mutton, not Fred Mutton, has the 
privileges on Campbell Bros.' Shows. He ha& 
been with the show for nine, years, 

Harry I,yons has left Gollmar Bros.* Shows 
to accept a responsible positlan with the Yonne 
Buffalo WUd West Show. 

Tbe Gollmar Show, after playing Lake Gen- 
eva, Wis., will have played, thirty-six stands 
in their hope state, 

Gollmar Bros.' ' ei^erlenced ' phenmnenai busi- 
ness dnring their last week for this season In 

The Wallet tVunlly are presenting a number 
of nnlqoe riding acts with Gollmar Bros.' 

-AL Glarkson and his band of house wreckers 
visited Wheeler's brigade while In Paducah. 

James Duval, down, and the Mnrphy Broth- 
ers, recently Joined Frank -A. Bobbins' Show. , 

Napdieim DeBemont Joined the Clrde C 
Baneh Wild West Show. Angnst 14, 

Lowest price. Send for new list. E 
V-AN, Nocthvnie. ». Y. 

Nephew of Dan Bice and for many years with 
the FOrepangb-Sells Brothers' Show The re- 
semblance to hla celebrated avonenlar relative 
is very marked. 


Alt those whose cards have been 
appearing weekly in The Billboard 
should send us photo without delay, 
so cut can be inserted according to 
our agreement. These cuts must 
all be received at the office of The 
Billboard within the next ten days 
to insure insertion. 

Feature Acts 




in tbat 










BandSf Hotels* Opera Houses, 

Vaudeville 'and Musical Acts, 
Moving Picture Theatres, 
Minstrel First Part and Parade, 
Elks, Base-Ball, Basket-Bail, Etc. 

Send for free 


Kind Wanted 

Western Uniform Co. 

H. H. King, Pttu A.M. McCoy, Sec*y 
Clarif and Adams Sts. " CHICAGO 


Show TENTS. Black TENTS. Alrdomes 
and Carnival Ontflts. Tenta and Side> 
wall for Sale or Rent. Catalog Free. 

Suptrier Viaduot, • CLEVEUW, 0. 




err kind of eanras work for Show ei 
We refer to oni cnitomets, BingUnc : 

GEO-B-eARPErfTER&eo Chicago 

We are SPECIALISTS in erorr kind of eanras work for Show eqalpment. Alio Uaalla and 
vlre rope, Uckle, fittings, etc. We refer to oni cnitomets, BingUng Bne., Bamnm ft Bailey, etc. 
Vrlte for onr prices. 

201-209 W. 
Illinois St. 


Downie&Wbeeler'sWorlil'sBestFaHroail Shows 

Five Mor* Sober, Hustling Billposters 

Ta join on wire for long season south. .\ddreBs, F. J. FKINK, Oxford, Pa. 


A good spot for a sober, reliable mail. Address as per route, 


^% m ^ ■ ■ mm In Ifetal. Iridescent, black and all etha, cetera. 
• C EP n mM f2 1 F C ^ dUtetsst aHapc*, 


Somathlna Newt Faatherwelgfit Jswsis. 47 1>2 W. Third St , NEW YORK. 


Miller Bros. & Arlington's 101 
Ranch Wild West Sliow 


iiSaoAn Aora 

Pantomlms knll flsbta fanlahed. Addteas, 
40 West Washington St.. Fhoenlz, Aria. 

tfexlc&n Address, 2 Acalla de Milan, No. 6, 
Mexico €lty. 





World's Famous Trlek and 

Fancy Ropars 
Permarent Address, Mulhall, Okfa. 

Dan DIx 

"Th* Guy with th' llul*" 

Harry CMiOer 


BiUie Hart 

Just a Cop 

WHh 101 Ranch Show 




Riding hers* without 
bridi* and ralna 

Third seiBon with 101 Show 

SEPTEMBER 2, 1811. 

Ttie Dlllboar d 




SEASON 191t 


" H E D D O I 


Thi Ibturd 


Clowning for 
Hot eikit 

Bob Avallon Troupe 


Flossie LaBlanche 

12 MEN. 

Eugene Enos Troupe 





Foot Jugglers, Unsupportad 
Ladder and Novalty Tight 
Wira Acta 


Burns, Brown & Burns 




S«nntlonal Doubl* Tnipns. 
Slaek WIm. and Troup* 
of Cdueatsd Dogs 


John Robinson 10 Big Shows, 1011 


The Monarch of the Nation, in 
Human Physical Powo'; epen 
competition the world over. 

Fearless Mile. Margueritte 

ani Her Five (5) PerforwRi 
African Lions 

Open for Winter Engagements. 


Helen Leacb & Co. 

Doing some Original Wire Act 
and Revolving Teeth Act. 

F. W. BLASSER and 



Twwtjr in amnber. 
Tbe ontast Ast ia Amarfae. 




E31a, the giri who earn ride any my. 






■ Unsurpassed and laughing hit 

■ in vBudeville. 

Great Everett ud 
Origiial Lady Raffles 

That classy handcuff act that others 
^ to imitate, featuring their 
20th oentuiy baicel escape. 




I want a tumbler who can do 
comedy. . 


California Frank's All Star Wild 
West Show 

1 /\pg IMF 


'•Don't ba afraid whila 
1 am fiara." 



High Jumping Horsas 
and Bucking Staars 


a^ ■ a 

Duke R. Lee 

Chief of the Cowboys 

Bronea, Staara, Knivaa 

' aa" aa ' ■ ^ - 

Miss Mane Fniees 

VM's Gnitist Himlacl Hit SM 

High School Horaa "Ozark" 

Miiired Mniiaii 


Her $1 0,000 Menage 
Horse, Bill Oliver 

oeergie Miiiaii 


High School Horses 
and Races 


And His High-School 
Tandem Team 

Trick Riding 

n DA DnMC UACI cv 

tLBA KtlNt HArLI:! 

taieriea's Ssallest CngbL 


That Original Heoaiar RuIm 
with the twieted expreaelen and 
the ingrown face 





i — loii — 1 


1 Sward Swallowar 

3 One of the mai^> but with some- 
3 ' thing ^feient. 


Equastrian Olractor s 


= Novalty Gymnaata 

= Not the biggest, Iwit always miikring 
= good. 


Oriental Danear S 


1 3-Herliert Bras.-3 



Sanaatlenal Tight and Slaak = 
Wira Artlat. a 

■11 ■ P^mamnt ftddivM"*^* S 

79 Bride* 8*.. PATEBSON<a.«. = 

1 Prof. Gari Beailiart 




g—Mwaf aJw. MuaTkaBUIbeaid. S 




The JoGURi Family 

Akwava woRKiaa 


» 1 



Xtie OlllboarcS 

SEPTEMBER 2, 1911, 


Acrobats Premiere. One of the senBationRl cir- 




Uonarch ot the nation In hnman physlnl 
power. Open for competition. 


English clown and nlgn-atilt walker. 


Sensational backward ladder drops. 



! engaged with John Robinson's 10 Big Shows, Doing an original wlro and revolving feeth act. 
Thanks to managers for many offers. 

Feature Acts with Frank A. Robbins Circus 


Oriental Dancer. Kora tban making goad. 


HOTeIt7 Gyamasts. Not tile blsgest bnt alwan 
In demand. 


Aerobata extraordlnai7. 


Senaatlonal tlsht and alaekwlie valfcer. 

Wanted-PuUmaii Car 

Itent or purchase. With two staterooms, beddine, steel-tired wheels. Pull descrip- 
tion and t«rmB first letter. TOM MORROW, Mgr. .Tolly John Larkins Co., week 
Aujr. 28i 29, 30, Grand Opera House, Wilkes-Barre, Pa.; Aug. 30-Sept. 1, 2, Lyceum 
Hieiatre, Scranton, Pa.; Sept. 4, Howard Theatre, Washington, D. C. 

Great Cosmopolitan Shows Ko. 2 

Can place one Tent Show and one Platfonn Show, also legitimate ConceBSlona. Want PlantalW 
People and wblte Musicians and Carnival People In all lines. Bozeman, Mont., wock Aug. 
Great Falls, Mont., week Sept. 4. . 


SEPTEMBER 2, 1911. 

Xtie eillboarcl 


Write For Our.... CDCC 

dialog iSiBplet 


For Bands, Shows. Thea- 
tre and Park Employeea 
Base Ball, Etc. Also 

Catalog of Band 
Instranents & Supplies. 

We are also headquarters 
for Banners, Paintings, 
Badges, Buttons, Cos- 
tumes, Etc. Get our 
prices before buying. We 
furnish the best goode 
at lowest prices. 

Bros. & Co. 

1030 South Fourih St.. Sraiwilli. Illinois. 


Box 34, 




Tha greatest 
money settera. 
Write for Catalos. 
and Ftieea. 


Write tor price lUt. W3I. WUBFFUBIN. Sfgr., 
208 N. Second St., PhUadelpUa. Pa.. U. S. A. 


After operatliis for 80 jreaia wbat la perhaps tht 


Owner wlihea to retire from batlnen.' The park 
u l)eaDtirnU7 located In Jenej City, nmnlnf 
ream tbe Hndson Bonlerard to Newark Bay, about 
85 minutes from New York by trolleys, which 
pus the door. The owner has more applleatloas 
tor booking than he can accommodate, belnc 
cpmpellea to turn baslness away. For Informa- 
Oon, «npiy to w. A., c«rB Billboard, 1440 Broad- 
way, New York. 


Special prices on this 
line. Write at once. 
It will pay you. Don't 
Other Specials. 
FABRiCIUS, 907 M. Broadway. ST. LOUIS 

Incandescent Lamps 

ForParka, TKaatraa and Showa 



BAFEnr EU90SBI0 00.. 
SU N. mehlcas Avenue. Ohisace. 

Coasters -Sceoic Railways-Eitire Parks 

^ Paul D. Howse 


n..iu.*^'''f*S2 offlce; ler Dearborn Street, 
"uuder ot White Olty, Chicago, and many great 

P^I'S FO&OUPINXS atand captivity end 
Sound, healthy, attractive. 
driiS.'"'"'' Inoffensive, Inexpensive. Dneqnalcd 
wKl" clrcns og. (oo*. carnivals, 

Water ^'"Ijgf" rinra, North 

Can't Keep Supplied 

"ET(>r}-one wants yonr. Mexican Stiletto and 
Pistol Watch Fob," wrote a customer last week. 

That's what they all tell ns. We can hardly keep 
up with blic demand. Thi'se attractive Watch Fobs 
arc made of good leather, embossed design, metal 
Stiletto and Pistol. 

Novelty Stores, Fairs, 
Carnivals, Street Stands. 

They are lust the thing for the 
"coatless" man. Much neater, a 
little smaller, and twice as attrac- 
tive as any now on the market. You 
can sell two to the other man's one, 
and not halt try. Let as send yon a 
trial order, two doxen 'assorted, at 
$3.50, expressage paid, if they are 
not better In every way than any 
you have ever seen, return them to 
us. The money is yours, less ex- 
pressage. You'll never make money 
any easier than yon will with this 
novelty. Order now — today— while 
they are new on the market. 



313 Eaat Heuaton Straat, 


Button and 


OB the maiket today. 

Tha buttons are fed AUTOUAnCAIXX. 
plates are fed by hand. 


NOTE— Ii not one ot thoM KhcaUed 
V AutomaUe Haehlnei that to eoa- 

■tantly out of order. Oura U NOT « hnrrledly made 
cheaply constructed article. Seally a 

Roiahed aod Pofected Hadiiiie 

Substantially put together by capable machinists. 

Befort placing your order for any Aatomatie Uadilnt. tot u MDd jon 
eonvlBce yoa that wa have the beat. 

Plates. l%x2U. 
75c. per 10 0; 
Mounts. 20c per 
100 and up: Bat- 
ton Plates, TSe 
100; Framea, 
, per grosa and np; 
Developer, 20e pat 
package. Develop- 
er free with every 
order of SOO plate* 
or buttons. Write 
for booklet and 
1911 price Ilit. 

oar kooUat. tt 'KlU 


9S-S8-100 MAIDEN 




Lemps Park, St. Louis, Mo. 

September 9 to 24>, inclusive. 

Wants Sensational Free Acts. A few more Pay Shows, Concessions of all kinds. 200,000 
complimentary tickets given by the Woodmen of tbe World and Knights and I.adles of Honor 
In contest for the largest attendance. This will be tbe biggest carnival we tiave ever held, 
and all our others have been a success. Address all communications to 

SOBT. BACHKANN, Manager, Lemps Park, St. Louis, Ho. 



5 nays and Nights-Opens Labor Oay, September 4. 

Wanted al2 kind ot shows, on percentage basis. AH kind of games, on low flat rental. Join at 
once. See Frank linsk on fair gzonnds, HaztAurd, or telephone 1031, Mnzray H&l. Come tm, we 
will take care of 70a. . 

IIENBT MET£BHOFF, - - . .. 1402 BroadwaTV K«w Toik. 


KtlXS, WAnJNO OB OUTT.T.It BIITiTJI. ihotaagbly lebnlit, for operating purpoaai^ Afi fl OOP 
AS MEW. roll eanlpmant of ebe^a. Me*. t3T.B0 oaeh. rmlt Otmi. (36.00 a ease. PROlfPT 

AUTO VENDER COMPANY, SS4 W. Jackson BivA, Clucago, HI. 


Small band of 6 or 7 pieces. Also Wild West, people. Long se.ison at- State Fairs, 
then south, .\ddress, TEXAS BUD WILD WEST SHOW, care Hutch Water Car- 
nival, Fair Grounds, DesMoines. Iowa, thib week ; St. Paul, Minn., week Sept. 4, 
State Fair Ground«. 



For a Large Outdoor Spectacular Production. Aerial, Acrobats, Comedy Acts, etc. 
Tennessee. Colorado and Utah, September anid Octobra'; Texas in November. 

' B. E. GREGORY, 1320 Wabash Ave., Oticago, BL 



Write for onr new 1911 lUnstiated Gataloc. 
JUMt off the proaa. 

Mailed free to yenr address. Send for It 
today. It will prove to yen that we have 
the latest and best selling goods at FOS- 

Tbe new Combination Opera and Field 

Glass, per gross J27.00 

Gent's Idnk and Scarf Set, per gross 3.75 
The latest T-plece Gent's CoUar, Unk 
and Scarf Combination Sets, per 

gross 8.00 

Tie and Scarf PIo Set, per gn».... 4.80 
Coat Chains, Scarf and Tie Set. a big 

seller, per dozen 1-T5 

Pearl Ax Brooches, per, gross lO.OO 

BaBKle Brooches, per grosa 13.50 

Neck Cbalns, with lockets, per gross.. S.Z5 
Studs and Scarf Pins, set with elec- 
trical diamonds, per gross 3.20 

A larse assortaiest of Ladles* and 

Gents' Set Sings, per gross S.50 

Photo Brooches; per gross .......... 1.75 

Ohatelalue Fins, with lockets, per gross 6.00 

' VbB biggest value ever offered for the 
money. The Marksman, extra heavy, foil 
Blae, 716 In., pnt up in boxes, with finera. 
per dozen. $1.40; per gross, (10.20. 

We are headquarters for Watches, Jewelry, 
Fountain Fena and Neveltiea. 


Wlideiala 7ewdeit, Tha B«ma of BbvdUeai 
80S W. Madiaon St., ChlCMge. ilia. 


nie latest fast seller at fairs. $4.00 per smss: 
extra large, $6.00 per gross. We are beadonar- . 
tera for the following: Golf Canes, Bepro- 
dnctlon Pennants, Cresto Gas Lighters, Tinsel 
Pennants and Jap Oocanes. Ticklers Cram OOe 
per 100 to $1.35 per 100. Hat Bands. $1.50 
per 100. Any sample by man 10c, Jobb ers and . 
fair workers apply to NEW YORK SOVEI/ry 
WOKKS. Wolf Blmbllch, Manager, 46 Ann St., 
New York City. 


"Catcli tbe Brass Bing and Get a nee Bide." 
We make tbe best Brass Trimmed Slide, also 
Carousel Blngs, 
W. T. 1US6EKS CO.. 
Ooosr. Island, • - - Sow Toik. 
"A new ad every week." 


809-11 Fedenal Street. Philadelphia. Pa. 
Manufacturera of 

Mechanical Cyllniler Pianos 

SlBgle action and with Mandolin attachment for 
aiooting Gallery, Meny-gp-Boimd, Skating 
Blnk, Moving Picture Show. ete.. at reasonable 
price. Also flist-class eonditlon second-hand 
Planot. with new musle. at reduced price. 
Write for catalog. 


Printed Fortunes, $1 per 1.000; 
SHstnre Fbotoa, vlsllde and In- 
vUible, $2 per 1.000. For Fkln. 
Carnivals, etc. Stamp for sam- 
ples. J. LEDODZ, 1297 MyrUe 
Avenue, Brooklyn. M. Y. 

TELEPHONES far tliStage 

Made identical like the Keal Phones. 
In Use by an Tbeatres;- Actors 
and Actresse s. S end for cata 
logne, B. BeBlSir, IS VnGtit Sq.. 
Vow York City, ■ 

FOB OOUUXir 7AIB, to be held at Commerce, 
Oa^ November 6th to -11th. City popoIatloB, 
2,500; population four counties, 76,178. Cotton 
receipts, city, 22,000. Cott(Hi production, four 
counties, 107,000 balas. Electric lights, -water- 
works. Thrifty agricultural section. Good con* 
cessions to dean attractions. Address H. S. 
JACKSON. Commerce, Ga, 

BADGEBS, $5.00: gRATTlTK DOGS, 75 oesta; 
Kangaroo Bata, 60 cents: Coon and Odorless 
Skunk, $2.50; twenty Pit Snakes, $10.00. Casb 
or wire. HIBAM YODEB, " Harper, Kaa, 

liiosions For Sals 

One Vanishing Lady Cabinet, one Asirah Levl- 
tation, with table, partially complete, in four 
crates, ready for road. Wm saialflGe fi>r'$40. 
or offer; cost $100. Fartlenian. UcCA£b 
400 Baker Street. Detroit. lOeh. 


Xtie Blllboapd 

SEPTEMBER 2, 1911. 


:' Maaagera and performers are respectfully reqaested to contribnte their dates for the depart- 
ment. Routes must reach The Billboard not later than Friday of each week to Insure pnbllcatlon. 

The Billboard forwards all mall foe professionals free of charge. Members of the profession 
are Invited, while on the road, to bare their mail addressed in care of Xbe Uillboard, and It will 
b« torwarded promptly. 

Bison City Quartette: 50] W. 139th St., N. 

r. c. 

Black & MeCune: 19 Neponset uye., Boston. 
Blaney, Hugh F.: 248 Fifth ave., Pittsburg, 

Bogert & Nelson: BeTere House, Chicago. 
Bolses, Sensational: 100 W. 143<1 St., N. Y. C. 
Booth Trio: 343 Lincoln St., Johnstown, Pa. 
Bottomley Tronpe: 14 Mat^I st,, Water b urj, 

' Conn. 

Boyle Bras.: 531 Bidge ave., Allentown, Pa. 
Boynton & Bonrke: 3603 Broadway, N. T. 0. 
Braham'g Pbantographs: Bevere Honse, Chi- 
cago. . 

Brangan & SarUle: Pleasant View Farm, Kfos- 
cow, O. 

Telegrams inquiring for routes not 
given in these columns will be ignored- 
unless answers are prepaid. 


(An additional list of Performers' 
Datasi as well as a list of additional 
routes, received too late for classifica- 
tion, ma/ be found in another column.) 

When no date is given the week of 
Aug. 28-Sept. 2 is to be supplied. 

AbdallaUs, Six: 42 Johnson St., Brookl>:n. 
Adair, Art: 438 S. Learltt St., Chicago. 
Adgie & Her Lions: 210 E. 4Ttb St., N. Y. C. 
Abecii. Aeues, & Co.: 3219 Colorado ave., Clil- 
cago. • 

Altkens. Two Great: 2219 Gravier St.. New Or- 

Aldcrfer. Chos.: DeuTer,. Ind. 
^AUen, Mr. & Mn. Fiederldc: 872B. 20tli are., 

Alton Kenna: Box 696. Annlston, Ala. 
.AlUiiel's.' Job., Peter the Great: 422 Bloom- 

-flela St., Hoboken, K. J. 
Alsace & l/orralne: 01' e: Duval St., Pbila. 
Alvorado's. S.. Goats: 1235 N. Ualn St.. De- 

catnr. 111. 
Alvin, Peter H.: Dresden, O. 
AlTlno & Blalto: 601 Columbus St., Montgomery, 


American Comedy Four: 779 2d ave., N, T. C. 

American Comiques. Tliree: Bevere Bouse, Ciil- 
cago. I 

American Dancers, Six: 10 plain St., Provi- 
dence, R. t. 

American Trumpeters: 1163 Elmwood ave., Piov- 
idence. R. I. | 

Amlotto, Three: Fitcbbnrg, Mass. ! 

Amsterdam Quartette: 131 W. 41st St., N. X. C. 

Anderson & ElUson: 3603 I.ocnst St.. Pblla. 

Aadexson * Bvans: 865 A. Gates ave., Brooklyn. 

Andersons.^ Anstralion Twin: Care Paul Tauslg, 
I04iE. I4th St., N. Y. C. „ 

Ansel -& Dorian: 1557 E. 32d St., Cleveland. 
° ApoUo Quartette: 53S N. State St.. Chicago, 

Archer & Carr: Greenwich, N. Y. 

Arieona Trio: 361 B. IStb St., M. Y. 0. 

Arlington & Belston: B36 So. 7th St.. Camden, 

• N. J. 

Arnnut Bros.: Care P. Tauslg, 104 B. 14th St.. 
N. Y. C. 

Arnesens, The: 1817 M. Kedzle ave., Chicago. 

Arnold & Rickey: Owego, N. Y. 

Atlantis & Fisk: 2311 First ave. South, Billings. 

Mont. „ _ „ 

Anstralian Fonr: 244 W. 38th St., Y. C. 
Azuma Family: 1227 B. . 7lBt st.. Chicago. 
Americas Newsboys' Qoaintet (Lake Michigan 

Park) Mnskegon.. Mlcb. 
Adair, Belle (Orphenm) Minneapolis; (Or- 

pheum) St. Paul, Sept. 3-9. 
Arvt Mysteries (Empress) Winnipeg, Can. 
Arlington Fonr (Orpheum) Fargo, N. D., Sept. 


Addison & Livingston (Crystal) Galvestoil, Tex. 
Adair & Sabn (Lyda) Chicago. 
.\u$iins. Tossing (Pontages') Denver. 
.\I:eunt, Cbas.. Otonpe (Oiphenm) Salt Lake, 

Brady, Owen: 44 State St., Anbnm, N. Y. 
Barnard's Manikins (Empress) Kansas City. 


Bliss & Boss (Empress) Kansas City, Mo. 

Braham's, Nut, Flea Circns (Young's Ocean 
Plor) tAIantlc City. 

Burnette. Bobble: 1353 Broadway, N. Y. C. 

Bell Roy Trio . (Empress) San Fttinclsco; 
(Grand) Sacramento, Sept. 4-9. 

Burt, Xeilie (Empress) Denver, Sept. 4-0. 

Brewster, Nellie. & Amsterdam Quartet (Ma- 
Ji-stlc) Butto, ilont.. Sept. 4-9. 

Bnltus, Four (Majt-stlc) Butte. Mont.; (Wash- 
ington) Spotanc. WHKh., Sept. 4-0. 

Bailey. CIltT, Trio (Empress) Winoipcg, Can. 

Boynton & Davis (Orpheum) Des Molues, la. 

Beane, Geo.. & Co. (Empress) Duluth; (Em- 
press) Winnipeg. Can., 4-0. 

Brian, Donald (Knickerbocker) N. Y. C. 

Big City Quartet (Poll's) New Haven, Conn,, 
Sept. 4-9. 

Bnnton. Harry, & Co. (Majestic) Butte, Mont., 
Sept. 4-9. 

Bron-n. Harris & Brown (Keith's) Providence. 

B. 1., Sept. 4-0. 
Burton & Raymond Co.- (Forest Park Hleh- 

lanrts) St. Lenls. Sept. 4-9. 
Ball, Ward & Ball: 1172 First St., Milwaukee. 
Baldwin & Shea: care Fisher's Bfcg. Exch., 


Barnes. T. Roy. & Bessie Crawford (Maryland) 
Baltimore: (New Brighton) Brighton Beach, 
N. Y., 4-0. 

Beck & Preston (Empress) Denver, 

Caesar. Ftants: 612 E. 42d at., Cblcago. 

Caine & Odom: 72 Wilson St.. Newark.- 0. 

Calvert, Great: 164 Averill ave., Rochester, 
N. Y. 

This blank is avaflable for route data in case you have no route 
cards. Cards will be mailed upon application. 







(Subtlona ave., 

Ba.idc-r-LaVeUe Trio: 820 N. 

Bactaeu & Desmond: 1347 N. 11th St., Pblla. 
BuiUlea, Four: 26K :W. Church St.. Newark, O. 
Baker & Cotnalla: 142 Schermerhom St., Brook- 

Barlows, Breakaway: White Bats, N. Y, C. 
Barretts, Juggling: 100 E. 12th St. N. Y. O. 
Barron, Billy: 1215 JeCTerson ave.. Brooklyn. 
Barry & Hack: 389 Roger St.. Mllwaokee. 
Barry. Mr. & Mrs. Jimmie: DIngmans Ferry, 

Barry A Wolford: 8 Hawthorne ave.. Clifton, 
N. J. 

Bartell & Garfield: 2699 E. 63d St.. Cleveland. 
Bartos, Three: 819 N. 2d St., Beading, Pa. 
Baxter. Sidney: 1722 48th ave., Melrose, Cal. 
Beard. BUly: 1401 Drayton St.. Savannah. Ga. 
Bebout Dno: 225 High St.. DetCDlt. 
Beck & Evans: 14 N. Btb St.. Phlla. 
Beers. Leo: Watertown. WU. 
Behees, Those: 7208 B. 15tb St., Kansas City, 
' Mo. 

BeU Musical Trio: 2707 8th ave., N. Y. C. 
Bennett Bros.: 268 W. 65th st. N. Y. C. 
Bennett Sisters: 1308 Forest ave., Kansas City, 

Bennett & Marcello: 206 W. 67th St.. N. Y. C. 
Berenice. MUe.: 3844 Washington Blvd.. Chi- 

Bernards, Original: The Billboard, cahlcago. 
Benr & Berry: Great Valley. N. Y. 
Bert tc Cna: 310 Hughes St.. Dayton. O. 
Beyrar. Ben. & Bro.: 1496 Bryant ave., N. x. C. 

Bicknell & Glbney: 441 Uailon st^. Oak Park. 


Biff Be Armo: ITS Bmce it. Newark. N. 3. 
BigelowB. Tbe: 2682 UOmoe' at.. CUcago. 
BlmlMW; The: 812 Lowe St., Appleton. Wis. 
Bisbee -a Connelly: Hotel Rookery, Kewanee. 
III. ' 


If you are unable to give route, and desire to have your perma- 
nent address listed, kindly provide the necessary information, 
uaing this blaiik. 


Permanent Address- 

Uoslcai: 729 Liberty ave.. 

May: Aetois' Society, 145 W. 45tb 
St., N. Y. O. 
Brlttons. Three 

Broadway Comedy Qoartette: 20 WiUIanu ave,, 

Brookes & Carlisle: 38 Glenwood ave., Buffalo. 
Brooks & Kingman: 303 Putnam Bldg., N. Y. 0. 
Brown & Ciooper: 2016 Walnut St., Chicago, 
Brown, Harris & Brown; Riverside, B. I. 
Brunettes, Cycling; 231 Cross St., Lowell, Mass. 
Buch Bros.: Edison St.. Bidgefleld Park, N. J. 
Bndds, Aerial: 26 N. Union St.. Antora. lU. 
Bnford, Bennett & Bnfiod: 1S33 Michigan ave.. 

Bnnchu & Alger: 2310 W. Main St., LooIavUle, 


Bnrbank & Danforth: Berlin. N. H. 
Burke & Urllne: 636 Bndd St.. W. PhUa.. Pa. 
Bnrfchart & Berry: 135 Eugenie St., Chicago. 
Bums. May & Lily: 116 W. 89th St.. N. Y. C. 
Burt, Nellie: 2618 Downing ave., Denver. 
Busklrk, Musical: 68 Barrow at., N. Y. C. 
Butler, Tom: 264 W. SSth St., N. Y. O. 
Byers & Hermana: S649 Paxtoa Bood, Oineln- 

Byron Sc Langdoo: 101 E. 8401 St., M. Y. O. 

Becton, Elwooa (Coney Island) Cincinnati; (O. 

H.) Wichita. Kan.. Sept. 4-9. 
Boyd. Maxie (Paths) Tolsa. OUa. 
Bowers. Walters As Ciooker (ColomUt) St, 

Lonls; (Majestic) Milwaukee, Sept. 4-9, 
Byron & Langdon: 174 E. 71st at., N. Y. C. 
Broad. Blily (Empire) London. Eng.. Sept. 

4-0; (Empire) Bumintiham U-IA. 
Blake. Etta Lonlie (FoDrteentb St.) N. T. C. 
Bowser. Cbas. W., & Co. (Empress) Denver, 

Sept. 3-9. 

Brown. GIL Lil Mills (Bamona Pork) Orand 
Baplds, Mich. 

Campbell. Frank ft Jennie: Marine Mills, Mlmu 
Carbrey Bros.: 1347 E. Oxford st., Pblla. 
Cudownie Sisters: 426 N. Liberty at.. Alliance, 

Cari & Bhell: 406 W. 18th St., Kansas City, Mo, 

Carlln & Clark; 913 Prospect ave,, Buffalo. 

Carol Sisters: 104 W. leth st, N. Y. O. 

Caron & Farcom: 235 B. 24th St., N. Y. C. 

Carpos Bros,: 104 B. 14tb St., N. Y. a 

Carr Trio: Canandalgoa, M. Y. 

CarroU-GIUette Troupe: 210 Chatham St., New 
Haven. Cmn. 

Carroll, Nettle, Tronpe; 1426 Holmes ave., 
Springfield, lU. 

Carrolton & Van: 6428 Monte Tlsta st, Los An- 

Carson Bros.; 1058 66th st, Brooklyn. 
Carson & Onvall: White Rats, N. X. 0. 
Carson Sc Wlllard: 2538 W. (Cumberland st, 

Ctesads, Three: Darlington, Wis. 
Cosad & De Vene: 812 Valley it, Dayton, O, 
Castellane, Xooy, ft Bro.: 248 Navy st, Brook- 

Cavana; Commercial Hotel, Chicago. 
Chantrell ft Schoyler: 210 Prospect ave., Brook- 

(niapman Sisters; 1629 Mllbnm st, Indlsaapolls. 

Chevriel, Emlle: Gloucester, Mass. 

Cbllders Sc CbUders: 716 W. e5th st, Cblcago. 

C!hnrch City Four; 1282 Decatur st, Brooklyn. 

(Hark Bros.: 2216 So. 8d it„ 8t Lonll. 

Clarks, The; 65 Bsnk st, N. Y. C. 

Claysms, Four Mnslcal: 64 Broad st, Oneida, 

CleVeland, (Hande ft Marlon: S97 Oth ave.. As- 
toria, L. I., M. Y. 
Clifford ft Buike; 267 W. 143d at, N. Y. 0. 
aiftons, Four: 104 B. I4th st. N. Y. O. 
aito ft Sylvester: 224 N. lOtb it, PUIo. 



Company and indloiduat orders 
tilled promptly and With preciMion. 

Theatrical folk are generally 
hard to please. They know 
what they want and 
insist on getting it. 
That's why our 
books show BO 
many satisfied 
the pro- 
fession. ' 

Get next to a service that'll save yon 
much worry and some money, too. 


Bet. 24tb ft 
25tb Sts. 

N. Y. cin 


Them BBPOIIB Pajlac' 

aapphfree — UOOK like OU. 

- " mends. Stand oeid and tss 
r diamond testa. Bo bud ttn 

eaailT senteh a flia and will out (lau; 
Brililaney cuaranteed tt Tears, ill 
monntedlnUKselM gsM diamond meunUnga. wui 
■and yoD any atrle rlnc, pin orstnd for ezamuiatio»- 
allmanespnpald—na money In advanoo. Wrltatti^ 

^ tOT3iaait.liilM||iihblilai 


Free-Magic Catalogue-Free 

Send tor it today. Descriptions and prices of 
35 illusions. 30 escape acts, 18 foreign crea- 
tions, 25 mlnd-readlng effects, 16 rope ties, 8 
chain tests, 20 new acts and creations, 60 low- 
priced sleight of band tricks, books, etc. Hui- 
dreds of tricks, secrets, new and seerad-hud 
bargains. Addten. W. ALBEKT TRIPP. 
5 Foster Street. New Bedford, Mass. 

Musical Glasses 

substantial, loud, pure In tons, eaay 
to tune and ploy. Photos, references, catalotuc 
with tall Information will be sent on receipt ol 
stamps. L, Braunelaa. Oloas phone Hfr. 

4M Ftatbush ave.. Brooklyn, H. T. 


TOST-ft (X>MPANY. 900 FUtert StroM, 
(Ettablishad 1870). FhOoddpUik 
W N«w. Ealaigad. lUnttiatad CatttecM 


Circus Men— Medicine Men— Sideshow Spleien. 
Streetmen. you can make money band over fist 
with Dr. Elders' Tobacco Boon and Dr. Eiden' 
Mantone Bomedy — 100 per cent proSt. Big Sell- 
era. Specially prepared argument that deliven 
the coin — can't resist the logical talking polnli 
—write today for full particulars. ELDERS' 
SANITARIUM, Dept. 101. St Joseph. Mo. 


"Knack Beading Music at Sight" booklet, miilel 
for ten cents. Celebrated Knack System of Pla7- 
Ing Vaudeville-Dramatic Music. Transposinc 
Faking, Arranging, taught by mall. Pattlculaa 
free. KNACK 8TPDI0. (Dept B). DanvlUe, 11^ 

U'lTBHBEAOSt — Our big catalogde ot late d«- 
signs mailed for a 2 cent stamp. Meat design; 
for nearly every act, single or double. Cuts siu 
letterheads, complete; quality guaranteed tbi 
best, and you save 25 to 60 per cent. CLAI 
CBNTEra BNaBAVINO CO., day Center, Hal. 

range from tSO to f 160 a week. We teacb joi 
in ten lessons by mall. Send 10c tor Theatrlcil 
Dictionary and foil particulars. HAMILTOV 
HAVBB BDKBAD. State Bank Bldg., Clevelani 

Income Insurance, Issued by old reliable con- 
pany. Pays $2,000 death, «13 weekly Inden- 
nlty for sickness or accident. 1100 emorgenO 
relief. Identlflcation credential, registered ker 
tag and handsome seal wallet given tree. An- 
nual premium, {7,60. Oar 81,000 accident poller 
costs only |2 yearly. Send tor elrcnlars all 
tostimontals. OBIFFITH * CO., Dayton, Te» 



SEPTEMBER 2, 1911. 

Tlie eillboard 


Co«tta», Three- Uuilcil! 144 W. Bentte* «.. ©»• 
CobS" Wr.t .t.. Cedar 

C.,l^>?«lr; Tir" C,cUn«: 270 W. 88th .t.. N. 
Cte & 1.1 CraDdmU Trio: 3M W. Wtli it., N. 

ColamlM Mu»lcal Four: 213 W. 4M »t., K. Y. 

<\)h'ii)im & l"rance»: 1S20 Jefferaon at.. Pblla. 

rn imWaiis Five. Inc.: Flndlay. O. 

cSor'' i!r<!..t: Stfl N. National Blvd.. Bprtog- 

o'likev. Clever: Wausan. Wli. 

fuiillii, St»*Ie & Carr: 6545 l*emberton at., W. 

Co'rualiai. 'six: 81 Flak ave.. Maapetb, U I., 

Co?sonVcora Youngblool. Svxtette: Anadarko, 

Cosu'llu & I.a Croix: S13 Ewlng at.. Kanaaa 

Coureil &°'liamUton: Palace Hotel, Chicago. 
Courtney & Jeannette: 1010 W. Mtb Plact, 

Co«les t-amlly: Altoona, Wis. 
^wford & Baker: 1-139 Baxter at., Toledo, O. 
CretoB, Tlie: Webster City, la. , „ „ 
Crlramliis & Gore: 3:W W. 20tb at.. K. X. C. 
Cromers, Thne: 305 Summit ave., BcheneetaOr, 

Croiinvc'll & Samse: Dixon. 111. _ 
Crougli & Welch: Girard Uotel, N. Y. O. 
Culirn Bros.; a)18 Kllswurtli St., Pblla. 
Oirrle & Harle: 537 So. State at., Sprlngfleld, 

tuiTy & Ulley: Blnghamton, N. Y. 

Cuitys. .Musical: 3034 E. Baltltnore at., BalU- 

Cl""ou. Ilia, & Co. (SUea'a) BoSalo; (Sbea'a) 

IViromo. Can.. Sept. 4-9. 
Carsou liroi-. (MaJeBtlc) Milwaukee. 
Carr Trio (Grand View Park) . CananllBlglUt, 

X. Y., 2S-Sept. 0. 
Cuoulagliaui & Marlon (Keitb'a) FUla.; (Bljoa) 

PllUa., ."Sept. 4-0. 

Caros. rijiug (Family) Buffalo; (O. H.) 

Warren. O.. Sept. 4-9. 
Carletta (Circus Variety) Copeidugaii, Den., 

Sept. 1-30. _ 
Cugsvelle. Tluee ClycUiigr (Toronto Bzpoat- 

tlon) Toronto, Can., SS-Sept. 0. 
Coote. Bert (Hippodrome) London, Eng., Sept. 


Cressy. Will M.. & Blanche Oajme: 34 Sooth 
si..' Coucord. S. H. 

C9ieyenne DayK Co. (Oipheum) Ban Fran- 
cisco. Sept. 4-0. 

Conchas, Paul (Empress) Loa Angeles; (Gar- 
rick) San Diego, Sept. 4-9. 

Campbell. Emerin, & Aubrey Yates (Colombia) 
St. Louis; (Temple) Detroit, 4-8. 

Clements & ^ee (Bijou) SaTannab. Ga. 

Cotton, Lula (Colambia) Clndniiatl, 4-9. 

Carlton tOrpheum) San Fnnclaco. 

Daley & Shewbrook: - 8SS3 lUetalgan are.. Obi- 

DaTis & Hodge: 00 Tenable St.. Atlants. 6a. 

Darls & Moran: 82T E. Walker st., Des Uolnei, 

Darlt tc. Scott: 137 W. 145tb St., N. Y. C. 
De Armo & De Aimo: 178 Bruce St.. Newark, 
K. J. 

DeFaye. Xlana It ETdjn: 4T W. SSth St., N. T. 


Oe Grace & Gorden: 100 Klngsltiid are., Brook- 

I)e Lisle, Juggling: Glena Falls, N. Y. 
Oe Uat«n & Whitney: 1420 N. S2d at.. Phila. 
Uelmore & Lee: 1BS3 Broadway, N. Y. O. 
Ih'iDo Troupe: care The Chalfant, IndlanapoUa. 
tielu.vs. Three: 10 M. Webb at., Oklahoma City, 

UeMar Bros.: CadlUac, Mich. 
DeMonde Sc Dlnsmore: Zanesrllle, O. 
Oes Mont, Bobert, Trio: 1619 W. I4tb Place, 

Oe Mora & Graceta: Flndlay. O. 
Oenlck's, Musical: 819 Fint at., Uaeon, Ga. 
De I'Ull Bros.: 443 17th at., Brooklyn. 
Ihrbys, Aerial: 807 Central ST*., OonneraTllle, 


Deveau. Hubert: S64 Prospect Place, Brook- 

lie Vere & Roth: S49 Belden are., Chicago. 
I>e Voes, Marretoos: 2801 Le Page at.. New 


Ur Vo.v. Geo.. & Dayton SIstera: 3043 Bales aT«k, 

K«ii>as City, Mo. 
Oe Woires. Four: 1713 Third ave.. N. Y. O. 
Iiiauioiiil Four: 1803 N. Weatem ave., Chicago. 
I>l''k. Uay: S22 Ohio are., Kokomo, Ind. 
IMrkens & Floyd: 96 IStli at., Buffalo. 
Iilikiuson. Rube: 2910 Vine at., Lincoln. Neb. 
DIson & Dixon: 160 Greenwich at., N. Y. 0. 
nuoo!. Four: 0626 Carpenter at.. Chicago, 
folon & Lentaarr: 2460 7th ave.. N. Y. O. 
Duiiorau & Mackln: 1130 Taylor at.. Ft. Wayne, 


KiTic Trio: 1)37 N, SUte St.. Chicago. 

iL.ria A: o'Neil: Carlyle, III. 

ItorKi'ii & ituBsell: 604 S. Belmont ave.. Newark. 

•N- J. 

(>"ss. mily: 102 So. High St., Colombia. Tenn. 
■ '"iiKlaa & Douglas: White Bate, Chicago. 
Dovrnard & Downard: Cyclone, lad. 
iiciwney. wiliard & Swaln: 523 Townaend ave., 

lU'lrolt. Mich. 
Iiuyii. & Fields: 2348 W. Taylor St., Chicago. 
I'lMley. Dare Derll: Oibkoah, Wla. 
Iiiimn-lii-clcay Troupe: Beading, Pa. 
Itiiiirau. A. O.: 042 E. 9tb at., Brooklyn, 
i'lilnvr.. Kred: 352 LlTtngaton at., Brooklyn. 
I'wyer, l.ottle. Trio: 130 Scott at., Wllkea-Barre, 


lic«>u.ys. Three (Dominion) Ottawa, Can.; 

tT,.nipIe) Hamilton, Sept. 4-9. 
"f llaleHtrtcr**; Mme. Barriette. Trained Wild 

'Vnliiiaia (Longfellow Zoo) MIoneapollt. 
n*iU> h, Ray, Mlnatrela (Young's Pier) At- 

tontic City J (Trent) Trenton 4-9. 
C'Icmona. Emmet: IIT "North Fourth at., 

Olinii. N. Y. 
«««iii\v. Leslie (Malcstic) Ccdsr Raiilds. la.; 

(I.llls) ChlcBRo. 111.. Sept. 4-9. 
"<• frnl.-s. Manuel (Etnpreiw^ San Diego. Cal, 
uniiUaiiis. Aerial; Potts Place. Johnstown, 


Diivis. .I<w,>phlne. & Co. (Empress) Denver; 

iKiiU.T.1,,) Colotraklo Springs, Sept. 4-9. 
wi r.'ira. Dancing (Garrlck) San Diego. Cal. 
iiark IviiiKhfs. Ten (Ornhenm) Harrlahnrg, Pa.; 

lYnnit's ocean Pier) Atlantic City, Sept. 

De Mario (Circus Beketow) Budapest. Hun- 
gary, Sept. 1-30. 

Dare Bros. (Muxlc Uall) Brighton Beach, N. Y. 

De Mont, Robert, Trio (Columbia) Cincinnati, 

Donabue & Stewart (Empreaa) Clnciiinati. 
Del, nay (Alrdome) Meoaho, Mo. 
Delro (Orpheum) Oakland, Cal. 
tJtlman 4c Oaylor: Box 39, Ricumond, Ind. 
Edwards & Raymond: 2162 S. East St., In- 

Edwards, Shorty: 213 Carroll at., Allegheny, 

Edwards, Tom: Care Mrs. B. B. Hesketh, 1423 

Belmont ave., Seattle. Wash. 
El Barto; 2S31 N. Bolllngwood St.. Phils. 
Elliott, Be Iislr ft Elliott: 2004 Memphis St., 


Elliott & West: 2034 Ellsworth St.. Pblla. 

Ellises, The: Box 8. Constantine, Mich. 

Elton-Polo Troupe: 228 W. SSth St., N. Y. C. 

Ely & Florence: Stony Brook, I,, I., N. Y. 

EmIIle, I.a Petite, Troupe: 604 E. Taylor at., 
Bloomlngton, 111. 

Emmerson-Summer Co.: 0718 Luther ave., Cleve- 

Empire Singing Three: 238 24th Place, Chicago. 
English Rosebuds: 2S41 W. 1st St., Brighton 

Beach, N. Y. 
Esher & Welsh: 1831 Banstead St.. Phils. 
Espe & Roth: 1711 Wells St., Chicago. 
Erana & Evans: 274 W. 4tti St., Mansfield, O. 
Everett Co.: Springfield, O. 

Everett, Great. & Co.: S16 Westchester ave., 

Bronx. N. Y. C. 
Everelts, Four: 23 E. 7th St., N. Y. C. 
Kw.-n A Prince: 15.10 N. Ki!iizle ave.. Chicago. 
Edwards, Tom (Alhambra) London. Eng., In- 


Earle, Leo: Sardinia, O.; Shelby. Sept. 4-9. 

Emmett. Hugh J., & Co. (Sbuhcrt) Ctlca, N. 
v.; (Orptieum) Harrlshurg, Pa., Sept. 4-9. 

Eugene llrla (Fair) Laporte, Ind.; (FpJir) 
Plymouth. Wis.. Sept, 4-9. 

Earle, Dorothy (Alrdome) Commerce, Tex. 

Evans. Bessie: 3701 Cottage Grove ave., Chi- 

Emerald A Dupree (Empress) Denver, Sept. 4- 


Earle & Earle: 905 Franklin St., Tampa, Fla. 

Earle, Dorothy (Alrdome) Paris, Tex.; (Air- 
dome) Commerce, 4-9. 

Falrman, Furman & Falrman: Netherlaud Hotel, 
CM cago. 

Fantas. Two: White Rats, N. Y. C. 
Fern & Mack: 840 So. Stb St., St, Lnols. 
Fernandez-May Duo: 207 E. S7th St.. K. Y. C. 
Fiecbtl's, Otto, Tyrolean Sextette: 1914 Newport 

ave., (^cago. 
Field Bros.: 146 Lenox sve., N, Y. C. 
Fielda. Will H., A LaAdelia: 3041 W. Bavena- 

wood Park ave., Oblcago, 
Fink's Comedy Mules & Dogs:' 38 E. Blenkner 

St., Colnmbns, O. 
Fisks, Musical: Butler. Mo. 
Florence. American, Troupe: Westminster Hotel, 


Floydells, The: Box 148, Highland, Cal. 
Ftfllette ft wicks: 1824 Gates ave., Brooklyn. 
Fontaine, Major Del: 713 State St., Qnincy, 


Forbes ft Bowman: 201 W. 112th st„ N. Y. C. 

Fowler. Kate: 3020 So. 8th St.. Tacoma, Wash. 

Fox A Summers: S17 K. lOth St.. Saginaw, Mich. 

Fox A Ward: 1U7 Wolf st.. Phils. 

Fraley A Abbott: 1417 Moore St., Pblla. 

Franz. Sig A Edytbe: 13 Hotehkiss St., Blng- 
hamton, N. Y. . - 

Frazer Trio: 16 Inman Ave., Ribway, N. J. 

Frlel, Mr. & Mrs. nornton: 1010 Walnut St., 
Anderson, Ind. „ „ _ _ 

Frobel A Ruga: 814 W. SSd St., N. Y. C. 

Frozo Trio: 3705 S8th ave. South, Mlone- 
'apolls. „. 

Fulton, Cbas. M.: SS5S Calumet are.. Oilcago. 

Fisks, Musical «3tT) S. Y. C. „ . = 

Fields A Hanson (Terrace) BellevtUe, J.. 
2S-Scpt. 9. . _ . 

Ferrell Bios. (Garrlck) San Diego, CaL 

Folgora, Bobert (Majestic) Bntte, Mont.; 
(Washington) Spokane, Sept. 4-9. 

Freeman & Dunham (Majestic) Butte, Mont- 
Sept. 4-9. 

Francoll Troupe (Empress) Denver, Col., Sept. 

Ferguson. Dave (Orpheum) St. Paul. Sept. 4-9. 

Frees Bros. (CaraivBl) Liberty, Seb-. 30-31: 
(Carnival) Onaga. Kan.. Sept. G-8. 

Fraul A Breeding: 824 Union St., Indianap- 
olis, Ind. 

Fowler, Helen: 901 Blum St.. Toledo. O. 
Flower, Dick J. (Majestic) Colorado Sptinga, 

Ool.; (Empress) Kansas City, Mo., Sept. 4- 


Frescotts, The: Care Tbe Billboard, Chicago. 
Ferns, Bob (Pant ages') Denver. 
GalettPs Monkeys: 1525 Maplewood sve., Chi- 

Garden City Trio: 704 w. I7th St., Chicago, 
Gardlnen, Three: 1958 K. Stfa st., Pblla. 
Gardner, Happy Jack: 933 Superior St., Toledo, 

Gardner. I'iarry ft LnclUe: ISO N. Pine ' at.. 
Grand Rapids, Mich. _ . „. 

Gardner A Lawson: 3335 N. Ashland nve., Chi- 

Gardner ft Stoddard: 38 W. Oith at., N. Y. C. 
Oamold, Jollv Ruth: 58 B. 21st St.. Chicago. 
Oaylor, Chas".: 768 17th St., Detroit. 
Gaylor A GraS: 16 Abingdon Sq.. N. Y. C. 
George A Georgie: 1040 N. Franklin St., Chi- 

Georgetfys, The: 104 E. 14th St., N. Y. O. 
Gtbney A Earle: 50!) Madison ave., Toledo, O. 
Gibson Bros.: 2 WUlow St., Brooklyn. 
Gibson, Ted A Kate: 906 Gates ave., Brook- 

GUdav A Fox: 208 State St., Chicago. 
Gotorth A Doyle: 251 Halsuy at., Brooklyn. 
Golden, Claude: 177 Walnut ave., Boston. 
GoWcn A Hughes: Mlltord, Mass. 
Goodrode, Great: IIS Oak St., South Haven, 

Goodwin ft Elliott: 1030 Hoe sve., N. Y. C. 
Gordon. Don ft Mae: 718 N. 17th at., Omaha, 

Oonlon Bros.: 509 Grand ave.. Brooklyn. 
Gordon ft Henry: 207 Palmetto St., Brooklyn. 
Gorman ft Bell: IM 4th ave., H. T. a 
Gorman ft West; 1805 Lexington ave.. N. Y. 

Ora'ces. Garner ft Parker: 4101 N. 41st Court, 

Chicago, _ . „ , 

Oracev A Burnett: Fair Haven, N. J. 

Grahams, Four Novelty: Balnbridge, Ga. 
Graham A Randall: 327 Pearl St.. Brooklyn. 

Cranberry ft Lamon: 1553 Broadway. N. Y. C. 
Gray ft Gray: 1922 Bird St., JopUn, Me. 
Grazers, Tbe: DM Third ave., San Francisco. 
Gregoire A Blmlra: 229 W. SSth at., N. Y. O. 
Gregory FamUy: 208 W. 20th at.. N. Z. O. 
Grimth. Marvelous: Elkhart, Ind. 
Groves ft Borg: 408 B. ISth st,, OaTenport, 

Gruber's, Mas, Animals: 104 E. Mth st,, N. Y. 

Gartlner A Stoddard (Hippodrome) Cleveland; 

(Temple) Hamilton, Can., Sept. 4-8. 
Gabriel, Master, Co. (Columbia) St. Ixiuls. 

Mo., Sept. 4-9. 
(lordon A Minx (Orj^enm) Omaha. Neb., 

Sept. 4-9. 

Glenn. Larry: 1106 South Walnut St., Spring- 
field, 111. 

GUmore Sisters A Brlgham (Forest Park) St. 
Louis. Mo. 

(^ould Sisters: Hotel Plymouth. N. T. C, 
Grazers, The (Cliase's) Waahington, D. C. 
George A Georgia (Fair) Spirit Xake, la., 
Sept. 6-9. 

Geiger A Walters (Grand) Victoria. B. C. 
Can.; (Majestic) Tacoma, Wash., Sept. 4-9. 

Genett Siste«s (Carnival) Liberty, Neb., 30-31; 
(Carnival) Onaga. Kan., 6-8. 

Geralds, Muttical (Emnress) Denver; (Empress) 
Colorado Springs, Sent. 4-9. 

Gossans, Bobby (O. H.) Elwood, Ind.; (Al- 
hambra) Chicago, III., 4-9. 

Green, Gene (Orpheum) Denver. 

Guerro & Carmen (Orpheum) Denver. 

Gardner Family (Pantages') Denver. 

Hairgerty A Hobbs: 10S5 e4th at., Oakland. Cal. 

Hale. Jess, A Co.: 224 Superior at.. Fond dn 
Lac, Wis. 

Haley A Haley: 1127 Pierce Bldg., St. Louis. 
Baleon Boys: 21 E. 88th st., N. Y. C. 
Halsted, Wiliard: 1141 Piytanla St., New Or- 

Hampton & Bassett: 4866 Wlnthrop ave., Chi- 

Hnnlev A Jarvis: 230 Hoboken st,, Butherford, 
N. J. 

Hardaways. The: 320 Baltimore Bldg., Oklahoma 

City, Okla. 
Hamllns, Tbe: 51 Scovel Place. Detroit. 
Hardeen: 278 W. 113th St., N. Y. C. 
Hardy, Jas. B.: 48 Fuller St., Toronto. 
Harmon A Harper; Frankfort, Ind. 
Haroisli. .Mamie: 76 Park St.. Bralntree. Mass. 
Hnrvel's Marionette Clrcns: 823 Warren St., 

St. Louis. 

Hawes Sisters: 3952 Belmont ave., Chicago. 
Hawley. E. Frederle: 55 11th St.. Detroit. 
Hayes A Patton: 2408 E. Sergeant st.. Fhlla. 
Hefron, Tom: 2326 E. 87th St. Southeast, Cleve- 

Henry A Llzel: 104 W. 40th St., N. Y. C. 

Henry Sisters: Box 17S, Ottawa, O. 

Herbert Bros., Three: 235 B. 34th St.. N. T. 

C. ■ , 

Herbert ft Tance: 1345 John st., Cincinnati. 
Herrman. Adelaide: Gnsey House, N. Y. C. 
Henman Trio; Elgin, m. 
Hewlettes, The: 1200 20th St., Denver. 
Hlckey Bros.: 229 W. SSth St., N. Y. C. 
Hlllyers, The: 192 Bay 25th St., Bensonhurst, 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Hlnes A Fenton: 143 W. 62d st-, N. Y. C. 
Hlrsebhoms, The: 2505 So. 8th St., Omaha. 


Hodge, Bobt. Henry: Freeport, L. 1., N. Y. 
Holmen Bros.: York Hotel: 33d A Michigan. 

Holmes A Blley: 601 W. 125th st. N. Y. G. 
Holzer ft Betloh: 2633 Loenst St.. St. Ijools. 
Howard Bros., Flying Banjos: 229 W. SStii st., 
N. Y. O. 

Howard ft Boyd: 59S1 Etzel ave.. St. Louis. 
Huegel ft Taylor: 118 E. 24th St.. lErle, Pa. 
Hyde ft TUbot: TOrrington. Conn. | 
Hampton ft Bassett (Kedzle) Chlcaego. 
Ransone ft Co. (Pier) Old Orchard'. Me. 
Hart. Marie A BUlle (Temple) Hamilton. C»n. 
Hawthorne. Hilda (Grand) Syracuse, S. Y.; 

(Trent) Trenton, N. J., Sept. 4-9. 
Razazd, Grace (Hippodrome) Portsmouth. 

Eng.. Sept. 4-9: (Palace) Mancbestm 11-16; 

(Alhambra^ Glasgow. Scotland. 18-23. 
Harnett ft Kramer: Eriangcr. Ky. 
Haney A Iiong (Grand) Cleveland. O.; (Park) 

Yonngstown, Sept. 4*. 
Heywood: 43 Clinton st., Newark, N. J. 
Hamilton. Estella B. (Lake Michigan Park) 

Muskegon. Mich. 
Hein. Bud A Nellie (Orpheum) Montreal, Can.; 

(Poll's) New Haven. Oonn;, Sept. 4-9. 
Berron. Jules (Gatrlek) San Blego. CaL , 
Hoy t-I««8lg & Co. (Empress) San Ftanclseo, 

Sept. 4-9. 

Hobson A Deland (Empress) Winnipeg. Can. 
Hoe.v A Mozar (Majestic) Buite, Mont.. Sept. 

Hanson A Bljon (BeU) Oakland, Cel.; (Em- 
press) Los Angeles. Sept. 4-9. 

Hartley, Frank (Grand) Sacramento, - Cel.; 
(Bein Oakland. Sept. 4-9. 

Henderson. Ed A Lottie: 1011 LInd St., 
Wheeling, W. Vs. 

Hughes, Wm. H.: 731 Sophia St., East Liver- 
pool, O. 

Howard Bros. (Plaza) Chicago. Sept. 4-9. 

Hayward. Harry, A Co.: 215 S. Ellis ave., 
Wichita. Kan. 

Homer Mllee. <^o. No. 2 (Grand) Sacramento, 
Cat, 2S Sept. 2; (Bell) Oakland 4-8. 

Hughes, Florence (Grand) Victoria, B. C., 
■Can.; (Majestic) Tacoma, Wash., Sept. 4-9. 

Hutchinson, Wiliard. ft Co. (Majestic) Vancou- 
ver. B. C, Can.: (Grand) TIctoria. Sept. 

Hill A Ackerman (Grand) Victoria. B. C, 

Can.: (Majestic) Tacoma. Wash".. Sept. 4-9. 
Ranlon Bros. (Shubert) Utlca, N. Y.; (Poll's) 

New Haven, Conn. 4-8. 
Hugb's Musical Trio (Bijou) Battle Cieek, 

Mlcb. ; (Jetlers) Saginaw, 4-9. 
BLvIand, Tom A lottle (Crystal) North Platte, 

Neb.: (Vaudeville) Grand Island, 4-9. 
Herbert, Big: 658 Sixth st,, Detroit. 
Haywood Sisters (Alrdome) New Kensington, 


Ilevlland A Thornton (Orpheum) Denver. 
Howard A Howard (Criterion) ASbniy Park, 
N. J. 

' Hughes, Mi*. Gene. & Oo. (Maryland) Balti- 

Hughes Musical Trio (Bijou) Battle Cieet, 

Tier, Burke ft Davenport: Box 185. Olney, III. 
Ingram ft T.ln>): 22 Maple ave., Blverxide. R. I. 
Ingram A Seei^.r: 28S Crane ave., Detmlt. 
Instrumental Trio: 163 Langley ave., Toronto. 

$1.2S KNIFE 


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imx profit. OverlOOOdedmu^ 
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lodges, societies, churches, etc 
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Canton CntleiT Co. Dept. -.s Canton.O. 

^Hii I i iiim tST/4» tttcost^iiisouDaoLOBUiG* 

Sto»4 add U*t ■'.d npa« ouniuttoB. W» 
louuto* Um. Su IMB llrst-llwa nr. 

, spMiai on»r— la TiSui .'.i l5-«a 

k eta rial 1 W M. Kt SUd 1 ct^Sl IL Snt 
I C O.D. Cor iMfwrtios CatafAS rKCE. Ihowi 
IntaaHnMnC^'oU 1>"«- gfcUnt rin»J^W»t»clnd»d.JS l i aa l i 
IDIAIWOWDS r ii.s«iaC.Bt»tB, 14il .rtllir 


Our "Sftndow "ThBMri- 
cal Tmnk li m maml 
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out; liuid-rlTeted. Any 
sDeelmlBlxa nuAb to ot^ 

i^uK. wiudni Troak 
mt. Co., DftUu. Texas. 



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dose. One to three boxes for all ordinary caaaa. 
We guarantee resnlta In ovary case or zetund 
money. Send for onr ftae 1xWkIet_fMnB toll 
Intomatlon. ELDEBS* 8ANIKABI0IC, Dept. 
18. at. Joseph. Mo. 


Send tor samples and prices of onr Mats. Ask 
the old-timers; they'll tell yon "ACME" la MaU 

8S18-M W, Mud Street. (aicwo. m. 


Tricks &Supplies 

Send 4 cents stamps for Illustrated catalogue 
and latest lists. i 
819 East 4M Street. OUeago. HI. 

mrltt ft O'HeU: 808 N. State St.. CUeacOb 
Irwlns. Twv: 88S* B. 71st st., Otereland. 

Irwins, , Three: Stedvllle. Mo. 

Inness '& Byan (Bijou) Battle Creek, Mlcb.; 

(Jeffers) Saginaw, Sept. 4-9. 
Ingram, Beatrice, Players (Grand) Sacramento, 

Cal.: (B^) Oakland. Smt. 4«. 
Jnckson. Hanj ft Kate: SOS Bnena Ttsta ave.. 

Yonkers, N. T. 
yackson, Joe: can P. lanslg. 104 B. Mth St.. 

N. Y. a 

Jacobs' ft Sardel: Goe ft Atkins ave., N. S., 

Pittsburg, P*. 
Jennings ft Benfrew: 714 Broadway. Everett. 


Jennings. Jewell ft Barlow: 3382 ArllngtOB ave.. 
St. Louis. 




THe Dill board 

SEPTEMBER 2, 1911. 

Jerg« as'Hamlltoii: 892 Massaclingetta are.. Bof- 
.„■, talo.. r.' 

Jerome ' ft ' Le Bar: 81i Utij at., St. Josepb. 
.. .J,. . 

Jet« Sc "Bogers: 2008 Homewood ave., Baltimore. 
Jennets. Tbe: 048 U. Western ave., Baltimore. 
Joera, Two: Soatb Bend, In4. 

- Johnsoxv . Psre; Derll; 72 Vaa Coartland ave.t 

BrerBTeen; L. I.. K. Y. - 
..Totanioa: Bros. & JidmsoD; 6215 Callowblll St.. 

- Hula, 

.Jordana, Tbiee JnggUnjp: 6330 Jnatlne at., Ctsl- 

'•.cago*'.'- . — 

■ Xohnaton. James F. (Wllaon) Ghlcago. 31 -Sept. 
3; (Gaiety) Springfleld, 111., 4-6. 

- Judxon, Just: 4318^ Easton aTe., St. Xonls, 


Jackson, Harry: 68 W. U6tli St., K. Y. C. 
^.-Johnstons; ./Moafcal.. (Empire) . Swansea.' Wales. 
Sept, 4-9; (Smplre) Newport, 11-16; (Em- 
pire) Nottingham, 18-23: (Empire) Snnflet- 
land, 25-:!0. 

Jordan, : Anna, & Co. (Crystal) Milwaukee; 

(BIJou) Oshkosta, Sept. 4-S. - 
'Jenks & Jen^ (Empress) Cincinnati. 
aKatfM Ttlot 122T B. 71st at.. Clilcago. 
; KallnowaU Bros;: 23T B. 22na St., N. Y. 0. 
•Kartello Bros.: Paterson, N. J. 
Kanfmanna. The: 240 E. 35tb St.. Chicago. 
Kanfmann Tronpet 424 Amea St., Bochester. 
N. Y. 

Kean§...J,: Warren: West Hanover, Mass. 
Eeeley ft^Parks: care Mrs. Davidson, 647 Am- 
sterdam ave., N.Y. O. 
Keene,; 'AxthnT: 134 Johnson ave.. Newark, N. 

EeUe; Zena: 325 B. Slst St., N. Y. 0. 
.Eelcer Slsten. Tbree: 4832 duistiana ave., 

Kelley & Wentwortb: 1914 S. 24th St., St. 
Joseph, Ho. 

Kelly St Davis: 320 W. 63d St.. N. Y. a 
: Keliisai Henry: .2738 .Ftaiikford -aTe., FhQa. 
-:KaUy.' Sam & Ida: 642 20th ave., Mllwankee. 

Kelly & Bio: SI Xaylor at., Brooklyn. 

JReltners. !lAe: 1604 CokiBial Place, Dallas, Tex. 
: Kenney & HoIlis:'68 .H<iimes ave., Allston. Uasa. 

Kent & Wilson: 6036 Uonroe ave., Chicago. 
.Elnr Broa.: 2U 4tli ave.f ScbenectaOy, N, Y. 
: Xingaton & Hoore: White Rata, N. Y. C. 

Kingston ft Thomaa: 11021 Bsmond st., Morgan 

vJPark. m. 

Klein ft Cltftsn: 60T W. 12«tli at., H. Y. 0. 
: KlelBi Ott ft mebolaan: 263 W. Sitb St., N. Y. 
. O. 

Seln Trio: 4759 Oldenbors: ave.. St^ Xionls. 
Klind{ Bros. (Majestic) Dallas, Tex. 
Kneedlers. The: 21S» B. I«tter]y St.. Phlla. 
Knight Bros. & SawteUe: 4450 Sheridan Boad. 
> Chicago. 

Kdhler. Frank ft May:- 240 S. Gbestnnt at., 

MaiTavUle, O. 
Kohl. Gns ft Marion: 911 Fourth st.. Mllwankee. 
: Koppea, The: IIT W. ZSd at., M. X. O. 
Kramers, The: Anaiomlnk, Fa. 
< Kramer-Brnno Trio: Care PanI lanalc. 104 

B. I4ti» at., N. Y. O. _ . 
Eiamo ft Norman: 203 GostUn at., Banuaond, 
- ina. 

JKranco-Mansfleld Mo: Hew Mnford, Conn. 
Kyle ft Denney: 918 W. 2d at.. WUnJngton, Del. 
' Kelly ft Davis (Orpbenm) Dover. N. H. 
Klein, Ott ft NIcbolaoB (Spring Grove Park) 

Springfield, O. 
Kom-'Est Bros., Foot (Wlntergarteji) Berlin, 

Ger.. Sept.. 1-30. 
Eremlca Broa..: (Battenbnig) Leipzig, Giermany, 
Sept l-30i 

. Key :! ft . Jenkins: 1.7 Bandolpli st., San Ang^o. 

TffiC.) . • . , 

Ke^jr fft Wentwortit (Orpbenm) Spokane, 28- 
8q>b 9. - 

Kdly :ft wilder (Bmprees) DenreF, Sept. 4-9. 
/ Kanio^-. Comedy Co. (Empress) .Dtilath. Minn.; 
XBmpresa) Winnipeg. <^.. Sept. 4-9. 
Klntlng's Animala (Majestic) Taneouver. B. 

C. can.; (Grand) victoria, Sept. 4-9. 

- 'Kennedy ft W^llams (Gmpress) Cinciimatl. 
KHIamaj- Girls ( (Pantages') Denver. 

Xa Centra ft La Bne: 2481 2nd ave., N. Y. 6. 
Lacey, WOI: liSlS N. - Capital. at.,- Waslilngton, 

D. O. 

Xa Clair ft West: B« IBS, Sea Ide City; N. 7. 
La (AsBdall: 402 Moid ton at.. New Albany, 
Ind. ■ , 

La Cmtx, Xbe: 153 BlcbBond ave., BlChmond, 


Xa. Bare-Warner !&lo: 210 Broadway. Nlles, 

La Dellea, Four: Decatur. Ind. 
'afayettes. Two: Osbkosb. Wis. 

: Fleor, Joe: 67 Hanover st,. Providence. B. I. 
kola ft Xoratd: Palace Hotel, (Aleago. 
mbiottes. The: Mt: Temoa, O. 
.molnas, Uoslcal: 332 '8th st.;, Baiaboo, Wis. 
Lamont, Hairy ft Wlo: 20 GUnUm ave.. Johns- 
town, N. Y. 
LaMonre Bros.: 64 Cedar Lake ave.. Mlrnie- 

Lancaater, Mt. ft Utt. Tom: Hew OBstle, 

Laagdon & ' Moirla: ' 1427 MeBenry at.; - Baltl- 



LansIngSi The: ZUTS. Braaavar. Baltimore. 
LaBoae Bros.: 6^fcSm. ave,, N. X. O. 
Larrlvee ft Lee: WSa Axthnr. 252 W. 3Stb at. 

N. Y. c ,^r^ 

La Roe ft Holmes: 2t LilSe at.. -Newark, N. 3. 
La Salle ft Lind; ISS Foots ave., Jamestown, 

.N. T. , 

La Tmka, Phi: 1S5 W. 22d at,, Los Angeles. 
La 'Veen, Cross ft Co.: 71 Sea xt.. Bocklaad, Me. 
La 'Vettes. Tbe: ITOS W. Sli«t at.. Kansas City, 

Lawrence ft Bdwazda: 1140 Westminster at.. 

Providence, E. L 
Laswells. Danclnz: 1069 Pacific St., San Fran- 

Le Clair'-ft Sampsonr' 112 Sth ave;: CblkaBO. ' 
LeSbewaU. Nat: 221 W. 148th si. N. Y. C. 
Le Grange ft Gatdoa: S8Z3 WAldngtoa ave., St. 


Lenerts^ Two: 6636 DUon ave., Cblcaga 
Lennon. Bert: 559 W. Washington at.. CU- 

■ • eagoi'''^ 

Lenas. Tber 1914 Newport ave., cucago. 
- Leo ft Chapman: 1226 Windsor St.. Indianapo- 

Leon. Etta. Trio: 2023 B. 19th at.. Kansaa Glty, 

tieon ft Adeline: 37' K. Adams St.. Chicago. 
Le Pearl ft Bogert: .401 Salome ave., Spdng. 
fleld. DU 

Le Boy ft Diamond: White Bats. N. Y. O. 
Le T«ne ft. Johnson: 4802 N. Seeley ave., 

Chicago,. ■ 
Le Vino, Dolpb ft Sosle: 14 Prospect st.. West 

Haven^ Oojni.' 
UttlefiEld. C. W.: 32 Seventh ave., N. T. C. 
Leygbtims. The Globe: care P. Tanslg, 104 E. 

14th St.. N. Y. C. 
Livingstons. Three: eaie P. Tanilg. 104 B. 14tli 

at. N. Y. C. 
Ll^d ft Falls: B88 IcrteH ave.. 0ates, BotAeater, 

All Advertisers 

Should have space reserved 
Right Now 




The Billboard 

which will be issued 


It will attract unusual attention be- 
cause it will contain many valuable 
lists, interesting articles and manage- 
rial plans for the season of 1911-12. 
Everyone in the show business will 
read it with interest The cover de- 
sign will be in colors and 10,000 
extra copies will be issued, with no 
increase in advertising rates. 

The first Ads received will 
he given best Ideation in 
this big special number. 

This Means Money To You 

Lloyd. Great: 98 W. Smnmer at., Holyoke, Mam. 
Lockwoods, Mnalcal: IDS Canaen at,. Pouch- 

keepsio. N. Y. 
Lois & Lore: 2914 W. 2d at., Coney Island. 

N. Y. 

Lombsfds, The: care P. Tanalff, 104 E. 14tb 

St., N. T. O. 
ILon-e, Mtislcal: 37 Bldfie Road, Bntherford, N, 

Lublns, Four Dancing: 1728 N. 21st St., Pblla. 

Lucases, Two: FUgler. Colo. 

Luce ft Luce; 026 N. Broad St.; Phlla. 

Lacier, Fred & Bess: Onset Bay. Mass. 

Lncier ft Ellsworth: 472 4l8t st., Oaklaml, Cal, 

Lester. Nina (Majestlcl Shreveport, Ln. 

Z.a 'Vine & Inman (Dee) Cherokee, la. 28-SO. 

LaClalr & West: Sea Isle City. N. J. 

La Nole. Ed & Helen (Pair) El I'aso. III.: 
■ (Pair) West Union, la., Sept. 4-0. 

Langdons, The (Temple) Rochester, X. r.; 
(Hippodrome) Clewelond, O.. Sept. 4-». 

La Toy Bros. (Ornhoum) Montrt-al. Can.; 
(Keith's) Boston, Sept. 4-9. 

Londons, Original Four (OrpUeum) Los An- 
geles, Sept, 4-9, 

La Maze Trio (Bonaeher'a) Vienna, .Austria, 
Sept, 1-30. 

Lewis. Prank; White Eats. N. Y. C. 

Lewis & Lnckett: 218 Eighth at., Barborton. 

Levy. Jules. Family (Majestic) Seattle. 
Lorch Family (Orpbenm) Ogden, Utah, Sept. 

La ZcUe, Edw. (West End Park) New Orleans. 

Lonsworlbs, Tbe: 8 Magnolia ave., Jersey 
City. N. J. 

Laurent, Marie (22d Begt. Band) Long Beach, 

L, I., - N, Y. 
La Cardo (Victoria) Cen. Del., Canal Dover. 


Leslie's, Bert, Flayers (Empress) Denver; 

(Empress) Colorado Springs, Sept, 4-9, 
Lane, Heo. ft Billy: 123 W. Bay St., Jackson- 

TiUc, Pla. 

La Moss. Ed.: care Sam Masscll Booking Ex- 
change, Austel BIdK., Atlanta, Ga. 

Livingston, Mnrray, ft Oo. (Empress) Denver, 
Sept. 4-9. 

Lavine-Clmaron Trio (Majestic) Vancouver, 
B. C, Can.; (Grand) Victoria, Sept 4*. 

Levino, Dolph ft Susie (Empieas) (Sncinnati; 
(Empress) Chicago, 4-9, 

Le Dent, Frank (Orpbenm) Seattle. 

Lncas, Jimmie (Temple) Hamilton, Can. 

Leslie ft Knade (Laplaza) Toronto, Can., 31- 

Sept. 2. 
McGee. Joe B.: Hannibal. Mo. 
McKinley. Nell: 288 Bank at.. ^Tewark. N. J. 
VcNamee: 41 Smith at.. Fbiigbkeniale. N. T. 
Macdonald Sisters: 12 Bache at., saa Francis. 

CO. Cal. 

McConneU Slstera: 1217 W. Madlaon St.. Chi- 

McDonald, Eddie * John: 210 Ssntb ave., Wll- 

kinsbnrg. Pa. 
McDonald. O. L.: 818 Snperlor at.. Xgitfo. 
McDonald & Cenereanx: 2^8 Maswdl aver. Sp» 

kane. Wash. 
Mclntyre & Groves: 403 E. VSth at.. Davenport. 

McPhee k HUl: 311 3d ave.. N. Y. C. 
MacEvoy & Powers: 173 W. 45th at., N. Y. 6. 
Mack, Floyd: S934 Ohio at., Ansttn, Cblcagoi. 
Mack h Orth: SOS Walnnt at.. Phlla. 
Micka. Two: 245 N- ISSth at.. PhUa. 
Mallia ft Bart: 221 W. 42a at., N, Y. C. 
Malln & Malln: 173 North ave., Plalnlleld, N, 

Mangela, Jso. W.: SOS N.. Clark at. Wdeago. 
Manning Trio: 70 dane; at.. Otand Rapldi, 


Marathon Comedy Quartet: 307 W, SOtb at.. 

■N. T. C. 
Marcons; 819 Laflin St.. Chicago. 
Mardo & Hunter: 2122 Eugenia st., St. Lonls, 
Mardo Trio: 651 Carroll St., Akron. O. 
Mareenas. Three: 548 S. Pierce St.. Mllwankee. 
Marlon Bohemian Quintet: 1S4 B. 89th St.. 

N. T. O. 

■Markee Bros.: 508 B. Oak at. Portland, Ore. 
Matlo-Aldo Trio: 204 W. 42d at.. N. Y. C. 
Marriott Twina: Onelph; Ont:. Can. 
Martell Family: 276 Bndson Boolevaid, Union 
Hill, N. J. 

Martin. Dave, & Miss Perde: 4801 Calnmet 

ave., Chicago. 
Martlne, Carl It Bndolpb: 457 W. B7tb St.. 
. N. Y. C. . . * ■ . 

Martin It Folk: 907 8. 12th at., Sprlngileld, 

MartinetUe It Sylveater: 6728 Leeds at.. Pbila. 

Marvel Duo: care O. Caapaiy. 638 B. liOtb at.. 
Oiicago, > 

Masons, Four: Pair Haven; N. I. 

Masqnecla Slaters, Tliree: 5485 Ellis ave.. Chi- 

Matthews, Harty It Uae: 140 W. 37tb Place, 

Los Angeles. 
Maxwell & Dudley: 106 W. Oeth St., N. Y. 0. 
Melnotte.Lsnole Trio: 48 Msiylsnd av«.. Cum. 

berland. Md. 
Melrose Comedy Four: 810O GtOTdasa ave., Cbl- 


Melrose Ic Lewis: 6348 Peoria a^. Cliieago. 
Melville. Marvelana: Intermen. «. T. 
Mercedes: l(U8 W. 65tb at., Ohicasa. 
Merrlam, Billy & Evans: 1329 Seeraid ave. East, 

Cedar Rapids. la. 
Merritt St Love: Fair Haven, N, 7. 
.Mighty Oaks: Oshkosb, Wis, 
Milch, Tbe Hisses: 19 W. lOth at., St. PaaL 
Military Four: 879 B. 24tb at, Peterson, N, J. 
Miller & Tempeat: 186 Booraem ave., Jersey 

City, N, Y. ■ 
Miller, Mr. A Mrs. rrank B,: Shreveport, La- 
Millers, Three Juggling: 927 BIdge ave., BeraD- 

ton. Pa. 

Mills St Monlton: S8 Boae at.. BnKslo. _ 
Milman. The: 214 K WiuniliiBtOD it. Koko- 

mo, Tnd. 

Mimic Pour: SSS W. 4SUi at., M. T- 0. 
Mints & Palmer: ISOB N, 7tb it. Phlla, 
Mitchell & Brownlns: 112 9tta at. nttsbnrg, 


Moffett St Cfcre: 111 B, 125th at.. N, Y. O. 
Montgomery, Maiabal: BO Tamer Place, Brook- 
lyn, . .. 
Montrell, Cbaa,: 104 B. 14ni at., K. Y. C- ■ 
Moody St Goodwin: 809 B. 2a «.. Kewaae., 
HI. , 
Moorei, Five Plying: 800 F at., 'Uaiicle,..lnn, 
Moore, Tom It Staala; STSS .mrlng Park Blvd,, 

Morse St Clark: 217 Eth at., Baraboo, Wis. 
Mortons. Four: 266 Stb at. Detroit 
Morton-Jewell Tronpe: 1005 Pnllan ave., Cin- 

Moss & Frye; 89 St, Felix at, Brookl,vn, , _ 
Most Twins: 834 Fsyette st,, Brtdgeton, N. J. 
Mulllnl Trio: care P.' Tanaig. 104 E. 14tb at, 

N. Y. 0. 
MyllQ It Orth; Moscoda, Wis, 
Mason, Dan. St Co. (Empress) Victoria. B. C. 

Can.; (Bmprcss) Tocoma, Wasb., 4-0. 
Mallla St Bart (Ceatral) (Aemnlts, Gerainn.T, 

Sept 1-15; (Vairietle) Prigse, Anatrla, iO-30, 

SEPTEMBER 2, 1911. 

T tk e B 1 1 i b o a r d 



eJ A C K X A Y L 


Featured at Willard and Wilson Ave. Theatres week August 21. The one big general demand of Managers is for new acts j 



Permanent Address^BUItioard. CItlcago. 

Moorect Mtte (Majestic) Bloomlngton. lU., 31- 

Morion-Iewcn Troupe (Bljon) Bay City, Mica.; 

(Bljoa) lanslns. Sept. . , _, , 
JtcC»>rnilck * Wallace (Orpheom) Wncota, 

Ncb : (Orpheum) Deg Moines. Sept. 4-9. 
ManteU's Marionettes (Chestec Park) Clncln- 

3lSllen * CorelU (Majeatlc) MHwankee; (Ck>. 

inmbla) St. loula, Sept. 4-0. 
Moore Aiwtln, * Cordelia Haager (Shea's) 
■ Buffalo. Se»t. 4-0 , „ , „ , 
Minstrel Four (Princess) Hot Springs, Ark., 

Sl-Sept. 2;' (Majestic) Ft. Worth, Tex.. 4-9. 
Miller, Eagle & Miller (Majeatle) Batte. 

.\lont., Sept. 4-9, 
Markee Bros. (BeU) Oaklaoa, Cal.; (EUnpress) 

has Angeles, Sept. *■». 
3IcNntts. Nutty (BIJoa) Atlanta. Ga. 
Mayo, Hany (Majestic) Vancoover, B. C, 

Can.; (Grand) Victoria. Safit. 4-9. 
McGee Joe B. (Hajeatle) Tacoma, Waali.: 

(Grand) Portland. Ore.. Sept. 4-9. 
MUlman Trio (Wlntergarten) Berlin, Germany, 

Sept. 1-30. 

Modena, Florence, & Co. (Empress) Los An- 
geles: (Garrlck) San Dieeo, Sept. 4-9. 

Vllton-DeliOng Sisters (Trent) Canton, N. 7.; 
(Fifth Ave.) N. T. C. 4-9. 

Marco Twins (Fair) Park Baplda, la.; (Fair) 
FlymoDth, Wis.. Sept. 44. 

Melseu Frana (Majestic) Tacoma, WaSb.; 
(Grand) Portland. Orcu, Sept, 4-B. . 

McLester. Bd.: 84 High at.. (Mseprilla, Oa. 

MacDoaoiicii. Ethd (Ma ja at le) UUwrnnkee; 
(Majestle) -Ohieaca, 4-0. 

Uande ft OUI (Empteaa) CtndiiiiBtl. 

lUells. Chas:, Xranpe (Indoattlal Bspe.) X6- 
nmto, can., 38-aept. 8. 

Haicell Sc Boris XHo (Orpbenm) Denrer. 

Miners, Marrelons (Orphenm) Omaba, N«b.; 
(Orphenin) Oes Moines. la.. 4-S. 

Morris, Ellda (Orphenm) Denrer. 

Monette (Foraytb) Atlanta, Gt.; (Otiloiild) 
Kortolk, Va.. Sept. 4-9. 

Marseilles (O^henm) Seavw. 

Mimba Ttonpe: 1287 E. Tlst at.. Cblcase. 

Kinnary, May: 14 Parkalde aT«„ San Fran- 

Kash 4s Binebart: Boeky Cmt, Walnat Beacb, 

xtifnd, Craa. 
Katlooal Ooolqaas. Three: XBW Pntnam are., 


-NaUonal Qnartet: But M. Ft. Bito. Out. flan. 
»aTaa. Ua: can P. Tanilr. 104 S, 14a at., 

N. Y. a 

Kam. Tom: 430 N. B21 at.. PUla. 
Kasarro. Nat: SIOl Ikaer tTC^. Kann* City. 

Kelson, Oswald * Borger: ISO E, USttt at., N. 

Y. c. 

NeUoD Comlqnea. Fonr: S62 West Bide are., 

Jersey City. N. 
Nemo, Carl: 721 N. 2d tt., Qnlnciy, TO. 

Kenss tc Eldred: 4016 Paulina St., Cblcago. 
Xeriros. Three: 894 13th ave., UBwankee. 
Nerlng & Erwood: 231 Edgmont are., Chester, 

NVwhoff & Phelps: S2 W. 118th at.. S. T. C 
Kibbe & BoTdaoez: 8008 MaEDal ara.. Ohleago. 
NIckelson ft Knsh Trio: ISSS W. <Ateaso aTC, 


Koel Famllx, FlTe: 330 Nethenrood afc, Flaln- 
. Udd, K. J. ^ 

Koian. Shean ftllalan: 1709 Portage at., Kala- 
masoo, lueh. 

SirtaolB ft Smttti: 013 Addison are., Chlcaco. 

Noaette; 017 Blatlnish ave.. Brooklyn . 

Germans. JnggUatr: 6SS4 Jnstiae St., Chicago. 

Norton, C. Porter: 6342 Klmbark are., Chi- 

NoKes. Mnslcal: Kew Brighton. Pa. 

Neirlile, Geo. ft Co. (Bmpire) PlttsfieM. Mass. 

Nosaes. Mnaleal (Oraod) Syraenae. N. Y.; 

^.(Keith's) 0)lnmbn», O., Sept. 4-0. 

^"«ros, Three (Plasa) Chicago; (Majestic) 

East St. LoDlB, ni„ Sept. 4-0. 
if.";'™' Olayila (Aleaaar) Tunpa, Fla. 
Mblo ft Eiley (Majeatlc) Sotte. Mont.; 

(Washington) Spokane. Wash.. 8f«t. 4-9. 
O'Doi™. Two: Harana. 111. 

oiivfro. Four SeioaUonal: 8248 (ftenahaw it. 


OlrmHlc Trio: 4017 Ogden aTe., Chicago. 

Orletta ft Turhn: BldceSeld Park. NJ. 
otto Broj.: SU W. 4&h at.. N. Y. C. 
^v». The: 48 KInanr aTS.. Kenrncra. N. X. 
onyers, Fonr Senaatlonal CBUoa) Fltehhnrg, 
(Maple Beach Park) Albany, H. Y.. 

Trio (Montank) Paaaale, H. J.; (Ma- 
jestic) Patterson, Sept. 4-0. 

ft Madden: 80 Forbes at., Amsterdam, W. 

0«kl«nil. Will (Bmpre«s) Dnintli. Minn.; (Bm- 
press) Winnipeg, Can.. Sept 4-9. 
Jlwrs. Josie (Empress) DenTcr; (Empress) 
Colorado Springs, 4-9. 
"<ii»a (Orphenm) Dnlnth, Minn. 
^'ml 801 B. WaahlnBtao at. Sprtnff- 

"^"cles* 1208 B. 25tb St.. IM An- 

p!niK"1?",?''™^»: Bo* «W. Barton, Wis. 

The: Manhattan Hotel, XenU. 0. 
pSlh,^n""!-= i"* !«««l««n St.. Milwaukee. 
Prate.,?"";?.' Filbert at. PhlU. 

"Mlotons. The: 135 Plttabois at. New CaaUe. 

Pwiwni & nalllday: Van Bonn Hotel. Chicago. 
fle!rt''m"''' ^- t«"*rence aTe., Sprtng- 


Pte«i"r£''',?**»i,^«! S2» 98- Phoenlela. M. Y. 

104 "a Till 8>«tepi, Jhre»: tgare P. Tanalg, 
pmUt St., N, Y, O. 

Prosit Trio: 103 fi. Fountain are.. Springfield 

Pouchot'a Flying Ballet (Trent) Trenton. N. 
J.; (Fair) Sherbrooke. Ont, Can.. Sept 4- 

Pierce ft Oonham (Maple Beatih Park) Albany 
N. T. 

Perry. Frank !<.: 747 Bnchanan at, Minne- 

FblUips, Sam ft Dorothy: 8203 Abell ave., Bal- 

Primroses, Four (Orphenin) Portland. Orei 
Plroscoffls Family (Forrest Park Highlands) 

St. Louis; (Fontaine Ferry Park) LoaisTlIIe, 

Sept. 4-9. 

Powder ft Capman (Empresss) Dolath, Minn.; 

(Empress) Winnipeg. Can., 4-9. 
Probst (Bell) Oakland, Cal.; (Bmpress) Xos 

Angeles, Sept 4-9. 
Plnard ft Manny (Yonng's Pier) Atlantic City. 
Paletreda. Nick (Favcnrlte) Tampa, Fla. 
Pattee's. Col.. Old Soldier Flddleia (Temple) 

Detroit; (Hippodrome) Clereland, Sept 4-9. 
Photo Shop (Orphenm) Denver. 
Premier Trio (Empress) Denrer. 
Queen Mab ft Weiss: BrUl'a Hotd, South lOth 

at. PhlU. 

Qnlney, Thos.: 49 W. Dotbldge at. Oalnmbns. O. 
(Inlnn Bros, ft Bosner (Empress) Winnipeg, 

QtMen Mab ft Weiss (GrandJ EnozrlUe, Tenn.; 

(Alrdome )Chattanooga, 4-9. 
Sajan, John: 601 Chontean are.. St. Louis. 
Ramons. Two: 448 Inca at. Denrer. 
Bawls ft Von Kaatman: 20Z7 Kansas are., Kan- 

aaa City. Mo, 
Ray ft Williams: 23 Abbott St., Atlanta. Ga. 
Beeds. Three: Gen. Bel., St Panl. 
Begals. Fonr: care P. Tanslg. 104 E. 14th st, 

N. Y. C 

Betds. Cy^Ing: Babylon. L. I.. N. Y. 
Belff. Clayton ft Belff: 78 StlUaott at, Boches- 
ter. N. Y. 

Belnbart BcU ft Price: 182 Flayd at, Dallas, 

Senso, Bert ft Helen: 430 Buchanan st. Ft. 

Wajrne, Ind. 
Bex Conedy Circus: 314 W. 43d St., N. Y. C. 
Bheno ft Aaora: 1332 Wabash are., Chicago. 
Rhoads' Marionettes: S3 W. 8th at, (tester, 


Bianos, Fonr: Freeport, L. I., K. T. 
Blee ft Cady: 738 Olenwood are., Bottalo, N. 

RIee ft Pt«Toat: 98 Oidnus ave.. OdUnarlUe. 

Bice. Frank ft mman: 8088 Sheffield ave., 

cnilcago. . _. 

Blefearda. Two Aerial: 285 yencka st. Fall River. 

"""""lib" * ^■•""'■"J 218 8. Howell at, Owoeso, 


Blehardsomi, Three: 02 Ellaabeth at West De- 

Rlasner ft Gores: 100 Baanoke at. San Fiattr 


BlogUag. Great: 920 S. I8th St.. Newark, N. 

Bio* Bios.. Four: 1220 SStb St.. MHwankee. 
Ritchie. Encae ft Carrie: 407 Upplneott Bldf.. 

Roberts, Hayea ft Roberta: Cedar MkBor, Zamai- 
ea Ii Y 

BObt'son.' Bobble ft Haxelle: 5128 «li ave. Sonth, 

Jdiaeapalla. _. _ „ 

Bocaawra. Soaanne: 152 W. 49th at. N. Y. C 
Boehrs, nree a.ake*lew Pwk) ZrOwdL Haaa.; 

(Glen Ilareat) lAW»ne» »8mt S. 
Bodna. Three: care P. TanaUt. 104 S. 14111 

at NYC 
BomaaoSa, Three: 18S 17th st. Wheeling. W. 


Root ft White: 8988 Flashing aye.. Brooklyn. 
Roaabe*. The: Mnskegon, Mich. 
Bosards, The: 625 Jersey st, QnnNT, IB. 
Rose ft Bills: 214 N. Aahland are.. Ohlngtk 
Roaelle*. The: 2W BtMC*. lajB., KorMIk. Neb. 
Rosmes. Daring: 438 H. 120th St. N. Y. C . 
Rosa Slaters, Three: 63 Comerfara at, FMrl- 

R^r'T?'e:^218 W. «tb at, N. Y. «. 
RoBsaw Midgets: care P. Tanalg. 104 E. 14th 

at NYC 
Rnss^ll ifc Church: Mt CTalr, Drawer. Oota. 
Russell ft Dane: 1810 W. High at, Spring- 

R^^li. Nk* ft Uflar 814 Heynn lie., Plttt- 

Ri^'ft'von Kaufman (Spring Grore PMk) 
Sprlngdeld, O.; (Lakeslda Caalno) Aknm. 

R^edgel^Frank. ft Co. (Crystal) Mllwankee, 
Sept. 4-9. 

Bice, Ekncr, ft Tarn (State Pair) Oolombna. 
O.; (Worceater Pair) Woiceater, Mass., Sept. 

Btebards. Great (Grand) Syiaense. N. Y.; 

(Temple) Dettolt Mich., Sept 4-9. 
BntaellB, Flying (Empress) Xos Angelet; (Em- 

p«M) San Diego, Sept 4-0. _ ^ ^ 
Beyoolds ft Donegan (Temple) Rochester, N. 

Y.; (Fifth Are.) N. Y. C, Sept 4-0. 
Rosards. The (Qinnty Fair) Franklin, Ey., 30- 

BaIIo''tbe Umlt (Flair) Lincoln, Neb.. 28- 

Ro *Nero: "418 S. Georget at, Rome. N. Y. 
Rboadea* Marionette Theatra (BotOB PoiBt) 

8o. Norwalk. Conn. _ _ 

Rodway * Workman: 18S BartasM tt. Akron. 

-RiSim, Tlitee (Glen Foreat) bawraaee, Maaa. 
Bnaaen ft Smlth'a Mlnatrela (Empteaa) Oan- 

R^' ft '"stoacbe (Majestic) BuMe. Mont.: 
(Washington) Spokane. Waeb., Sept 4-9. 

Bey, Billy K.: Tishomingo. Okla. 

Bay. Whn ft Emma (Orphemn) Omaha. ?>eh. 

Bandnw > Bros. (Grand) Sacramento. Cal.; 
(Bell) Oakland, Sopt 4-0. 

Ross Kittle (Victoria) Charleston. 9.. C: (Or- 
phenm) Jacksonville. Ph.. Sept 4-9. 

Rellly. Johnnie (Temple) Hamilton, Can, 

Reeves, Mnaleal (Bllon) Marqnette, Hlsh., 31- 
Sept. 8; (BIJoa) Green Bay. Wla.. 4-8. 

(Ciontlntted an page 40.) 




World's Greatest 
European Gymnasts 

Feature Attraction wifli tha 
Bulger & C3ienqr Sailyoad 
Shown this season 
The pletnre reivesasts Mr. La 
Croix holding the weight of Uer- 
cie and tady hy tba teeth while la 
operatlan. Xhe Herd* and MF an 
beantlfnUy innmlnated with ateettla 
lights. The lady memhe* la Oa ady 
lady ever aceompUahlng ■ aometaanit 
bom the cradle of the appaiatnsb 
We carry two pieces of 

back and leg drop, and oar own apa- 
dal Iltbographa. 28x42 In.: real ward- 
robe and lobby display. Bellabla 
vaudeville agents. bmlestiDS w rep- 
ertoire managers. It yon wast a 
real box office attraetloD, let as 
hear from yon. At liberty after 
November 15. Permanent adtteas. 
153 BiduBond Avenue, BlthBtad, 
Indlaaa. ' . f 




FEB9 LINCMLN, Gen. Xgr, 

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Btiasa BIdv., OUeago, HI. 

Sullivan ft Consldlae Bldg,, 
Seattle, Wash. 

1865 Market Street Emprsaal 
1 Theatre Bldig^* 1 
1 San Francisco. CaL 1 
1 W. p. RKSOK. f 

lOBIMUr OEEUJE. So. 18 Ora( 

IB Btieat, Tandaa. Sag^ S. Ol 

IBBICA'ZER, Xapaaaantativa. 



* JPntHAMBNT FMtw laka tkat m PERMANENT. 



The Poster Ink 8p«elalists. 



SXZUS8. BAimHB. 6TBIPB, '"awj 

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Shipmenta mada 

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spat la ten mlrnitei. Ho exneiienoe leqnlred— no dark room «| 
an— .,>fci»n..»i»M.- «,..i.i«. iy,-pT'niIiiy FittMfths v-. 
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Isvino. Address ».«..! "" ' 




Ttie O 111 board 

SEPTEMBER 2. 1911. 


Met Outlines of Stories Told in tlie Latest Productions of 
' ttie Patents and Sales Companies — Release Dates 
and Lengths of Subjects Are Given 



PENDENCE (Drama - Edncational; 
released September 1. Length 1.000 
feet). — ^The first pictnrea show the 
Oiat qantinental Congress held la 
Carpentera' Ball — John Adams speech 
for : Independence — a petltltm lent King George 
—the King's answer. Then follows the next 
meeting of Congress In Independence Hall, In 
nmadelphia, and Adams' speech advocaUne 
Independence. Jefferson writes the famons doc- 
nment. which Is adopted by Congress the next 
morning, while John Adams' son, af termards 
the sixth President of the United States, has 
stationed himself at the door to listen for news, 
that he may notify the bell-Tlnger In the tower 
to send the news broadeut with the <M liber- 
ty beU. 

Edncatlonal; released September 2; length 1,000 
feet). — Showing the bnlldlng of a barge canal 
from the Hndson Hirer, near Albany, to Lake 
Erie near Bnllalo. Ttao total length with 
branches will be 480 miles. The work was be- 
gan In 1005, and approaches tbe Importance 
of the Panama Canal. Tbe massive and com- 
plicated machinery is shown, many of the 
views at close range. The sub-titles throngh- 
out the film are made, explanatory In detail. 
thoB enabling tbe non-teclmlcBl mind to grasp 
tbe nature of the work. 

THE THREE itUSKBTBERS (Drama; release 
September 5; length 1,000 feet. Part 1). — 
D'Artagan leaves home to seek, his fortune. He 
arrives In Paris and determines to become a 

Musketeer.. A, atiles of blunders on bis part 
causes him to be dullenged to duels by the 
tamona "Three Musketeers," Athos, >Portho» 
and Aramls. Their meeting Is Interrupted by 
the Cardinal's guard, who attempt to arrest 
them. D'Artagan fights on the side of the 
musketeers, and although the odds are against 
them, they vanqnlsh the' guard, and D'Artagan 
becomes their sworn friend. When .the King 
hears tbe story, be not only rewards *them, but 
promises to make D'Artagan a Musketeer. D'- 
Artagan's gratification Is shared by Constance, 
a young lady he had rescued . from tbe Cardi- 

. .nal's guard. ■ 

' the three XfnSKETEERS (Drama; release 
September 6; length 1.000 feet. ' Part 2). — 
D^Artagan becomes better acquainted with Con- 
irtance, whom he learns is none other than the 
Queen's confidante. Richellen sets a trap for 
the Queen, who has a love affair with the Duke 
of Bncklngham- Tbe Queen needs a messenger 
to go to Buckingham for some Jewels she has 
entrusted to him, and D'Artnitan. through (in- 
stance, volunteers to go. Richelieu's spy at- 
tempts to prevent his reaching BucUngbam, 
ami disables his three frlpnd!<. who bad ac- 
comnanlrd bim, Tbe Cardinal had sent Ullady 
to steal the jewels, but D'Artagan Buceeeds in 
ontwlttlng her, and delivers the JewdB to the 
Queen, who generously rewards him with a valn- 
able rims' and bis heart's desire, Constance. 

f AT JONES' FEJHRX (Drama; release Septem- 
ber 8: length- 1.000 feet). — Jones' ferry has 
kept the Jones family in funds for years, .until 
John, tbe son, grew up anad learned the lumber- 



HOUSE ((^medy-drama; 
release September 4; 

length feet). — An 

old miser holds a mort- 
gage ou the empty 
bonee of an old man. 
In order to mui Its 
value for tenant pur- 
poses, he makes noctur- 
nal visits to the house 
and impersonates 
ghost. terrifying the 
simple - minded village 
residents. A young man comw lo tne village m 
the capacity of staUon agent, and traps the ola 
skinflint nicely, exposing him on the root of the 
shunned dwelling. He Is rewarded by winning 
the heart and band of the handsome daughter 
of the owner of tbe property. (3opyngnted, ISll, 
by Independent Moving Picture (Jompany. 

DXJTX (Drama; release September 7; length 

feet).— A large vessel Is about to be 

dashed to pieces on a rocky coast, when the 
beacon light flashes forth in time to save the 
ship, and the captain pats the ship about In tno 
nick of time. The mecbanlBm . that propels the 
revolving lights had become disabled during tne 
absence of tbe keeper of the lighthouse, and his 
wife and son come to the rescue, the woman by 
sheer strength keeping the lights refiecting on 
the sea to enable the mariners to steer clear ot 
tbe shoals. The son, a small boy, displays the 
heroism that Is expected in the son of a daring 
father. The keeper Is rewarded by the captoln 
of the vessel with a medal, wlilcn ne gives to 
his wife for her heroism. -Copyrighted, 1911, 
by Independent Moving Picture Company. 


edy ; release Sep. 
tember 2; length 

feet). — Mutt 

and Jeff, as usual, 
when on the eve ol 
somu great plan, 
take a stroll, this: 
time Into the path 
Of a strolling Ger 
man band. The 
miscellaneous Jirass 
noise makers are 
seen and heard, and attract a volley of pennies 
and nickels. This looks pretty easy to Mutt 
and Jeff, with the result -that Mutt tackles an 
old sliding trombone and Jeff struggles with a 
dilapidated bass 'horn. Thus equipped, they 
make a bid for the people's small change. 
Alas! their music is of the high-browed variety 
and the ignorant lahble fails to appreciate It. 
Jeff spies a blind man turning the crank of an 
organ, and sees the coin going in that direc- 
tion. ISiey do not see the money coming, but 
tbe blind man's change "goes" the same way 
that Mutt and Jelf gn,, making a climax that 
even the fcHnd will see. 


release September 6: length feet). — Silver 

Star, the chiefs daughter, la stolen by two 
white renegades. They are pursued and one of 
them wounded. They take shelter in Dan 


man's trade, whUe Nellie stayed at home and Spencer's shack. When Spencer 'finds the true 
took care of the house, . Dick, a son of Big state of affairs, they are driven out at the 

Morton, had won her favor, and John was in 
love with Dolly. 'Morton's daughter. A quarrel 
between- Big Morton and John started a feud 
between tbe two families. Old Jones was re- 
vengeful and awaited his chance to get back at 
Morton. One day Dolly Morton slipped and fell 
on some logs in the river, and In a moment was 
In the rapids and drifting rapidly down the 
stream. Big Morton:. and- Dick were unable to 
help ht>r. but Dick remembered by cutting across 
the country to South Fork -he might be able to 
catch iHT on the logs at Two Mile Bend. After 
a dei^ptratc ride, he reaches Jones' ferry at 
South Fork, bnt old Jones sees his chance" to get 
even, and refuses to- Tinlock the 'ferry. Nellie 
takes the keys from her father and unlocks the 
ferry Just in time for Dick to - save DoUy. 
Through Nellie, old Jones and Big Morton be- 
comes friends again, and the four young people 
look forward to a bright future. 


release August 31; length 1,000 feet). — John 
Stuart, a young I.ondoner. Roes to America ti^ 
buy a mine. While searching for a suitable 
location In a lonely spot In Colorado, he finds 
StarllgkL. an Indian girl, mourning at the grave 
of her dead father. White Buffalo. The girl 
was exhausted and ill. so he took her to his 
cabin. The girl refused to return to ber tribe, 
and as Stuart awoke . to the fact that he loved 
her. they were married. All went well until 
Stuart received word from X-ondon that be was 
a^e heir to a large estate, and to' come at once. 
Stuart left (Colorado secretly, not having cour- 
age to bid Starlight farewell. In Eneland a 
grand reception awaited the heir, but he could 
not get his mind off of the little cabin la the 
woods and his little Indian bride. It was the 
call of tbe 'wilderness. He retomed to the little 
Colondo cabin, bnt It wan empty. After a 
■eucb ta fotmd Starlight at the grare of father, 
aluMat gone.' ' He daapnl her to bis breast, and 
with I'taBi effort the Usied blm, -and Mnk to 
her etenial rest. 

point of a gun. The maiden is sent back to her 
tribe, bnt finds ber father dead, and tlie Indians 
preparing for an attack on the settlers. They 
do not believe Silver Star's story, and she Is . 
placed under guard. Escaping, she mounts a 
horse ^and succeeds In notifying Spencer's be- 
fore the Indians . creep : Into sight. The son. 
Boy, Is sent for Iiclp, and Dan Spencer, with 
his old mother and little daughter defend their 
shack untH Roy and the other settlers dash up 
to his rescne and drive' the Redskins away. 
Silver Star has paid her debt of gratitude — she 
saved her friend's lives, even at the cost of 
her own people. 


THE ^OTH (Comedy- 
drama; release August 

29; length feet). — 

A "city chap" on bis 
vacation, makes a hit 
with the belle of the 
village, as well as with 
her mother, who was a 
housekeeper of the old 
school, keeping 'her 
bouse so clean that it 
was a hardship to go Into It. One day "ma" 
discovers that a moth had been dining on some 
of her- winter dotbes. She secures some "moth 
candles." and after lighting them, closed the 
doors and windows, and paid a visit to a neigh- 
bor while the moth was being exterminated. 
Tbe city chap happens along and sees smoke 
curling from under the door. The young man 
immediately became a "hero," and with the 
assistance of the villagers, threw many gallons 
of water on the structure, smashed In the deors, 
saved the furniture by throwing It out of the 
window, and then modestly awaited a few words 
of praise, when "ma" came home. What she 
said was a-plenty. Be never saw the girl again: 
In fact, he did not even remain to bid ber 

ROMEO AND JULIET (drama; release Sep- 
tember 1; length — feet. Part One). — ^Bomeo 
and Jnllet are the son and daughter of two noblt 
families that have been foes for generations. 
They meet and- love, and are secretly wrd. 
Romeo Is banished for dnellng. and' during his 
absence, Juliet's father endeavors to force her 
to marry a nobleman he has chosen for her. In 
her distress, Juliet turns to the Friar who had 
secretly married them. He gives ber a sleeping 
potion, which, after taking, will make her seem 
dead. He Intends to then take the supposedly 
dead Juliet from the tomb and reunite her to 
her bosband. He send a messagK to Romeo, 
tolling bim of tbe plan, bnt tbe news of Juliet's 
dettb xeacbed Borneo before the message. Borneo 


^ "The ^ 

I Worth-While 
V Film 


WednMday Aug. 30 


Feattire Fi.-ht Fihn. 

Wednesday, Sept. 6 


Cowboy — Indian Foto-Dtanui. 

Saturday, Sapt 2 
MUTT and JEFF and THE 

Saturday, Sept 9 
MUTT and JEFF and THE 


DAVID HORSLEY.14.7 Fourth Ave.. Ne.w York. 

Mot. Plo. DIst. & Sale* Co., Sola Distributors. 




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new and second-hand maehlaM. AU rappHea cheap. 

Reliable F'ilm Excliange 

ROBEHT LETT. Prop. Eoom i80, llenon BId«., MO B. Saazben ItaMt, OMcaga. 


SEPTEMBER 2, 1911. 

The Billboard 



IWf llano Production— 3 Reels. 

Ohio exclusive rights controlled by Osier & Erb. Now booliing pei-centage only. Ohio Opera House Managers 

desiring' dates, wire in open time. Full line of printing. 

OISLER. &. E:RB» - Clnolnnati^ Otilo 

tiuiTlee t« tbe tomb, and flndias (»e nuppowdlr 
aead bofly of JoUet, takes polssn. Jnliet re- 
rlTcs won atter. and flndlng tke 4eM hoUf ot 
her bnsband. He aenda a mesaaKe ta Borneo, 
uTlv«s on tbe aeene Intendlns to oalte tbe lavera, 
ud flnde tbcpi already united In deatb. 

3H0B iComody; re- 
leased AD£Ul»t 3ui 

lensth fwt).— 

Andy Xoodlo^. an aa^ 
enture-eravlns rustle, 
roads tbe advertise, 
ment ot a boKfus de- 
tective agency where 
for the ot $10 

tbey will make blm 
a "member ot theli 
force.*' After receiv- 
ing bia *'Comml3sioa** 
and '•Star," he aalUea 
(arth In search et adventore. He sees Jobn 
Martin dlmblng «at «C bla own window, bavine 
been locked out lor bis little dangbter. Andy 
takes blm for a tblef, examines bis footsteps, 
and dlseoTvn «ae bis sboes bus a patcbetl 
ule. and follows the trail. Tbrn follows a 
Ecrire of funny Incidents, In wblcb sererai 
people wear tbe patelied sboe, and Andy follow^s 
tbem all. He ends np ln tbe Martin borne, and 
Is Anally thrown out, to tbe amnsement of all 
bat Aaidy, who leares, swearlnjr never asaln. 

THE ROtiD-TTP (Drama: released September 
1. Length — feet). — ^Uent. Harris and Mr. Drake 
are In love Tltb Col. Barnes' dangbtcd Ethel, 
bnt Harris Is the favored one and Drake swears 
vengeance. Harris and some brother officers 
conspire to bold up tbe ambulance, as a joke. 
Drate overbears and Informs tbe Colonel, but 
falls to tell him It Is a Joke or who tbe "band- 
Its" really are. Tbe Colonel sends a troop 
of cavalry to stop the hold-np with orders to 
elioot to kill. They are abont to Ore on the 
supposed brigands when Kitty, a friend ot 
EtUel's, who knows Drake's Intentions, arrives 
on the scene and prevents a tragedy. The 
Colonel likes tbe Uentcnant and bis comrades 
and realizing that they meant no real barm, 
lets tbem go with a reprbnand. EVeryone 
Is dellEbted but Drake, who Is rl^tly ostra- 
cised for bla malevolent intentions. 


DEBT (Drama; re- 
leased Aug. 22; 
length, — feet). — 
Black Cloud Is saved 
from drowning by 
LltiUe Crow. Black 
Clond 'takes blm as 
a brother.' Both fall 
In love with tbe same 
squaw. Uttle Crow 
cliosen by the tribe to perform a certain 
Inty. bnt he Is afraid, and Black Cloud takes 
Is place. He la wounded, but successfully 
nTforms the mission, allowing the tribe to 
bink Little Crow had done It. Running Fawn, 
binktag Little Ctcw la the hero, agrees to be 
l« squaw. The deception Is fonnd out and 
Itile Crow Is sentenced to tbe wolf pit. Again 
lack Clotid takes bis place and cornea out un- 
■atlii'd. Running Fawn realises that he Is the 
ro, and she loves blm. Wttle Crow attempts 
Kill lilack Clond, but Black Cloud disarms 
liii and. satlsBed that be had paid bla debt, 
him go. 

AX I.VBIAS'S LOVE (Drama: released Aug. 
>; longth. — feet.) — IToung Oak, a Shawnee 
idim, deeply loves Blue Bird, a Choctaw 
^al(l4;n. She Is also loved by a balC-breed 
miWiT. The half-breed wins the girl from 
In a game of cards, and takea her 
,. ."*- ^oung Oak pnrsuea and tvertakes 
■ ii»ir-bree<l on a fallen log across a deep 
i-isni. In the Beree flght he plunges bis knife 
the half-breed's chest, and the gambler 
I k to Ms atAtb. Blue Bird gladly allows 
""g Oak to lead lier to the tenti ot Us pco- 


nio n w oriho (accurate) process of film 
:'^atii'u as applied to second-hand films sub- 
L- „f" J*" 9!'"'o »°<1 Educational Film Com 
city Is without doubt the 
t scientinc gnd In all probabtuty tbe most 
r!.,i .11 ""'••'"d Ot renovating rainy and 
r< u 11 ins known to the boalness. Tbe sd- 
process lies In removing the silver 
1 ?„ alwaya to be found 

„. ""■ Ipft undeveloped In a new 

hi' . IS'"". electric cbargea 

I ,„ •/'■""P" 'n rewinding or In running 
r^...^"l'«i! tba proJecUng maOiIne. If 
' tier printing the Intense light of the 
Ic,, ,i„ ™1.«o change the character of 
less devaioprt parta and apoll the contl- 
nSirti r;" .»>e «atlc electricity will 
sTOi ,. ""S™ or flicker In a film 

19 out , ,;''I»»'-ance. Hie Ortbo pracesa 
and fi, " .'i "'S*- ">* nnd»eto|Sd all- 

s m «, ' " irn'onn •ppesranco i». 

he 1.^.5. " P'Wsure to view. 
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deserve tJiis fall and winter. Slip 
me a line this very day I 




204 W. LakaSt.. - Chloaoo. III. 
161T Farnam St., - Omaha, Nab. 
Sykaa Bloek. MInnaapolla, Minn. 
1110 Wyandotte St., 

KanaaaClty, Mo. 
SIB MulbarrySt., Daa Molnaa, la. 

The biroest and beat Film Renter in 

the woild. 

10» reels Ulm, elegant- condition. (T per reel 
and op; 50 sets song sttdes, perfect condition, 
ll.BO per set, with music. Send postal for lists. 
Oosd aim service furnished at loweat prlcea In 
tbe South, Suppllea. Bargains In new and 
second hand M. P. machines and gas-making 
nutflts. P. n. BOX 117». Mew Orleans. La. 

through to tbe film itself, but this latter state 
Is rare, so that the process Is applicable to 
practically all films. 

A demonstration of thia wonderful process 
wlU be held at tbe olBcva of the Ortho Com- 
pany, at No. '40 R. 12th Strcc't, on September 
11. particular announcement of which will be 
made later.' for tbe purpose of demoDstratlns 
first-banded to Tbe Billboard the wondarfDl 
effect which can b« obtained. Any manufac- 
turer or newspaper representative who la ki- 
terested Is Invited to attend tbe exhibition. A 
badly worn and scratched film will be rcno> 
vated right before the audience, so that an Idea 
ot <h» process can be gotten. 




PART 2. ' 



Proving that Kindness Bays. 

Goynt Ivan aod the Waitress 


oni^^Tt?"^^""^'"^^^^^^ "Romeo and Juliet," which is a r^:ular and NOT a 
bi'lil JAl. release of the Thanhouser Company and theretore obtainable in your reeular 
film service, is a production that many managers will make theirhouses remembered 
by. iSuecial matter for tbe featurincr nf this mill Ua oont- >r.ono»<».o « i. < 




TUB Celelratwi Sdni 
MvAn Picttra Bectrie Lijfct Plaits 

. We have tbe fineat electric light, plants 
for Moving Picture Ibeatrea, Tknt Mown, 
Circuses. Canilvala. etc. Why naa the 
calcium or acetylene gas Ugbta. with all 
Its dangera and unreliability, or pay ex. 
cesalve electric light blUs Air nnsatlslke. ■ 
tory service, when for a amall Investment 
yon can install one of our electile ll^t 
plants, wblcb can be operated at «n ex- 
pense that amounts to a trifle, and baa* tba 
llneat kind ol lifting obtaloabta.. inita 
na at oaee for Bulletin No. We bara 
a good agenc y propoaStlon. to offer hnatlen. 

314 Tetferaon Ave.. Satroit. lOc^i., V. B. A. 

the Operator] 



As tlie Operator 
Looks at It 

ju>t aoliceliow easy litis operator takes iu He doeaa't have to 
Iworic over a dangeraiis jiDoe conmming rheotiat at faimaee heat any. 
|more since lh£ 

Foii Wayne G>mpensarc 

|was mstalled.' _ 

He can control the nachine petfectly now wfth one hand-gels a ciearer. whiter. iteadie>| 
[light and can adjust it to any ol the three intenaties without even the (aintett flieker.. 
'When we sold the machine we guaranteed it would abwlulely 

Cut 2-3 %m tli>^ Monthly lighting Bi)ll 

That souided almost too g^od lo be liue, bntthejr pal one iaM 
cn c;r 30 day free trial plan. I 
Did the machine "make good>" >VeII, the first month it re-l 
duued the bili from.S22.70 to $9.24 and they opertfedmorehoursl 
and got better light than ever befote. I 

iuM as fotVoa •eaatdlnsaf'vAalveltateysa ai« aaag aadi 
if you ojllsendfcicourlhde lrff b oclJrt. wetcaalsiBllow i»edait. 1 
you aie payina ihe I l|>itim Coowaay tbti-i pat ccat (Mft d>sal 
yau need to every day you wait. * , ' — ' 

Fort Wayne Electric WoH»' 

IWl BioaCway. 

Vt, Wayne, Ind. 


Xlae Billboard 

SEPTEMBER 2, 1911. 


The Infonnatioii Contained in This List is Invaluable to Performers, Manu- 
; ¥^ focbirers^ Fair Followers, Carnival Promoters, Etc— Corrections 

and Additions wiU be Made Weekly 

lADcaster— Coos & Eaaez Agrl. Soc. Sept. 6-7. 

IStrta Damon,; aecr. 
'Nasbna — New Hampitalre State Fair. Sept. 4-T. 

Alt lAblne. aecy. 
Plrmouth — Union Graage Fair 'Aasn. Oct. M. 

Richard fattee^. aec7. 
Bocbester — Rochester AgrlenUnnl te Ifedtaaleal 
. Association. : Sept. SfZi. Xnidt S. Magolte, 

aecr..':& mgr. 

GIBbdmro— Annnal Fair:' iSept. 16-16: tt. Soott, 

■■. aecj-i. 

Uouut Holly— Blount Holly Fair. Oct. S-6. B. 

P. Wills, secy. 
Red Bank — -'Monmonth Co. Fair Assn. Aug, 31 

Sept. 4. EdKsr Slote, secy. 
Tipntoii— Inter-State Pair Association. Sept. 

- M. R. Marseram. secy. & "igy 

- - -; ■ HEW MEXICO 

Albuqaerqae — New Mexico State Fair. Oct; 8- 
14f J. B. McMaaus, secy. - 

Clayton— Union {Vianty Fair .Ann. Oct. M. 

HowisU Bmest, secr> 
rarmlngtax — ^Faiminston Fair Aan. Segt, 19- 

22. Qurlea W. Bonne, seer. 

Ctnees— MesUla VaUey Fall Asm. Sept. 
2S-3S. Vtorrest UcKInley, secy. 
Baton — Northern New Mexico Fair. Oct. IiB-21. 
O. Flaher. secy. 

Alton— Af ton Driving FaA Asm. Sept. 12-lD. 

F. w. Seely. seer. 
Albion — Otleam Co. AgrL Soc Sept. 13-16. 

W. E. Franks seer. 
Angelica — Allegany Co. Agrl. Soc. Sept. 6-8. 
J. C Fliippen, secy.. B. D. 4, Belmont, M. 
X. ■ 

Batarla— Genessee Co. Agrl. Soc. Sepb SO-23. 

Albert E. Brown, secy. 
Batb— Stenben Co. AgrL Soc. Sept. 26-29. 

Cbas. A. Stanlts, aecy. 
Bingbamton — BIngtaamton Ind. Expo. Sept. 26- 

29. Senry S. Martin, secy. 
Brockport— Honne Co. Aipd. Soe. S^t. 27-30 

Ftcd H. Sbaler, secy. 
Brookfield— BnokfleiarlildlBOB AgrL Soe, Sept. 
- : '18-31. ' F-. M. t^Moner. aecy. 
Cknandalgna— Ontario Co. AgrL Soc. Sept. 21- 

23. C. Ij. Mbcey, seer. 

Canton — St. Lawrence Co. AgrL Soc. Sept. 12- 

15. Fred J. Wbeder, secy. 
Ctiatbam — Colnmbia Co. Agil. Soe. Sept. S-8. 

W- A. Sanies, secy. 
Cbbleskin— Coblesklll AgrL Soe. Sept. SB-2B. 

Wm. B. Goldlng, secy. 
Cogperstows — Ots^o Co. Agrl. Soc Sept. 19- 

9. Edw. I,. Eug, secy. 
Cnba — Cuba Fair and Badng Assn. Sept. 19- 

ae. Cko. H. Swift, secy. 
Dongan :mils ntrhmnnd Co. AgrL Soe, Ang. 

30-Sept.'4. A.; C. Wens, ee^. 
Dryden— Drydea AgrL Soc. Sept. S-8. B. F. 

Chappais, tecyv 
Dnndee — Dandee Fair Aasn. Oct. S-B. B. Tm. 

WoedmS, secy. 
Ebnira— Oiemnng Co. Agilenltnral Soc. Sept. 
:' 18-22: Chas. S. liSttln, seer. 
Fooda— 'Montgomery Co. AgrL Soe, Oct, 3-C. 

T. B. Martin, secy. 
Franpsbnrg — SontbeiB Stenben AgrL Soc. 

Sept. 6-8. E. H. Aostin Jr., aecy. 
Green — BlTeralde Agricultural Sodety. Sept. 

S-&L,' J. B. Baxtno. ■ Key.; J. J. FUmagaa. 

mdk, Korwicb, N. Y. 
Banmnrg — Erie Cb. Agrl Soe. Sept, 84, O, 

J. Dndley, aecy. 
H<-m]ock— Hemlock Laki> Cnlen.AsrL Soe. Oct. 

B-5. E, H. Westbrootc, secy. 
Berklmer— Heridraer Co. Agrl. Soc Sept. 4-7. 

I. P. Basbacb, secy. 
Ithaca — Thompklns Co. AgrL Soc. Sept. 19-22. 

Jam^town — lameatown* CMtennlal Celebration. 

Ang. 29-Sept. 4. f^ank B. Wallace, secy. 
Jidmston — Fnlton Co. AgrL Soc .Date not 

given. Wallace Tost, seey. 
KlmcatoB^-OUd Fellows Assn. BUr ft OaDr- 

nivaL Ang. 28-Sept. 2. C. F. Beynolds, 


Little Valley— Catterangns Connty AgrL Soc 

Sept U-15. D. J. Bnshnell, secy. 
I/ockport — Xiagara Co. Agrl. Soc. Ang. 23- 

Sent. 2. R. N. Roberts, secy. 
Lyons — ^Wayne Co. AgrL Soc. Sept. 6-3. Wm. 

H. Halloway. secy. 
Malone — ^Franklin fM. Agrl. Soc, Sept. 26-29. 

Walter T. Mallon. seiy- 
Mlnebla— AgrL Boc, of Onwns & Kasun Co. 

Sept. 2&30. Iiott Tan de Water, aecy,, 

Hempstead. K. T. '\ 
Morris— Morris Fair Assn. Oct. 8-S. D. F, 

Wlgbtman. secy. 
Naples— Naples Union AgrL Soc Sept, 12-14 

John G. BoUes. secy. 
Nassas— Bensselaer Co. Agrl & Liberal Art Soc 

Sept. 12-15. Ddmer Z^d, secy. 
KewaA — ^Newark Fair Assn. Sept. 21-23. Chas. 

B. Iieggett. secy. 
OgdenSbnrg — OgHaisbnri; Fair & Horse 8bow, 

Sept. 18-23. ynliuB Frank, seey. 
Olean— OlesB Agd. & Ind. Assn. Sept. 4-7. 

A. H. laner, aecy. 
Oneonta — Oneonta Union AgiL. Soc. Sept. 13- 

21- Bbirley I,. Hnntlngto^ secy. 
Orangebnrg — ^Bo<^Iand Co. Fair. Sept. 4-S. Dr. 

- John T. GHchrest. secy., Nyacfc. N. T. 
Owego— Tioga Co. AgrL Soc. Sept. 12-16 7no. 

(I. PcmWeton, geer. 
Palmyra — Palmyra Union AgrL Soc. Sept. 2?- 

30. John H. Walton, secy. 
Fenn Tan — Tatea Co. Agrl. Soe. Sept. 5-8. 

David Miner, secy. 
Perry — Sliver Lake AgrL tc Mech. Assn. Sept 

18-20. D. Bl AttdBS. secy. 
Flatt^nrg-'-CIIntoa Co. AgrL Soc Sept. 5-8. 

H. Clay Nliea, se^. 
Potsdam— S. V. & St. R. Agrlcnitnral Soci- 
ety. Sept. 5-8. W. N. Clark, secy. 
PoDgbkeepsip — Ontcbras Cs. Agd. Soe. Sept. 

4-s. wnilam T. Ward. secy. 
Beed Comers — Gorbam Agrl. - Soc. Sept. 28-30. 

P. Tt. Henry, secy. 
BIchfleld Springs — Btchfleld Springs Aericnitnral 

Society. Sept. 25-28. A. B. Getmaa. Beer- 

(Contlnned from last week.) 

Bicbmoad Borongb. New Yock Olty— Aug. 80- 

SepL 4. A. C. Nellls, secy. 
Blverbead — Suffolk Co. Agrl. Soc. Sept. 19-22. 

Harry Lee, secy. 
Home — Oneida Co. Agrl. Soc. Sept. 4-7. Frank 

S. Baker, aecy. 
Schoharle^-Sctaoharle Co. Agrl. Soc Sept. IS- 

2L E, L. 'Anchampaugh, secy. 
Syracose — New York State Fair. Sept; 11-16. 

S. C. Shaver, secy. 
.Xteopsbni^— Sontbem Stenben AgrL Soc 

Sept. 6-8. B. H. Anstin Jr. secy. 
Tenum— Yemoa Fair & Bace Meet, Sept: 26- 

28. 0. G. Simmons secy. 
Versailles Iroqnols Agrl, Soc. Sept. 19-22. 

Orlando Doxtader, secy. 
Warrensbnrgb— The Warren Co. Fair. Sept, 6-8. 

Fred J. Hayes, secy. 
Warsaw— Wyomlnpr Co. Agil Soc, Sept, B-8, 

Fred A, Bice. secy. 
Waterloo^-Seneca Co. Agrl. Soc Seot. 26-28. 

Ed.' Nugent, secy & mgr. 
Watertown— Jefferson Co. Agrl. Soc. Sept, B- 

8. W. B. Skeels, secy. 
Walton^Delaware Valley Agrl. Soe. Sept. 5-8. 

S. H.' Osterboar, seey. 
WatUns — Scbnyler Co. Agd Socy. Sept. 12-13. 

IVank W. Fiero, aecy. 
White Plains — Westchester Co. Hort. & AgrL 
Soc. Sept. 18-23. Daniel W. Maloney, secy. 

istaevUle — ^Western North Carolina Fair Assn. 

Oct. 10-13. Owen Gndger, secy. 
Borllngtton — Almance Fair Assn. Oct, 3-6. J. 

H. Harden, mgr. 
Ctaaiiotte — Mecklenbnrg Fair Assn. Oct. 24-27. 

W. J. Chambers, secy. 
Elizabeth City— Fair. Oct. 23-28. B. F. Lamb, 

Fayetteville — Cmnberland Co. AgrL Soc Oct. 

^27. Z. P. Smith, secy. 
Greensboro— Central Carolina Fair. Oct. 1<^.18. 

Garland Daniel, secy. . 
King— Stakes Co. Fair Assn. Oct. 17-19. mil 

B. Klger. secy. 
North Wllkesboro— Wilkes Co. Fair Assn. 

Sept. 36-28. John B. James, secy, 
•Ixfoni — OranviBe Co. Fair. Oct. ^25. I. F.. 
Webb. aecy. 

Raleigh — ^Nortb Carolina State FUt. Oct. 16- 

20. Jos. E. Pogne, secy, 
-'.nirhflelrt — Johniutn Co. Fair. Nor. 24, 
WaynesviUe — ^Haywood Co. Fair. Oct S-6. 7. 

D. Boone, secy. 
Wlnston^alem — ^Piedmont Fair Assn. Oct. 3-7. 
G. B. Webb, secy. 


Aneta — Aneta Fair. Oct. 2-8. W. E. Smith, 

secy. » 
Beacti — ^Interstate Fair Assn. Sept. 26-29. 

Cbas. Harklna, secy. 
Granville— McHenry Co. AgrL Fair Assn. Sept. 

28- 30. A. P. Simonsrai, secy, 
aiandon — Mlssonri Slope Agxl. Fair Assn. Sept. 

12-15.. Dr. E. Mackey, secy. 
Underwood — McLean Co. Fair Assn. Oct. 3-5. 

J. T. Hoge, secy. 
Wahpeton — Richland Co. Fair Aasa. Sept. 26- 

29. B. J. Hnghes, secy. 
Wllliston— Williams Co. Fair Assn. Sept. 20- 

22. L. S. Cliampine. secy. 


Athens— Athens Co. AgrL Soc Sept, 2548, H. 

• H. Haning, secy. 
Attica— Attica Union Fair Assn. Sept. 26-29. 

wm F. UMe, aecy. 
Akron — Summit Co. Fair Assn. Oct. 3-7. P. 6. 

Ewart, secy. 
Berea — W. Cnyboga Pair. Sept. 6-7. L. M. 
Col, secy. 

Blanctaestter — Clinton Co. Fair Assn, Sept. 6-S. 

J. W. McFadden. secy. 
Bowling Green — Wood Co. Agrl. Soc Sept. 25- 

28. B. S. Sweet, secy. 
Bncyma — Crawford CO. Pair Assn. Sept. IS- 
IS. Gny K Smith, secy. 
Barton— Geanga Go. Fair. Sept. 12-16. W. S. 
mrd, secy. 

Bryan — Week's Jnbilee and Home-Coming. Ang. 

29- Sept. 2. A. Ii. Gebbard, mgr. 
Cadiz— Sarrison Connty AgrL Soc Oct. S-6. 

C. M. Osbnrn. secy. 
Chagrin Falls — Cnyahoga Co. Fair. Sept: 6-8. 

F. C. Gates, secy. 
Canfleld— Mahoning Co. Fair. Sept. 6-7. B. L. 

Manchester, secy. 
Ganal Dovei^Tnscarawas Co. Fair. Oct. 17-20. 

J. S. KarK secy. 
Canton— Stark Co. Agrl. Sodety. Sept. 26-29. 

Ed. S. Wilson, secy. 
Chinicotbe— Boss Co. AgrL Soc Sept. 12-16. 

Addlsoa P. MInshell, secy. 
Coshocton— CoAocton Co. Fait Aaan. Oct. 10- 

13. A. P. Stewart, secy. 
Croton— Hartford Fair. Sept. 6-8. W. H. 

Siegfried, seey. 
Dayton — Montgomery County AgrL Board. 

Sept. 4-8. Geo. K. Cetone, secy tc mgr. 
Eaton — ^Pieble Co. Agrl. Soc Sept, 26-20. Har- 

rr D. SQver, secy. 
Elyrla — ^Lorain Co. Fair. Sepfc 19-22. Anthony 

Nleding, secy. 
Fremont— Sandnsky Co. Fair. Sept, 19-22. C, 

A. HocbendelL secy. 
Pindlay — ^Hancock Co. Agrl. Soc. Sept. 13-16. 

R. E. Kennedy, secy., Bawson O. 
Georgetown— Brown Co. Fair Assn. Oct. 3-6. 

I<ewis Bichey, secy. 
Hamilton— Bntler Co. Agrl. Soc. Oct. 8-6. C. 

A. Knmler, secy. 
HIcksvine— Defiance Co. Agrl. Soc Sept. 12- 

16. E. F. Armstrong, secy & mgr. 
lamestown — Jamestown Fair Assn. Sept. 20- 

22. John GalvlB. secy.. Lima. O. 
Lsactsler— Palrtleld Co. Agrl. Boc Oct, 11-14. 

W. P. McCIenagban, secy. 
Lebanon— Wairen Co. AgrL Soc. Sept. 12-16. 

W. O. Onstlii, secy. 
Lima— Alien Co. AgrL Soc Sept. 4-7. O. A. 

Graham, secy and mgr. 
Lisbon — Colnmblana Fair Assn. Sept. 12-14. E 

F, Moeie. mgr. 
Marietta — Washington Agrl. >i Miech. Assn. 
'. Sept. 10-22. Dr. Wm. latdielL seey. 

Marlon— Marlon Co. Agrl. Soc; Sept. 26-29. 

Jas. A. Knapp, secy.; Klger & Knapp, mgrs. 
MarysTllIe — Union Co. Agrl. Soc. Sept. 6-8. W. 

P. Brodrick, secy. 
Montpeller — ^Williams Co. Fair Assn. Sept. 12- 

16. Bobert Ogle, secy. 
Mansfield — ^Richland Agrl. Soc. Sept. 6-8. O. 

Bmmfield, secy. 
McConnelsvllle — Moigan Co. Fair. Sept, 20-22. 

3. E. Tarbet, secy. 
Mt. Gilead — Mwrow Co. Fair Aasn. Oct. S-6. 

O. J, SlUler, secy & mgr. 
Mt. Vernon- Knox Co. Agrl. Soc. Sept, 12-16. 

Howard C. Gates secy. 
Napoleon — ^Napoleon Fair Assn. Sept. 4-8. J. 

M. Bleger, secy. 
Newark— Uckmg Co. Pair. Oct. 3-7. J. M. 

Farmer, secy. 
New Lexington — P^rry Co. AgrL Soc. Sept, 20- 

22. J. B. Montgomery, secy. 
Ottawa — ^Putnam Co. Pair. Oct. 3-7. A. P. 

Sandles. secy. 
Powell— Delaware Co. Agrl. Soc. Sept. 19-22. 

B. S. NeS, secy, 

Proctorville — Lawrence Co. Fair. Sept. 6-8. W. 

W, Becbard, secy. 
Bavenna — Portage Co. AgrL Soc. Sept. 12-16. 

C. R. Sliarp, secy. 

Bichwood — Rlchwood TrI-Oo. Fair Assn. Oct. 

S-6. R. W. Lenox, secy. 
Bock Springs — ^Melgs Co. AgrL Soc Sept. 6-7. 

Jas. M. Lyman, secy., Pomeroy, O. 
Sandnsky— Erie Co. Fair. Sept. 12-16. F. E. 

Zerbe, secy and mgr. 
Sidney— Shelby Co. AgrL Soc Sept. 12-16. J. 

E. Rnssell, secy & mgr. 
Smithfield— Jefferson Co. AgrL Fair Assn. Sept. 

27-29. J. O. Hayne, secy. 
SarahsvlUe — Noble Co. Agrl. Society. Sept. 0- 

8. Homer Johnson, secy., Caldwell, O. 
St. Clalrsvllle — ^Belmont Co. Fair Assn. Sept. 

19-21. J. H Taylor, secy. 
Snmmerfield— Smnmerfield Fair. Sept. 26-2S. 

C. H. Dew. secy. 
Troy— Miami Co. Fair Assn. Sept. 18-22. C. D. 

Martin, secy. 
Tiffin — Seneca Co. Fair Soc. Sept, 6-8. Morgan 

Ink, secy, 

Toledo — Toledo Fair. Sept. 11-16. L. E. Clark, 

Upper Sanrinsky — Wyandot Co. Fair. Sept. 19- 

^Z, 3. T. Longabangh, sec. 
Van Wert — ^Van Wert AgrL Soc. Sept. 4-8. P. 

V. Walbom. secy. 
Washington — Gnemsey Co. Fair Assn. Sept. 26- 

29. B. C. McCreary ,secy. 
Wanseon — ^Fnlton Co. AgrL Fair. Sept. 10-22. 

E. P. Ames, secy. 
Waverly — Pike Co. Fair. Sept, 6-8. Chas. L. 

Greenbanm, secy. 
West Union— Adams Co. Fair. Sept. 12-15. T. 

W. Ellison, secy. 
Wooster — ^Wayno Co. Fair. Sept. 13-16. G. 

J. Ebrigbt. secy.. Shreve. O. 
Zanesville — Mosklngnm Valley CO. Fair. Sept. 



Agra — North Lincoln Go. Fair. Sept. 21-23. 

WIU Honston, secy. 
Broken Arrow — Tulsa Connty Fair. Oct. 14-16. 

W. N. WUliams, secy. 
Canton — Rlslne Connty Fair Assn. Sept. 20-23. 

c. s. McDowen. secy. 

Chelsea — Chelsea Fair Assn. Oct. 3-6. W. A. 
Kaff, secy. 

Dnrant — Bryan Co. Fair. Sept. 14-16. B. J. 

Rodecker. secy. 
Elk City— Beckham Co. Fair. Sept. 12-15. L. 

L. Hoover, secy. 
El Beno — EI Beno & Southwestern Fair Assn. 

Sept. 20-23. W. A. Manrer, secy. 
Fairvlew — ^Major Co. Fair Assn. Oct. 10-13. C 

A. Wright, secy. 

Proderick — Tillman Connty Fair. Slept. B-8. 
Hallett — ^Pawnee Co. Fair Assn. Oct. 11-14. 

L. T. Totanson, seey, 
Hnso — Choctaw Co. Fair. Sept. 19-22. B. S. 

Carothers, secy. 
Kingfisher— Farmers' Institute & Fair Assn. 

Sept. 14-16. Arthnr E. Bracken, secy. 
UcAlester— IMttubnrg Connty Fair. Sept. 16-18. 

B. F. Huckett, mgr. 

Mangnm — Greer Co. Fair Assn. Oct. 12-14. W. 

P. Heame. secy. 
Muskogee — Muskogee Fair. Oct 9-14. Bmma 

B. Knell, secy. 

Oklahoma City— Oklaboma State Fair. Sect. 
26-Oct. 7. I. S. Mahan, secy. ^ 

Pawnee — Pawnee Park and Fair Assn. Sept, 
19-22. Frank Hudson, secy. 

Sterling— Sterling Fair. Sept 7-8. J. H. Car- 
ter, secy. 

iw-wey Co. Fair Asin. Oct. 10-13. F. 

G. Delaney. secy. 
Tnlsa— Tulsa Fair Assn. Oct. 16-21. M. A. 

Yonnkman. secy. 
Weatlierforfl — Castter Co. Fair. Sept. 10-22 

A. BoUenbaCh, secy. 


Canby— Clackamas Co. Pair. Sept. 27-30. M. 

J. Lazelle, secy..' Oregon City, Ore. 
Gresham— The Grange Co. Fair Assn. Sept 21- 

24. EmU G. Kardell, secy. 
Jobn-Day — Fifth Eastern Ore. Dlst Agrl. Sbc. 

Oct. 11-lB. C. P. HalgUet, secy.. Canyon 

City. Ore. 

McMlunville — Yamhill Co. F!alr. Sept 19-22, 
-H. H. Belt. s^. 

Medford— Flrsta O. A. D. Soc Sept 27-29, 

C. A. MalbollBf. secy, 

Portland- Portland Stock Sbow. Sept 4-9. O. 

A. Westgate. secy. 

Pendleton — Third Eastern Ore. Dist. AgrL Fair. 

Sept. 11-16. Tbos. Fitzgerald, secy. 
Boseburg— Second S. O. D. A. Soc. Sept 28-80. 

Bobert Smith, secy. 
Salem— Ore. State FUr. Sept 11-16.' Ftsnk 

Meredith. secy- 
Toledo— Lincoln Co. Pfllr Assn. Sept 6-8. O. 

B. Crosno, secy. 

Allentown — ^The Great ABeatown Pair. Sept 

19-22. H. B. ScbaU, SCCT. 
Apollo— KIskennwatsa Talley AgrL Soc Sept 

12-15. Oeaa CIsrk, secy,, Taadergrlft, Pa. 






722 Penn Ave, 




Chfldrm Cry For and "GroMm* 
Ups" Must Have 

For deeo»tiag automol^es, motor cycles 
steam launches, canoee, baby carnages, 
and oUier vdudes. 

An enormous 
sale of tiie 




all over the 

Twelve ctdored discs, mounted in f oar. 

The tiiree small wheds levolye in oue 
direction while entire tqy moves is oppo- 
site OB haadle, creating a siirprifdngly 
pretty effect. 

From your jobber, or write us direct. 

Tile Pbafotur Toy Mannf actoriag Co. 



Hat Bands 

BOABB KEN, NOTICE— We are tlu 
lowest-priced honse for Soavenlra, Nor- 
eltles. Holiday Goods, Odebratloa 
CkndS, Cabes, Pennants, Battens, Badges, Tick- 
lers. Confetti, Kolse Makera, ete, Velt Pennanti 
made to order for all eeeaslOBS. Lsrsest MoTeltT 
Snpply Honse. ThoosanOi of satlsned enston- 
ers. Orders shipped same day u tecelTSd. 1911 
Catalog FBEE. 

NEwxur vre. oo„ 

811-617 Woedlaad Arame, anreUBd, OUk 




Only foreign mann- 
factnrer In the n. 3. 
A- The following 
goods and prices for 
the Fair conanmeis. 

No. 80. — 4-part Gas Balloons, per gross. . .I?.* 




Whistling Balloons, " " 
•• BO. ■• •> " 

Decorated Snake Balloons. " " - - - i . 

Catalog free on application. Deposit reqnlrea 
on aU C. O. D. (Kders shipped same dajr - 

88 Atlaatlo Antmt, Boston, Mtu. 


Jnst ont; 10-eent sellers. Belt- ffobe and A" 
Fenssnts. eatcby warding printed oo each, » 
csBU a desen. M cants tor Oie samples, or cU- 
eitlsr ftee ^ eor Pelt Bet Bmis, Heatl^ 
OiDe Penasnts and other Pelt Noreltlei. 


ma, lUIn Btflaet, XBfhart, M 

f up VBEKLT BDBS— SaUIng newly patewj! 
article at Pairs. Brenr fsrmer tnaS. Dnra* 
Md osefaL Otst 100» »ae ar. Qnl ek sblpn* 
Free llteratore. B. BOBPFBIi, 500 AMU* 
SvMse, Ohtcsgo, m. 

SEPTEMBER 2, 1911- 

neitotH—'Bedtmi Co. Agrl, Soc Sept, 19-28. 

I lurf Cessna, secy. „ « ^ n 

Belicfont<^-CeDter Co. Fait Asbb. Oct. 8 «. D. 

B, ?K;S'i;:Sbl« CO. Agrt. SOC. Oct. 3- 
C, A. N. Vost, secy. , „ 

Briiiksvilli— Jeltvrson Agrl. Soc. Sept. 12-15. 

Vrtliur li- Stewart, see/-. n 
R,;JJI.|lst.nvn-Unlon Agrl. A«iu Oct. 2-5. D. 

s Tuvlor Hecv., K. F. n. Wo. 3. 

C, ,^ii4"-AKrI as™, of Carlisle Co. Sept. 20- 
"1) W. H. McCrea, secy, , .„ _ „ . 

c fr mIcli.K'ls-Grei>n Co. Agrl. & Mfg.^Soc. Sept. 

Ifl ii W. A. Euth, BecT.', Thos. Patterson & 

fi. i: I'l-nnington. mETS. 
f irioUiown— Cambria Co. Aeri. Assn. Sept. 

3 s J. V. Mancher. SI. D., secy. „ ^ „ 
Centre Hall— P.itron8 of Husbandry. Sept. »- 

].-,. Ltvinara Ehone, pws. „ , . „ . 
r„rrv_Corrv Fair & DrlvJng Park Assn. Sept. 

IS'IO. Wnke Morgandge. scc.v. „ 
Davlou— Diivton Agrl. & MccTi. Assn. Sept. 20- 

2!) C. C. Cocbran, secy. „ , „ 
D„p„l5_DnBol« Driving Assn. Sept. 6-8. P. 

E. Gricsemcr, secy. . _ 
Eniiioriiim— Cameron Co. Agrl. A«sn. Sept. 12- 

15. P. O. Jmld. ficcy. „ ^ » . , 

Forkfvllle— Sullivan Co. Agrl. Soc Oct. S-O. 

P. L. Molyncu J, secy. 
g„t,_CMtz Agrl. & Hort. Assn. • Oct. 17-20. 

T. S. KUnger. secy. 
Hanover— Hanov€T Agrt, Soc. Sep*- 19-22. J. 

B. Miller, secy. „ >^ „ 
Hartord— Harford Agrl. Soc. Sept. 28-21. O. 

F. Maynard, secy. _ , . , „, . ^ 
Hollttlaysborg — Grange Fair Asen ot Blair Co. 

Sept. 24-30. H. S. "Wertz. secy. 
Jacksonville— Rlcbhlll Agrl. Soc. Sept. 5-7. 

I>onnIs Mnrphy, -Brcy-. 'W«t Pinley. 
Johnstown— Luna Park Fair Assn. Sept. 12-15. 

Geo. Hull. secy. ■ - - .„ „ 

Kotztown — Kntitown Tair Assn. Sept. 20-20. 

J. A. Durllng. secy. 
Lew Isburc— Union Co. Agrl. Soc. Sept. 28-20. 

Cvrus J. Bhoile, secy. 
Lancaster — Lancaster Oo. Agrl. Fair Assn. Sept. 

27-30. L C. Arnold. «ecy. 
LeWghton— Carhon Co. AgrL Soc. Sept. 26-29. 

J. .V. Darling, secy. 
Lewlsbnrg— Union Co. Agrl. Soc. Sept. 20-29. 

C. Dale Wolfe, secy. 

LIgonlor— Llgonler Valley Fair. Oct. 4-8. Al 

Mjislck. sefv. 
llansllcid— Smythe Park Assn. Sept. 19-22. 

Rav C. Longbothnm. secy. 
Mldilletown- Mlddletown Fair Aesn. Sept. 12- 

15. E. HoUls Croll, flecy. 
Uercer— Mercer Centra] Agrl. Assn. Sept. 5-7. 

J. P. Orr. secy. 
Jlpversdale — Me.versdale Fair S: Race Assn. 

.^opt. 20-29. D. J. Flkc. secy. 
Milton— MlUon Pair & Korthmnberland Co. Ag- 

rlcultnral Assn. Sept. 19-22. Wm. 6. Mar- 
dock. sec.v. & mgr. 
Montrose— Snsqaebanna Co. AktL Soc. SepL 

12-14. W. G. Comstotffc, secy, 
Mt. -Morris— Mt. Morris Fair & Agrl. Assn. 

Sept. 26-2». J. L. Biaker. secy. 
Nazareth — Northampton Co. Agrl. Soe. Sept. 

12-1.'!. J. R. Relntaelmer. secy, 
ttewport — Great Perry Co. Agrl. Soc, Oct. 10- 

1.^. J. C. P. Stephens, secy. 
Now Freedom — New Freedom Farmers" Improve- 
ment Assn. Sept. 28-30. W. H. Freed, sec.T. 
Perknsil — Bncks Co. AgrL Soc. Sept. 13-16. 

Irvin T. Barlnger, secy. 
Pittsburg- National Iiand & Irrigation Expo. 

Oct. 12-28. Franda C. MeCarty, secy. 
Port Royal— Jaanlta Co. AgrL Soc. Sept. 12- 

15. James N, Gronlnger, secy. 
Beading— Reading Fair. Sept. 12-15. H. Seldel 

Throni, secv. 
Stoneboro— Mercer Oo. Agrl. Soc. Sept. 18-21. 

Geo. H. Fowler, secy, 
Stroodsbcrg — Mnnroe Co. Agrl. Soc. Sept. 4-9. 

H. F. Coolbaugh. secy. 
Smethport— Smetbport Fair & Races. Sept. 12- 

15. Henry J. Hlce, secy, 
iowanda — Bradford Co. Agrl. Soc. Sept. 26-29. 

0. L. Smiley, secy. 
Troy— Troy Agrl. Soc Sept. 12-15. D. F. Pom- 

eroy, secy, ic mgr. 
Tunkhannock— Wyoming Co. Fair Asm. Sept. 

19-22. P. S. Harding, sec}-. 
West Alexander — West Alexander Agrl. Assn. 

Sept. 12-14. John M. GIbwo, secy. ' 
West Chester — Chestei Co. AgrL Assn. Sept. 

5-8. Fred D. Reld. secy, 
westlleld— CowanesQue Valley AgrL Soc Sept. 

12-15. J. w. Smith, secy. 
Williams Grove— Granger Pickled EiM. Assn. 
^ Aug. 2S-Sept. 2. H. S. XoUer. secy. 
Wind Kldge— Jacktown Pair Assn. Sept. 6-7. 

Dennis Mnrphy. secy. 
Wllkoa-Barre — Lnzeme Co. Fair Assn. Sept. i- 

8. Robert Ireland, secy. 
Wyalnslng— Wyalnslng Fall Assn. Sept. 12-15. 

O. af. Lyons, secy. 
Tork— York Oo. AgrL Soc. Oct. 8-6. . JBd Chap- 

pln, srcy. 

Tonngwood — Westmoreland AgrL Soc. Sept. 
5-8. W. P. Holtzer, secy., Greensburg, Pa. 

HlIlsgTOve— Rhode Island State Fair. Sept. 4- 

»• J. W. Pago, manager. 
Mngston- Washington Co. Agrl. Soc. Sept. 12- 
It). John A. Allen, secy.. Peacedale. R, I, 
FOTtsmonth— Newport Co. AgrL Soe. Sept. 19- 
22. John M. Eldtedge, secy. & mgr., Bristol 
Ferry, R. i. 

ilihevllle— Abberllle Co. Fair. Oct. 18-20, J, 

B. Loyal, secy. 
Mken— Aiken Co. Fair. First week In Decern- 

lier. H. K. Gyles, secy. 
Bii^shMrg--.Trl-Ooanty Pair Assn. Oct. 17-21. 
■^A^*''^ J- MeCarlliy, secy, 
amden— Kershaw Oo. Pair. Hot. 8-10. H. G, 
Carlson, secy. 

olumbia— state Artl. &Mech. Soe. Oct, 80- 
•\, M. Cantey, secy. 

Miner; iecy"''' " 

roenwoocl— Greenwood Co. Pair. Oct, 28-27. 

S. Brooks .Marshall, secy. 

".li'Ston-.-LexIngton Co. Fair Assn. Oct. 84- 
" . V- Bflrd, secy. 

'in n!l^"^''~^1'"'*«»">'"<' P«>''- I*»t week 
In October. Jolin P. Floyd, pres. 
'Ji'w'^.'-o^Colleton Co. Fate jiesn. Not. 7- 
-i?;.,^^- ^- Swoak, secy, 
rrank Fooscbe. secy. 

icxanflrla— Hansom Co. Pair Assn. Sept. 10- 
tih I'^l Smith, secy. 

:!n ^<""'<*e— Butt* Oo, Pair Assn. Sept. 28- 

"|?"'i,"''^£rookIngs Oranty Pair. Sept. 18-21. 
F. Kerr, secy. 

u^'^'"!!" S^- AfJ- -AMn- Sept. 5-7. 

iTomrr B.-Tsrown. secy, 
r km"-^"^ ^'o- Bept, 28-80. W. 

Xtie B&llboar<l 


Hlgbmore — Hyde Co. Fair. Sept. 6-7. 

Van Camp. secy. 
Huron— South Dakota State Fair, Sfept 11-15. 

C. N. -McUvalne, secy. 
Kadoka— Stanley Co. Fair. Sept. 19-21. Frank 

Coye, secy. 

Kimball— Burle Co. Fair .Assn. Sept. 21-23. P. 

V. Lenz, secy. 
Mcintosh— Corson Co. Fair. Sept. 5-8. Jos. P. 

I'lirkcr, secy. 
Mitchell — Mitchell Corn Belt Expo. Sept. 25-30. 

L. L. Ness. secy. & mgr. 
Philip— Central Stanley Co. Fair. Sopt. 26-28. 

B. H. Banks, secy. 

Plankinton — Aurora Co. Fair Assn. Sept. 5- 

7. L. A. Mabbott, secy. 
Platte — Charles Mix Co. Fair. Stept 6-8. h. 

C. Button, secy. 

Salem— McCook Co. Fair. Sept. 6-8. W. H. 
Hart, secy. 

SpearUsh — Lawrence Co. Fair. Oct. 4-6. Nels 

Brakler. secy. 
Tripp — Hutchinson Co. Agrl. Fair Assn. Sept. 

6-8. Henry Klatt Jr.. secy. 
Vermillion— Clay Co. Fair. Sept. 26-28. Jas. 

Partridge, secy. 
Webster— Day Co. Pair. Sep. 6-8. 0. T. 

Strandness, secy. 

Alexandria — De Kalb Co. Fair. Aug. 31-Sept. 

2. Rob Boy. secy. 
Brownsville — Haywood Co. Fair. Oct. 10-13. 3. 

E. Chapman, secy. 
Cellna Clay Co. Fair Assn. Oct. 5-7. W. C. 

Davidson, secy. 
ClarksvlUe — JJontgomery Co. Fair. Oct. 11-14. 

H. L. Michel, cecy. 

Cookeville — Putnam Co. Pair. Slept. 7-8. A. 

P. Barnes, secy. 
Coal Creek — .\aderson & Campbell Co. Stock 

& Fair .\ssn. Sept. 6-8, W. L. Wilson, secy. 
Columbia — ^Maury Co. Pair Assn. Sept. 5-9. 

Geo. E. McKennon, secy.: W. S. Williams, 

gen. mgr. 

Deer Loilge— .Morgan CO. Pair. Sept. 19-22, M. 

M. Goad. secy. 
Dresden — ^Weakley Co. Fair Assn. Sept. 1.1-16. 

W. R. McWherter, secy. 
Dytrsbnrs — Dyer Co. Fair -issn. Oct. 10-14. 

M. W. Eill, secy. 
Greenville — Greene Co. Fair & Festival. Sept. 

27-2!). Chas. P. Paynes, secy. 
Humboldt — ^Hnmboldt Trl-Co. Fair Assn. Sept. 

27-30. C. W, Books, secy. 
Jackson — ^West Tenn. Agrl. St Pair Assn. Oct. 

3-11. W. P. Barry, secy. 
Taekson — West Tenn. Colored A. & M. Pair. 

Oct, 11-14. 3. Wesley Banks, secy. 
Kingston — Roane Co. Fair. Ang. 30-Sept. 2. 

T. E. Goodwin, secy. 
Kno.<cville — Appalachian Expo. Sept. 11-Oct. 

I. CoL Carry P. Spence, secy. 
Memphis— Trl-State Fair & Expo. Sept. 26- 

Oct. 4. Frank D. Fuller, secy. 
Morrlstowli — ^Morristown Fair Assn. Sept, 6-8, 

R. P. Taylor, secy. 
Nashville — Tennessee State Fair. Sept. lS-23. 

E. 8. Shannon, secy. & mgr. 
Paris — Henry Co, Fair Assn. Sept. 20-23. Engb 

E. Tyson, secy. 
PnlaskI — Gnee Co. Pair Assn. Sept. 12-16. W. 

J. Tancey, secy. 
Rhea Springs — Rhea & Meigs Co. Fair. Oct. 2- 

7. H. B. Payne, secy. 
Rome — Smitb Co. A. & M. Assn. Sept. 14-16. 

Setb M. Corley. secy. 
SbelbyvlUe — Bedford Co. Pair. Sept. 7-9. W. 

E. Grant, secy. 
Sweetwater — ^East Tennessee Fair. Oct. 16-13. 

C. B. Piekel. secy. 
Tnllaboma — ^Tnllafaoma Fair Assn. Sept. 14-10. 

John W. Harton, secy. 
Union City — ^Wcst Tennessee Fair Assn. Sept. 

6-9. J. W. Woosley. secy. 


Fairworkers! Streetmen! 
Auctioneers ! 

We are headquarters for gj 
all the latest novelties. ■ 
Send for our catalogue of B 
Watches, Jewelry, Notions. Q 
Cntlery and other Novelties. |g 
We carry the largest stock M 
of White Stone Goods In S 
the United States. g 

Electrical ■ 
Diamonds | 

Scarf Pins, fS.85 per gross. ■ 
Studs, fl.SS per gross. B 
Binga, $6.00 to ^,00 per ■ 



83 Bowery. NEW YORK. 


What you need for storing Talnable papers, 
mannscripts. clothing, furs, etc. S3 inches 
high, 37 Inches long, 14 Inches wide; also 34 
Inches long, 23 Inches wide, 25 Inches high; 
also 87 Inches long, 23 Inches wide, 25 
Inches high. 

I Am the Largest Dealer 
Baying up Sample Trunks from Hie big 
Wholesals Dry Goods and Shoe Houses. I pay 
spot cash for the Tery best trunks made, 
and secnre them at prices that enable me to 
offer yon 

Wonderful Bargains I 

In strong, dtirable, roomy, fireproof trunk. 
Just the thing for traveling theatrlcia pto- 
Blo and street fair men. In good condlUon. 
Send Xonsy Order or H. T, Bxehaaga for f 6, 
Ton will Ds perfectly satlaSed on delivery. 
HAAS. 61 5 N. 8th St.. St Louis. Mo. 

SXBEET OASmVAI.— Held by John Miller 
Hook and Ladder Co.. Scotia, M. X,. week ot 
September 11-10. Wanted— Shows and - Con- 
cessions of all kinds. Communicate with CHAS. 
BOGBBS. 3 SacanOaga Boad, Scotia. N. X. 



Our goods are sellera— no if's and maybe'e about them. We l^ve be«i Iwig 
enough in the business to know what to buy and what will seU. Ourlines for 
streetmen are made up of rich, flashy, attractive goods at » lowrost. "Itot com- 
bination spells "BIG PROFITS," ind Big Profits spells "MAKING MWEY'^— 
the Game you're out for. . . ... „-^* 

After you get tired of f aUures and expenmentmg with the "dope ^oJIerPd by 
the flv-by-night houses, then— TRY US, and we predict your success starts with 
your first Older from us. ' . 

We carry a laige stocli of POODLE 
DOGS at the folloJting prices: $1.80, 
«2.00, 53.75, S4.0a, $5.S0, $7.50 per 



Scarf Pins 

Guff Buttons 

Llnka and Levers 
3-pe. UnR 8at« 

I Beauty Pin Sets 
Collar Buttons 

Orer 25,000 gross In ithis lot. Valne and aatlsfactlon pcsltlTe^ gnaranteed. To gf.m lang dto- 
tanee enstomers eqnal chance wifb local bnyen, we pnt np these goods properly proportioned la 
lots of 10 and 25 gross, and sell tliem that tiij only. 

lot No. 1 contains 10 gross, assorted. 
Per lot »lft.00 

I I«t No. 2 ciatatna 25 gross, assorted. 

I Per lot ,......^M 

Staeetmen. Vendors. Cans 
Back and Knife Board Men, 
High Pltd and Hsh Pond 
Opeiaton. Street Fair and 
OatnlTal Workera. TraTellna 
liMlelne Sbowa, Clrcnses. 
Anetloneen, Omeesslonslies. 
Premlnm dims. Sebemlsta. 
H. O. if oi aad Oeneral Her- 

ons sxaosa zxss < 

Jewelry, Watches. CnUery. 
Canes, SUrerware. Yankee No- 
Hons, NoTelttes and Specialties 
In Immense Tailety. Qiiiek sell- 
en In Stattonor. ury «3eeds. 
Bmidiiei. iMtber ud RnUiet 
Geodsk Booka and Ssarenlrs. 
Premium Oooda.. Advertlainc 
Goods. Street Fairs. CainlTal 
and Picnic Siqipliea ot all 
Undi. etc:. et&, etc 


By not sending catalogue to consomets; therefore, when writing for catalogue state 
ikbat kind of business yuu are engaged in, so we can distinguish you from a con* 

W« ar* Manufacturer*, Importers and Wholesalers 


MaiisoD and Frankiio Sts. .... 

Yonr theatre linslneaa or mat com- 
' Ing Fair, etc, wUl be a sneeesa 
If yon Itrace It with snbstsntlal 
ad vertis ing. OTO 16.00 flr,H.IAT. 
ADVEtnsaiQ OTTTFIT Is a raed- 
Inm with the strength of SIbraltar. 
Imagine yonr advertlslns matter 
scattering In mtd-alr like a flock 
of birds, and the peblle below 
eager to get one ot the talUns 

Ontat consists ot 12 large bal- 
loons, each tt. hlgl^ end 16 ft. 
circnmference, fnmlnied complete 
for ascension, and 1,200 6x9 dodg- 
ers, bearing any ad. yon aoggest. 
100 dodgers are attached to each 
balloon, and so arranged en string, 
they are released when 1,000 ft. In the air by a time fuse. 
ETeryithlng Is famished complete, with tnll directions. 
A prise offered to the party catdiing the BSD clicnlar 
wonid make this atont very effective. Balloons wlthont 
the circniata, bat fnmlsfaed for releasing them. S3.00 per 
dozen. Send yonr ad. wrltenp, aad S5,00 today, tor tola 
onlane m ethod of advertising. 


1700 Ella Street, Omoiamti, OUo. 

Southwestern Association 
of Fair Managers 

cxKonxc ros UU: 

S4S§^i S^^IS Ttopeka, Kan.. Sept. 11-16. H. U Cook, Secretary. 

J^^b.SES*'*'™""- Kan., September 18-27. A. £. Sp<maler. Secretary. 
INTEBSTATB UTE STOCK AND HOBSB SHOW. St. Joseph. Mo.. Sept 25-29. C. W. OOvert. See. 
9^it?SS?^^^it^ FAIB. Oklahoma City, Okla.. Sept. 2S-0ct. 7. I. S. Uahan, Secretary. 
¥i^S^K.^itZ^ ""^ISj-SSSl"*- Sept. SO-det. 6. John T. Stlnsmi. Secretary. 
AMBBICAN BOYAL UTB STOCK SHOW, Kanaaa City. Uo.. Oct. 9-14. A. M. TIiompsaB. 8e<T. 
TEXAS STATE FAIB. Dallaa. Tex.. Oct. i^^ .'Oapt. Sydney Smith. Saoetaiy. 

Tot pilvtleges aad Information, addcass each Seeretaiy. 

Comer's Orangeade 

AND LBMONi^B (Orlolnal) 

The best and most popnlar drinks for Parks, ralrs. BntertaSamests. etc Ooarantead jJoSat tb» 

~ ~ ~ ■ - - - - _ . . — »30.00 proat on every poond. One ponnd 

U. S. Oovernment Pure Food Laws. Serial Ko. 9346. 

makes 40 gallons. Price. $2.25. Sample gallon. 10 centau _WHtB f or pr ices fi i^Iary e ^qnaniltlea. 

TH£ OOBXEB 00.. SOS Xaiylaad Street. STUTAXO, 




' Xtie Bill t»oa pel 


Beaumont— Soatbeast Texas Fair Asan. KoT. 
27-Dec. 2. T. W. Larkln, secy. . 

Bertram— Tlmpsozi Co. Fair. Mot. 1.8. Geo. 
O. wute. secy. 

Boscoe — Nolan Co. Fair. Oct. 4-6. B. P. Hop- 
kins, seer. 

Cnero— DeWltt Co. Agrl. Exhib. Sept. 29-30. 

Henry Mnggee, secy. 
Dallas — Texas State Fair. Oct. 14-29. Sydney 
« :8niltli. secy. 

Fkederlclcsbnrg — Gillespie Co. Fair & Improre- 
'ment Co. Sept. 13-15. Henry Hlrscb. secy. 
7acksbaro — Jackaboro FIttb Annual Corn Sbow 

and Carnival. Oct. 2-T. C. A. Wortliliiston, 


Ubecty— Xlberty Co. Fair Aasn. Nov. 21-25. 

Clarence Chambers, secy* . 
Uerldlaa— Bosque Co. Fair. Sept. 27-30. J. M. 

Brooks, secy. 
Boscoe — Nolnn County Pair. Oct. 4-6. B. P. 

Hopkins, secy. 
San Angelo — San Aogelo Fair Assn. Sept. 26- 
' SOii A. D. Wesit. secy. 

^San Antonio — ^Intematlonal Fair Assn. Xor. 3- 

12. J. M- Vance, secy. * mgr. 
Tlmp^on — Ea!!t Texas Pair. Oct. 4-7. Stepben 

Chamness, secy. 
Waco — Texas Cotton Palace Aasn. NOT. 4- JO. 
S. -K. Uayfield, secy. & mgr. 


Ogden^ — Inter-Mountaln Fonr State Fail. Sept. 

22-30. H. "il. Bowe, secy. & mgr. 
Salt Lake Cit.v— Utab State Fair Assn. Oct. 2- 

7. Horace S. Ensign, secy. 


Brattleboro— Volley Fair Assn. Sept. 28-28. 

O. P. Benson, secy. 
East Bardwick — Caledonia Grange Fair. Sept. 

S3. E. B. Fay, secy. 
Pair Haven — ^Western Vermont Agrl. Society. 

Sept. 12-1.1. Dr. J. F. Wilson, secy. • 
Uancbevter Center — Battesklll Valley Ind. Soc. 

Sept. 19-21. W. H. Ben?dlct. secy. 
Uontpeller— Vermont Stste Hort. Soc. Nov. 1- 

'2. . Prof. H. B. Cnmmlngs. secy. 
KortbOelil— DofT Biver Valley Fair Assn. Sept. 

B-T» > J. H. Wlncb. secy, 
ttntland — Rntland Co. Agrl. Soc. Sept. 4-S. 

,';W. K. Farnswortb, secy.. 

.Sbeldon Junction — Franklin Co. Fair Assn. Sect. 

5-8. Geo. H. Dunsmore. secy., Swanton. Vt. 
6pria^<-!d — SprlujcSeld Agrl. Soc. Sept. 5-8. 

Red C. Davis, secy. ^ ^ ' 

St.- TOfineTrtirj" — Caledonia Co. Fair. : Sept. 12- 

15. J. sr. Cady. secy. 
Tonbrldge — ^ITnlon Agrl. Soc. Sept. 30-28, G. 
^fi. Swan. secy. 
; wute Rirer Junction — ^Vermont State Fair. 
-Septr 19-22. F. Ii. Davis, secy, ft mgr. 
Woodstock — ^Windsor Co. Fair. Sept. 12-14. C. 
- ■ J;. Paul. secy. 


Danville— Danville Fair Assn. (Inc.). Oct. IT- 

,20^, G. P. Oeogbesan, secy. 
Emporia — Emporia Agrl. Fair Assn. Oct. 31- 

Mov. 3. E. E. Goodnyn, secy. 
ParmvUle — Buffalo Btdlnjr & Driving Assn. Oct. 

24-S7. J. L. Hart,:, secy. 
Bolax — Solax Fair Assn. . Sept. 6-8. 6. F. 

Ckrr. secy. 

Jonesville— I«e Co. Fair Assn. Sept. 14-16. C. 

. V". Harris, secy. _ _ _ 

Cyncbbnrjr-^Interstate Fair Assn. Oct. 3-6. P. 

A. Tiovelock. secy. 
Msrtinsvine— Martinsville Atblettc Assn. Oct. 

: 10-13. T. H. Self. secy. 
Katbews— Sontlialde Agtl. Fair. Oct. S-5. Per- 

'ielval Hicks, wey. 

Petenbnrfr— Sontbslde Virginia Fair. Oct. 17- 

iZL; . J- H. Patterson, secy. 
BsafUrd— Sontbvrest Virginia Agrl. Assn. Sept. 
H-K; • Ward Reld. secy. 

Blcbmonfi — State Fair of Virginia. Oct. 8-14. 

Hark E. IJoyd. mgr. 
Boanoke — Boanoke Tnd. & Agrl. Assn. Sept. 

2«-29. I,. A. Scbolz, secy. 
.Suffolk— SnfTolk Fair Assn. Oct. 24-27. H. W. 

FltzGerald. secy. 
Tsxemll — TsieweU Fair Assn. Sept. 19-zl. H. 
. Clande Pob8t.:secy. 
WlnCbestep-^-Shenandoab Valley Agrl. Society. 

Sept. 12-15. Bobt. Worsley. secy., Hayfleld. 


Centralis — Sontbweatern Wasbln^on Pair. Ang. 
. 28-S^t. 2. -E. C. fRmesdale. secy. 
Chehalls— Southwest WssUIngton Fair Assn. 

Sept. 11-16. G. R. Walker, secy. 
OoUax— Whitman Connty Fair. Sept: SI-29. 

Cbas. McKeniie. secy. 
Dayton — Torciet Valley Agrl; Pair Assn. Sept. 

27- 30. I.. B. Kenworthy, secy. 

Nortb Yakima — ^Washington State Fair. Sept. 

28- 30. 7obn W. Pace. secy. & mgr. 
Pnyallnp — Valley Pair Assn. Oct. 3-7. Jolin 

Mills, secy. 

Seattle — ^Western Wasbington Fair Assn. Sent. 
4-9. Guv MacEr. Btcbards, secy. & mgr., 211 
Globe Bldg. 

S|K>kane— Snokane Interstate Fair. Oct; 2-8. 

Bnbert H. COsgrove, secy. 
Wolla W«ll« — ^Walla Walla Cb. Pair 

Sept. lS-23.«'< R. H. JMinson. «<«y. ft mgr. 
Winrar- wninir Fair Assn. Oct. 17-30. P. W 

Owen. secy. 


BncKbannon — Upsbnr Co. Fair. Sept. 25-28. 6. 

C. Arnold, secy. 
Cbester— Tri-State Expo. & Uve Stock Show. 

Sept. 12-15. 

• C>ark!<bnrg — West Virginia Fair Assn. Sept. 

18-22- James N. Bess, secy. 
EUdns-^ElIdns Pair Assn. Sept. 2S-28. W. H. 

Colpman, secy. 
Fairmont— -Fairmont Pair Assn. Sept. 12-lS. 

John S. Scott, secy. 
Middleboume — ^Tyler Co. Fair Assn. Dates not 

set. K. C. Hoore, secy. 
Parkersbnre — West Virginia Pair. Sept. 11-15, 

Beese BUzzaid. secy. 
SlDley— Ripley Fair. Sept. 12-IB. Elmer I,. 

Stone, secy. 

Spencer— ^e Sonne Co. Fair. Sept. 25-28. Ray' 
- mond Dodsmi, secy. 

Wheeling— West Virginia Exposltlan and State 
Fair AssocIatlOD. Sept 4-8. Geo. Hook. aeey. 


Antigo— Longlade Co. AgrL Soc. Sept. 19-22. 

L. G. Armstrong, secy. 
Apnleton — Pox Blver Pair Assn. Sept. 19-21. 

W. H. Scbnides, secy. 
Anensta— Ean Clalce Co. Fair. Oct. 3-8. Bert 

Frederick, secy. 
Berlin— Fair. Sept. 10-22. E. Crevemt, aecy. 

Bloomlngton— Fair. Sept. 6-8. A. K. Bishop, 

Bruce— Fair. Sept. 14-10. John Bnnaky. aeey. 

BaraboOT-Sank Co. Agrl. Society. Sept. 26-29. 

S. A. Pelton, secy. 
Beaver Dam — Dodge Co. Pair Assn. Sept. 25- 

20. C. W. Harvey, socy. & mgr. 
Cedarbnrg — Ozaukee Co. Agrl. Soc. Sept. 21-23. 

Jacob Dietrich, secy. 
Chippewa Falls — Xorthern Wisconsin State 

Fair. Sept. 18-22. W. P. Horn. secy. 
Chilton— Fair. Ang. 31-Sept. 2. Otto De Vosa, 


Crandon — Fair. Sept. S-7. M. ST. Ross. secy. 
Durund— Pepin C*>. Agrl. Soc. Sept. 26-29. G. 

S- Peck, secy. 
Downing— Downing Fair Assn. Oct. 5-7. E. F. 

Stoddard, secy. 
Elkborn— Fair. S.-pt. 18-22. F. yt. Porter, secy. 
Evan-svllie— Rock Co. Agrl. Assn. Sept. 5-S. V. 

C. Holmes, secy. 
Ellsnortb — Fair. Sept. 20-22. E. H. Powers, 


ElToy — Fair. Oct. 3-5. J. H. Smith, secy. 
Frlenashlp — ^Adams Co. Agrl. Society. Sept. 20- 

22. T. w. Purves. secy. 
Gays Mills— Gays Mills Fair Assn. Oct. 9-12. 

E. G. Briggs, secy. 
Hayward — Sawyer Co. Fair Soc. Oct. 3-5. A. 

Bronbard, secy. 
BortonvUle — Oatagamle Co Agrl. Soc. Sept. 

11- 13. Ii. A, Chrroll, secy. 

Jefferson— Jefferson Co. Pair. Sept. i!-S. Henry 

G. Fischer, secy- 
KObonm— Fair. Oct. 3-6. C. D. Unrray, aecy. 
I.aCrosse— Inter-State Fair. Sept. 25-29. C. 

S. Van Anken. aecy. 
lAncaster — Oranrt Co. Agrl. Society. Sept. 13- 

15. W. P. Kowdon. secy. 
Uonroe— Green Co. Agrl Society. Sept. 13-16. 

Iceland C. White, secy. & mgr. 
Mllwankee — ^Wisconsin State Pair. Sept. 11-16. 

B. W. Rowland, secy., Madison, Wis. 
Madison- Fair. Sept. 19-22. M. M. Parkinson, 


Madison— Wisconsin State Fair. Sept. 11-15. 

John M. Tnll, secy. 
Mansion — Pair. Sept. 5-8. P. M. Snllivan, secy. 
Menominee — Fair. Sept. 12-15. J. D. Millar, 


Medford— Fair. Seprt. 13 15. A. J. IiStton, 

Xw^London— Fair. Oct. 3-6. A. W. Anderson, 

Oshkosb— Winnebago Co. Fair. Sept. 28-28. A. 

Oconto — Fair. Sept.: S-8. . J. B. Chase, aeey. 

Phillips— Price Co. Agrl. Soc. Sept. 26-29. Geo. 
B. Foster, secy. 

PlattevlliH — BiB Badger Fair. Oct. 3-6. Clar- 
ence H. rrlhble. secy. 

Plymouth — Sheboygan Co. Fair. Sept. 5-8. Ott 
Gaffron. secy. _ 

Bblnelander — Oneida Co. Agrl, Soc. Sept. 19- 

21. Arthur Taylor, secy. 

Rice Lake — Barron Co. Agrl. Soc. Sept. 12-14. 

J. G. Rude. secy. 
Richland Center— Fair. Sept. 26-29. W. G. 

Barry, secy. 
Seymour — Semonr Fair & Driving Park. Sept. 

28-80. H. J. Van Bnren, secy. 
Stevens Point— Stevens Point Fair Assn. Sept.. 

12- 1S. A. E. Bdwai. secy. 

Stanley— Fair. S^t. 26-28. H. H. Moore, secy. 
Shawano — Shawano CO. Agrl. Socy. Sept. 12- 

15. J. C. SCheers, aecy. 
St. Croli Fans— Fair. Oct. 3-8. John S. 

Heglnbd. secy. 
Sturgeon Bay— Door Co. Fair. Sept. 19-26. J 

G. AUlnger. secy. 
Viola- Kickapoo Valley Agrl. Soc. Oct. 4-6. 

W. I. Griffin, secy. 
Viroqua— Vernon Agrl. Soc. Sept. 19-22. G. B. 

Fisher, secy. 
Wantoma — Pair. Sept. 27-29. W. B. Stlllwell, 


Watertown — ^Watertown Inter-County Fair Assn. 
Sept. 18-22. C. W. Harte, secy. 

(Ccmtlnnied on page 43i. 


Cave of the Winds, a No. 4 Stnrtevant Fan, 3 
h. p. Motor, 17 cases of Animals, Snakes and 
Belles. Fetilflet Woman, Phlllppino a>ree Fam- 
ily, Sea Dragon, Mermaids. Keyless Jail, Hell, 
C^asy House, Shoot the Chutes and many other 
attractions connected. At present location for 
live years. Can be investigated nntU Sept. 12. 
Also 1 Allen's Electric Girl. 1 ninsion. half 
lady, large; 1 Statue Fading Into Idfe, 1 
Hannted Well, 1 I.nbltt Moving Picture Machine, 
naed 3 montha; 1,500 feet good Ellm; 12 12x8 ft. 
War Paintings. Battle of Oettysbntg; 1 Electrie 
Piano. Call on or adOiest W. C. KOBBBBL, 
Tmstee. Jeannette, Pa. 


Two 36-Ct. Box Ball Alleys, 975 each; 1 Auto- 
matic Shooting Gallery, ball bearing, $100; 
Stationary Shooting Gallery, $50; 8x9 steel 
backgrounds; 1 Gasoline IJghtlng Plant, lO-gal. 
Tank, 3 I,amps, Generator, Tubing, all com- 
CO.. Bnillngton, la. 

CARD PRESS rOB SAI£— Chicago Automatic 
Card Press and complete outfit, at a bargain. 
Best of condition. If you mean business, write 
O. K. MORSE, Jackson, Mich. 

Send for Oar Catalogue of complete lines of Show Printing. 




Tov mitflifjast as 
well niake as nauch 

J. A. M.. MaryloDd. look In bv oa» dmr* Svery 

' sicke] broufiht almost 4 ceuts pro&t. B«ftt tea&oa icit at 
band. Von can make lots of tnoncythlv Fal) at Connty 
and Street Fairs, Parks, Amasement HaUs. Circans. etc. 
Or. stay io your own town— rcut a small at«re— a windoir— 
whne the people ivill paas— set op ya»r anu-bme— sell 
Crispettes— niaka big money. Criap«tt*& mrm lin»— differ- 
ent in shape, taste and quality. Evcrybod^^-yaangraad old 
— crarea thetn. Sell for 5c a pwrkage— popalar price— easy 
to get nwney. Tbink of fortones mode in fiva cent propoRi< 
ticms— 5c and 10c stores— moriug picto res— a trt e t cars— ca sy 
money — mounts into the dollars — then S^re vbat yoa 
can do. Write ma laday. Get particnlara — Terpmrta from 
oCLerm. Act upon the prompting yoa have — Mw— address 

W. Z. LOMB. 331 HIGH STKET. SVienaJl. 

Hoopla Game, complete, 6e& Pieces, Prises, Haopi, etc....; ....tS5.00 

ImproTed Cane Asaertment, 2*0 Canes, InelDdlng 100 Rings 10.60 

Imprered Cane Assortment, 390 Canes, iaeinding 100 Rings 15.00 

ImproTcd Cane Assortment, 60O Canes, including 200 Rings 25.00 

Extra Iiong, Fancy I«op Handle Whips, ass'td colors, best made, per gross.. i.50 

Shooting Gallery Outfits, complete, 2,587 pieces, for only... 22.00 

20O Assorted Pocket Knires, for Knife Rack, a good flash 15.00 

Large Catalogue Free. Knives, Watches, Umbrellas, Toy Whips and Cane Nets. TERMS — Bait 
Deposit, balance C. O. D. Jap Canes, $11.00 per 1.000. 





TIFTON. GEORGIA, September 27-OctoIier 7. 

Want 15 to 20 shOT combination, new and strong featnres. Including trained animals. Ko freaks. 
Confetti i>rlTllege and several good concessions open. 30 acres under fence. Big plant. Biggest 
crops; plenty money; people happy. Write or wire quick 

K. B. I,AYXOH, Boctetaiy, - - - Tliten, Oaeiglt, 

WANTED—Oeean Wave, MBrry-Bo-Round, Aeroplanes 

And any clean shows for the DeKalb County Farm Show, 
to be held at Garrett, Ind., October 4, 5 and 6. Also all 
legitimate Concessions and other Free Attractions. 

H. C. EVANS 8c CO., Inc. 75 West Van Buren Street. CHICAGO 
Laigest Manufacturers of CLUB ROOM FURNITURE, DICE, CARDS and GAMES in U. S. 




Consists of 4 Blocks, one Handsome Hardwood 
Tray, one full set numbers for chart. Sig or 
litUe Prize at will. Price Se.OO 


Made by us only. The greatest spindle ever in- 
vented—cannot Blow. Big or little Prize at will. 
Comes in Handsome Case. PRICE S2S.OO 


No Gaff. Made for Big or little Price. CannO 
go wrong. I,ocka up Square. Will atand W 
any inspection. PRICK 9^S.OO 

Ml Olden filled nme day as received— no waits— no delays. Deal with reliable people if yon want to be aafe and get value received for yon momn> 
We send you PRSS npoa application our igii Catalogue by iijaiM only, no gooda aent by null. 

SEPTEMBER 2, 1911. 

The eillboapd 






All Releases of Both Factions for Three Months Back— A Most Valuable List 

for Exhibitors' Use 


Monday— LoWn, Patlie, Sellg, Blosrapb 
Ecliiwe-Kleliw, Kalem, Vltagrapb. 

Taeaday — Edison, Sellg. Ganmont-Kletn*. Ka 
saaay. Vltagrasll. 

Wednesday — Edison, Kalem, Bcllpse-EIelne, 

Thursday— Blograpb. Iinbin, HellMi Sellg. Path*. 


rrlday— Udlson, Pathe. Tltagrapb, Eaaanaj 
Kalem. _ _ 

Sitnrday— Lnbln. Patlie, Oanmsnt-KleliM. VI 
tagraph, Easanay. Edison. 

Jnly Feet 
S— Polish and Pie (comedy) (split icel) 500 

r— The Crucial Test (drama) 1000 

II — .Marvels of Horsemansblp (descriptive) 1000 

14— The Minute Man (drama) 1000 

17 — The Trapper's Fire-Dollar Bill (com- 
edy) 080 

15 — The New Dntcb Carpet (drama) ....1000 

19 — A Famous Duel (comedy) 880 

20— The Capture of Fort Ttconderoga 

(drama) 1000 

25— The Tonneer Brother (drama) 1000 

26— Bob and Bowdr (comedy) (split leel) SSO 
26— The Hair Restorer and the IndUns 

(comedy) (split reel) 460 

28— The Doomed Ship (drama) 1000 

August Feet 

1— Christian and Moor (drama) 1000 

2— Money to Bum (comedy) (split reel) 560 
2— The UnOnlsbed I.etter (comedy) (spilt 

reel) 440 

4 — The Switchman's Tower (drama) 1000 

5— Sir George and The Heiress (comedy) 1000 

8— The BatUe of Bunker HIU (IilBtorleal)lOOO 

9 — The Adventures of a Baby (comedy) 

(split reel) 060 

9— The Stolen Doe (comedy) (split reel) 340 

11— The Spirit of the Gorge (drama) ....1000 

12— Friday, the 13th (comedy) 1000 

15— The Winds of Pate (drama) .1000 

16— His First Trip (comedy) 1000 

IS— Two Offlcers (drama) 1000 

10— The Modem, Dianas (comedy) 1000 

22— The Venom of the Poppy (drama) 1600 

23— The Professor and the New Hat (com- 

edy) (spilt reel) EOO 

23— Tlie Question Mark (comedy) (spilt 

reel) .\ 600 

25— Then Tou'll Bemember Me (drama) 

(spilt reel) 600 

28— Two White Roses (comedy) 980 

2!)— The Snrfreon's Temptation (drama) 996 
30— Betty's Buttons (drama) (split reel) 450 
30— The Silent Tongue (comedy) (split 

'•^n 660 

September— Feet. 

1— The Declaration of Independence (dra- 

matlc-edncatlonal 1,000 

2— New York State Barge Canals (scenle- 

Educatlonal) ^......1000 

5— The Three Musketeers (part one) 

(drama) i.... ....1000 

«— The Three Mnsketeen (part two) 

(drama) ..1000 

8— At Jones Perry (drama) ...1000 


'nly — n«t 

29— The Two FDgltlTes (drama) MWO 

Anrast — Peel 

I— Commy, the CanTasser (comedy) (split 

'^l) 46T 
1— The Spender Family (comedy) (split 

. ....ill 

*— Th* 2^ Manager Mranat 1000 

f— The Two Gnn Men (drama) UOO 

,f~iS^' HUto (drama) 1000 

Gordlan Knot (comedy) .1000 

12— Th» Ranebman's S^n (drama) 1000 

IB— Judge SImpkln's Summer Oonrt (com- 
edy); "Hie Tramp Artl'st (comedy) 
<»Pllt reel) 1000 

18— For He's a Jolly (Jood Fellow (drama) MOO 

19— A Pal', Oath (drama) 980 

^—Oosfiping TapTlIle (comedy); Snmmer 

Babies (edocatlonal) (split reel) 1000 

STo <«>medy) 1000 

S-Wike Shannon's Last FIrtt (drama).. 1000 

at-JThe Playwright (drama) 1000 


I— PnttliMr It Over (comedy) (split reel) 
"7 .? J Chatterer's Bxperlenre (comedy) 

(spilt reel) B80 

r— * Western Girl's Sacrlflce (drama).. lOfld 

Diamond Gang (drama) 080 

tZH'^ Romance of a Tobacco Can 

(comedy) (spUt reel) TOO 

T— Never Believe In Signs (comedy) (split 
reel) , 300 

8— The Wronic Glove (comedy) 980 

9— Broncho Bill's test Spree (comedy) .. 880 


Jnns — 

j^^Khtlng Blood (drama) 

5— Stnl*s' New Servants (esmedy) (spilt 

reel) , 

6- ^e Wonderftl Bye (c«medy) (split 


H~;iJe Indian Brothera (drama) 

GJeet (comedy) (split reel) 

Jinks Joins the Temperance Clnb (com- 
». edy) (split reel) 

ft « JP"" 0* Water (drama) ... 

• (eomedy) (spilt 

'"-^j.Beaiittfoi * Voice * (comedy) ' *{«pHt 

Anguit— - , 

?~2S* 5'^ Shadow (drama) 

ioZtSS^^J!"''* (wmedy) 

iSZTll"*. ^'"^ (comedy) (spilt reel! 
'"~-*^^'n«ermpted Game (comedy) (apHt 

17~25* SoTOwVaV iiVampIe' (drama) ' ." .' * .' .* 
17— -rap Blljj prtnc^g ,„rt pnpf ffl„, 

21— The Diving Girl (comedy) ' (spilt 'reel) 

21— fSOO Reward (comedy) (split reel) .. 

2-1 — ^The Rose of Kentucky (drama) 

28 — Swords and Hearts (drama) 

31 — The Baron (comedy) (split reel) 

31— The Vlllala FoUed (drama) (split reel) 


June— Feet 

JU— Range Psis (drsma) 1U(« 

luiy— . Peet. 

3— ^5he New Faith (drama) 1000 

17— mie Way of the Eskimo (drama) 995 

18— The Warrant (drama) 1600 

20— The ProSlgate (drama) 1000 

24— That City FeUer (drama) 1000 

25— Sheriff of Tonlnmne (drama) (split 


2t — ^The Rubber Indust^ on the Amazon 

(educational) (split reel) 

2T— Ibe Tale of a Soldier's Ring (drams') 1000 
81— The Knight Errant (drama) (spilt 


81— Caught in the act (comedy) (split 


Angnst — Feet 
1— Saved by the Pony Express (drama).. 1000 
8— The Old Captain (drama) 1000 

7— A B'alr Exchange (comedy-drama) ...1000 

8 — Slick'fc Bomance (drama) lonc 

16— Their Only Son (drama) lOOi 

14 — Jealous George (comedy) (spUt reel).. 

14 — A Turkish Cigarette (comedy) (split 

reel) • 

15 — The Regeneration of Apache Kid 

(drama) 1000 

IT— The Blacksmith's Love (drama) inn- 

21 — Saved From the Snow (drama) 000 

22— Life on the Border (drama) lOOo 

24 — The Gray Wolves (drama) (split reel) 1000 

24 — Santa Cruz Beach and CUtC Drive (edu- 

cational) (spilt red) 

28— In the Shadow of the Pines (drama) 

(spUt reel) 1000 

28 — Among the Japanese (educational) 

(spUt reel) 

29— A New York (^wboy (comedy-drama)lOOO 
31 — ^Through Fire and Smoke (drama) ..1000 

Jnly — Feet. 

28— The Quest of Gold 100-' 

29 — ^The Strategy of Anne (comedy-drama)lOOO 
SI — ^Two Wolves and a Lamb (comedy- 
drama) 1000 

August — Feet 

1 — ^The Clown and His Best Performance 

(comedy-drama^ 1000 

2— The Price of (Sold (dramal 1000 

4— -Bie $100 BUI 1000 

5— The Death of King Edward III. (his- 

toric-drama) 1000 

T — Intrepid Davy (comedy .,..1000 

8— The Long Skirt (eomedy>^Tama) ....1000 

9— Bmy, The Kid (drama) -looii 

11— The BeU of Jnstlce (historic-drama). 1000 

12— Birds of a Feather (comedy) lOon 

14 — For Love and Glory (drama).. 1000 

15 — Captain Barnacle's Baby (drama).... 1000 

16— Man to Man (drama) 1000 

18 — ^Tltagrapb Monthly (current events)... 1000 

19 — A Second Honeymoon (comedy) 1000 

21 — Wages of War (military drama) 1000 

22 — How Betty Won the School (drama).. 1000 

23 — The SberHfs Friend (drama) 1000 

26— My Old Dutch (drama) 1000 

25— A Handsomer Man (comedy) 1000 

28— The (general's Daughter (drama) 1000 

29 — The Wrong Patient (comedy) (spilt 

reel) .(. 1000 

29 — Queer Folks (comedy) (split reel) ..1000 

30— The Three Brothen (drama) 1000 

September— Feet 

1— Bis Last Honr (drama) 1000 

2— The Prince and The Pnmps (comedy) 1000 

4 — Jealousy (drama) 1000 

6 — A Friendly Marriage (drama) 1000 

6— The WUlow Tree (drama) 1000 

8— Cherry Blossoms (drama) 1000 

8— limmie's JOb (comedy) lOOo 

lime — Peet. 
A»— The Taming of the Sinew (comedy).. 1028 
Inly — net. 
18— "Fhe Tie niat Blnda (drama) (spilt 

reel) 760 

18— A Bonnd-Up in Chili (sporting) (split 

reeli 240 

K^An Amateur Skater (comedy) 440 

20— Satan on a Rampage (comedy) 660 

Angnst— Weat 

2— The Struggle For life (drama) (split 

reel) 650 

5— On the (3oBSt of Bengal (traTel) (split 

reel) •. 326 

9— The Heiress (drama) (spilt reeH ... 706 
a — Lyons. The Second City of France 

(travel) (split leel) 295 

le— For the Honor of the Name (drama) 
(spilt reel) 790 

16 — Ruins of the lala of Wight (acenie) 
(spilt reel) 245 

23 — Condemned for Treason (drama) (split 

reel) 845 

23 — ^Wool Industry of Hungary (educa- 

tional) (split reel) 135 

SO— A King lor an Honr (comedy) (spilt 

reel) 672 

30— Sights of Berlin (scenic) (spilt reel) . . 423 


Jnne— Feet 
29— The Honor of the Flag (drama) 

Jnly — Feet. 

6— The Great Heart of the West (drama) 

IS — In the Bight of Way (drama) 

20 — Resale's Ride (drama) 

27 — ^At the Gringo Mine (drama) 

Angnst — Feet 

3 — Red Cloud's Secret (drama) 

10— His Terrible Lesson (drama) innn 

17— The Local Bully (comedy) (split reel). 550 
17 — Two Fools and Their Folly (comedy) 

(ipllt reel) 456 

24— A Spanish Love Sons (drama) inno 

81— The Gall of the Wilderness (drama) .1000 

(George Klelm.) 


^1 — ^Avenged (drama) ......... ...........luuo 

24— The Ransom (drama) ••• 9»>* 

27— viuage Goaalp (drama) 1010 

Jnly — Feet. 

11 — A Ragged Coat (scenic) (spilt reel)., aov 
22— JImmie the Detective (drama) (apUt 

reel) 0T8 

22— In the Shadow ol TesnTlna (travMogne) 

(split reel) 802 

IC — A Favoring Cnrrent (drama) (split 

reel) ..." .....680 

25— St. Malo and the English Oiannel 

(travel) (split reel) 310 

29— A Society Mother (drama) 1030 

August — Feet 

1— Jimmle Wears a C^iowb (comedy) 

(spUt reel) 1000 

1— An Aeronlane Disaster (descriptive) 

(split reel) 300 

6— A PtssInK Fancy (drama) (soilt reel) 800 

6 — Flowers and Plants In Winter (aes- 

thetic) (spilt reel) 190 

8— A Genersl Strike (drama) (split reel) 825 

8 — A Raging Su (scenic) (split reel) 173 

12— The Academy^ Girl (comedy) (split 

reel) 585 

12— Jlmmle's Luck (comedy) (split reel) 405 

15 — The Inventor (drama) 1000 

19— The Son of the Shunammlte (historical 

drama) 1000 

22 — ^The Soul of a Violin (drama) 930 

26— The Sunday Hunting Party (comedy) 

(spUt reel) 665 

20— The Island of Isdila. Italy (scenic) 

(spUt reel) 332 

28— Jimmle to the Bescno (drama) 1000 


Joly — Feel 

10— Reckless Beddy Seforms (comedy) ... 

13 — ^Hnbby'a Day at Home (comedy) ... 

14 — The Tenderfoot's Claim (drama) ... 

17— The Badge of Q>Qrage (drama) 

19 — ^Maklne Mother Over (c<»nedy) 

24 — A Cniauce Shot (drama) 

26 — (TDSquering Carrie (comedy) 

28— The Indian Maid's Sacrifice (drama) . . 
31 — !nie Mexican Joan ot Are (drama) 

August — Feel 

2— Over the Garden Wan (comedy) 

4— The Colonel's Son (drama) 

7 — Peggy, the Moomdila^s Daughter 


9 — The Ronnd-Up at Dawn (coeie^) ... 

11 — ^The Romance of a Dixie Belle (drama) 
14— The Wasp (drama) 

16— Special Messenger (drama) 

18 — ^The Promoter (comedy) 

21 — Simple Ike Decides to Marry (drama) 

23 — Don Bamon's Daughter (drama) 

26— The Little Cripple (educational) 

28— The Branded Shoulder (drama) ...... 

30— Building the New Line (drama) ...... 

September — S^eet. 

1 — On the War Path (drama) .......... 

4— Bory O'Hoore (drama) 

O— When Two Hearts Are Won (comedy) 

8— When the Snn Went Out (drama) 


July— Feet 

17 — Alice's Sacrifice (drama) 1000 

20 — A Gay Time In Atlantic City (com- 

■ edy) 1000 

23— The Stranger in Camp (drama) 1000 

24— WIfle's New Hat (comedy) 600 

24 — The New Operator (comedy) 

27 — ^During Cherry Time (drama) 1000 

29 — An Accidental Outlaw (drama) ......1000 

31— The New Officer (comedy) 1000 

Angnst — Feet 

3 — The Gypsy (drama) 1000 

5 — ^An Indian's Appreciation (drama) .. .1000 
7 — Her Two Sons (drama) 1000 

10— Bob's New Scheme (comedy) (split 

reel) 600 

10— Tent Village (comedy) (anlit reel)... 400 

12 — The Arrow Head (drama) 1000 

14 — Home Is Best After AH (comedy-dra> 

. ma) (spilt reel) 600 

14— The Auto Bug (comedy) (split reel).. 400 

17 — ^ThroiiEb Jealous Eyes (drama) KMX) 

18— The Working Girl's Success (drama) 

(split reel) 6OO 

18 — ^Proclaiming Archbishop Prendergast 

(topical) (split reel) 400 

21 — ^A Rebellious Blossom (drama) 1000 

24 — ^Bess of the Forest (drama) 1000 

26^Archlbald the Hero (comedy drama).. 1000 
28.^Tbe Secret (comedy) (split reel) 600 

28— Fountain of Voutb (drama) split reel) 400 
SI — Romance of Pond (yove (drama) ......1000 

July— Feet 
31 — ^Max's Divorce Caae (comedy) (spUt 

reel) 476 

31 — Elephsnt Hunting In •Victoria Nyanza 

(Bcenle) (spilt reel) 620 

August — Feet 

2 — ^Love and Silence (drama) 1000 

3 — Blue Wing and the Violinist (drama) 

(spilt reel) 672 

5— American Field ArtUleiy Maneavera 

(scenic) (split reel) 300 

4 — ^The Liar (drama) (split reel) 630 

4— The Masnet (drama) (solIt reel) 460 

6 — ^Legend of Lake Desolation (drama).. 1000 

7 — ^An Up-to-date Elopement (comedy) 

(split reel) 640 

T— In Swltxerland (scenic) 'I'pllt reel)... 256 

7— The Zylras (acrobatic) (split reel) 180 

8 — The Flaming Atiows (drama) (split 

reel) .............................. 827 

8 — ^Llonelly. Contortionist (acrobatic) (s{illt 

reel) 13^ 

10— FldelltT (drama) (sollt reel) 689 

10— The City of Singapore (scenic) (split 

reel) so 

11 — Unexpected 'Gift (colored) (drama) 

(split reel) S2S 

11 — In Cambodia (scenic) (spilt reel) 880 

II — Tunny Fishing (scenic) (split reel) ..210 

13 — ^Billy's Marriage (comedy) (milt reel) 873 
13— Monnmentt and Cascade* m Bonw 

(acenic) (split reel) J2f 

14— In the Fails Slmna (drama) (spUt reel) 800 
14 — ^Bstractlng Palm Juice in the Forest 

(split reel) 271 

14— Vienna, Austria (spUt reel) 194 

10— The Trapper's rttil Shot (drama).... 912 

17— The Ad, the Maid and tbe Man (dra- 

inft) »■ s^OOO 

18 — Satan's Rival (drama) auu 

10— The Message ot the Arrow (dramal-.-.lOOO 
21 — ^The Bnnaway Let^ard (comedy) (wUt 

red) 600 

SI — Chrysanthemums (educatiraal) (split 

reel) 460 

23 — Tbrongh the Window (drama) 1000 

24— The Cheyenne's Bride (drama) 882 

25— Nick Winter Turns a Trick (comedy) 

(split reel) .. 485 

25 — Eastern Europe (scenic) (spilt reel) 300 

25 — ^Across the Mountain Passes of New 

Zealand (scenic) (split reel) 215 

26— A Boy ot the BeTOlntion (drama) 1000 

28— The Banch In Flames (drama) 800 

30— For the Sake of the Tribe (drama).. KM) 

31 — ^The Medicine Woman (drama) ......1000 

September — Feet. 

1— The Carrot Caterpillar (color) (educa- 
tional) (split reel) 625 

1 — ^A Wedding Procession in Bavaria 

(scenic) (spilt reel) 375 

2— A Daughter of the South (drama) 1000 


Monday— Imp, Edalr. Zankee, American. Cbam- 


Tuesday — Thanhonser. Bison. Powers. 

Wednesday — CniampioB. Selax, Bellance, Ambto- 
slo. Neater, 

Thursday — Imp, American. Itala. Bex. 

Friday — ^Yankee, Solax, Iinz.^anlioiiaer, Blaon. 

Saturday— Powers. Itala. Great Northern. Nes- 
tor, Bellance. 

(Carl Laemmls.) 
July — Feet 
3 — In the Sultan's Garden (drama) ......1000 

6 — For the Queen's Honor (drama) 1000 

10 — ^A Gasoline Engagement (comedy).... 1000 

13— At a Quarter to T:.-o (drama) 1000 

17— The Old (Hass Beunlon (drama) 1000 

20— last for Her (drama) 1000 

24— Science (drama) (split reel) 750 

24^Won by a Foot (comedy) (split reel) 250 

27— The Lineman (drama) 1000 

31— The Bl-Clentennlal Celebration at Mo- 
bile (descriptive scenic) (spilt reel) 500 

31 — ^The Skating Bug (comedT) (snlitreel) 500 
August — Feet 

3 — The Call of the Ssng (drama) 1000 

7— The Old Peddler (drama) lOOO 

10 — ^Dorothy's Family (comedy) 1000 

14— A Boy's Best Friend (drama) 1000 

17— Behind the Times (drama) ....1300 

19 — Love tn a Tepee (comedy)............ 

24 — As a Boy Dreams (drama) .......... 

28— His Boyal Highness (comedy-drama) 

(apUt reel) 800 

25— Views of Hot Springs, Aik. (edoea* 

ti<msl) (split reel) 800 

SI — The Toss of a 0>ln (drama) ..1000 

S^temb« — Feet. 

4— The Haunted House (comedy-drama) 

7— Doty (drama) ■ 


Xnaa— Feet 
27— Slimmer Madness (oomedy) (^t leel) 
fnly— net 
1 — The Question (drama) .............. 

4 — When Pals Quarrel (drama) (spilt 
t pcj) 

4— The Love FotiOB (esmedy) (split reel) 

8— The Haunted Island 

11— Hew Aunty Was Foeled (split Ted).. 

11 — The Love ^rant (niUt led) ........ 

16— Nat wnis as King of Kasam (comedy) 

18— A Moral Seward (drama) 

22— Little Girl (drama) ................. 

25— eh Baby (split reel) 

25— TbrtHlng Powers Fire (deaetlpttve) 

(spUt reel) 

29— nie Plcnla , 

Angnst — Fset 

1 — Speculatim 

6 — ^The Last of the Mohicans 

15 — Babes In the Woods (drsms) 

19— A Squaw's Devotion (drama) 

22— Falls of Bohemia (scenic) (spUt reel) 

22— Black dond'a Debt (drama) 

22— Measuring a Wife (comedy) (split 


20— The Indian's Love (drama) 


June— ' Feet 

»— TIis Qentteman Fireman (drama) ... 
Inly — Feet 
13 — ^The Inventor's Wife (drama) (spilt 


IS — Toto. Enthusiast for Faahlon (comedy) 

(aifllt reel) 

15— A Bevolver Returned to Its Owner 

20— The (marltable Toanx ImCf (dcana) 
22— ^oolshead'a Heels (camedy> ......... 

27— The Fatal Sonata (diaaa) 

S»— Ttoto WlthODt Water (comedT) (ipitt 


29— Toto'a Butterfly (comedy) (spUt red) 
Ingnst— Fset 

t — The Evening Bell (drama) 

8— Foolshead's Last Bognery (caaedr) .. 
10— Love and Discipline (dnma) 

12— Sport Bestorea Yoath (coisedF)...... 

17— Toto's Little Cart (eomeder) tapUt 

reel) .....i. 

17— In the VaUey of Viege (aeenle) (apUt 

19— Foolshead— Manikin (comedy) (s^t 

reel) i.. " 

I A — The Blunt Sword (comedy) (split ted) 
24 — ^Modern Schonl nf Italian Cavalry 

26— Foolshead — Chauffeur (comedy) (split 


20— Fi» a Straw (comedy) (spnt icel) 


Ttie Billboard 

SEPTEMBER 2, 1911. 


»-«!xtiu tbe FlfUt (drsmt) 

fBly — f 

»— A Wnms Tel^ooe CaU <dnm«) 

IB— Uatlae Views ot KaplcB <MeUc) (mUt 

reel) ..TTT. 

1»— Die Scbeol Teadiei's Omcoat (dnuoa) 

Caput reel) ; 

■8— Alona In Ilia WorM (Orama'} (ipUt 
Artful Tweedleinm (comedr) (niut 
: reel) 

' 3— If One CavOa See Inta Vu rotate 
(drama) (split reel) 
3— Mr. Banmgarten la Elected DepatT 

j(coiiiedir) (split teel'J 

.2—^ Qaeen of NlneTeb (drama) •.. ■ 

18— The Candle of Ufe (drama); The Oread 
of Microbes (comedy) (split reel).... 

23— GDlnara (drama) ;.. 

80— The Door-Keeper (comedy) (split red) 
~. m — t.. _ (comedy) 

inite Stat 

30— Tireedledmn'a 
(spUt leel) 


Jnne— .?eet 

S3— Xbe Voreniaa's lone (drama) 

JnlJJ— , Feet. 
4 — Tbe Unloaded 6ns (comedy-dr^a) .. 
T— Blacksnakc's Treacbery (drama) ..... 

11— A Bed Girl's Beart (drama) 
14— Cteaeraas Cowboys (comedy) 

18 — Her CliiptlTe (drama) 
81 — ^A Cheyemie's Conrtsblp (drama) .... 
25— SilTer Wing's Dream (drama) 

28— The Tables Tamed (drama) 

Ansnst — Feet 

1 — A Trne-Hearted Miner (drama) 

*-^Darkfeather, The Sqnaw (drama) 

8— Grey Clond's Devotion (drama) 

11 — The New- Cowboy (drama) 

15— A Slonx Spy (drama) 

18— An Indian Ixne Affair (drama) 

2SS— A Cowboyfs I<oyalty (drama) 

- 25— Pioneer Says (drama) 

29 — ^An IndIan'I«gend (drama) 

Sept.__ Feet 

1— The Sherlflfa lAre (drama) 


»iay — FmL 

T— The Coort'a Decree (arama<) ... 

4— The Dedaratlaii ot Independenc* (blc- 

torlcal) ; 

11 — When a Man Fears (drama) 

1*— Won by Wireless (drama) 

18— ^Riat^s Happiness (drama) 

21— Two Uttle Glrla (drama) 

25— The Smnnler (drama) 

SS^Xba Bran^Bia (drama) 

28— A DOil'a Bdnse (drama) 

Angnst — Feet 

1— The Fled Piper ot Hsmelln (iilMailaa- 

4— Tbe Judge's Story (drama) 

8 — ^Baek to Nature (drama) 

11 — Cnpid tbe Conqoerer (drama) 

15 — ^Nobody I»Tes a Fat Woman (comedy- 

18— Hie Train Despatcher (diioia) .... 

22— The CIrosa (drama) .................. 

; 25 — ^Tbe Romanes of limKiiy Uland (drama) 

29— The Metb (dianu) 

September — - Feet. 
; 1— Bomeo and Tidlet (part one) (drama) 


Jane — Feet. 

28— nie Trials ot an Immlgtant (drama) 
Inly — Feet. 

1 — The Orpbsn (drama) ................ 

17— A Forest Romance (drama) .......... 

22 — Two Motbeis (drama) 

2S— Her Choice (drama) 

29— Thoa Shalt Not Steal (drama) 

Angnst— Feet 

2 — The Broken Towa (drama)........... 

5— His son- (drama) 

s-T-The Clty (drama) 

12r-The "Pitfall (drama) 

IS— Oat ot the Darkness (drama) 

IB— Orandtather (drama) 

2S— A- -Xlttfe Ohnd (drama) ; 

28— The ■ Godfather (drama) 

30^Tlifr, Straight Path (drama) ......... 

My— Feet. 
"3— The Can ot file Open Bange (drama) 1000 
lO-^^Soptd In Chaps (comedy) .....i. 

13- ^4nie Ontlaw's Trail (drama) .......... 

IT-^Tbe Ranchman's Nerre (drama) 1000 

20— Wlien East Comes' West (comedy) .... 
24-^The Cowboy's SeUverance (drama)... 1000 

27— The Cattle TbteTs Brand (drama).. 1000 
31 — Tbe Parting TtaOs (drama) ...... ..looa 

Angnst — Feet 

3— The Cattle Hostler's End (drama)... 1000 
7 — Cattle. Gold and OH (comedy-drama) . .lOnn 

10— The Ranch Girl (drama) 1000 

14— The Poisoned Flnme (drama) VK" 

17 — The Brand of Fear (drama) loon 

21 — Tbe Blotted Brand (drama) 975 

24— Anna Harris. In The C^blcago Swimming 

Marathon (topical) (spilt reel) BOO 

24 — Aimtle and flie C uwlw y s . (come<fr) 

(split reel) 500 

28— The Western Doctor's Peril -(drama) .1000 
31 — The Diamond Smngglers (drama) ....1000 

September — ' Feet. 

4— The (JowbOT and tbe Artist (drama) . .1000 

4 — Three MQUon Dollars (comedy) :...1000 

, ^ SOLAS. 
JiOr—- Feet 
14— The Gm and /he Brondho Bnstec (Oca- 
ma), ....... . ..... . 

12— Baby's Battle (comedy); (spilt reel).. 
J^T?,"^.?™* ^"S (comedy) (split reel) 

19 — All Aboard for Reno (comedy) ... 
21— Sergeant Dillon's BraTcry (drama).. 
2lh-The Double Baopcment (comedy) 

28— Ontwitted by Horse and lArlat (dra- 

Angnst-— """"""Feet 
,2^When Benben (^me to Town (comedy) 

: ■:4— -Tbe Mascot of Troop "C* (military) 
»— A iBnm and a Bomb (comedy) (split 
reel) , 

9- ^H^^ Wife's Insurance (comedy) (s^t 

11— An Enlisted- if SB's Honor' "(military 


18t-The Phoney Eing (comedy) 

.18— I/et'jrot Man Pot Asnnflpr (drama).... 

. ,23— A Gay Bachelor (comedy) ........... 

Offit— The Stampede (drama) 

30— The Patched Shoe (comedy) 

September — . Feet. 

1— The Hold-tjp (drama) . . .■ 


Inne — F»t. 

29— Molly Pitcher (drama) 950 

July-- Feet. 

5 — A CowlMT^ and a IiWd (drama) 950 

1»— From Wallace to Grant (drama) .... 850 


Have you not been bumped against the walls of experience in tbe motion 
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CARACAS Levy & Co. 


445 Broome St; B'way. New York City 

Telephone, Spring S232 
Telegraphs. CInea, New York 



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6 W. 14th St., NEW YORK CITY. 

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EstalUibed 1876. 

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],00n REELS and some SONG SLIDES. have you ? 

J. M. ENSO & CO., 
1319 Ashland Block, Chicago, Ills. 

U Ton See It Za Zba Billboard, Veil Xham Be. 

12— Tony Wotild Be a Cowboy (conedy) sm 

17— A Souttaem Glrl'i Heroism (drama) . vSi 
19— A Darlur Deed (drama) ....^ 

24— Tbe Bxooange (drama) IS. 

26— At tbe TraH'a Bnd (drama) mi 

81— Tbe Perils of a War Meisenger (drama) 


August — fc,, 
2— The Dubuque Regatta Mepleal) .... gu 

7— Dewey (bUtorIc) 

9— Chief Fire Eye's Game (drama) mr, 

14— The Three Calls (drama) «M 

15— Bow the Girls Get Even (comedy) .... tso 
21— When North and South Uet Uranu) »» 

23— Tbe confesBlonal (drama) ggo 

25— A Daughter ot Dixie (drama) ggg 

SO— How Tony Became a Hero (comedy) 030 

July— r«,t 

7 — Secret Service (drama) 

14 — BUI licams to Take Clnematograpn 

Pictures (comedy) (split reel) , 413 

14— The Accident (drama) (spilt reel) .. sia 
21— Plucky BUI (comedy) (spilt reel).... 431 
21— One Good Turn Deserves Another ... 

(drama) (apllt reel) b21 

28 — ^BIU Buys a Bottle ot Champagne (com- 
edy) (split reel) - 400 

28— Jim Crow, a Tale of the Taxt (drama) 

(Split reel) suo 


4 — Bill Does HIa Own Waabtng (comedy) 

(spilt reel) 439 

4 — An Elopement by Aeroplane (comedy) 

(spilt reel) 458 

11 — Bill Wishes to Make Butter (comedy) 

(spilt reel) 4Bg 

11— The Cripple (drama) (split reel) 4.". 

15— Bill Tries to Make Bread (comedy) 

(spilt reel) 40« 

18 — ^A Child's Oiurageons Act (drama) 

(split reel) 549 

25— BUI Fallows the Doctor's Orders (com- 
edy) (split reel) 854 

25 — What a Pennyworth Did (comedy) 

(snUt reel) SM 

September — Peet. 
1 — Bill As A Game-Keeper (comedy) (split 
nel) 500 

1 — Tbe Invisible Wrestler (comedy) (spilt. 

reel) ; 400 


July— Feet 
IT — ^Teddy's Three Dnels (comedy) (split 

24— The Pretty I,ady of Narbonne (drama) 
31 — ^The Prodigal Soa (spectacDiar) 

August— Feet 
7— Tbe Sorrowfol Uother (drana) (spilt 


7— To« Much Swedish Drill (comedy) 
(spilt reel') 

14 — ^The Connecting Wnk (drama) 

21 — The Edelweiss (drama) (split reel).. 

21 — Bow They Work is Cinema (comedy) 

(split reel) 

28 — ^A Marriage In tbe Stars (comedy) 

(split reel) TM 

28 — ^An Obliging Young Man (comedy) 

(split reel) 235 

September— Feet. 

4 — ^All on Account of a Coat <eomedy).. est 

Inly— Teet. 
IB— At Sea Under Naval Colors (ttnilcal) 

(split reel) 411 

22— A Kind Hearted Brother (drama) 

S»— The Engacemoit Bbuc (dtama) 

Angnst — Fest 

5— The Burglar and the Girl (drama) .... 

12— His Mother's Mark (drama) (spUt 


12— Teddy Trained by His Mother (spilt 

19— Tbe Victory of tove (drama).... 941 

26— A Traitor to Ela (^nntry (drama).. Ml 



12 — The Pony Express (drama) 

15 — A Matrimonial Affair (comedy) 

19 — ^The Plains Across (drama) 

25— Matt and Jeff at tbe Fortune Tenert 


2«— Tlie Settler's Wife (drama) 

29— Mutt and Jeff Make a Hit (comedT).. 
Angnst- Feet 

2 — Roped and Tied (comedy-drama) 

5 — ^Mntt and Jeff Get Passes to tbe Ball 

Game (comedy) 

9— The End Of the Trail (dramas 

12 — Mntt and Jeff and the Goldstein Bntg- 

lara (comedy) 
IS— Hands Acmm tbe Oadle (drama)... 
19 — Mntt and Jeff In the Banking Bnilness 


23 — "Alias" Tellewstone Joe (dranu) 

2S— Mutt gc Jeff and the Country Judge 


The Parson and the Bully (drama) . . 
Scntcmber — PceL 
2 — Mntt Si Jeff and tbe German Band 

6— Tbe Flower of the Tribe (drama) 


June— FmI 

19— Snn Bonnet Sue (drama) 

23— The Two Roads (drama) : 

2«— His Romance (drama) 

SO— Tbe Angelus BeU (drama) 


17— Tbe Way of the World (dranu) ...... 

21 — Outwitting Father (comei^) 

24 — The Stepdaughter (drama) 

2« — neniwfto,) *f»."» nnnbinir TTonn. (dTama< 
,■51— The Sea Vnltnrcs (drams) . 

Angnst — fast 
4— Truth Shall Prevail (drama) ........ 

12— Orey Wolfs Sqnaw (drama) 

14 — A Good Natnred .Man (comedy) (spilt 


14 — ^A ChUdren'* Paradise (edneatlonal) 

(split reel) 

Jfl — Tier Pallier's SeeretnTy (drama) .... 

21 — Colleen Bnwn (drama) 

an — Retnllntlon (drnmn) 

25— The Powor of Devotion (drnmn) 

September — Fest 

1— A Great Wrong Righted (drama) .... 

June— feti 
29— Securing Evldrnot (comsdj) 
Jnly — fMt 

B — Fate (drama) , 

The Vagabond (drama) 

20— fherlee* RolnHw Jr. (comsdy) 

27— Her Way (drama) 7. 

August — t*tl 

a—Thf ArH.t Plnani'ler (drama) 

10— Tbe White Red Man (drama) 

17— Tho nolonnl'a Danchter (dramir) ..... 
24— Castles In tbe Air (comedy) 

SEPTEMBER 2, 1911. 

Ttie Billboard 



(CoDlInwd from page 40.) 

Wousau— Marathon Co. Fair. Sept. 5-8. J. F, 

Lauioiit. eecy. _ . . „ _ . 

Wi'8t licnd— Waahlngton Co. Agrl. Soc. Sept. 

iS LO. \V«rham P. Blx, aecy. 
WisttlL-ld— Marquette Co. Agrl. Assu. Sept. 25. 

•T J. H. Wbcclocit, secy. 
WVyauweBB— Waupaca Co. Agrl. Asan. Sept, 

lo.i,-,. II. W. Olockc. accy. 

Douglas— Wyoming State Fair. Sept. 20-29. C, 

H. McWhlnnlc, secy. 
,.„niie— Albany Co. & loter-Mountaln Fair 

Issii. Sept. 20-22. U V. HoUldv. aecy. 

Acaiili. R. C— Kent Hartlcoltaral * AgrL Am 

AUklon. Onl'.— AlUston Agrl. Soc. Oct. 6-T. 

V,'. -M. LiK.-kliart, secy. 
AinliiTsi. X. .S.— Maritime Stock Breeders' A»sn, 

Hit. <-7. I". L. Fullrr, Bi'cy., Gruro, ff. S., 

Anii'i'trnni;. B. C. — Armrtrong & Spallwaacbeeae 

Asrl. Soc. Sept. 21-S2. 
Avlmi-r, Ont. — East Elyrie Co. Fair. Oct. 4-6. 

'd 11. Price, scey. 
B<«oliliurff. Ont. — Xo. Itcnfrcw Agrl. Soc. Oct. 

4 0. Will. Heaflrlck, gecy. 
Bfllcvnif. Ont. — Bcllerllle Agrl. Boc. Sept. .12- 

13. It. II. Kftchoson, secy. 
Boircii.vRi'ou. Out, — Vemlam AgiL Fair. Sept. 

2(5-27. W. Hlekson, secy. 
Ilim-niaiivllli>, Ont. — West Ourbam Agrl. Soc. 

Si'lit. 19-20. J. T. Moorecraft. aecy. 
Brlslilon. Out.— Briirliton Agrl. Soc. Sept. 28. 

ILirrison Carr. secy. 
BrockvUle. Out.— Fair. Sept. 6-8. G. C. Mc- 

Clcan. scc.v. 

Bnrfor.1. Ont. — South Brant. Oct. 3-*. W. F. 

Mih'S, secy. 

CollHirni'. Ont. — Colborne & Haldewland Fair. 

Oi-i. .'14. John Morrow, secy. 
CaiupIn'Ufunl. Out. — Seyuioirr Agrl, Soc. Sept. 

2r.27. O. .k. Ilay. secy. 
CliKpeiin Village. Ont. — Agrl. Snc. of Pontlac, 

IJiv. R. Sent. 27-2S. P. McMaban, pecy. 
Chatliam. X. S.— Mlramlehl Exhibition. Sept 

ll-l.'i. Goo. B. Flsber. secy. 
Clilllivack. B. C.—Chmiwack Agrl. Soc. Sept. 

19-21. n. T. Goodland. secy. 
Cornwall. Ont.— Cornwall Agrl. Soc. Sept. 7-9. 

J. X. n. Cllne, secy. 
Cr.intirook. B- C— Cranbrook Agrl. Assn. Sept. 

I!i-2». P. Deverc Hnnt. secy. 
Demiiri'stville. Ont. — Sopbiasbars Agrl- S<ielety. 

Oci. 14. W. Asa Foster, secy. 
Dr.Lvton. Ont — P<'Pl & Drayton Agrl. Soc Oct. 

3-4. Geo. M. Fox, secy. 
Prfsdcn. Ont. — Camtlen Township Agrl. Soc. 

Sept. 28-29. J. T. Brldgewater. secy. 
Dnok Lake. Sask. — Duck Lake. Sept. 27. M. 

C^inrcbaDe, secy. 
Duncan. B. C — Cowlcban Agd. Soc. Sept. 22- 

23. Alex Herd. secy. 
DnnnrHIe. Ont. — Dnnnville Agrl. Soc. Sept. 10- 

20. Vi\ A. Fry. secy. 
Elmvale. Out. — Fair. Oct. 2-4. C. S. Barton, 


EiPter. Ont.— Eietcr Agrl. Soc. Sept. 18-19. 

Alex 6. D.vle, ppcy. 
Florence, Out.— Florence Agrl. Soc Oct. 5-4. 

Walter Drew. secy. 
Fort Williams, Ont. — West Alsoma Agrl. Assn. 

Sept. 12-15. Frank Lee, sec.r. 
Freelton. Ont. — West Flatntwro Fair. Oct. 4-5. 

Jas. .K. Gray. socv. 
Frederlckton. Ont. — Frederickton ExUbltlon. 

.'Sept. 18-23. w. S. Hooper, secy. 
Georgetown, Ont. — Bcqneslng F«U F«lr. Oct. 4- 

S. I. A. Tracy, secy. 
Olencoe. Ont.— Mora * Exfrld Fair. Sept. 26-27. 

M. C. Campbell, secy. 
Gore Bay. Ont.— Gore Ba.v DIst. Fair. Sept. 

215-27. Andrew Hall. secy. 
Brand Valley, Ont.— East Lutbor Agrl. Soc. 

Oct. 17-ls. wm. Mclntyro. secy. 
Gr.neiihnrst. Ont. — GraTenbnrnt Agrl. Soc. Sept. 

H l.n. Dr. V. E. Cartwrigbt. secy. 
Hanover. Ont. — Hnnover. Brant & Bentnck Agrl. 

.Soc. Sept. 1213. S. n. Clarke, scev. 
Halifax. Xovln Scotia — Xova Scotln Provincial 

ExhlWiion. Sept. 1. M. M. Hold. secy. 
n.irrisi«n. Ont. — West Willlngford Agrl. Soc. 

Sept. 2,<; 2n. .T. it. McKa.v. sec.T. 
Hnntineden— Hnntlngdon Agrl. Soc., DiT. A. 

W. P. Stenhen. seey. 
KatnlmpB. B. C— Knmloops Agrl. Soc. Sept 

U-l.l. n. >r. S. Wade. secv. 
Kelnwna. B. C— The Aer) & Truders' Assn. of 

"kannenn Mission. Sept, 26-27. A. W. 

Hamilton, secy. Ont — Ktrkton Fair. Oct. 5-6. Amos 

Donpe. secy. * mcr. 
Laeiinte. Que.— Arcentenll Oonntr Fair. Sept. 

••»•' . o. J. Walker, secy. 

n"".!;- n"lta Agrl. Fair. Sept. 23. A. 

n. Taylor, seer. 
iMikPiiel,! Onl.— Lakefleld Agrl. Soc. Sept. 10- 
, .Slicrln. secv. 

Lanebam. Sask— Langham Agrl. Soc. Sept. 9- 
A. I. Gold. seey. 
P.- C— Langley Agrl. Soc. Sept. 27, 
Tii ^' Melntosch. secy. 

w""',"- ^Q""— .nrnmraong AgH. Soe. Sept. 
J. n. St. Amnnt. .pct. 
I,lii|1sny Ont.— WnelKay Central Fair. Sept, 21- 

— -innips he'lh serv. 
l.lsiowel Ont.-^I.i,toweI Acrl. Soc, Sept. 19- 

t. von Shearer, secv. 
t^m\.m Ont.— WrstiTn Fair A»»n. Sept. 6-10. 

A. .\r. Hunt. seev. • 

Markh-im. Ont.—siirkhnm Agrl, Soc. Oct. 4-e. 

A. Wnr.l .Milne, scov. 
Jtnrmori Ont.— Mnrmora Agrl. Soe. Sept. IS- 

Dr. l.iinnder, secy. 
Manlimynnliip. Ont.— Manltownnlng Fair. Oct. 
\i:..",f \- „• niTlliurt. seey. 

s^\l ''''i_?''' -St- Vincent Agricultural Soc. 
Mill ■.-l"^- Agncw. aeey. 
.Mhllniid Ont.— Midland Pair. Sept. 28-29. E. 
.f^. '.iillrt. seev. 

Xelsnii ti c._xel»n Prult Pair, Sept. 25-30. 
'". Ilorstend. secv. 

rC;.?' Sept. 2.4. J. A. Slo- 

Ne«m,,rkel Ont --Xewmnrkct Agrl. Sbc, Sept, 
t^ellh. aecy. 

■ Sen, il"' -r.>'"''"'"'"' Township Agrl. Soc, 
N™-' n-fV^' Welnert, »ec.r. 

Oct ? 1"''"J1'.''''- B. O.— Provincial Bxhlhltlnn. 
N«rw;»..'i 'v. W- J«- KearcT. secy. * mgr. 

™t"°','h,?"* T?"'"„ Peterborough Agrl. Soc. 
Kewiwirn Jolin 1!. noxhnrgh, »ec.v. 
n'Wbnrn, Oiit —Xorth Crosby Fair, S.>pt. a- 
Jlorlnrl.v. sec.v. 
I- v.2".''~^''"""»' Canada Bxpo. Sept. 8-18. 

?"*— Soc, Oct, 2-3, Wm. 
■ "npaon, aecy, & mgr. 

OrangevlIIe, .Ont. — Durtcrln Agrl. Soc. Sept. 14- 

15, E, Endacok, secy. 

Oro, Ont. — Oro Agrl. Soc. Sept. 10. H. J. Tod- 
bope. secy. 

Oahawa, Ont.— South Ont. .Agrl. Soe, Sept. 
. 11-13. W. E. N. Sinclair, secy. 

Petcrborougb, Ont. — Peterborough Industrial Ex- 
hibition. Sept, 14-16. F. J, N. Hall. seey. 

Pleton. Ont. — Prince Edward Agrl. Soc. Sept. 
Sept. 27-28. H. a. OermaD, secy, 

Paris, Ont.— Paris Agrl, Soc. Sept. 28-29. Q. 
C. O'Neal, seey. 

Quebec, Que, — '£L» Quebec Exhibition Co. Aug. 
2K-RPRt. B. 

Bentfraw, Ont. — Bentfrew Agrl. Sbc, Sept. 

20-22. W. B. Smallfleld, secy. 
Ripley. Ont.— Huron Agrl. Soc. Sept. 28-27. 

Angus Martyn. secy. 
-Bockton, Ont, — World's Fair. Oct 10-11. David 

Bell, secy. & mgr. 
St. Felix De Valols, Que. — Soclete D'Agrlcnltnre 

Xo. 2. Comte De Jollette. Sept 12. J. O. 

Levelle. secy. 
St. Byaclntbe, Que. — Agrl, Soc. of the Co. of 

St. Hyaclntbe, Sept. S. Bene Mornm. secy. 
Ste. Martlne, Que. — Agil. Society Co. of Chal- 

cauquay. ept. 5. Nap Mallette, secy. 
St, John, X. B.— Exhibition Assn. of the City 
: and County of St. John. Sept. 2-9. H. A. 

Porter, aecy ft mgr. 
St. Stephens. N. B. — Charlotte Co. Exhibition. 

Sept, 12-15 W. S. Stevens, secy. 
SackTille. N. B. — Backrllle & Westmoreland 

Agrl. Soe. Oct 4-6. Bliss U. Fawcett, 


Sarnla, Ont. — West Lambton Co, Fair. Sept, 

211-27. M. A. Sander, secy. 
Sbelbnrne, Ont Dnfterln Central Fair. Sept. 

20-27. n. J. Watson, secy. 
Sberbrooke, Que. — Great Eastern Expo.- Sept. 

2-9. H. E. Channell. secy. 
Summcrland, B. C. — Snmmerland Agr. Assn. 

Oct. 17-18. E. Pollock, secy. 
Smitbvllle. Ont— Peninsular Central Fair. Oct. 

S-6. W. F. G. Patterson, secy. 
Stratford, Ont. — Stratford AgrU Soc. Sept 13- 

16. Geo. Westlnson. secy. 

Streetsvllle. Ont.— Streetsvllle Fair. Sept. 20. 
Sturgeon Falls. Ont. — Sturgeon Falls Fair. Sept. 

22-2;i. Onesime Lafrancc, secy. 
Teeswater. Ont.— Teeswater Agrl. Society. Oct 

4 T>. John Farquharson. secy. 
ThamesTllle. Ont. — East Kent Fair Assn. Oct 

2-4. C. A, Mayhew, secy. 
Toronto, Ont— Industrial Exhibition Assn. Aug. 

27-Sept. n. J. O. Orr, secy & msr. 
ntterson, Ont. — Stephenson & Watt Fair. Sept. 

22-23. J. H. Osborne, secy. 
Vancouver. B. C. — Vancouver Exhibition Assn. 

Ang. 2S-Sept 4. H. S. Holston, secv. 
Van Kleek Hill, Ont. — Van Kleck Hill Expo. 

-Vssn. Sept. 19-21. H. C. Jones. 
Vernon. B. C. — Okaugan Exbi. Sept 19-21. 

Ira Cotler, sec.v. 
Victoria. 15. C. — B. C. Agrl. Assn. Sept. 5-9. 

Geo. Sangster, secy. 
Wartwoth. Ont. — Township of Percy Agrl. Soc. 

Oct. 5-0. P. S. Eiving. secy. 
Welland. Ont. — Welland Co. Agrl. Soc. Oct 

.^-4. W. G. Gaines, secy. 
Wellesley, Ont. — Wellesley Xorth Eastbope. 

Sept. 12-13. Geo. Bllllnger. secy. 
Winchester, Ont. — Winchester Pair. Sept 5-6. 

W. J. Liaflamrae. secy & mgr. 
Windsor, Ont, — Windsor & Xortb Essex Agrl. 

Assn. Sept. 2,*i-29. H. J. McKay, secy. 
Wntton, Que. — Agrl. Soc. No. 2, Wolfe City. 

Sept 12. E. O. Bready. «ecr. 
Yannonth. X. S. — Tarmontb Exhibition. Oct. 

4-0. Wm. Coming, seey. 
Zurich. Ont— Zurich Fair. Sept 20-21. D. S. 

Faust cecy. 

1 machine earned «I5.850 In 28 weeks, 1804 1 macUae earned 912,863 In 27 weefca, I90S 
1 machine earned «17,843 In 29 weeka. 1905 1 machine earned S16.842 In 25 weelu. 1809 
1 machine earned «I6,6gs in S5 weefca. 1806 1 mwffhine eamedifl^Sl In 28 wedBL ISUl 
1 maehlno earned fl6,01< In . 27 weefca, 1803 


^S^^^^^i&^i^- JL ANBTHECBaresTMONEVMAKER von&ed to ptospective 
(Mting MAHigT. ^^^^ ^|.<^^ja^ w AHUSBBir uwE. cnstome M 

Write for catalogue and 
prices to 


Abilene and te a y en w ert t 

Hala Office and Pactaiy 
LeaTenwoftb. basu 


32 iQchee In diameter, namtm«d Cl A HA 
1 to 80, complete with paddles^* v«UU 


Size, S8z28 inches, comnlete with CIA A A 
25eplece8 0f Jeselrr #IV»UW 

Depoeit required with order. ' 

10 N. Franklin Street 



Souvenir Whips, Fancy Cellnlold and Gold Lace. Handles, Uoimta and Loop, $2.25; fS.SO. $3.00. 
$3.23, 3.30, $4.00 per 100. Ko. 1 Jap Crook Canes, $1.25 per 100; $11.00 per 1,000. Pennaata, 
$2.00, $3.00, $4.00, $5,00 and $6.00 per 100. ADVANCE WHIP CO., Weatfiold. Haaa. 


Painted Colored Pennants for all occasions, 

eiie 7x15, per 100 $S.00 


Xo. 50. per gross $3.00 

«».. •• •• a.Sfl 

70. " ■• 4.50 


Xo. 1.1. per gross S3.S0 

14. " •• 4.00 

15. " •• 4.25 

IC. •• " 5.50 

Orders shipped same day as received. ■ Deposit 
roiinired on ail C. O. D. orders. New catalog 

just out. 

38 Atlantic Avenue, Boston, Haaa, 


and all gooda for STBEETMEN. Catalotna now ready. 

THE TtPP NOVELTy CO., .... Tippooantfa (Sty (Hiami Co.) 



A brand new combination tool for kitcben use. 
Fine for demonstrating and sella on algbt Be 
the first to get tbla in yoor territory. Send lOe 
for sample, circniar and terma to agents. 

il C. Fon{Br& Son, 251 9 Peon in.,Piihlra'g,Pa. 

BiKgeat seller ont CROWN STYLO INK PBNCIIi. Entirely new. Pot ont June Itf. Highly 
improved. Gnaranteed posltlTely non-leafcaUe. Ink will sot corrode or change. Ver7 good and 
ean writer. Cnatomer geta big Talne for money. Ever Increasing salea. Pat up In as attrac- 
tive, gold-labeled box, with filler and clip. liaise profits. Sample 2Sc. 

Gomsrei&l lofalHes GaBpanT, Sola Mrs , 

401-403 I. Oaiplainaa St.. Chieap, III 

Catest Novelty Brooches, representing CherrlM 
Currants, etc.. assorted patterns, per sross 
H.SO. Swell matinee souvenirs. We are head 
quarters for Hash SILVERWARE. WATCHES 
etc., suitable for prises. STAGE JEWELRY^ 
Also Grease Paints, Cold Cream, Burnt Cork 
Best In the market. Send for Catalog Xo. 20 
The oU reliable, B. 6. TIHEB * CO., Ul Nortt 
Wabau ATanue, CUcago, 



Chairman .\ttraction Committee. 


White Cornets. $2.25 per; Yellow Cor- 
nels, $2.50 per tliousanil; In crates of 2,000 and 
3,000, 5c size, K. O, B. St. Louis, for a short 
time only. 

son Franklin Avenue, St Louts. Xo, 

well. New Mexico. October 4tU to Tth, Street 
Fair and Aviation Meet, For terms on clean 
amusement concessions, write F, i. SOMKU- 
V1LJ.B, MaBaget Concosslons. 


Beaatifnl blend of 1,00(' 
strips of (silk Onlsh) col 
ored tissue paper. Xon 
being sold with success at 
Fairs. Beaches and Cele- 
brations of all kinds. 
Jobbers and retailers write 
at once. Send 10c for 
sample. TffABKS SPE- 
CIALZT CO., « Wash- 
ington St, Boataa. Xaaa. 
Orlgloatora and Mannfac 

n-r- ^~^Sj iS- ■ 


Farmers Exposition and 
Street Fair 

Oxfoni, Ohio, Sept. LS-ilS. Wanted, Dog 
and Pony, Wild West, Plantation, Mus- 
ical and other eleau shows. Address, 
FP„i.\K XESSELHAUF, As^^*:. Seey., 
Oxfcml, Ohio. 

Big Bargains in Amusement Machines 

1 hare T5 different Penny Arcade Machines, as 
I'ictures. I'nnchlng BaRS, Candy and Peanut 
Machines, Postal Card and Electric Ma 
chines. Scales, Blowing Machines, etc., for sale, 
from $2 up. All are selling at about 40% of 
cost, I guarantee all machines to be In goou 
condition and good shape, tlst sent on retjuest, 
and have choice of any machine. Address 

314 W, Long Avenue, DuBois, Pa, 


Giant Striker, J15.00; S-Poot Paddle Wheel, 
$7.00: .\rrows or Spindles, solid steel, nickel- 
plated Humpback. $2.00 each; Quartoscope 
Penny Picture Machines, pictures and all. $2.00 
each; Punching Bag Machine, $10,00; largf 
Gripplnj; Machine, works four ways, cost $70.00. 
for $5.00. H. J. SLOCUM. Shooting Qaltery. 
210 Federal St, N. S., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Ocean Wave or Ferris Wheel 

Wanted tm two of tlw Iwst eoQBtr fain neai 
Clereland, O.. on flat rate. Reasonable. Palrr 
atart Sept 12 and 28. BOX 271, Elyila, O. 


RMiBg Galleries, Merfy-CB-Rounds. 
OUer Moiey-Eanni% Devices 



SwiBnBy Siriit, It. TiBmndt, I. T., U. S. I. 


HuBuB MadilB 6 HianOper- 

An investment of $1,400. Can you beat Itl 
This machine is a sare moneygetter, at Carni- 
vals, Fairs, Old-Home Weofes and Resorts. It is 
operated by 3 h. p. jtasoline motor, and music 
is famished by either an organ or cylinder 
piano. Write tor circular a nd pri ces. 

ABioTAOE & oimrar, 

201 KiU St, SpiiagrUle. Eiia Co., Xew York. 


XHe Billboard 



Of Asanta, Hetela. Musio Publiahera 
and Park Supplioa, Alphabatieally 

AdreitlaeiBeiita not excecdliw one line In 
HBCtk was. be published, ptopeclx- eUMifled 
la OUa dlieetasy, at the nte of $10 foe one 
I«ar (02 limea), piOTlded they tie of «n >eeep- 
olile aatare. Price tnclnde* one jeai'B mib- 
•CTlptlon to The BUlboard. 

Kaefc addlUanal line, or cddltlanal dualliea- 
tllBb /Wttbaat mbKrlptlon, $7.G0 per t»»niim 
V One dna wUI be ellowed to adTeitUen free 
•t chute for each $100 mrUi of apace naed dor- 
tecjRW Tear. 

^Mm d&cetwr U lerlKd and conaeted weAIr, 
chanie* in Ann namea and addreoea bebis te- 
corded as aoen as leeehred. 

SIncer Btoa., 82 Boweix> Neir Tork City. 
H. Sbnre Co.. 220 Uadlaon at., Cbleaco. 

■t. LooU Sticker Co., 105 Pine at, Sb lAOla, 

Belmont Sisteia Bdloon Co.. Bead Otr, Mlcb. 
Otae BaUomlnK Oo;, 3120 B. gZd St.. CMeaxo. 
Ulaa Dorot&r Oe Toada, Monroe. Wla. 
: Pra£: Obaa. Scbwarta^ Hmaoldt. Tarn. 
Che St;. <Salr Unakegon. Mich. 

AdTectUnc, SiOS HcLean are.. GUcaco. 
: Aeronaotlc Sopplr Co., S932 OIlTe It., St. Looll, 


':Boz: 78, JCadlna Srmaia, Raw Zork OII7. 

auaa X: Ooariie, 850S Jldieas an.. ClUcago. 

AfSclcaB Dip Co^ 'Box M, Zanearflle; O. 

Hlepace, 188 Bar at., Toronto, Can. 


Herdiell-SpBIman Co., No. Tonawanda, K. Z. 
O. W. Parker. Leavenworth. Kan. 

Wm. BartelB Co^. 42 Cortlandt at.. N. X. C 
Ednwood H. Flint, North WateifiBd, Ifaiae. 
Home's Zoo Arena, Kanaaa dty, Ko,, and Daa- 

vei,. Odia. 

bmit Bute, 348 4baiia at. New Zork Oliy. 
Wena * MaekeaaeB. ZaKDcr, Fa. 

t. a. HainM% as B. 23d at;. Heir Zak Otr. 

Ohaa. L. Klemst Co.. 80 Cortlandt at. New 
Zotk Oily. 

: t. F. OaathotE ft Ce., DanvlUe. Ill, 
achack Artificial Flower Co.. Inc., ISTT-lflTS 
mtwankee are., Chicago. 

aoaman & Ijaadia Ca, 417 S. Clinton at, Chicago. 


CL W. Trainer Mf^. Co.i 80 Pearl at. Boston, 


A. BdlaoB. Inc., Orange. N. J. 


noB. A. Edison. Inc., Orange, N. J. 

f. H. HaUbeig, 38 E. 23d at. New Ytok City. 

M- Power Co.. US Nassau St. New Xwk Cltj. 


bron ft Healj-. 205 Wabash ave., Chicago. 
Badfllpb Worlltzer Co., Cincinnati and CUeaco. 

DeUooUn Broa. ft CO.. GteenTflle. m. 
Newman Mfg. Coi.. 9a Woodland ave.. Oaf*. 

land. O. 

rhe Wendell-Oreenwoed Co., 123 8. 4th at 
WnneapoUa, Ulnn. 


Sorthwestem Balloon Co., 2106 Oybanm aTc 
Chlcage. ' 


AntoEiatle Baseball Co., 40 CooiUlI. Boston. 

ICaas. • 
CtacbmaU Novelty Co., 204 15th at, Cincinnati 

DeMooIln Bros, ft Co.. Greenville. HI. 
Lyon ft Healy. 2«S Wabash ave., Chicago. 
Bndolph Worlluer Co., Cincinnati and Chicago. 

IT. S. Tent ft Awning Co., 22-28 N. Sesplalnes 
at, ChlcagD. 


Tut Spuks* Vaudeville Clrcnlt, Century Bldg.c 
Kanaaa City. Mo. ' 


It: Stein Cosmetic Co., 120 W. Slat at. N. Y. C. 

Os-^dngan Gaa Kannf actoreia. 
nie Capital Merchandise <;o., 225 Dearborn at, 

' Cincinnatf Calcium Light Co., WS 4th St., Cln'tl. 
Brker Broa^ 604 OIIvc St.. St. Loals, Mo. 
8t Louis Calcium Light Co., 516 Elm at., St. 
Lools. Mo. 

., western Caldnm UKht Works, 186 WnaHaga at., 

Detroit. Mich. 

Geo. Kratz. Evanarllle, Ind. 
T. I, Nichol ft Co., Pearl ft Lndlov ati., Cta' 

ftmiatl, O. 


W. a. Uoonttord. 160 Ualden Lane. K. Z. O. 

OlaTdaiid Cane Co., Cleveland, 0. 
Ooe. Zonge ft Co.. 96S Lucas ave., St Loola. 
Goldanlth Hoj Imp. Co., 122 E. 4th at, Cln'tL 
NasseUa Broa., 82 Atlantic ave., Boston. Maah 
Newman Ufg. Co.. 041 Woodland ave., Cleve- 
land. 0. 

5. Schoen & Son, 90 Ann at. New York City. 
Shryock-Todd Co.. 824 N. 8th St., St Lonla. 
N. Shore Co.. 220 Madison st. Chicago. 
Singer Bros., 82 Bowery, New Zork City. 
Western Bargain House, 372 E. Madlion, Ch'so. 


J. H. HaUbeig. 36 a 23d st. New Zork City. 
Cfaai. Ii. Klewett Co., 38 CorUandt at. M. Z. O. 


6. A. Dentzel, 3611 Oermantswn ave.. Phlla. 
F. Dolle'a Carooael Worka, Bos 118; Hodaon 

Htighta. N. J. 
Herehdl-SpUlman Co., Mo. Tonawanda. N. Z. 
W. F. Mansela Co., Coney Island, M. Z. 
C. W. Parker. Leavenworth and AbUenc, Kan. 

CARS (R. R.) 

Aima Palace Borae Car Co., Moaadnoek Block, 


B. G. Adams ft Co.. Boeheater. N. Z. 

A. Colker Ufg. C<ki 8th ft Brighton, Newport 

Ky. ■ 

Helmet Co.. Ine;, IS. W. Oth at.. Cincinnati, O. 
TUedo Chewlnc Gam Co.. 406 JMam at, Xe- 
ledo, O. 


l>. Denebebn ft Stan, 0222-81 'Oak at, Kanaaa 

City, Ha 


Novelty UaCblne Co., 2 BectOT at, «. Z. C. 


Vew and Secoad-Hand. 
n. 8. Tent ft Awning Co., 22-28 N. Desplalnea 
at. CUeago. 

Cages, Dens and Band Chariota. 
. Wagon Co., Kansas City, Mo. 
Lvan ft Eagle, 15 Canal st. Pern, Ind. 


U. stein Cosmetic Co.. ,:120 W. 3Ut at. N. Z. C. 

Paol I>. Howae. 107 Dearborn at, Chicago. 


V. Stein Oonette Co., 120 W. Slat at. N. Z. C. 

Fort Wayne Bleetrle Woika, Poet Wayne, Ind. 


A. X. Dteta. 127 Hlddgaa at, TUed«, O. 

Lanier ft DiMbafh. 248 BnUer, Oneinnatl, D. 


A. T. IHeti. 127 Ulcbbtaa at. Toledo, O. 

B, B. Knott Uaehlne' Co., 150 Pead at, Boa- 
tmi. Mass. 

W. Z. iMis. 172 Etigh st, Springfield. O. 

Bneckhelm Bros, ft Kcksteln, Harrison ft Peoria, 

Chicago, m. 

Wm- B. Jidmsoi, 80 Pike at, Seattle, Waab. 
St Lonls C<Hifettl Co.. 2 S. Commercial at, 8t 
Louis. 3lo. 

V, S. Fireworks Co., Memphis, Tenn., St Looia, 

Western Bargain Hcose, 272 B. Hadlaon. Ch'go. 

W. Z. Long, 172 High st, Springfield, O. 
Eye-Brow Pencils, Face Powder, etc 
Cliaa. Meyer, 28 Union Square, N. Z. C 


Canlval Costume Co., 287 N. Water at, Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 
Fritz Sbooltt ft Co., 75-77 E. Lake St., Chicago, 


Worthlngton Scenic Studio, 109 E. Joaei^h at. 
Misbawaka. Ind. 


Carl Hagenbeck, S. A. Stepban. American Agt, 
Zoo, Cincinnati. 


Wm. Beck ft Son Co.,10-12 Garfield Place. Cln- 

Pair and Park Amnsemanta, 

Claude L. Hagen, Boom 501. 1432 Broadway, 
New York City. 


J. H. HaUberg, 36 E. 23d st., Xew York City. 


Caille Bros. Co.. Detroit, Mich. 
Chas. A. Strellnger Co., Detroit, Mich. 


PU tut e s sad Befiectora for Slrset or ladliect 

Natlsnal X-Ray Reflector Co., 229 Jackson 
Blvd.. Chicago. 


W. F. Mangc-Is Co., Coney Island, N. Y. 

Jo<. Menchen, 360 W. SOtb at., N. Z. City. 
Cii'versal Electric Stage Lighting Co., 1309 
Lroadway. New T»k City. 

Chaa. L. Klewert Co., 30 Cortlandt st.. S.-Y. C. 

M. Stein Cosmetic Co., 120 W. 31st at. N. Z. C, 


M. Stein CoMnetlc Co.. 120 W. Slat at. N. Z. C, 

DeWItt Slstera, 147 W. 46tb st, Chicago. 


Holiday Novelty Mfg. Co.. 37 B. 4th at. Mew 
York City. 


National Tissue Mfg. Co., 306-907 Bergen at, 
BmoUyn. M. Z. 

The CUcaso flsht Picture Co.. 123 N. Clark at. 


Xannfaatarsta, Sealera in and Beatal Banana, 

American Film Brokers. 6 W. 14tb St.. N. Y. C. 

AnU-Tmst Flhn Co., 77 S. Clark at, CUeago. 

Chicago Film Exchange, 46 Jackson Blvd., Chi- 
cago: Omaha: Denver; Salt Lake City: Baa 

Cincinnati-Buckeye Film Ezch., 317 W. 4th st. 

Cincinnati, O. _ 
Cidnmbta FUm Co., 301 W. 37th at. M. Z. C. 
H. Davis, Watertown, Wia. 
Dixie Film Exchange. OwensbotOb Ky. _ 
Xhoa. A. Edls<m, Inc.. 10 Fifth ave., M. Z. C, 

and Orange, N. J. 

H. ft B. Film Service, 880 Monadnock Block, 
Chicago, lU. 

I. H. HaUberg. 86 E. 23d st. New York City. 
International Film Traders, 5 W. 14th at. New 

York City. 

Kinemaeolor Co. of America. 145 W. 45th at. 
New Zork City. 

Laemmle Film Service, 106 Lake at, Chicago; 
Svjuisville, Ind.; Memphis. Tenn.: Omaha, 
Neb.: SaU Lake City. Utah; Mlaneapdia, 
Minn.; P«Uand, Ore.; Uontreal, Que., Can.; 
Wlimipeg, Man., Can. 

Murphy. C. J.. Eiyrla, O. 

Neater Film Co.. 147-157 4th ave.. N. Y. C. 

Nov. Mot. Plet Co., 422 Turk at, San Francisco. 

Sellable Film Ex.. Boom COO. 440 S. Deari>om 
at., Chicago. IlL 

The Powers Co., 341at at ft Wakefield ave., 
New York City. 

St Paid Film Bental Agency, S. B. Thompson, 
prop.. 56 E. 7th st. Suite 205. St. Paul, Minn. 

Solax Co., 147 4th ave.. New York City. 

Swanson-Crawford FUm Exchange. .1011-45 Lo- 
cust st, St. Louis, Mow; Louisville, Ky.; Mew 
Orleans. La. 

Thanhooser Co., New Boehelle, N. Y. 

n. 8. Film Exchange, 538 S. Dearborn at, Cbl- 


Chicago Film Brokers, cor. Bernard ft AInalee 
ata.. Chicago. 


Thoe. A. Ediaon, Inc., Orange, N. J. 

J. B. HaUberg. 36 B. 23d at., Ne^v York City. 


The Ana-Pyies Co.. 170 Green st. K. Z. CItr. 

Bert Gregory, 304-103 Bandolph St., Chlesgo. 
Gregary Fireworka Ca. 25 N. Dearborn at^ Chi- 
cago. lU. 

Italian-American Fireworks Co., 192 Boyd ava. 

Jeraey City. N. J. 
United Fireworka Ca, Trenton, M. 3. 


U. S. Tent ft Awning Ca. 22-28 M. Desplalaea 
st, Chicago. 


IS. L. SeUneter, 103 S. Caiul at. Chlcaga 

Mndlea, Club Bonse Furniture, etc 
H. C. Bvaaa ft Co., 102 Van Boren St.. Chicago. 


W. Z. Long, 172 High st.. Springfleid. O. 

Make-Up Boxes, Cold Cream, ete. 
M. Stein Cosmetic Co.. 130 W. 3Iat St., N. Y. O. 

Plnmsa and Trappings for Circus and Adni- 
tlamg Use. 

Edward Eicke. 1S7 Canal at. New Zork City. 
Schaembs Plume Co., 612 Metropolitan ave.. 
Brooldyn. N. Y. 


Hotel Frederick, strictly professional. 1647 

Payne ave., Cleveland. O. 
Grand Opera House Hotel; European; Wm. 

Sprinbs. proprietor, Toronto. Csnsda. 


M. D. Betts, Station G., yaekson, Mich. 

Kiogery Mfg. Co.. Cincinnati. O. 

Safety Electric Co., 15 Michigan ave.. Chicago. 
W. H. Barton, Gordon. Neb. 

S. Bower, IIT Herman St., Brooklyn. 

Taklto, Ogawa & Co., 100 E. Lake St.. Chicago. 

For Stage Use, 

Bennett Jewelry Co.. 1045 N. lOtb St.. Phlla. 
Coe, Yonge ft Co., 905 Lucas are.. St. Louis. 
K. Shore Co.. 220 MaiiUoo st.. Cbfcago. 
Sbryock-Todd Co.. 824 N. Sth St., St. Louis, Mo. 
Singer Bros.. 82 Bowery. Vew York City. 
Western Bargain House. 272 E. Madison, Ch'go. 


Edw. Van Wyck. 1065 Pullan ave.. Cincinnati. 


Cleveland Cane Co., Cleveland, O. 
Goldberg Jewelry Co.. Ill W. Oth st. Kanaaa 
City, Mo. 

Newman Mfg. Ca, 641 Woodland ave., Cleve- 
land. O. 

Singer Bros., 82 Bowery, New York City. 
Barry L. Welabaum, 244 E. Madison St., Ch'go. 
N. Shore Co., 220 Madison at,, Chicago. 
Sbryock-Todd Co., 824 N. Sth st, St Lonls, Mo. 


J. M. Naoghton. Hotel Mayer Building, Peoria, 


Beacons, Torches for Clrsnies and Tent Showa. 

Bolte & Weyer, 123 S. Center ave., Chicago, III. 
V. a. Tent ft Awning Ca, 22-28 M. Desplalnea 

at. Clilcago. 
WlDdbotat ft Co., 104106 N. 12th at, St Loola. 

Btscaai^tieoBs, etc. 
Stebblns, Cbas. H., 1028 Main st, Kanaaa City, 

Yost ft Ca. 800 Filbert St., Philadelphia, Fa. 


Americsn Box Ball Ca, 1360 Van Botea at, 

Indlanapolla. lad. 
Armltage ft Oulnn. SptlngvlUe, N. Z. 
Ell Bridge Ca, Boodhouae. IlL 
Herachell-SplUmaa Ca, 'Ma Tonawanda, M. I. 
W. F. Mangels Co., Coney liland. M. X. 

0. W. Parker. Leavenwotth. Kaa. 

A. J. anith, 8917 W. VanBarMB at, Chieaao, 
Wm. Worffleln. 908 N. Sd at, PbUadelphiaT 


A. Bemt 230 W. 14th at.. Mew York City. 
Lyon ft Healy. SOB Wabash are., Chicago. 

Ma Ttonawaada Uus. laat Worka, M. Toat- 
wanda, M. Z. 

Rudolph Wurlltxer Co.. Cincinnati and CbtcagD. 


Franda Bannennan, 501 Braadmy, M. Z, 0, 

American Film Broken, 5 W. 14th at., N. Y. C. 

American M. P. Machine Ca. 101 Beekman at. 
New York City. 

Amusement Supply Co., UI N. Dearborn st. 
Chicago, lU. 

Anti-Trust Film Co., 77 S. Clark at, Chicago. 

Cincinnati-Buckeye Film Exeh., N. E. cor. 4tb 
ft Plum, Clnclaoall. 0. 

Chlcafo nim Exchange, 46 JaekaoB Blvd., Chi- 
cago; Omaha; Dearer; Salt Lake Citjr; Sta 

Thos. A. Edison. Inc., 10 Fifth are., N. Y. C, 

and Orange, N. J. 
J. H. HaUberg. 36 E. 23d St.. New York Clly. 
Harbach ft Co.. SCO Filbert at., PblladalphU. 

B. ft H. Film Service. 360 Monadnock Block, 
Chicago. III. 

The Geo. M. Hoke Supply Co., 81 S. Clark tu. 

Laemmle Film Serrice, 196 Lake at.. Cblcaio; 
BvansvlUe, Ind.; Memphis, Tenn.: Omaha, 
Neb.: Salt Lake City, Duta.: MinneaaoUs, 
Minn.; Portland. Ore.; aiootrcu. Qua. Can.; 
Winnipeg. Man.. Can. _ 

Nicholas Power Co.. 115 Nassau St. N. Y. C. 

Sellable Film Ex.. Boom 260, 440 S. Dearbon 
St., Chicago. III. 

Southern Film Exch.. 345 Main st, Norfolk, Vs. 

Stebblns. Chaa. M., 102S Mala st., Kansas Cltj. 

Swanson-Crawford FUm Exchange. IOtl-5 Locnst 
st, St. Lcois, Ma; Louisville, Ky.; New Or- 
leans, La. 


Tbe Geo. H. Soke Supply Co., 81 S. Clark St., 


1. Braunelas. 491 Flatbosh. Brooklyn, N. X. 


The Columhua Piano Co., Columbua, O. 
Lym ft Bealy, 205 Wabash ave., Chlcaga 
North Tonawanda Musical Instrument Works. 

North Tonswaada, N. Y. 
Budolph Wurlltxer Co.. Cincinnati and Chlcaga. 


M. Stein Coametlc Ca. 130 W. 3tst at. M. Y. C 

Coe, Yonge ft Ca..90S Lttcss sve.3t. Loals. Ma 
M. Gerber, 7S9 South St.. Philadelphia, Pa. 
ISoldamtth Toy Imp. Co.. 122 B. 4tb St.. Cla- 

dniwtl. O. _ 
Gordon ft Mocrtsoa. IW-SOI E. Madlaan at, CU- 

caga _ 
Goldberg Jewelry Ca. Ill W. fith at. Kanau 

aty. Mo. 

Holiday Novelty Ufg, Ca, 37 E. 4th at. New 
York City. 

T. a. Moti. 711 S. Dearborn at.. Chlcaga HI. 
Rudolph Bros.. WO 8. 5lb at. PbUadelpbTa. Pa. 
N. Share Co.. 220 Madtaon at.. Chicago, IB- 
Slnger Bros.. 83 Bowery, 'New York City. 
St. Loots Confetti Ca. 13 8. Ooamerdal at, 

St. Lonla, Ma ' 

Western Bargain Bonae, 273 Ess» Usdlsoa St.. 


American Seating Co. 315 Wabash are., Cb'a*. 
A. H. Andrews, a74 Wabash arc.. Chlcaga 
Camie-Ooadla Mfg. Co.. S07 OeUwan at. Kaa. 

aaa City. Mo. _ 
J. H. HaUberg. 88 E. 2Sd at. Mew York ClIT- 
Hanlesty Mfk> Co.. Canal Dover. Ohio. . . 
I.eais Seating Ca, 905 Honser Bidg.. St. Lenli, 


Boyal Metal Mfg. Co.. 1831 Dearborn st, CU- 
eago, in. 

Steel Furniture Co.. Gnnd Baplds. MIeh. 
E. H. StsSord Mfg. Co., Chlcaga, 111. . 
Wisconsin Lumber ft Veaeer Co., Port Waie- 
Ington, Wla. 


Tbe Comer Co.. 808 Maryland st. Buffala >>• \- 
Rwenehatbint Ca. 024 w. IflOlh at. Mew \ork. 
Obaa. T. Morriaaey Co., 8407 Ogdea avs., Chi- 


O. p. Bath, Abilene, Kss. 

A. Bernt, 220 w. I4th St.. Sew York CIt/. 

Johannes s. Oebbardt Co., 3024 Lawrence st. 

Pbllsdelpbia. Pa. 

Lyon ft Healy. 203 Wabaih are., Chicago. 

John Miixxlo ft Son. 178 Park Row. N. Y. CIV- 
Nortb Tonawanda Musical Inatnnaent Worn, 

North Tonawanda. N. V. ... . _ 

Kudolpli Wurlllier Co., dnelnnaU and Chlesfl. 

(Natural, Parpetnatad.) 
Florida Natural Prodnrta Co.. Pernandlna, Fla. 

American Decorating Co,, 1400 E. Irving Psl* 

B-.vd,, Chicago, 
Carnival Papier Macbo Works, 205-200 Ww 
Water at. Mllwankec. Wla. 


Paul D. Uowse. 167 Dearborn at. Obleago. 

Victor J. Evans ft Co., Waahlngtoo. B. O. 

8, Catanaato ft Co., Pean aTO. ft SSd at. Fill* 
burg, Pa. 

KIngery Ufg. Ca, Cincinnati. O. 

SEPTEMBER 2. 1911. 

Xlie eillboard 



tt Nfwmu. 13M numon it., Bu naoeUea, 
Badoli* BM.. B20 a Sth at.. PhilaMpUa. F>. 


loung * OmK K. W. Cor. Tth and VIM aU, 
Ciiiclnnitl, O. 


jameatowB VmtfV Co., lU 8. Hahtad at. 

Intrrnafloiial 'VaUl and rerrotypa Co.. 1382 
Blue laUDd ara.. Cbleafo, III. 

Anwr. Minute Photo 0>., 720 W. IZtli, Chleaso. 
Ct:ic«(o Ferrotjrpc Co.. Ferrotype Bld(., Cta'fo. 
Cnt Rite Ptaoto Supply Co., 124T 8. Balated 
«t.. Chicago. 

Nafi Photo Maeblaa Co.. 88 Baavai at., N. 7. 

N*. y.'v»irotrP* Co.. ISSii Dalaaecr at.. M. T. 


W. S. yooDtford, too Maiden I^na. K. T. O. 
Dtileia in, ABtbon, J«aBta aad BnAart. 
A. E. Bclm. 403 Grand are.. Mllwtnkaa. Wla. 

Brnrtshaw Co.. 288 Greenwich at.. N. T. Ctty. 
Dlrnb<r(pr Popcorn Co., 185 Seneca at., Buffalo, 
.V. V. 

Buorkhrlm Broa. A Bckatelo. Barrlaon ft Paorta 
tis., Chlcafo. 


W. Z. Lone. 172 BUh at.. Sprinxfleld. 0. 


C a. Knott Maebloa Cb.. IS8 Pearl at.. Boa- 
loB, Maaa. 


Uawood B. Flint, Kortb Waterford. Ualse. 

Cbinga Fane. Co.. COaareaa and I.allUl ata.,, ni. 
Dl.Tiiirk SpcdaliF Co., Caaa are., St. Laola, 


Of neisrial Poatora, Bi* Typa Staada. 
■traaman, ato, 

AnvTlraa Show Print Co.. Mllwaskec. Wla. 
DnnaldioB utln. Co.. Newport, Kj. 
Bnix-n WOnuuia, 396^ Camacrco at., Oallaa. 


or Theatrical Lattaikaada. Osatneta and Tf- 

Chnrrb Printlns Co.. 418 Elm at.. Clnelaaatl. 


ICrKi.T Coaatnetloa Co.. Roeketeller Bids.. 
afielMd, o. 


Niiiooai Ticket Co.. Shamokln. Pa. 
Rant Ticket Q>., Sbamoklo. Pa. 


M. SteiB Coametle Co., ISO W. Slat at, K. I. 



Aratbn»ter. Cohnatnia, O. 


Aad Sealan is 8o«u(r> otc 

Easrar Cox, I83S TaB .Bam •>., Cblcaco. 
Eckrholl Art CO.. 5308 N, J7th at., Chnaba, 

John tlrrfarth. S1S3 Bo.b» at-, andaaatl. O. 
r City Stndloa. 1001 nmea Bld«., N. 

Sriirll-* s«eBle StodlO. SSI S. BIch at.. Colom 

bna. O. 

8«MB.B * Laadla Co, 417 8. Cllntoa at,. OffO. 
Tmbim a VoIUBd Sceale Ofc. aiS Xarkat at.. 

St. fioala. Vo. 


EJ'U".. "<""*• IH-arbota at., Chlcafo. 
« . F. Maosela Oa.. Ooaey lalaad. K. T. 


Olilf Film Excbaate, Oirenaboro. Kjr. 


B»(Tjr-Woo<l Piano Player Co.. Kinaaa City. Ho. 
J-yon & nraly. 208 Wahaata ate., Cbleato. 
Rodnlfh Wurlltaer Co.. ClnclBuatl and CblcafV. 


UiiaoBil NoTelly Co.. Scbeoeclady. N. T. 
E. E nipple. ^ Vlue at., rhlla.. Pa. 

n'it-aeJ. * **" 

>l«neel» Co., Coaey latand, N. T. 
?• • Learenwortb. Ran. 

A. I. Smith 3217 W. Van Bun-n at.. Chlcaroi 
^■.^■^f'f«l}f>ath, SberidaB'a Walk. Coney la- 

J-tHn, >. y. 

Wm, Wiirffleln. 108 N. 2<1 »l., Philadelphia. Pa. 

"""'iLu'"'* »■"» c»- 


f. 'r? W"« >»l"Hid are.. Chleaim. lU. • 

i ; i ;' ,," .""JL * <^«- Orrenmia, IH. 

p i ". Art Co.. igos N. 27tb at.. Omaha. Neb. 

X Y ^" "n>«">'"Jf. Brooklyn, 

r. s T ot ft Awn. Co., 22-28 N. Daaplalaaa at.. 

* n.rsffo, 


^"l Xi'Iton, Ncolh Cambridge, Uaaa. 


iiu'," "ft.*** WaahlOfton 

lil«0. Chicago III. ^ 

«• 1. Ilcnipy. Rlcbmoud. ind. 

fil""!* Co, 1022 Mala at.. Anderaoo. Ind. 

MaaBfhotaiara of aad Daalara Sa. 

J^tJi'Vl "'•?••* Co- D'irolt. Mich, 

A J ?.1 ''""IT Co., 8clienoetidy. li. I. 

I ron i ll" I* *S.-J '"I P»t»»inr«. Pa. 

£nov»ATc;^o" — 

»ii*iiph Wuriltaer Co., Cincinnati and Chicago. 

K«MI,H Supply Co.. 843 8. l),,rt>om at.. Cb-go. 


iw.'.^^Vi'? ®2»*J 8" Antonio, Tn. 
■iv,",. • 275, BrewnfTllle. 

O IUiii LeMB, San AbIobIo. Tar. 


Wm. W. Delaney, 117 Park Bow, New York 

Yor nioattatad Boaga, 

Chicago Film Ezebange, 46 Jaekaoa Bird.. Chi- 
cago: Omataa: Denyer: Salt Lake City; San 

B._.A H. Film ScTTlce, SOD Monadoock Block. 
Chicago, III. 

taemmle Film Serrlce, 198 Lake at., Chicago: 
ETanarllle, Ind.; Memphia, Tenn.: Omaba, 
Neb.: Salt Lake City: MInneapolIa, Minn.: 
Portland, Ore.; Montreal, Qae.. Can.: Winni- 
peg. Han.. Can. 

Bwaaaon-Crawford Film Exch., 1401-6 Locnit 
at., St. Lonla, Ho.; iMlarine, Ky,; New Or- 
leana, U. 


Advaaee Whip Oo.. WeatflaU. Maaa. 

Tor AU Vnipoaaa. 
The Brayton Mfg. Co., 77-79 8. Clark at, Ch'go, 


Singer Braa., 82 Bowery, New Xork City, 

H. Stela Coametle Co., 120 W. SUt at. New 
York Cliy. 


J. B. aaocey. 247 Sallna at.. SyraenM, K. X. 


J. R. BaUbrrg, 36 E. S3d at. New York City. 
Joa. Mencbra Electric Co.. 300 W. 50th at. 
New Xork City. 


For Fair Followera. 
Coe. Xonge Co.. 904 Lneaa are.. St. Loots. Mo. 
Berk Broa.. SS9 Broadway. Sew York City. 
E. it. DaTla Soap Co., 310 Dnlon Park Place, 

Snidberg Jewelry Co.. Ill W. etti at, Kanaaa 
City, Ho. 

Gordon A Morriaon. 199-201 E. Madlaon. Chicago. 
Goldamlth T>y Imp. Co.. 123 E. 4tb. Cincinnati. 
Holiday NoTdty Mtg. Co.. 37 E. 4th at.. New 

York City. 
Lerln Broa., Terre Hante, lad. 
T. O. Hott Co.. 711 S. Dearborn at. Chicago. 
Kearman Hfg. Co.. 841 Woodland are., dere- 

laod. O. 

Bnddph Broa.. 820 8. Sth at, Phlla., Pa. 
S«ulble Tie Co., 2S1 E. 14tb New York. 

Shrroek-'IVNld Co.. 824 St. Slh it.. St. loola. Mo. 
N. Sbnre Co.. 230 MidlMin at. Chicago. lit 
Singer Bsoa.. 82 Bowrry, Sew York City. 
Saninel WelaliatM Co.. 7S0 Penn. ave.. Plttabnrg, 

Rany Welabanm, 2S8 Madlwm at. Cbteago. m. 
Wcatera Bargaia Bonae, 272 E. Madlaon. Ch'go. 
Weatem Pode Worka, 88 Jaekaon at. St 
Paal. Mian. 

Id. ■. Bfova. 411 Main at. Peoria. 111. 


Baker A Lockwood, 7tb A Wyandotte ata.. Kan- 
aaa City. Mo. 
Coiombna Tent A Awning Co.. Colamboa. O. 
Carale-Gsodle Co.. 387 Delaware at., Kanaaa 

City. Mo. 

DoaghrrtT Broa.' Tent Co.. 100 S. Main at. 
St. l-oulB. Mo. 

J. C. • on A Co.. D<>trolt. Mich. 

D. M. Kerr Mtg. Co., 1007 W. Madlaon at, 
Chlraeo. 111. 

The KBBkely Teat A Awning Co., 183 Sooth at, 
N. Y. C. 

W. H. LaabbaQi;b. Corlngton, Ky. 

M. Magee ft S<». 147 Fnlton st.. N. Y. City. 

Murray A Co.. Inc.. 8t0 Meridian at.. Chieaeo. 

John SCbera Sone, 1006-lOOg Freemao are., Cin- 
cinnati, O. 

Thomson A Vandlreer. 816 B. PeaH at, CIn'tL 
tr. S. Tent A Awning Co., S2-S8 N. Oeaplalnea 
at, Chicago. 

Kanoeberg RooSng and Celling Ca, .Canton. O. 


Wri. Beck A Sana Co., 10-12 GarHeld Place, 

Clodanatl. O. 
Chicago Coatnme Worka. 14S X. Dearborn at. 


A. FneCTT- (t2l Walnut at. St Loola, Mo. 
Whitney Scenic and Coatnme Co., 98 Woodwaid 
are.. Detroit. Mich. 

Jaau B. nodgp. 418 Eleetrle Bldg.. Clereland. O. 

John B. Ctowell, 003 Security Bldg,, Chicago, 

John'ailleapte Lumber Co.. Lumber and Seward 

ata,, Chlcaga 
CalUe Braa.. Detroit, Mtcb. 

H, T. Bright, Strawn Bldg,, CleTeliBd. O. 

Arena Ticket Co.. 300 Dearborn st, Chicago. 

National Ticket Co.. Shamokln, Pa. 

Rrra Printing Co., 10th A Harney ata., Omaha. 

Royal Ticket Co., Shamokln, Pa. 

Trlmount Preaa, S7 Albany at, Boston. Maaa. 

Weldon. Williams A Lick. Fort Smith. Ark. 

Naaaclla Braa., 32 Atlantic are.. Boston. Maaa. 
Geo. A. Paturel. 41 Warren at. X. Y. C. 
Sbryock-Todd Co.. 824 X. Sth at., St. Louis, Mo. 
Singer Bras., S2 Bowery, New York City. 
Wutern Bargain Rouse. S72 E. MaJUon. Ch'go. 

Thoa. A. Edison. Inc.. Orange. N. J. 

BeWfr Trank * Bag Co., leil N. Hincock at, 

& B. A B. I'runk Co.. 44/ Wood at, PiUaburf. 

XsgiatailBg aad Ooln-Ointrallsd Xamatllaa. 
:. V. Bright. Straws Bldg., daralanl. O. 


De Moulin Broa. A Co., 1090 8. Fourth at, 

ORenrllle, IlL 
-Js*. B. Blrscb A Co., 208 Jackson at, Cb'gOb 
Western Dnifonn Co., 214 S. Clark at, Chicago. 


Padfle Coast ' Annaement Co., American Bank 

Bldg.. Saataa: Wash. 
Ted Bparka* Theatrical Ezebange. CenttUF 

Bldg:. Xaasaa City, Mo. 

C. F. Amea, 217 E. 35th at. New York City. 


N. Shore Co., 220 Madlaon at, Chicago, HL 
Singer Broa., 82 Bowery, New York Ci^. 


p0mr Swffiv flnfHilv ITfmm ¥liMftTir 1TI 


Putnam's Pet and Wild Anttnsi Store, 480 Wash- 
ington at, BnSalo, N. Z. 
Louis Bohe, SIS Oraad at. New Toft OU7. 

T. 0. UMt, 711 & Oeaibmn at. OUeaxo, m. 

Reading Fair 

■ept 12. 18. 14 and IS. Write for privflataa. 


SaetetaiT. Beading, Xm. 


dsaa Smn, Raa AUkuOum, OWBSwtim 
XABion'oomrtY nn. 

Ooala, 71a. 
Sonmhar n, 1*^ n and M, IMl. 

0. 8. WILIilAMS, - • Pai letarjr. 

Fint-Oltti Frit Afiraeiiiu ud Sraeasdin 


October 3, 4, 5 and 6; 1911. B. A. WALKEB, 
Com., Skldmore, Mo. 


Daily Aeroplane Flidita. September 4, 5, 
6, 7, 8. JOS. LEVY, Supt Bemtals: W. 
K. FASNTSWORTH, Seiaetaiy, Rutland, 

Wanted- Small Garolval Go. 

On per cent, with reasonable guarantee; Mer- 
ry-go-Ronnd, four or five good, dean Shews, 
two Free Attractions for Columbus Dsy Cele- 
bration and Horse Sbow, five days. October 12- 
18, 1911, at Loogootee. Indiana. Good bnal. 
ness for good people with nice clean shows. 

ISli AeKRMil. - LiopttM, lidiua. 


For the ninth aanoal Bdlevne ftee Street Fhlt. 
at Bellerne. Ohio, Oct 17, 18, 19 and 20. For 
prlTUegea of all klada addieaa W. B. SNYDBB. 
Assistant Secretary. 

Wanted—Small Carnival GOa 

For Quitman Coun^ Fair 

NoTcmber 1-4. Write folly. Befeiences. Rea 
Attracttons, terms, etc Addreaa OB. HAB* 
SBALLw Marka. Mlaa. 


September 12-15. 
Want Midway Attraetlona. 
H. J. TtlffB, Boe*y, Smethpext, Pa. 


Two County Fair. September 12, IS. 14 and 15. 
WANTED — Good Shows on percentage or atralght 
privilege; Frlvllegea of all kinds (except gam- 
bling); can use Cane Backs. Doll Baeka. Knifa 
Back and Noreltlea. Good Ms emwda. H. 
BBIGHT, President; W. 0. SIMFKDtS. See. 
rotary, Boewell, Ind. 

WaiM hr Ge»|^ State Gilired Agri- 
critinri aid lidistrial Faff 

Not. 8 to Not. 18. 1911, at Macon, Oa., Srst- 
claas Attraetlona. The FUr alwaya has paid 
PriTllegea and eoneeaslona far aale. MAI. B. 
B. WRIGHT, Prea.. Sarannah. Qa. 


The Largest Exhibition In New England. 

Oetolier 2, 8. 4. B. 6, 7. For PrlTUegea apply 
to N. T. BOLKLBT. Secy. Bootha and Standa. 
Danbniy. Ooim. FOB SALB — Tha exelnriea Cor 

Don't Mlaa the Golden Opportunity, But Coma to 


Sept 12, 13 and 14. The blggeat three-day (air 
in Connecticut; the only fair In the state that 
ever gare raeea with purses of $1,000. Brery 
day a big day. We bare a beautiful midway of 
over 2.000 feet in length, and It la alwaya Oiled 
with people. We follow the OonnecUent Fair 
and are oo^ 30 miles from Bartfofd. O. E. 
MACFABLANE. Shpt Orooods, WUlImaatle, 

BIG c:ei .ebration 

Horton. Kanaaa. September 19-20. Attraetlona 
of an kinds, anttable for outdoor celebration, 
wanted. WHte aU detaila lliat letter. Big op- 
portunity for eoaeesaion men. Addteas 


STABSE coinimr faik 

September IS-ld, bidtislTe; open tat abowa, rid- 
ing devices and other legtUmata attraetloaa. Big 
attendance asstired. Write JAMES U. NEWT- 
SON, Secy,. Knox, Indiana. 


October 4. 6. 6, 7. Want Pay Shows, Concea- 
alona and Etee Acts. 


nro ASSOCIATIOB, will hold Its Bpcond ex- 
hibition at Fair Park ApoUo, Sept. I3-I4-15-IS. 
ITon should have space reserved. 40,000 people 
last year. For Information, write DEAN CLABK. 
Secretary, Vimdergrift Pa. 


With 8 or 10 good Shows, for the Faulkner Co. 
Pirir, Conway. Art.. Oct 3-8. Kipect 5.000 
people every day. Addtesa J. A. EIKO, Mgr. 


For Second Aimoal Adams Coooty Fair and 
Street Carnival at RltirUle, Washington. Four 
day»— September 26. 37. 2S. 29. 19U. Conces- 
sion space for sale. 10,000 admissions sold 
last year. Midway attractions and amusement 
features desired — aeronauts, aerry-so-round, Fer- 
ris wfaeW. or an.v good special a«t. TImea good 
and money plentiful. Address ED6AB DE^TT 
GILSOX. Manager. 

WANTED— For Stokes County Fair. Oct. 17-19, 
Balloon Ascensions, Merry-go-round, Ferris 
Wheel and all kinds of clean Concessions. 
WILL B. KIGEB, Secy., King, N. C. 


OCTOBEB 17-20. 

Address the secretary for concessions. Good 
crops, good money. - J. O. BELISLE, Secretary, 
Many, Ija. Can place anotha small show. 

OoncessiODS and Sideshows Wanted 

— FOR— 

Riciiiaid CNity Fair at Wabpetii. N. D. 

September 28, ZT, 28, 28. Four big days. Big 
erowda aaaured. Attrmctlons include big racing 
program and aeroplane fllghta. Best Connty 
Fair in North and South Dakota. Shows and 
Oanceeslooa also wanted for Fair at Wheaton, 
Minn., Sept. 21. 22, 23. Write before yoo come 
to R. J. HUGHES. Secy., Wahpeton, N. D- 

WABTED — ^FoT Third Annual Street Fair, with 
crowds of 3,000 to 9.000. with good street ear 
service and electric lights. Have hie success. 
Three good Shows, Ferris Wh'-el. Merr.v-go- 
Koond, Ocean Wave ana pood Concessions. 
Knlf^tsrUle. Ind., Sept. 11-16. F. G. PAIT- 
SON, Manager. 

WASTED— For Central Trades and Labor Coun- 
cil Celebration and Races, Labor Day. Photo 
Gallery, Novelties, Pit Shows, and all others. 
40.000 attendance. Day and night W. COL- 
LIES GIBSON. 801 X, 34th St.. Blehmond, Ta. 


Ct^ncesslODS for sale mhA attractlmas waated for 
QREA2r CENTRE! CO. FAIB. Bellfonte, Pa.. 
October 3, 4, S, 6, Address 



Mepbisto Bodyless Wonder Illoston. Works on 
any stege or in store window. $30- Animated. 
Drawing Illuslmi, $10; 5x7 Portable ninalOB 
Cabinet $10: M. P. Booth, $25; 1,247 feet FlUna, 
tlO. Stamp for particulars. 
EBAHX HABXLET, Oreenport, i;, I., V. T. 

NANTER— PrivR^aii Ciicissiii Mei 

For Fslr. at BeansTlUe. Ind., Sept SO-SS. In- 
eliulTe. A. J. RAOON. Secretary. 


AbbeetUe, S. C, October 18, 18 and 20. Warn 
to hear from good clean shews and other attrae 
llona, coneeaalona. etc. We wUl have no eanlnC 
down town. ETciytting mnat be on tha gtaonda 
Address JAS, A. HILL, Sapt, Amnaemeiitg. 

FOB SALE — Sappho Tin. used only three weeka. 
As good as new. Cost $75.00; will sell for 
$28.00. This 18 a bargain. u£0. A. APPLB- 
TON, Bockaway Beach, K. Y. 


Most np-to-date Motion Picture Theatre In 
Marlon. Ohio. Good loc-atlon; everything' new 
and fireproof. Dolus tlni> bnsinesji and Inw ex- 
pense. Cheap if sold at once. Addreaa BOX 
81.1. Msrinn, Ohio. 

EL PASO COUNTY PAIS, Calhan, Colo.. October 
1. S, 8 and 7. Concessions far sale. Want 
Merry-go-round and everything else. Writs 
L. IL SMITB. Wi)i consider seroplane propo- 

C0B0E8SI0M8 WASTSl— For the Orangeta 
Picnic and Exhibition of Central. Pennsylvania. 
Sept. 8 U> IB. 1811; Orange Park. Center Ball. 
Pa, Large attendance; day and night: tree 
gatea... ie> cactaalvea sold; ao ggmllUng. 

: D. TBIMPBB. Skf.. Ocean City. Md. 

FOB BALE— SOO Folding Opera Chairs, in prac- 
tically new condition. Cost $1.75 each; will sell 
for 75c each. Absolutely the best chair bargain 
ever ottered. Act qnlek or yo» will be toa late. 
Write, wire— or better yet— COME. Addnaa 
C. S. Pn.E, Lock Bex 173, Wapakoneta, Ohtow 

Ttie eillboapd 

SEPTEMBER 2, 1911. 



(Continaid from page 35). 

t i; S'ma (Hershey Park) Heisbey. Pa.; 
' - XnaCiUa^ Dam Part) Bridgeton, N. 3., 4-6. 
iBoas' SI^asf (Indiaoola Park) COInmlms, O. 
gtr Jobtt i: Bridges: E. SSth at., k. X. C. 

ttanford Sc Darlington: 3960 Fennsgrore St., 
* "ir. . PWladripMa. 

8uitai|iilns. Aerial: 830 Navajo St.. OesTer. 
SaTages. The: 4317 Coltax ave. Sou til, Sllnne- 
i apolls. 

Savor & Savoy: 39 Bnbbard Conrt, Cblcago. 
8cbaar-Wbeel« Trio: 8130 Commercial ave., 
. Chicago. ' 111. 

Scbale A Cole: Acpletoa City. Mo. 
Seabniy Dao: Fott Washington. Ik L. N. T. 
Seailea Geoige: 8858 Cottace Grova ave., 

'Oblcasiv ■■ ■' : 
Sedgwicks. Five: 3309 Avenne t. OalTesbm. 
= Texu . 

Selblnl & GTOvInl: 6S04 17th ave., Brooklyn. 
Shaw. Lew & 'Nellie: '1445 Ogden ave., Chicago. 
Bfaecfc & D'ArviUe: 2028 N. Clark rt., Chl- 


Bhedman's Dogsr Domont, 97. J. 
Sbelvey; Bros.. : Three: Box 293. Waterbmv, 

Shernroods. Aerial: 165. W. OhestBnt at.. Oil-: 

Shtelds & Bodgers: Bos 29, Brldgemon. Mich. 
: 8bortiea. ::Tbieei 248 39t]i St.. N. T. C. 

Shnct ft Shorty: 905 Idunar St.. Wichita Falls, 

SIddons & Earle: 2544 S. 8th St., Phlla. 

Slegel & Matthews: 324 Desrbora st.,' Chicago: 

Sllverlakes. The: Chrlcfaton, Ala. 

Skatells The: 871 W. King St.. Toronto, Can. 
iSkremka Sisters: 104 E. 14th St.. N. X. C. 

Sllkers, Flying: Anstlnburg. O. 

SnUletta Trio: 8818 Commercial ave., Soath Chi- 
cago, III. V 

Snith & Brown: 1324 St. John ave., Toledo, O. 

Smith & Samner: 6234 Ellis ave., Chtcago- 

Soanes -Family, Moslcal: 115 Glenwood - ave., 

8p«ats. Bert & Emmat-ffT Clinton St., Everett, 

Spragup & DLxon: 489 Sackett St., Brooklya. 
Sprlnglora Twins: 648 State St., Brldeepott, 

Conn. * / 

Stagpooles. Fonr: 244 W. 39th St., -K. T. O. 
Standish Sisters: Stamford, ^nn. 
Stanley & Gfaambeis: Ualoa are. & Oak lane. 
■ Fhlla. 

Stanley & A Uce: 205 K. Bncihajuut St., 3Carion, 

Stanton & Klotlng: 2730 Locost St., St. Lanls. 
Stewart & Karle: 125. EacUtt 'ave.. WoadbniT; 

- Stewart ft Stevenson: 1S7 Dnndas St.. Xoconto. 
StMlny Ohapmanr 88 Femn St., Charleston. 

. SMci^idd.. Bnbe: 13 S. -Main., at., Salamanca. 

'-Stnartsr Sancing: 2017 Nebiatta - ave., Chl- 

Stnart jc Eeeley: 776 8th ave.. N. T. C. 

Stntzman & May: 819 Washington St.. ' WH- 
liamsport. Pa. 

Sullivan Bros.: Waverly, N. T. 

SnUr & Ooesey: 601 Root St.. Chicago. 

Summers, ABen: 1968 W. Division St., Chi- 

Swain & Oatman: 2519 33d ave. SOnth, Mlnne- 
apolis. . ' 

Sylow. Hemy: 1553 Broadway. K. T. C. 

Sytz & S.vtzr 140 Mortis at.. Pbfla.: 

Savo.vs. The, & Cck (lixposltion) Toronto, Cm., 

28-Sept. 9. 

Sterling Bros. (Bijon) Savannah, 6a.; (Ca- 
sino) Augnsta, fia., Sept. 4-9. 

Sweeney & Rooney (Pantages) St. Joseph, Mo. 

Stevens. E. J.: 498 Marlon St.. Brooklyn. 

Sabel. Josephine (Empress) San Blego. 

Smitlis, Musical: (Rlvervlew Park) Chicago. 

Somen & Storke (Majestic) Colorado Springs, 
Col.r (Empress) Kansas Oty, Mo., Sept. 4-9. 

Snnuners,: Allen (Orphenm) Fargo, N. D. 

Shields & Rogers (Scala) Copenhagen, Den- 
mark, Sept. 1-23. 

Smiths. Great Aerial (Empire) -lAndon, Eng., 
Sept^ 1-22. 

Sandber? & Xeei (Empress) Denver; (Empress) 

Colorado Springs, Sept. 4-9. 
Sheck S: D'Arvnie (Washington) Spokane; 

(Majestic) Seattle. Sept. 4-9. 
Stanley, Edmirad. & Co. (Empress) Denver 

(Empress) Colorado Springs, Sept. 4-1?. 
Singlnjc Girls. Two (Empress) Winnipeg. Can. 
Solis Bros-. Fonr (MaJesHc) Vanconver, S. C, 

Can.; (GTanfl) TIctorla. 4-9. 
Snyder, Badd (BeH) Oakland, Cal.; (Empress) 

Los Anfreles. Sept. 4-9. 
Sflbina & Grovini • (Tem"Ie> I>etroiti . 

Sanilberg & Lee (Empress) Denver. 

► Samois Arabs (Pantages^) Denver. 
Son of Solomon (Colnmbia) Cincinnati, 4-9. 
Sale. Chick (Colnmbia) Cincinnati, 4-9. 
Scfceter & Newkirk iCmey Island) Chudnnatl. 
Spnok. Minstrels (Pantages') Tancoover, B. C. 

S.vlvester (Happyland) Sontli ^eacb. S. I., N. 

Y. ■ ■ \ ^ . ■ ■ ' 

Tangier. Pearl: W S. . Clark St.. Chicago. 
Tarlton «: Tarlton; Box 106. Greeley, Colo. 
Tasmanlsn-Van DIeman Tronpe: 58 Cbadwick 

ave.. Xewark. N- J- 
Taylor Twins: 116 W. RM st., N. T. C. 
Temple & O'Brien: 429 B. 2d St., Dulntb. Minn. 
Tfeny .ft Sunders: IMff.Garrltt St., E. Liberty, 

PlttSbarKL Pa. . .^i 

Thompson « Howard: Fonntatn ave.. Dayton, O. 
Thnrbert Sisters: 93% Magne at;, Rochester, K. 

T<*lT0».; Three: 722 7f. Fra-nklyn St., PMla. 
Tom-Jack THo: care P. Taaslg, IM K Utb St., 

^Simef A^Kaaiatlii ISBS S. ISth St.. St. Joseph. 

■ ■ . Mo.. . . ■ ■ 

Tops, T<9Sy & Tops: 5443 W. School St., Chl- 
: f-caso. - 
Treat's. Capt.. Seals: Tonawanda. N. Y. 
Trisle Comedy Fonr: .2830 North 5th St.. PbHa. 
:1kemalneii. Mnslcair 230 Caldwell St.. Jackson- 
ville, m. 

Tronbadonrs. Three: 286 Park .ave.. -Newark, 


Trars. Mnsical: 391 Ilth St., MUwankee, 
Tamers, Musical: 1806 Felix St., St. Joseph, Mo. 

. V.TDi><w><>;:Bn».: Little Falls. N. Y. 

- TF-Belt. SIstaa: 7019 Sonth Park ave., Cbl- 

■ "-.-caao.- ■ 

Tnier Sisters: 42 Bank St., N. T. C. 
Tangier. Pearl: 1363 Sherman at.. Mnseatlne, 

Threlkelcl & Wicke (Bivervlew Park) Charles- 
ton. ITT. 

-Torcat &■ D'.\Uza Tronpe (Pantages) Van- 
.* conver. Can.; (Pantages) Tacoma, Wash.. 
Sept. 4-9. 

Terry & Lainhert (Empress) Victoria, B. C. 

Can.; (Empress) i:acoma, Wash., 4-9. 
Telephone Girts ^Empress) Cincinnati, 
Thornton, Jas. (Colambia) Cincinnati, 4-9. 
L'tepla Mnsidans: IIU Farmer St., Detroit, 
ntts. Aerial :..ConTontion Hall, Kansas City. 

Mo. ■-■ . 

Valdare, Bessie:. Tronpe: 305 W. 97th St., N. 

Y C. ■ " 

Valentlhe ' & Bell: : 1451 W. 103d St.. Chicago. 
Valentine &. Bay: 253% 6th st,' Jersey .City, 

Valletta & Lanisoh: 1329 St. tOaiil^^.':' Cleve- 
land. - • --^ 

Valley Forge Comedy Fonr: 81 WHsey St., New- 
ark, N.- J.- • - 

Valoise Bros.: 318 South ave., Bridgeport. Conn. 

Vance. Gladys: Gbsben. In.d. 

Van. Jlmmle & Myrtle: 1921 Walnut St., Chi- 
cago. ..... 

Van Dalle Sisters: 514 W. 135th St.. N. T. C. 

VanderbUtB. The: 207% Overland St., El Faso, 

Vanton. Great: 672 S. 5th St.. Lonlsvine. 
Van & Van: 2661 Lincoln ave., Chicago.- 
Vardaman: 13D1 High St.. Alameda, Cal. 
VardcllgB" The: "Lowell, Mich. 
Variety Comedy Trio: - 1515 Barth ave.. In- 

Varm & Varin: 201 Mills St.. CrestOD. la. 
Veda & Qnlntatow: 6lobe Hotel. Bellalre. O. 
Vernon & Bens: 161T Division ave.. Shreve- 
port. La. 

Vlctorine, Myrtle: 233 Scott St.. San Fran- 
cisco. ■ 

Vincent & Slager: 820 Olive St., Indianapolis. 

Vlolinl: 529 Eighth St., Brooklyn. 

Viola & George: 35 Merxitt St., San Francisco. 

VJsocchl. Anthony & Andrew: 147 Cottage St.. 
Eflfit Boston, Mass. 

Vogel & Wandas: 2209 Sbenandoali ave., St. 

Vagrant^ Three (Orphenm) Lincoln, Neb.; 

(Orphenm) Des Moines. la., Sept. 4-0. 
Viola, Otto ((^cns Bnsch) Berlin, Germany, 

Sept. 1-30. 

Vernon, Dorothy: 231 S. Pierce at, NewOr- 

Van, Biily (Empress) Denver, S^t^ 4-0. 
Vindobonas, The (Gairick) San Diego, CaL 
Venetians, Four (Majestle) Bntte, Mont.; 

(Washington) Spokane. Wash.. Sept. 4-9. 
Van Hoven (Orphenm) Seattle, 28-Sept. 9. 
Van GoCre. & Cotrely: Cape Gtrardean, Mo. 
Wakahama Troopfr: 1237 E. 71st st.. Chicago. 
Wallace's, Jack. Cockatoos: 1S>3 Broadway, N. 

T. C. 

Wallace & Beach: 334 Carmen St., Jacksonvlll, 

Wattons, Six: 23 S. Superior St., Toledo, O. 
Walton & Ward: 9(e W. Jelferson St., Lonis- 

Waller Bros.: ' ^ S. Main St., Akron, O. 
Wanser & Palmer: 21 E. 30th St.. ■ Chicago. 
Wards. Flying: Bloomlugton. 111. 
Ward & Webster: Palace Hotel. Chicago. 
Warren & Blancfaard: Grant Hotel, Chicago. 
Warren & Francis: Box 643. Cheyenne. Wyo. 
Warren. Lyon & Meyers: 72 Lafayette St., New 

Bochelle. N. Y. 
Warricks, The: 1132 Sedgwick sfc, Chicago. 
Wartenbnrg Bros.: care P. Tanslg, 104 E. 

14th St., N. I. C. 
Washer Bros.: Newport. Ky. 
Watson's. Sannny. Farmyard Circus: 333 St. 

Pauls ave.. Jersey City, N. J. 
Weber Family: lOA Orleans St., Chicago. 
Wells. Lew: .213 Shawmnt ave.. Grand Baplds, 

Wentworth. Vesta & Teddy: 200 Pratt st., 

Meriden, Conn. 
Wemtz -Dno, Flying: 4027 Broadway, Cleve- 

Wemtz, Hayes & Beatrice: 633 Wooster ave., 

Akron, O. 
Wesley. Lynn & Una: Portsmouth. O- 
West & Benton: 31 School St.. BnHalo. 
West & Denton: 133 W. Cedar St., Kalamazoo, 

Wheeler Sisters: 1441 N. 7th St.. PhHa. 
Whitehead Sc Grierson: 2466 8tb ave.. N. Y. 

Whitman Bros.: 1335 Chestnut St., Fhlla. 
Whitman. Frank: 133 Greenwich st.. Beading, 

Pa. ... 
WUtworth & Pearson:- 9413 €orman ave., Cleve- 

Williams. Frank & Delia: Palmyra. N. Y. 
Williams & Sterling: Box 1, Detroit. 
WUIIaBis & Warner: care P. Tanslg, 104 E. 

14th St.. N. Y. C. 
Wills & Barton: Bloomlngton. HI, 
Wills & Hassan: 156 Manhattan ave.. N. Y. C. 
wnis & Hutchinson: 253 W. 5oth St.. N. Y. C. 
Wilson Bros.: Maywood, III. 
Wilson & Pearson: 330 8tb ave.. N. T. C. 
Wilson Hlchr 73 Graham ave., BrookTyn. 
WoU. Moore & Tonng: Cloncester. W. J. 
Wormwood's Monkeys: SSi W. 49th st, N. Y. 

O. ■ 
Wren Trio: Leipsic, O, 

Welch, Jas. A.. & Co. (Coney Island) OlncU- 

Wentworth, Vests, * Tedfly (Orphenm) Har- 
risburg. Pa.; (5th Ave.) N. Y. C. 4-8. 

Wlnkler-Kress Trio (Fair) Mtddlebury, Vt.; 
(Majestic) Patexson, N. J., Sept. 4-9. 

Weber, Chas. D. (IngersoU Park) Des Moines, 

World, John W., Si MlndcU - Kingston (Orph- 
enm) Seattle; (Grand) Portland, Ore., 4-9. 

Wright, Horace, & Rene Dletrlck (Orphenm) 
Los Angeles, 2S-Sept. 9. 

Wood Bros. (Orptaeum) Portland, Ore. 

Wyckoff, Fred (Pantagea) Sacramento, Cel.. 
Sept. 4-0. 

Watermelon Trust (Pantages) Tacoma, Wash.; 

(Pantages) Portland, Ore., Sept. 4-9, 
Winston's, Capt, Sea Lions' (Million Dollar 

Pier) Atlantic City. 
Wayne. Mabel (Empress) Los Angeles; (Gar 

nek) San . Diego, Sept. 4-9. 
Whitman. Frank (Broadway) N. Y. C. 

Wilkes, Monte, & Sister (Wonderly) LaJunta, 
Col.; (Star) Cripple Creek, Sept. 4-9. 

Wilsons, Musical (Orphenm) South Bend, Ind. 

Williams & CKirdon (Princess) St. Paul. 

Welch, Jas. A., & Co, (Coney Island) Cincin- 

Wheelock & Hay (Coney Island) Cincinnati^ 
Woodward, V. P.; Pasadena, Cal. 
Yacklay & Bunnell: Lan'caster, Pa. 
Yamamoto Bros.: Winchestler, O. 
Yeakle & Burt: The Billboard, Chicago. 
Yorks, The: 5610 Prescott ave., St. Louis. 
Yonngs & Brooks: Martin. Mich, 
Zanonettas. Musical: 10 E. Bourne Terrace, 

Zaretsky Troupe: care P. Tauslg. 104 E. 14th 

St.. N. Y. C. 
Zat Zams. The: 433 Stanley ave.. Peoria, III. 
Zeno & Mandell: 2008 S. State sr.. Chicago. 
Zerado Bros.: 536 Thomas St.. Hillyard, Wash. 
Zingarella: 66 Beaver et.. N. Y. C. 
Zee Bell. Frank (Lyric) Ludington, Mich. 


Instaietive Coarse absolutely FREE. I person 
ally assist yon to get an act and engagement 
Experience unnecessary. Method endorsed b; 
managers. Thirty years' experience. Instruc 
tlve book FREE for stamp. F. LaDELLE, Eoi 
A, Decatur, Znd, 

How Tliey Win 

at Slot Machines, Dice, Cards, Faro, Ronlette, 
Spindles, fair games, etc— exposed. Get wise. 
Biff illustrated circular FREE. 

BLOT HACHZNE&T-Fin, Gum, Operators, Bells. 
Ronlette, Two-bitt Jacfc-Fot-J, Lone Stars (100) 
others. We sold more slightly used macbinev 
than any other firm: there's a reason — sqaar» 
deal. Goods guaranteed, SI,OAN NOT., Sta- 
tion S.. Philadelphia. Pa. 


Machines and Outfits. SO cents. 
Remover, tl.50. Catalog free. 
PROF. H. W. EBBEC, 1103 8, 
1st St., W., Cedar Baplda, la, 



Springfield, HI, 

■ ■ 1 W Large Catalogs FREE. 80 olg 
pages of Vaudeville Material, 50c; Make-Up 
Book, 15c; Dutch or Irish Wigs, SOc. Addregr 
X. E. REIM, 403 Grand Ave., Mr-Twankee, Wis 

{ W A 17 T E D ) 

Agents. Legitimate substitute for Stat Ma- 
chines; patented; sells on sight for (1. Par- 
ticulars. GISHA CO., Anderson, Ind. - 



Located next to new Govt. Postofflce building, 
good for legitimate In winter; vandevlUe In 
summer. Reason for selling: Have other busi- 
ness Interests. Address MOBT L. BIXLER. 

Open for Lease 

Upstairs theatre, Sandusky, Ohio, Seats 700 

fully equipped in first-class condition: rent 

reasonable. Address MOREIS M. UXK, San 
dusky, O. 



Open for booking Independent shows tor season 
1911-U. FIrst-cIass house. Seatlog capacity, 
one thousand. Address M. C BUBKH. 906 Ken- 
nedy Bldg.. Ft. Smith. Ark. 

Some Good Open Time 

Left for llrst-class Stock Companies, Minstrel 
Show, One-night Attractions. Up-to-date bouse, 
good show town, easy to reach. Write BOCK- 
VILLB OPERA HOUSE. Boctvllle. Connr 

— W A N T E O — 

Good Attractions for Babcock Opera House. 
Qalncy. Mich. Shows with band. Vaudeville; 
Sonbrettes that can sing and dance. Anything 
that is good. New manager an old trooper, 
who knows how to treat show people. FRED 
McKIXXEY. Manager. 

— Book with US and you will be glid. Season 
opens September loth. Give number of people 
In company when writing. Address BRODIB & 
POSTOK. Managers. 


Will tell you how. Write for descrlptlv* 



2219 So. 11th Street, St. Louis, Ho 

ajBtjKMERS — A new departure In Che snare 
line; something entirely new. Makes a cheap 
drum sound good and a good drum better. 
Send 50c in stamps. ELASTIC WIBE BMABE 
HFG. CO., Box 174, Eufaula, Ala, 


EEDUCTIOK nf PRICE — We believe circuses 
are entitled to the benefits of any reduction 
in the market cost of goods they use. Our 
TIE-ON MAXTLES at $.32.30 per thousand will 
give you more light for less money than any 
Incandescent mantles you have ever used. 
FAIBCHILD LIGHT CO., 0318 Jackson Park 
Ave., Chicago. We own tlirce patents. Be- 
ware of counterfeit. Infringing Imitations of 
the genuine Fairchild Mantle. 

Mills Check BQy8,.t25: Quartoscopes. like. new. 
$17.50: Liberty Bells, »:I0. THE BRUNSWICK 
CO.. 12th and Filbert Sis., PhlUdelphIa, Pa. 


CABINETS. 100-$2.60; 1000-$20: send Photo 
Kbj. FUTOKB Photos, visible or Invisible. t2.oa per lOM 

FINE I.OBKY PHOTOS. $7.00 per 100. ■ 

CARboKASTUjIO, 916 Arch St., Phila,, Pa, 

Ilastaenc. Makes eyelashes grow like muglt. 
Ab.-iolutoly harmless. Ono 00c box docs tht 
work. Order by mail today. Stamps taken. 
ABSORBO CO., 000 Paullan Bldg., St. Louis. 

HVPNflTKMI ^<"^ wonderful scl 

n*rnuili»ni influence others and 

make fun and money. YOU may learn It I Writf 
for tree particulars to K. S, BETT8, Seik A.. 
Jackson, Klch, 

EvB $3S to SSOO «eikl}. Sfudy 


VandeTlIl* Acts, Sketches, Drama, 
Make-up, Flay-writln(. Personal 
Instruction by 'phonograph at your 
home U you cannot come on lo 
New York. Write fos Uluatratrd 
booklet bow 8,000 students suc- 
ceeded. Engagements suaraateed. 
Failure Impossible. 

Address Secretary, Suite B. 
SSa St. and 8th Ats.. Vsw Toik. 


We have a few open dates for New Irvln The- 
atre, under new. aggressive management. Seats 
450; ground Hoor; center of city; population 
6.000. One of the best show towns la the state. 
Want Orst-class Stock Gompaules, Minstrel 
Shows. Burlesques, one-nlgtat Attractions. The 
" ~"" make money here. 

Vlnehester, Ind, 

beat I s" none to o goo d and will make money here. 

ELGIN and 117 k TCUVQ. 

All dean genuine goods In electro-plated, gold- 
filled and silver eases, from $1.60 up; wbolesals 
only '(positively no retail). For |U-ddlers, auc- 
tioneers, fairs, etc. Send for new price llitt. 
J. L. IiURIB, Room 4T. Jewelers' Building. 373 
Washington Street, Boston. Mass. 

Do You Need Costumes? 

Let us send you our illustrated catalog 
No. 7 of new and second-hand costumes 


Datrolt, Mleh. 


Promoters Prodticiis Managets 

Can arrange Immediate. Consecutive Vaudeville 
Time for Best Comedy and Novelty Acta. 

105 W. Monroe Street. CHICAGO. 

Phone. Randolph 5102. 


The Girl Who Tames Electricity. This is a novel 
act. Is a headllner for moving picture shon-s, 
carnivals, fairs, museums. (ISO boys complete 
act, ready to set up and work. Lithographs 
for the act. For particulars address G. W. 
ALLEN, Mfr.. 20 E. 4th St., New York City. 

( O. UKA ) 

11 First Street, New York 
Mfr. Cylinder Piano Organs, 
single action and with Man- 
dolin attachment, for Skat- 
ing Blnka. Merry- 
go-ronnds. Tent and 
M. P. Shows, etc. 
Sew music to order. 
Specialty In secocd- 
band- planoa with new music 
at reduced prices. 


M'ay best be described as an elaboration of Five 
Hundred, which In turn Is a combination of 
Cnchre and Bridge. It literally aw^ounds In 
snares and pttfttlls for the nnwarr, and snbse- 
qnently provokes no end of mirth and htlarlty. 
Pricoj 10 Cents. 

fl6 £Im Street, - * Cinolniuiti. Ohio, 


We carry the following In stock: 






PRICES— 10.000. $1.00: 20.000. Jl.MI: 30.«00. 
12.40: 50.000 or more, 8c per 1,000. 

Itlvely none sent C. O. D, 



P|fnTn^*'-'>0 1"^'' tlT.SO per 1,000 

* ■■*"*'i»poatcards. Send negative or photo- 
graph to copy. Sangples. TIIE WADHAMS 
STUDIO, 870 Conn. St., Buffalo, N. X. 

SEPTEMBER 2, 1911. 

Xtie em boa Ml 



Yakko Egawa 

Wonderfol Japanese Wire 
and Risley Act 


Under management of 


I^ellie King 


Permment addran — 

1100 W. Vine Street, Ut. Venioo, Obla 


Ladist Md Beatlensfl Aaralntt. 

Season 1911 with Ringling Bros. Show. 




In Hong KoDs, China. Manila and SSngapoor to 
follow. Permanent address. Savoy Hotel, Bhan- 
(faai, CJiina. - 


Sensational Aertal Gynmut 
and Up>Slde-X>owzi Man. 

Dit« muted, C^ebntions. Fairs. Csmirals or 
Fuk>. Adhteis 2303 S. Adams St., Peoria, 111. 

The Laigest ^ 
.Sensational Ad is 
die Woril 

Beat <JI7 KTmnd mtMMt 
Beat and most httH 
imnt Biakt f eatarc 
ThriniBC electrlea 
fireworks flnli> 

Contua* man; 
OTtciBal axkd 
•bvtBnc feats tha' 
imitators dare 
not attempt. 
Fot psi£cdIu> c( dn 
■CsssOBtfl recofd bieslE 
mg. ciDwrd-drswsiit^ 


Bethlehem, Pa 



From Grand Opera to Ragtime 

J"»t r>iiiriii.-il afier forty vr<<ekii from ter fonr 
or the Orl.'nt, wbere she oust witto tremcadous 

Mile. Melba La Mora 

WQrld's Greatest 
Lady Balloonist 

I'UOr. C. E. PEARSOK, Manager. 
Dv.isht, 111. 


100 foot lire dive into five feet of water. 


iJ-iy or ..ight. Write CH AS. WILLI AMS, 

2662 Itutger Street, St. I.ouis. Mo 


i^.r"'"h'„ V}^ . i'xi>i?rl.m-i>. Wim 

,,"'"i't, li!irlti.m>, Tr.iiiili.iiic. 

Simili all wliiiw, Addtvw 


Work Mttlliils. 

KARL HAWK. . Watorloo. Ills. 

\\ • c'U.N ,V»^. 2s and St>{)l , 1. 




Addreaa BERT BAJJVARD, Manager, care The BiUboard, New YoikCB^. 


Flying Baldwins 

Aerial Satan Act. 

T. w. OBxanxa. lur., si« y. m at., aninsr. hl 


Louise Buckley Stock Co. 

Carries a carload of scenery. The flneat Taaderine Acts, Pictures. EJrery play stated la grsat 
style. Bveiythlnc new and np-tcdate. The llnect paper put np. Ooneivosdenee sidlcltsd. 
Booked by J. J. Coleman. 1480 Bioadwsy. N. T. Xlw company In *n>Mg «^i , Addieee BASB7 
KAKIXTOH, 681 TUzd AveBKS, Setnit, Mi(!lu 

P. S. — Dramatic and Vandeville Artists, send permanent address. 



(The Becord-breaklne Boz-offlce Attraction) is now IxwklnB South for th« 
fall and winter season. Sbe will start South from LoniBTlUe, where she has 
iust broken two bonse records In the hottest w»ather. If yon are playing 
pictures or TandcTllIe (booked by an agent or not), and have a sea tins capacity 
of 400 or more, write for proposition and partlonlars. This Is a sn^ranteed 
ATTRACTION that always gets RECOBD bnsiness. Ask the managers. 
Address DB. B. H. BDrALDO. ' Care Billboard. 


Recognized High-Class Attraction for Parks and Fairs 

Some open time following September 2. Address Agricnltnral Fair, Medicine H&t. Alberta, Can. 
Aagust 2S-Sept. 2. 

Glady^s Wilbur 

In Vandevilie. 


Address, care The Billboard. New York Oty. 




The Gtaale Getters 

Direction •James E, Plunkett 





This cot shows Herr Granada and Ulss Alma 
Fedora in the elephant skin, TO feet In the air. 
Address BEBR GRANADA, Granada Tula, Ak- 
ron, O. Eastern address, 207 8th Ave., care 
Coha's, New Tork City. 


(Memtier A. F. at M.) 


Apply for Terma and Datea to 


173S Lanlor Plaoo, . .. - Waahlngton. D. C. 


Hard iiinnli' seals, fold Independent <>f IPS'. 
ClM-aiM'sl chair on tlio nwrKet for movlns pic- 
ture sii.Hvs. ciii.vMiius AWSiXG & ifun><i- 
TUlli: CO.Ml-AXV, saO XlutU Ave. N, City. 

1 /IIUIIO En. p,e, report as to patent 
ability. Illustrated Guide Book and lUst of In 
Ti<nlli>n» wanted. Rent PKBB. 
YICTOB J. ETAN8 & CO., WasUattoa, B. C. 


CBOIOE Available tebbitob y. 1 9U-i^ 


Peck's Bad Boy 

The original and only antborlzed prodnetion. 
Elegant all new special paper. Address CUNT 
FBANCI8, care Ader & Story. 5M Strauss Bldg.. 

It LibertyfofSeasM Of 1911-12 

Repertoire experience. Formerly with one ot 
tfae leading uaily nevrspapers nf the Middle 
West. Only high-clasa proposttlona considered. 
Address with (nU partlculara. 

C. S. UIWDEK, Fonntaintown, InA. 


pianist, sight reader, traveling company or 
permanent position, in St. JLonis, Mo., preferreo. 
Permanent. Address 

HUBERT MUCK, - Lowmoor. Va. 


Comet for YandefUle, or will locate as Band 
Director. Member A. F. ot M., 

North liberty. Ind. 


Open September 4. 

Mast read and transpose at sight. Steady Job. 
easy work. No boozer wantei^ Oriental Dancw 
wanted Oct. 2. A. HAUMEBLX. BUoa Thea- 
tre, Hamilton, O. 



A-l Violinist and A-1 IHanist, experienced. 
F. £. FfilNKLEY, 521 Day St., Ravenna. O. 


Performers experienced in Medicine Shows, for 
three companies; two Picture Operators with 
machines and films. Also Sketch Teams, Not- 
elty Acts, Irish and B. F. Comedians. Trix 
McHale and Johnny Freer write. MODBRX 
QITAKEB BEMEDX CO.. 514 Boston Block. 
Minneapolis, Minn. 

Wanted forlhtt Ideal Amusemont Co. 

Sister Team with strong specialties; Comedian 
that can fake piano and change for three night 
stands. J. B. Woods please write. Tickets ti» 
parties we know. Can use a few good ladr ilaK- 
ers that can dance, tiong season South; ahoir 
never closes. Address BEN HASSEUIA2(. 
Manager, NauToo, lU., Sept. 4-6; Montrose, 111.. 
Sept. 7-9. 

WABTBB QUICK— -To join on wire. Unst eat 
and sleep on lot, and no boozer. Comet. Clarinet 
and Trombone. State salary first letter. £D. P. 
BARLOW, Bristol, m. 

WANTED— To join on wire, all kinds of Single 
Performers, also A-l Sketch Team. Name low- 
est: change for one week. CAREY 4; ALEXAN- 
DEE, Denver, Miami Coanty. Indiana. 

WAHTED — ^Military Band Organ of standard 
make. Must be in A-l condition and cheap for 
cash. Give full particulars first letter. Address 
JOHN McKEE, West Palm Beach, Fla. 

This is our 75-cent Half-Tone< or 
a 3x4 for $1, cash with order 

Knoxville Engraving Co. 

515 Bats Street, KNOXVIUE. TEMI 


X tie Billboard 

SEPTEMBER 2^ 191 ^ 

Chronological List of Fairs 

Date iAjriranged Adcotding to the Sequence of Agricultural 
/ Fair. Events to Facilitate the Arrangement 
J V : .. . V . of Bookings 


Callfonila— Sacramento. CalUornla Staa Fair, 

a-8. 'J. A. FUcber. secy. 
ColaradiK^BotclifcfsB. Hotcbklsa Fair Am. 6-0. 
' Itoiky'Ford. Aikaoaas Valley Fair Asao. S-d; 

G. N. Hall, secy. 
Corneetlcnt — ^Hartford. CoonecUcnt Filr Absd. 

4- 9. I. H. Bntterfleld. aecy. 

Xorwlch. New LaDdon Co. Agrl. Soc. *-6. 
Tbos. W. Teningtoii, ««cy. 
UUools— Atlanta. Atlanta Union Central AgiL 

^ ■Socy. 5-8. B.: I, Snmpellr. .Kcy. 
. BdTlderc. Boone Co. Acrl. Soey. 5.8. II. D. 
Perkins, aecy. 
Carmareu. ^DooEIa8 Co. Agrl. Ainu^. S4. 
C M. Weller, secy., Hlndiboni. HI. 
' Danveis. Rock Creek- Fair: Assn.' 3-8. Jobn 
S. Pnpple; secy. 
FUrbory. Faltbnry Fair Assn. 4-9. B. Gor- 
don, aecy. 

,. Fteeport. N. j W. Illinois AgrL Assn. 6.8. 
Jm^ Tiezrtoe, sec, • 
Greenup. Greenop-Cnmbcrland ' Cou FUr Assn, 

O-u. 11, 1^. Ca:iU. tiei-y. 
Hlgbland. Hlgbland Fair Assn. 7-10. 3. N. 

Stokes, secy. 
HIndsboro. Oonglas Comity Agrl. Assn. 

5- 8. C. M. Weller. secy. 

' .Kankakee. Kankakee Dm. -FUr. 2-8. Len 
* Small, secy. 

I^aFkx^tte^ ' Stark CO. Fair. 5-8. F. T. Gal- 

vtn^-Becr^ ■ 
LIber9Tni&-' Lake Co. Acr. Board.' 54. J. 
B. Moras, secy. ' .". : 

' Morrison. : Wbltesldp Co. Agrl. Socy., 5.8. 
W. A_ Blodgett. secy. 
Marlon. Williamson Co. Fair Assn. 5-8. 
Mnrphysboro. Jackson Co, Fair Assn. 5-& 

Cbas. I.. Bitter, secy. 
OIney. Blcbland Co. Fair. 6-8. Jai. 7. 
Wilson, secy. 

- FetcrsDorg. Menard Co. Fair. '6-8.' D. W. 

Frackelton. secy. 
■ Pdnceton.- - Bnreaa Co.- Agr. Board. 5-8. Cbas. 

L. Trimble, secy. 
Indiana— Huntington. Tbe Hontinigton Co. Fair. 

'5-9. F. E. Wlckenblser, secy. 
Indianapolis. Indiana State Fair. 44. CSias. 

Do'nmlng, secy. 
Frlnceton, Gibson Co. H. & A. Socy. 44, 

F. E. Knowles, secy. 
Bocbester. Foltoa Co. Fair. 0-B. Ik G. 

Bolts, secy. 
Salem. Salem Fair Assn. 64. Cbas. B. 

■Morris, secy. ' ■ . 
Valparaiso. ■ Porter Co. Agrl. Socy.' 6-8. 
." J Leander Jones, secy.. 
Iowa — ATOca. Pottawattamie Co. Fair. Assn. 

54. ~:H. :H. Eager, secy. 
Carroll, Carroll BUr & Driving -Fade Asia. 

5-8, CluK M, BnsseU, aecy. 
Central City. Wapale Valley FUr. 54. B. 

E. Henderson, secy. . ' 

- Clarion. .Wilght Co. EUr Assn. 54.' Otaaa. 
. 'Botzler^ secy. J . 

Colnmbns JtmctlCHi. Columbus - Junction SIst, 

Fair. 5-8. N. F. Hendrlz, secy. 
Donnellaon. I<ee Co. Fair. 64. CbrlK Haff- 

ner, secy. 

Eldon. Eldon Big Four Dlst, VUr. S4> H, B> 

Baker, secy, 
mdoia. - Oamlln Co. Agrl. Soc 6-8. H. S. 

'Martla« secy. 
Griimell. Fowe^ek Oo. Central Agrl. Soc 

4- T. O. P. Bnswell, aecy. 

Indlanola. Warren Co^ Fair Assn.. 64. Joe 

McCoy, secy. 
Maqooketa. Jackson Co. AgiL Soc. 5-8. M. 

D. McCaffrey, secy. 

Nashua. Big Ftonr SUr Aaan. 6-8. O. Xk 

Putney, secy. 
National. Clajrton Co, AzrI. Soc, S-8, Henry 

Tjiehgen, secy. GaraaTOle, la. 
Iiutberlana. 03riea Oo. Agrl. Soc. 6-8. 

J, B, 'Munhr, aecy. 
TIngley. Tui^ey SUr Ana. - 6-8. Ik F. Hall, 


Tipton. OSptoa Co. nJn Asm. 6-7. <J. F. 

SImoietniaker. secy. 
Vinton. Benton Co. AgiL Soe. S-8. 'B. G. 

Kmse. secy. 
West Union, Fayette Co, Agrl, Soe. 54. 

E. A. McHree, secy- 
Kansas — ^Bnrlingame. . Osigc Co. Fall Am. 

5- s. E. J. Williams, secy. 

Clay Center. Clay Co, Fair Assn. 64. W. 

F. Mlllpr. secy. 

Fulton. Osage Valley Fair Assn. lat. F. H. 
NUea, secy. 

Grenola, Elk. Co, Agd. Fafr Assn. 64. J. J. 

MarsbaU. lecy. 
Hlawatba. Tbe Hlawatba Fair Asm. 54. 

Br. A. Monney, aecy, 
lola. Allen Co. Fair. 54. Ftank B. Smith. 

I^avenwortb. ' LeaTenwortb Co. Fair Aid. 

4-7, C. A. Sparrow, aecy, 
McPherson, McPheraon C^. Fair Assn. 4-9. 

Milton Hawkinson, ac^. 
Kound City. Linn Co. Ait .Assn. 54. John 

O. Morse, aecy. 
Smith Center. Smith Co. Fair Asnu 54. 

H. C. Smith, secy. 
Spring HUI. SJirlng Hill Grange Fair Assn. 

54. V, T, Nicholson, secy, 
Stockton. Books Co. Fair Aasn. B-8. Cbas. 

Biseley. secy. 
KentnCky^-AIenndria. CampheB Vo. Agrl. She. 

V. O. w <iit««n« , secy. 
Bodgernie. The UBne CO. Fair Assn. 5-7. 

August Oresen^ aecy* 
aiontlcello. Wayne Co. E^Ir Aasn. Hbo. B. 

Wilhite, secy, 
° Mt, OllTCt^ Bobertson Co. Fair, 5-8, W. J, 

Osbonm, secy, 
Paris. Bourbon Co. Agrl. Soc. 4-9. Cfaaa. A. 

Webber, secy, 
Sanders. Trl Go. Fair Aasn. 64. ° A. -W. 

"Shirley, secy. 
Halne— Bine HIU. Hancock Co. Agr. Soe. 5-7. 

C. 8. Snowman, secy. 
Zewlaton, Maine State Agrlcnitnral Society. 

4- 7. J. L. Lowell. Anbntn, Me. 
Hachias. Ifachias Fair Asm. 5-7. W. S. 

Phinney, secy. 
Presqne Isle. Northern Maine Fair Aaaa. 5-7. 
Ernest MrGIsnflin, secy. 
Ksryland — ^Lutherrnie. Maryland State Fair. 

5- 9. Jaa. 8. Hnssear, secy. 

Timonlum. Maryland State Fair. 5-9. Jas. 
S. Nussear, LutherYllle, Md. _ 
Massachusetts — ^Worcester. Mew England . Fair. 
4-7. Elistaa S. Knowlea, aecy. 
North Adams. Hoosac VaUey Agrl. Soc. 1- 
4. Geo. P. Miller, aecy. 
Michigan— Bay City. Bay Co. Agrl. Soc 2-8. 
Wm. J. Meagber, secy. ' _ „ 

BeUaire. Antrim Co. Fair. 4-7.. Chaa. S. 

Guile, secy. 
Howard City. Howard City Fair Assn. 5-8. 

J. B. Haskina, secy. 
Kalamazoo. Soathem Mich. & North Indian* 
Interstate Fair. 4-8. Wm. P. Engelman. 

Marquette. Marquette Oo. Agrl. Soc 4-8. 

W. Ai Boss, secy. 
Mllford Pair. Sept. — . M. C. Wimams. 

secy. - _. . 

Sandusky. Sanilac Co. Fair. 5-8. Walter 

Harrison, secy.. - - .. 
Minnesota— Oamllne. Minnesota State Agrl. Soc. 

4- 9, J, C. Simpson, aecy. 

MtesonrI — Cabool. Texas Co. Fair. 64. I,. B. 

Ilemons, secy. 
Hermann. Gasconade Cc Agrl. ' Assn. 1-3. 

Loois Haberstock, aecy. 
Jacksonville. Bandolph Co. Fair. 5-7. Geo. 

Bntler,"secy. ■ » 
Unn. Osage Co. Fair. 5-8. Cbas. O. Muencfc. 


Newark. Knox, Ijewls & Shelby Fair Assn. 

5- 8. J. C. Calla^iam, secy. 

Paris. Monroe Coi. Fair. 6-8. W. Ii. Craw- 
ford, secy. 

Trenton. Grundy Co. Pair, 6-8. A. T. Corn- 
well, secy. 

Washington. Franklin Co. A, A US. Soc. Louis 

P. Pues, secy. 
Wright City. Warren Co. Fair. 5-8. J. H. 
; Stegan, secy. 
Montana — Great Falls. Northern Mont. Fair 

Assn. 44. CaL HnUmrd, aecy. 
NehraakanAlma. Alma intetstate lUr. 54. 
J. T. Moore, secy. 
Harrison. Sioux Co. Fair., 7-9. B. B. Schnir, 

Imperial. -Chase Co. Fair. 7-9. Chaa. W. 

■Meeker, secy. 
Lincoln. Lancaster Go. Fab. 4-8. L. O. 

Williams, secy. ... 
Uncoln. Nebraska State Fair. 4-8. .W. R. 

MeUor. secy. 
New Hampshire — ^Lancaster. Coos &. .Essex 

Agr. Soc. 5-7. Elwin Damon, aecy. 
Nasbua. New Hampshire State Fair. Sept. 

4- 7. Alfred Loblns, secy. • 

New York— Angelica. Allegany Co. Agrl. ^oc. 

5- S. J. Clark Phippen, secy.. B, F.. D. No. 

4, Belmont. N. Y. 

Chatham. Colombia CO. AgrL Soc 8-8. W. 
A. Oardess, secy. 

Dryrten. Pryden Agi1.'Soc 5-8. B, :F. Chap- 
pins, 'secy. 

Ftaupsburg. Southern Stenhen Agrl. Soc 5-8 

E. H. Austin Jr., secy, 

Greene. Blverside Agrl, Soc 6-8. J; E. 

Bartoo, secy. 
Hamburg. Erie Co. Agrl. Soc 54. O. J. 

Dudley, secy. 
Herkimer. Herkimer Co., Agrl. Soc 4-7. 

I. P. Basbach, secy. 
Lyons. Wayne Co. Agrl. Soc K-O. William 

Halloway, secy. 
Olean Olean Agr. & Indnst. Asan. 4-7. 

Wm. H. carpenter, secy. 
Clean. ' Clean Indnst. & Agrl. Soc. 4-7. W. 

F, Carpenter, aecy, 

Orangehnrg. BocUand Co. Fair, 44. Dr. 

T. Gllcbrest. secy., Nyack, N. Y. 
Flattsburg. Clinton Go. Agrl. Soc. 5-8. H. 

Clay Nilea, secy, 
Fenn Yan. Yatea Co. AgrL Soc 6-8. David 

Miller, secy. 
Potsdam. R. V. & St. B. V. AgrL Soc 54. 

W. N. Clark, secy. 
Borne. Oneida Co. Agrl. Soc. 4-7. Frank S. 

Baker, secy. 
Walton. Delaware Valley Agrl. Soc. 5-8. 

5. H. Osterhonr, secy. 

Warrensbnrgfa. The Warren Co. Fair. 5-8. 

I^ed. J. Hayes, secy. 
Warsaw. Wyoming Co. Agrl. Soc 54. BVed 

A. Blee, secy. 
Watertanm. Jeffenon Co. AgrL Soc 54. 

W. B. Skeds. aeey. 
PonghkeepBle. Dntchess Co. Agr. Soc. 4-8. 

WBIlam T. Ward, secy. 

Ohio — Berea. W. Cnhafaoga Flair. 5-7. Ii. N. 
Coe. secy. 

Blanchester. Clinton Co. Fair Asm. 54. 
J. W. HcFaddln, secy. 

Canfleld; Mahoning Co, Fair. 6-7. B. I4. Man- 
chester, secy. 

Chagrin Falls. Cayahoga Co. Fair. 6-8. F, C. 
Gates, secy, 

Croton. I/lcking Co. Fair, 6-8. W. H. Sieg- 
fried, secy. 

Dayton. Montgomery Co.' AgrL Board. 44. 
Geo. K. Cetone, secy. 

Lima. ABen Co. AgrL Soc 4-7. O. A. Gra- 
ham, secy. 

Mansfield. Btehland AgrL Siic 84. Chaa. 

Bmmfield, secy. 
UarysTllIe. Union Cc Agtl. Soc 84. W. F. 

Brodrlck, secy. 
Napoleon. Napoleon Fair Company. 4-8. J. 

M. Bleger, secy. 
Proctotrllle. Lawrence Co. Fair. 5-8, W. W. 

Becbard. secy. 
Bock Springs. Heigs Co. Agrl. Soc 5-7. 

Jac. M. Lyman, secy.. Pometoy, O. 
SarahsTille. Noble Co. Agrl. Soc 6-8. Homer 

Johnson, secy.. B. B. No. 6, Caldwell. O. 
Tiffin. Seneca Co.. Fair Soc 5-8. Morgan 

Ink. secy. 

Van Wert. The Van Wert Co. AKrl. Soc. 
4-8. E. V. Watiiom, secy. Van Wert, O, 
Ohio— Wavcrly. Pike Co, Fair Co. 64. Oias. 

L. Greenbanm. se<7. 
Oklahoma — Sterling Fair Aasn. 7-9. J. B. 

Carter, secy. 
Oregon— Portland, Portland Stock Show. 4-9. 
n. A. Westgate. secy. 
Toledo. Lincoln Co. Fair Assn. 64. O. B. 
Crosett. secy. 
Pennsylvania— Carrolltown. Cambria Oo. Agrl. 
Assn. 5-8. J, V, Waneher. If. D.. aery. 
DnBois. DnBoI* Driving Aaan. 64. P. ■. 
Criesemer, secy. 

Jscksonvitle. Blchell Agrl. Soc. 5-7. Den- 
nis Murphy, svcy- • - • • , 

Mercer. -Mercer Cent. Jlgrl. Assn. Sept. -5-7. 
J. P. Orr, secy. ,• • ^ i 

Stroudsburg. Monroe Co. Agrl, Soe. 4-9. B. F. 
Coolbaugb, secy. 

Wiikes-Barrc. Luzerne Co. Fair Aaan. 4-f> 
Kobect Ireland, secy. 

Wind Bldee. Jacktown FMr Assn. 5.7. Den- 
nis Murphy, secy. 

Yonngwood. Westmorelana Agrl. Soc. 5-8. 
W. F. Holtzer, secy.. Qteensburg, Pa. 
South Dakota — Clark. . Clark Co. Agr. Fair 
Assn. 6-7. Homer Brown, secy. 

HIghmore. HlUge Co. Fair. 5-T. A. E. 
VanCamp, secy. 

Mcintosh. Corson Co. Fair. S-S. Jus. P. 
Parker, aecy. _ 

Platte. Charles Mix Co. Fair. 6-8. L. 0. 
Button, aecy. 

Plankington. .Aurora County Fair Assn. o-T. 
X. A. Mabbott, secy. 

Salem. McCook Co. Fair, 6-S. W. H. Bart, 

Tripp. Hutchinson Co. Agrl. Fair Assn. 6-8. 

Henry Klatt Jr., secy. 
Webster. Day Co. Fair. .6-8. O. T. Strand- 

ness, secy. 

West Chester. Chester Co. Agr. A.ssd. 5-8. 
Fred D. Beld, secy. 
Tennessee — Coal' Creek. Anderson & CampbHl 
Go. Stock & Fair Assn. 6-8. W. L, Wil- 
son, secy. 

C'olimibla. Maury Co. Fair Assn. 5-9. George 

E. McKennon. secy. 
Coofcevllle. Putnam Co.- Fair. - .A. P. 

Barnes, secy. 
Morristown. Morrlstown Fair Assn. 5-S. 

R. P. Taylor, secy. 
ShelbyvlUe. Bedford .Cc Fair. 7-9. • W 

E. Gant, secy. 
Union City. West Tennessee Fair Assn. 6-9. 

J. W. Woosley, aecy. . 
Vermont — ^Northdeld. ■ Dog Blver VaUey Fair 

Assn. 5-7. J." H. Wlncht secy. 
Rutland. Rutland Co. Agrl. Soc. 4-8. W. K. 

Famsworth. secy. 
Sheldon Junction. Franklin Co. Fair Assn. 

5- S. Geo. H. Dnnsmoro, secy.. Swanton. Vi. 
SprlngBeld. Sprlngfleld Agrl. Soc. 5-6. Freil 

C. Davis, secy. 
Virginia — Galax. Galax Fair Assn. 6-8. G. F. 
Carr, secy. 

B.idford. Southwest Virginia Agrl. Assn. 

6- 8. Mark Reid, secy. 

Washington — Seattle. Western Wash. Fair Assn. 

4- 8. Guy Mad-. Bichanls. secy. 

West Virginia — ^Wheeling, West Virginia State 

■Fair.- 44. Gee Hook;- secy.- 
Wisconsin— Bloomlngton. Fair^ Assn. 6-8. A. 
K. Bishop, secy. 
Crandon, Fair Assn. 3-7. M. M. Boss, 

Eransville. Evansville Bock Co. Agrl. Assn. 

.=>-8. V. C. Holmes, secy. 
Jefferson. Jetterson Co. & Hock Klver Agrl. 
■ Soe. S-8. Henry G. Fischer, secy. 
Mauston. Fair Assn. 5-8. P. M. Sulllran. 


Oconto. Pair Assn. 5-8. J. B. Chaoe. secy. 
Platteville. Big Badger Fair. 5-8. Clarence 

H. Gribble. secy. 
Plymouth. Sheboygan Co. Fair. . 5-S. Otto 

Gaffon, aecy. 

Wansau. Maralbou Co.' . Fair. 5-S. J. F. 
Lament. *secy. 
Cnnaiia. Halifax, Nova Scotia — Nnva Scot'-i 
Provincial Exhibition, Ang. 30-7. M. M. 
Holt, secy. 

LaChute. Qne. Argentnell Co. Fair. Sept. 

5- 7. G. J. Walker, secy. 

London, Got. Western Fair Assn. 8-Ifl. A, 

M. Hunt, secy, 
■NewboTO. Ont, Fair. 2-4. J. A. Morlarty, 

St. Byaclnthe. Qne. Agrl. Soc. of the Co. of 
St. Hyaclnthe. Bene Momn. secy. 

St. John. N. B. Exhibition Assn. 2-9, H. A. 
Porter, secy. 

SherbTooks. One. Grest Eastern Exposition. li- 
ft. H. E. Channell, Bec.T. 

Ste. Martlne, Qne. Agrl. Soc- of Chaleanqnay. 
nth. Nap Mallette. secy. 

Victoria, B. C. B. C. AgrL Assn. 5-8. Geo. 
Sangster. secy. 

Winchester. Ont. Winchester Fair. 5-6, W. 
J. Laflamme, secy. 

Ipnlt, DiBOitfritora, Stritlmg, Sehaninl 


with plated poinu In peak, aOter, geld; bt. 
Here me, I sell more pens than all manntaetu. 
era combloi'd, because 1 give the biggest vtfnii* 
seeing la believing; take a-' Up.^- IRA B. 
BARNETT, Fonatala Pan Kiag, 61 Baakaaa 
8t„ Hnr Terk. ntabUahed 1885. Write (ot 


We are headquarters for all the latest 
novelties. Send for our catalogue on 
Confetti, Canes. Knives, Carnival 
Goods, Rubber Balls, Rubber and Oas 


We are exclusive agents for Cincinnati 
and vicinity for I. Blsenstein & Co. 
Prices In Cincinnati same as In New 


122 E. Fonrtli St., Cincinnati, O, 

Souvenir Goods 

In ruby, rahy matt and cold, and green ant 
gold glassware. SUITABLB for Fairs, Oiml 
vals snd Streetmen. Good, np-to-date seUais. 
Write for catalog. 

nianilUKCO, S,S.Kttsln(,Pa, 


Car catalogue, containing nothing bnt 
5c. 10c and 25e GOODS. 
Mailed Free on request. 
556 Broadway. New Yerk Olty. 

Yellow Birds In indivldnal cagea te.00 per 
dozen. Shipped anywhere safely. Cash with 
North Ninth Street, Philadelphia. 


Wo are tbe low- 
est price whole- 
sale Jewelry aail 
Novelty Bouse U 

We have every, 
thing of the latest 
and largest stork 


We are ex:lnstTe 
0. S. A. Agents (or 
the greatest money 
I makers, Hamlet ft 
Baynoia Watchei; 
alao Hamilton but 
selling Bazora. 


Wholesale Jewelers, 
198401 E. Xadiaon Street, Chicago, HL 


Slsser Bros.' New Book of Specialties 

1 h* Baat Cataiegu* in tha Trad* 

It you are a Concessionaire, Novelty, Jew. 
eiry. Notion or Fair Worker, Caavssser, 
Streetmaik Auctioneer, Eolfeboard Man, 
Boop-la Game, or General Merchant, yog 
can not atford to be without It. 

It contalna full and complete lines In new. 
est Novelties. Souvenirs, Watches, Jewelry. 
Fountain Pens, Optlcsl Goods, Pocket asd 
Table Cutlery, Yankee Notions, Oamlral 
Goods, etc., etc., at wholesale only. 

By satiating oa that you are a legitimate 
dealer <as we want to keep this book oot of 
th? consumers* hands), and sending us youi 
permanent address. ' we Will he pleased to 
send yon thla book free. 
BTWnrR BROS'.. 88 Bowo^. Hew York City. 


We are tbe mannfaetnreri, and It's np to yon 
to save your money. The beat cellnloid trimmed, 
loop handle, 83-inch aloek and e-lneh anapt for 
t4.75_per grosa. SAM UAIUIAN. <16 Bleaekar 
St., Ufica. », y. 




t HIgh-elaaa 

P WorKofily 



.j^lHH Cataloine Frte 


I^^^Q 160 North 

Fifth Avonua 

^^^^^ CHICAGO 




«lul«Iani IkMl lEinU 

The Largest and Oldest Dealer and Importer «l 


Also Noveltlea for Streetmen 
— We receive every week ftoj 
^h «nr factory, Balloona of all kll« 
tm A and sixes that we guarantee « 
^■fem^B superior qailltjr to any offeicd ■ 
^■IHV the market, 
^^^^r We also eantlon oar costomen 
and the trade to beware of U; 
W ferlor and falls anmbeta olreM 
■ f at cheap ptleet. 

Price Ust on application. 


Canea, Pennants, Fair Novelt «. 
Celebration Novelties. Sonvenln. 
Ticklers, Confetti. Badges. Im"' 
dreds new Noise Mskers. Fratf 
nsl Pennants, Fair Pcnnaoa. 
Souvenir Pennants ot every «• 
scrlptlon. We make Pennsinj 
to order for all occasions. Sen 

f" Novelt 


for our IllHslrated 1911 Catalnl* 
which contains over a thousand vorOT 
Novelties. Deal with ns and .vou 
profit by It. Everybody knows tun 
We are reliable. 

n X, BsniUi Btrsrt, V«w Tork m 

SEPTEMBBR 2, 1911. 

Xtie Blllbo^arcl 



Demonstrators, HERE'S EASY MON EYI 

$5 or $1Q Starts. f200% Profit. You Will Earn $5 to $40 Per Day. 

This fimasing scieutific top 
performs 40 tricks. Out- 
sells everything. One turn 
of c old produces phenome- 
nal speed. Jumps itself 
from shell. Complete out- 
fits at 25 cts., coisting either 
$12 or $15 gross. 


Top Dept. 

131-133 West 31sl St.. .IWE:W YORK. 

Street Fairs 


Bnnh— Bnnh 8L »«lr * Hmwrt >*»«»S- 
Sept. M. AddRM a B. WOWMD. Bmili. 

Jime» WalO. eu* Albuv Hotel. Umim, 

Colo. V. 


BolM— Idaho Int«rOIo«mt«Jn IWr * B»|B-M«k- 
en' Canlval. Oct. 14-ia. Axthnr HodXM. 


Bowen— Bowen Kore K«nil»«l.' Oct. U-IX M. 

IDB^bim-^faffinctiiiin Street Fair A. Stock Sbow. 

Oct 9-11. M. L. Elbow, secy. 
HllUboro— Old Settler*' Amo. of MoatceoMiT 

Co. Sept. T. W. 8. H«t«rmT». •eej. 
UauSrid— MutHeld Catalval AMB. A Stock 

Show. Sept. 28.80. F. A. Bock. ■eej. 
Uinhall— FUt CanlTOl A Bono Show. Sept. 

21.23. H. *I. Pltncj, wcr. ^ . , _ ■ 
Bock lUto— Bock FdU Ooni Cunlr^ B<9t. 

2T.30L Addnn 8. A. AHcd. Bock FUU, lU. 
Toledo— Toledo Cerolrat Am- An*. Si-^ept. 

2. Bartow Hirper. »»C7. ^ .__ 
WautefiB— Kifleo' Ledge No. 1439. AOS. » 

Sept. 2. W. O. BUMon. eeey. 

S. tt. 

Puk— OunlTal Aam. Ans- U-ApL A 
CtlTcrt. lecr- 222 Utln IL 

BonreU— Street Fair. Oct. 4-T. F. Z. Beoet- 
Tllle, MC7. 

KlagetOB-Odd FeUewo* Ann., Omiral A FMn 
Sept. 2.«. K. J. Unaon. oeer. OamlTab 686 


Aahland— St. Fair. Plrat week la October. K. 

Stnoss, ehaliman entertainment coinmltteo. 
Batmrllle — Tth Annual CarslTaL SapL T-S. G. 

B. AtklnaoD. aeer. 
BellTtlto— BeUvlUe St. Mr * ^HomMhm^ 

Amb. . aiepL U-IA Wm. Eti. wnet; Box 


BelleTvr— BoUeTOe Free Street Fate. jgeL M- 
20. W. B. Sayder. aaat, aaejr.. 220 W. Mala 

aaUoa— ttb Asaaal St. Fair A Hom*.Coailas. 

Sept. 6* O. F. Blae. aacF. _ ^ _ 
LandanTllIe— Free Fate Aaan. Sept. afr«. B. 

E. Zlmmennaa, aeer. „ . . .. 
NeweomeratowB— Boalneaa Uen'a Aam. Ort. 4- 

6. E. B. Haakett. aecT. ot piiTlIecee. I«ck 

Box 6. — 
Norwalk — Nocwalk Chamber ot Gemmetee. Sept. 

25-30. Ben E. Wlckham. aecy. 
Oxford— Oxtord St. Fair. Sept. 18-28. 
St Marya— Street Fair, aoaplcea Booatecr Ctab. 

Sept. 20-*.;2. Alex. Victor, aecr.-tioaa. 
Shlloh— Street Fair * Home.Ooml«. Sept. 

J5-18. Write J. F. WoUeMbeffCT, JhU*. O. 
UJirichavllle— Street Fair. Sept. 96-36. «aaa. 

W. Bice, aeer. 


Name at Sodetr Uadar Wkeee 
Aoaplcea Sticet Fair la to ka BcM 

Mime of Xowm and SUM WkMa Street tab li B«U 
Oatn or Street Fair 

Heme et Seeretaiy .. 
Addreta et SecretaiF 


Alblos— Albion St. Fair Aaao. Sept. ZT-SO. Mar- 
tin H. SnaoalT wxF- _ . 

BInStoit— Bla Rlnffton St. Mr. Sept. 96-80. 
M. K. Wllllamaoo. ttcr. . 

nora— street Fair. >nBplecs «r tbe-FlaraAmnae. 
ment Co. Anc. 984ept. 9. Ohaa. B. Bndimr. 

Oieenabnrf— Fiee St. Fair. Bepb Il-tflL Ad- 
dr»« Clrde A. Staag. Ofcenrinm. Ind. 

Boactadale — noalnetw Men's CamlraL Sept. Z7- 

30. Dr. P. L. McAnlncb, «ecy. _^ 
BockvUle — BoekTllle Ft<« Pall Camlral. Oct. 

— . 1911. c. B. Lamliort. ter*. • 
Bosi'tlale — St. Fair, auaptcee Boaedale Band. 

•Sept. 11-12. . „ 

BVrliiBn— Street Fair. Oct. 4-T, Addteaa t- C. 


Rhoals— Hom»4SomlBic, Camleal A Borae Show. 
Rept. 14-16. Addteaa W. D. Hierflek. Sboela, 



UaDllia— Camlral A Bome-ComlnB. Sept. 6-8. 
i- C. Dyaoa, aacF. 


White Cloud— Street Fair. Sept. 1-2. B. L. 

Miirkei. .ecy. 
Wlrhlta-PeerlFBa Prophata. Oct. 4-lA 0. M. 

Caeey. aecy. 


OatroUiun— St Pair.' Oct. 4-T. _ 
uweniboio— Woodmen of tbe World. Sept. 26- 
oo. T. T. Lane, atcj, 

Dundee— street Camlral. AOF- 81-Sept. L B. 
U. Hger. aeer. t 


wiiim,r_xvinm*r Street Fair Aaan. Sept. 18- 
la. Wm, O. Joknaeo, aeer. 

BoMvar-BollTar Street Fair. Oct. 11-U. W. 
w. Moore, chairman eeaeeealoBi. 

Com-or.ila— Concordia Commercial Otab. Oct. 12- 
H. Geo. 0. KIlDlienbeni. Iiree. 

flarivllle— HartTllle Oooune^Ial OlBb. Oct. 10- 

„ "t- O, w. Aninmera, aeey, . 

^ew llaoipton-^PInit Aonaal St. Fair. Sept. 
"f- Addreaa- Artbnr B. CnBalBcbam, Beth- 
any. Uo. 

llptn„_n-ipf(,n Aftrl. Street Fair. Sept. 6-0. 

Fr.-,i H. Crane, aeer. 
*•»•'»".— Vandalla Com CamlTal A Wre Stock 

Awn. Sept. 16-98. B. O. Lanea. aacy. 


Aara— Free Street Fair. Sept. 91-98, W. A. 

:eaatoB, aeer. 

Xkraton— OamlTAI, Sept. 1. 
DIckaoa. Tkeatoai, Tena. 

Addreea a C. 

Aoatln— ^Austin Com Carnival. Oct. a, E. H. 

Vance, secy. _ _ . . — „ 

Beamnoat — auutheaat Texaa Fair Aaaa. ««t- 

JT-IVe. 2. T. W. I-arkln. aeer. 
Jackaboio — Jackaboro Board ot Tkade. Oct- 2- 

T. C. A. Worthlii«t»n. aecy. 
Loekhart— LeekhartFatr A CanilTal Aaan. MOT. 

1-8. A. W. Jordan, aecy.. Bos B04. 


Bntland — ^BrenlnK CarnlraL Sept. <-8. W. K. 

Fanawottb. aeer. 

Tekna— T»koa Harweot Camlral Aaaa. SepL «I- 

20. R. D. UcKeehen, aeer. 

New Fairs 

rUa Itat eoatafaiB dau proenia^ b) Ike BID 
•HLid darinc tbe laat week oaly. 

sept. 9T-20. 


Uonterallo— Shelby County Fair. 
S. L. Cheanntt, aecy. 


Ft. Smith— Kanraa-Oklahoma Fair 
16-21. Olea Flemmlns, aeer. 


.Sept. 10-21. 

BrooklyB-r.Wlndham County Fair. 

J. B. Stetaon, aecy. _ - . „ 

Charter Oak Park— Conn. Pair Aaan. Sept. 4-0. 

Walter P. Goodwin, aecy. 
Charter Oak Park— Conn. Beekeepem' AHn. 

SWpt. 4-o' J. A. Smith, aecy., Hartford, Conn. 
B. Tladdnm- K. Iladdam Orange Co. Fair. Sept. 

IT. . -Oeo. U.^ -Bultk. aecy. 




at Lowest Price* t 

We Ship the Same Day. 

400-page catalogue imuled free to dealers. 
Write today. 


Terre Haute, 

Indiana, "bow-wow dogs" ss p«r oroi 

Picture Macbine Men ! 

We Demand Your Attention. It it to Your Intorest t9 Ute th* 

Mandel Positive Paper Plates 

Ton eaa nae tbem vltk Uc mgeeaa la roar Sleeve Machine. Phetaa 
Bade oa paper direct, without tbe uie ot negatlres. All pletlM 

uiNirra wixa tbb "wondbb" singi.b sqlbxiom dbvuapbb. 


style "D" Frame. 80c per wbtoe ria* 

Paper Photo Batton FUtea, t) flt aU Fbeto Price FoaUge. 

Bnttcm Uachlnea ............................ .80.00 ner 100: 7c 

Paper piatea (i*i2i4) r:::.::::::.;:...... .w"^" *U 

S'"7'n^JS? J?'*J"'1 A"— — — • 1J» " AOe 

.SiS' 9Sil'5i ™.""4S "4 MOBBlB.. JU " I iBe 

"Wonder" Single Solatlon Oarelopw. enongh Cor 

two quarts of aolntloa .40 per aet. S2e 

ont Fkamea. with I'lna i.. 80 to »1,7B per groM. 


The original AOTOHATIO PHOT O BD T TON f?i» MKBA, Uakca alx flnlahad 
P*^_if'"?'"- OOMPIBXE OnrnX. tatM, Inelndlnc "CAN- 
NON" CAMEBA. Tripod, and eBongli aappllea to tnda (oar liniiaied Bnlilud 
Photo Bnttona. Wrlta for FB^ CATAlSaDB. "luiiinH nuiaaw 

OMcage Fencotype Oo. Sept 190. Ooagnaa and laflls Stnet. Ohieaao. lU. 


, . Zogs OWB S p eci a l TIdkat, aay pilaang, front' and back. 

5.000— $1.SS 20.000—54.00 " SO.OOO— S6.0O 

1O.O0O— 2.S0 30.000-- S.OO lOO.OOO— 9.30 

stock Tloketa. SIxvCenta a raooaand. 

, QnlPk ablpment, aeenrue anmbeclaE gnaxaateed. Caab with oadar: as O. O. D- 
WBITB rSB aaii»t.a.«f 


Shamokln. Pa 

Goahen-^Ur. Sept. 4-S. Bay- F. KImberly. 

Haddam Neck— Gronnd AgrL Society. Sept. 4. 

Geo. Wilson, aecy. 
Bambiirg — Lyme Grange Fair. Sept. 20. J. 

Warren Stark, aecy. 
Hartford — Conn. Hort. Soc Sept. 10-20. Alex. 

Cummlnss Jr., secy. 
Nangatuck — ^Beacon Valley Fair. Oct. 12. ' J. 

P. Hogan, aecy. 
Norwich — New London Co. Hork Soc. Sept. 

— Frank H. Allen, aecy. 
OranKe — Fair. Sept. 4. A. D. Clark, aecy. 
Simsbnrg — Pair. Si:'.. — A. B. Lathrop. 


SnfReld— Fair. Oct. 8-4. 3. P. Graham, aecy. 

wnilmantlc — ^Horaeaboe Park Agri. Soc. Sept. 
12-14. S. B. Harrey, aecy. 

Wolcott— Fair. Sate not aet. E. P. Woodln, 
secy.. Watetbnry, Conn. 

Woodatock— Sontb Woodatock Fair. Sept. Il- 
ls. I.. H. Bealey, aeer. 

Eainghaon— Effingham Fair Aaaa. Oct. 4^ C. 
B. Sells, aeer. 


Ijeesbnrg— lioodonn Heavy Draft AgrL Aasn. 

Sept. 6-6. C. A. Bblpmaa, mgr. . ' ^ 
MatlhewB— Fair. Oct. SB-ST. Ferdrali Hicks, 

aecy. _ 
Sonthsld?— CoJor^ Fair. Oct. 81-Not. 2. 

Perclval Hlck% secy. 

Amherst— Fair. Sept. S-S. Bartel Johnson, 


Surrer Centre. B. C— DUt. of SnncT Agfl. 
,.AfMn. J Sept. 96., H, BoaB,..aecj. 

' • ' " M%a<M Eli 

To aell onr new Automatic Strapper.. Pnta 
a perfect edge oa any nixor, or anr sstety 
razor. Abaolately gnaranteed. A boon to 
erery man wiio abares. Ereiy call a sale; 
eroiy sale a good praBt. Write today tor 
territory. Become a general or a local 
agent. No experience neceaaaty. Canraaa- 
eia. Salesmen. Clerka, Artlsana. Stndenta. 
-an* making big money, and ao can yoo- 
Clean-cnt hostlen are doing wondera. A 
golden opportunity. Write today and re. 

•erre yonr territory. B, S. 

5S0 Bnadwar- Hew Teik. '' 



Th# latest Joke Noreltr. Sairala. 95e. 
Doa., 81.75. Toy Bobblee. Tta kind 
that sell, 83.25 per. groM. nytas 
Toys, 82.60 per graea. 


SpriagBeU, Okie. 

X tic ; f i b o a p cl^ 

SEPTEMBER fi, I9i t. 

HAvdN 'MXV ijose; grand. 

^ otber tban tBe aforesaid Grand Opera 
MEr- Morplir and - Mr. :TaIt ate dose 
and business associates, and the «s- 
___vuOir Is tliat Mnrpby wlU-, be tlie active 
lirsrt of tbe otsanlzatfon* bacfcedvby the ffill- 
Uaiu «t Taft. If sncb Is the <^se, Mapbj 
wooM. no doubt, become one of th^^niost Im- 
voctant factors la the tbeatrtcal woild, as be 
» man of asKressive persajialitr' »ni eonsld- 
Mrable ability and enjoys the nnUmlted eon- 
\aieace of 3lx. Taf t, who -can qmnnsiMl , pcae- 
tleallr nnUmlted capital. J' ^til- j. ^ , 

cTp. laft is a balf-brother-«f Oie VieaUent. 


(Contlnaed from page 10.) 

Vraa'Baner of Black Eaiie TaTem'.IUarie 'Vaii 
OBcea Hbffmeyer, of the Boyal Police .... ' 

• •..Warren- Townsend 

faOwIav Pttaes Begent of Jogendhelt - 

' .i..— . .i Bryan Darley 

Jobaon Koetaler, an old clock mender ...... - 

Albert Teaxle 

Wtmna Gmmbaick. a German American...... ' 

James E. Lawls 

Officer of the- Boyal Police ....Bobert Hawklps 
OlBeer-at the Btqial FoUce ....Thomas Ijiwler 
Xeaaald'Deltrlch;: a yoong Vintner '..Bobert E10s 
Oretehen. the gooie girl ....Virginia Ackerman 
Princess HndegaiOe, of Eairenstelo ...... f 

Florence Nelson 

Grand Dake of.. lairensteln . . . .Selmar Bomalne 
■Artfanr -Carmlchael. American Consul, at 

Dileberg ...i. ...;.VIctor Snttaerland 

Cirant- Ton Hezbeek. Chancellor "/of Ebren-' 
' ■ -stein ................... .'.Sidney . U. Uaaon 

OOI. Ton Wallenstein, Chief of Secret Serr- 

ice-w .......... r. Chariea Perlye 

Hot GOfflberg. a socallst .......Gerald Bowan 

Herman Beranner* head gardener to tfaevpal. 

aoe ..1..V.'.'.... Stephen Unge 

«rliigiire,.B Itiisyar Gypsy .......John Bowan' 

' The premfera was witnessed by many sbow,j 
folk. All the' members of the Tarloiu com-: 
panics which are to go ont under the Baker 
<3BStIe banner - this season occupied ■ boxes.* 
Many others from the profession icame over: 
'.fiom New Tork . to observe the movements of 
'their brother-artists In. which ttears every, ctI.^ 
dence of being the moat' 'sncoessfol ot'-any of 
the plays so tax produced Iqr'BskCT ti ' 


(Contlnsed from page 11.) " 

■ Fzesldettt Tyson; Secretary and . Treasurer 
'flpence and Colonel Sandford H. Cohen, assistant 
to the president, have 'accomplished, the seem- 
Jngiy Impossible In gathering so vast an array 
ef Interesting -exhlbftlonal . properties, and per- 
(eetlne tiie' plans - for their Installing to the 
best advantage. . - 

- -This year the midway, under the? able- direc- 
tion of K. G. Barkoot, will teem with popidar 
tdgb-grade amusements. ^ and no matter In what- 
part of the city of fun the visitor may be, 
£e,'wiU be. kept enjoying himself every moment 
be Is there.' Director Barkoot has had his 
agents East and West, North and South. -seek- 
ing for-new Ideas In the amusement fleld and 
annexing all that were deemed suitable and 
that would tend to outdo all the previous elCorts 
«t others In catering to the tastes ot the great 
American' pnbllc. He has so -nearly - accom- 
plished his alms, that he feels. In offering Us 

rat variety of amusements, he baa succeeded 
securing those that wHI not only make the 
midway "popular," In the commonly - accepted 
sense of the wwd. but also will gain for It 
a fame, -placing It well up toward that of the 
Camons midway for the World's Fair In Chicago. 

Mr. Barkoot has insisted that every attrac- 
tion, every act and every feature must' be of 
the highest order, dean-cut and flrst-class In 
presentation, beyond question of a doubt "able 
to deliver the goods,", presenting Its patrons 
sometiilnK which they cmi not '-find anywhere 
else under like conditions. « - - - • 

It Is the dlreetot'a Intaition to get away 
as mnch as poaaible from the old womout. 
backn^ed midway abows that have traveled up 
-and down: tbionvi and across the land for a 
deeaile. and he deserves mnch credit for his 
canKst taaSesroe to Improve the standing of 
midways. As a matter of, fact, bis Idea has 
been i» collect a sexles of entertainments em- 
bodying quality and class, and -this Idea ap- 
plies to an minor concessions as well. Old 
dllapldkted canvases and. fronts are barred, 
every concession must be outfitted In an at- 
tractive manner, to be in keeping with the 
.deaifly, i»«»ifl«iff»H» appearance presented by other 
concessions. ^ 
- The exposIUon beadonarters are the scene 
of intense activity these days, but officers and 
emplvees alike all seem . to. enjoy the work 
and excitement, for every face wears a smue 

"that won't come off." 

Manager Barkoot Is expected here Thursday 
Idgfat. to ovedook the Improvements made In 
the midwsy grounds and to give final instmc- 
ttons to his agents. -, " 


(Continued froq^ page' 7) . 

collection of baby animals.' There are twin 
Imhy elephants, bear cubs, lion cabs, -a 
ba^ hippopotamus, and young tigers anmng 
the Undeigarten features. 

The program Is especially strong In eqnes- 
trian aets. and great applause was aceordetl the 
borsemanshlp of Urs. Rhode Boyal and Mlns 
Adlne, the latter riding the airship horsp. 
Omar, one of Bhoda Boyal's equine pupils. 

Homer -Hbtwon and Alec Ixnvande aUo excelled 
la feats^ at: agility on horseback, aad the Hob-, 
sons lo ia combination, hurdle. Jockey .and ear- 
Tyine act; and 9edlnl and Lowahde In oare> 
back feats, be»' -tl«e. rapt .attention of the 
spectators. i '■' -l, ' *~ 

The grand Introdncteiy eavaleade and - pa- 
geant, which was a ma4 o' kaleidoscopic col- 
orings, was headed by Colotael LaVelle, who 
"lo<^ ' more like Buffalo BlU than William 
Cody himself," as has waggishly" been said. 
The displays which took -place In two rings and 
central -platform, ran as follows: 

Display No. 2. — Fancy riding by Black Hus- 
sars gathering the garlands and threading the 

Display No. 3. — ^De I« Head Family^ In 
"clasalc poses In marble, artistic and sorprislng 
for It quick changes. 

Display No. 4.— Grand clown entry, com- 
prising some of the funniest and drollest mount- 
ebanks In the world of foolery. An espedally 
good number In this division was the funny box- 
ing match between Miss Clara Rnel and Shorty 
Maynard. . The. lattn^ .attired as Little Jeff of 
Bud Flsbel's cartoons, accompanied by Mutt of- 
Que same life. Insults a stylish-dressed young 
lady (Miss Bnel). who apparently Is one of 
the audience seeking her seat. The damsel 
resents the familiarity in fine* pnglllstle fash- 
ion, to the dellgbt of the crowd. 

Display No. 5 showed the skinful riding of 
Miss Hobson .and ;Mlsa. Booney. In BIngs . Nos. 
1 and 2, respectively. 

Display No.' 6- showed two of the best trained 
herds of elephants In the world. In BIng No. 
1, six elepbants, directed by Prof. Fred AUs- 
paw, performed the boocbe cbooche. danced 
clogs, and performed a -variety of.Jtlmost hnman 
tricks. In BIng No. 2, the twin elephants, 
driven tandem .by Mile. Zora,i walked -on rows 
of bottles without tbnAvIng'^ them -over, stood 
on their heads.: ^id _ did - other remarkable 

Display No. 7. — ^Bert Morphy, the man who 
slugs to beat the - hand, attired In a natty 
.white .uniform, sang above the Sells-Flnto band 
of- forty ■ pieces, 'a--.^arvelons exhibition . of 
■voice culture. 

DIspIsy No. 8. — Btng^No. 1, Garclnetti Bros, 
on - hounding table;'— Melhotte on -unsupported 
ladder. Stage, TSm- Gr^ .PIcacdo In superb 
feats of Juggling. BIng No'. 2, Miss Maud Kel- 
ly., and ^ Mme., Xodcy, queens of the rolling 
globes; . Blcadonnl on . the. unsupiwrted". ladder. 

Display No: 9. — The.'Wonderfnl Liberty^ Ruraes, 
In BIng No. .1; trained by William Barrett; a 
tronpe -of . cute. dogs and ponies, with Snowball, 
most Ipteillgent trained donkey, presented bv 
'Madame Boyal. on the stage; Capt. John Car- 
roll, with his troupe of trained Arabian horses, 
in EIngjNo.,2.. . \, • • ' . 

Display No. 10. — ^Bing No. 1, revolving ladder 
with, Horace Webb, and single trapeze with Miss 
Viola Stlrk: stage, double -traps. The Lafay- 
ettes; aerial laddeiv' ltlss Johnson: BIng No. 2, 
single, . :trapese, , Miss Irene HalU . revolving 
breakaway ladder, the .Kelly Brothers.' 

Display J7a. Ii;— rOmar, the: equine , aviator, 
ascending to . the top^of .the tent on . a platform, 
to the accompaniment of 'a mniiilllcent display 
of fireworks; - rldd^. by- -Miss ^^Ilne, trained 
by Bhoda Boyal. 

Display No. 12. — ^A wonderful high-wheel bl- 
cycle act, wherein tlie Martell Family perform 
some unique feats of skin, and balance; an es- 
pecially Jiovel- stnnt Is the' manipniation by the 
two. men. of common wagon wheels as means 
of locomotion, by removing ' some of the spoke.'< 
and thrusting their bodies- through the spacee. 

Display No. 13. — Jim Bntherford and associ- 
ate clowns In a riot of fun. Fighting the 
Flames; a. real fire engine and patrol wagon 
adds to the realism. ^ 

Display No. 14.— On the hippodrome track 
and in the rings. Bboda Boyal's -wonderful high- 
school horses perform marvels of equine grace 
and sagacity. 

Display No. 15. — ^Blng No. 1, Homer Hobson 
In gracefnl equestrian act; stage, Ba.vnor's 
Troupe of Comedy Ponies -and Cnrideable Mules; 
Ring No. 2, Alec Lowande In superb horseman- 

Display No. le. — Bing No. 1. the SCeluottes. 
high wire marvels: stage, Mesdames Johnson and 
Idicky. queens of tbe air; BIng No. % Iiowande, 
honnding rope magician. - 

Display No. 17. — Clowns In Aviation Shindig: 
Blug No. 1. Horace Webb In his sirship Des- 
peration: Bing No. 2, J. Butfaerfwd In the 
demon Sylng machine Calamity. 

Display No. 18.-r-The Gnlce Tronpe in as- 
tounding feats of skill on the flying swings, 
high In the air: the Monahan Tronpe In fear- 
less aerial acts. 

Display No. 19. — ^Tbe Hobeons. combination 
hurdle. Jockey and carrying act; Bedinl and 
Lowande. America's star riders In Jocke.v act. 

Display No. 20.— The Sir Galarmo Slaters, 
aerlallsts supreme, on beautiful revolving trap- 
eze apparatus. 

Display No. 21. — Bing No. 1, Ab Johnson with 
mule January; BIng Nol 2, BUIy Jameson with 
mule Febmary; World's OongTeag ot Fools, on 
skates on stage. 

Display No. 22. — Hippodrome races; trials 
of 8p«d and endnranee In regulsr racing fashion: 
Soman standing races, Chartot races, gentlemen 
Jockey races, ladles' races, cowgirls' races, 
clown mule races, tandem races. 

The sideshow features are unnsnaUy good, and 
one nickel admits one to as complete a show 
as Is ordinarily shown for a- dime. The- attrac- 
tions comprise: Thomss Brockman, Nubian giant: 
Bayrooty Troupe, Turkish guu-splnners; Beld 
and Beverly's. Minstrels; Prince Mnngo from 
the Fhllipplnes, In torture d8nce;r,NylIs; queens 
of serpents; mind reader and palmist: Pcof. 
Melllvan, tattooed man; Prof. JIpNnlty, ven- 
trlloqulst and Pundi and. 'Jndy sifow. 

WASTED— For Adam Ftetzer's 'B. B. Shows, 
Muslciaos and Performers, doing two or more 
acts. - Kmg season South. Those wrote before 
write again, mail got lost. Address ADAM 
FEXZEB (Andrew Co.), Amazonia Mo. 



This new and up-to-date Bail Game Device conalsts of a ten foot 
stairway, three feet wide, with steps that fold' together when target 
Is hit with a ball. A lively negro or clown can do more funny stnofai 
on this machine and can Jolly more nickels out of !a crowd than on 
anything of the kind ever Invented. It's an attractive looking 
frame-up and a sure money-maker wherever there Is a crowii 
Beat Ball Game proposition on the market today, end the greatL'si 
value for the money ever offered. 

Our latest type of machine has wooden frame and im- 
proved side arm target. In natural throwing pesltkm. Best 
of materials and workmanship, and nothing to break or Ki>t 
out of order. Easy to set up or take apart and Rhiii 
Shipping weight, 200 pounds. Price of outfit, with ronn 
netting, canvas backstop, and one dosen balls, $50.00 n>>i' 
f.o.b., Peoria. $15.00 cash with order and balance C. f>. 1>' 
Prompt shipment guaranteed. We also furnish watorl 
proof canvas tank for use with this machine, at .niuU 
extra charge. 

J. M. NAtrGHTOH CO., Hotel Mayer Building, Peo' la Hi 



Each Pound Makes 45 Gals, Retails for $40.00. 

Guaranteed the finest flavored and strongest soft drink preparations on the market. Ton 
add cold water and sugar — iio trouble. Beautiful signs free. One pound can, any kind 
g2.25 prepaid; six assorted as desired. $12.00 prepaid. Samples to make one gallon, 10c 
each, with catalogue of our ten drinks, glass Jars, tumbler carriers^ etc., postpaid. Ko 
coal tar color or anything harmful In our powders. Beware of Imitations. Fully guaran- 
teed under the Pure Food Law, TJ. S. Serial No. 11768. : 
CHA8. T. HOaKlSSEY & CO., 

Dept. B, 

8407 Ogde^. Avenue, Chicago, HI. 



Man and -wife, to put on I.nnette Show. Man -with girls, to put on 'Vaudeville or Girl Show. Uaa 
■with performers, to put on Plantation Show. Have one more black tent that we want working. 
We fntnlsb all the equipment and transportation, yon fnmlsh tbe peme, and split the receipts. 
We have all the Biding Devices, Band, and Prof. Nelson, -High WlrO'-Eiee Act, and three shows 
Fine opening right In the heart of the cotton picking; crops fine and money plentlfuL I\>rt 
Payne, Ala., on streets, week Aug. 28 to Sept. 2; Gadsden, Ala., on streets, week Sept 4 to » 
And a fine territory along the Ii. & N. that has been shut ont for six years. Address THE FODB 


Hutchinson, Sept. 18-19-2a-21-22-23-24r-26-^27. 

Tbe biggest fair in Kansas, and the Oldy one anthorlsed to Issue premlmns In the name of 
the State. The people — 175,000 — farmers, merchants, women, everybody, old and young, witb 
the money In hand, attend this lIKday event. It Is their annnal "outing" for the year. 

$40,000 in Premiums. $20,000 in Racing. Open Booking. 

Grounds at head of Main street. City water, electric light. Double track electric to tbe 
grounds. President Taft will spend Tnesday, Sept. 28, on the grounds, 'f*"*" Beml.Ceatannial 
Celebration a Feature of tbe State Fair. This Is the Big Event In the Great Southwest, and the 
place where concessioners make good their losses at other places. Kline's Carnival, expensive 
fre e attra ctions already employed. 8S0 railroad trains Into Hntehlnson these 10 days. Writ* 
E, HUTTON, Bapt, of RtvUegei, carl7. H. 8. Thompson, Pres.: A. L. Speaaler. Secy. 



World's Championship Wrestling Match 

I«rge Panorama, sise 8x25, $5.00 per 100: $50.00 |>er 1,000. 2S different Post Card views ot 
Gotch & Rackenschmldt, - $4.50 per 1,000. Cash -with order. Beady for delivery September Stb. 
XAX BIGOX. rowers Building, OHIOAOO. 

Want Good Shows and Rides 

Of all kinds. Twelve more GOOD FAIRS, all day and night play. Wire, write or 
ribone. UNITED BXPOSITION SHOWS, Ji>hn F. McGtail, General Manager, Caro, 
Mieh., week Aug. 28; Bay City, MBcli.. week Sept. 4. ' 

Wanted, for Atwodd's Shows 

Man for Edna Act with Edna Galloway, Plant people and other sfaowsj^conceesioDB; 
no graft; long season South. Want piano player. Bill Mack, 'write. Wanted, door 
talkers and cme reliable agent. No boozers; gold tooth. C. J. McCaity, write. 

D. M. ATWOOD, El Paso, lU., Aug. 28 to Sep. 3. 



Is tbe recognized organ of TandevIIIe artists throughout the 'world. Americans visiting fat Los- 
don win flod a friendly welcome st 14 Leicester Street, W. C; MEW ZOBK omOB, M W. 
Twenty.flfth Street: Xeleobone. 1772 Madlann Bonare. 

IVIercliaiits' Gpandl Carnival and «Iul3llee 

On the Streets Sept. 18, 18, 20, 21, 22, 23 

This Association comprises 200 of the leading merchants of South Philadelphia. First Street Csmival ever held In this section. Six days and nights. Well advertised In all local 
papers. 100,000 people In the Immediate vicinity. Everybody Interested and boosting. Grand illumination nightly. Given by tbe City Councils. Four Brass Bands, contlnuoua Tree Tande* 
vnie Performance. Parades, and Athletic Sports of all kinds, concluding with the grandest and most magnlflcent Baby Parade ever held In this section. This will be a gala week and 
the greatest event ever held in South Pbiladelphla. Want to hear from ail kinds ot Concessions and Games. Will sell exclusive tor Confetti, Candy Wheel and Foodie Wheel. (Posi- 
tively no strong games, graft or girl sbowsi. Have good. locations foc.a few cleaB; moral shows, with nice frame-ups. Wonld. like to bear from Ferris Wheel and Uetry-M-Bonnd. 
Also want several good Hree AttracttonS. Alt ftt le n i answered --Addras -iAi T. HA1T8, 404B Brown Street, Philadelphia, Pa. ' ' • ^ 

SEPTEMBER 2, 1911. 

rtie Billboard 

ions I 

TUa list ojBtalu 'data procnred Iqr ^be BUI 
hiiard ddrliiie Ibe pa«t two weeks onlr. Tbe Hat 
ivns publlBhed complete Id tbe lune of Anguat 

12. : . 

'leannette S. Xatea, Snnlap, lU. 
P<v>rla — Illinois AMm. of Asst. Postmasteia. 
Sept. 4. Rntb B. Gourtrlgbt, Kormal, 111. 
< msiAKA. 

Indtanapollo— Daoshters of the Americas Bero- 

Ititlon. Oct 710-12. 
Marlon— Indians Woman's Gbrlatlan Temperance 

Colon. Oct. 18-lT. lira. Boae Pearce. D«r- 
- ilnston, Infl. , . 

. . ^ lOVTA. • 
Boone — ConTentlon of Grand Cbapter Royal Arch 

Masons. Offc- 11. Alfred WIoKate,- Dea 

Moines. la. ' 
nca Mslnea — Great OoiincII of Iowa I. O. B. M. 

Oct. 0-1l. • B«. -A. Day. «. C. of B., 40O Bank 

Dfn Moines— Convention of Natl. . Federation of 
P. O. Clerk^ Sept. — . 1911. Qeo. F. Ffelffer, 
Mllwaakec, Wla. 

■Frankfort — Kentncky Christian Women's Board 
of MlasloDS.r'Scpt. 18-19.- Mrs. Sara K. Tan- 
cey, «o W.' 0th st,. I-exInitton. Ky. 

Kentucky Bankers' Assn. Oct. 28- 
riS- ..f""" By Darts. LonlBTllle, Ky. 
bonlSTllIe— American Asrn. of Oomincrelil Exee- 
ntlvfs.^ Oct. 12-14. -Robt. W. Brown, care of 
T-OQlsTlIIa Ttmea. 

'Bajion>-|-sratni9 state teairac ' of PoatmastaTS. 

Sent, ao-21. z. B. Dnrnn, Fast Corinth, Ma. 
l^wtstoD'^alne State GriinKe p. of H, Dec. 

^aterrlll(>— Xiln* Rural Letter Ourim' Aasn. 

Sept. 4-5. W. H. Loratt. Uncoln Centre, Me. 
Baltimore— Repnbllean Editorial Assn. Dec. IS. 
i..V«'*-^'°K' 0- »»» 1«. Annspolls. Md. 
Baltlmorer-Katl. Oonrentlon of Danrtten «f 

Amertea. Oct. — ,• loll. JuUa T. Brtb, To- 

leoo, O. 

' ' mssAosusExxak 

■..a.WJanK^Boe^lOb p. O.. 

sept. 7-s. tgum ery Grand Lodge A. F. ft A. H. Dec. 
.'i. Geo. A. Beaocbamp; 

Plioenlx— American Minlns Congress. Sept. — t 
ion. J. T. Oallbreatb, Denver, Colo. 

Fort Smith — Arkansas State Federation of Labor. 
Dec. 12. U H. Moore, SIS B. 8tb St., Little 
Rock, Ark. 

Mttle Bock-^atl. Conventlai o( Am. Asao. of 
Title Hen. Oct. 17-19. W. X. Lambert, 

.-San Franclseo — ^American Bomkne Sse. <ict. 2- 

e. Nathaniel Walke. Albany. N. T. 
Sin Francisco— Intl. Seamen's , Union.- Oct. 18. 

Wm. H. Frazler. Boston. Masa, 
San Francisco— State Convention Postmasters 

4th Class. Oct. IS. Address Postmaater, San 

Francisco, Cal. . _ _ _ 

-Santa Cma— Grand Encatnpment I. - O, O. F. 

Oct. 3-6. Wm. U. Barnes, a. scribe, 1. O. 

O. F. Stall. San Francisco. Cal. 

•Glenwood Sprlngs-rColorado Elee. Ugbt, Power 

A Ry. Aasn. Sept. 13-15. F. D. Morris, Box 

1052. Colorado Springs, Colo. 


'Hartford— fflercnth'jOomu Vol. Aasn.' Sept. IT. 

CQalen. Danboiy; Conn. 
Merlden — ^Woman's Ctaiatlan nmperanee union. 

Diet. 17-19. Mia* JoaepUne A. Sestoo, Kut 

Hampton, ConnS' ' ' ' _ 
Vew London— State Uqnor oealeis*. Aasn. Sept. 


WatBrbmy^RiiMit* of Fytblas. Oct. 17. Hor- 
ace O. OkseTP. O. Son 006. BarUorO. flam. 

joscanr or ooLiniBiA. 

.Washington — ^American Assn. for the Adranee- 

ment of Science^ Dee. 27-30. L.- O. Howard. 

Smithsonian InatltntloB. 
Washington — ^Natl. Aaan. of Second - A Third- 
Class Postmasters. Sept. — . 1911. H. A. 

Hopkins, et; ClalR''-Mldi. 
Washington— AmertCan Economic Asm. Dee. 

37-30. T. N. Oamr. Cambridge, Mass. 
Washington — Katl.' 'Convention Independent Or- 

iler ot Beebablteaaf North Amerlea. S^t. 12. 

Jas. H.' Donri 727 Xwm. ava^. K. B. 

laeksonvllle— United NatL Aasn. of P. O. 
Clerks of tbe V. 8. S«t. 4-T. Wm. F. Olb- 
bons. 731 K. Main ave;. Seranton. Pa. ' 

A'tlaniii — Convention of Grand United Order of 
Colored Odd Fellows. Sept. 9-12. W. L. 
Hooston. 185 Dearborn at.. Chicago, ni. 

Savannah— IJeorgla Woman's Chrlatlan Temper- 
ance Unjos. J,' Oct. 8-13. MSaa M.. Theresa 
Grtfllo. rec. secy.. 1S30 Third a*e.. Colnmbns. 


"Twin Falls— Bebekah Assembly. Oct. IB. Wm. 
Frances Crossoo, R. F. D. No. 1, Bolae, Idaho. 

Ctalciuro — Intl. Convention of Intl. Freight Hand- 
lers' Asun. Sept. — , 1911. John i. Flynn, 
SIS Harrison at. 

Chicago — Xatl. Aasn. of Llfa Underwriters. 
Oct. 10-12. NeU' D. Sella. Box 665. Blebmoad. 

Chlcazo— Convention of Central Assn. of Com- 
mercial Execntlves. Sept. — . 1811. Carl De- 
honey. 502 Union Trust BIdg.. Cincinnati, O. 

Cbleago — ^Natl. 'Convention of American Brother- 
hood of Cement Workers. Sept. 12. Address 

' Secy.- Chicago Council. 525 S.- Green St.; . 

Chicago — X'atl. - Encampment Patriotic Order of 
-Vmerlcanii. Oct. 17-18. Geo. W. Smith, . 13C 
ChgmberK ot.. Phllllpsborg. N. J. 

l-« Salle — Illinois Aasn. of Postmasters. Sept. 

. 26-27. H, D. Hemmens. Elgin. III. 

Mollne — ^Intl. Order of Good Templars Grand 
Lodge. Sept. 2-5. Gathfrld Berg. 1402 Olive 
ave.,, Chicago, III. - 

Peoria— Illinois' RetaH ImplnSeot ' Vehicle 
Dealers' Assn. Oct. 10-15. J. A. Montellna, _ 

p4rt«-^T«'ef '^««Se of nilnols, Dec. la-lliL^J^Of^ '^t- --: Henry T. Pfelfter, New 

Btmfon — XatL Convention of Am. Boiler Mtrs.' 

— » O. Farasey, Cleve- 

land; O. '• 
Boston -state- Conncll of Mass. Seiit. 10. 7esac 

Robinson, B Hawthorne St., Bradford. M<ae. ' " 
Fall Blver— Maaa. Baptist Missionary Socy. Oct., 

24-26. nraak W. Padeltord. Tremont Temple, 

Boston, Haas. 
Gloncester— -New England Water Worka Aasn. 

^p^ 13-15. Wlllard Kent. .I<ainiganaett Pier, 

Haverbiil- Mass. State Branch A. F. of L. Sept. 
18-22. M. T. Joyce, P. O.- Box. C, Sta. A, 
Boston, Mass. 
Holyoke— Great Conntil.of ' Bbsa.. Improved Order 
of . Red Men. Oct. 28. .Alexander Gllmon, 
18 Boylston St., Boston, -Mass. 
Worcester— Mass State Orange P. of H. Dec. 
12-14. Wm. N. Howard! N. Easton, Mass. 
DetroIt-^Mlcb. Bean' Jobbers' Assn. 

V. P, Cash, Rlverdale,. Mich. 
Detroit— Synod of Mich. Oct. 10-13. Rev. Wm. 

Bryant. D. D., 135 Engle-wood - ave. - 
Detroit — State Federation of Women's Clnbs. 
Oct. 17-20. Miss Florence Frensdort, Hudson, 

Fowlervine — Convention Agrlcnitnral Socy. Oct. 

10-13. G. A. Newman, secy. 
Kalamazoo — ICIcb. State Grange Patrons of Hus- 
bandry. Dec. 12-15. J. W. Hutchlna, Hano- 
ver. Mich. 

LndlnEton— Micli. State Horticiiltiiral Sac. Dee, 
5-7. Cbas. B. Bassett, Fennville, Mich. 
Minneapolis — State Orange P. of B, Miim. Dee. 

12. Angnsta J. Adams, 55 Cedar Lake Bead. 
St Pani— American Soc. of AgrL Engineers. 
Dee. 27-28. J. B. Davidson; Ames. la.- 

Kansas City — Mlssonrl Abstractors* Assn. ' Oct, 

3-4. Jesse P. Cmmp, 108 Scarrltt Bldff. 
Kansas City — ^Western Assn. of Knrsetymen. 
Dec. 13-14. E. J. H<dman. Leavenworth. 

St. Lonis — ^American Soc. of Befrlgeratlng En- 
gineers. Oct. 2-S. W. H. Roas, 154 Nassan 
at.. New Tork City. 
St. LoDls — Grand Colter Order Eastern Star. 
Sept. 28-30. Mary Jean White, 4101 McGee, 
Kaiuas City, Mo. 
St. Louis — Sontbem Homeopatlile Medical Assn. 
Oct. 18-20. Dr. Lee Norman, 451 S. Third St., 
Loolsvllle. Ky. 
Tipton— State Convention of Mo. Anti-Horse 
Thief Aaan. Oct. — , 1911. Frank L. Boss, 
Carthage, Mo. . 


Uvlngston — Order of tbe Sona of Herman. Sept.. 
16-17. Btaannel Flschl, P. O. Box 828, Hel- 
ena. Mont. 

ifTf ftttagga^ 

Omaha — ^Kebraska Pbotosraphers' Assn. %pt. 
26-29. Ralph R. Baxxell, 600 Coort at., Be- 
atrice, Neb. 


Kecne — New Hampshire C. E. Union. Sept. 29- 
Oct. 1. Marian Crowell. 5 Rollins st.. Concord. 
N. H. 

Keene — New Hampshire State Firemen's Assn. 
Sept. 27-28. Geo. L. Osgood, 9 Thompson St.. 
Concord, N, H. 
Manchester— Great CooncU Degree of Pocahon- 
tas of K. H. Oct. 4. Ada H. Wllllama, S44 
Maple St. _ _ ^ 

Mancbester — First New Hampshire Veteran Bat- 
tery Aasn. Sept. 26. S . 8. P iper. 

Atlantic City — New Jersey State Teaehera* Assiu 

Dec. 26-28. Cbas. B. Boyer. 
Atlantie City— Fenna. MlUers' State Assn. Sept. 

18-15. A. P. Hnaband. Llanercb. Pa. 
Freehold— N. J. SUte Hort. Soc. Dec. 12-13. 

Howard G. Taylor, Blverton, M. J. 
Newton— Bebekah State Assembly of X. J. Oct. 
5-6. Mrs. Emma Ferguson, 92 Green at., .New 

ark. N. J. 

Bnttalo (Botel Statler) — ^Katl. Assn. of Sta- 
tioners & Mfrs. of the V. S. of A. Oct. 9. 
Mortimer W. Byers, 41 Park Bow, New York 

Payettevllle — American Cheviot Sheep Socy. Dec 

28. F. B. Dawley. 
New York — Convention American Antomoblle 
Assn. Dec. — . 1911. Robt. Brace. 437 Fifth 

New York— Convention of Erie B. B. Surgeons. 
Oct. — , 1911. B.- B. Wakeman. Homell. N. 

New York— American Socy. of Mecb. B^nRIneer8. 

Dec. 5-S. Calvin W. Bice. 29 W. 39th St. 
Olean — ^Woman's Temperance Union of tbe State 
of N. Y. Oct. 6-10. Mrs. Helen J. Andrase, 
156 Sth ave.. Room 500. New York City. 
Rochester — Oerman-.toerlcan Alliance State 

State Convention of Universal- 
Rcv. W. H. Skeela, UtUe 

-Jrk CitT. 
Rocbeatei^--K. Y. 
ista. Oct. 

Falls, N. Y. _ ^ 

Rochester— Social Order of -Moose. Sept. 15. 

A. L. Rafter. Toledo. O. ■ ^ . „ „ 
Rocbcstcr— Medical Assn.- of Central ^.J- Oct. 

— . Dr. T. Wesl^ Mulligan, pres.. 290 West 

ave. ■ 

Syracuse— Patrons of Indnstry N. Y. State. 
Dec. 12t13. John- F. Boca,- PemteUsvnie, N. 
Y. - ■ - 

West Brighton. Staten Island — New Yorit Sean- 
dlnavl'an Grand- Lodge of the Internationa) Or- 
der of Good Templars. Sept. 2-4. Bernhardt 
Nelson. 1058 Cruger ava.. Van Nett, Bronx, 
N, Y. 

AshevIUe— Va. ft CanAlnaa Fhotonaphers* Assn. 
Convention. Sept. 28-29. Geo. L. Faber, secy. 

Bryan— aStb 0." V. V. I. Asia. Sept. 1. V. W. 
Weeks. Delta, O. - ■ 

Cleveland— Central States Waterworka Assn. 
Sept. 10-21. Wm. Allen Veach, Newark, O. 

Columbna — County Auditors' Assn. of Ohio. Nov. 
— . 191 L A. B. Pecklnfangh. Harrison Bldg. 

Woostex^ietb Beg. O.'V. L Sept. 20-21. Bnoa 
Plcraon. 19 Madisao are. 


Bridgeport — Western Assn. .Bine ft-Oray. 
20-Sppt. 1. J. C. WhitehaU. 

Shawnce-^Pottawatomle Co. • Fanciers' 
Dec. 1216, B. W. Lcltch, Forest City, 
nlsh Tanis, Shawnee, Okla. 


Scranton— Penn. State Grange Patrons of Hus- 
bandry. Dee. 12-15. J. T. Allman, Thomp-, 
sontown. Pa. _ _ ^ . 

Warren— Penna. W. C. T. U. Oct. — , 1911. 
Mn.' -^lvla B, Norrlsh, 3103 Fourth ave,. 
Beaver Falla. Pa. i . 

BOirra: Dakota. 

Slotiz Falla — Retail Implement Dealera* Am. 
See, 5^7, B; 0. Barton,' VormiUeB. 8, -Ik 





Waco— 43rand^Lodge-4>f -Texas A. F. A A....M: 
pee."fi: Jolm Watso n. 

iVlexaadrlae-Jan|.or- OMer C, A. M. oat. 17. 
;Tho«,' S. Ivey. Drawer 808. Petersburg. Va. 


NArtb Xaklmai— Waaiilngtatt Edaeatioaal Assn. 
Dec. 27-29.- O.C. Whitney.. 715- 8. M St.. 
H^ant' Scbool.r Tacoma.. Waah. 
Sp<dcane— Northwest Electric Light & Power 
Assn. Sept. 21-23.. Norwood W. Brdekett. 
■ Cataract Bldg.. Sea ttje, Waah. 

Falrmonnt — W. Ta. Coal Mining Institnte. Dec.- 
5-6. -E. B. -Day. 108 Smlthdeid St.. Pitts- 
burgh; Pa. 

Keyser— W. Va. State Horttcnltural Soc. ; Nov. 
29-Dee. 1. „A. L. Dacy, Morgantown. W; Va. 

Milwaukee — State Convention Royal Star 'Grand 
Lodge. Si'pt. 7. Mnrle B. Bonemis.' 8223 
Gomer avr., Kansas City, Mo. 

Milwaukee — Wisconsin Retail' Implement & Ve- 
hicle Dealers' ABsn>. Dec 12-14. Geo. Bwen. 

Antlgo. Wis. 

WYOKtHG. . . 

Cheyenne — Grand Chapter 0. E. S. of Wyo. 

' Sept. 5. Inez Mi^Bofiiiison, 812 B. .16tb st. 

Ondph, Ont. — -American Leicester Breeders* Af- 
aoclatloit. - Dec' 5. -A. J.- Temple. Cameron, 

m. : 

Two ladies under twenty who can 
qualify in figftu-e, etc., to be tat- 
tooed for special feature in new act. 
Tattooed ladiesplcase answer. Long 
engagement, good pav. .Address, 
T.4TT00, Billboard. 1440 Broad- 
way, New .york City."'' 


One for single traps, rings or wire (good aiB- 
at«m accepted). One. girl with atrons TOle* 
to sing wltb band. Also two good door talkem 
and good single acts for ballyiioob Write or 
wire lowest; must join at oace. JOHN A. 
POLLITT. Parker Showa. tUa week. OUntoa. 
la.; week Sept. 4, Conncll BlulTs, la. . 


Bests' Cheapest Music 

nt» B aj e aa of Xiyon & 
Healy Znatmmenta in- 
«lBd« fha 

man - 

o-rov . 


Fof>"Rinks» Picture Sfiows 

, Thonsands of TestimoniaLs and 
a business of the biggest kind, 
prove that we can: - 

I st— Satiafy Tonr bnslnessi mtvoaa. 
Snd— Save yon money. 

Remember, good music is what 
you must have. 

Urn Lyon & Healy 
^Military Bani 
Organs j*pf^f 

f brass band; are per- 
fect in instmmenta- 
J'tion; play in faidtless 
^ti me, and do not get ont 

of order. 

en sizes, from the smallest 
np. Easy time payments 

TheFamousWeHe & Sons 

Kensh{^ AobNMfie Rnmd 


and steady service. Most reason- 
able proposition in tbe market. 
Send for our hig free catalog. Lowest prices in America on Automatic Musical 
Instruments of the highest musical value, and of guaranteed dnrttbUi^. Meif 
tion this paper. 

28'^ OS Adams ^roat 





Trapeze acts, tricfc house acts/ donkey acb^ involving ladder acts, jugglers, lady 
contortionists. Can iise one hiibd'red acts. Wite, write or' telephone. .4iIERI- 
CAX VAUDEVILLE CIRCUIT, Inc., Frank MdviUe^ Mgr., No. 251 West 42nd 
Street, New YoA City. ^ 


Fred Webster, W. H. Fogd, H. Stanlqr koA other good men, write. Address G,W. 
jf Y,, August 28 to September 1 ; Hartford, Conn. 3-9. 


Muiicians that Double Stage, Band and Orchestra 

This show stays ou^- all irinter south; good diamaitic people for my two one- - 
night stands; also two gmd agents that bnow their biunness. Name lowest salary, 
an*)- tell all; in- first letter. Boozers, don't write. Sikeston, Mo., 28-2; Pa^^gould. 
Ark.l4-9. , - ■ ■■ ' v.-i" .•■j../,.' 

^-tie Billboard 

rSEPTEMBER 2, 19ii. 


■WuUnston CSoimty Bome-Oomiiic- 


Mm Ftaadaea (Fredta Vaitar) — ^BeliRlODS. Cele- 
■'■ tamtion. Sept. 23-24. OnlKppe Lofaso, mgr.; 
• 'tOS Ptedta. are. 


' Oliajr— B. F. O. Ella. Baimlon. 8H>t. 14-16. 
; W. H. BhMdoii. Box SOB. Demw^ Oblo. 

' laekMBTlIIa — Oetebrattoa. Dec 4-14. Col. 
TkoBW J. L. Brown, mgr., n«miiw>i« Hotel; 
JackioDTnie. n«. 
Eq- West— Onsd'Oelebratlon. Dee. SO-Jao. 12. 
COL T&M. I. L. Brown. Dir. OCD.. Kejr.Weit. 

timptr—enmt Pioqietl^ OdCbtatloB. Kbb 8- 
V S. Col. Tboa. 3,-Ij. Btowb, pns. 

Colmbm Eaglet. Vntinl. Oct. t-ic ». a 

. BSM. MCr* 


4twood— Atwood Fall restiTiI. Sept. 5-T. R. 

C. Sin*, seer. 
Baaco— Itb Ansnal Field Meet. Sept. £d-21. F. 

3. Beo. «ecy. 
•aio — Xn-iA>uatr Vall Vestinl It Bxpoiltian. 

Rmr 18-23. emu. A. Pennr. Ora. mgr. 
Oanrllle — OaaTQIe Home-Coming, Bone Snow A 
ATlatloo Meet. Sept. 25-30. H. B. Day. 
mgr. concessIonB. 
BooiwBtan— state nmnen'a Ama. Toamaamt. 
8ept^ 6-T. Bobt. W, CMopv, Olulnnan Con- 
) aaafiiii Committee. 
■Bigta*]]]*— Independent neU Mai Clnb ICeat- 
' lag^ Not. S. 8. H. SoewCII. aeer.i MSB 
Park Ave., Indianapolia, Ind. 
leld - 

Foreat Cltj- — Home-coming & Fair. Nor. MO. 

C. .V. Fowlea, mgr. . ■ 

Saiclstt— Mame-Oonung JnUIee. ' Oet. 10-31.. 
>•■. ■. Fagna, aecr- 


Arilngt m H ome-Comlng * CamlTal-Aaaa. Oct, 
6-7. B. W. Wlae. aeey. _ 

Aahtabnla — Ashtabula Co. Centennial Home- 
coming. Week Sept. 4. J. L. Bmltli, dialr. 

-Ireadair tteld Day and Heae-Comlng 

Sept^ ' 10-20. T. W. aehnltz. secx- 

■arabalt— Fall FeatlTal -Ic Horse Shew. Sept. 

31-23. H. H, JaaBer..MCT. _ 
-Oden— Oden Fan FestlTal. Sept. B-8. B. A.. 
Lyons, secy.- 
0«r[^ ■I—*.- .*<Mnfnc. ^nt, 26-2l>. 
PSm (Webster Park)— Jubilee Week.' Sept 10- 

17. 6. L. Tbieman, mgr. 
flalem — Salem' Fall: FeatlTal & Idbor Day Cele- 
bration. Ang^ 28-Sept. 4. B. C.-I<ester, secy. 
flbetbrnUe— Bnalbras Men's Fan - FestlTal - ft 
Home-coming. Oct. 9-14. Cbac Beetle^ secy. 
•ttumtO. Snidlet* ft BaUota' Kninion. Sept. 
:1S-M. ' Geo, -II. Ben. chairman ot prlr. com, 

- nmuxA - 

> •(omnawn — 18th Aonaal~ Soldiers* Rennlan ft 
Home-Comlng. Sept. 20-22. O. B. Tanee. 

■ranaTlIIe — Home Coming. FaU restlTd and 

fiennan Day. Week of Sept. 24. ■ 
■neuDnrs-^onie Coming JobUee, tuplee* 
, Bastes and. Bostness Ken. Sept. U-ia: Cijtx 

A. sun.- iteii 

I* Orange-^La 6range Co. Farm Frodnets Sbow 
ft Com Sebool Week. Oct. 2-6. Bobt. M. 
WaddelL secy, 
imioy— UOroy Fan FeatlTal. Oct. B-T. 3. B. 

Iptlman. rbalrman. 
Verth Jnilsott — Xortb Jndson After HarTest Jn- 
blb*. Oct. B-T. E. B. WoU, chairman en- 
tertainment committee. 
Worta tr.iwQ — ISurui Vernon FaU FeatlTal 

Sept. 2S-S0. C. R. Waancr. secy. 
onfli— Home-Oomlng ft FaU FeitlTtl. Sept. 

WaaUngton — Second Anmial Fall FeatlTal ft 

~ - - Sept. 24-80. 8. D. HoTi-y. 


Saiden GroTe — Garden Orore Old Setflets' Be- 
_ union. Sept. 7-8. J. L. StHl. »ecy. 
wnmton — Fall FestlTal. nnder ansplces of 
- Commi^relal Clnb. Sept. 13-15. I. O. Baa- 

briKick. aery. 
Kaailla — Crawford . Co.- ^ Home-coming. Sept. 

HeenanicsTllle — Annual Field Bay. Sept. 14. 
■ Add. Fred Stnigee, MwhinlrarUle. In. 
HtaeTte— i;all FeatlTal ft - Facmeia' Inatttote. 
Sept. 14-lC a V. McFatrtdge. aecy. 


Alkaaaaa Clfy— G. A. R. Reunion. Sept. 5-0. 
Write B. S. Hunt. Box 80. 

Atetalaoa — (Fiirext Parfci Taft Day ft Waggoner 

CelrbmtlKn. fh-pt. S7. 
' Brie— Neosha Co. SoMipm* Rennlon. S<-pt. SO- 
SO. Address A. W. Lyman. Erie. Kas. 

SertSB— Rig CelPhmtluu: id-iit. IB-2U. Ad- 
dreSM •»cy. evlvbratlno oonmlttee. 

Hoxle — S6tb AnnniU Enmrofimmt of the Xortb- 
westem Kansas ▼eterans* Assn. Sept. 7-0. 
. W. B- Larricfc. ebalrman. 

Bumbotut--^uiuverB.u-y t.eicbrstlon. Sept. 18- 

3S tTb«»>. H ''(•lirtfTlier. '•etry. 

Kansas nty — (CarnlTsI Park) Oieat Kansas 

Gala We<-k. Srpt. 4-10. Will Flratenbeiger, 

gen. mgr.. 72S Mliu»«ita see. 
Reimhilc- -Wsm-Ki Hutv l-Wl»al. Sn>t 33-23. 
Topeka — SnMIets * Sailor*' Rennlnn Committee. 

Sept. 3S-28. P. H. CotKj, secy. 
Wam<fjn>' -Knnaas :$Tjite Fir*»mun'» Tonmament 

ft Fall FestlTaL Sept. 2S-2S. B. C. Hnbboid, 


OUT* BUI— G. A. It. Kennlon. 
a. V. Bowak. I.. Box 8>«. ■ 

Sept. e«. OoL 

■attlselMitg— Praeperity CMwhraUoo. Oct. 1. 
Mecsr I.. Blskr, aecy.. CenunRlal Oliril. 


rurfax— Fairfax FaU VntlTltlaa. Bevt. IS-U. 
A. L. Center, aecy. 


Qgialu ITiiTiliU of the AkSar-Ben Pan Fes 
Org. avpt. 3T-Ort- T. H. i. PenfoM. aecy., 
im Oooiaaa «' 


Batonton — Betnlon Assn. 14tli Beg. !f. 3. Tola. 
Sept. Uk. Jao. C. Pattetaon. Ocean Orore, M, 


Beaton— AM B«9a UrimluD. Aug. S8-8ept. 4. 
Wtltv dean Ueyerbult, 1402 Broadway. Xew 
T««» a«y.: 

LlttU Falls — rpntennlal ft Home Week. Sept. 
■ S-41 Addiww L. T. I,yat..UttIa .Falla. N. X 
Balem— llsrwst Bmne WeA. Sept. aS-& 
' R. wnitaaia. as<7^ 

BtanfhMTlltr- iamb Rtgt. Tet. Aaaa. Renaloa. 
Oct. t». D. Bmr% mr-, n .OBklla ar 
Paagtaksapala, ». 'Ih* ■ '---ijiiw 

Barea— Homc-Coming Week. Sept. IS-St. Adr 

dreaa O. B. Stone, Berea, O. 
Snan — Week'a Junuee « Home-Comlng Aug. 

ao«ept. 2. A. b oebbatd, aecy. 
Mallalie— Fan FeatlTal * Home-Comlng, aos- 

nleaa BaUalre ProgressiTe Aaan. Oct. 4-7. 

nw. D. Beck. secy. „ 
DelUnee-^all Festtral. Week Sept. IS. B. 

W. Wortoian. secy. 
Vam Bank (anbnrb of OInelmiatt) — nmbank 

Dam> Celebration. Week Sept. 4. Address 

Fetnbank Dam Celebration Aian., SInton Ho- 
tel, Cincinnati. O. 
Lodi— LodI Centennlil ft Bome-Oomlnff. Sept. 

7-0. J. F. -Smith, aecy. 

Ferry — Old Settleta' Homeeomlas BeiBlaa. Baiit. 

IB-ie. B. W. Joaeaw aecy. 
Xahleqnab— Old Btddlera ft Se^Meta' BeaBloo. 

Oct. 24-28. -Gna H. Tincb. secy. 


Aatacia— Aatoda •Centennial Celebration. Aug. 
lO-Skpt. 0. Aatoria Centennial Oommlttee. 
Elka* Bnlldlng. 

PMIaddphla— Boalneas Men's Fan JnbUee. 
Sept. I1-1& Addicaa N. H. Stsiilcr. 0009 
Market at. 

Sewlckley— Sewlekley-Ooraepolla Bridge Oelebra- 
ttan. Sept. 18-23. 3. Walters, Chairman.' 

Talk— PensarlTanla State Flremrn'a Aaan. Heet- 
taw. Week Sept.' 4. Addreea Bd. C. Blehel- 
taiser, care Etka Ko. 213. Zorfc, Fa. ' 

Mjemplbta Bine ft .Gray Bennldn. 89t. 2840. 
W. O. DnttUnser. chairman. 


Bntland — Old-Home : Week. Sept. 4-9. F. W. 
Clement, Chairman. 

Boanoke — B. p. o. Eucx' Aaan; at 'Fa. Sept. 

20-27. W. C. Godsey, Petersburg, ITa. 
SiadweO — ^National Beagle .Club . of America 

FleU Trials. Nor. ' 9. Cbas. B. SteTcns/n. 

aecy., 108 Market at.. Camden. M. J. 

Bluefleld — B. P. O. Elks' Beonlon . Assn of W. 
Ta. Sept; U-14. Addicaa Jay Baeler, darka- 

Labor Day CekbratioDS 

•' JX^QfOIB. 
Beardatown— Labor Day Celebratlan. 43eo. W. 
Fink', conceaaton committee.. 
.-..wAuev— ^Craoett ft l-utHir Assembly Labor Day 
<>lehratIon. T. R. Darla. asey-- 
Streatar— ^bor Day Celebration. WHta Tkoa. 
Kdly. 802 B. Main St.. Straater, . m. 


.Okhart— liabor Day Celebratloa. F. B. Watera. 


tttipiwa— I<abar Day CelebratleB. Under ana- 
pices Clerka Ualoa No. SI9. O. P. Oalin, aecy.. 
AlbU, la. 


Vest Mineral — Labor Day ft Coal CamlTal. Sept. 

4-8. Write J. E. aallarhrr. aecy. 

Latonla— lAbm Day Celebration. Addreea t. 

Bedman. DI4 Madison are.. CoTlBgtoii. Kjr. 

OIorenTille — I.8lior Day Celebratloa. Write B. 
M. Colt, O. F. A.. O. J. ft O. B. B.. «UvTcra- 
TlUe, N. T. 


ikron — ^Labot Union. G. W. Thomas, aecy. 
Labor Day Committee, 134 8. Broadway. 

Sew Loodun— Labor Day CelebHtlun. I. Ii. 
Bnn, aery. 

ttelby— Labor Day Celebration. F. H. Com- 


McAIester— Labor Day Celebrstlon. Addieaa B. 
.B. TaUer. McAlrster, Okla. 

Carentom — Labor Day C(rtebratlan ft Firemca'a 
Gala Week. Sept. 4-8. Address Barry B. 
Sklllen, Tarentum. Pa. , 


Amarnio— IQlenwood Park) Labor Day Celelics- 


Bntland — Central Trades ft Labor Onmcll Iji 
bor Bay Cel-hratlon. Write W. K. Fams- 
WMrth. Botlaad. Vt. 

Charleston — Labor Day Celebration. 
Wheeling— Labor Day CVIebratlim, nnder ans- 
pleea Ohio TaUey TTadea ft Labor Aaaembly. 
- H. B. WeaseU, secy. 

Hiscellaiieoiis Evenb 


Skldmaa s H kldMoo Pumpkin Show. 
B. A. Walker, secy. ^ . 

Oet, S« 

Morrlstown — SeTenteenth Ananal Flower Show 
Coder ausplrM of Morris Co. Gardeners A 
FI-iHsU* Society. Oct. 31-20. Bdw. Bragan. 


Mllwankee— Hilwankep Indutrial Show. Ana 
Ion. Picea of St. ft M. Aaan. Kept. 3-lS. 

Poultry Shows 


Uttle Boefc-%fttIe Rock PoultlF AaSB. ' Dee. 

4-0. Jaa. Johnson, aecy. 

West BsTen — (Town Hall) West BaTea Poultry 

Aaan. Not. 28-Oec. 1. Wa. J. Maher, 

aecy.,' Box 'I82ii. 


Bloomlngtoii— Bloomington Pooltiy Aaaa. Jan. 
— , 1012 (three full weeka). B, U Howard, 

Clllcaeo (Ciolisenm Bldg.) — Oreat Mid-West 
Ponltry -ft Pet Stock Assn.' Dee. 14-10. Then. 
H-wes. secv., Indianapolia, Ind. 

Oeni>eeo — Henry Co. I'onitiF Aaan. Dee. 8840. 
Phlneaa Moirone, aecy. 


Belle Plilne^Prottesslre Ponltry Breeders ft 
Faaders' Aaan. Nor. ST-Pec. 2. K M. 
Bweui sefT'-tteaa. 


Lagan— Big Ftonr Poultry Show. Dec. 9840. 
Ahnm mop. 


Bteeport — F^port Poultry Aaan. Dee. 20. Geo. 
P. CoOln. 

Bangor — ^Bangor Poultry and Fat Stock Aaaa. 

Dee. 5-7rx. A. Clerk. 
Fortlnd— Maine SUte PoOltry ft Pet Stock 

Aaan. -Dee..l3.1S. A. L. Merrin, Aobnin. Me. 


UilforO— MUford Ponltiy AssB. Dee. T-A. W. 
H. Pyne. eeey. 

Jackson-^MlssIsaippI Poultry Aaaa. Oct. 24- 
. Not. 3. -W. C. Taylor, aecy.. 
Herldhu— Eaat Mtsalssliipl Fonttry Aaaa. Dee. 
11-18. L: E. (A»ok, secy. 


Uaryrille — Northwest Mliwnnri Poultiy Assn. 
DeCL 13-10. Jos. H. Sayler, aecr. 

Bridgeton — South Jersey Poultry ft Pigeon Aasn.. 

Ine. Saw. Tt^Oet. 2. . Fata O. ftnuger, aecy. 
Paterson — Peterson -Poultry, '-l'lgt*ott ft I'ei 

Stock Assn. Dee. li-l& Clinton TerwUle- 

ger,.aecy., 88 Montclalr are. 


Soniell — Stenben-AlIesbPuy Ponltry Assn. Not. 

31-2B. -L. L. Thompsoo. secy- 45 Sawyer st. 
New York — (Grand Ontral Palace) Rmplr<> 

Ponltry Assn., Inc. Dee. B-8. t>, D. BowelL 

aecy., MIneola, N. T. 
Rochester — Geneeee Valley Ponltry Amb. Jan. 
. -r, 1012. F. A. Xi-wman. P. O. Box 473. 


Shadyslde— Eastern Ohio Ponltry Show. Oct, 2- 
7. C. 3. Jensen, aecy., Bellali*. O. 

WnUamsport — ^WUllamsport Pnnltry, Figeoa ft 
Pet Stock Assa. Not. 39-Dee 2. Geo. P. 
atiyker, secy, 1I4S Market at. 

Memphis— TrI-State Pooltry Assn. Sept. 27- 
Oct. 4. B. B. Bncbanan. 322 S. Mala st. 

Beanmrat— Sotttb Esst Texas Ponltry Assn. Dec. 
18-23. J. L. McKlnlry. secy.. Box 883. 

Bntland— Third Auuiml Sbaw Interstate Ponl- 
try ft Pet Sl'ck Aiwn. Sept. 4-8. F. 8. 

Oolfaz— Whitman Uo^ IStnltry Show. Dee. 18-23. 
E. H. Boseakrans. 

Whaellng— TrI-Stali- Poultry Aaaa. Jan. — . 
1812. Tboa. a. Meek. aecy. 



Ont Conar and Chain. Sulni 
■^ta^nf Wagging TalL Packed euk 
^^^^H in a box, Des., BOe: Ono. 
^^^^^^^V 80.75. Am 

■P^^H "Coral" Bead NeckUees.t0.n 
M V V " Bead Long Chslm. Lit 
V Lobg Tsssel End Braided 

Bead Chain, per dus.. L35 
18-lnch Tlaiwl Soarentr rennauts, per lu0.tS,(W 
18-lncb Tinsel Red, White and Bine SonreDlr 

Petmants, per 100 4.00 

2S-lncb Tlnsri Bed. While and Bloe Soo- 

renlr Pennants, per 100 jm 

Tinsel t-d Hat Bande, all lire Inscriptions, 

per too 2.n« 

Bed, White and Blue BIbbon Rowttes, for 

Badges, per too 3.0a 

Se-lnrh Loop Wbl|i«. gross 4.0a 

60 Centlmeti-r Air Uallooos. gross 3.00 

80 reatlmeter Oas BaUouna,. gross 3.S0 

Booad Sqoawlcer Ballonns. gross 

81.7S, f2.3S 82.75. t3.S0 
Straight or Bent Baby I'liies. box of 3 dos.. 1.2» 

Papa Mama Toy. gross 2.ts 

Write for SpM-lsl Pri.-e l.l»t. . 
ED. HABB. 868 W. Madiaon St.. (Oleago, HL 



Merry-go-Knnnd. Ocean Wsvf. k^kmS mnral 
SlHiWH. Stiindtt and Coumwluux "f all k!nil«; 
Xurelty Privilege atlll upvn. Larupst cvl>.-lir«- 
tlun in Iiidlaon; ir>.(iuo |ie>i|>le will lie In JawiD- 
vUle dept. -1. lot I. Fm priTllegea addren 


flayao Cones. f7JI0 per thanaand. (A swell Vend- 
ing Tray free until Sept. 0 1 Sayso I'nproro Fritters, big 
roll. $.1 per taandri^l: Tin Tln.r rone SiminK (2M lorbi. 
81 per tiniDxnnd: 10.0041 t<>r »7.3it: atWer Sbln-rs (3H 
In. Siwnnxi. 82 per tlinn<«nnd; R>intid Paper Cream 
Hiincers. 12 per thnniaand: Siinare I'siK-r Ssoceta. for 
Bulk or Brink Ire (Teaiu. (S.S.' p^r tbonssnd. (8>-e Ulns- 
tratlona.) My hit ISK-pase ratabxne FRRB. 
- -" - - a? Stasrmo BulMlna* XOUBDO, 



Krause Greater Shews Want 

To Join Labor Day Celebration Weeic for Cam- 
bridge, Oiiio, witii Paricersburg. W. Va.. 
and Marietta, Ohio. 

Day and night Falia to follow. Good Plantation Show, Wild Weat or Animal Show, Fits 
Circus and Crazy Uonse. Also want six laily riders for borae rscvs, to Jfoln for the werk, it 
Parkeisburg Ftair: alan Balloun Aiwenslon, Want A-1 Talker for Snperba Show: I'laao Itun 
that eaa sing. Can fnmiah I'nllraan acoimmotlatloiai. Thia company la gnlog to stay out iD 
winter, and we are going alter the UUOD ONES. Write or wire BlOf XBAVBB. Ambildga. Fa., 
week August 28th. 

Great Patterson Shows 

■ ■ ■ \^ANT ■ ■ • 

Elephant Hea. Haa to work domeslle' stock. Ortrera, Properly Men. No boosrrs aecd apntf- 
Hare I'rlTllege Car for reat. Boetoek bleeple Chase, tor sale or trade, at a bargalD. M 
above, wire or write 

JAMES PATTERSOf«f. Mgr., as per Route. 

Want Tobar Trombonp^^larlovt, .Trau 
State ioweat flrat letter.' "Wln> or write •A, 
ehnilcothn, ,ljio... AngBst .38-Stiit. i.l,.LIaeola, 

Drammrr. We fnralsh .berth, aail traasportatloai 
a. . Baatmaa. Bsad 1>adar, Great Fatleiaoa 8ho»» 
M»»,-. estate Fate. , peat. ■* fa ^^^ ^ J ;. : ' ' - 

FOB Muxvfti. moHaiT MMMttam zw ■ii.i.bosbb wkbh WBtsuia AOvanauM*. 

SEPTEMBER % 1911. 

Ttie Btlil>oa>ci 



onnuoT or cozvusu, 

vublutoD— rnrtli Natl. Uxnr * . IndutrUI 
SboSHmi. uiplcM BetaU Sioetn' PMtte- 
tMjM: NOT. MS. emn r. rmuk, 

tSJelJl Ctab. Oct. 4^M. W. P, 

Otewertb— JCerdUBtC Awl Thitd AbmmI Woei 
IWr. r*k W-31. WU. Boy O. BalM% wcy. 


Btitbaort— UnrUnd Ind. * Par* roM Bum- 
— _Bept; J8-0c». T, Pud J. QBliin, 
flomaa and Bopktas PIu*. 

UllwankM— Ullwaoluw BrtaU . 

(Andltninm). April 31-aa, UU. H. SUttaiy. 
Mcj., 928 ■. Water at. 


, «f BoeMy aaicr wkoM tHptoM Fm Mod HMw !• to b* 

BM* •( Mm aal Btato nfc i i n P«»» .IM B|ot la IwM 

Bala ct Pora" Vao« Show 

muf af Batfalair • 

of Baertt^iy 


Baitfotd— Bon* Staow. Sept. T-t, 

■aakaall-r'Bniluiell Oorav Show Aaaa. Oct. IS- 
IS. Vatr J. Bartwr, aaey. , ^ ^ _ „ 

Oaktead— Botaa Bbaw. Sept. M-ST. B. H. 
Oartar. atcr. __„«. 

B«aawlacr— Thlid Annual Botm Show tt Baal- 
■cu Mra'a OlrVratlon. Under anaplcaa Cum- 
■iiTClal Cmb. S«pt. 13-1*. Addtcaa J. B. 8. 
BUti, Banaaelaar. lad. 

BraektOD— Bona Bbow. Oct. S-S. 


OIinboire« — Annnil Clillbnwee (Mo.) Colt Bbow. 

8ept 1!>-Su. J. E. Cabin, aecy. 
Lwton— Annail Lcrton (Mo.) Colt Sbov. Sept. 

10-I(. 1. E. Cablil, tecy.. Cbllbowee, Mo. 
at. JuMpb — lutvr-Blmtr Uve Mi.«a and hbamr 

n>w. B«Tit. n-80. G. vr. CaUart. aecj. 
willow Sprioia— Willow Spiion Stock Show 

ft Fair. Oct. S T. C. U Wlllta. aecr. 
Waaola, L. I.— Borae Rbow. Srpt. B40, 
Bew Tcrk— Bora* Bbow (NatJonal). Nor. 18- 


Irranue — Hnra* flbair. Rvpt. 11-18. 

WUto Plalna— Bo»(. 8b«w. Bept. IB-tIL 

Poctlaad— Portiaad Stock Bbaw. Sapt. M. 


Bijn Uawr — Ttart» lUmw. Sept. ST-BB. 

Bavport— BoTW Hiinr. Kept. 4-C . 


BatUad— Betlaad Ilur** Shaw aad Btaa d n a' 
Aaaa. Blilk Aaanal Mact. Bapt. 4-8. W. K. 

Aviation Meets 


DuTiiip— Sept g e-ai. 

iMlarilla— Bept. 1-4. 


ANoatle— Anc. SO-Hept. 4. 
OuBbtUse— Ana. SA-Sept. 4. 


Onod Raplda— Sept. 11-IR. 

Ktaiai CItT— Oct. 8. 
•t. Loola— Sept. SO-Oct. T. 

Baltsa— Bept. 28-811. 

Bnad BUla— Sept. :«.SS. 

Beach— Bapt M-S. C. D. liarlow, Mgr. 

Ontoa—IntCTiwUoDal Aviation Uact. Sapt. »■ 

iatoria— (CanteaalaU. Anaoat 10«apt. 9. 

AautUlo— 8.>pt. 8-4. 


Jond da Uc— Hrpt. 2n-2«. 
Hnwanke*— Sept. It-IO. 



Jaatita Ban— Tfetety-alshtli Aimnal BaeaBpmeDt 
and RahlbltlaB. Sept. B-16. I. Bboma. dialr- 

Vllllaaia Gtara— OrawenP Pieale A ■zhlblttoa. 

Anf . 28-8*pt. 2. D. Trlnpar. aaey. 
UoxTllIe — Appalacblin Eipoaltloo. Sept. II- 

Oct. 1. P. C. Blnm. apecl al icpceacBUtlTe. 


Ullwaokee (Andltorlnmi — Mamifdetnrerar Indna- 
trtal BxpoalUea. Sept. 2-lS. . 


Toronto, Ont. — Canadian National Expoaltloa. 
AOS. as-Sept. II. 

rort Artbnr, Ont.— Port Artbnr-Fort wmiam 
and Ken- Ontario Exhibition. 8^ 12-15. 
R. A. Bnrrlaa, mgr. 

Jnfbec. uui-. — Qorbve Bxpoaltton. Aag. 28 
Sept. 4. Write Ri-nry HajrcrhoO: 1402 Braid- 
way. New Zork City. 


IT.T.TW ftTa 

Kanaaa— Barreat Borne PlcBle. Sept. 8-8. B. 
W. Horrli. ae<7-treaa. 


Uongo— Cltlaeaa ft SoldlenT Plenle. Sept. 9. 
A. St. Keettor. aecy. . . 


MontmM — Montroee Ptcnie A Stock Aaao. Bept. 
13-14. J. I. BtToop, aecy. 

ValesHBa— Pvatemal Picnic A Cam Shew. Sapt. 
6-8. O. IfcEcod. aecy. 

NEW Toax. 
UtonlB— LlTlnntone Oo. Picnic. AoB. BS-Sept. 
S. E. B. Ballea, mgr. 

WEST vntonnA. 

UannlnittOD (Eureka Parki— Big Labor Pay 
Picnic. Sept. 4. Addrea* B. C. Anderaon. 
48 Uack at., Mannlngion, W. Va. 

NwtfSQiary— Alabama Agrlcaltnral * MnatTtal 
npoaltUB. .Oct. 18-24. OaBi. T. B ai aaa, 


Wloa-Baath OaanaiB Uad * AitMllaMI 
toiltloo. Sapt. Sf-Oet. T. U. B. LaiWB. m*t. 

_. nxnon 

^af»— totarmauaMi Uve I 

Dm. t«. B. B. Bold*. a*«p., 


St Uinla— iBteraatlaaal Bipo*ltt«B •( 

)u"t .^^^.."'P'- W. Puraa,>Mcr.. 

, 81. Lonla 0*lta.«a. 


O. a. TaidP. 

TM° *SIO ELiI vvnEeL. 

For 1912 I» now ont. 
We have one ot each 
B 1 z e cnni|il.*te in 
atork readx fnr ablp- 
nient. anil advanre 
abeeta for onr nen 
1»I2 catalngue aro 
also imt, tsbowtnE 24 
page* of fine cut* 
and di-iu-rlptltina of 
thia money-maker. 
We b«*e maile >nme 
great linpniTi.mi-nta 
In onr drlTlnc gear 
and brake, anil otber 
delalla. anil we will 
be pleaaeil tn wnd a 
ropy of tbe!M> ad- 
Tan t- -a."! -toy inrerealeil. Tbe Rl.l 
WllRRL pleaaea tbe people and gi-ta the money. 
II i* a pleaatire to own and operate one of theae 
wtHwIa. Write tot adranee catalns for 1B12: 
ru BXIDOE CO.. Bos 14S-B, Boodhonaa. m... 
V. B. A. ■ 

PAIS WOBXEItS. «S par 100. 
Core S|Mil Pnaxle. n>v S plain, 
drop 1 Inch ftnm ■not. 81 It 
covered.' or tbe Puaale for lOc 
Send fnr a trial order. 


H. r. 


Foresight plays as important a part in tbe Park business as in otber enter- 
prisfs.. The mefcnaiit bu>8 spring goods in the' fall and fall goods in tb.e sqmiBiBr. 

Park Managers see the advantages of installing, their riding derices in the faD 
to avoid the usual haste and waste of spring months when they haye 'fn^ 'to ,da 
everything at once. , ' "'•' 

THE FROLIC has made a RKPITT-\TION for itself. Frederick Thbinpson 
calls it "rnE HIT OF LITN.\ P.\RK." One" will be iridtaHed in Central Par^ 
AllciitaWn, Pa., this September. Let us build a FROLIC olr CIRCLE SWING tot 
jrou after Labor Day. , ' ' • ' 


2 Raetor StrMt, Nmr Yopk. 


Novelty High Wire Artists and 
Flying Trapeze Experts 

Playing a return engagement at Gala Park, North Beach, L. T.,. until 
Sept. 10. Sept. .11-16 at Sturbridge Fair, Stiirbridge, Mass. ^ I have 
some time open after that date. 


I book independent. Franlj Melville, with Am. Van. Circuit,- ho longer 
ray agent. 1 have the exclusive lights; my own invention. Positively 
the only act of its kind. All duly copyrighted. Address care Billboard, 
1440 Broadway, New Yorlc City. 


months »u4uant un a 

w. uill i..ach yno bow. 

Get oar prices on aaap and toilet artlelaa. Th»r 
via Interest you. Oar adTsrtlalng atiorted packace* 'win 

-ralaable pr>>mliims bare tbe Saab and Talue tbat get tba 
monej. ErerybodT nses tbem. MAKE OBBAT 8O0VBMIBB 
FOR SHOWS CABNIVALS, ETC. Money-settera tor caA. 
Taaaers and fafeera. One yomw Dun cleared fl,00B,8S la alB 
to taonaa caavaaa. Atv yon dolnic aa well} If not. aead iMWtal lodar: 
E. X. OAVI8 S0A9 OO. «« OavU Bid* . 1«SS CanoB An.. OUaaca!. 


GLENN H. CURTISS, Managing Director. "" 
Is making arrangements for exhibitions or meets with 
WARD. HUGH A. ROBINSON, and ethar famous aviatera. 

Flints made over land or water. Describe your groimds. For dates and tenoB add. 

JEROME S. FANCTTTLLT. General Manauer. 17.37 Broadway. New York CSty. 



S FLIGirrs GUARANTEED, and tlliAta fdrm by or nnder the porsonal direction of J. A. D. S 
MeCUROY and CIIAS. F. WltXARD. the tiro oldest men In tbe bnatnesa. Inanre yooncll S 
— aealnst fake aviator*. For datea and lerma. addreva. -S 

^ B. R. Yonnc. Sanaial KaaaceT. 1780 Broadway, Kew Toik. . S 


Did That Boston to Washington Fiiflht Satisfy You? 



Amrriea'a Oraamt niatan Flyer, Ba did It with aaaa la a BORaBSS-WBIOHT UACHIM& 

If ym are Intemted la real flytnc. addrea 
AZBOWAUT LZO 8TEVEKS. Banaral Hanacar. t>> Wnth ATenaa, Vaw T«k 


Th* Cosmopolitan Aviators, C. V. Cessna, H. A. da V>y, S. A. LsRouBh. 

Are now booking In Oklahoma. Arkanaaa and Texaa. For open time and liberal contract*, addieaa 

aa bekivr. FUctata aliMilutely fcnaraut.'ed. We carry two machlnee and tarw aviator* at each 
Htand In onler lu avoid any poaallile dlaaiipnlntmenia. If yno want a real mee^ aet bnay with 
na. Wanted tn hny or rent, a C ombin ation Baggage Car and Sle<-uer. Wanted cdMde Anat 
and party to manaice oincewlona. araw a. SB vRT. Tnlaa. Okla. 


Intemattonal Aviation Meet 

CANTON, OHIO, Sept. 26, 27, 28, 29, 1911. 

First International Meot of Birdmen in Sl ate, under auspices of The Aero Club of 
Ohio, direction M. A. & L. 0. Vinaoh and Elwood Salsbury. Excursion fortre now at 
work in 100 mile territory. Rates , on all railrpadv This ent«rprise has absorbed .the 
Stark County Fair and inquiries are solicited fronv^hows. Rides, Frivileges and R«frpsh- 
rnent Men, Souvenir, Program, Concession and Novelty C<)ntractois: BaiidsVBaellets^ the- 
atrical Spectacles, Fireworks, Shows. and Special Attractions of eveiy description wiftftt*^ 


«araiiiii« '<t';atabl United Sbams. I. StaU, 
- mgr.; THempott. Tvnn., 3S-^pt. 2: MorrlH- 
. town 4-8. , 

Atwood'» Ombineit SboiFic- Bl Pano, 111., 38- 
' Sept 2. 

Barkoot Sbowti. K. Barkoot. owr.: Wanke- 

Kan, ra.. 2S-Sept. 2: Uma, O., 3-9. 
CamiAeU United iSww^. 'H. W. 'Campbell, mgr.:- 

Saltna, Kas.. 2S-Sept. 
OKDUVoiitaii SboKS Ncu I. X. B. Anderson, 

mgF.z Harlon. la., 2S-Set>t. 2. 
<!a8DmpolltaB. Sbuws No.- S. B. Snydei^, mgr.: 

"Boaeman. Mont^ 28«eet. S; UvlnRSton 4r9. 
Ootfree' Amafiemeot °Gb., Oapt. C. R. Coftree. 

m^.: I.ake Cormorant, Miss., 28-Sept. 2. 
Four Brothers SbowA Ft. Payne, AIa...2S-Sept. 

2: Gadsden 4-9. 
Perarl'K. Ool., E^andE. Slunrs: Hudson Falls; N. 

SRSept. 2: EoUand. Vt., 4-9. 
CiTKat E^plxe Sbows, J. W. Hampton, mgr.: 

n'eston. \T. Va., 28'Sfept. 2; Farkenbnrg 

4-9. ' 

Great Western Sbows, J. J. Bylward, mgr.: Al- 
exandria, Tenn.. 21-Sent. 2; SbelbTTlUe 4-8. 

Greater Dnlted Sbons, J. B. Wanen. mgr.: Ur- 

'■'bana, ni., a&«ei^ 2: Kankakee 4-9. 

Gowdj- S&owb: Black Bock; Ark..- 28-8ept. 2. 

Batph, J. )iVai>k,..SIiows: Des Moines, la.. ^28- 
Suvt- 2;-HamlIne,' Mfim.i '4-8. " ' 

Jones'. Jidmoy J., . Sbows: Bryan, O., ZS-Sedt. 
2; Steabenville 4r9. - - ' - ' 

Rlloe Sbows, Herbert A. KUne, mgct Toronto^ 
Can.. 28-8ept. 3. 

Kraiise Greater Sbows. Ben Eranse. mgr.: Am: 
bridge. Pa., 2&Sept. S. , 

Lactaman Sbows: Altiu; Okla.. SfrSept. ,& \ 

Candes Bros.' Slunmr Emdca. K^„ 2S4ept.';9: 
Iota 4-9. 1 

.Iieonaid Amnsement .Co., J..Sam^I<eonaid;-mgr.: 
,„ -BmWbmm. Neb.. 2S-Sept. 2. 

WCHaliaa'B Arnnsraaent Co.. James Hayes, mgr.: 
Frankfort, Kas.. 28-Sept. 2. 

Uacy'B Olympic Sbows. J. A. Macy. mgr.: Ox- 
aik. Mow, 28-Sept. 2: Oabool 4-9. 

KIgiD tc Eoos Show*: Toledo.' ni., SS-Sept; 2. 

Paciilc Ooodt OmlTal Go., Eaile MeCarty. inct: 
Plabv^ Uont.. 2S4»: Sand Point. Ida.. 31- 
Sept. 2. ' ■-- - - , . . 

Packer Sbowv Ned Stoagtaton. mgr.: Clinton, 
la., 2»Sept; 8: OotincU Blnlb 4-9. - ' ; 

Parker - Sbows; TaneoiiTer, 'B.' O., Can., 28- 
Sept. 2. 

eattetm, Onat, Shorn, laa. Pattensn. mgr.:, 


Beiss. Nat. OamlTal Co.: Denver, Colo., 28- 
Sept. 2. „ »„ 

. Smith Greater- Shows: Tonngstown. -':0;;- 28- 
Sept. 2; Akma 4-0. _ „. 

Sraitti, John B., Sbows & BnlEolo Baneh WOd 

West: Camden. Ot.. 2frSept 2. 
Qolqae Amusement Coi,, B. B. Bace, mgr.: 
. Eriek. Okla.. 28-Sept. 2. „ 
niiUed Bxposltloa Shows: Caro, Mich., 28-Sept. 

Winalov Sbowa: Salem, m., 2S-Sept, 2; Olney 

Wtetham & Allen Shows: La Porte. Ind., 28- 

Toang Bna.' Shows: Titden. m.. 2frfiept. 2. 

f fSzeniM, Wild Wests aad 

Atterbnjy Bros.' Show: SUez. Jffo.. 31: EpUa 

Sept. 1: Gyiene 2: Pleasant HUI, 01^ i.- ' 
Backman's Animal Show: TancooTer. B.. C. 

Can.. 28-Sept. 2. 
Barnes', A1 G.. Wild Animal Show: Odessa, 

Wash.. 30: Wenatchee 81: Leareuworfh Sept. 

1; 'Monroe 2. 
Bammn ft Bailer: Flint. lOch., 30: Owosso 31; 

Jackson Sept. Ir BlnOton, Ind., 2: lAnisTllIe. 

Ky„ 4: Owenaboro 5r31vanSTaie, Ind., 6; Mt, 

Gannel, UL.-T: Centralta 8: 0.eGatnr 9. 
BnSalo Bin-Pawnee Bill Shows:' Hntcjdnson, 

• Kas.-. S0rWIchlta-31; Hmporla aept-l; Xopeka 
2; Kansas City, Mo., 4: HarrlsonvUle 5; Xf- 
Txda 6: JopUn 7: Httalrarg. Kas.. 8: Ft. 
Scott 9. 

Bigger i'cbesey Shows: Bodge Center, Minn., 

OaUfOBla Frank's Wild West: Wilmington. 

DeL. SO-Sept. 1; West Cheater. Pa., 2. 
Cm^nteSs-V Mt. 30; Mollne 

31: Bidon. la., Sept. 1: Prlncetoh. Mo., 2; 

Uberty 4: Manhattan. B:as.. 5: Herlngton 6; 

Pratt 7: Meade 8: Uberal^. _. 
Circle O Ranch Sbowa. Lee Clark, mgr.: Kgw- 

bnrg, Ky.. 30; AflalrvUle 31: Green BJver, 

Tfeim., Sept. 2: Bethpage 4; HartsriUe 6. 
CSaxk'a. M. X.. Show: Illmo. Mo.. 30; Commerce 
^St Modgett Sept- 1: SIkeston2; Morehouse 3; 

Matthews 4; East Prairie 5. „ , 

' Coulter's. W. H:. Show: HoweD^ S*-; 1- 
Oole & Bice Show: New Palt«. N. T.. 30:_Mrait- 

Komery 31; Chester Sept 1: Warwick 2. - 
Cole * Bogers Show. B. H. Jones, mgr.; Ken- 

drick. Ida., 31; Garfield. Wa*h.. Sept 1; 

Bockford 2; Wardner. Ida., 4: Harrison 0. 4 
' Downie & 'Wliecier Sbows: Bidgway, Pa., 30? 
^ - BrockwayrHle 31; BeynSiaaillle Sept 1; Ne* 

Bethlehem 2. _ „ • 

Escbman. J. H.- Shows; PnUIeaUon of root* 

prohibited. Mall addressed care The Billboard 

fOTwarded- . _ _, 

Forepangh-Sens . Bros.': Monroe. Wifc. 30, 

PlattCTUle 81; Baraboo Sept 1; Winona, 

Minn.. 2: BoiAester 4; Owatonna B: Man- 

kato 6: Mazsitall 7; Fairmont 8: New JUm 9. 
Gentry Bros.': Calgary, Alta.. GwiJ, ,30: -Bed 

Deer '31: Bdmontoa Sept. 1; ;X«oydmIn»t« 2; 

North Battleford, Saak., 4; Prince iUhert 6' 

Saskatobn 6: 'STorkton 7; MInnedosa, Man., 8 

Portage la Prairie 0. 
OoUmar Bros.': Ida Grove, la.. 80; Onawa 31; 

Manson Sept. 1; Manchester . 2; 'Waverly 4; 

Csage 6: Oelwcdn 6; Belnbeck 7; Vinton 8; 

Colombns Janctlon 9. 

• Has? Mighty. Shows: Publication of route pro- 

hibited. Man addressed care The Billboard 

Bagenbeck-Wallace: Brazil. Ind., 30; Paris, ill., 
31; Caoey Sept 1: Vandalla 2; BeUeville 4: 
' Marlon 5; Cape Girardeau. Mo., 6: Sikestou 
17; CaiutherSTllle 8; BlytheTlile. Ark., 9. ' 
~ J. a.. Wagon Show: Palmyra, Neb., 

Douglas G: Burr O; SterlbiK 7; Vesta 8: 
Oniiaxd O. 

Holmes, Ben, 'Wild West Noi. 1: ConneraTlIle, 

Ind., 28-3ept. 2. - 
B<uierit Bill eUcUri Welllhston, Mo., 4; Odessa 

5- Cohunbos 8; BiOdea 7; Blalistown 8; 

Crldi 9. ■ 
Bbwe's Great liondan SBiovb: Pablicatlan of route 

pr^ilMted. -Malt wddxeaaed care The BIU- 
. hoard torwaided. . 

Boknes. Ben; WUd West No. 2: ffiielbyTllle, 

Ind.. 2»Sept 2. . . ^ 

Kit Carson Bolfalo Banch Wild West: Breeken- 
. ridge. Mo.. 31: Mound City Sept.. 1.. 
Lnoky Bill Show:- Perry. Mo.. 30; Center 31; 
- New iMn'don'Sept. 1; Oakwood 2. 
Miller Bros.' Arlington's 101 Banch Wild 
West: Cresco, I».. 30; Charles City 31; Iowa 
Falls Set>t. I: Cfterokee 2. . ' 
Bingiing Broa^T Boise. Ida.. 30: Pocatello 31;' 

Ogdan. v., Sept. 1; Salt Lake 2. 
Bobbim*. 'Frank A.: La Grange. Ind., 30; An- 
gola 31; Aoborn, Sept. 1: . HicksrUIe. O., 2: 
Holgate 4; -Desbler S; Shelby 6. 
BIppel Bn>&' Show: Borton. III., SO: Bedmon 
31; Dhdley Be^ 1; Ashmore 2: Hardin 4: 
Hindsboro 5; FUaon 8: Homboldt 7; Cooks 
MIUs 8; AnenTlUc.».. 
Bobinson Famous- Sunn: Pnbltcatlan of route 
priAiblted. ~ Man addressed care The Bill- 
iard forwarded. 
Bohlnsop's, John. Ten Big Shows: Batesrille, 
Ark.. 30: Waimit Ridge 31: Faragohld Sept. 
1; Forest City 2; M^pbis, Tenn., 4. 
Sanger's Combined Shows: Publication of route 
pr(AIbited. Mail' addressed care The BUI- 
1x>ard forwarded. . 
SellSrFIoto: TMedOi O.. 30; Lima 31: Dayton: 

Sept 1:> HamlMcm 2; Cincinnati. 4-5. 
snrer Family Show, Bert Silver, mgr. : Perrin- 
toti; 'Mich.. 30; Ithaca 31;. St. Louis Sept. 1: 
Shepherd; 2. _ ■ . . • 
Sparks'. John" B.-.- Shows: Wadsworth, O.. 30; 
Ashland 31; Blchwood Sept 1; Mt Sterling 2: 
BrownstowB^ . Indi. 4; Flora. Bl.. 5; Salem 
8; Snarta T; Fl'at Blver, Mo., 8: Boone Terre 

"Sun . Bros.': Publication of route prohibited. 

Mall addressed care The Billboard forwarded. 
Tiger Bill's WUd West: Sharon, Tenn.. Sept. 1. 
Tompkins, Clias. .H., .Wild 'West: Deposit, N. 

T..- 28«ept.- 2_. ' • , . ■ ■- 

Welsh Bros.*^ liondon' Hippodrome: FUladel- 

phla. Pa.. Ittdef: 
Tankee Bobinson Shows: California, Mo., 31. 
Xdnng Buffalo Wild West Lima, O., 80; Ken- 
' " ton 31: Marion Sept 1; Akron 2. 


(Contlmnd from page 12.) 

role ot a colored aerrant in the 'lilay. The 
tronpe will leave New''Tork Sunday. August 27, 
and will spend the remainder of their time ontil 
the opening in working it into condition on 
thi> <%Icago Opera House stage. 

Three Loop tiie aires will open on Saturday 
night. September 2, viz.. Tbe Garrick, with 
Holbrook Blinn and Maude Fealy In The Boss; 
tbe Grand Opera House, with WOlIam Hodge 
in The Man from Home; and the Angdns Opera 
Honse (formerly tbe Globe), with Colonel Wn- 
Uam Xbdapaoi.'* Ogera Cmnpany In s revival 
of Whng, On the following evening the Olympic 
Theatre wiU commence the fall season with 
John Barrymne and Thomas Wise in Uncle 
Shm. and the La Salle Opera House, which has 
been closed all saanaer, will resnme with Harry 
Askln's Lonisiana Lou. wlilch opens Id^ Milwau- 
kee Monday night for • -week's tryoat 

On Moodajr night, September 4. the autnmn 
season at Ue College Theatre srlll be inane- 
arated with a revfval of George 31. Cohan's 
The Yankee Prince. Manager T. C. Gleason 
has retained most of last season's. favorites <in 
his stock company, tlee personnel comprising 
Bodney Banous and- Marie Nelson. leading 
people; Camllle D'Arcy; Charles JPltt .Thomas 
SwUt Jsy Qnlgley. C. Mllford GIfBn, Arllng Al- 
clne and Vera Wadswwth. - : . ii- -m 

September 4 Is also tbe Inaugural night - of 
the new season at the Colonial Theatre, where 
The FoUles of 1911, rechrisiened Megfeld'a Fol- 
lies, win luHA forth for a long, time to come. 

It Is expected that the Lyric Theatre win 
reopen on September 10 with Gertrude Holnnan 
and her Bnssian Ballet and on September 18 
the Blackstone and Powers' Theatre will open 
their portals with James K.. Hackett In The 
Grain of Dost and Kyrle Bellew In The Mollusc, 


%■ •■ 

(Contlimed from page 8.) 

Eddie Foy Is to appear in The Pet of Petti- 
coats after alL The Involved complicatlons- 
which 'were the' cause of the obstinacy of the 
comedian in refusing to appear under the man- 
agership ot A- H. Woods have tKWn'adJusted 
and Charles DiUingham and F. Zlegfeld Jr., 
now hidd possession of the rights. Under the 
new auspices Foy and his vehicle are schedolea- 
for a September 4 premiere. Tbe transaction, 
was made for- ^,000. Harry Fox will remain 
nnder the Woods management having signed- 
his name to -a live years' eontrsct. 

Til Griitest 


Far Parks. Fmtrs and Aan 
is Mr LaagMi^ Mkrs* Bi 
oa a amall Is v es ta s ent 

il. Oar iasprvvad minvn 
are aia4e aC biidily sellsbed aMcs* smansl 
ties meUL Tkay aaa net rsst aad wiUnet 
■ully taralsh. Same vpearanee as th* 
timtm gloBs aalmrs, an* aamrw saaw pur- 
pose, at far less oast. Light !■ ■a t i .' hl and 
noa-BTHkable. . Tbe only isiMj m ta ble 
Ti«sg>l»B MInwB aver SMda. Write ns to- 
day ««r flia.parMs slars. J. H. NADCMKN 
Mayer BslMlsg, Peoria, ffl. 

llf IflBeal Bair, Ciop^WIg, tl: Negro.. 23c: 
nlllDresa Wig, - Import . Bald, Sonbretts. 
' •A"'^«'.BO each: '6 yards Crepe .Bate. (Wool)'.. 
■Cob. Ask Catalogue Papier Macbe Beads, Hel- 
n^l^ ^ In^octer, KIJPPBBT, Mfr.. 4 


Ton can always replenish your stock of lokes 
and Kags from our Joke Books published for 
stsge^se. Over 700 PAGES OF BF-XO-SATE 
HATEBIAL In book form, bound In paper cov- 
ers, sent by mall, postpaid, on receipt ot a tl 
bill. Your money back If not satlsfactaay. 

Write right n ow. 

• ' TEE' OOILVIB CO.i ... , 
77- Bee Street.T. •: f . . . .Hjnr .York Olty, 

Place 'With a show, -Mld^tr^? iMtfel-lll'gh. 
8U H. JaSera«^ 'Ottnuws.' laws. 

New York FerrotyiMB Co. 

Dept. ». 168 1-2 DelsnMy St; 

Establlshad ISW 
The XWSBtiath Onttmy MMMU - 
The BIwsst Xoasy-gettar on tUe Xaikst.' 
The Xatsat IhTention in FUbtogn^ty. 

The AUTOMAT la operated' witboat a 
sleeve, magnetism or electricity. Tlwie ta- 
absoluteiy nothing to get out - of order. ' Ii 
is plain, simple and practtcalt Fnlt In- 
structions accompany each niacMae, No 
<>xperlence^ Is needed. Tbe ACTTOSIAT takes 
pictures- ctt square and button- plates ABTO-- 
MATiOALLX. . Fifty plates of eack styla 
can be UMded into the machine at one time. 

Price ef Automat Kachloe:' fSB-M. 

In order to introduce our Antomat' Madklae 
on the market, we will accept anJ^ macUse 
In exchaage with tlO.OO. Ail machines and 
plates are (oaranteed to do the wttrk claimed 
for theiB.. Onr Bed Star Plates- will not 
Mften, tars yellow or fade. A> DCVOOIJ'' 
required vrltb. AUi orders. Send'' for (Tee 





Biles 7B mUas-aB kear. Passenger Cangdiv IgBeUne. with 75 H.' B: iMar. Qalek stai* n»U^ 
aigfets gnaranteed. \mta s* wire for pcMS msMsr aad tarn. 

UNITEID FAIRS GOMPAIIY^ 1493 BroaiHH9» New York ^ 

Wanted-I^ow Concessions 


For week Sept. 25 to 30, aoief management o£6uaKiess men. Want 
ten to tm^e high-grade ten! shows on commissfen- Ixvus. Positivdy nO' 
hootclue.. Oass gets looked. Aeroplane, pasadies^ bands will! bring 
crowds to us. Huny, hurcjE !' Give lull particiiikr» to 

MARPG. PERKINS, Secretary, FremoHt^.Neb. 




4.Hore Shows. Ferris Wheel. Circle Wnve. Ome bmm Free Ac* tbatwlU 
ivork for reasoaoble salary. Fl) In^ DeE^aa irrlte. 

Want all Instmmeats for Concert Band. All 'Wlatcr's work. State lowest 
■alary, with , 'tiajisportatloD. Address PASS K. PKENTISS, ClawfotdSTiile, 
Ind. . We bare tlie time, and all on the atieeta. No enclosure. Store A. 'Woods 
Insti closed as general agent. Greater United Shows, their soason betag booked nntii Febrnar;, 
lOlZ. '«r. B. Bice booked all i the .big Fairs for J. Frank Batch, and Just closed with Herbert A 
Kline, who is boohed ontil . I^T«niber t^th. We severed i our coaoeetlona with above mjinsgeis 
with the friendliest feelings and. their best wishes. Bonte sobmitted to those interested; Want 
one more good contest man. 6so. Coleman, tlie contest king, has tieen engaged. Addresa 
anCE: * 'WOODS. ....... 'WelUastan Hotil. Ohloaco. BL 

NOTE — ^Don't forget we play DaaTille, HI., Sept. 25. Blggast Bome-Comlng Celebratloa ever 
given, en the streets of aa..IUlnals eitx. ^ 


-a s-WAlVTEO 


Including White Plains, N. Y., week of September 1& ; Binp- 
liamton, Ni. Y., September 25; The Oreat Danbuiy Fair, 
Danburj^.Conii., October 3; Also bfeCircuit of Southern Faizs. 
includiii<^ Lynchburg, Roanoke, CJaTax, Petersburg and Dan- 
ville, all: in Viiginia, and a later Circuit through, the South. 
ude:r<^l. proposition. 


No 251 Wast 42nfi Street, • - - NEW YORK CITY. 



Seven, rich cotmtiefl to draw from. Fine railroad facnitlea. Tbe peo^l* bave money and 
want to spend It. Moat liberal terma to clean, iDclopenilent Kbows or good Carnlral Company. 
Dates, September 26-30, Inclusive. Address B. H. ETHBIIUE. Hop»» Avk. 

WHY NOT ? SEPTEMB ER 11 to 16 
Philadelphia Never Had Such Doings 

Six days and nigbts on tbe lot. Free admlsnlon to gnrands. . Want Ferrla Wtaeel. Sea Ware. Cu 
use two more Sbowa and ConceBslons. We bare some, wbat b8ve 7ou7 Dog and Ponj or Anillw 
Silow will, make good here. Notblng too big or too smBll for ua. Cnrn)val Commltteea Invited to 
loolc over tbis Jubilee. N. U. .8TAKLE7, 5S0S Uarkat Street, Philadelphia, Fa. 



Septeniber.ZSr SO- anA 80., '^WijlklEEBD— Balloon Aacanaloa. Plantatloa Sbowa, Flylnx Dntclim»a< 
Etc. Blir cttrtrda- a«irared.'«'C<*tee8l(a« tor aale. . , , - „ 

O.T. XAKxnr, Chairman toaaement Cenuatttet, ... ' , ' ^..PTtaiTOftNn^; 

worn. MvmAi. 


8EPTE«B6R 2, 191f." 

Tlie Blllboara 


<aDatlnae<I fawn p»f« jh) 

UAirine PlediN Theatre— Ralph Valwnrm, 
.rJiru'Jr; JoTSSSw; Power.' Ye Ipietttet Skooh 
guS ion ^toraew;. wider the maoagem^t of 

"cmnr'^uid— W WaMemadi*.Vi«Wle«««! 
ui.s B Howart. aaelatant, _ _ " * ' . 

Sndy SUnd and Wbeeto— B. B. DaTlfc. con- 
j^SnJlre; i-totanta: Arthur ^aod Bodolph 

"jfttl^-Camp— W«atllii«: admlaafam. lOt. 
Art Bretx. ptel^rletor. 

Thrw-ln-OM^A'dmUslon, 6c. Walter Starr, 
••mnrlelor- -•■8Iln>?' Hensler, epeller. Walter 
8S?f tbo man witli the dc^bl. windpipe; 
lowua-Humaii or swIUa; and Den of Ser- 

's^Kllne Altera. Bllllart aSablea, Tratik. 
Cndy Wheel. . Ulnutate BaUway— Sjme, 
irttl. proprietor; U Smith, manaxec of Candy 

^Mpta . (Tlurowliw Game)— lonle KIn«. inan 

**BiTf's Bobt'Be^ stand— Mlaa lAdlle Mead, 

'*C?d'er"'«id ■ Oransvade Staada (Two)— It li. 
Loich. proprietor: Mra. I.. U Ldrcb, 'aaalatist: 
Emnloyees: rrink Kimball. l>o La Eoce, Mra. 
Hand Nelson. WllUam (BIU) Beck, Jamea 
Joslj-n. Lew Powpra. 

Bobrmlan Jewelry Wheel — E. W. Schlmek, 
115 South Dearborn Street.. Chicago, propri- 
etor; A. Mlatrrfeld. manaeer. One whirl (or 
a illrao; three (or a qufrter; wheel wlna erery 

Photograph - OalleiT— W. A. Schmidt, pro- 
prietor: EmployeeB:..FtaQk fetera and lack 
N. Johnson. 

Rocky Path (Walk-aronnd) — Admission 6 
and 10 eenta: hnllt by, losprsoll Cooatmctlon 
and EnslttverInK Cbmpany.- Plttaborft. H- J. 
Echlfferle. traffle manager Qlbaon Fmit Co., 
Sontb Water Street. Chtearo. proprietor; Steve 
Gormao, managers Harry Derlne. atalataot. 

Japanese Tea Garden. Rowling Allpy and 
Wheel— K. Shlotto,. proprietor: T. Nlahl: aaalat- 
ant: E. KoJIma at Tea Garden; fl. .Miyamoto 
at Bowling Game. 

«I« Cream Sland— Harry naunety. iiroprletnr; 
John Stokke and: Mildred Kline. , aaalstanta. , 

Pennant Stand — Oeorse Riddle, manager; F. 
Eanch and Geonte WIlKin. aavlatanta: — 

■Uap the Dlpa tRIdlng Derlce) — logeraon 
Construction Co., PlttabnrK. owners; 10c ride. 
W. McOirmlck. manager afld. carpenter: Roy, 
Bloomfleld. elt-cttlHan; ^I.. P. Deal, borne brake- 
nin; M Ehrhafdt, Chartea T^ahnhn. 

The Great Spot (Throwing Game) — Third aea- 
asB In park. Max SchaUro. praprletor: Mra. 
Sdiapbo. aaalatant. tf; ' 
•Cine Rack-^reo' thmn for ■ dlmet' nrlgea 
raage npward to-gold wntoi, '.Hany IjaThoma; 
jneprlatar: Jamea Bnah, manager: W. R. 
nompson, aaalatant. 

Sany In the Alley (Throwing Game)— Tbree 
IhnwB for B rrata. Harry I<a lliama. pro- 
prietor and Ineentor. 

Penny Arcade— Tony Komek, proprietor. 

Shooting R*npr.T and Baby Rack — Frank 
Sweeney, proprietor. 

Pop stand — Paol - RIehter. proprietor. 

a>ney laland Frankfnrter and Sandwich 
Stands— Mr, and Mra, J. A. Dntton, propri- 

Dairy lAseh — Ur. and Mrs. Scott and (am 
ny In, charge. 

Heapltal— Free medical attendanee prorlded 
hy park management. Doctor Chriattanaoii and 
Mrt. HartiBsn. nnrae. In charge. 

Atrinn Dips — 

Delta Ra»eha11 Game — 

Bow Wow (Throwing Game for Silk Poodlee) 
—Esther Smith, proprietor; Al Norria, man- 

Pnenmatic Tnlie Railway (Riding Derlee) — 
Only two In tfce eoimtry, the other belnr on 
Coney Island, New York: fnnrtb rear: 10 and 
W cent ride. Joe. J. Stoetael. Inrentor: CSiaa. 
KBgel. manager; Kmploreoa: John BoRow. 
Charlea Schaeta. Eohert StoetTor; John Knbl- 
meyer, eleetrtelan Owned I>t Pnenmatic Ttabe 
T. R. Co. (Inc.). 333 Soath Dearborn Street. 

Steeplechase CAnatmetlon Company — Owna 
and oneratea Grand OinTon. Ann. Steepleebaae, 
FBn Factory. Merrr-gn-Ronnd and Moose Trap. 
J-Ji. Powell, manager: T. M. Ingram, elee- 
Welan: Frank Homan. earpenter; Frank Stl- 
tiiiel, bookkeeper. 

. Steeplechaae (Riding Derlee. wltt Mechan- 
ical Borae*)— iBe ride. M. H. Woodward, man- 
ag«: Emnloyeea Ed Rwanaoo. O. W. Connnra, 
Mike Mnlrerhia Frank Schrenan. B. B. Fifa. 
Wus. Kotchra. Frank Kntehra. C. T. Oiristen- 
t ^"e. <'arl Kloln. Walter Berger. 
Wnilam Rayfeldt. R. T. Plngle 

Grand (Only fhlrd-rall riding derlre 
g CbltaitM— Third year; bnlM tqr ShleM* and 
Howse: 15c ride. A. t. JMinaon. manager: 
Employeea: nenrr Bnunm. George Thompeon, 
ll^n • "^^"^ WBirell. Charles DaTlo. 

Merry-go-Rnnnd- Bnllt hy Pattl Rowae. Bd 
">My. manager. 

Vi^^^ fMlrmr Mate and lainghing Mlr- 
toral— William Week, manarer. 

Wlrel—FIre centa ad- 
■isalon. Harry T.ndlam. manager. 
M^H" <S"'k-aronnd and Vor.lty Bonae)— Ad- 
■Isalon 10c. Firat e»er Inatalled. J. U Pow- 

nt."?^*T? '"S" T*"*ee In rbarge. 

iiy'WF .Cbaater rRldlnr Derlee)— l^inrth 
5X15° "early a mile long. Amiwe- 

fflmt Pramntmn Company. pmnHetors; A. B. 
{tr^'vJ"""*"''! tjollt by tbe Ooaater Oonstme- 
TOB Gomnaiie. Chleagn. Rmnlnreea: W. Sel- 
El"- Cla^ C. CJei*. R. De Batefc bnla De 


Chntee (RMInc heelee)— Ten cent* • rtde: 
™ feet long: lar«,n. SOO feet long. Orrtlle 
M Bf^"*.""''.. Rrnln-ree^: A. Sneed. J. Rich. 
& oir'"- W- S->le«. w. McTotyre. F. Strs- 
b!^. 'ITTM"- Mo'chln. Mike Miller, 

"wman Rehheta nttn rtsrter. Jimmy George. 
SiJ Lemhke, Ic 

R». ""i"- C- Rrtn.e. (Tiarlea I,ahnhn. J. 
Henaer; Roy Bloomfleld. electrician. 


(OontlntKd from page S.) 

Je.Mi. N„Me the ainging comedienne, opened 
«f It'' ?•''"> * Proctor Time Monday. A tour 

nl honaea wlU prOhably tonow. 

Dnmonf i MInatrela npeg thele aeanrm Septem- 
«' - lit the Iria, Theatre In Philadelphia. 
tS^l', M£NnlIy. trho waa ataga manager of 
"J«Wa B8th ntteet Theatre, la now aUge 
Bop Ma Brero tt gnd Com pany. 


, (Contlnoed from page 8.) 

Not ontll a year ago waa the play broaght to 
New York, where It remained during tta aec- 
ODd year, cbaxalng thoasands with 'Ita aim- 
pliclty, bmnor- end bean toga. Bdltb, Taliaferro 
win play the role of Bebecea lAen- thtf- play 
opens at the Illlnola Tbeatre< In Chlcaao< la- Oc- 
tober. Rebecca will be aeen In aS the. Ieadlhg 
cltlee o( the South and Weat. ' Joa^ Braoka 
will direct the toor. .• - . 

They will make a prodnetlan of The. Oonnt 
of Luxembourg, the new Frana Lehar opera, 
early la the season. This opera is a ' aeosatloo 
of the current liondon year. Its first perfor- 
mance was att»nded by Enjcland'a - king - and 
queen. So much attention has t>een - deroted 
to the waltz number with Ita ataircase - dance 
that the aadiencea are only beginnings tO- realize 
that- two numbera in the Dnt act are the best 
eompoattlona -Lehar has ever written. The-aoenea 
are laid In Parte at Carnival time and at a 
reception of a Rnialan grand dnke, which offers 
the opportonlty (or glorioos stage pictures and 
gowna over which women may rare. 

The prodncera will produce Edward Knob- 
lauch's Kismet, under the direction of Harrison 
Grey Flske, with Otis SKInner In the leading 
role, that of a tH>ggar.' Ita'.acenea are laid In 
Bagdad at the height of that city'a greatnesa. 
Mr. Knoblauch drew his Ideas from the Arabian 
Nights. The resnlt la an Interesting plot, which 
Is developed amid acenea of Oriental aplendor. 
with glorious pageanta, marriage proceaslona. 
dancing girls, glimpaes of life In the harem, 
with a wealth of color and detail that hdda 
the attention from the rise to the fall of 
the curtain. , ' 

They will present Mlas Charlotte Walker early 
in October In a dramatization of John Fox Jr.'s 
popular novel. The Trail of the Lonesome Pine, 
by Eugene Walter. Misa Walker will play the 
role of Jane, the heroine of the tale of the 
Kentucky mountains. The play wUl be in 
four acta. The Brat act takes "place on the 
trail: the second in the town which lohn Bale 
Is attempting to develop; the third In June's 
home In the monntalna; , and the last la again 
on the- trail In the open. Mr. Walter has made 
an Intensely Interesting play, which will lend 
Itaelf to Jtbc big and artistic- pradactloa that 
Klaw & Eilanger will give it. . 

Beniy Miller, who has been playing on the 
PaciflC'-Coast under the direction of Klaw & 
Erlanger. has had a very sncccesfnl season In 
The Havoc, by Edward Sheldon. Mr. Miller 
returns. to the East In November to appear on 
Broadway In a aeries of new. . and tAA plays. 

One' of the most anceessfnl niaslcal comedies 
In the laat decade of the theatre Is Klaw ft 
Erlanger's The Pink Lady, now In its seventh 
month at the Jlew ' Amstecdoiii Theatre. New 
•^ork.'bnt a pndnetion . of: wh!£h wUl be seen 
In other cities later In- the season. 

The firm will open their new Atlsnta theatre, 
the Atlanta, in September, with George Reban. 
who will appear . under the firm's management 
this season in his own play. The Sign of the 
Rose. - a drama of cntrent life in New York 
City. In which Beban gives a. chazacttt study of 
an Italian atteet taborer. 

Robert HUliard, under flie directloai of KTaari 
& Erlanger. beglna Us fourthfand flnal aeaaoai 
In A*. Fo« There Was — a coast. to eoSat tour-^-ln 
Atlantic City September 28. -BemazMhle. and 
in some rcQeets ]mpreoedented.>ig^Mr..'BlUIaid'g 
reeoed of aehfeeement In the eplaodlc play . In- 
aplred by Kipling's Utterly aatirleal play ot 
the ramplre woman, who, stripped of hypnotic 
allnrement. was "only a rag and a booe and a 
hanb of hair." He is acclaimed ss one of the 
most distlngnisbed of American players. He 
baa Oiled a round doxen of engagements in the 
theatres of Greater New York and has revived 
the curiously fasclnstlng drama again and agsin 
lief ore tisdlinlnlBhed audiences in all the large 
cities of the Bast and Middle West. During the 
coming seascKi he will present it for the final 
times npoo the PaeUIc Coast. In the early 
WIhk he ttOX return to New Yoric fi>r - the 
Modnctlau of a new. modem play. Supporting 
Mr. Hiniard in A Fool There Waa will be Al- 
plionz Bthler. George Clare, -Reginald Barker, 
Frank Enssell, George NIchoUs, Harvey T. 
Clarke. S. L. Richardson. C. W. Basklns, Vir- 
ginia Fearaon. Stella Archer, Edna (Ainroy. Ida 
Desmond, Uttte "Boots" Wnster and others. 


Othc^'miidciauB,- writeV Maiansin^, 
Oklahoma. :^ 

WAirXED QUICK — Performers and' MBxielang is 
all lines for Labird and' Lambfted Show, peoplo 
doabilng band and stage given pceretenoe. 
State lowest; mhst Join an' wire: tt-yoa' canft 
stand- good treatment; dqnH -write. Tlekelg if 
we know yon. Salary nne. CBAS.' XiABIBD. 
Manager, WUteatone, 8. O. . ' T 

FOR SALB— 60 ft. ronnd top. 80 ft. middle!, 
10 lengths 10-tler -teatSr 300 reserreg, itagt!: - 
marquee, scenery lights. . Coat lUSO. Beady 
to aet -up, complete. - Price, fBOOL' PABK'B. 
nSBNIIBS, OrawfoidSTUIe. Ind. 




Guaranteed to comply fully with the Pure Food 
Laws of any and all StateSi U. S. SerlaJ 
No. 3^948. -■■^-->.r 

One pound of Kwench-a-Thlrst makes 45. gaUons or 720 passes of delldoos, wholesraie 'and 
xefreehing drink; sella at Se a-glazs, whldi neta yon a dear pradt of $33.40. KwenchHI-^ib;^ ia 
guaranteed to be.tme to llasm. reproducInK the delicate- arama.of the natural fmit to a perfiSeUab 
One pomid of Kwendi-a-ItaInt prepaid to any addren la U. (L or Canada fSrvVS. 
nthosra^ed display cards free -witli erniy. order. TMal padtage: Ail(,<M IfptOon. lOe^ ' 


524-526 W. 166th St., New York City. 


8 MJiM 







JOPLIN, MO., Oct. 6 to 17, at 


Held under the awtpires of tlie Jnplin Commercial Club and the Board of Directors of Electric Par^ and 
is the largest celebration ever held iu this part uf the country. S5,0Q0.00 in cash prizes for farm producfs. 



Play on percenta^. But you must be just as represented. Last year we pl^ed >to 82,179 paid admis- 
sions. Might conader a (^imival propodtiou. Every one holdfilg a contract vill be protected. NoOiing 
idlowed on the streets. Address all communications to.....) 









S InIs vmI^i 1 



Tickets, 10,0(K) 90c; Power's Brass Carbon Holders, 90c; Announeemecil Slides, aOe 
Sprockets for Edison or Power Machine, $1.50 eiM^; Machinei and all M. P. ^ 
20% discount.^ - 


Ttie e 111 board 

tp»He««w tat mall iddiemd la <Ua lirt 

AMott, Tbelnim 

Un. AsBw 
. Un. LnelU 

Alazaadu. Kacfual 
AUan, aiai* 

Amber, Madam 
Aii^ell, Gerirtide 
insllB, Hsinnt 
iixoatroBC, UTS 
mold. Jbnai* 
ixquettvi MyctaO* 
AabweB. Hta Mi 
•Asplmrall. HaB I. 
AtUaa. Kr*. Naaa 
knar. Ulaa Ilanaea 
loattn, Adelaide 
Aoadn, His. Jack 
ArakalB, ICta. Adaliaa 
iyer. One* 
Barrett. Blaack 
BarUett, Unl* 

Bell. BattW 

bS^S' Hbl. Ha 

Bialiap, Ura. Joe 
Bosart, lAttte ' - 
Braddoo. Nellie ■ 
Bradabaw. Mia. It. J. 
•••Brudon. Mlas B. 
Brett, Mlsa Bose 
Brittlao. UJaa A. , ' 
Brltton, Nora 
Brdws, iits. Ndlle 
•••Brown. Uiaa BeMte- 

Smm^,' W. G. 
••Bnttenrorth. Uabal 
aaCufidd. Hn. FUllp 
•Ctmum. A. B. 
Case, Bertba ' 
Oaala..Kra. <Aaa. 
matterton. Bath 
OtarlaUaa, ICadam 
Clark, Mrs. C. T. 
•Claik. Qladja 
OlaTton, Anbums 
CteTBl. Madam 
OUllaa. Ban . 
Ooooidr. 'Ua 
Oorbr, Mra. 8. L. 
Goraon, Mrs. 7. B. 
Corson, Cora Y. 
Cralne. Maaie 
CtawlOTd. HaBk 
DaBy, Sopbia 
w^-f.i isala 
Daniel, Mrs. Isola 
Daone^, Mr&. Boaa- 
BsTla. Mis. Har 
DaTla. Maa Ii. 
DeUonlca, May _ 
DeVore, Mra. Cbas. B. 
DsToimc. Bcatrles :. 
DeToong. Adelaide 
•DeTomif . Beatrira 
DUOB. lua. O. 
—BzabMt, Kn. Balak 

Barla. Haa 
Bazl. Saaiaat 
■atr. Mrs. BM 

BUison. XllUa 
■kt. aba. Raacts 

Brans, Ura. B. I» 
•••Fleiains. Mlas Botk 
Flaber. Grace 
riaji. lewal 
rcankllB, Maisant 
•Bmeh, Ireaa 
•Tdlar. Slsrla 
anaoB. ISaM 
BHiMb Staters / 
SlaasGoek. IbiL IMar 
Soldia, Aoalts 
Gordon. Bomila 
Goznun. Mrs. Lotiaa 
■ Gorman, TllUfl 
Gray, Ionise 
■lay. Batk 
Bray. Isabella 
Srisbam. HalUa 
BaH. Ume 
Hall, Daisy 
Haaam, TatJma 
Bankerbeff, Mrs. V. 
Baradeik .*J«»a„ . 
Hargrave, liia.-B. A. 
Ba^nr. B eat ri c e 
Baipei; uniaa ■'- 
Eaiila, Uamla 
Bayden. Tbslaia ■ 
Berne. Bra:^ Asais 
BOanar, Ddla 
Boward. Vn. 
Bnabae. Ijtm» 
Bompbrey. Mrs. 
Barley, Baiiy 

ifetfe. lOaala 

iTy; EUae 

laawBOB. lbs; Aaaa 
XaniB. Miss JMy 
raffary. Mrs. wmis 
yinUns, Mlae KelUe 
Jndce. AnnabcIIa 
yidlas. Unda J. 
Kaner. Mlsa J. 
Kemiedy, Oleimella 
Kmer. Mra. Battl* 
Kmitm. Un. Boia 
KUieaooB. Ura. M. V. 
•Koenlg. Helen 
•TjBrtle, Clara 
laBerta. Mrs. Dora 
LeOrande. UUe. 
laUar. JnUa 
Zjano, Mule 
I/aVon. Ooleen 
Lesett, Mis. Wtt 
ZeDold. uatni 
I«aax. Cecil 
Z*B«y. Beatilee _ 
••Le Boy. IzebaOa 

CMlIa. BmS 

•••LaBoy, Utia TW- 

Lliin.' Mrs. W. 
UTlmsioii. FnnUa 

Xjosan. Emma B. 
I^vett, Mrs. F. 
McOampbell, Mlaa Daan 
••McConnaba, Baby 
UcPonald HIatara 
McOee, Anna 
McOIbion, Isabelle 
Uclntyre, Mrs. Grace 
MeKlnney, Mra. A. W. 
*UeI«an, Marie 
tfacben. Uaoda 
•••Mack, Dreoa 
••Maker. Jeasle N. 
Uarsball, Mra. Maiy 
Uamball, Miss Annette 
dartln. Ttarreaa 
•Martin. UM. 
Uayall. Mra. HerackaB 
Uay, Etbel 
Ueadowa, Madge 
•••Meadowa. Uadn 
Meleney, Mrs. 8. 
Uerten, Inea 
•MlUer, Xoly 
MlUei. Ura: Bate 
UltcbeU, Btbel FeaH 
Uoote. Stada 
Morris, Mrs. Jamea ' ' 
Horrlaon, Uarsiinte 
••Mwton. HBdied 
•••Mmme. Uargont 
Matpby, Anny 
Moipby, Ulas Ada 
Mamby. Marie 
NadJe, Mile. 
•NaTs, MUly 
Nelaa. Mra. I. 
MeOsen, Marie ' ~ 
Kltram, Bessie 
Nola. Catberine 
Norrrll. Aimaa 
OllTOtt, Mndame 
.O'NelU. Nance 
•Ortaney. Bllna 
Owena, Bted - 
Palmer, Salay 
Panden, Mlaa Jollat 
Parrett, Mrs. Bdoa 
fatten, Mlaa Jeaata 
Paacb, Mrs. Anna 
•••Panl. Mrs. Annie 
Peasley, Nlta 
Peters, Miss Mary 
Peters, Mazlne 
Peterson, Laora U.~ 
Peyser, Mis. F. 
PIttlt. Uzsle 
PoUaabeck. Uis. S. 
Powell. Mrs. Ed. Ii. 
Patcoco, Btbel 
Befoa, noreaee 
•Bex, Ada 
Blca. Millie 
Blgby. Bessie E. 
BoblnaoB, Mlsa T. 
Ronina, Maude 
Bowe. Mra. 
Bosell. Madame 
aaltansi LaBalla 
Saminoner, ^*™te 
Sande«aa% Jalla 
Sandoa. Mrs. May 
Banssas, Carrie 
Scbones, Manda 
Scott. Peail 

Sbaw. Mlaa Amy 
Sbepberd, Babe 
Sberman, Sadie 
Sleta, Tilneaaa 
Slmmana, nnie . . 
Slater. Mrs. Geo. A. 
Smiletta. Daisy 
Smitb, Gertie 
Smltb, Mra. B. W. 
••Smitb, Beiala 
Bmoot, Joale 
Sordbam. Mary 
SoDsa, Mlaa Fbydal 
Sontbwoitb. Mrs. Fead 
•Spray. Claadoa 
•Spray, Florence 
Stabl. Bine 

Standlne Bear, HB. A. 
Starr, UmM 

Sterliog, Kltly- 
Steillng, Miss Elanore 
•••StcTea. Mlsa BylTU 
Stewart. Bmna 
Stlckney, 'Boaallna 
Stone, Mra. Bella 
Stone, Mlaa BlBls 
Stone, Mrs. Geo. 
Stoner, T.llllan 
Stonerock, Mtante 
Stnll. Ttaelma 
Snlllvan, Ura. Geo. 
Satellite. Ires* 
Satton. Miss Flo 
•Sweet, Clandoa 
Swesso, Floesle 
•Sylvester, Elsie 
Tarte, Mis. T. O, 
Taylor. Iion*1la 
Tow. Mra. Bd. 
•••ToTob. Senorita B. 
Updike, Alma 
Taldes. Aganlta 
Van, Mrs. Victoria 
Van Gorder^Mia. H. B. 
*TanTW, Wanda 
*Vedder, Blumle 
▼err«y, Mlaa laabaB 
Vlekery. Sot 
Tondeiblde, Ulsa 

Wagner, Emma 
Waffoner, Miss TTasel 
Wallace, Mra. EUa 
Watson BIsten 
Waye. Dorotby 
••Wrtla. Ida 
Wella, Mary 
w«it. Irene 
WUtney. Mrs. A. P. 

•Wllber, 'Gladys ' Wood. Mrs. Anna 
Williams. Un. Fnnees ••Woodward. Mrs. 

iVUliamBon. Jennie 
Wilson. Un. E. 2.' 
WInalow. Mrs. May 
•Wirth Family 
Wolfe, Lorena 
tvuuiale}, Basila 
tVuuu, Mra. B. B. 

Woolcbtt, Mrs. Anna 
WrigbUey. rmf 
Zadja . 
Zoe, Uadaa* 
4nlcka. Friaean 


Abbott, ^laa. 
Abbott, CortU 
Abbott & Cayne s 
Adair, Elmer 
Adams & LewIS; ' 
Adams, Bnbe 
Adama, Jimmy 
AiIiIhII. E. 8. 
Addison, A. B. ' 
Adklna. W. B. 
•••Adseli . B. 8. ■ 
Agard, Ha^ry 
Atken. Geo. W. 
Aldrldge, Tom 
Alrx. tbrer 
Alexander, J. I. 
Alezeda, Prof. 
Alien, Jobn " 
Allen. J. C. 
Allen. Fled 
Allen, Dick 
Allen, B. Sidney 
Allen. Ed. 

•Aliens Mns. Com On, 
^Ison. Boy S. 
Altali Sbow 
Altber, Peter 
Airo, Ernest 
Atward. Unaica) 
Amor, Tom 
Anderson, P. M. 
Andetaon, U, B. 
•Andeisoa. Cbadla 
AnitersoB. t Trail 
Andrews. B. M. . 
Andrews. B. 
Angel, Frank 
Anthony, J. H. 
Antbony, C. A.: 
Afvbrr, Bd. 
Ardeli; Flank' 

••Boden, Artbor 
Boiand. Ed. 
Bonelll, Jaa. 
Bonelll, James 

Bootb, Harold 
Born, MartlB 
•*Botafatd. Ed 
Bottlnere, Tad 
Bougbton. Wm 
Boyd. W.A. 
BoseU, W. ■. 
BraeoBlet, Jeaa 
Bradley, A. T. 
Brabam, Mat t 
•••Bramlrtt. BoM. 
Bridges. Walter 
••Brinkerbooff. BUI U. 
Briacoe, 0. 
Broadwick, Clus. 
Brock. Jobn M. 
Biockway. O. H. 
Brough, Stewart 
Browne, Tbomaa O. 
Brown, A. R. 
Brown, Lewis 
Brown it Cronln 
Brown, Kirk 
Brown. Clare 
Bmce. Bany 
••Brace, B. ■. 
Bryant. J. W. 
Barman. Clandc 
•Bnrbelt. Dob 
Barkbart, O. 
Bnmett, Wm. HaU 
Barna. B. B. 
••Boms. Barry 
Boms, .Bleliaid 
Bntna. JffMd 
Bmom ft Lcalla Oa. 

Connelly, Uoyd V. 
Usuueliy, Uoyd 
Connoi, Obaa. 
Ccanon Family 
Connors. Balph 
Cook. W. D. 
Cooly. Geo. I. 
Uoeper. Texas 
Corby, F. L 
•Coiey. Jno. 
••Corrlgan. F. J. 
Corrlgan, F. J. (Baldy) 

Ooiae Payton Co. 

Cortex, Hernando 
Coz. Frank 
Cox,' Cbas. B. 
Crandali, B. C. 
Cnpsey, Geo. B, 
Crawford, Baymond D. 
Crawford. C. T. 
Creabne, Franccaeu 
descent Amnse. 00. 
Cripps, A. X. 
Cnme. Pat A. 
CKMik. Cbaa 
rrook. Barney 
Croncb, Wesley O. 
Crow, Pat 
Calbane. Wni E. 
Cdmmings, Balph E. 
Cnnntngbam, Tbot. F. 
Coitla, Mr. 
Cnttrr Stnck Oa. 
••Date. Cha«. F. 
Damenm, Eineat 
Damiock Brae. 
Danker, W. P. 

Paridaon. B. F. 
DaTld, Frank D. 
David. Prank 
Daris. H. B. 
Davis, Walter 8. 
Daris, George 
Daria. Jnbi*. 
Darls, W. H. . 
Dan* ft D^Mdoy 
Oaria. A.- D. 
Dawam. WOl 
Day,. Edgar , 
Day. Albert 
Dean, Bany 
Dean. Tea ■ 

Bl'la. Jos. C. 
••EUtaoa. P. a. 
Elmore. Alaa 
EI Bayo. Tbe 
Ely, MaiSbaU 3. 
EmmoD. Wrnian B. 
Engliab, Panl 
Ensenberger, - Geo. 
Epiiinger, Alrta 
Brral. Leon 
Evans, Al. S. 
' Erana, Cnaa. B. 
Ehvnteln. W. B. 
Bye, Wm. Ragle 
Farraday. Bany 
Faaat, Benats 
Faust, Jake 
Fayblo, Don 
fir, B. O. 
Felnberg, Cbaa. 
Fennlmore, Bayasad 
Fergnaon. Ollle O. 
Fetzer, Adam 
Fields, I.ew 
Finnegan, BUIy 
FIsk, J. M. 
Fltcber, Banter B. 
Fltcber, H. H. 
Fitzgerald. Mr. 
Fitzgerald, J. 
•Fits. Elmer 
Fits. Bany 
Elalg, Aug. 
Fllndt. Emtt 
•PInnd. E. O. 
Florida. Cbaa. 
Flowers, Ansy 
Plynn. Earl 
•Foignot, Frank 
•Foote, Cbas. 
Pnntr. J. K. 

Fnote, Alfred 
Footer Wm. Id, 
VnrA. f>«car M. 
Ford. Ed. 

Foster, Doctor 
Fmtera. Aerial 
Fwtei, Harry 
FiDtch. Jack - 
•Fonebe. CapL 
Fowler. Edward 


Pornna dedrlag te araU tbamaelrea «t Tbe BDlboatd'a taallltleB tar farwaidlac niaU 
matter to membera e( the anaaement nofaaatoa. are nvHited te bear la niad that the 
taeodqaaiten Aw tbia cntDttoaa dlsttttDtloB ol man ata at the dMOINMATI offleea. 
whrare all audi asatter aboold be oddieaed, -micaa It U kaowa that It arm ba mm cob. 
renlent for aa fa a aac aa to xeeeire It tbiodiA tbe Mew Tork. Cbleago or St. Lonla bnreao*. 

In Olaclnaatl a earna of ezpeilaBeed dinka la emptayad tat tba ada varpoae «( raeocd. 
Ing tbe wbenAoata of teaaalwita-aad bandllnB oall oddnaaad te Oob la care of Tbe 

Tbe pootolBeea adjunct of the Mew Xork. Chicago and St. Lonla bonaaa of Tha BlU- 
boaid la m ai nta in ed only for Itbe accomodation of those who eaa meeaia vflAar aarriee 
by baring maU aent to tbe brancb officea, where they can caB ft* It la peraoa, or floa 
which It may be leauBed to them with greater despatch tfaaa frees the pabUeuUea 
officea at Cincinnati. No attempt la made to handle maU addressed to the tmach allleaa 
wltbont spedSc Inaltinctlona. wbUa thoaaanda of plecea of man Blatter paaa thraogh tbe 
Cincinnati «IBeea erczr week and are lemalled to addicaseea from lafonaatlOB at baad 
without the delay of holding and adrertlalag theae namea in thia Ilat. 

In addieaalns man to indlrUaala la ease of The Blllboaid, Uadly ladlaate what 
company (If any) each Is IdentUM witb or la what' Uae of the baalasaa ba la a«ageC 
AU maU adrcrtlaed In thU Uat la being held at the ClaelaaatI oaeaa aalsM athar.' 
wlaa Indicated by the .diaiacteta * (Mew Xwfc), •• (CUeaso). ••• (St. pcaOti. 

Faieala at OadaBatl aad UL XmIb 

Blnlnger, Wm. I. 13e. 
Kelly. The Mlas aa _ Me 

Uartel, F. J. 8e 
Pogae, Jam. B. lOe. 
atantay Braa. tc 

THppSk Ik O. Se 
••^Knatp * Word ae 
.•••Wallat. Snea Se 


Armstrong. Hairy 
Aiqoette, Wm. 
Anenos, Tbe 
••Asbian. Bay 

Asbley, Fred. 
Aattei, Jack 
Asiatic Art Co. 
Aaklns, Clifford 
Attebury, B. IjL 
•Attenborg, Wm. 
Atteibery, Geo. W. 
••Afwood. D. U. 
Auf^let, Jack 
Axford; Cbaa. 
BaUey, Albert - 
Balrd, Walter 
Baird, Kenneth P. 
Baker. Bert 
Baker, B. W. 
Baker. Bicta 
Baker, Clarence . 
Baney. W. E. 
Banvarda; Flying 
Berkley Sbow Oe. 
Barlow, Billy 
Barlow, Lawrence 
narrett. B. L. 
Barrett, A. B. A. 
•Barrlson. FhU 
Barron.. Leon 
Battels, The 
Rarto.< Jamea' A, * 
Battlatio, Joe. 
Beasley, Call 
Boatty. Cbaa. 
••Becker, Flank 
Bdden. Emory 
Bell. Ed. 
B.^11. Breea* B. 
Benabdic Kasara 
Benedict, Prof. 
Itenedict, The Great 
•Eentley, W. A. 
Bennett, Panl 
TlMrlmt, fltere 
Berlin, Sam 
Bernard. Floyd 
Bpftv a Ti^rrr 
Bertinl, Tbe Great 
BIckell, C!iarles 
Bledsoe, Jsck 
Biggs, Dave 
Binder, Ed. 
BInlnaer. W. 1 
Biabee & Conndly 
Rhhee. R. I|. 
••Bitt, L. I. 
Blackmore, Bert 
Blanrbard. T. 
Bluebird, Jlmmle 

••Borton. B. O. 

Btucta. Joe 

Bnsb, Bert 

Bnssey, E. B. 

Batler. Bozellla 

Butler. B. B. 

•Cabin. F. I. 

Cain ft Odoffl 

Calway.- Earnest 

••Cameron. Will B. 

Canble, Albert 

••Canfleld, P. 8. 

Canon. Uatt 

••Careno Trie 

Carey, Doe 

•••Carllale. W. O. 

Carlos, Don 

Camea, The 
' Camway. W.' U. 

Carroll, Wm. Thoa, 

Carson, J. B. 

Carson ft Brown 

••Cary, Moae 

Caaldy, J. H. 

Castle, L. V. 

Castle, Fled B. 

Cfaambera, Tal 

Ctaanncey. Fred 

Cbefalo, M, B. 

Cbeney, Frank P. 

Cherty, Dan 

Chester. Cbaa. 

Cbatet, Teddy 

Cblam. 7oba 

''toistenaen % SpIUard 

(Hiriaty, O. W. 

(Siriatle. Geo. 

••aaklna. BM 

Clark. Barry D. 

nark. Clyde 

Clark, L. B. 

Clark, J. C. 

Clanaa. A. H. 
, flayton. Barry 

Clearenger, W. S. 

•raifton. B. D. 

(Mmra, Geo. D. . 

CodPS, Jno. 

O/.ir.v. J. w. 

Coffey, L. N. 

•Pneawell. DiettMr 

•r»>Bsw*n. Bay 

Cobn, Sam 

••rtnteaian. W. O. 

Colpy, O. 

Collier, Fred 

rmilngs, C. T. 

renin*. Blfn»r 

••Collina, Elmer 

Compton, John 

Deerhom, Gemge 
DeEstang, Uaicy 
DeGrote, George 
Deldaa, W. 
Deleraa. Wm. 
Oelgarlaa ft Zlaaa 
••Delmala, Sd 
••Ddmont. ned 
Del more, Geo. W. ' 
•Dempsey. Art 
Denier. Tony 
DeSora,' Fied 
Dt'lifvw Tho*. 
Deronon, Eddla 
OeBooa, U. J. 
De Rose. Pete 
Devlne, Eugene 
Derlnaon, Bed 
Dewey. F. K. 
Diamond 4 W. W. 
Dickson. . Charles 
Dick, Bay 
Dllworth, OUls 'W. 
Dion. Joseph 
Dlsbro, Geo.' 
Dixon, Cbas. 
Dodge, E. L. 
Doonell, Jeaa 
Donobo, Cbaa. B. 
Donovan, James F. 
Dorsey J. G. 
Dorsey, Mr. 
Dorsey. C. A. 
Dorsey, Mazzie 
Dotty, C. H. 
DowIIng Bobert 
. Downard ft Dowaard 
Dnam, W. B. 
Dreyer ft Dreyer 
Drockei, Ben 
Dunarln, rbaa. 
Doneaa. Cbarlea 
Ponlery. Jaa. T. 
Dnnn. G. W. 
Dnpea. Cbaa. 
•Dnrant. BIHy ' 
Dnrhand. R. C . 
Dyer, Lerl 
Eagon, Kenneth Ik 
Earl. T.e»tep 
Eary ft Landoie 
East, Alan 
Eddy. Wb. 
Rif mmiila. Georae 
Edwards, J. 8. 
Edwards. Joe (lalim 
Eller. W. A. 
Klllntt. Fmk 
Elllntt ft flnnsa 
Ellison, W. W. 

•Fox. Boy a. 
Fox. Jack 
Fox, Geo. W. 
Foxes, The Two 
Fore, F. M. 
••FlanclUon. A. 
Pranks. i!haa. L, 
PTaxer, Harry 
Freeman, Albert 
••Freeman, J. E. 
Frenches New Sensation 
mman. O. N. 
Fokagawa, U. 
Fnmeanx ft Hoefls 
•Gable, Frank 
Galtes. JoM. u, 
Galager, Dan 
Galiacber. KH 
■ Galrin "Grady" 
Gamer, A. L^ 
Gaiiier.' E. B. 
Garrett. Jack 
Garrlmn, l-rof. Cbaa. 
Gaaklns. D. R. 
Gates, Cbaa, J, 
Gay, Matt 
Gadiss, Geo. 
Oelsen, Frank 
Gems, Julius 
Getbnre. Harty 
Geyer, Bert 
Gibbs, Doc 
Gibson, MarabsU 
GIITord, Boben 
••Gillespie, ArthK 
Gilmore, Stera 
Gilmer. Elmer 
Gllplns, Two 
Qllpin, Eddie 
Ginvsnnl. Delma U. 
Gllson, T. J. 
Glaseork Elenbaata 
Glascock, Alex 
Glascock, Foatar 
GnnanrnwskI, J, A. 
Goodwin, Bay 
••Gordon/ (Jbai. W. 
Gordon, J, 
Gorman, A, F, 
••Gorth, Carl 
Gould. B. B. 
Gnwdy. M. ■. 
Graff. A 

Graham. Cant. B« 
Gray. Banafnad 
Green, W. U, 
Green, C. V; 
••Orem. F. O. 
Grenloek ft Byrd 
•••ffrler, Oaty 

Grinatead, AI. 
Grosse, Ssm 
Grossnler. Wm. B. 
•Grndgen. Bert 
•OrodKen, Bert ' • 
Gns Whale OU 
••Guy, Baymoad 
Haddueka, Thir 
Bagman. Jee, ft. 
Balke, B. S. ' 
UaU, W. A. 
HaU. Herbert 
HaU. Walter B. 
HaU, James 
Hamburg, Bay 
Hamilton.. Geo. W. 
Hamilton, F. F. 
HamUton, Oilie 
Hamim, Bddle 
Hanka. E. W. 
Hanley, Ghas. J. 
Hanley. Cbaa. J. 
Uaraaen. Geo. B. 
Bzieourt. C' L. 
Harder. W. T. 
Hanaba. The 
Barrla, Art 
Harria. U B. 
Uartmann-Ferrls OOk 
Uasbl. Dick 
Baaaman'a. Tba 
Haatlngs, Whltle 
••Hathaway, Jack 
Hatsu, M. 
Battlway. J. W. 
Hawkins.. Ed. Bllekar 

Bawly. H. A. 
H>wn. D. C. 
•Hayes, Edmond 
Haynea, - Tom 
Haynes, T. D. 
Beaton, Fred U. 
HelCron, Tom 
••Helkes, Hairy 
Helmen, Silrla 
Belntz ft NIxoB 
Helma, WUlie 
Heuchey. Wm. 
Henderson, Geo. A. 
Hendenmu, C. Lcater . 
Hcnderaoa. Wm. 
Henley, Prof. J. B. 
Hennesay, 3. B. W. 
Henriek, Heimaa 
Henry. J. E. 
Beary. Olena W. 
Henxel. Wm. 
Herbert, Alee 
•Herbert, Thoa. Iiaoa 
Herr Hickman 
Ueaa, Mystarleas 
HIggina. Frank 
Hill. I. M. 
HUIert, Chaa. 
Hlltbmnnel, A. 
Hilton, Jamea 
Hlnton, AmU 
•••UtatOB, Fred 
Hitchcock, Charier 
Hlwab, Prince Sella 
Holden, Bonea 
Molton. Harry 
••Homewood, Harry 
Bommowuna. Prof. W. 

Honeycot. Grear 
Honnens. Ct. 
Hoover, Jamea 
Hopp, S. D. 
Horaa, lata 
Homoday. Shea 
Hosmer. J. B. . 
Houston, Walter 
Boward. Fnnk 
Uowland, Fted- B.' 
Hnbbard. Bdwaid- 
Hnbbaid. L. O. 
BoS. B. ' 
Haghes, Cbaa. 
Hull. D. B. . 
Hnmnhiey. Amoa 
Rmto. Saaiaai 
Huaon. John 
Bwataca, Ulka 
Hyland. Jack 
lUingwortb. Hayda 
Ilea, T, - 
lagram. BVancIa M. 
Iwamoto, &biyaal 
Jameson, Geo. W. 
Jamea, Peter 
Jamea. Everett ' 
Jamea, Oaeai 
Jeans, Jlmmle . 
jenklna. Jaa - 
Jennlngi. Jobaala 
Jennings, B. B.. 
Jnhnaoa. Jennie 
Johnson. James . 
Jobnaon, F. . 
Johnson, Eari 
Jobnaon. J. B. 
Jnbnson, Alberta . 
Jonea, Blmon 
Jonea, Bany 
Jonea, J. P.. . 
Jonea, Corley 
Jones, "Jack . 
Jonea, WIU 
••Jones, Barry, ft. 
Jordon, C. H. 
Jnrdon. AWa 
Joaaelyn. Bobert . 
KaUey, J, W. 
Kane, lieon^rd . 
Kane, O. F. 
Karl, Billl* 
Karlo, Donna 
Karte, C. B. 
Katonl. H. 
•Kantmaa Traait* 
Kanfman. The Ttonpe 
Keama. B. T.; 
Keller, B. B, 
Kelly, J. J. 
Kelly, Thoa. P. 
Kelly. Jack 
Kelly. Sberman. 
Rnidall. Attt-or A. 
Kendall. P 
KandaU. Mwaid 
Kennard. <C<i 
' Kennedy. 1. 
Kennedy, Jim 
••Kennedy, 0. 0, 
Repn. William 
Kerkla. Barry 
Kerahaw. Friaa 
Kettler, Fred 
Kinder. Cant. B. I. 
KImerer. Maz 
King, J. P. 
KlrhT. W. W. 
Klrwln, M. 3. 
Klaaa, P, 
Kleemy, I. B. 

KHndt, Uainr 

Knight, B. V. 

Knight ft. Ben. 

••Knott, Obaa: 

Koch, B. W. 

Koenli. H. O. 

KiAeu, Jew 

Kulb ft i:aier 

Kunu, Weodal 

Kyle, WUUam 

Lackey, Pzot. 1m 

Lui Ko.) e, iv iiinit 

Lamberto, John 

••LaMarr. Jac ft. 

La Francia. l,eoa 

•LaMon, J. B.' 

lASge, A. B. 

Loraiu, i^iuard ' ' 

LaBaob * iioottto 

LaBex, Don 

LeSalu, O. a 

••LaSaUe, Ed. B. 

•••Latoyob. ur, 

••Lawes, Olaods • 

••Lawea, O. a. 

Lawlur ITtuldiaa 

Lawler, Tim . 

Lawauii. J, N; 

LaytoB. W. a. 

!«ytaB. Billy 

Laxotte. Dan 

I^aaao. Petraaa 

Leach, Dan U, 

LeBarroB, BttUr B 

LeBlrd, Vhaa. 

LeBiesque. J. & 

ifRoy ft BUTsr' 

••Lee. a C • 

•Lee, Hany 

Lee, Dick ■ 

Leoa, Prof. B, 

•Leonard, Oeof«a P. 

Lereane, Bany 

I«ailea. Xbe 

Lerine ft Lsrias 

LeWarde, Jack 

I.ewis, Daa B 

Lewis. George B. 

••Linn. W. 

LIndsey, Walt. S, ' 
, Ltadslrys. Two 

Link. a. B. 
' Linton, Ed. 

Littlclobn, Thoa,. P. 

littleton, Wn. 

Uoyd. Bogb 

Loekwood. KrU 

Ixigan, Dsoslaa 

Long, Jack 

Long, Wairaa 

Longgale, Wat 

Loretta, Clyde 

Lorman, Joba Ik 

Lortoa, TTnraei 


••Love, Balpb 

Loveland, J. 

Lowaade, Uartlabe 

•••Lowe. J. T. 

Luclfen. Tbe Twa 

Loaby. Botefe 

••Luti, H. B. 
: Ionian Twkv 

Lynch, Hnmobn* 

Jgmn. Kay 

Lynn. L. D. 

McBride. Jance 

McCampbeU. A. D. 

UeCarson. B. U. 

UeCawley. Joba U. 

UeConadl. Arthu 

UcCsy. A. C. 

UcCnIg, J. w, 

UcCnUougb, Oart 

McCntcbeoa. SaiMMl I 

McDaniria, D. a 

•McOoDongh, L C 

McDowdle. Bay 

HcFalla, Pi5r 

UcGee, J. W. 

UcGlnley, Bob ft Baa 

McHenry,, Baal 

Mclntyn"* Ob. 

UeKenxte. Ow 

HcKina, PTad J. 

UeNarln, Jamea 

McBIU, J. L. 

tfcSeaton, Bae 

•MrWalten ft ' 

Mack, Elmer 

Mack ft Bnraeaa 

••Mack ft Wnrtt 

Uacker, J. O. 

Maenelll, Wm. 

Madden. ' Guy 

Maddox, Jeaale L, 

Madison, W. U. 

Malrolm, Daa 

Mallory. O. B. 

Ualoae. Pat 

Ualoney, J. p. 

ManaHeld ft W— 

Marshall, Norman 

Marsball, Dare U. 

Marshall, Albert 

Marlon ft FladUy 

Martlbe. Ralph 

•Martin. R. W. 

•Martin, John P. 

MarUn. Cbaa. 

MarreUe. Cbaau 

Marrln. Jack 
. Marx. W. r. 

Uaaon, E. O. 

Massle. H. L. B. 

Matthews, Baney ' 

Mattnek. Wltoy 

Maurer, A. G. 

Maxwell ft Shaw 

Uay ft Uar 

Mayfleld, W. U. 

Medicos, Mr. . 

McIIs, Chaa. 

Melnntte. OUade 

Merrill, Nonaaa 

Merrit. O. ■. 

Measenger,- Maalsol 

Meyer. Bcrmsn 

Mikniakey, J. J. 

Mlley...W. B. 

Miller. Frrderiek 

Miller, Morris. 

Millar. Roy A. 

UIUs, O. B, 

MltPbeB. Keek 

Mnnk. I..M. 

Uontgomeiy, Ucatr 
Montlque, Bd. 
Mnntrose Treop* 
•Mnoney, B, M. 
••Moore. Jimmy . 
Morgan, Chaa, 
Morris, Dave 
Morsp. Harrr.M. ft ' 
.Morton, M. T. 
Mnaa. Art 
Momle. B. L. 
Unlford, ftrtbat m, 

uuntord, 0. O. Sckwuta, Wtltw T. 
Uuuson, Hal * UutoB Scott, - Claude Ii. 

Murptay, J. B. ietj. F. M. 

Uuniby. 0. IT. dcutt, Vtank' 
"MurutaT ft S&snraai tfcoii.. Waltn 

Mji-rs, Blmer O. aearimui. um. W. 

Nagto * Roa* Saf too. Cbartaa H. ' 

Narder, Nat MnoUt* - 

N'aumaii, H. 3. vj muur mtk On 

NiDjetta, J. a. ' Sliater. Ltt 
Melaon, Edward. L Staarpe. A. W.- 

N'elson, OrlOB Sbaw A: L. 

Nemo. Eddta SlivlDeia, Floyd 

XewmaD, C, A. O. SbeldOD, Fred 

Newton * AltOB (Uterldan, B. O. 

Nias, Isaac dlicrwood. lioaaM - 

Nlckolson, DaTld Mbtelda, Harrj I. 
NIchola. Oapt. W. •. dblll, Uhaa. 

Nine, O. a. Shlmojl, Mr. ■. 

Norria, Edaaal J. SblpmaB. Waltar M. 

Norrla, Ben Bdwla Sback, Jin 

NowdUl, Dare aiegel, Rmakto 

O'Brlea. W. U ■ SUker, If. U 

OdeU, Bd. A. Silver, JaMaa 

Ocdeo. Say W. ••8Urai«. Aarlat 

Oldham, Benry Slmmona, Bea 

Olga, Jobn Siodair, Cbaa. Ik 

OllBvn, Harqr Singleton. Joacph ■, 

WlTer, BlUy J. •blason. Frank B. 

OIney, PbUlp a *&ix. Hany 
O'UaUay, Fnf. H. U. Slagle, Jack 

Opem, Pete Slater, Geo, A. 

"Oatrandcr, Bart Sloan, Geo. 

••Otto Canlral Oa. *Sloan, George 

Otto, Fred *Slocom Amoia, C*. 

"Owma, H. Small, J. C. 

•ozarf, Martin Smith, Bl. O. 

Palmer, E. Z. Smiti, B. B. 

Fareoto, Geo. Smitb, Mr. It. B. 

Parker. Cbaa. P. *SmItb, Joe 

Patt. P. . B. Solta. Allan 

Faolltcb, J. F. Sontligate, Hmy 

•Payae, H. 0. Sonttaar. Ed. Pad 

Payne, Oriatb Slnhl, I,con 

Pellan. Thoaua Sparka A Mathews 

PerrlBO. Prof. Sparks, Edw. 
Perrya, The Moateal Spencer, Cbarlea 
■•Peters, Edward & Speasardy. I'aal 

Pete, Wm. Splaah, Emmett 

Petrotr Springer. Antonio 
Ptelffer,' }oha> b - Stabler * JackaoB 

PkeuxBiena Standlfordj J. -O; 

PhllUpa, Percy •Staodlng Bear. AUicd 

Plerpont, Jack B. Stanton, Walter 

Pierce. R. StanweU, Wm. 

Pierce, Bob Steam * Co. 

Her. Blebard H. ••Stelner. CoL H. ■. 

•*Plerce, A. L Sterling, Ed. 

Pike, Caney ' Sterena, WUl B. 

Plnard. Al. - Stevens, Dave 

Piper. Will Stevens, B. J. 

•Piper, Harry Stlres, J. W. 

PItoD, Angostna ***Stires, Ftrsd 

Polk. OIlie Stockton. Jack 

Pollitt, Jack ' Stoddard ft Wallac* 

Poorr. H. P. Strlckman. O. 

Porter, J. W. 'Stromer. O. 
POatebr. Baary H. ' Sire. Frank 

PMt. Itan . ■ ••StTood. wm 

Potter. A. IC. SulllTan, Tom 

Ponnd. B. W. Somner, Cbaa. 

Powell ft Brewer Swain. Johnnie 

Powell. Albert Swan, Bert 

Powers Elepbanta Swlnney, Beed 

Preclado Sweeney. Bd. 

Preacott, 0. J. Swor. Bert f» 

Piettyman. J. U. Taggart. Oscar 
Pr>Tltte. Marabal - Talfonl ft. Beaato 
Price. Thomas • Tanner. D. B. 

Prior, Barria, B. Taylor. Dixie 

Proctor. Gee. B. Teagne. Bmocy 

Pnctor. Earl Temla, Bearjr A, 

Pnrcell. Geo. Terrla, Joe 

Porehaae. Be*. Texas Kit 

Qolgley. Jamaa I&o"«». W. r. 

face. Fred J. TbomM, Crawford 8. 

Bandall, Jack. Mgr. Thompaon, Dr. 

Bamlnlph, J. w. Thompson. Melrln 

RanMim. Casey Themer, Mr. B. B. 

Katlibonc. Xonis Thumtoo ft Wagner 

"•Ratbhom.. Lea **Tbnrat«i. BowSm 

Baympr. Walter J. Sl^n'ta Midgets 

Raymnnd, Bay Tlce. A. B. 

BranliHi. J. p. Tttley. Wesley 

Beed. A. B. Tillman, Ftank 

ke«i. Harrr TInaler. Ten 

Reeney. Tboa. W. Todd Braa. Show 

Mark Toelle. Cart B 

Reese. Pop ~ " ^ 

•Regaa. eW . 

Belsort, Tom TraToa. Tb* 

Renhel. Robert Trio V. T. O. Co. 
Bentfrowa Stock Oo. Tripp * Fall 

SJSf'*- Oaade Tripfett. Wnilam 

••Rlcardo, Bichard Trorer. 8. B. 

Bice. C. B. TaberrUIc. Hanr 

Rice. Frier, w. H. TnnU, Slay „ - 

Richardson. Chaa. Twlgg. BUIy 

oT'I""™*''". TyptoB. Dr. Wm. 

R ck. Sldoer Underwood. Barl 

Ri^JS.""- VaJeno ft Bta Band 

Klarmaa, Jobs Valentine, Clorla 

rK"v ••Valenano^obert 

Blppy. Loala rana. The Two 

i.'*^" »• Z*"^' W. T. 

aSl : VanPoasen. Boy 

Jtoberts. j„. VanSlckle, B. S. 

•B<*Iiiii, Cbarier VanTttrman, Val 

SSSl'2"t''"« "■»• X«<'k«'t. A. J. 

Mwra. Frank Vemell. Eddie 

KOKera. Basil. Jack Vinaon, CiMa. B 

""■nalne, Tboa, ». Voerg Bros. 

* Stlre. • Von DelUHatty 

B»ia. Tke Vranken, J. B. 

B^*';»'J* H. Wagner. Frank 

grt^ ISd^t 

S!*?'!*. Mr. H. Billy 

2;!*; 'vW. Wanlen. F^ank 

»n»sel. I,. V. Waring, B. B. 

n«ii^ V Waahhnrn. O. A. 

g;';"'«^. DIek Watann, Ham 

bJ?m*",2S- ■«« Watson J. b: 

««» •r?".** , Walaon Gary 

- St. Clair. ^Jack "Waylanrt. Ben 

Sr«^ ^ft'^ib?- 

imZ':, ^ii: £el..ter. Howard 

"Slnii • I** WHIand, H. 

••»^h,r^i»?'4 "WMI*. Maurice 

iSKa4-~-. i-'-ri-lIa. ■ 

"^'T. Dare Sem Wterrr, O. ;T 

Tokninago. Tnak 
TomllnsoB. O. O. 

Wbetton t/ Cannon 

Stock Co. 
White, Ben 
Wbltehnrst ft Wylde 
Wbitely, J. W. 
WblUow. D. 0. 
"•Whltewell, Ohas: 
Wbitney. Xeroy 
White, Jobn P. 
Wiehe, Onrt 
WUbor. Horace a' 
*Wllkes; Ben 
Wilkes, Ben 
Wilkinson, O. B. 
Williams, Prot; Enli. 
Williams, K. L. 
WllUama ft Uahr 
Williams, Uontau 
Wlllman, A. G. 
Willlaon,. Herbert 
Wilson. Billy (Tag) 
Wilson, W. W. 
Wilson, Bnrt 
Wllaon, John 
Wilson, Bobert 
WIndoekar. A. 
Wind. James 

Winds. A. Ij. 

Wlnnlger Bros. Stock 

Wlnton Bemarl 
Wise, SoUy 
Woeckener, A. . 0. 
B. Woebler. wm. 
' Woodward. Bmee 
Wood. Bell 
•••Wood, WIU 
Wright ft Stanley 
Wright, James G. 
Wrlgbt. Fred W. 
Wyoming Kell 
Yates, J. C. 
Yoder, N. S. 
Yonng, F. V. 
Yonne. Bert 
Ynicake, Ur. K. 
Zarllngton, Frank 
•Zello, E. 
Zerado, BVank 
Zera, Edwin 
Zlegler. <Ulke 
Zterke, Bobert 
ZaUlTcr, 7aek 

Look for Your Name 



Always fliw forwarding addms far enough 
In advance to reach you. Advertised letten 
are held for 30 days, and if unclaimed are 
forwarded to the dead letter office. 

The Dtvis Opera House 

Bare open time for good Sbows. UP:to-dBte' 
theatre. Good show town. Seats 700. Bailroad 
conoectlong first-clam. 

. W, F. WAI.TEB, Aitt. Kgr.. 

DsTla Opera Honse, Xineral City, O. 



Of KnoxTlUe. Iowa, wants a No. 1 Stock Com- 
pany tfor Sept. 23 to 30, Inclusive, for a Home- 
coming CelebraUons. This bouse la open for 
a good attraction at all times. 




Now open for booking: seating capacitv 1,000: 
nothing too good for this city of 1,300 and 
drawing territory of 2,500 people. P. HOFF- 
MAN, Lessee. 



Wm. Lemtng, Manager. Seating capacity 700; 
atage 15x20 ft. Ballroad town. Popnlatlau 
1,400. Wanted— Good attracUons. 


A Teiy well known mostclan. Professor of Ar- 
mony tt the Conservatory of Mexico City; Pres- 
ident of tbe Mexican Society of Authors, Eng- 
lish Espeker, and a compoaer of over one hun- 
dred plays for tbe Spanish Theatre, wish to get 
the words of some original plays or farces to 
write music to tkem. Address MANCEl, 
BIVBBA BAZ, Sociedad Mexlcana de Autores, 
la tie laa Damas No. 8, Mexico City. 


After Aug. 26. 1911 


Leads, Heavies, Juveniles, Comedy, Sou- 
brette and Ingenue. tVc gentlemen, 
one lady. ■ Specialties .4.-1. One piece 
preferred. ■Gentlemen double band. Eb 
or Bb Clarinet, Concert Drummer, 
Buth sigM, readers. Address, BOX 231, 
Dunnvillc, Ontario, Canada. 


Sk*teh Taam 

The HamMtons, OUle and Bras: man and wife: 
rood doaklcs; change (or week. Ollle, strong 
long and Dance. B. F. ' 'Comedian. Plenty of 
singles. Both red-hot act workers pnt tbcro on 
and make them go and 'have plenty of them. 
Join anytMng that pa.T» aalarlea where a woman 
le not the boss. Mod. Show experience. Not 
Stroke, but oiuat have tickets unless knotrn to 
us. BUI. write me. Address OLLIE HAMILTON, 
VIdalla, «a. ■ 


For amaB Canlval Company, consisting of Sve 
sbows, e*rrls»wbe»lj nw Parker. itarty-j*^*!!- 
Addrcaa VBED BBB6HGLI., can ot .a W. 
Parker, CcaTenwortb. «Ca«. ' < 


•TKri sPATtva- SlKftSrJfT''?|!'W*/. ahoidd. In taimeaa to 'your beet toteresta. tnreiitiga'ta 

.^™r.iitr^° yAUDBVlu^;" its superiority la nnqnestloned by those who know. Our superb 
etc., "en^d^s iSmI Su Ume"" «^»t acS, and anpjllee you with adyanee photoe, bming. 

Merkle Sisters WlUlamson and Wataos 

Edmonds and Boberta Tbe Nagigya 
Juggling Parrotts Luedera and DeU ■ 

Muaical Brennana 
Those Bebees 

Booth and Bootb 
The Musical Saters 
Those Cassbis 
Slawsen and TyaoD 
Tbe Bakes 

Tbe Four Woods 
Herbert and Grant 
Stockton's Dogi 
Smitli & Xonng 
WAster and Mack 

Mayfair Trio 
- Mend and Griffin 
The Mortons 
Lawrence Slsten 
D' Ormonde and Fnller 

HamHtim and Deab 
Joe Dennff 
Gordon and Belmont 
Seymonr and May. 
aana and Badcllffe 
Gates and We^b 

oppo^iSS £*uSll?^S;^."355?''i"*g„gS£:£ ^ - bato. i-jtlie 


Century BnllJintf (Opp. P. Q.) . . KANSAS CITY. HISSOUIU 


Six Big Days— Six Big Nights 

B^^"^-? '^„'i?S',=Jl**.^ "l, "t"-"!!!. Greensburg, Ind., under ansplces Bagiea ana 

n'°''**J?'Zw.*5S Wggest event In Central States. 230 Baglea helping. ISO boslneaa 
SSS.r^^i'."*-..,"''^'? ,»*•«»:«> W?Ht **ee ylttractlons. Banda. BalloSn Asc^SSs. Flreworka. , 
pecorattons. Advertising, etc, BUled stronger than a circus. Everything on tUe pnbUc streett' 
^.ilT r^f™..'" ..f^oJ""** o'' Px>^ abawa on percenUge; especially 

S^-,^'^ ?55«KS"?*'ill?..5?»''- '« «>» legitimate concesslana at reaaoBaH?ntee: 

no eaclBglTea. 100,000 to 150,000 people guaranteed. &TDS A. BTAGO, Gieeaabnir, Usd. 

Street Shows Wanted 

For week September 18 to 23. Good opening for Dog, Pony and Animal Skowa. Electric Etonatata 
aniVNavel Features. Ferris Wlieel. Xiberal poieaitage. Have room for more Uve CoDceaalcna.' ' 
B. W. WOHTlDUr, Bsciatary, 

Kamhaata TaU 7eatiTal. OErZUrOB. OHIO. 



Sbows. Biding Devices, Concessions and PrivUegea. AU under new management. Also want 
aame for Labor Day, Sept. 4, at CblUIcotbe, O., and Carnival Week, Clrclevllle, O., Sept, 2M0, 
Indnslve, tbe homes of tbe canning factory industriea, tbe largest in tbe world, woAlng day and 
night. Pay day every week. Long season to follow Sontb after September. A Vune for tba 
winter. Sbows and Biding Devices address JAS. H. OIBSOIT, Xanager. PrivUegea and Oooeeaglona 
address ADDISOB F. XnrsHAIX, Secretary, both CUtUeothe, Ohio, 


Giving tbis season two distinct acts — the latest 

Sensational? Yes! This act carries five special drops. Baby Lion Cuh for ladlea and eblldren- 
Address S Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn, H. Y. , 

Say, Boys! Don't Miss This Big One! 

Stop On Your Way South. 

Korth Vernon's Fall Festival. Week of Septemtwr 25. Day and Night. Free on the streela. 
Can use good Carnival Company; can nse Independent Shows, free license, Ughts. atreeta. • 
C. B. WAOHEB, Secretaiy. • . • ~ ... . . Hortli TaaBaa, &d. 


For Haffenbeck & Wallace* 

Bases, Trombones, Clarinets, Pic colo and Drams. Join on wlr& TeU aU Ibat writtng. Long 
season gaaranteed. W. V. TfRKWTCH. care Hagenbeck-Wallaae Skowa, ■Brazil. Ind.. August SO; 

Paris, Ul.. August 31: Casey, 111., Sept. 1; Vandalla, 111., Sept. 2; BenevHIe, DL, Sept. 4: 
Marlon, 111., Sept. 5; Cape Girardeau. Mo., Sept. 6; Sikeston,, Mo., Se.*t. 7. 


WANTED — AU klnda of FBKAKS. WiU gnarantee 12 to 20 weeka atanda ht 
tract for a year, on percentage or aalaxr. . Write at once, eveii U ypii »• 

month or two. 


aogaged for the aexi 


2212-14 S. Jefferaen, 

ST. LOUIS, MO., U. S. A. 


Wants Just a few more Cowboya, Oowglria and. Indiana. Must make good. Also stmog B Blai 
Alto. Baritone. Trap Dnuuner. Others write. WIU aen d ticket If known. Show; now on Its 
slzty^eTentb veek withont doalng. Addms OOL. E. 9. smiEB, Fnp., exaaaflaU, Tmn. 


A big 50-ct Bottle of Perfume and a $1.00 Atomizer al! for 
30 cts». Sells like hot-cakes for 75 cts. Send 30 cts. for sample: 



Sdndayt apea (or entire season. Want Minstrel to open, and B ep.. ^th B. ajid O., latter part 
of .Septemlier. Address WIliDSY THKATBB 00. 
NOTE— No one dn baa aotborlty to liook attraeUoni. 


M. L. Clarke Sons Comlnned Stmis 

A real live Wagon Show Agent, one that onderstanda the iraton jdnnr 
and rellaMa -n; aeed mt apply. Also want a few more blllposteia and boas 
to- loose. -Aa^ aHi««avS,^l. QULBX fti^mn, Dlmo. SteTAgnat. — ' 
Blodgett, Bevt. t: SIkestoib Sept. 2; M<wAK»ae. Sept. S. 

Most be aober 

Vo tl3a»- 
"Aatoat KU' 


..T It e B i 1 1 1> o a r d 


C<^n^^ J£:A.i' liaieaiisr, Palr1c):; :(3ncliinati;, O., 

Doc&stBder's. I«w: Pitt«batg. Pa.i SS-Sepk 2.- 

UaQKuit'«,*'^FraiiK: Pblla;, - fa., >Sept. 2^ Indet. 

Vleldi's,^ AI. G.: Cotwqbao^ 0.,..28-Sept. 2;, L«Q]a-. 
Tllte, '^Ky., 4-S; JLex^iston 0; Cbattanoogii, 
T«Dii., Z; KnosTlUe 8r .AslieTiUe, N. Ci, :8. . 

O'E^Clea'at a.,C., ^rtna: > BOIamod. Kiu., 30; 
t^om Sli_ Njekenan Seot^ ' Z: '^nj^nam 2^ 

Bealx. Bros.': Oeoonli. Ibi SS^Swt: l;':'West 

IUcbaid '& Frlngle's, BoUand ft FUUns, mgrs-t 

Moimtaln Home, .Ida^'30: Gtlennfs Ferry 31. 
Boxell'a. V. A.i St. Wayne. Iiid<, ,28-8ept. 2.^ 


BaUman's' Band. . Martin ' Ballman, Oliector: 

(Forest Park) Chleago.^ni.. 2S-Sept. JO. - . 
BUlingaley^s, M. jr.:. Band: (Beecb . Ciest 

Park)- Heleiia.'rASL;.:iiidef. - , ■ ■ 
Banda Terdl, Francesco Creatore, ' director; 

(Scldtta Palm Garden) UUwanbee. Wis., In- 

def. . ■■ , '■ . . 

Banda Bossa. Ensrnib Sorrentlno. ; dbeietoF': 

Howard Pew. Asgr.:' <EIecttle'PBrk) 'Etfnsas 

city, Mc, Aug:.- t-Sept. 4. : _ 

BatIet'8,:;:Helen Hay, Band: Ohlcaso. ill.. 23^ 

Sept. 23. 

Corrado'8, Albert, Band: (Monroe Faik) Mobile, 

Ala., Apr. SU^pt. 2*. " , 
Creatore'a.BanJ:: (Willow Grave) J-PUladelpliIa, 

.•■■Pa..,':20-Sepfc:-».'^-' - 

Cmila Band. T. A. CaTBlIb. condnetor: (For- 
eat P«r^ H I gW a ndB ) Stv Imiia, Mo.. Anc. 13, 

indet . 
GUUIand's Black Hngsar Band, Angnatns 3. 
FUUez,, mgr.: Bbamokin, Pa., May 20, iQ- 


Oregory'a Italian Band: (Lnna Park) Loa An- 
geles, Cal.,- 3nne 10, indef. 
Higid'a. B^ndr ArmUL F. Band^jSlrector: (Blver- 
_ view. Fart} „C3Ucago,.; HI,, 23'-Sept_ 10. 
Kryl's 'Bohdinlaii Band: ' (WUte- City Park)' CniI. 
:' cago. lll.. aOhStept. 16^ i - 

Lambardl Grand OderkVo:^ Fortune Gallo, mgc: 
's Oakliind, Cal., uidel.. - ^ . 
UacKays, ;Jobn, Band: Sea Isle' City, K. J., 

Xxkxlto's Band: . (PAllsades ;Aninsevent Park> 
I Paisades, NrJ;.ltodef. • • - / 
Oblmeyer's,. Henrys Band: -Ooronado Beach, 
• 'CTal:, JTnne IT-Sept. i 

Pryor's, Arthur, -Band, Don'W. Stnarl;'. m'rar.'? 
•isbory Park, -». J.; ■JnlyiS-Sepit.-lO. • 
Qnintano's Tehetlaii Band: Branch, S. J, 

Inly 1, Indet - W^ ''"- 

Royal Tenetlan Band: -(Toittg'B Million Dollar 

■Plrr)' Atlantic City. N. JJ^riiidet ' 
Roonda'. B. O., I,adles' Orcliestra: Winona. 
, indi, 3I;Sept. 4; Nasbaa. la., S-8. ' 
^pUatg Bandi (Broad Btpple Part) Andetaon, 
. ltd.,* Mar 2S; Indef ' . - . . z~7 
Wheaton ' FamUy Orchestra: . (Waverly- Pai^) 
. lansing, )0<A., Mar ZCSept. 15. ~i 

Americans, Teddy SImondg, mgr.: CBbniiie) 
Brooklyn. SS-sSt. S. ^ " !f™»««J 

Belmi an Slunr, Jack Slnser. mgr.: (Uioliawk) 
.^eneietady. 28-30^ (Empire) Albany.: 31- 
Sept. 2. , , . 

Belles ot the Bonlevard, Fred McAleer, ~m0r;: 
(Empire) Albany, as-30; (MObawk) Schenec- 
tady, 31-Sept. 2. 

Bis Banner Sbow, Gallagher & Sbean, mgrs.: 
(Colombia) Cliieago, -28.Sept. 2. 

Big Gaiety Show: (Ccdnmbia)' N. X. O.. 28-" 
Sept. 2. . • - 

Big BeTiew, Henry ' P. ' Dixon, mgr.: daaecne) 
WIlkes-Barre; Fa.. 2Sflepta^ v^«'»tuB, 

Bohemians, AL tnbin, mgr.: (Arenne) Detroit, 

Bon Tons (Star & Garter) (Mcago, 28-Sept. 2. 

Bowery Bnrlesqnera, Sam Hnrtig, mgr.: (Stand- 
ard) Cincinnati, 2S.Sept. 2; (Colnmbla) Chi- 
cago^ 4-9. 

Broadway Gaiety Girls, Harry ShanlnL tbgr: 

(Bronx) N. Y. C 28.8ept 2. '"^ 
century Girls.. Morris Wabsto^ mgr.: (Tro 

caderol PMta., 2S^Se«t. Zi 
Cherry Blossoms, Max Annstrong, mgr. 

L(BlgUth Ave.) N. T. C. 28-8ept. 2. 
CdUege Girls: (6<^^) Omaha, Neb.. 2B- 

Sept. 1. 

Cplmnbia Bu rl esgners; (Gayety) Kansaa City. 

OMy Corner Girls, ton Watson, mgr.: (Buck- 

Ingtaam) I^nlQTllle. 28-Sept. 2. 
Cracker Jacks. Harry Leonl, mgr.: (Gayety)' 
•DettDit, 2S-Sept. 2. "^"^ ™ wv wr 
. Daily Din Oids. Sam Bice, mgr.: (Star) 
. Chicago, ZfrSept 2. ■ ^ * ^ 'i 
Snilngs ot Paris. Chas. Tkylor. mgr.: (Krng)' 

Dreamland Bndesauers, Issy Grod, mgr.: (Gay- 
etjr) Toronto. 2S-Sept. 8. 

DnckllngB. Fkank Calder. mgr.: (Cotambla) 
Scranton, 2»Sept. 2. : 

Follies of the Day. Barney GenxO. mgr.: (Boa 
Ton) Jersey City. 28.Sept. tT^ ^ * 

Gay Wl*w». rools-J. CbeiworO. mgr.: (Em- 
pire) Phlla., 28-Sept^2. • 

Ginger Girls. Geo. Bdjtla. mgr.: (Gayety) Boa- 
ton, 28-Sept. 2. 

Girls From Hcppylahd, Ton -Rmtlg, mgr.: 
(nilmore) Snr<nefleM 28-30: (Franklin So.? 
Worcester, 31-Sept. 2. " — * ' 

Girls From Missouri, rools Talbot, mgr.: tCa.- 
slno) Brooklyn, 28-Sept. 2. « » 

Girls-Ftom Boio. James Madison, mgr.: (Star) 
MUwankee. 2»Sept. 2. 

(Solden Crook: (Garden) Bnttalo, 28-8ept. 2. 

Hastings'. Harry. Smv: (Westminster) Ptorl- 
dpuee^ 28-Sept. 2. , 

Hij^fa-School Girls, Arthur Gorman, mgr.: (Bow- 
ery) N. X. c., 2S-Sept. 2. 

HoBpymoon Girls -(AL Elch , Ca.'»): (Paric) 

ysBridgeport. 3I4Sept. 2; (Ciaalna) Boston, 4- 

• 0. ^' : - • • . 

Id>:a]!>. Sam Bobinson, mgr.: (Dewey) Minne- 
apolis, 28-Sept.^ 2. 

Imperials, Sim Williams, mgr.: (Star) St. Paul. 
28-Sept. 2. 

Jardtu de Paris Girls. Burt Kendricfc. mgr. 

I Folly) Chicago. 2S-Sept. 2. 
J<-rsey IJIIes, Wm. Jennings, mgr.: (Gayetr) 

PUtslmrg. 38-Sept. 2. - 
Jolly Bachelors. Bobby Barrls, mgr.: (Academy) 

Pittsburg. 2»«B0t. 2.- - • 

Kt-ntncky -BeOexi Mike .Fentattr mgr;: (Star) 

Clevdaad. .SSrSept S; - (Apollo) Whedlng, :^ 

iLiici^t^iaf^UtM-Wue '(Gayetyr 
Baltimaie, 38-Sept. & 

I,adr Bnecaneers, Harn' M. Stroose, mgr.: 
(Standard) St. 1U>uIb, 28-Sept. 2. 

Love Makers, Dave Gnnm, ' mgr.: (Casino) 
Phlla., 28-Sept. 2. . 

Majesties, Dare Gordon, mgr.: (Gayety) In- 
dianapolis, 28-Sept. 2.- - ■ 

Merry Maidens, Edw. abater, mgr.: (Bmplie) 
Indianapolis, 2S-Sept. 2. 

Meiry Whirl, lx>uis Epstein, mgr.: (Gayety) 
St. lioais, 28-Sept. 2. 

Midnight Maidens, Wm. S. Clark, mgr.: (Gay- 
ety) Milwaukee. 28-Sept. 2. 

Miss New Xork Jr., Wm. Fensesay, mgr.: (XT'- 
cenih) Washington, 2S-Sept. 2. 

MoqUh Booge. Joe Pine, mgr.: (Apollo) Wheel- 
ing, 28-Sept. 2. 

Pacemakers. I. M. Herk, mgr.: (Empire) Chi- 
cago, 2S-Sept. 2. ' ' 

Painting the Town, Oiaa. Fall:, mgr.: (Qayety) 
Minneapolis, 2S-Sept. 2. 

Passing Parade, Hnrtig & Seunon, ngrs.: 
(Murray BiU) N. Y. a. 2ft;Sept;. 2. 

(Jneen ot Bobemia: (Oorintbian) BocheBter, 28- 
Sept. 2: - ■ , 

Queens of tbe ,F(dIes Betgere. (^onoibaa & Shan- 
non, mgrs.: (Centniy) Kansaa Ctty, 2»Sept. 
2. . 

Qneens ot the Jardln De Parts: (Empire) H(Ao- 

ken, 28-Sept. 2. 
Beeves', AL, Beauty Show: (Empire) (Heveland, 

28-Sept. 2. 

Robinson Crtisoe Girls, Ed. Davidson, mgr.: 
(Olympic) M. X. C 28-Sept. 2. 

Runaway Girls, Peter S. Clark, mgr.': (Em- 
pire) Toledo, 28-Sept. 2. > ■ . > 

Sam Oevere Show, Xioa Stark, mgr.: HanUbois. 
30; Beading, SI; Allentown, Sept. 1; Cbes- 
tir 2; (Lyceum) Wasldngton, 44. 

Social Maids: -(Waldmana's Gayety) Newark, 
28-Sept. 2. 

Star & Garter Show, Frank WeUberg, mgr.: 

- (Cteyety) Brooklyn, 28-Sept. 2. 

Star Show Girls, John T. Baker, mgr.: (How- 
ard) Boston,^^>28-Sept. 2.- 
Sy dell's, Bose, i:,ondon Belles, W. S. Campbell, 

- mgr.:. (Columbia) -St. Paul, 28-3ept. 2. 

Tari Girls. Joe Hurtig, mgr.: (Star) Brooklyn. 

28-Sept. 2. . , ; . 

Tiger IJIIes: (Monnmental) Bilfimote, 28-Sept. 


Trocaderos, Frank S. Pierce, mgr.: (Gayety) 
Washington. 28-Sept. 2. . . . ' . " 

Vanity Fair, Bowman Bros., mgrs.: (Gayety) 
LonisvlUe, - 28-Sept. 2. 

Watson's Bmrlc^ners, W. B. Watson, mgr.: 
(Soyal) Montreal, 28-Sept.. 2, 

Welch's Bnilesaners, Jack Singer, mgr.: (Hur^ 
tig & Seamen's) N. Y. C, 28-Sept. 2. 

Whin ot Mirth, PhU Panlscraft. mgr.: (Peo- 
ple's) ' Cincinnati, 28-Sept.^ 2; -(Folly) Chi- 
cago, 4-9i ; ■ . • 

White's, Pat, -Gaiety Girls, Walter Greaves, 
.mgr.: (Star) Toronto. 28-Sept.' -2, 

World of Pleasure, Geo. B. Titehett, mgr.: 
(Casino) Bostoiu 2S-Sept. 2. 

Yankee Doodle Girls, SoL Myers, mgr.: (Gay- 
ety) Albany, 28-Sept. 2. 

Zailah's O'wn Show, W. G. Cameron, mgr.: 
(I.atayette) Buffalo, 2S-Sept 2. 


Aeronant A. N. Woodward: Uonisbarg, Out., 

Cah;, '31-Sept." 1.- 
Aeronaut Walter Banb: (Oleatangy Park) OA- 

mubus, O., Indet 
Atkinson Tent Show, Tom Atkinson, mgr.: Bath, 

Mich., 31-Sept. 1; Sbaftsborg 2-3. 
Bamnm, BypnoUst, B. G. Bamom, mgr.: She- 

tipygail. Wis., 30-Sept 3: Oshkosh, 4-9. 
Bamom, Frot. J. H.. Magician and Tentrtlo- 
qnlst: Bldgtoo. G,. 2S-Scvt. 2; Snlphar 
Spdngs 4-S. 
Bennett's, BlUy, Show: Mllaca, Minn., Ang. 31, 
- Indet. 

(Monial Girls Musical Show, J. H. I/>retta, 
mgr.: Cairo, DL, 28-Sept. 2; St. Louis, Mo., 
-4-Oct. 16. 

Diving Girls No. 1, Harry Six, owner; ix. 

Harry Six. mgr.: (Ontario Beach Park) Char- 
. lotte, N. Y.. Indet. 

Diving Girls Ne. 2-, Barry -Six. owner; Bert 
Boward, mgr.: (Fair Grounds) Three Blvers, 
Out., Can.. 29-Sept. 2; (Fair Grounds) Ottawa 

Diving, Girls No. 3. Bany Six. owner: Al Hoi- 
fiteln. mgr.: (Fair Gnnmds) Sandy Hlfl, N. 
Y. 29-Sept. 2: (Fair Gronnda) Satland. Yt.. 


Goldman-Anslet VaodavIIle Shows, imder can- 
vas: Texarkana, Tex., 28-Sept 2. 
Granpner & Sons Shows: CurryriUe. Mo., 80^; 

Ashley Sept 1; New Hartford 2. 
Herbert-GIIpin Shows, Ed. S. GUpIn, mgr.: 

Bobinson, HL, 28-Sept 2. 
Jones', J. D., Biding Devices and Concessions: 
Fond dn Lac, Wis., 2S-Sept 2: JetCerson 4-s. 
Keystone Shows, Dock ft Bnssell, mgrs.: Port 
Boyal, Vtu. 30; Index 81; Colonial Beach Sept 
1; Oak Grove 2; Montross 4; Hague 5; Einsale 
6: Lottsbnrg 7; Heattasville 8; Beedville 9. 
Klels BypnoUc Co.t Superior, Neb., 28-31. 
Mack's HypnoUc Comedy Co., J. E, Hack, mgr.: 
Itarand. Wis., 28-30; Arcadia 31-S(^ 2; 
l.anca8ter- 4-0. 
Mnano Dante's Interne Co.. Moving Pictures, 
No. 1. Wm. J. Evans, mgr.: Waablngtoo. D. 
C, 28-8ept. 2. 
Milano Dante's Inferno Co., Ho. 2, 8. Ik Wan». 

^gr.: Montreal, Can.', 21-Sept 2. 

Mnano Dante's Inferno Co.. No. 8, Jas. F. Sul- 
livan, mgr.: Chicago, ni., Ang. 26. Indef. 
Milano Dante's Interne Co., No. 4, Barry Scott, 

mgr.: St Louis, Mo., Ang. 26, indet. 
Milano Dante's Inferno Co., No. 5, Barry B, 
Beynolds. mgr.: Brooklyn. N. Y., 2S-Sept 2. 
Milano Dante's Inferno (Wells* Am. Co.. A): 

Norfolk, Ya., 28-Sept 2. 
}Ii1ann Dante's Interna (Wells' Am. Co., B): 

Nashville, Tens., 28-Sept 2. 
Milano Dante's Inferno Co. (Felghery & Place 
Am., Co.), Arthur Felgbery, mgr.: Providence. 
K. I.. 28-Sept 2. 
Mysterious Smith Co., Albert P. Smith, mgr.t 
• Marengo, la.. SOtSl. 

Mo-row Bros.' Dog & Pony Show: Steele City.- 
-^'o.. 30: Rnllenbenc. Kan.. 31; Lanham, Neb., 
Sffit 1: Odell 2; Ellis 4: Plymouth 5. 
Powers. Byunotlst: Amarlllo, Tex., 28-Sept 2. 
Raymond. The Great: Tmits, Africa, Sept 18-23; 
Valetta. Malta. 25-30; Alexandria. Eeypt..' 
Oct 4-7: Cairo 8-11: Port Said 12-14: Mecca., 
Arabia 16-18; Bombay, India 28. Indef. 
InsBlan Prince. «. W. Lester Wlllard. bus. 
mgr.: HcmeU, N. T., 28-Sept. 2; Hartford. 
Conn.. 4-0. 

Starrott'B, Howard S:, Shows: Norwich, N. Y... 
28-Sent 2. 

That Gtrl Zenolt: Bozeman, Mont. 27;8est- 2: 


Fla., Ang. 21-Sept 30, 


Academy ot Unslc Stock Co., Wm. Fos,.mgc,: 

M. X. C, Ang. 20, indet. 
Adam Good Stock Co., Monte Thompson, mgr.: 

Gloucester, Mass., May 28, Indef, 
Albce Stock Co,, Bdw. F. Albee, mgr.: PtOTl- 

dence, B. I., May 1, indef. 
Alcazar Stock Co., Belasco & Mayer, mgra.: 

San Francisco, CaL, Ang. 29, Indet 
Alhambra Stock Co., Boche * Marvin, mgrs.: 

Chicago, 111., July 24. indet. 
Andltoiinm Stock Co., Wm. Stoermer, mgr.: 

-Los Angeles, Cal., July .10, Indet 
Alman, Daidel, Co., E. C. Eger, mgr.: Camera- 
town. N. Y., 2S-Sept 2: MUford 4-8. 
Alton Players, W. E. LaBoae, mgr.: Emi>otIa, 

Kan.,^ 2S-Sept. 2. 
Baker, Lee, Stock Co,: Minneapolis, Minn., 

Feb. 26. indet 
Belasco & Stone Stock Co., Belasco It Stone, 

mgrs.: Los Aneeles, Cel.. *ivll ^f . 
Bishop's Players, W. H. Bishop, mgr.: . Oak- 
land, CaL, Indet 
Bonstelle, Jessie, Stock Co.: Detroit Web., 

July 17, Indet 
Bucldey, Lonlse, Stock Co., Barry Hamilton, 

mgr.: Detroit, Mich., indef. 
Burbank Stock Co., Oliver Morosco, mgr.; Los 

Angeles, Cal., Indef. 
Boston Comedy Co., H. Price Webber, mgr.: 

Waterville, Me., 28-Sept. 2: Colnmbla Falls 


Cape Stock Co., B. T. Phelan, mgr.: Peaks Is- 

landi: Me.. June 24. indef. 
Casino Stock Co.: Hulyoke,' Mass., Uay 30- 

Sept 4. 

(Seveland" Players: (aeveland, O.f Ang. 21, In- 

Colonial Stock Co.. Tnlly Uarstaall. mgr.; Cleve- 
land, O., July 3,. indet 

Columbia Players, Frederick G. Berger, mgr.: 
Washington, D. C, April 17-Sept ,9. 

Craig, John, Stock Co.: Boston, Mass., Sept. 

I, Indet 

Chase-Lister Co., Glenn F.- Cliaae, mgr.: Bock 
. Kapids, la.. 38-Sept 2; ,IndIanoIa 4-B. 
(Tnlfaane's Comedians, WBl £. CuUiane, mgr.: 

Iowa City, la., 28-S^t Jt - ■ "* 

Davis Stock Co.. Barry. Davis, mgr.: Httsbnrg, 

Pa., Sept. 5, Indet. ■ 
Dominion Stock Co.: 'Winnipeg, Can., Ang. 28, 


DeArmdnd Sisters Co., George E. Dawson, mgr.; 
Excelsior Springs, Mo., 27-Sept 2; Jefferson 
City 3-9. 

DeToss, Flora, Co., J. B. Botnonr, mgr.: Nellls- 
vlUe, Wis., 23-Sept 2; Strawberry Point la., 

Detroit Stock Co., Jed Carlton, mir.: Waxa- 

hachle, Tex., 28-Sept 2. 
Elitcb Garden Stock Co,: Denver, Caio., June 

II, Indef. 

Earle Stock COt, L. A. Earle, mgr:: PorUand, 

Ind., 2S-Sept, 2. - 
Falrvlew Players, Hany A. March, mgr.: 

Dayton, O., May 28-Sept 4. . . - , 
Forbes Stock Co.. Gus A. Forbes, mgr.: Duluth, 

Minn.. Jone 27-Sept 2. - 
Famnm, Walter. Stock Co.: Walla Walla. 

Wash., July 81. 
Friendly, Dan, Stock Co.: Petoskey, Mich., io- 


Grew, Wm., Stock Co.: Houston, Tex.. June 24. 
Indet. . 

Gillespie. Arttrar. Players: Beloit, Wis,. 2S- 
Sept 2; Princeton, 111., 4-9. 

Great Western Stock C^., Frank B. Date, mgr.: 
Hot Springs, Ark., 28-Sept 2. 

Hall, Lonis Leon, Stock Co.: Trenton, N. J., 
May 8, indet. 

Harvey Stock Co., J. S. OaraIde« mgr.: Dn- 
bnqne, la., Apr. 0, indef. 

Elolden Stock Co., H. M. Holden. mgr.: Wash- 
ington. D. C. Aug. 28, Indet . 

Hudson Stock Co.: Union Bill, N. J., May 1. 

Hale Stock Co.. Jess Hale, mgr.: Vond dn 
Lac, Wis.. 28-Sept 2. • 

Hall, Don C, Bcpertoire (Jo.: Gary, Ind.. 28- 
Sept. 2. 

Hayes, Lucy, & Associate Players, Lucy M. 

Hayes, mgr.: Pattonsbnrg, Mo., 28-Sept. 2. 
Himmelein Associate Players. Ira B. Barle, bus. 

mgr.: Jackson, Mich., 28-Sept 10. - 
Himmelein Imperial Stock Co., A. B. GrayblU, 

bus. mgr.: 'Wapakoaeta..O., 28-Sept 2; Uma, 


BiUman's Ideal Stock Co., W. P. HUlman, ingr.: 
Waterriile, Kan., 28-30; Frankfort 31-8ept 

Keene, Lorraine, & Associate Players, Kerr 
Amuse. Co., mgrs.: Falla City, Neb., 14- 
Sept 22. . 

Keith Stock Co., James B. Moore, mgr.: Fort- 
land, Me., indet 

KeUerd, John H.. Stock Co.: H. Y. C, Ang. 21, 

Kclley, Jewell, Stock Co.: Atlanta, Ga., June 
26, Indet. 

King stock C!o., Harry D. King, mgr.; New 
Bedford, Mass., July Sl-Sept 2; Watertown, 
N. Y., '4-9. 

Knickerbocker Stock Co.. Eugene J.' Murphy, 

mgr,: California, Mo., 28-Sept 2; Spring 

HUl, Kan., 4-9. 
Lakevlew Stock CO.: Lowell, Mass., Indef. 
Lincoln Park, Stock Co., Barry D^ King, mgr.: 

New Bedford, Mass., June 26, Indef, 
Lonergan, Lester, Stock Co.: New Bedford, 

Mass., Aug. 14, Indet. 
iTtell-Vanghan Stock Co.. Bert Irtell. mgr.: 

Albany, N. Y„ March 20, Indet 
Lewis-Oliver Players, Otis Oliver, mgr.: De- 

Pere, Wis., 27-SeDt 2. . 
Lewis Stock Co.. W. F. Lewis, mgr.:' Aurora, 

Neb., 28-Sept 2, ... 
Lockes, Tbe. Will B. Locke, nigr.; Sheridan, 

Wyo., 28 Sept. 2. ' . 

Lockes, The, Gny Browne, mgr.': Stuart la'., 

30-31: Barlham Sept 1-2. 
Mack, Wlllard, Stock Co.: 'Vaneonver, B, d.. 

Can., July 3-Sept 16. 
Majestic Stock Co., N. Appell, mgr.: Otlca, 

N. Y., May 1, Indet. : 
Marlowe Stock Co.: Chicago, III.. Ang. . 28, 


Millbrook Stock Co., Arthur Berthdct, mgr.: 
Portsmouth, O., May 30, Indef, 

Maher Stock Co,,. Ptall Maher, mgr.: Cape Tin- 
cent N. Y., 28-Sept 2, 

Morey Stock Co. (LeComte ds Flesher's North- 
ern), F. A. Murphy, mgr.: Monticello, la., 
28-Sept 2; Waterloo 4-9. 

Morey Stock Co. (LeC%>mte ft Fleshner's Sonth- 
em). B. G. BIcks, mgr.: Eureka. Kan., 28- 
Sept 2; Clay Onter 4-9. 

Mnrray-Mackey Co., Joo. J. Moiray, mgra.: 
Warren, O., 21.Sept' 2; Beaver Falls, -Pa;, 
4-9. ■ .. ■' ' ..;•;' 

Mmiiby. Engene J., .titock CJO..' S. O. Francis, 
mgr.: lola. Kan.,'27-8i!^:-'%. ,,' ' ^' 

North Bros.' Stock Co., Frank'l Natlig "mgr.: 
Oklahoma Cltr, Okla,, Sept 18, ladaf. 

Neff ft Pennington Comedy Oo,i OuaiGana, Tex 
27-Sept 2, ■• 

Nestell's Associate Playersi B. B; ResteU. 
mgr,: Ionia, Ulcb:. d-Bept 2; Lbdlagtoali: 

NIckerson Bros.* Stock Co., Ohaa.' A. MocrtIL 
mgr,: Sedalla, Mo., 27-Sept' 2, ' ' 

Orpbeum Players,' Grant Laterty, nwr:: PhUa.. 

Obrecht Stock Co.: LaCrosse, Wia,. indet 
Payton, Corse, Stock (30... Corse Paytoa,- nw.: 

Newalck. H. Ji, May l«ept 3L — • "» • 
PoU Stock Co.: Bridgepott. Ooui.. Ifaqr IB, la. 

def. • ■ • 

PoU Stock Co;t Hartford, ttma., Uay 22, i*. 

det ' • 

Poll Stock Co.: Ueridea. Cona.. May 1, Indet 
PoU Stock Co.: Scranton, Pa„ Nor. 21, indet 
Poll Stock Co.: Springfield, Mass., May 8, la, 


PoU stock Co.: Waterbury, Coon., Uay 8, la- 

Poll Stock C!o.: Wwcester. Mass., May I, Indat, 
Princess Stock Co,: Des Moines, la., Ang. 27, 

Pringle Stock Co.: Seattle, Wash., Indef, 
Proctor Stock Co,: Newark, N. J., July 17, In- 

Blvervlew Stock Co.t Lonisville, Kr>i Jidj U, 


Royal Stock Co., I*. O. Flgg, mgr.: Pulaski, 
Va., 28-Sept 2. 

Sandusky Stockdale Stock Co.: Seattle, Wash., 
Aug. 6, Indet. 

Spooner, Cecil, Stock Co.. Blaney-Spooner Co., 
mgrs.: N. Y. a. Ang. 6, indet. 

Sterling Stock Co.. Sterling ft WQsoB. mgis.: 
Grlmslir Beach, Ont, Can.. June 28-Sept. 2. 

Stoddard Stock Co., W, L, Stewart mgr,: Lon- 
don, Ont, Can., May 24, Indet. 

Stubbs-Wilson Players: (Olentangy Park) Col- 
umbus, O., May 29, Indet. 

Suburban Stock Co., Oppcnhelmer Bros., mgrs.: 
St. Louis, Mo., May- 14, Indet. 

St. Claire, Wiidfred, Co.,, Earl D. Slpe, mgr.: 
CrawfordsvUle. Ind,. 28-Sept 2: Anderson 4-8. 

Taylor, Harry W.. Stock C:».:"Tatlhton, Mass., 
Ang. 19, Indet 

Turner, Clara, Players, W. F. Barry, mgr.: 
wmiamsport Pa., May 29, Indet, . 

Tempest Stock Co., J. L. Tempest, mgr.: (Wood- 
land Park) Ashland, Pa., Indet. 

rale, Travers. Stock Co.z Hoboken. N, J., 
Aug. 14, Indet. 

Vance, Wm., Stock Co... Bob;rt Blayloclt. mgr.: 
Dea Moines, la.. Joir "B, indet. 

ran Dyke & Baton Co., F. Mack, mgr.: Elk- 
hart, Ind., Indef. 

West End Stock Co., M. Wallace, mgr.: SL 
Lonls, Mo., May 28, Indef. 

Woodward Stock Co., O. D. Woodward,' mgr.: 
Omaha, Neb., Ang. *28,. indet. 

Wheeler Sisters Stodt Co., Ion' Carroll, mgr.: 

. HnnUngton, W. . Ta;, 2S«pt 2; StatersvtUa 

Wlgb't Theatre Co.!' Billiard Wight, mgfc: 
Manchester, le., 28-8ept 2; ■ aatlon .4-8; 
(3arksvllle 9. ' 


Arab, Tbe, Henry B. Harris, mgr.: Buffalo, 
N. y., 28-30;- Bocbester 31-Sept 2; Phlla.. 
Pa.. 4. Indef. 

At the Old Cross Boads, Arthur C. Alston, 
mgr.: Lewiston. Me., 28-30; PorUand .31- 

' Sept. 2. „ „ _. 

Allen. Billy, Musical Comedy Go., W. H. Haid* 
er, mgr.: Zanesvllle, 0.. 28-Sept 2, 

Alias Jimmy Valentine, Liebler ft Co., mgrs,i 
(telnnibns, O., 28-Sept 2. 

Across the Paeifle, Barry Clay Blaney, mgr.: 
Providence, B. I., 28-Sept 2. „ . 

Abom Comie Opera Co., MUton ft Sargent 
Abom. mgrs.: Newark, N. J., June B, In- 
det . „ . 

Abom Comic Opera Co., MUton . ft Sargent 
Abom, mgrs.: Palisades Park, N. J.. June 
12, Indef. _ , „.__. 

Alhambra Musical Comedy Co.. Bany U Ston^ 
mgr.: Astoria, Ore., Aug. 0-8ept^._^ 

Armstrong Unsieal ComeAr Oq_,l!l«ard Aim- 
strong, mgr.: Los ABgeles, CsL. Jnljr B, i>- 

BUly,' The Shuberts, mgrs.: Omaha. Neb., 3-8: 

Topeka, Kan., 7; St Joseph, Mo., 8-9. 
Brewster's MlUlons (Al. BIch Prodnrtlon Oj-'s). 

L. A. Nelms, mgr.: Bocbester, N. T.. 28^: 

!«yraciise 31-Sept. 2: Youngstowii,_0., 4-0; 

Stcnbenvllle 6; Wheeling, W. 'Va., 7-0. 
Barrier. The. Maurice Batbam, mgr.: Saeia- 

mento. Cat, 30-31; Grass Valley Sept. l; 

Nevada City 2: Beno. Nev., 3-4; V rglnls 

City S; Carson 6: Winnemneea 7; Elko 8. 

Ogden, Dtab, B. 
Beverly of GranaUrk (Bartera). A. G. Delamat- 

er, . mgr.: Bristol, Tcnn., 30: Johnson City 

31; Morrlstown Sept. 1; Annlston. Ala., 2; 

Birmingham 4-S. 
Beverly ot Grauatark (Soothera), A. G. 

mater, mw.: Kingston, N. Y,, 4; SangertiM 

S; Cstaklll 6: FlsbklU 7; HsTeisttaw 8; 

So. Norwalk, Conn,, 9. ^ 
Bars ft Norwortb, In LItUe Miss FU-It Werta 

ft Leoscher Co., mgis.: Cincinnati, O., 8-ls. 
Baby Mine (Eastern). Wm. A. Brady, Ltd., 

mgrs.: St John, N. B., Can., 28-80: Ftcd- 

erlckton 81: Woodstock Sept. 1; Presqn* 

Isle, Me., 2; Bonlton i; Sherbrooke, vat.. 

Can., 6-7: Ottawa. Ont.. 8-0. _ , .. . 

Black Patti Musical Cbmedy Co.. R. Voeickel, 

mgr.; Cincinnati. 0., 2T-Bept 2:- MaysvlUe, 

Ky., 4: Paris B; Winchester «; Frankfort T; 

Lexington 8; Georgetown 9. 
Bernard, Sam, in He Came from Milwaukee. 

Tbe Shuberts. mgrs.: N. Y. C, 21-Sept. 2. 
Browne, Botbwell, Ben Sanger, mgr.: Phils., 

Pa.. 21-8ept 2. . , 

Bright Eyes, Jos. M. Galtea, mgr.: St Paul, 

Minn., 27-Sept. 2. _ 
Barriers Burned Away, aaBkell-UaeVltty-C8^ 

penter. mgrs.: Portage, Wis., 31, 
Buster Brown, Buster Brown Am, Co., props.) 

Allentown. Pa., 4; Lehlgbton B: Lanetord S: 

Danville 7; Bloomsburg 8; WIIkes-Barre 8. 
Brian, Donald, In The Siren, <3bas. Ftobmas, 

mgr.: N. Y, 0„ Aug, 28, Indet _ 
Breese, Edmund, In A Han of Honor, Jos. 

Weber, mgr.: N. Y. C, Ang. 21. Indet 
Country Boy (A), Benry B. Hsrrls, . mgr.: 

Johnstown. Pa., 31-Sept. 1; Altoona K 

Brooklyn. N. Y., 4-9. 
Country Boy (B). Henry B. Harris, mgr.: im 

Moines, ia., 28-8ept. 2: Kansas City, iio^ 

3-6; St Joseph 7; Omaha. Neb., 8-0- 
Commnters. The, Benry B. Barrls, ngc: Mr 

bnry Park, N. J., ^ 81: Altoona. Pa,, Si-irt. 

1: Johnstown 2; Pittsburg 4-9. ' 
Clifford, Billy 8. In the Oiri, 'Ox Man ainl 

Ihe Game, Bob.LeBoy, mgr.: Peoria. UL. 2i- 

30; Springflidd -31-Sept* 2;> Davenport, I>.> 

8: Des Uotnes 4-«i Omitau IMiA.i-Si 9t<x* 

City, bb, tri. 


T ii e J3 f 1 1 1» o a r d 


"iu,",l Mauley. »Kr.:_<>yiM«.„ JMIdi. " ■ 

A!i>;'!i.i"s55t''l; "Siglnaw 2; FItot 8; Port 

MhCSiII. mgr.: Marinette, WI».. 30; Bhlne- 
J:Sd'r Sir^tteo Sept. 1: M««li»eld 2; 
araud E.W»: Point 4; MewUI B; 

Bi."v..r Dam e^ Neenaih 7; Sheboygan 6; Ap- 

*ierlir <0. K. Wee's Eastern), Chaa- 
% lir^lt" mgr.: Brandon. Vt.. 30; Green- 
"u-\i. S. v.. :tl: Johnstown Sept. 1; Glov««- 

andbars- 31: nenalon Sept. 1; Blind Blver 
STsault Ste. Marie. Mich.. 4; SewberryS. 

fionVk'fs DauEhter. Ed. Andenon. mgr.: Chl- 
Mco ni.. 27-aept. 2. 

Osvboy and the Tklet: Waahlngton. D. C, 

fliMi«v.'"ilie'. Jos. M. Wi-Ucr, fflgr.: Pongbkeep- 

ni*- \ Y X» 
cnuiav. Thel Job. M. Weber, logr.: Charleston, 

S (* 1. 

Carit->n' Oliera Co.: itiiffalo. K. r., Indef. 
CiDMiiHii. Henrietta, la The Beal TUdb, Mao- 
rii'.' (^iiapboH, mgr.: N. 7. C, Aug. 10, in- 


Dopt l.ii- to Tour Wife, with Dave Irewig, 
Rou'Iaiid & Clifford, nigra.: - Chicago, III.. 


Drlfitvuud. LefBcr-BrattOD Co., props.: Bleb- 

BWiHl. Va.. 28-Sept. 2; Norfolk 4-». 
Bliiuxt'. Julian, In the Fascinating Widow. 

A. U. Wood;>, mgr.: Atlantic City, K. J.. 2«- 

Sept. 2. . - - , 

Paige. Sanford, R. A. Johnson, mgr.; Bapld 

City. 8. p.. 30; Plerrf 31; Bnron Sept. 2; 
■ Jlacllaon 4: PsU Bapids S; Pipestone, Uinn.. 6. 
Ddner'x' Mnslcal Comedy Co.. Geo. 1.. Barton, 

mgr.: TlnaXm Barhor. Mich.. Indef. 
Dn-p Purple, UeblfF ft Co., mgrs,: Chicago, 

III., Aug. 2«, Indef. 

Drfw. John, la A Single Man. Cbaa. f^obmao, 

nsr.: N. Y. C. Sept. 4. Indef. . 
IVIaiar Musical, Oomedy Co.: St. t«ntei Mo.. 

Hay as. indef. i 
ErerjrwoniBD (Bastem).- Henry W. Savage, 

mgr.: N. T. C, Sept. 4. Indef. 
Bti and Jaae, Harry Green, mgr.; Vandalla. 

Mil., .'io- Folton 3t; Colombia Sept. I: Stnr- 

reon 2; Vcnalllri 4; Windsor 9; IJees Sommlt 

A ■ ■ ■ . . r-' 

KtniM> Me (Eastern) Henrr W. Sayage, mgr.: 

BoMiin. MaMt., Aug. 28. InBet. 
Ginise Me (We»tem) Henry W. Savage, mgr.: 

S. V. C. Ang. 14. indef 
nirtine Princes*. Mort H. Singer, mgr.: Slonx 

rit.T la.. SO: Omaha. Xeb.. 31-Sept. 1: 

nteyenne. Wya. 2: Denver. Cbl.. 3-0. 
Fairbanks.' Dooglas. Wm. A. Brady, mgr.: X. 

T. C Aug. 24. Indet. 
rantaama, Bdwln Wuner, mgr.: laonlarine; Ky., 

a*-Sept. 2. 

nover of the Bandi: TaneooTcr, B.C; Can.. 

«-Sept. 2. 

Tollies of 19U. F. Zlegfttld, mgr.: N. T. C, 

lane 26 Sept. 2. 
Famani. Dostln ft Wm., In The Uttlest Bebel, 

A R. Woods, mgr.: Chicago, m., Sept. 

I. Ind.f. 

Granstark (Rastern). Baker ft Castle, mvrs.: 
Chicago, in,, 2T-Sept. 2; Milwaukee, Wis., 

efinstark (Soatliem>. Baker ft Castle, mgrs.: 
Sonth Bethlehem, Pa.. 4: Boooton. N. J.. B; 
Freehold 6; Lakswsod 7; Tiodaaa 8; Salem 


Cooae Girl. Baker ft CSstle. mgia.: Buffalo. X. 
T., 28-Sept. 2: aeveland. O.. 4-9. 

CM and the Tramp (A). Tom Wilson, mgr.: 
Calroi W. Va-. 30: Pennsboro 31; West Un- 
ion Sept. 1; KIngwood 2. 

GW and the Tramp (B1, Bert Benee. mgr.: La- 
Mar. Mo.. SO: Ft. Scott. Kan.. 31; Coffey- 
Tllle Sppt. l: VInlta. Okla.. 2. 

Girl and the Tramp (C). Fred A. Byers. mgr.: 
Bdeerton. Wis.. 30; Stoagbton SI: Portage 
Sept. u Waterloo 2: Watertowa 3: Berlin 
4: Beaver Dam 5: Wanpnn 0: Wlnncconne T: 
Neenah 8: OKbkosb O. 

«rt of the Mountains (O E. Wee's>. Harry 
Myers, mgr.: Ashland. Me., 30: Mllltnoeket 
31: Banrnr Sept. 2. 

CW from Rector's. Max Plohn. mgr.: Charies- 
ton. .s. c. 4: Savannah. Ga.; 8; Macon 6: 
.tnjtnsta 7:. Athem 8: Atanta ». ' ' 

i'.'S"''"'^-^' ^- Garyn, mgr.: Tarohto. 
t-an.. 2i-Sept. 2. 

Girt In th.. T«Tl. A. H. woods, mgr.: Boston. 
Mass., Aog. 21-Sept. 2. 

blrl and tho Tranin (T>). E. C. B««liwell. mgr.: 
Binffton. Ind.. 30: Union City 81; Cellna. O., 
»cpt. 1: Snrlnnflpld 2: Kanesvllle 4: Caml>ridi:e 
?ne. w vS" n" 8; Wheel- 

Get-nirh OnlCk' Walllneford, Cohan ft Harris. 
Wl" "' C.. Sept. I», 1810-Sept. 23, 

Walllnirford, Cohan * Harris, 
♦■sent,. 2. 

V } My I>>*«ms. Jos. M. Gattes, mgr.: N. 
aJ-y- Aug. T, Indef. 

"""Ikf '"."'•t rr. Slmrer'til. Otto Cloves. 
V. k .^'ckWHTlIIe. in.. ,10: Hsnnlhsl. Mo., 

''■K?;ii""''>,.r -o„®*P'- J: St Joseph. Mo.. 
-. Kansas City 3-8. 

??• s,,,.™';" Wsosan. Wis.. 30: Menominee 

wimi.^i'""«'- ^!?°- 1: St- Clond 2: 

n 7 "S^L.^'*"" C«n.. 4.«: Grand Porks, N. 

"-. 7. Onokston. Minn.. 8; Fargo. N. D. ». 
Hnrtmnn. PerrlSi Onera Co.. C. V. Kavnnaeh, 

msr.: Henvef. Col., 2T.8enl, 2: Clieyenne, 
n™S" ■ 1; J'«"n"<' ■«! Rock Springs 5. 

•''••hoolmaster. J. D. Stanton, mitr. 

iniliapnpoiis Iml.. 28-30; Dayton, O., 31- 
n.."^,.-' N«»»>Tllle. Tenn., 4-0. 
"«n» riiiiiMn Co.. T»nlB Bels, mgr.: Wlllmar. 
i t: I-ltfh(l<-ld 2: W. Cloud 4; TJttle 

™i» s: Wadena 0: Detroit 7; Fergns Falls 8. 
Hoffman. Gortrudo. Oest ft Oorastock, mgrs.. 
mill \ ^ • 

timiarrt Iioliert. In A Fool There Was, Klaw Atlantic City, N. J., 28-. 

"Z,V.?' - n""" OM Billy. A. G. Dela- 
n™ p!^i ""2i.= Cf^KO. III.. June 28-Sept. 11. 

In J»" Indef. 

K»lS W-Sept a. 


'Jil' J;:?" M-.-rAW. m-r.: n,]. 

"IiaBilMrdI Gcand .qpeta Cq„ iChas. R. Baker, 
' mgi:^: OaUand. CaJ,, iadeC 
Iiewln -ft'I^ke'Mnatcal Comedy <C0. Xo 2: Van- 

conver; B. .Can,, indef. ' 
Iionlslana Loa. I^aSalle Theiuse Co., mgn.: 

Milwaukee, Waa., ZlS^t. 
Miss Nobody from Starland (Mort S. Singer's), 

Cbas. Donoghne, mgr.: Vanooaver. B. C, 

Can., 28-.10; Victoria 31; Bellhijlbam, Wash,. 

Sept. 1; Taeonm S; Seattle 3-6; Aberdeen T: 

.Portland. Ore.. S-IS. .( 
MacDsnald. Cbrlatle. In tbe Spr&Dg 'Mald. Wer- 

ha ft Iieuscher. mgrs.: V. Y. C, Ang. 14-^k>pt. 

Madame Sherry (Special). Woods,' 9rasee'^.ft 
. Lederer. mgrs.: N. ST. C 2-18. 

Madame Sherry (A), Woods, Frazee<ft Led- 
erer, mgrs.: Port Huron. Mich., 1; Sontb 
Bend, lad.. 2;- Milwaukee. Wis., 3-9. 

Madame Sherry (B). Woods. Frasee ft Led- 
erer, Bgn.: Norfolk, Va., 4-8; Rlckmond 
T-ft. • € 

Madame Sbeny (C). Wood*. Fraxe* ft Lederer, 
mgrs.: Aabnry Park. X. J., 1-2; Atlaatle 
City 4-9. . 

Madame Sbvrry (D). Woods, Frazee * Lederer, 
mgm.; Danbury. Conn.. 1: Saratoga. N. Y.. 
2: GlotrersvIUe 4; Amsterdam S: Oswego 6: 
Penn Yan 7; Corning 8; Cortland O. 

Melville, Boce, Jn Sis Hopkins, J. II. .SHrllo'j. 
mgr.: Cassopolis,' Mich., 7; LaPorte. Ind.. 
8: Dowaglac. Mlcii.j 9. 

Missouri Girl (Eastern. Norton ft FarreU's), 
Frank F. Farrell, mgr.: Washington, D. C, 
2S-Sept. 2; Pottsvllle. Pa.. 4; Mt. Carmel 5; 
Wllllamstown 6; Lykens 7; Cattlmlssa 8: 
Berwick 9. ■ 

Missouri GIri (Central. Merie H. Norton's). 
Geo. E. Jones, mgr.: Sac City, la., I; Slou.\ 
Clt.v- 2; Sioui Falls, i D., 3i_Chero!a:e, U:. 
4; Onawa 5: Shenandoah 6; Clear'Held 7;' VII- 
Usra 8; Corning 9. 

Missouri Girl (Western. Norion ft Rlth's). Jo* 
BIth. mgr.: Hamilton. Mont.. I: Wallace, 
Ida.',' 2: Spokane, Wash.. 3-4; Lewlston. Ida.. 
a: Gen<<«pe 0; Ci^fax, Wash,, 7; Palonsa 8; 
Pomeroy , - ' ■ 

Mclntyre, Frank, In Snobs. Henry B. Harris, 
mgr.:- -Syracnse. ' If, Y.. 38-31; pt|c« Sept. 
1-2: X. y. C 4. Indef. ' -- ■ - . 

.Hlldrea and Boaclere, Harry Sonelere mgr.: 
New Glasgow, Cin."; 51: Sydney, C. B. Sept 
1-2; Glace Bay 4; Sydney Mines' 5: Anttgo- 
nish 7: PIcton 8; Charlottestewn, P. E. I., 

Mother, Wm. A. Brady, Ltd., mgrs.: Boston. 
Mass., Aug. SS, Indef. 



(Omtinned from page 3.) 


Twelve Mile Bace For Biplanes — Won by 
Eugene El.v in Cnrtiss. Time: 13.17. 

Twelve Mile Open Bace — Won by Earle L. 
Ovington in Bleriot monoplaiie. Time: 12.48. 

Bomb Throwing — Won by John J. ■ Friifble In 
Frtsble biplane. Distance from center of bnH's 
eye. 3 feet, 9 inches. 

Altitude — ^Won by Lincoln Beacbey in <}nrtlss 
biplane. Height, 11.012 feet: world's record. 

Dally Dnratlon — Won by C. P. Bogerg In 
Wright biplane. Time: S hours, 30 minutes. 

Tbe total price money mm by tbe aviators 

Thomas Sopwith (Bleriot, Wright) ....»13.12^ 

Lincoln Beachey (Cnrtiss) 10.623 

C. P. Bodgers (Wright) 9.980 

G. W. Beatty (Wright) .... 5.SO0 

Earle Ovington (Bleriot, Cnrtiss) .. S.SOn 

A. L. Welsh (Wright) 4.9SI 

Bene Simon (Molsant) ;.. 4,282 

Eugene Ely (Cnrtissl 3.79:1 

Philip Parmalee ' (Wright) 3.701 

James Ward (Cnrtiss) , 2.900 

O.' A. Brindley (Wright) .. . .... 2.500 

J. A. D. Mct^jrdy (McCnrdy) 1,900 

Howard Gill (Wright) 1,830 

John J. Frlsble (Curtlss) l,40o 

lee Hammond (Baldwin) ' !ir<n 

George Mestach (Morane) 4S0 

J. C. Tnrpln (Wrlghtl .... -iSO 

Paul W. Peck (Curtlss) -too 

J. V. Martin (Grafaame-Wbite) 230 

Frank T. 0>ltyn (Wright) ; ISO 

Andrew Drew (Wright) tno 


it you want a pla^e that Is certainly' gn-at; 

There la In the market btft one; 
The name Is UNITED: yon will be delighted 
To find all yout tronblea are gone. 

7Se fEB 100 
No. 6 ImproviMl 
Wonderful Fer. 
roi.\-pe Machine. 
$S.<10; Telo-Cam 
era-Scope, latest 
moilel Automatic 
Bntton Machine, 
$10.1X1: Xo. 7 
Improved Won- 
derful Ferrotype 
Machine, takvs 
all standard ''Iz- 
08 of plates, in- 
cltHlinir Buttons 
or 2V.!t3V4 re- 
versible, hcst for 
general ptvffs- 
slonal work od1.v. 
tl3.50: Mounts. 
1i5c per lOO; 
Postcards, a s - 
•orted, 2jc per 
100: B n * ton 
Plates for Sleeve 
Machine.-!, BOc 
per 100: Devel- 
oper. 15c per 
set. Write for complete price list and free 
Selancey St., New York. SOtrrnERN TR.MIE 
BRANCH. 1120 S. Halated St.. Chicago. HI. 



5-^— <3ood_ ^ging and 'talking comeilian, Irish. 
rrA,."'H..'"?*'» I""* on and both work acts; 
NINA— Pianist, good faker and fair reader. We 
have some sketches. Would .ike to hear from 
party with plctnse machine to double, playing 
tuiks": know sood territory. Med. shows 
write. SAM COPBLAND, Northboro (Page C!o.). 

WILD WEST— Wanted Cowboys. Indians, Lady 
Riders, Rifle Shot, at once. Answer quick. 
B. C. CARLISLE. No. 27 Lawrence Street, ano 
W. 127th Street, N. Y. City. 


For Wen Show. R. J. REID. Flora (Ind.) Car- 
nival, week of August 28. 

SLOT KAOHINXS— If you don't buy from its 
we both lose .fiqncy. Send tor JUt of slightly 
o*ed maclitnes. McQUSSBB, 210 X. St.. 
PhUadeIolMa>rP«.<' t^:° - ~ . - 

'-' '■ wv^'ie^AC 


E.x'pericnce.Rfpe'ioire, Musioul Coinedv 
and Pictures. "BESS" WHITNTEY, No. 
125 DuBois St., Vincenncti, fnri. 


A-1 Billposting Agent 

(One-nlght or Sep.); can double stage for Bep. 
Shows. Have some good scripts; ten years' 
experience. Reliable mamcen write or wire 

Snick. CLAIR R. BBEWBB, 12J2 Jfortb Oak 
t., Muscatine. Iowa. 

Kennedy & BoogeLlels : 
. Circus and Wild West 

WANTS — Performers doing two or more acts. 
Baritone, Tnba, Trombone. Trap Drummer, for 
Band; Boss Canvasman. Bronco Biders and Bill- 
posters. Want to lease two 70-foot cars; must 
be In good condition. Addrces KEJNNEDT ft 
BOOGEK RED'S SHOWS. Topelo. Okla.. Sep- 
tember 8. Those having ca rs for lease, wire. 


WANTED auiCK— A-1 Man Piano Player, that 
can read, fake and transpose for med. show. 
Salary enre. No time to dicker. Wire. Tick- 
et? Tes. G. F. LUCAS. Hooper. Neb. 

Daviess County Fair 

OCTOBEB 4. 5. 8,1. 

WANTED — ^AU kinds of .Shows and Concessions 
for mldwa.v. 0. A. PAYXD JR., Secy.. Owens- 
boro. Ky. 

WANTED — Med. Lectoter: prefer man who can 
work acts and do specialties: or man and wife, 
woman to play piano; also Novelty Man. Work 
.vear round. Lecturer don't hare to he strong 
If specialties are good. Geo. Severe write. 
Address B. B. ALLEN. Tldalla. Ga. 

WANTED— Fop Christy 
Bros. Minstrels 

Blackface Team. First Tenor and Bass, for 
(Jnartette and Novelty Act. Thiiiie doubling 
brass preferred; others reply. No time for dick- 
ering, wire and tell It all quick. HERMAN Q. 
SMITH. Stratford Hotel. Kansas City. Mo. 



For lllualratrd and Spot-ll^bt Sontfs 

Your salary Is not .too high If yon can deliver 
the goods. Can place a good .VandevUle Pianist, 


Haneook, Keh. 

For Lycenm Comedy Company 

Under canvas. Two-Car Show. Orchestra Leader. 

Violin, Double Tdba, other Mndelans,' double 
stage, write. Address 

AL. S. ETAHB. Baidstown, Xf. 

Gaston V. Gabdlin 

singer of e&ameter, popidar and dasde iMmgs 

In French, Italian and English. Stndled at 
FJoreoce, Italy. At liberty after September 

K. Addrees ISIO Addisoa SL, Chleagxj. 


Tbe greatest trinmpb at 
the electric furnace — a 
marreloosly. lecooatmet- 
ed gem. Looks Hke a dia- 
mond — wears like a dia- 
mond — ^brtlliaBCy guaran- 
teed forever— etanda filing. 
Itie and add like a dia- 
mond. Has no paste, foil 
)r arttfldal backing Set 
only In 14 Karet Solid gold 
moantlngs, l-30th tbe cost of 
diamonds, amranteed M contain 
no glass — wOl ent gjaaa. Sent 
on aoprovaL Money cheerfnily 
refnnded If not p«fectly satis- 
factory. Write today for oar 
De-Lnxe-Jew^ Book-. — Its fre* 
for tbe askbur. Adarete — 

Jewelry Co. 

159 V. Broadway, 
8t Lonis, Xo. 


To Renfor Lease 

The -Great Featnre FSliii tl tbe 


These are the original olBdal pic- 
tures, and ody ones ever taken of a 
Confederate Rennlon. For terms ad- 
dress' the exclusive owners, 


Incorp«iraied . 

Little Rock. - .- Arkansas 

m annniliis adib maatlon THB sa£BOA>' ~ ' 

Wanted- For the World Aniysement Co. 

A-l Shows. Biding Devlcea, Band. Ree. Attractloaa, FTeaks, Plantation People, good Door -Talkers, 
ami people for all departments of Carnival biBlness. Opening, at Indianapolis,: Ind.. in the city, 
state Fair Week. September 4th. continuing iweek of September llth. Odd Fellows National 
Encampment. ItHhOOO expected. Then Sonth to good booking. Address 

W. L. OVEBHOLSES, Secretary, Worid Amusement Co,, . 16 W. Market St„ IndlaaaioHs. Ind, 

The Only Complete Date Book 

130 Pades-NOW READY— 130 Pa^s 

■UNS UP TO pECEMBEK 31. 19iaf. 

Contains complete colored seetlimal .ihaps of the world, and tbe H. 8. Onaaa of ISIO,- 
showing population of towns. Also eOhtaina IdentUeatlon blank, compound Interest table, 
postal distances from New Tork City; brief baslness lawa, belp In case of aoeldent, value 
of foreign coins In U. Si money, domestic and foreign postage rates, 'weatter slfnals, etc.. 
etc. Plenty of room for addressee and memoranda. 

Real leather eoOjtf, 2Sc each. Paper coOer, iOe each. -V- 



Tne Bill board 


<boDttaaed from p«c» 8>T.' 


Clareaee Hamntoo of Boston, Mass., wlqner 
of three world's cbsmplonsbtp races, arrived In 
<&l<!MO Ia«t week. baWns Snlsbed np bis; rac- 
Ins 'tbrensboat the westem conntir. HU iIist 
. Kin'' he with Henry Becker, and win be a 
■ntlM of three one mile matobes. The races 
win: be -skated «t RlTerrlew rink, the first 
keat belaf ikated Angort 9. 

cniocEF Foa pbofessionai. . boujEB 


Now ihst professional races are becoming 
mm* lOomliMnt daring the tiaat year, and the 
■katets am pirtting np a Iietter. grade of racing, 
. wonldn't it be great if a circuit of professional 
IMM for the larger cities was formed. Thin 
basrfaeett 'mentioned several times bj different 
■katen, who say tliey 'can not afford to 
fn fhelr time for the few and far-be^ 
races where the real coin Is handed ont. 

asTerar 'dttes ttiat prtmiote professional 
tacec dnxlss the season, and why not get to- 
Sstber, y<m xtak managen. and agree npon yonr 
-dat^ aad form a elrcnlt. Yon win bate plenty 
•t aasistanee-from tlie many professional ekat- 
aaj^i Wlw ar« only too willing to travel if sncb 
eirealt were formed. There are dozens of 
crack skaters tiironghont the TTnlted States 
who bave never met the skaters from the 
other parta of- the-cinmtry, and for that reason 
we. have never been able to tell who really is 
Bie belt ikater In the States. 


. L B. ECkford of SoblnsonL ni., who Is at 
prasent in X<os Angeles. CaL, preparing fbr his 
winter skating, has quite a record fcr an endnr- 
anc^ skater. He first came to my notice when 
be skated 326 miles and 2 laps In 24 honrs at 
the "'Grand Skating Blnk, Boblnson^ ni. His 
Best petformance.of note was Ills 48..|iOQr grind 
at Danville; HI., November 9. 10 and 11. 1910. 
at Oa. OeUii'iiiii Blnk. by skating 528 miles and 
S laps, wblle. on March 6. 7, 8 and 9, at 
Waablngten Blnk, Gary. lad., be registered 769 
miles aad 1 lap in 72 bonrs. Be claimed ttaat 
In some of his races be has not been pnshed 
hard enongh for talm to have to extend himself. 
MOW, we canH Jnst Tonch. for -the exactness In 
the messnrement of the tracks that be skated 
on, has Hie backing of the managers, 
wbo- 'Wlil avtear- to the exact itlme that he 
skated In tiicse races; and be Is willing to meet 
say skatn In the world in a long distance' race 
of OIs'diaTacter. I bave' heard from "Eekford 
■eraral OmM this year, and from the tone of 
bta lettan lodge aat be is « -nry coed antbn- 
slaat and means Jnst'Wiiat- be oia^ • 

BBCKBB -W ins fi bst.. op uatcb backs 

Henir Becker, cbimplon of Gbleago, woa the 
Ont race of a aedeii of three- mateli laeea. when 
he def ea!ted Clarence Hamlltoa of Sostbn in 
tlie fan time of 2:37. the l>est time ever' made 
In a mile match race. a%e race was skated at 
Blvecvlew Blnk. Chicago, Wednesday night 
Angnst 9. Becker, being a little nervoos at 
fb» start of the race, sprinted Into the lead 
and lield lUa position for five laps, then giving 
away to Hamilton, who set the pace nntil the 
Uat lap, when Becker broke loose with one of 
Oe beat sprints ever witnessed at Blvervlew 
Blnk. and beat the Boston . flyer down the 
stretch, "wfaning by only indies. The victory 
meant mneb for Becker, for It gives bira the 
advantage over EtamlMon, and more confidence 
to win Uie aeilei. 

TO Ml Am^pvsa B AH. GAMES TO BK B& 
nie games of polo and posh ball got qnlte a 
Btairt In several of the skating rinks In Iowa, 
Illinois, Miehlgan and Indiana laat year,' and a 
elrcnlt was formed at Sionx City, la., two years 
ago and proved to he quite snccessfnl. The 
game of polo Is a very interesting game; and 1 
believe if managers oi rinks In small towns 
wonld f«m a polo leagne between tteir nelgb- 
iMirlns zlnka. . It wooM help keep the - toller 
CUne to quite an extent. Indiana and IIll- 
nola were to have a leagne last year, hot ] 
we beard BOtblng Airtber from that qnarter. 



(ContinDed from pace &) 

sanctity the offering and refrain from many 
of their petty conceits. It Is only because such 
nWB. as the critic of the New Xork American 
neia the support of the modem cmdely informed 
and Umitedly learned that they entertain' the 
PbMIc with such irrelevant -facetiae a* axe 
misted upon the readers of the American: 

"Of all the aoroughfares In New Tork City 
-bawing peibapa West Ufith Street— East 14th 
Street Is the least lik^ to wallow In Hellenle 
tragedTi" , 

The New Toik Trlbone finds muiA not to its 
approval In the presentation of the Sophocleslan 
drama, bnt directs Its criticisms at the proper 
0aees — the loss' of Intrlnsicallty of effect — 
and the misconception of the depth of the play 
as bconght ont by tbe shortcomings of Its Irving 
Place Interpreters. Tbe complaint against the 
pernimeta is Ibat tlieir rendition, was too aca- 
aeole and too unrelieved by the natural. This 
error can be contrlbnted to their earnestness on 
the commendable groonds that -tbey TCCOgBlze 
tbe cravlty and sobriety of tbe work and 
worked anxloosly though not qnlte snccessfnlly 
to iwrtrsy these qualities. The Trlbnne ills- 
enasea these points 'Rblcfa have been above 
enumerated concerning the production of tbe 
drama at llie Irving Place Tbeatre, Uonday, 
Anguat a. as follows: ^ 



Tbe idea of' destiny inseparable to the Greek 
tragedrtflK stnAglz^mi^asised in Oedipus Bex. 
thb'. dentil i^t^lt!^ ,of emotion In wblch 
It ' lived knd-%oved, and the element of unre- 
lieved Tlndlcatlveness ..wblch marked all of 
Sophocles' plays, 

1 "Oedipus Bex Is .carried steadily along' to Its 
culmination. There Is .'no^ looking to the right 
or to tbe left, noi.nwless meanderlogs Into 
byways. The more' elaborately each scene Is 
wrought, or any single speech, the more it 
contributes to make stronger, to bring out more 
powerfully, tbe main emotion. In it Sophocles 
shows in perhapa greater degree than In any 
of his other dramas bis wonderful power of 
concentration; In it he shows a wonderful un- 
ion of tbe greatest complexity wltb tlie great- 
est simplicity, of grandeur with harmony ana 
of largeness of lesign with perfect finish. 

"The movement Is not retarded by snpeifln- 
itles. These ate tbroirn off with mnch sklU tbat 
any apparent effort is tmnoticeable. Tbe spec- 
tator is Informed at the outset of tbe clrrum- 
stances of the supreme crisis of the Individual 
iMillny of King Oedipns and sees it later per- 
:rayp(] witli suiireme emotional Intensity. 

"Mr. Keller failed to take full advantage of 
the opportnnlty to show In all Its toll newt and 
greatness tbe lacerated Innocence of .Oedlpna, 
who Is destined by the gods to murder bis 
father and wed bis own motlieT. bringing chil- 
dren Into the world throngh the union. Lillian 
Kingsbury, at times, as Jocasta, wife of Oed- 
ipus, mistook raving for intense feeling and 
emotion. Mayne Lynton. as a priest of Zens, 
showed skin, and Charles Jamea played Telre- 
slas well." 


(Continued from page 13). 

Johnson, a loeger. nancis McGinn: Henr.T 
Walker, a Yale undergraduate, Charles Merrl- 
well; Jira Bean. Adirondack guide. ' Charles 
Keane; another, enide, J. A. Farey: Amy Gary, 
Peter's niece. Florence Nash; Mrs. Wlnton, her 
aunt, Bosa Band; Helen Nelson, Bobert's sis- 
ter. Maldel Turner; Buth Jardln. a bride. Marie 
Mallon: Dora Mason, her friend, Elizabeth Nel- 
son: Mrs. Dodd. landlady of tbe Trout Lake 
Camp. Sarah McVlckar; Hope, waitress and 
chambermaid. Mildred Beverly. The good busi- 
ness that has attended the opening week's 
performances presages a long- run at the 

Dear Old BUly. with 'William Ha'wtrey In 
tbe chief, comedy role. Is another play tbat 
has scored a big success, and bids fair to 
run at the 'Whitney Opera House for a long 
time to come. It is a clean farce, splendidly 
acted, and reflects great credit both upon Its 
Impresario. Mr. A. G. D^amater. and the 
excellent company that presents it. 

Tbe Princess is . presenting a moving pic- 
ture drama based upon Baate's Inferno. It is 
said to be one of tbe most ambitions film 
shows ■ ever vrojeeted. with thirty-^Ix' scenes. 
In the making of wbleb over 300 actors were 

The CoronatioB pictures shown by tbe Klne- 
macolor Company contlnoe to attract big audi- 
ences to tbe Garrick, and 'will continue all 
next week until next Friday night. 

Tbe Russian Symphony Orchestra will give 
flnal concerts at tbe Stndebaker Sunday after- 
noon and evening and tben tlut bouse wilt re- 
main dark until the advent of Elsie JFanls later 
in September. - .. i-- -- 

Nearly all of tbe eot1.vIng theatres are now 
In commission. At the Haymarket, Tbomas E. 
Shea will finish bis engagement tonight, making 
way for Merry Mary, tbe musical farce which 
was seen here at the 'Whitney last season. An 
all-star cast and the famous Taxlcab Ciloms 
are promised by the Charles M. Baker Amuse- 
ment' Conipan.T which Is presenting It. 

Granstark; dramatized for the stage by George 
D. Baker from ' the popular norel by Geor^re 
Barr McCutcheon. will be the offerlns for the 
week commencing Sunday matinee at the beauti- 
ful Imperial Theatre on the West Side. Tbe 
veteran Atkins I.a'wrence is in tbe cast. 

At the Bijou, the popular Halatead Street 
playhouse, the management of which has been 
assnmed by Balph T. Ketterllna. Lincoln J. 
Carter's evergreen melodrama, Tbe Heart of 
''Chicago, will.. tuAi forth for the next seven 

The Convict's Daughter is scheduled for tbe 
Alhambra, and the National, wbleb plays Tbe 
Goddess of Uberty tonight for tbe last time, 
win have George Sidney and Carrie Webber and 
a large chorus in Busy Izzy. 

The Marlowe Tbeatre opens its stock season 
under the management of Cliarles B. Marvin on 
Monday night. Angnst 28. with The Charity 
Pall as the offering. Albert Phillips and Leila 
Shaw will bave the leading roles.. 


(Con tinned from page 18). 

all. They will bave a New Tork opening 

The Miles Tbeatre in Minneapolis will in- 
crease Its seating capacity to 2,460. 

Dodo BandaU tried ont a new act at the 
■Monarch Tbeatre this week, which promises to 
be a anceesa. ■ - 

Minnie. Palmer, manager, of the Three Sfarx 
Brotbers ft Co., is planning to send ont several 
more new acts. The Three Mars Brotbers are 
meeting with great success on the Pantages' 

The Linden Theatre opens tbis week with 
boolsing from 3, C- Uattbe'ws' office. 

Tbe Plaza Tbeatre 'will ooen next week. The 
first bill will Include the Five Musical Lassies. 
Three Navaros. Carter, Stanley and Lewis, and 
Marie Sparrow. 

Jack Taylor vrlll be one of the feature at- 
tractions on tbe Wilson Avenue and Willard 
bins 'Week of Aognat 21. 


(Contlnsed from page 9.) 

nnmb>rs tbat b?ars the ear-mariks of a big 
winne." Is Lovie Dear, rendered by Ulss Walker 
and B-ibby Kemp. The words and music of 
tbe SOUK are exceptionally good and It would 
not be liazardons to venture tbe opinion that 
It will nut b« long before the number becomes 

Hlekey's Comedy Circus, seen at tbe Boof 
only a few weeks ago, retnrned to the Comer 
only to score a bit more pronounced than on the 
occasion of tbe first engagement. Hlcksy bas 
bis ponies exceptlonallT. well trained. His nn- 
rldable mules create the laughter. 

One of the solid bits of tbe show was reg- 
istered by Belle Blandie, tbe lioging com- 

edienne, wbo Is anottaer of the ttoora frequent 
visitors. She sang Day Dreams, I'm Falling la 
Love, gave imitations of Irene Franklin, Jack 
Norwortb, Leila Mclntyre and Madame TTca- 
tlnl with mnch credit to berxelf. 

Collins and Hart, the bnrlesaua strong men, 
repeated this we> k the success attending tbem 
last week at the Fifth Avenue. 

The chi-ery repartee of Stella Uaybew and 
Blllte Taylor and tbe clever songs of tbe pair, 
elicited much deserved applause. Stella May- 
hew headlined the program. 

Paris by Night, Molassa's pantomime, with 
aille, Mario Corio, Mario Molasso. Edward Craw- 
ford, Alice Tojettl and T. Tamakura, sustained 
Int.'rest. Bedml and Arthur close^ the show, 
giving a burlesque on Paris by Night. 


(Oontlnned fram page 13). 

find a new one, tben you'll bave your fingers 
crossed 'as far as critics are concerned. 

Dorotb; Bogers and Company appear in a 
comedy playlet. They are reviewed under New 

Chick Sale, the character change artist, pre- 
sents an offering, called A Country School En- 
tertainment. Mr. Sale enacts all tbe cbaracters, 
from the old maid teacher to the pupils and 
board of directoors. Uis act proves to be one 
of the best comedy offerings where real art Is 
essential. His first impersonation is that of the 
mild, every-body-loves-me old maid teacher. Uis 
conception of tltis part places him high on the 
pedestal of confidence with the audience, and 
with each succeeding impersonation be further 
proves b!S' abUity" as a >eal character artist'. 
Mr. Sale's conception of the country kid parts 
in recitations and song, proved a genuine riot. 
His changes are all made on the stage, and 
consume about twenty seconds. His final cbar- 
acters, depicting members of the school board. 
Is exceedingly ^ever and genulntly fuun3*. Nu 
doubt when tbe time comes for good old Bert 
Davis to give no the game. Chick Sale could 
take bis place, and no one be the wiser. 

Bowers. ' Walter and Crooker, the three rubes, 
offer a' noveltr In comedy acrobatic acts. A 
feature of tbeir offering Is tbe swiftness with 
which tbey work. Evidently experience has 
taught them that an act of this nature can not 
let an audience get "cold" and get away with 
it. Their feats are original and new, and a 
great many of them dltUcnlt. The comedy is 
clean aniS wholesome, and was received very 
nicely. Tbe boys have a clever manner of dos- 
ing the act. Tbey lay head to foot all in a 
line, and have the audience guessing as to tbe 
natnre of the stunt to be polled. At a given 
signal the drop is raised abont a foot, and with 
a yell tbe three rubes roll under and out of 
sight. The success of tbe act was gratifying, 
and made a decided hit. The boys took several 

The Temple Quartet olters a refined stnglns 
acL The boys appear In full dress, and carry 
It well. There Is a noticeable elimination of all 
attempts at low ' comedy, wblch some of the 
straight singing fours seem to tblnk essential. 
As far as refinement la concerned, no small 
amount of credit is due tbe Temple Quartet. 
Their singing Is carried in close harmony with 
all barsbness and sngnstlveness left fsr tbe 
so-called comedy qiurtets. Tbe solos, both bass 
and tenor, mads a great hit, aud were rendered 
in such a self-assnred manner that the result 
was Inevitable. Tbey responded to aereral en- 
cores, and made a number of friends through 
their splendid entertainment. 

Victor Moore and Emma LlttleSeld submit a 
rehearsal sketch, called Back to tne Farm. It 
can hardly be. said that this sketch is worth> 
of the artists playing it, bnt it is funny. Tbeir 
conception of wonld-be vandevllllans Is very 
csmmendable. and tbe laughs throughout the 
act are frequent. Tbe idea Is old, using the 
rongb-neck stage band and working In bare 
stage. However, in closing tbe* act, tbe bur- 
lesque is dropped, and some very clever dancing 
introduced. Miss Llttlefield's dance eq>eclally 
won great approval. Mr. Moore was Victor 
Moore, 'nnf ced 

Bessie Wyno appeared next to closing, and 
in ber first two. numbers (previously mentioned), 
tell flat. Ber third number, a popular soub. 
introducing a inedley of operatic airs In the 
cboms. went very big. and this in Itself should 
bave shown Miss Wynn ttaat efforts on tbe first- 
class of songs were wasted talent. Ber coi.- 
tumes are pleasing and conservative, but were 
It not for her' great ' popularity with Chicago 
audiences, she would have been a dismal failure. 

The Four Begals close the show in feats of 
strength and endurance, and bave a novel settlne 
and Tehlel» for tbeir work, showing the interior 
of a blacksmith shop. This vehicle for the 
offerlog proves ideal, as the weights are necea- 
sarlly a part of tbe setting: The act went very 
big. and took several bows. 

Bnd Fisher, the tamnns cartonniat and creator 
of tbe famous comedy rbaractera Mntt and Jeff, 
ia featured on the bill for the week of the 
twenty-eigbtb. and will nndnnbtedly pmve one 
of tbe greatest box olBee magnets tbe Majestic 
has ever known. 

tumes, drsperles. etc. CBONER. 2na W. 4Inrt 
Street, N. Y. C. A velvet hnir bandpsn glvrn 
with every costume order until September 1st 
only. (Mention Billboard). 


Bought. aOld. nrbangad and 

70RV innuExo * mh 

ITS Paik Bsw. Saw Teik 


Cash paid for songs. NEEDBAM MUSIC 
HOUSE. St. Louis. Mo. 

Pays. PIretoliei*. Mnnoloeaes, Minptrol 
Jokes. FeeltntlODK. MaVe-ap Oooftir. etc.. sent VRKK. 
DICK & HTZO'BALD. at Knn l-trwt. >ew York. 


Moneymaker jnat ont. Sells on nigbt; everybod.v 
wants one. Write tor particulars or send 2n 
cents for sample, and be tbe first to have, them 
at tbe fairs. W. J. BIDDLE, r728 Michigan 
Bonl., Chicago, m. 


At Reading-Wakefield, liass., hk Graonds 

September il9, ' 20, 21. ' For sphce- apply to 
HBNBT A. UPTOK, Mortb Beading. Mass. 

The Great Alferetta 


6 6 

In a combination novelty : and aeaaatlaoal 
aerial act. Introducing Bemaa ..Blaga. FlylB^ 
nrapeie and Spanish Web, WttlMat a doubt, 
the strongest single lady aerial act before tbe 
public. A feature on any bill. A drawing card 
for parks, alrdomes and fairs. For apea time, 
terms and particniars, addteas TOS Tlae Street, 
PbUadelphla, Pa. 

We offer BOO more to 
tbe Trap Dmmmen. 
Get your ocder la at 
opce at OBC special of. 
fer. price flO.OO. Ttala 
blgb grade Or.:bestra 
Drum, 10 thumb screw 
rods, transparent drum 
heads, solid shells. Ma- 
ple, Bosewood and Wal- 
nut. Size SxM, SxU, 
4x14, telS. This offer for September and_,0«- 
tober. ZEIDLEB DBUX CO., Clsveland, Obia. 



Only tbow able to place contracts, aeUclt rad 
place work. Address THB BOTrnSBEBO 
STCOIO. 237 E. 31st Street, Ckleago. 


Mediiini Man, Uclurtn. Docion & ttriitaii 

to send for onr price list and samplea of paper. 
Our goods are the moat tellable and oot paptr 
tbe finest ever pnt ont by any aopply boose. 
Write at once for onr propositloa. 

OKEeov nrouv kediodib co. 
L Oonr, *a. 


That win bang 200 a day each and not groaa. 
All wlnter'a work. Salary. »18-00 a week: pay 
own hotel. Address HABBX BtlSENBARK, 
Agent O'Brien's Minstrels. Muskogee. Okls. 
Lake Wlatler, Earl Stratton, write. ^ 

WANTED-Good, Glean Shows 

Slid legitimate Concessions for Second Annual 
Agrlcnltural Fair, on aticets of Blslng Sua. 
Ind.. September 21. 22 and 23. Big crowds last 
year. Pour counties to draw from. J"?,5fJ' 
becue first day. Write qnlck. B. T. NEW- 
MAN, Assistant Secretary. 

WANTED— ConcessiODs of all kinds for Ivcsdala 

Field Day and Bome-Comlng, Beptember 10 
and 20. Exclusive ptivllegea for a good Mow- 
ing Gallery. Addresa TBOS. W, SCHDI/tZ, 
Secretary, Ivesdale, IH. ' 

WAMXED— Good clean Carnival aad Tent Shows 
and other first-class Attracttoaa aad Coixm- 
sleas at Bosque County Fair, at Meridian. Tex.. 
Sept. 27-30, Inclusive. Addreai J, M. BROOKS, 
Secy., Clifton, Texas. 


Three first-claas Shows, ladepeadeat oaly, for a 
three day Bomecomlng, September 20. 21 and 
22. on the atreete. In tbe heart of St. Marys. 
Ohlov given by tbe raercbanta ef tbe city- 
Now, friends, you all know tbe Original Bl- 
epbmt on the High WHtc. wbo knows you all, 
•o de not misrepresent. Bnt give the true tacts, 
and we will do bualnesa quick. Address quick, 
wltb full particulars of what yoa bave, BBBB 
0RA:IADA. Oen. Del., Evaaavllle, Ind,. ttti 
September 2: after that care or The BBlboatd. 
Clncia natl, O. .■ ' 

OHEW SOAP— I have te» gMsa of gaed Bbavln| 

soap which must turn intO' cask. wn^ke.To 
cts. per groaa. Write qatefe. . 
Obristlaaabucg, Ohio, 

B. B,- BAKEB, 

septembek ^ 

Tlie Bill board 



iSum !>'' KiuKnton. mgr.) Aeademr BtocK Oom- 
MDV. In In illKtourl. _ . , _ 

AMEUicAW— (»ia»cii» lo«w, be.; Bgr.) PDp- 

alar-prlii-d vaudeville. . „ , ' 

AS^iiK (Wag-nliiag & Kemper; mgn.) Bav- 
in I>ayK owtii 28. 

BBOAKWAV <Wm. Wood, mgr.) The Hen- 
Mclu. fuurtb week. 

CASINO— (Sam 8. * Lee Sbnbert, Inc., mgn.) 
He cume From Milwaukee, wcond and last 

'"JltCl-B (Ed. J. Straiiia, mgr.).-VandevUle 

CITV tlien I.eo, mgr.) VandeviUa sod mOT- 

'^EOKUb'u. OOHAN-8 TBBATBB (CohaD * 
Qarrts. mgn.) Oet-Blcb-Qolck WaUlocIWd; 

*7ib week. 

COLUMItlA (J. B. Mack, mgr.) Borleiqoe 

gpsnL'd here MUl. ... 

COMEDV— (A. KauSman. mgr.) TandeTtUe 
iDi! moving plcturea. 

CEnT:RION (Charles Frohmaa. mgr.) Toe 
Slrl uf Mr Dreams, tourth week. 

DEWEV (Wm. Fox, mgr.) VaudeTtUs and 
Borlnit pictures. ' , „ 

FAMILY (J. C. Simons, mgr.) TanitoTiUe 
■Qd moving pictures. 

FULIES BEKOKKB (Ijisky A Harris, mgrs.) 
Beitaurant and Music Hall. 

FOUttTEENTH 8TBEBT (J. Wesley Boaea- 
guest, mgr.) Vaudeville and moving picture*. 

GAIETY (Klaw & Erlanger, Cobaa A HartU, 
incrs.) Excuse Me. tblrd week, 

GLOBE (Charles DUllngliam, mgr.) The Bed 
BcM* llth week. 

GRAND (Barry Beckman. mgr.) VandeTlUe 
ind moTlDjc ptcturce. 

GOTHAM (IIi-rBiaa Goldman, mgr.) Tande- 
rille anA moving pictures. 

HARBIS (Henrjr B. Harris, mgr.) Maggie 
Pepper, opens 31. 

lion, mgr.)' Vaudeville and moving plcturea. 

KEITH'S UNION SQUABS. Vaudeville, and 
noving pictures. 

ett G. Irwin, mgr.) Vanderille twice a day. 

KEITH'S (Harlem Opera Bouaa) Tandevtlle 
tail moving pictures. 

KNICKBBBOCKEB (Harry C. Sommer. mgr.) 
Ibe SIcen opens 28. 

LIBERTY (Klaw A Erlanger, mgrs.) The 
Spring Maid, tblrd week. 

LINCOLN sqUABB (Cbea. Ferguson, mgr.) 
VauOevllle and moving pictures. 

Inf.. mgrs.) Vaudeville and moving plctoiea. 

MAJESTIC (WIIbDr^taabert 0«,, .mgrs.) Mo- 
cioa pictures. 

MANHATTAN (Wm. Gane. mgr.) Vande- 
rille anil morlmt pictures. 

MAXINE ELLIOTT'S (Balph Long, mgr.) 
The B si Thing, fourth week. 

XATION'AL (Henry Ixiew, mgr.) TaudevlIIe. 

NEW AMSTERDAM (Malcolm DoagUsi mgr.) 
rhe Pink Laily. 2<lth week. 

NEW YORK (logeph Carr, mgr.) Popular- 
priced vaudeville, ■ • 

PLAYHOUSE (Wm. A. Brady, mgr.) A <3en- 
tleman nf I.elsnie, opened 34. 

PLAZA (David Benjamin, mgr.) Vaudeville 
•ml moving pictures. 

PROCnrOB'S (ISStb street) Vanderille and 
movlig nlctnrvs. 

PROCTOR'S (SSth Sttieet) 'VaudevUIe and 
moving pictures. 

PBOCTOR'S (S3d Street) TandCTlIle and 
moving pictures. 

PBOSPECTF (Frank Oeistoo. mgr.) Prospect 
riientre Stock Co. > 

SAVOY (Roiu>nli-<rg Bros., mgrs.) VaudcvlU* 
Bnfi mnvIoK pictures. 

STAB (Wm. Pox, mgr.) Vaudeville and mov- 
ln<' pirtnies. 

S. A tie Shubert, mgrs.) As a Mas Tblaks, 

ihM Treek. 

TREMONT (J. Jonea Johnson, mgr.) Agnes 
Cameron Stock (3o. 

VICTORIA (Wm. Hsmmerstelo, mgr.) Van- 
ilevllle anil moving pictures. 

WASHINGTON (Harry Tboms, mgr.) Vaude- 
ville an-l moving nlctorev. 

WIKTFR GABDEN (Winter Garden Co., 
"Ci VsrIetT and Music Halla. 

YOBKVILLR (Marcus Ixiew, iDC. mgrs.) 
\auileTille aad moving picture*. 

DAY, AUG . 28. 

. ■^^OELUS (formerly Globe)— Opeaa Septam- 
t»!r 8 with light opera. 

Alinr'^nRi • M_bark. 


Parimni In Thv Littlest Bphel. 

COUIMAL— Dark, will reopen with FolUea 
of wn. Sept. 4. . 

CORT •nrKATHB— Thos. W. Boa In An E»- 
'•TJ'K awond week. 

pARiticK— HoUrook BUnn In The Boas, ov 

JA-.^"" OPBRA nonSE— Lontalana Lon. 
',r}.''^< tt'R— JWn Pnrnle. 
^^|^^-^»I>1C— Oet-Rleta-Qnick WalllagtOrd. 39tb 


JB'f'craS-Dante'a Infttmo (PletnrM). 

WHITNEY OPERA HOUaR— Chartca Bawtry 
I" rear nia Billy, tenth week. 

.VMKUU A.V MU.>H' , Ai.i — Dark. WUl open 
. nA' V"'""'' With hlKb cIsub vaurirrlll*, 
i<..M';r^ "udevlll» ami iimTliii pletum. 
,., :., "RKAM— ivpular-pniid vandevUle and 

■ii,.>iiiB pictures. 

111.'., " '"■••'*l' l-K— Vuuik-vllli. and moving p* 
,, .' •V^'^"~^■"P"'»''-l'f'cl•lI vaudeville aud mov- 

iu.'.ri,;'7"!'^'~'''»P"'»'-P«''<-'«» vaudevUlo and 

1 1 .M!K -i.nrk. 


KED7i'p l'lctu««*. 
iu„ ,,5;,f;); A\E.---Opon-alr vaudOTUl* and m. 

liV.'jV ""rk. ; : 

uAk—Muvlug pletur.a. ' ' 

PABKWAX— VaudevUIe and muTi. 
PI.AZA— Plcturea. •»>• ""vi. 

PRESIDENT— Moring picture*. 

SCRINDLEB'S— Dark. Will leopen 
stock company. 

BITTNBB'S— Pictures. . 


VlBGINlA — Vaudeville and moviujr pictiu 

WILLABD— Popular-priced vaudeville ai. 
movlnjf ■ pictures. 

WILSON AVENUE)— PopnUMtiwa vandavlll* 
and moving plcturea. * 

ALHAMBBA— The Oinvlct's OaughUr. 
BIJOU— Dark. 

CBmsBIOK— Dark. Open In September with 
German stock. 
OBOWN— The Ooddesa of Liberty. 
HATMABRBT— Merry Mary. 
IMPEBIAL— Graustark. 
I.B GRAND— Dark. 
MABT.OWE— Tbe Charity BaU. 
NATIONAL— Geo. Sidney In Busy Issy. 
PEKIN— Dark. 

COLUMBIA — ^Blg Banker Show. 
BMPIBB— Pace Makers. 
FOLLT-^airtlD de Paris Olxla. 
STAB it OABTEB — ^Bon Tons. 

BI8MABCK OABDBN8— Ballmann'l Band. 

FOBEST PABK — ^Band and bis Band. 

SANS SOUCI— Free '">ndeTUle. 

WHITE CITY— LiberaU's Band and Grand 
Opera Company. 

BIVEBVIEW— Patrick (>mway and his Band. 

I.0MA — Open Saturdays. Simdays and - HOU- 
da7*. Band concert* and fre* attiaetlon*. 


(Continued from page 8.) 

audience from the atart. Arthur Laeeby's Spen- 
cer,, an English baronet, was well received." 

THE PLAYHOUSE. — A Gentleman of Leisure, 
by John Stapleton and P. O. Wodehouse. A 
oosiedy In four acta. 


Joseph. Sutton Edmund Forde 

Dana WiUets Frank Kedrick 

(Jeorge Fuller LIndssy J. HslI 

CIsrence Msckltn .• Wslter Penlujrtoa 

Sir Spencer Dresver ..Arthur Laceby 

Bobert Edgar WUlongbby Pitt 

: Douglas Fslrbsnks 

'Spike" Mulllns Elmer Booth 

Lsdy Blunt Butb Chester 

Sir Ttaomss Blunt Rolsnd Rnshton 

Mollle Creedoo Ruth Sbepley 

Phillip Creedon • (Jeorge Fawwtte 

Walter I,angdon Leon Kendrldt 

Hsrold Ames .^.......'...Hsrrv K. Jon»s 

Reginald Oakea • ,;.....Bert Daobe 

Basil Pierce .....^...Carl Mann 

MIkb ntis Ids Van Tine 

Miss Belden Mons Morgan 

Miss Beale Gwendolen RiwItb 

Miss Hewett Florence Deshon 

Miss Graves France* Sherbum 

Mlsa Cas Clilfe Pnrke 

Mlns McMurray .;.....i...-...Moua Ma.vo 

Mlsa Rutledge EtoIjti Shea 

Miss Wolfe ..Lillian Keller 

JepsoB .Lawrene- Dwisht 

John Coleman ...........Louis Mason 

Herman Scbultz Gbarlca Hartman 


(Ckmtlnned from page 13). 

comedv situations are Introiinced wherein he 
makes' love to the old maid. Luclnda. and 
promises to marry her. The Rev. Arthur re- 
turns and Lucindi claims him. .\ter some con- 
trovcrsv It develops that Joe wss resllv the 
girl In tbe pink mask. He returns Hlrem's 
watch and rlug: he gets Cherry: the Rev. 
.\rthnr gets Lnclnda. and Hiram la reunited 
to his loTlng spouse. The act went very Wg 
Is worthy of a (pot an a more pretentions 


Playlet: Majestic: third In nine-act show: 
time, sixteen minutes, working in full 

Help! Another one "t those inevitable race- 
horse-glrl plavs where the name of the girl and 
the horse are the same. Why Is It that real 
people will sIWHvs Insist on using old Ideas 
for their vehicles? Here's an Idea in a sketch 
which has been rehsshed so often that It resHv 
ned* embalming. Dorothy Bogers Is supported 
bv three very clever men. one of ,whom la a 
clever blackface comedlsn who could easilv wm 
his dsllv hmd (ind -cake, too) doing a aingle. 
Th' plot tells of a yonig man who has been 
calling freonent'y on the paternal pockethook 
for asslstsn-e toward tbe snnport of Helen, 
who nana thinks Is son's wife, bnt «a It hapnens 
Is son's favorli" Blly. So-i gets * wire ft-om 
Dsra. he's coming to town: son must produce 
wife: c'lls iin old fl ml whose name hai>pens 
to be Helen: son on'-srd and flnstercd. can't 
explsin: He1"n thlpi's h'm cr«».v: K 7..'''£Si 
up for safekeeping pending pspa's • 'f »• "J: 
orcfl vslet explains: Hel-n unrtetstanos: 
■on; papa arrives; vslet borrows nelgkbae s 
baby: the bluit goes, and there yai. asa. 


Best money-getters for stow n - ■ *».'sus 
Monke.vs. tsmc. good-slaed. healtaiy, com- 
plete with harneas. ready to work. »18: »3 
With order, balance C. O. D. Limited number 
on band. Order oulck. .ATLANTIC * PA- 
CIFIC BIRD STORE. .107 Madison St.. CTil- 


Munciansi, (iouWe B. atid O., Dramatic 
Peoplp ami Vauilpville Acta. Must ioin 
on wire, .\ddress ' ' „ 

JAS. UONNELLIS, Hardin, Ills. 

We manufacture the French Pobdlo Dogs, and will supply you with 
any large quantity that you raay want. The French Poodle Dog is tlw 
newest nioney-maldng article, sold on the paddle wheel. Seud for piisW: 
and information. Send fiftj' cents for sample. . 

We also carry a complete line of all Novelties. Seud for oiir Novet 
ty and Pennant Catalogue. Our Prices on Novelties and Pennants wM 
convipce you that our house is the light one to deal with; 


520 South 5th Street, - • - PHILADELPHIA, PA^ 




S We want first-class Ganiival to show here one week during month S 
I of October. Auspices of Band. Oklahoma's liveliest town; 3,500; i 
E population. Big boom here.^Wjite me at once for particulars. s' 
I S.:C. BRYANT. | 



OlnsTt minoU, September 6, 6, 7 ud 8, 

''^ "S* Night FWr of Southern Ulinols. Aeroplane Fllibts each day. No 
splndlea or.ahoottog galleries. Just Kood. .cleaa prlvUegea. JAB. P. WTLSOIT. Seoretary. 

Sanger's Combined SMws 

WANTra>-^nnp Drummer, with fnll Use of traps, for White Band. Address J«A Zwlefckr. 

J*f.."'"Sl ^SH^'-*";.'*"*!' Ooraet" for -Colorea Band. Address a UudTan. ta per m 
eUlc^ Tem., .SOth; Crabin, Ky., Slst; PlneviUe. Ky., Sept. lat; UlddldMio, Kj., 2nd; BSg m 
Gsp, Vs., 3rd aad 4th; Norton, Va., 0th. > t — • — 



October 17, IS. 19, SO, Athena, . 

We want a flrst-dass Carnival Company, with good clean' shows, wU make extra good cootrMt 
for same. Have all Concessions to sell. Attendance last year aversged 2. 500 d slly. Bverybedp 
was pleased. Make lowest prices on good acts In first letter. B. E. WAJ^KEB, Seoretaqr. 

Menke& Coleman's Floating Hippodrome 

The largest and best equipped Floating Theatre In tl>> world. Wtints Tuba. B-Flat Clarinet M 
double orchestra. Cau always nse sober capable Musicians. Strong sensational act to featora. 
Chorus Girls and Ponies. Long season. . State lowest salaiy . and full partienlarB first letteiL 
lA Grange. Mo., August 30th: Canton, Slst: Keokuk, Iowa, Sept. lat; Bontrose. 2nd: MwiTaeu 
ni., 3rd; Fort Madison, Iowa, Sept. 4th; Dallas, ni., 5th. 

Regal Python Snakes, 25 ft long, $300 

Also all sizes of Pythons, Forest-bred lions, Iieo|^ards. Antelopes, Cbacma Baboons, cheap eaas 
Monkeys. Canary Birds for wheels. 

U>UIS SUBS, . • . . . . . . 148 Grand Street, V«« Toik. 


Several .small animals; one dandy, big Barbariau Male Lion, cheap.' Two i 10x5 
all o»>en iron cages. Several cages 3x4, fine condition and classic. Write ci call. 
HARRY C. nUNl"ER,Ri verview Park, Baltimore, M.l. 




For car 1 ajid 3. Acdress J. D. NEWM.\N, 221 Institute Place, Chicag o 




JilKh-cla»> Urprriolre Company for Fair Week, October 2d to Tth. A compaur that < 

■ " — 9: biK falr;<'new modem " 

Managers .write anick. 

change nightly, with gwnl costumes' and scenery. Good town: biK falr;<'new modem hoosp; s eatllK 

— - -^^ ..-w JOS xo^nac 

1.000. Also a fi'w dates oih'U for good one night stands. 


Beopens for Southern Tour of 25' weeks. 


28: 'UABduwter, 

Portsmouth. 01 . . 

day. WANTED— Shows -of merit. 'Must bar* 
Wheel, Volfarmed Band. Must b* time with,M 

South, booked. Boote: CatlettHnnx,- Kj.;: weUt 

Ohio, week 8ept^-'4: West Unlott. week Sept: 11.- Answer ^qold 
M.,'B.— All maU'senif to'sir home;-Coalton, Ohio, vtU^twJonnttdaA'to 

Wone^. Union; :t.oaO memliers: SIOO^OOO pay 

le-npa. Jumping Uorse CarouSelu^rris 1 

re. nan some of the best towns in the South, booked.- 



X ti e D 1 1 1 b o a r cl 




•q uipm Sntfor mov- 

'of mov- 
ing picture ma- 
ciuaes, opera cbaus, 
Cbos, and all neoes- 
■Bxy Baddies, spot- 
MAiB. etc HaU- 
beig's DAYLIGHT 
pietoses increase 
yonr revenue. Tour I 
okl mafihinfi taken 
in ew h aiay 


aBCZMl Stiwt. - NEW YORK. 

. Write for FiMOKtalagae,B. 80. 

Xinbia' Cbteograpb. complete. $85; Edison. $50: 
notion Plctnre Macbinei. $35 ap. Latest Modal 
B SOIaon, Power's Ko. 8 and Standard a spec- 
ialty. Mlmtaeopes, Badloptlcons. f&SO op; aU 
opaque nucblBM. Send for Sap. 33. our great 
•laiKalit UBt— aiaeUnes. 3appUes, etc Hothm 
Pletme UTafTttnwi wanted. 

H»m»/lfTIT * CO. 
■W XniHrt St.. '( PMlailelpWa. Ba. 



«»t.W~ D— tbowi Str— t. - Chloago 


Anrooe who l8 I&'posseaalon of 'a-fBia tliat Is 
■cratcbed, aickery <a poor pbotograptor. send It 

to the - - -- 

ttSXaO TOM CO.. 
' 40 East ISfh. Street, Sew 7oi^ 

^-■9a be redeveloped, cleaned and softened, and ae» 
the ImproTement that can ^be done by the 


OMipwt, HaiigbGmnrri'ud ExbibHers if 
Unrtisiif. Iidaslriil iii Edieatioail Fil«. 

Home. Onic»— yietorla Building, 

great: FILM 

On aceeont ot mmrlnK are compelled tu 
■en a large pntloB of onr mm stock at a 
■aerUee. Send tor Bargain Ust toda;. 

cmo&eo iTLic ^xcsASjat:, cucago, m. 

Films For Sale 

How's 4ie time to buy New and Second-hand 
FSlniB. ALL MAKES. Send for cataloe- 


32 Union Square, Eastr New York 

"iiffil mi- 


Writ* for Ouotatleni. 


21»*216 .)M««ir StrMt, • - - N*w York. 


. Oet a machine that can SO the work.^-and do It now— and tomorrow — 
and for a good long time to come. . „„__ ■ 

L«t the idea abont the original maelilne go. BE MODtatK— U P-TO- 
BATE— GET XACHHIE WISE by InatalUng the modem machine— XEE 
HonOGBAPK. , ^' 

This is the day of progress. Time keeps on c oming and J(2H*'_£52 
old-faslUoned machines mast be cvplaced with THE: KOTIOOBAPH, THE 
XOST BUBABIS. "titp t.-e ACCESSIBLE Motion Picture "Machi ne on the 

Eatsreriu OpiictI HunftriiriiiK Co., 570 f ■ Rindolph Siriit. Gkiufi 



AT OUR NEW LOCATION— 128 ff. Lakt St.. bihrikB USalliaid Glirit, HICAN. 

SMVi HaBoagiB An., IBaamtoVM. IDan.: US Canal St., OraBd Bapida. lOch. 


Why ose a plate wUcb tarns a dirty ydlow In an hoar's time, and finally fades entirely, when 
yon can hare a plate which Im^o^te npon drying, and keeps? We can show work done on onr 
Plate in 1SS2. as perfect as when made. Send tor a fre e aample. a nd let ns help.yoa ont. 

Onr BUck Diamond Plate, mannfactnred by the 8TBAIGHT DBX PIiATE CO .7Se per 100 

Black and Assorted Mounts --- 20e • 

Bntton Plates, for all AntomaUc Botton IfaCbines 75c *r 

Dsrelooer. beat of Its kind ■•• - - . • .ISe per set. 

JAMESTOWN rCRROTVPE CO.. Ine.. M.K.-Bredy.Gan. Manager. 
1113 S. HalstedSt. - Dept. 45. CHICAGO. ILL. 


MoTins Picture' Machines and Fl£na. Com- 
plete Moving Plctnre Ontflts for sale. We 
eell all makes of , MoTing Plctmre Machines. 
Write fbr catalogi":;;-, 

Dept. B. 634 Saath Deaxiiom Street;: .. Chicago. 

WAHTED ' TO BENT— MoWng -Plctnre Honse, 
with prlTlIege of bnUng saig'e. . Only one that Is 
en paying basis will h^ gla or any consideration. 
Olve ton-'parflcalan and ^vopalatlon. *aiirp«« 
A. W..'B., X<i)ck Box 63. CSIntoh, N.; X. 4 


' " Cheapest House in America. . Free Lithographs and Songs. 


836 So Dearborn St. - -~ - CHICAGO. 



Tonr own abeeinl ticket, any printing, any colore, aceuiately numbered, every ral> 

fi^OOO— S1.26 . 20,000-^60 60,000-4 7.50 

10,000— 2.50 26,000-^ 6.50 100.000—10.00 

Pronipt shipment. (W> with the order. COUPON TICKBT8, 6,000—92.60. 
1x2 STOCK TICKETS— SIX CENTS. Oet the samplea. 

MATIONAL TICK&T CQ.. ShBmekin. P«i*. 




now. DON'T DELAY. 

CHICAGO FILM iXCnANGE. Chicago-Omaha. 


A l OPERiVrpR 

witli 5 years,'. e.>:peri«>nce. Can msui- 
age theatre.. I am a sober and reli- 
able man aiidhaw newEbwer's N"o. 
6 or can operaie any mat^hine. The 
wife, good singer and piano player, 
with 0 .years' experience, also good 
ticket sieller. Satisfaction .^laran- 
teed. Write, wire or phone quick t<>- 
F. M. NEYIUS, P. 0. Box 25;t 
White HaU, 111. 

WANTED — Model B Gas Ontdt and Burner: ;< 
Song Sets and Mis. Views. All mast be In .4.-1 
condition and cheap for cash. Address FE-iN'K 
>'AZOR. 2338 E. TSth Street. Clereland. Ohio. 


LarKe stock of second-hand Moving Picture- 
Films, in good condttlea. Shme good reels ar 
t5. If yon ate in the market for any fllm. jv'u 
will do well to write -as. 

ATiiAxno nut- oo., 

IS Vnlan Square. - Haw York. 


Song Slides. C. J. Mnrphy. BIyrIa, Ohio. 

WUX 'BEEIi my Edison Bxblbltton Style JfOTinc 
Pletme Machine, complete, 4100; new and nerrr 
nsed. C. A. SCHILLER. 1822 -Pratt ATe.. Chi- 
cago, - 

WAHT TO TBADE— ImproTed 120-acre farm, 
in fmit belt, Soathwestem -Missonri. for flrst- 
class Moving Picture Show, ln'*«Ithi» -Okla- 
homa, Kansas or Missouri. Show mast hv 
equipped with opera chairs and eTerythlnic up- 
to-dste. State nil In flrat letter. A. T. HOUS- 
BUBG, 622 W. Canadian, Vlnlta. Okla. 

KOVOro PICTUBE SHOWS located South an.t 
West should get our prices.- Largest line of 
machines and snpplipfi South. Our Film Si-rr- 
lee. Including Westi^n and Peetore Rivls. at 
the right price. nXIQClB FILM ' SBBTICE:.. 
318 Mason Building, Boestoo. Texas. 

WAHTED rOB CASH-^lferlng Pletare MaeUnw- 
Fllms. Tents. Chain, etc. Moving Plctnri^- 
Snppltps ot all kinds hongbt and sold; WM. L. 
TAMME. 6 So. IStta St.. St. Xoels. Mo. 

We ha TP deslgnod and printed some of the- 
must striking and effective letterheads thai 
hsve ever been produced for amusement srtIsl^. 
Samples. 3 cents. 

ohuboh pbihtiho oompakt, 

4ia Ela Sttoet. .• .; ClBcinnatl. Ohio. 

STA^ N D I N G Ft O O M O L. Y 

Wnen You Uae Freneh Gray Teaspoons for Seuvanlra. 

Sc. Sc. 

agers of the largest houses In the conn try. 

They will fill yonr. hanse to capacity every perform- 
ance. Send lOe. for sample and" plana for giving 
away loavenlrg. The plana are Indorsed by the man- 
Copies of same mailed with sanple. United States Factories Oo., Hfrs., Dept. 421, Dickey Bldg.. 


An mtensely interesting story porttayihg thie 
picturesque Re^umu — 


Approximately 950 -Feet Rel<::i6e Tuesday, September 5 

"Tiro inore Indian Pictiures. Powers is the King of Indian Films. 


An api>ealing, photographic story, narrating of the tiofte'r uiiil lioltlhr anlitimi-nla 

of the vanquished inhabitant of the Ameiiuan contiu-iil. .\ tiUe thnt wih 

grip any ainlitaice. 


Approximately 950 Feet Release Saturduy, September 9 

BY THE WAV, have you hookvd our' 

ResI^ a Powr-n CIsissfc — a fpature that will wineverv heart— the aeoib of.Faijry 'Tale 'sweelneSM 'lu {botogiaphy. Not one adult but who lingKM fondly {r>'«r' 
tbt: dainty V-Uc uf the two loHt babea. The children will'gb mid upon seeins ttei^ favorite' 'aong and ' 


1 verse in picture. 


SEPTEMBER 2, 1911. 

Xtie Bill board 



,ry Strwt. Dartmn.- -Jtw 0. 

On a««>tml Of my'iwlng- ■ getting dunaged ia 
^onifu!. 1 w«>t ■ Merry.-go-Bonnd anil B'mlM 
^ieel or OeetD W«»e tot Strajt Filir date*. 
vMe at ouce. O. K. STOABT. 632 Xaat Vaah- 
^tuB street. Indlanaprila. lad. 


O-tt. PUIiUIAir OAB. . Addteaa A O. 
VBEDBAU. Onune> 111. . . 

roB SAXE. PZAV08— ^ deefc^e.alot laatra- 
aients: niiindolUr attachment; atandard make; 
slielillr used, bnt In perfect coniUtloa; > Lfta 
iban iiutf price. Wooderfnr moncvxiaken and 
tust ttiL- iblnK for bally-boo pnrpiiae*. Better 
tmrrf. Ttiey mm't laat long. OOLViaVB 
flASO CO., OolomboB, Ohio. 

FOR SATE— UoTlBg PIctnre Tbeatre, Waoke- 
iba. Win.: 10,000 popnlatlon: |20 montb lent; 
4600. $300 down; or will 'lent complete, tSO. 
One at Walertown guaranteed $50 weekly 
piuSt. FOR SALE— All makes Film. |5 per 
reel; new Iviwer'a NO. 6, 9175: EdlaoD. linbln, 
new, SlOO: Model B. Gas Outflta, (15, |20, $25; 
Flush Onera Cbalra. $2: Ught Bedneera, (15: 
iias Sets. II: Paaalon Play, <TB. FOR RENT 
—Any make Film. 91 week'- WHJ. BCT— 
joluuon-Jeirrtn Film, Paaskn Playa. otber 
nim, Maeaiaea, Tents. .B. DATIS. Watettowa, 
Wt. ■ ■ - ( 

sii«« for Sale— A IlT«,man-8Uylng Dngon and 
:: banners, netting and' den. 920: atrlpedlilp-roof 
i«Dt. 110: One condition, half .caab, balance 
C. 0. D. WAXTBO — Stereoptlcoa. I. Sandier. 
l« Pa* Strait, lAwnnaa, ~ — 

70ft SALE OB EZCBAVGE— Nearly new bnlld- 
;ng. adapted for theatre or vandeTtlle. oo beat 
citreet near center of town. Food da tac, Wla. 
Will trade (15,000 equity for Jess than balf 
in clear land or Ctilcago equity. Mlr.TiKB. 454T 
X. Paulina Street. Chicago. 

Tor Sala or-Tiade— Bnttre Show Oatdt: bis top 
.V>r70: aleeplDg tenta. cook tent, all aeata, Ugbta! 

•■"^U'^' I*?^ atakea. sledgea, cooking 
•>utflt for 10. people, etc: ererythlng complete 
Xor on the road 43 miles from Cincinnati. Sell 
(Heap or trade for anything l can oie. Write 
f<ir pwttcniar*. Larense'a Big Show, iman, Bip- 
ley County, Zad. 

JOE SALE— Very cheap, Alrdome Theatre dose 
to CinctnaatL Now operating; rood bnainew; 
cheap rent. 1175.00 cash reqalrcd. Addresi 
E. B.. 8745 Main Ave., Norwood, Ohio 

rOB SALE OB ECOHiJfiErTwo pracHcaU, 
new tegulatlon Ten Pla^SowUng Alleys, ram. 
plete; saed bnt two moatha IxTa pS: Am 
naaonahle offer bnya them. SOBEI. 4 LOEHK 
.13 B. cf L. B. Bldg., Cleveland. ' 


8«-foot Jamptng Boise Camoael, three hone* 

ataepleclaae laland. : Bridgeport. Conn. 

FOR 8AZE-^mersaoIti.Hi|^.dl*lsg Time Dogs 

rOR SALE— Laige Ocraa Ware In good condl- 
JW" SS^- LWUI oonalder prepoaltiti 
^ MtttT-go-BaoBd. aire tBU wirtle- 

viLLE. PA?'' ca/ poral: 

fD°,S.iS5P^R?V.i? »"«•<»««• CMdltlon, good 
?£KS*fJ«- . Sf^e""! Acroa. the Atlantl^," or 

i;^:J^ J*^' W dep., bai. a' o. d, 
??iiS™5'J5Si l'** »»•. conedy, 910 0. 6. S 

T^tSHi.^'^.F^-; ^ St. W., Tcron- 

tft Waada. Films cleaned. 75 cenU a reel. 

jlS ?22!f J^**^ " tndenradent datea. 


^im^iS«? ?5lf*' M«">ologi«raM iSSig 
M miSP"" JfS to »»5 cash. Acta «a hand read? 
ffrt^-i, Sketches on royalSTor fttli 

Ijtt,*CHrtP f'V/S^^^^Send ataip for pJSS 

* irS;?^jSJ5^ ^''j Cheyenne Days. 3 teeU. Ou 

TTia'TiSS .*»''>'e boy, with painting, (40. 
«f imauT^rti.'^'I^Sii,"''' ■"•nuns. WS^ I->ta 
^™'*i_^o. Cambridge, Maaa.- ' ' 

M^'nnhP'S!'' Woodchucta, nhesos 

\vSftn r'"!'^y-t<>tttn." for Fall ITalra. mn. 
iliiil FABK. !S«h Wa- 


^-1 Trap Druminer 

-rS''' J^^"" Orlnda. save atainpa. Hcf. 

*iP. «».«., Afld»«. BOX 

Circuit Look 

MEWPOBT, TENN.,. ATigast SOtli to September 1st, - 
UOBBISXaWN, TENN.. September 6th to 8th. 
OOAL'CBEBK, TBNM., September 6th . to Sth. ' 
JONBSTILU^ VA:,' SeptemberKth to IS. 

DBBB LOOiOB, XBNK., September 48th to 22niL ' 
BBBA SPBUIOS. TENM., OebAer 2nd to 7tb. , 
Other good ones In Tennesss*. Norfli Canllna, Bknith Caiidlaa. Georgia and VlocUa. Twidn 
weeka'of the best lUr .Urns' In 'tha Ssnth.. 

WANTEDi^Wild West, PlanUtloiiJ TgnanlUs. Ikmals Ifliistcels, Bis S^ike, fln-In-Ose. 
Flatfoim Shows of an kinds. Either reamnaUe flat nta or perceq^ge. Oanetfsbm people, come 
on. ; Can. pUea etetyUdng except noTdttea. ' *' . 


PAIB SBCBETABira: We will famish all attraetlona and coitceaalona for your Fair. /Either 
pay yon lump anm, or handle yonr Fair on percentage, basis. Can famish tr^ attraction* of ~aU 
kinds. Bank' references the rezy beat. Write ^ or "win 8AM. P. (DOG) TiUiSB, Hewport^ XiUB..' 
week Angoat ' 28th, or - ■ " .! 


AmuMmont Premotoi*. 
No. 31 7K N. Gay Street, - - KNOXVILLE, TENN. 

N. B. — Begards to the ''Doll Rack Promoters,** and "Correspondence School" Booking Afenta. 

^-^WANTED FQRrr-^ 


September 11 to 17, in^jyislxe, 

A Cariiwal Gonipaiy with about jp Good Shows 

To work under the aosplcea of Cream City IiOdge, Loyal Order of Uoose. The SHOWS mtist be 
MOBAL, and stand Inspection. Correspond with W. A. BATITZ, 841 GroVe Street.' Give deaetip- 
tlona of shows; also terms In first letter.. Wonld like to hear from COMPANIES or INDIVIDUAI, 
!>howB. . 1 .1 I r«»t 


K. a Barkoot Amusement Co. 

Two more FEATURE SHOWS, witli good front and outfit 
One PLATFORHr show: - . 

Wanted to hear from six good Clowns for Stadium. Can place ..a few more Concessions. 
season Sooth. Booked solid ontU Christmas In the besf cities ot the Sontb. ..Big Home Weekf. 
Big Fairs. Big Celebrations. Big Expositions. Thia company has had the biggest. and most pros- 
peraoa seaaon alnee lu organisation- In UKn.roWt>plar nothing. Aal -I.Ix;R/ SI-OTS.' WANTED TO 
BUT— Camels, Donkeys,. Carred Wagon-fronts,' Wagons, Plat Can, Baggage Cars, Sleepera. SUte 
aU In first letter. - BOHTB: Week Angost 28th. Wankegon. HI.. Eagles' Big Celdiratian; week 
Septeniber 4th. lima.. Ohio. Band Big Cdehrathm; week Septonbffi U. KM^cylUeT Tesn.' 

26, 27, 28, 29. 

Big Race Purses. ^iTpncessions.salirr 
cited. . No friee<ak;(^contRuited<m^ 

Y. IIHHINS. President. 


Kit Garson'sWU West 

Man to lecture In sideshow and do Pnneh and 
-knee flgnres. or any other acta. Alao fnr goad 
Candy Botchers and Sideshow Bess CanTaamaa. 
Also one Oriental Dancer. Addreaa JAS. -W. 
BBATTIB.' Pawnee City, Neb.,' Sept, 2; WUMr. 
Neb., Sept. '4;^Sntton, Neb., Sepb 6: Mlialsn. 
Neb., -Sept- 6. - 


Roekville, Conn. 

September IS. 20. 21.' 
Wanta Shows of all kinds, E^rrls Whed. Aay- 
tblog new 'and Concessions. Fay 
low rentals. . DOMT MISS OS THIS TKAR. 
OEO. P, WENSHEISER. . Hgr. " — -— '-T': 
F. J. OOOLESr, Sseretaiy, . 


--WANT— ■i^.^.is. 
Two high-tdass sliows and coBcesntms-of > 
all kinds for tiesfe 'futs on sttgiets oE lGnf ' 
nesota an'S Wisconmu. Priiii^^t(m,,Minioi^ 
week August 28:^ ' 

WANTED— 1ro HEAR FR0lt 600D. ^ 

And Concessions of . all kinds. . ' Old .FaablOBCd 
County Fair, CamlTal'.and IIanfe.Oaining 'Week. 
All on the streets of Palmyra^ Mo.. Oetoher e. 
5, 0 and 7. 1911.- County 8eat:;i00.000 people ba 
radli» of 20 miles, liberal t^rms to all flrat- 
da^. attractions. Write at once. Wcdof tb* 
adTertldngC' sv -W. -B..' '. MAREBTJi, . PiesUnb . 
Palmyra, 'mr i " •"- 

BiS nil OF^MISAt 

Otewa, Kan$., Sept 1 9-20-21-22..; - r 

I,Brge crowds dally. Single - attractions aaC 
concessioners, address D. H. McCHI.U>aQB, 
Superintendent, Ottawa. Kjnsaa. - - ■ 


free fall festival^ street fair. and 
home-cqMing at 

BELLAIRE, OHIO, October 4 to 7. 

Several good shows, two free attractions, a balloon ascen- 
sion and leap'. * 

Address. ALBERT LUCHS/ Chnraaii of Goiieusiiiis, BELUIRE. Ofll(^ 

WiiiNTED— A^raetions aiid 
• Vaudeville Acts v 

Bar -Family Theatre, m the time. Also 
jhotaf'Tent. Show), on per cent, for best CoontT 
jFalr to' State, 'Sfeptember' 12th- week. ■ * 
jg0CK-'BOX>^«80;-CoTlngton. Indiana. 



.lV>r Labor Day Celebration. Salem, III. Olney. HI., Day and Night Fair, atartlng September 
Bth: Altamont, 411., Tth Annual Fair, week Sept. llth; Breese, 111., Day. and Nl^t- Fair, week 
Scot.' 18th. ' All of these Fain have Airship Flights. Ferrlg Wh eel. Platform Shows. Con- 
ceaalonk. Wa have aome U*e Oetohes dates also.. Address W, Ik -WINStOW, Salem, HI. 

Wanted for Downie & Wheeler Shows 

Sober Boss Canrasman, Manager for Sideshow that can famish acts and make good openlnga. 
General Superintendent, Slide Trombone for big Show Band. two, good .Xlthpgraphers sad Ban ner 
Men. Also want -ttTe Circus BlUgostets, Colored MaaIelan,.lM Band. . OOWIIIE & WBEEIEB, 
aa per roota. ' ' '. ' ' ' , 

The Bioscope 

Bubaoription. S2.00 ■ Year. 
85 Shaftesbury Avonuo. 

The leading Journal of the Moving 
. Pictiire bu3iness in Europe., Has 
the largest circulation and' is the 
best Advertlsii^ Afediuin,l)ar none. 
Sampl* C«py Mailed Fv««. 

OIE AI>I>UI£t«5B8 OF AIiI< XHB I igftMBBKi .'^ 

WASTED^Oood-Sbow Uan'wlth atlcaat •i;aeik 

aa partner, or . will sell sU. nly Interest :1a. goe4 
theatre In Anderson,' Ind. Seats <6S0l UBO 
BO<^ Anderson, Ind, - - - 

PBE8T0H OUHH.) PAIS, Septemher IS, 1ft. It. 
Wants Sh'owB and Concesslona. BIr ciowOb. 
Plenty money. Tents for shows. Mote to fol- 
low. Address PXOPEK ^AMBSSUBNT CO.. 

'WABT .TO- JOIH ; OABaZFAS— HsTO. Jnatpta* 
Horse' - Mew-«o-*>nn*. ■ <^^^ percent waste* 
In Iteit tettigC VL'M^^'^gtg^. "Newton.' lown. 

Want^il^eaft Paiii Shows 

And Kim .Attractions at KnozrOle's .OLD HMIB 
EHS' INSTirnTBr September 25-30. ^AddreoB 

Wanted. Quick 

Uerry-eo-Bonnd and other attractions for Ols- 
trlet Fhrmers' Sterator Picnic. Sgitemlwr M> 
Ashland, 111. f. H. WIUOTK. ftsWand , m. 



With three big feature acts. Now 
booking Fall anc^Winter monttus. 
Write for particulars. -Adtlress, 

MRS. W. KING, , 
606 Tiilrd Av*.. DETROIT. iliteH. #.< 

W»t~BaBi Misicias : 

Idtdles ahtPOenflemea, Also lAisical Act. 1, Stmt* s 
aala^r. Will boy Xrlek Ponies and Daca. Lowaet?, 
cash price. Play tbestiea. W. OBAWVOBftt' ' 

Gceen- Bay. ,jVla.' . ■ " . -- - " .-a 

SEPTEMBEfi-S; 1911. 


'iSEPTEMaER 2, i9tl; 



Absolutely the most remarkable film now ready ! . J^OW is the tim6 / 

':" ..X:r^'- for quick .aetiQn! State. Rights Men and Ekhibitors; Wake '" "..-^ { 


The most complete and thrilling .Hiatotical. Review., eyer . enacted :i07^ Scenesj,v_60. Eiders, Special Train for 
; Hoid-Up, Soldier SldrmisKes, "Wild and Sensational Riding, Tense Situation^ 

and a heart-interest story by real actors. j I*- -. 


Atlas Mfg. Co., Exchange Bldg., 
145 West 46th. St., j- ; 
Nevr Tork City. ! 


1st. touis Office, 
412 Oeriturv Building, 

• ■ Phone, Olive 2131. 

A New Sensatioiili 

Bigi^est Sarprisie of tbe. Age 

Photos Direct 
on; l^cistcardsr: 

* Hastleis: and wide, 
awake 'tatn^the" .-'Pbbtb 
Post Card, bualnesS' oSfen 
unlimited - mone^-tDaklng 
oppoMtmltlea. . Small -'Ini ■ 
▼estment— SO^^EB CEND 
No esperl^ce needed. Be 
< Independent. Here is jroor 
. chance to start rear own ' 
bnsineM. Big msaxj" 
made at. Fairs, CanilTala, " 
Amosement Fark&t and 
at .all ontdoor attractlono . 
wltli the 

Mandel CombinatiQs No. 3 Postcard .Camera 

Thl» Caia«a makes two- sizes PHOTOS OIBECT ON POST OABOS. • (Sz4iif and 
'(2x3). WITHOCT THE .tiaE OF NEO'A!riVE3: .Complete '.'FOrtalile MuiAl OSleiT." 
Hie Gamera welgbs six t»nnds. ■. 'SO.PAMK BOOM BEQinBED.^ Pletaies made' In 
broad ^7Ugbt: and SnUbedion.tbe AKttf In one mlnate. ' - ' 

Price of Camera^ - $15.00 
Complete Ouifit, only 25.00 

' ' ■ -Tbls entllt Inelndes tbe "Handd" COMBnTATIOir Ko. 8 POBX'OABO CAXEBA^ 
Tripod, and eveo'tUns .necessary to start making -mon^ rlgbt away; -also -two 'bnndred 
large and one., bnndred small FOs^' urdSi Send f5.00 deposit today, and ire will ablp 
tbe complete ootflt to j-on and conect/ tbe. balance -CO. D. . Write for FBKB CIB- 
OCLAB.' • . ■ • . '\ '■ 

SPECIAL' NOTICE: Beginning with .September I , the price of the Man- 
, del'! Cotribin^tlori No- 3 Postcard Camera will ii«-SI7.S0. Order now and' 
. save, money i ' . 

Tlie Fair and Carnival Season is On^ 

Write Today for Free CircitlarM. 


Dept 220, CongreM and Lafiin Sts., CHICAGO, ILL. 

Macbiir TMt isinrvs! 

' . i, ■ in' T i ■ ^ ■ - 

i Serid silong y^r ^^^ 
Rfvhas aealu put usjoa 

ticiflsQ^s'ABncl' us. yioiir r naine aiid 

address todays ; 



tot BUkMAN -STREET, . . . - ; - NEW YORK CITV 

■ , .' , , . l<icenBfd by the Motion Plettife PatenUCpinpmy. . . , 




gw'°»& 0HARLES L ilEWEIT CO. Sn'^&fe 



Wilte us for any subject, any FILM or feature. NEW OR OLD. We can 
get fbr you any film worth having at reasonable prices. 
New Varie Film Ranovatlho Ca.^ 12 Union Sauare. Baat. Maw Vark 


T ti e: B ill board 

SEPTEMBER .9, 1911. 


b both Om par- 
'Cluue 'Price and In 
tielsb^ hr biqrtDa! 


We carry a large 
stock and can ship 

Several lots of 
S a c o n d - Sand 
<>h«iEB for sale &t 
■especially low 
vrlces. Also leat- 
-tns for ont of door 
-tise. Addre ss Dept. 
VZ, Grand Bapfda. Mleb.: Boston, 224 Con- 
st.; FUladslpbla. 610 Flanders Bids- 

The Wisconsin 



In eray 


Hade wMb 



Never break 
Emj to set 19 

So. 60. 


We make for quiek 
ddpment. IM 



a ii kinds seating 
Royal Metai Mig.G. 

1^21 Df-^rborn St. 



Manager and Impertar of 


Bet. add, 81 8id Ave., New 'Sodc N. Y. 


■50,000 Xickets. any kind $4.00 

Edison's Kalin Condensers 58 

Natkmal Carbons. %-lS soft cud, per 100. 1.65 

Tensbm. Springs, per pair. .2S 

Films for rent. 
a05 Fonrtli Avenne, Bittslntrsli, Fa. 



ZOK BAIE— TENTS— One 20x70 \riate tent. 10 
It. side walls, used one season, poles and stakes, 

prieev SIOO.OO: one 40x50 ronnd ends. 7 ft. 
-valla, poles and stakes, black top. wMte sides, 
^rice, SIOO.OO; one Concession tent, bine and 

'White, 18x30, 7 ft walls, poles and stakes, used 
^about one montti, price. $30.00; Power's No. 5 

M. P. Maciilne. nsed one month. $100.00; rubln 

.Machine. S65.n0: OptlgraDU Xo. SV.. $30.00; 
"Model JB Gas llacbines, $S5.00. Best dim serrlce 
At $1.00 per reel per week. I want tents, films, 
.fn«,.htiw>tt,- pa« ■ niMohtiiga and all binds of amnse- 

«nent ■ goods. : Give list DIXIE FHiU EX- 
-CHANGE, 812 Irficnst Street, Owensboro, Ky. 

lllBstrated Soig Slides 

•Tor tbe.bigsest hit in the country,, "Bail- 
xoad Raj^."~ EXCELSIOR SLIDE "CO., 
«1.W. 14th St., New York, N. Y 

XBEATBE SSAXne — ^Laxgest Use In tbe world. 
■Cut. S-1 (Uphelstered Cbalis); S-2 (U. P. 
Oialia). aXEBIcaS BEAXIHG tXt,, CUcase. 
Vtm York, Bastes, ZUlad^Ua. 


■ 'Page. 

GEBTBTOE SAIiIiAS ... ......... CoTer page 

GEO. M. COHAN '.i...„.......^ti 8 



the amdsement week in new sobk .......i...... 8-9 

amusement events of the week in chicago.. 10-u 

imfobtant amusement events of the week thbougbohi the wobu>.. 12-13 

motion pictdbe news 14 

editobiai. 16 

songs fubkishebs abe boosxihg 17 

fobei6n amoeeuekt news 18 

big city news -. 20-21 

se:ating news 22 


FAIK NEWS .......i.... 34 



PABK NEWS .........V...... 30 

FILM SYNOPSES .i. ...... 32 


Performers* Dates •. ..." 34 

Bnrlesqne ......i .' ;....... iiO 

Minstrels ...^.'...^ SO 

Bands and Orchestras SO 

Stock and ■ Beperbiire...... 90 

Additional Performers' Dates ~ SO 

Circtis, Carnivals and W;ild 'Wests.... .i... . 61 

Dramatic and Mnsicsl ....1 .... ...... 52 





STBEET FAIBS ..i-.- .......i..' 49 

NEW FAIBS - '. 49 





The A. H. Andrews Go. 


174-176 Wabaah'Avanua, 
CHicAGO, ILL. ^ 
Branehas In all leading eltlaa. 


the celebrated actress 


La Resista Cor&et Co., 

21 West 34th Street, Jfew York City. 

You are to be complimentedXon your corset. 
For many years I have had my eorsetj made at very 
fancy prices, but did not get the satisfaction and com- 
fort I expected — one trial of the La Resista]^ opened 'my 
eyes. ... Today I enjoy perfect comfort and my gowns 
E^iOW to better advantage. 

Ydiits truiv. 


aie tlie ideal corsets because they iiisia-e per- 
fect freedom of aclion and graceful, unre- 
stricted movement. Spirabone Stays— the 
most ingenious conset inveiitiou ever known— 
are used on/y in Reslsta Corsets. Be* 
ware of Imitations. 

Styles for every Figure, 

At all good tlealers. ,If your dealer can not supply 

In New York City at our retiul store. 

. Fittings Free. 

La Resista Corset Co.. 21 W. 34 St , N. Y. 

roB xnruAL behzfix kebxioh xbb biluoass wmai 'WBixns aotebtibebs. 

MAKE MO A DAY with m, 
woDderfat OhainjAon Flatin 
Xaahlne. Takes, deTeloiia, 
Ishea photo In halt minute- 
■n UiDr. No dark room. 
perience anneoessair. Phoi. 
Post Cards and Bottons an ii,, 
ragel Yon com money anr. 
where. Small Inrestmi'nt; bit 
proata. Be your own twii 
'Wrtte for Free Book, TestSuI 
ntals. rtc. Americaa Mint. 
Fhoto 0»., Dept. 60, Chica(a,Q 




St-ia... $10.00 

as-u. . . 11.00 

SS-ia... 18.00 

SO-is. .. 1S.00 

SS-ia... 14.00 

>4-la... 16.00 

se-ia... 16.00 

S8.iB... ».00 

40.ia... U.00 

4t-ia... 19,00 


Bonnd «vltli on Naw 
Cold-Rolled Steel Bind< 
ini. Three-ply B.B.& a 
trunk wood, hand-rivetad 
tipping tray. SEND FOB 
deposit rcqnlrsd on C. O. D stalpmenls 


53S Smithfiald St.. 
447 Wood St. 416 radatal St.. N. S 

Faetory: SZ-SS Isabella St., N.S. 

When In tbe foUowlDg cities, got the ura 
tmnk, same coaraatec, same pnea, witli mis- 
Imnm freleht ehartes added, from the tollowtai 

New Tork. H. Z. QimM-Bnttoi 

Cbicago, in Maraban Field A 

Akron, Ohio ....J. B. Speaea 

Altoona. Pa Altoooa Leather Goods -Qk 

Anderson, lod....... Hndaon Bna 

Ansosta, Ga,. Ansnsta Tmnk Oa 

Baltimore. Md .C. J. Dnnn Co. (2 stotasl 

Boston. Mass W. W. WloiUi 

Boston, 'Mass W. H. Winakta 

BucTma, Oliltt...... B, B. Bill 

Bnirslo. N. Y Ftaak O. PbllUii 

Bntte. Ilont Moataoa Tmak Faetaq 

Clnelnaatl. Ohio ....O. S. Ellis A 8m 

Clereland, O Ukly A Boekett Tmnk Ca, 

Colnmbns, Ohio Wallacb's Tmnk Ston 

CrawfordsTllle. Ind Loois BIschaf 

Cnmberland. Ud.... B. H. Oieani 

Dayton. Ohio.'. D. Leonhard's Be 

Denver, Col.. Denrer TRmk raatoir Ct. 

Detroit. Mich Shadboldt A Chan 

Dnicth. Minn Twin Ports Tmnk Oi. 

Fort Wayne; Ind Patteiaoii-FIetcber Oa. 

Fostoria, 'Ohio... ..The Fetor Clotblnx On 

Frankfort, 'Ind ;.J, W. Chattel's Saa 

Grand Baplds. Micb... Pan! Elftrt 

Hamilton, tint Hamlltoo Leather Goods Oa. 

Huntington, Ind J. Dick's Son & Coi 

Bnntmgton, W, Va...Nortbcott-Tate-HnsT Oi. 

Indianapolis, Ind Cbas. Mayer A Co. 

LaFayette, Ind. Loeb A Hene Co. 

Lebanon. Ind Elbert PetlLlot 

Lima, Ohio. The Hoorer Boosh 0*. 

Logansport, Ind Sctaroeder A Porter Co. 

LonlsTlIIe. Ky Gnthrle's Ttnnk Ston 

MIddletown. O Bitter's Harness A Boggy Oa. 

Mobile. Ala .....lIobBe Tmnk Ca. 

Newark. Ohio Ed. Dai 

Philadelphia. Pa Wm. Cnrn 

Port Huron. Mich Orttenbiirger Harness Co. 

Portland. Me J. L. Brackett A Oa. 

Portsmouth, Ohio John HM 

Providence, B. 1 Berry ft O. 

RIchmnnd. Ind Miller Hamaas Co. 

SoKlnnw. Mich Llebennsn Tmnk Co. 

Snvsnnnh. Ga Savannah Trank PactotJ 

.SprlnKSeld. Ohio Wm. McCuIlwt 

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Tl:..ton, Ind ..Shortle Department Stnt 

Tnicdo. Ohio ...Wilmington ft Oa. 

Trenton. N. J .....G. A. Mlsblit 

WashloKton, D. C. ... .Becker's Leather Goods Ca. 

WhnnlluB. W. Va w Eta * .iclfert 

n'|]lii.i> "iirrp. Pa... Harvey H. Kcmmcnt 

Znno«rme. OIilo The Warner SWta 

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saTiDg of time and exccislve express ctaargci W 
this arrancrmeot. 

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I HIK ywmi . npw a f iil teaahlMl Ureuln. Imtrurt («.{]/ *'p.*' 
~ BnkaaBlasctWslrUCI 

If you SCO It In The UlUboaxd, t«U tlii-w «i. 



416 EIni Street. « . . . . . . . CliiclnBatl. Ohio 


Intimate Sketches of the Careers and Personalities of Men Powerful in the World of 
Amusement Whether or Not Prominent in the Public Eye , 


No producer enjoys so distmct!y_ an 
international and thoroughly American 
a popularity as Geo. M. Cohan, the hust- 
ling young Irish American, whose songs 
and sayings are repeated in . air the sec- 
lions of the globe where civilization has 
progressed far enough to appredate the 
spice of wit and song. Up to the pres- 
ent, Cohan has furnished the dramatic 
and lyric stage with no less than four- 
teen plays that have found favor on he 
American Stage. 

Probably no name in the world of 
histrionic art is better or more favorable 
known. Not only for the genuine satis- 
faction his son^s and plays have; given 
the ainusemeiit' world, but to' the fact 
that at no time in his career; has he 
..stooped to saladous and vulgar: meAods 
•■to'create an appeal for his- wares. ■ 
,' To this, an everlasting credit to Geo. 
' M. Cohan, may- be attributed the vogiie 
thi$:author, actor, composer, playwright 
manager and producer, have come to 

Jerry ^. Cohan, the father of the Yan- 
kee Doodle Boy, as he is affectionately 
. called, was the first of . a long line of 
American Celts to adopt the stage as a 
profession, whidi he did; by accepting 
the first important engagement with the 
Morris Bros. Minstrels, at Providence, 
R. I. This was in 1867. An old Phila- 
delphia programme, supplied by Frank 
Dumont, sets forth the fact that Jerry 
J. Cohan was. a me'mber of La Rue's 
Carnival Minstrels from December, 1868 
to June. 1869. Diiring the season of 
1869-1870. the elder Cohan became iden- 
tified with the McEvoy Hibernians, 
and created the character of Barney, the 
guide, in that then famous organization. 

In 1872, the elder Cohan organized 
Haley and Cohan Hibernian and Irish 
Minstrel troupe, but left that branch 
of the business to sit on the opposite 
end to Sam Sharpley in Sharpley's Min- 
strels in 1873. 

Jerry J. Cohan was married to Helen 
F. Costigan in Providence, R. I., Sep- 
tember. 1874. The two children, George 
M. and Josephine, were both born in 
1 rovidcnce. 

George Michael Cohan first saw the 
light of day in the Rhode Island Capital, 
July 4, 1878, a day since revered by 
inm m story and song. The theatrical 
season previous to his arrival had not 
been a monetary triumph with the Cohan 
taojily. and the arrival of its heir ap- 
parent was not accompanied with too 
•nany luxuries, nor was there any great 
popul,ir demonstration to signalize the 
" event 

Gcom'c M. Cohan made his first 'pro- appearance with' his family, 
ihe 1 our Cohans's in 1886, when he 
Pja.ved second fiddle in the orchestra for 
fcckiiior Farsmans Daniel Boone Com- 
Wny- He also sold song books ■ and 
^tncnvisc made himself' generally usc- 


Capt Jack Crawford, the "poet 
scout," was the star of the organization, 
and he promoted little George to the im- 
portant role of the Boy Violinist. 

As a lad of five years, a violin was 
one of his Christmas offerings the elder 
Cohan presented to his son, George M., 
and before he had reached the age of 
seven years, he was a remarkably pro- 
ficient performer on it. 

In 1887, Geo. M. Cohan essayed his 
first real part, that of a fly kid, in his 
father's prodtictibii. of The Two Bar- 
neys. • ,, ■■. 'f' . _ ~ , ' 
: It was in*1889 that the Four Cohans 
toured' the oiuntry as the Cohan Fanuly 

of Mirth Makers, in a playlet written 
by Jerry J. Cohan, called Four of a 
Kind. The performance consisted of a 
piano solo by Josephine Cohan, that was 
followed by the sketch. Four of a Kind, 
then came a violin solo by "the world's 
greatest virtuoso," Master Geo. M. Co- 
han. Sister Josephine had a dance, 
and then came another piano solo by 
daughter Josephine, after which came, 
the niece de resistance. The 'Alarming 
Sacrifio^, another sketch from the pen 
of Jerry;J. ^"'^^(i:^ '•' 

In "1891, "when* 'scarcely thirteen years 
bf i^e, Geo. St..\Cohan)nia^e it loi^ in- 

dependent tour as the boy in P^'s Bad> 

The sketch team, known as The Four- 
Cohans, was formed in-1892L They im- 
m'ediately jumped iqto prbniineiice,^an<i 
their dramas and farces,. were in much* 
demand. --'n" 

When Geo. M[r vGbhah'..;'was . fifteen> 
years old^ he finished' ani^ 'presented his- 
first independent; poilip'rodiit^'.r'It was- 
called Money to Btfrn.'! -It-prdyed a very 
funny sketch, and itntiued' with', its suc- 
cess, Mr. . Cohan wtote"cinother, .called* 
Goggle's Doll House,VaSd.'a"'third 'under 
the title of- The Professor's Wife. Not 
content with furnishing the sketch for 
his family,. Georgtej who has inheriteds 
an ear for: music, began comp.osint^ 
songs and incidental^ music to accomr: 
pany the chatter. A Hot Old Time, I 
Guess I'll Have. to . Telegraph My Baby,. 
Venus , My Shining- Star, Why JJid' 
Nellie Leave Her,. and Under- 
neath the Blankets in a Folding Bed,, 
were all ,w'ritten. before he had attained' 
hi.s sixteenth ye,ar. ■ 

The Governor's Son -was "Written and> 
produced- as a;.sketch' wtfen. George was. 
eighteen years ^oldl .' Tlys^was ' f Olk)wetf ; 
by Ruiming 'for OflScej^also' a twenty 
minute ' sketch; ' Both " 'of these little- 
playlets were' afterwards lengthened in- 
to three act plays/"with music, and it 
may be said that it really was these two- 
plays that made the public sit up and 
pay some attention to the" "Cohan kid,"" 
as vaudevillian folk called kGco. M.,: io' 
those days. The Cohans had now es- | 
stablished themselves, and were strongr j 
favorites in the popular priced theatres i 
throughout the country, as well as Tony- 
Pastor's old theatre in 14th Street. New- 
Vork Citv, and at Keith's rvaudeville 
house. But the big theatres of New 
Vork knew th'em not iat all, and when» 
that musical melodrama. Little Johnny- 
Tones, was booked for the Liberty The- 
atre, New York City, there were many- " 
that underestimated the ability and gen- 
ius of this quadri-membered family. 

Little Johnny Jones, at the Liberty: 
Theatre, did not score such a tremen- : 
dous triumph. There was .something- 
lacking in the third act, and Mr. Cobanr 
booked it on tour for a few weeks out 
of town, during which time he rewrote- 
the final act, and came back to Gotham,. ■ 
this time at the big New York Theatre, : 
when Little Johnny Jones scored ther. 
biggest hit of its time. 

Forty-five Minutes from Broadway, a. 
satire on the village of New Rochelle,i 
N. Y., was written and produced witli« 
Miss Fay Templeton as the star in 190S. , 
It bad a lon^ arid successful run, and is- 
even now being presented in stodc: fronf: 
coast ,fo coast. Mr. Cohan followed this, 
play with George Washington. Jr.. The- 
TaUc of New vYorl^ Fifty Milest Fronr 
Boston, "The Anaerican Idea,' rTbe-^MaiB 
Who Owns. Broadway, and- "The^YanlGeer 

;-P5iiitie.: :v.: ■v'"t'r:\;';i'.'". '*-TT^;Tr"'*T'' 

; .-, ■ v («3ootlinea on. jpBO 55). ■ ; 


Xtie Billt>oapcl 



Description of the Features that have 

of Successful Open- Air 


(Con tinned.) 

- The most tfcientificallf-bailt swUnming pool 
la the world la- ^.tiaatle Beach, the great open- 
air mtstorliua In the toath end ot the park. 
It U 300 fret In lenstb and 200 feet wide, bnUt 
of solid concrete tbrottsliont, and with clear 
lake sand strewn OTer Its gtadnated depth, rang- 
ing from three inches to twelve (eet. Its capac- 
ity la 3,000,000 gallons of pnie, filtered lake 
wateK always kept at a temperature' ' ot 72 
degrees Fahrenheit, and there ate locker aecom- 
modattons tor 5.000 bathers. There Is a special 
balldlng for women and children, with maids In 
attendance. Competent Instructors are always 
on hand to Instruct In the art of swimming, 
and the eqalpment. which Is gnearpassed by an; 
beach west of the Atlantic Coast, comprises ■ 
Ttt-foot dlTinff tower, water- chutes, springboards 
at heights of S. 10. 20. 30. « and 70 feet, 
lolling logs, tnmlns bats and ontdoor grmnaslnm 
apparatus. P. T. Hamao. Nell Slnnar and Ed 
Smith are the proprletocs. and. their entetjirlse 
Is ylriding them K handsoma mranie at tweaty- 
flre cents a head. 

An attractloD that has ptoren a great mag- 
net during the stunmer. Is Onalp. which Is 
housed In a "speclallx-eonstmcted building ad- 
joining the Monitor and Merrlmae Show on the 
rtTcrtront. A wonderTulIy skilled petfotmei on 
the plane sremlnglr deSes the laws ot gravl- 
tatlou and plays' the- Instrument at erery angle, 
while rerolTlng rapidly, and even upside down. 
This was a sensatlooal featnre of the New 

XOrk Blppodrome for an entire season, and 
was a bic attraction when presented at the 
Cotlseom. Chlcaso. a year or two ago. WUIlam 
Uoore is the manager The price ot admission 
Is ten cents. 


One of the latseat shows oo the Bowetjr Is 
the irrestllnr Arena of Charles Cutler and Syl- 
Tte Ferretti. well-known Ciileago sporting men 
and amusement promoters. Charles Cutler, who 
Is sometliins ot a wrestler himself, being oat 
with as ottrr of $100 to anybody who can stay 
llfleen mlnntea with blm, has gathered a stable 
«r athletes that embraces almost erery element 
U. Chicago's mUted popnlatlon. There are Tnrks. 
Aastriatts. Germans, Irbih. Uthnanlans. Bulgar- 
ians. Dutch. Serrians and Germanized colored 
men In the oatst. and the show Is (nil ot life 
and glns^. An admlsslwi fee of only ten 
cents Is charged. The personnel of the show 
Is corered In the roster. 


Th£s Js a combined Tattderille and singing 
show, the entertainment being furnished by a 
bery of ivetty Kids. C .V. Blnm Is the pro- 
prietor, tie Is also tha owner ot Ptetureland. a 
moTlng pletnTo aUov that adjoins It Admlailon 
to the shows !■ lice Cfnt^eaeh. 

PtoC WHhelm Frteke's tmpertal Flea Circus, 
from Hamburg. Germany, and Mabel, the Strang- 
est Girl AUre. oeenpg; a hoOth on. the Bowery, 
the pricv of admissloB to both shows being tea 
cents. TU« Sess. of which there ate orer. 300, 
perform a wooderfnl Tartely of stnnts. Inclnd- 
ine the drawing ot carriages, antmnoblles. Are 
wagons. JugsUng a ball, presenting a ballet In 
costume, walking: a tight rope, jtnnping throogh 
a hoop, and other wooderftil stmits. It Is most 
entertaining and Instmctlre. Mabel, the Strang- 
est Girl -\llT». earns her title from lier fear- 
lessness In lumdllng all kinds of Tenomous ser- 
pents, among them the dreaded diamond-back 
near the mala entrance. The other two are 
tattler and the copperhead. The show makes 

a good combination and Its patrooaxe has been 

big. : 


Free TaudeviUe Is the attraction offered by 
the German Beer Garden at the south end of 
the park. Here, under an atttactire canopy of 
varicolored lights, one may sit and drink Altes 
beer and other beverages while be Is listening 
to a diverting program of variety. William J. 
Welbasky, who tram bis 3ST pounds of adipose 
tissue has earned the eobrlquet of Big Bill, 
is in charge, while Carleton King, formerly of 
the La Salle Theatre, Is stage director. 

There are three shooting galleries on the 
grounds. J. MannlT Is propriem ot the one 
owned by Belden & Stratton and are located oa 

ese ball game of S. Maeyama, operating ten 
boards, and Imparting his own prizes from 
Japan. Other Japanese games are operated by 
G. Miyada and T. Tanaka, both of whom are 
supplied by Taklto, Ogawa & Co. Hoopla 
stands are very popular, there' being five, oper- 
ated by the following persons: P. G. Smith, N. 
M. Flober, A. Samada and Fred Hentex. The 
game consists in ringing various prizes by 
miniature hoops. Similar Is the same Jingle 
Mingle, operated by Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Hud- 
son, the player ringing small numbered medals In 
a contest for prizes. Tulila te still soother game 
of sidll. The Idea Is to bounce rubber balls 
Into a tub and make them stay there, the 
wlimer being accorded various prizes. Cutler & 
Ferretti operate one of these devices on the 
Bowoy. unils Boeekner has a ball game on 

Electric Tower at Night, White City. Chicago. 

the North Main Thoroughfare. That at the 
beginning of the walk is decorated In rustic 
i'ffeet. ami has a pond, across the surface of 
which ducks and swans swim as an endless 
target. Water balls, moving pipe racks snd 
intomata coostltnle other targets that invite 
the shots at the .pasdng vMtor. The otiier gal- 
lery Is at the Intersection ot the River Walk, 
opposite the Cbatee, and Is buUt la the Aape 
of a fortress. Fled Knbetz la la eharge. - 
J. Mannlx also mns a baby rack, cane rack 
and zigzag In connection with the shooting gal- 
lery before mentioned. Near him Is the Japaa- 

the North Thoroughfare. In which flowers are 
the prises. Ctirley's Flats is another throwing 
game, wMch caters to the inborn love Of the 
male sex to throw at a target. In this ease It 
is a miniature house fidl of glass windows, which 
.von break and get various prizes according to 
your skm. Arthur Terrell and Bay HIekey are 
the proprietors, the former being the originator 
of the Idea. They Intend to maBataetnze ttem 
for the trade. 

Beyond donbt. the most popular throwing game 
extant Is the Atrlcas Dip. or Chocolate Oiop. as 
It la called. There are aereral stands derated 

to this came la BlTerrlew, aad all of thrm «e 
doing the proverbial landHlOee business. The 
Old Pike Building at the north entrance ot the 
grounds contains a flourishing stand eqnipiied bT 
the Mexican Armadillo Cnrlo Company, Can- 
bridge Building, Cblcago. This Is anrtunnded 
aftenwon and evening by an eager crowd, throw- 
ing at the little dial that makes the swing or 
staircase collapse, thus precipitating the nei;n) 
who acts as the target Into a tub of watrr. Tlie 
coons are the best possible ballyhoo, with tlieir 
funny remarks and droll antics wben "aopiicd." 
A. Doerr Is proprietor of a stand on the North 
Thoroughfare; Melman and Shapiro own two 
dips and two collapsible swings In the north 
part of the gronnds; Harry Lasker operates one 
In connection with two knife racks, and tinder 
the name of the Original Chocolate Drops, Bert 
Cinoy operates foor tanks and dips on the Bow- 
ery. All of them are big moneymaken. 

Ctiarles Browning operates several penny ar- 
cades in RIverview, wlilch supply the kiddies' 
demand tor recreation. 


Benry Belden la proprietor of a striking de- 
vice, the old sledge, whereby he gathets many 
nickels from the young men who weald show 
their lusty prowess as wieldeia of the mallet. 

Barry S. RIcbDond. who baa been tdeatiflcd 
DDtll recently with the Parker Shows, Is oper- 
ating a pocket bowling game on the North Thor- 
ouKhfare, la connection with a glass engraving 
and stein store, handling souvenir gooda. 

Margaret aad Katherlae, the Fears Bisters. 
Engllshwomea, who hare made ewaa ezpoaltloa 
of note since the World's Fair In Chleago, ara 
located on the North Thoraoghfare with a booth 
wherein they weave while yon wait souTunlr 
silk bandketchlefi. 


Those who wonid peer Into the future, will 
and a multltode of adepts in palmistry who will 
satisfy their curiosity tor a nominal sum. 
Princess Flying Bird or Mrs. Sanderson, as she Ii 
In private life. Is the only native American 
Indian palmist In the business. She has been la 
the grounds every season for the. paat aevea 
years, and haa many patrons who return regu- 
larly to listen to her oracular wisdom. Mms. 
Setra conducts a College of Science on the North 
Thoroughfare, Mohamed Snlamln has a Tempi* 
of Hindoo Palmistry at the south end of tb* 
park, and Mme. ZIngra, sclentlflc palmist, who 
has been In the park since II Oist opened, holds 
forth on the Middle Walk next to the Scenic 

Fred. O. Wright Is the proprietor, of the scale 
eoncessloiu and three of his young men ara 
stationed In various parts of the grounds guess- 
ing the weight ot the passera-by. The Chatllkm 
Scale Company of New Vork supply the equip- 
ment. The weigher Is supposed to guess the 
weight of the visitor within three pounds, or 
else It costs the Utter nothing. If he does to. 
It costs the visitor &vc cents. It Is marvcloos 
how expert the young men become In weight- 

RIverview posiesaes In the Casino Bestauraot 
one of the best cafes In Chicago, wherein the 
l>est viands obtainable are prepared In a manner 
that would appeal to any epicure. In addltloa 
to this cafe, there are the Bnngarlan Bestanrani. 
under the management of D. I,. Frank, and the 
Dairy, the proprietor of which la M. LoUe. la 
both of thaae- places, good aabstantlal food, ap- 

MIiihL>af» Railway, White City, Chitaso. 

The Chutes, White City, Chicago. 

SEPTEMBER 9, 1911. 

T e B i 1 1 b o a r d 


Placed Certain Parks in the Vanguard 
Amusement Resorts 

Iietlziuglf cooki^, may be obtained at reason- 
able prices. John U. Hall operatea twelve re- 
fresbment etanda in varloua parta o( ttae grounds, 
aDd manufactures Ice cream conei under tbe 
U. S. Serial number 33,302, in compliance wltn 
tbe IMire Food laws. He baa been a conceaslon- 
airi! for the past Eeven years. 

The photographic concession ia in tbe bands of 
Jobn M. Foster and W. 3. Coultrey, wbo operate 
three galleries, two In ttae nortb part ot tbe 
par):, and the otber on ttae Bowery. 


AU during ttae early part ot ttae season, tbe 
Airdome. a pleasant enclosed grove on ttae North 
Thoroughfare, bag been devoted to blgb-dass 
raodeville. Becently It baa been secured by 
Oncle Dan Boylngton, late of 101 Bancb, wbu 
has put in an animwl show comprlalng twenty-two 
trained mules, i pair ot trained horses aod a 
couple of educated buffaloes. Uncle Dan comes 
direct from Brighton Beach, Con*-- Island, New 
Vork, where his ataow attracted tbe enthusiastic 
attention of the Eaaterners, and won page after 
page in tbe New Xork magazines and Sunday 
papers. Ttae show affords a lil>eral education in 
the part lilDdnesa and humanity plays in tbe 
training of dumb animals. Uncle Dan never 
usISE the whip, 


Mrs. Jennie Ackley and taer son, A. B. Acldey, 
b.ive aa interesting staow on the Blver Walk, 
wblch comprises torn animal freaka, admission 
to which is only a dime. The first is ttae famous 
half'ileer, half-horse, which Mrs. Acldey brongtat 
all the way from Nome, Alaska, where it wak 
boru. One side of tbe beast resembles a deer, 
aad the otber side is eqntne. Tbe boots of tbe 
snimal have grown out In such ■ manner that 
It appears to rest on skis, probably an attempt 
of generous Nature to provide It with proper 
means of locomotion over tbe Aluktn tnndra. 
There Is a Ittfle pig with two bodies aod one 
bead: a midget borse, and a Mexican sbeep with 
a coat of seven colors. An Alaskan flsh-bear 
acts as the ballyboo. 

.C. H. Armstrong baa gathered a collection of 
human freaks that Is getting tbe money at only 
live cents a tbrow. These are: Artie Atberton. 
the skeleton dnde. weight 3S poun^^: Mary 
Peters, fat woman, welgtaing 6S3 pounds, and 
Ulllle Long, giantess, whose height is said to 
tw T teet 8 incbea. These people give a cake 
walk and Salome dance every half boor. 
Dr. F. C. Mayer, late ot tbe Sella-Floto Showa. 
has a pit ahow, called the Siamese Twins, an 
apparently fossilised mammy ot twin males, 
loined by a ligament. The ' admission ia ten 
cents. - 

The Mystic Top Is a valk-araoad abow, owned 
by .the Keystone Amnaement Company, and lo- 
cated on the Bowery. It is imder tbe manage- 
ment of P. Ueany. Admission Is five cents, and 
It gives tbe visitora tbe reqalalte number ot 
thrills, usual to shows ot this class. Castle 
Karzenjammcr Is another attraction ot tbe same 
class. It Is a big langh-indncer. Mac. L. Smith 
la the manager. Next door la a two-in-one 
•buw, a midget and a bearded lady, which is 
under the proprietorship ot midget Baton Ntcn 
de Barsky. The Magnet, three showa In one. 
euiiiprlse an electric novelty: Princess from tho 
Spirit World, and Bonse-Upslde-Down. Ten 
cents admits to all. J. D. Waggoner Is the 
gt-ncral manager. The Wild Anna Snake Staow 
Is a pit show on ttae Blver Walk, 'under tbe 
proprli-iiirslilp ot Charles Boss. During the 

early part of the seaaon, Sbiek All Deb con- 
ducted his Oriental Theatre on the Bowery, bat 
Is now on the fair circuits. There are a number 
ot minor shows, wblcta come and go according 
to tbe season, and a large dancing pavilion with 
a splendid floor is an attnctlon that Is In great 
favor with tbe young people. 


As stated In last week's Issue, Newark, K. 
J., is "thrice blessed" In the matter of amuse- 
ment parks— Hillside, Electric and Olympic. The 
latter two were given a review in the preceding 
lasue, . while Blllalde was reserved nntU this 
week. 'Hillside is a restful and attractive name 
tor a park tbat tnlfllls In every detail ttae va- 

single five cent tare rate to about 800,000 per- 

As one enters the park he Is Immediately 
greeted by tbe ham ot the hnstling concession- 
ers, who skirt the entrance on all aides and in 
all directions. At a little distance to the right 
the official office Is located, secreted In a cor- 
ner ot a Iimch casino. To the left as one en- 
ters the big bonding used as a .dance floor and 
skating rink attracts tbe attention. This floor 
Is ot ample area, and ot very durable material. 
80 tbat tbe devotees ot ttae skating art rally 
most ' strongly to the Hillside gathering place. 

At a little distance from this building is tbe 
large arena In which Mr. Thaller's own wild 
west performances, nnder ttae supervision ot 
Barney Demarest, are held every ' afternoon and 
evening. A abort walk across the bridge which 
spans the lake brings ns to the menagerie en- 

Tlous associations that the name applies— rolling 
contour — verdure on all sides — tall trees and 
cool shade. 

The management have been most careful In 
their provlaions tor their patrons' comfort and 
entertainment, ttae grounds being stndded with 
restful nooks, cool retreats, engaging devices, 
a very commendable menagerie, and an alluring 
lake with plenty, ot rowboats. Even a cursory 
Rlimpse ot tbe offerings convinces tbat W. E. 
H. Thaller has carefully devised every means 
ot making hia guesta enjoy themselves. Ttae 
Hillside Pleasure Park Company has ttae follow- 
ing official staff: .Ctaaa Ttaaller, president; J. 
Marsball. vice-president; T. W. Crowley, secre- 
tary, and W. B. H. Thaller, treasurer and gen- 
eral manager. Their capital stock Is qnoted 
at tl2S.O0O, Tbe gtonnds comprise aeventy-alx 
acres In Belleville, a twenty-two minute ride 
from tbe heart ot Newark, attainable at the 

closnre. The stock Is tlie property of William 
Bartels Co., whose offices are located on Cort- 
land Street In New York City. The selection 
of animals presented Is moat felicitous and al- 
together imexjiected tor a park in a town so 
close to tbe Bronx Zoological Garden in New 
York City. Many animals ot equally as rare a 
species are on exhibition at Manager, Thaller's 
resort. We can gain some appreciation ot the 
animals displayed when we learn tbat Mr. Bar- 
tels uses this park tor his live stock headquar- 
ters and has erected a very attractive little cot- 
tage tor himself in its vicinity. In ttae Jangle 
cages, lions, tigers, Jagnars, leopards, etc., are 
on display. At a llttif distance from tbeir 
cages is a large enclosure In wbidi quite a herd 
ot bnffalos disport. Then tbere Is tbe enclosure 
tor bears ot Tarlons kinds and cages supplied 
with water ttonglis and batb tubs for bears 
of all descriptions. Many ornate birds are In 

the Hillside collection. In fact; there are too 
many animals to mention Indivldnally, and we 
might dismiss the discussion of the metugerie 
by saying tbat ttaeie is no reason tor any resi- 
dent ot Newark not being familiar with all 
the animals tbat he used to read about In bis 
istory book when a child. 

The Wild West Show Is under the diiectlon 
of Barney Demarest, who taas supporting bim a 
collection of about twenty-flve, together witb 
about three dozen to forty horses. The en.' 
semble IndKdes Wyoming Jack and wife. Masoni 
and wife, Bert Bawllns and wife. Cliarles Ald- 
rldge and wife, George Barton and wife. John 
Frantz, Mildred Von der Helde, Miss Deerhami- 
mer, Charles Hesslnger, familiarly known as 
Hadus, the rider; Slack and wife. Mm. Holt- 
man, Harry Jennlcke, Pete Boberts, Mathew T. 
Frantz, Ernest Sheaner. Harry McLean. Johnny 
Hughes and others^ inclndlng eigbt Indians. Tbe 
program tbat they offer baa several distinct fea- 
tures and several of the members stand out for. 
special praise. 

The concessionaire roster Is as follows: Soda. 
Ice cream, milk, fruit, pea nuts, ice cream 
cones, lemon and orangeade, under the control 
of Nicholas BsUlas, assisted by bis many rela- 
tives; Carousel, Mrs. Emma Smith, proprietor; 
Mr. Smith, manager; Cane Boards, Jack SU- 
berger, assisted by his wife and daughter; Foor- 
Ball TIvoU. Herman SUberger: Striker. Ball 
Game and Bazzle Dazzle, John Hnber; Sbootlnc 
Gallery. August Wescb; Japanese BaU Game. 
Electric Ugbt Game and Novelty Stand. Curkln 
Yoon; Fish Pond, Bosa Neary; Wizard Ball 
Game. Charles Klein; Photo Gallery, Simon Isa- 
kovltcb: Knife Palace, James Wright; Hoop-la 
Game, Hyman Berger; Frankfurter Stand, Peter 
Deminick Elonamar; Bestanrant; Bmll MerUe; 
MaKic Wand, Baker and ■ Stagey; the amaU 
Roller Coaster. William Kmg; the large Boiler 
Coaster. W. E. H. Tlialler. manager: erew: 
Ed Bobn. John Mai, John Bennett and- Bob 
Smith; the Dart Same (new ball device), C. 
Engelberg; the Flat Wheel. Abe Stebmian: Skat- 
ing Blnk, Lew Spiiming; Candy Stand ang Prise 
Wheel, Nathan Schwartz: Hot Waffle Stand. 3. 
B. Johnston; Moving Picture Theatre (The Elec- 
tric). Domlnlck Maglio; Gypsy Camp, Edwin 
Smith; Boats, Andrew Salzgaber: Swings, J. 
McDonald; Balloon Man, Tom Moore; Dirigible 
Airship, Frank Seyfang. . Tom Moore Is the 
man tbat gained ancb commendable poblleltT for 
Manager Thaller's resort last week by baTinic 
his balloon escape most fittingly and land la tbe 
heart of New York City, at 42d Street and o. 
Broadway, Times Square. The management ex- . 
pect to feel the trait ot Mr. Moore's elevemen . 
on Labor Day. at which time tbey will have seT- 
eral new features to offer ttae. pnbllc 


Bvansvllle's beantlfnl aummer resort, CooV» 
Electric Park, the largest and -most pletuxeaqne 
park In tbe entire Middle West, is now In 
fnll operation, and li admired by the tbonsands 
who visit It dally. Tbe gronnds cover seven- 
teen acree, and with an ideal location at tbe 
edge of the city, and a one minute and a balf 
street car service, tbe park is the Mecca ot tlie 
citizens ot 'BvanaviUe and the strangers vlaitlnc 
here. It Is one of the few parks m tbe coun- 
try whose avenues are entirely shaded, and 
all through the hottest days, tbe visitor la. pn^ 
tected from tbe rays of a hot and blazing sun; 
all the main avenues are macadamised, lined 
with hundreds of benebea and matic seats, 
and every day sees picnic parties taUnc ad- 

(Contlnned'on pace 

A rluw ot Lakovlew Park, Lowell, Mass, 

Exterior ot Battle ot Manila Panorama, Wtilte City, Chicago. 


Ttie Oil! board 

SEPTEMBER' 9, 19 11. 



1911 Season Opened with a Series of Superb Spectacles- 
Around the World, The Ballet of Butterflies and 
Fairies Glen, Remarkable Scenic Productions 

Xe«r irorlc September S (Special to Tbe Bill- 
boaidy.— The. Iftll seasw of tbe 'Hippodrome 
opened tonlidkt la & blaze ot giatr with Sbn- 
bert's Borgeoiis piodnctlon entlUed Annind the 
World. Tbils seBson's ptadnctSoiu in wealth of 
coDCpptloii. eostnmes and music, far excels tlut 
ol iMt year. 

Hie piar ia a series of soperb spectacles, in 
two acts and twelve sceaes. In the opening 
■cene, J-aaoa Barllngham. aa eccentric Ataa- 
Ican mlUIonalre, porchases, at an enonnoas price, 
what it» said to .he one of the largest and finest 
diamonds In the world. The Jewel Is delivered 
to Biirllngham on the ere of ills and his dangh- 
ter's departore for a tour of the world on bis 
palatial steam, yacht, acompanled by. a number 
of gnests. Amons these latter Is a tnysterlons 
Swami of India, who recognizes tbe diamond as 
liaTing been stolen from a powerful rajab in 
Ids native country by a band of thieves, tbe 
stone being known as tbe Star of India. 

A peculiar fact abodt ' the Jewel, according 
to the SwamI, Is that . It brings notUng bat 
tll-Inek to It» owner, and be urges Bnrilngham 
to dispose of It at the' liist opportunity. The 
millionaire Is Skeptical, but some color of truth 
is given the yogi's story when ' the handsome 
50ang widow to whom tbe diamond's new owner 
Is engaged, suddenly Informs him that she has 
changed her mind. .-.: Still :unconvinced, Bnr- 
Ilngbam and bis friends board Us yacht and 
sail for. England. 

Through the evil Influence of tbe diamond 
some of the party are Jailed on a false charge, 
trumped up by BbgUsh crooks, who steal the 
Jewel and escape to Switzerland. . In spite of 
tbe seeming confirmation of .the wise man's 
mmlng. Burinlgbam contlnnes his . Journey, 
meeting with mlsbaps In each country be vis- 
Its, endanger&i$rJUs own .and the lives of his 

Finally cwivineeir^tbat the diamond is tbe 
.cause of all. 'his -/trouble.-- be presents it to an 
bid servitor. i McSItane. whose Irish wit comes 
to ills rescue in time to: save blm \from tbe 
total lo3» of .his savings, and. the Star, of India 
finds a resting ; place at the; bottom of tbe 
Fairies' Well. 

Ballpoii Bursts; 
Aeronaui Drowned 

Chariot tf. X. C. Svpt. 2 (Special to Tbe Bill- 
board). — 'H. C: Brown, a balloonist of lAnsing, 
Mich., was drowned here ' today -when the bal- 
loon, in which be had made an ascension, burst 
and fell into a lake. 


lola. Kan.. Sept. 3 (Special to The BlllboanI). 
— Boy M. Cramer, en route with the I.and(-s 
Biox.' Sbows. was KiUeil in a railroad acdd. nt 
at Chanote. Kan., today.: , . ■ 

Herman 6. Johnson and 'ProC:. W. A. Mc- 
Cartni'y have' leas d the Elklns CW. aV.) Oper.i 
Bouse, fbr tbe coming season. 


The general agent of the Yoong Bnffalo Wild 
West, pnt one over on his friends by being se- 
cretly married in Chicago, Febrnary 12. Tbe 
secret did not leak oat. This Is the first time 
it baa been promulgated beyond the contracting 
«unpi. '« ceterle uf immediate fiiends. 

Once rid of tbe diamond's evil inSuence, tbe 
dashing young -widow again cbanges her mlud. 
and at tbe same time the obstacle which sep- 
arated tbe millionaire's danghter from tbe man 
of ber choice Is swept away forever. 

The second part of tbe program presents the 
beautlfal Ballet of the Butterfiles. In two tab- 

(Continued on page 34.) 


John J. Frisbie, Popular Birdman, Falls to His Death at 
Norton, Kansas — Had Doubted Strength of Machine, 
But was Ordered to Fly by Managers 

Norton, Kan.. Sept. 1 (Special to The Bill- 
board). — John J. Frisbie, a Molsant aviator, 
was tilled by a fall at the Norton County Fair. 
Frisbie bad been giving exhibitions at Elm- 
wood Park for several days. Yesterday bis ma- 
chine acted badly and he bad a fall of about 
forty feet, but beyond being bruised be waa 
not injured. 


Appearing with the Eastern company of Tbe Fortune Bnnter. 

Loses Houses; 

Obtains Others 

Chicago, September 2 (Special to Tbe Bill- 
board). — -A step ^ lo ng contemplated by Jonrs . 
Llnicfc &' S^aefer, was ' btoogbt to a head this 
week when all their (Alcago houses. Including 
the Wilson. Willard and Orpbenm, were takru 
from Frank Q. Poyle. and turned over to tns 
W. v. M. A. This will probably have some 
bearing on the future of tbe American Mnsic 
Hall, although to date this has not been de- 
cided, altbougb a rumor Is current that L<'»- 
Flelds win open the house at tbe end of Sep 
tcmber. Under the present arrangement Mr. 
Doyle will book tbe above-mentioned bouses 
until the week of September 11, and some of 
the feature acta until the IStb. It was ru- 
mored about the Rialto that Mr. Doyle was of- 
fered a desk In the' Association and refused to 
accept it. preferring to go his way single 
handed. However. thiH Ijas not been confirmed. 
Among tbe more Important nonses which will 
Dse Mr. Doyle's booking .ire included Frank Tal- 
bott's new St. "LoalB bouse, tbt. taippodrome, 
which will be completed abont October 15. The 
bouse la located on Sixth and' Market Streets, 
and will have a seating capacity of 3,000. Tlie 
Gaiety Theatre at Sprlncfleld. the Bljon at 
Kankakee, and the Gem Theatre In St. Ix>uls, 
are also included la tbe bouei to be booked by 

(Continued on page S4,) 

A True Wag- 
nerian Pianist 

New Tork, Sept. 2 (Special to Tbe Bill- 
board). — Tbe sensation of Bulllvan & Consldlne 
feature acts is Tllmos Westony, who has Just 
begun bis second tour of the S. * C. chain of 
houses. Westony is billed as (be "Only Wag- 
nerian pianist In the world." It Is claimed 
that when a boy Westony waa "discovered" by 
Richard Wagner. Tbe great master was as- 
tonished when be first beara tne little Iluiignrlan 
Ii"* at the technique, tone and versatility Wes- 
tony posscastd, Wagner encouraged bim in 
every way and from that time Westony has 
been steadily going forward. 

Westony was a pnpll of tbe genius D'Vorak. 
He studied music since five years of age. His 
repertoire Is extensive, but for his vaudeville 
engagements he baa prepared a series of spec- 
tacular features. Including an Imitation on the 
piano of a complete orchL'Stra and a marvelous 
melody of Frencb, (German, English and Amer- 
ican antbems' which be plays simultaneously. 

Upon bis last visit to tbe theatres comprising 
tbe snlilyan & Consldlne Clrcnlt, Westony wag 
a phenomenal snccraa. In every bouae he. was 
fratnred and to almost all. of tbe bonaes on tbe 
clrcnlt he drew recoidTbreafcIng audiences. His 
lecond tour, which has iust been started, pre. 
sages to be a far (reater. aucccss than bis flrst. 

Friable doubted the ability of his machine liy 
stand another flight today, and aimuunced that 
be would not take the air this afteiouoa. 
The spectators, however, were net satlsfled nitli 
tbe explanations, and It is thought that ratlicr 
than make any r.*funders, FrUble'a munni;er$ 
sent blm up. He ascended from tbe track with, 
out difficulty and attained a height of about lii» 
feet, but In attempting to make a turn the 
plane tipped and Friable lost control. Tiie ma. 
chine came crasbing to the eartb, one o( tbe- 
wings striking a twrn and tbe blplam- glancinir 
off; struck tbe eartb witb Friable wdemeaihi 

IVIsble's wife, son and little girl were wlt- 
nesscB of the accident. 


New York, Sept. 3 (Special to The Billboard). 
—Tilly Winks Is the title of a new coinwlv 
playlet, written by Oliver White, that Loritmr 
JobDBtoae and CaroUue Frances (3ooke and Com- 
pany. Including B. F. Clinton, are "breakliiir 
In" for vandevllle. At tbe Proctor bouses here 
whore the act bas been shown, Mr. Johnstone 
and bis company have done exceedingly well' 
with the piece. 


New Tork. Sept. 2 (Special to The Billboard). 
— The season of varieties on tbe Hammer^telR- 
Roof closed tonight, and beginning ilonilii.r. 
the regular 1911-12 term will open. Carter l>e- 
Haven will head the bill. Bert Xeslle amV 
Company, Bernard and Weston, I.yons "ii'i 
Vosco. Ix>ttie Gilson and others arc billed (or 
tlie week. 


New York, Sept. 2 (Special to Tbe BillboanU. 
— A foreign acrobatic act called The Falrfin^i. 
arrived In New Tork on Monday from Ltmilon- 
Tbe Falcons have been booked for a tour of th>- 
Snillvan & (Tonsldlne Circuit, opentni; In Hln- 
neapoUs tomorrow, • ' 

Tmo Killed On 

Roller Coaster 

New York, Sept. 3 (Special to The Bilt- 
biiard). — Two women were kiUedl and. two other 
women and one man* seriously Injured when a 
tlu:ep-car train on the Giant Roller Coaster 
at Coney Island Jumped the track, this evening-, 
burling the., occupants of one car over tbe eifle 
ot tbe coaster, 80 feet to the ground. Mrs. 
Alice Provost, aged 38. of Jersey City, N- 
J.. and Miss Mary Halltgan, aged 35, of Scran- 
Km. Pa., were the unfortunate victims. 


Decatur. 11!.. Sept. 2 (Special to The Bill- 
board). — ^The local press announces tlmt a ncn 
opera bouse will be built here this fall or 
early next spring. It Is said the bouse will b>- 
up-tOfdate In every respect and play nothtti:? 
but lii-'h-clasg attractions. 


Intrepid aviator who was killed at >iort»o. Knii 


SEPTEMBERr9,r 1911. 



Rivals Proverbial Donny brook in its Belligerent 1911 Meet= 
ing, Concessioners, Exhibitors and Privilege People In- 
censed—Attendance Below Last Norma! Year 

Cnliimbus, O.. Sept. 2 (Special to The Bill- 
liMiiril). — ^Tbe Ohio State Pair (or the first time 
in Its bistocy. closed amid a storm of dlBCon- 
ifut. For many years tbe Ohio State Fair baa 
lieen a spleiidld exposition reflectlOK the great- 
lies': ot tue state and the contented prosperity 
<.f its people living peacefully amid an ahnnd- 
:iu<-e o{ agrlcultoral and manutactnrlns wealth, 
^'bis year in most respects the fair was a dla- 
t-rsce. From Its openinK day to Its close. It 
was a continued and constant source of bicker- 

On account 'of thei ' abolition of the compU- 
muntary or pass - system, all the exhibitors, 
lioreemen and concesslonalrei were compelied 
TO pay escli and ereir time tbey enteied tbe 


To "break even," the exhibitors and privilege 
people who had wares to sell were compelled 
to Increase tbe prices. Tbe public, as usual, 
ciiffered tluanclallr by reason of the policy of 
tbs fair management. 

Another unpleasant feature of the fair was 
llio presence of the National Guardsmen as po- 
licemen, wbo arrested people without warrant, 
subjected th«m to **man handling" and under- 
took to pnnlsb them witbont trial. 

Au Illustration of tbese fresh boys' Inex- 
perience and desire to be over-sealous was the 
treatment accorded Postmaster Harry Kmmm, 
wbu, on delivering stamps for the temporary 
post-olBce, refused to pay entrance money and 
was very tonghly treated. On appeallnc to 
the powers that be to rifbt mA actions he 
was given no attentlOB wbatever. Begular 
policemen were refused admittance, so were city 
bralth officers who called In tbe regular per- 


New Tork, fiept. a (Special to The Billboard). 
—Tbe third aeason at tbe New Brlgbtm .Tbea- 
tre closed Sunday night. Ssptember 10. Bnd- 
uess at the bouse tbroaclioat tbe summer teem 
WHS most satisfactory. 

Another Fake 

Agent Caught 

Tbe arrnmpanying Illustration is taken from 
a pl)o:ogniph of a grafter who was put to 
srief In Meridian, Miss., list week. This party 
went by the name of H. Spaolding and repte- 
/^nted that he was a purcliaslng agent and 
advertising solicitor for Bamum ft Bailey's 
•cirros. .\fter purchasing a big bill of grocer- 
ies, meat, door, feed and ice from a merchant, 
he proceeded to sell the merchant an adver- 
tisement in the program or on the elephants* 
)>ack. rollccUne (3.00, S-I.OO. $5.00. $6.00 or 
910.00 for the ad. according to the victim upon 
whom bp was working, uist Tuesday be blew 
iuto Meridian. Miss., and contracted with a 
local coffee house for about $100.00 worth of 

formance of duty to protect visitors tnm In- 

A. P. Saudles, the secretary, refused to be 
Interviewed by newspaper men and his side 
ot the alfflculty could not be learned. There Is 
no doubt that It will take - several state fairs 
In the future to eliminate the taste from the 
exhibitors, privilege people and the public's 
mouths, that the high-handed method that those 
In charge used In handling this fair. 

The attendance was 19.000 short of the last 
normal year, lOOB. Last year, < this city at fair 
time, was In the tbroes of a street-car strike. 
This year's attendance to be exact was 118,291 
paid admissions, as ot^lnst 127,422 (or 1909, 
the last normal year. 


Oldest Active B!ack=Face Performer in the World Crushed 
to Death by Loaded Auto Trudc— Started Care&r 
as an Amateur in 1849 

Reading, Pa., Sept. 2 (Special to The Bill- 
board). — Lew Simmons, one of tbe best-known 
minstrels on tbe .Americsn stage, who was ap- 
pearing In vaudeville here this week, was run 
over and crashed by a loaded ' auto truck to- 
day and sustained injuries wUch caused bis 
death a few minutes after beins admitted to 
tbe bospltal. 

Simmons' . body- will be . sblpped to his late 
home at Allentown. on Monday, the funeral to 
take place from there on Tuesday or Wednes- 

Lew Simmons had tbe distinction ot being 
the oldest active black-face performer in the 
world. He was bom In New Castle. Pa., Aug. 
27, 1S38, and eonnnenced bis career as an am- 


a. BFAIlLSIiro. 

'^'.'Im' i''"'!' to be delivered to the show 

r. ,' , on Seiiteniber 30. and col- 

V ii'i , nilVance. He also, contracted for 

.-■Jn ., VJi 'J'"* f""" » 'ocal butcher and 
.. si !;:', *S;00-„»200.0« In groccrR^ and collect- 
'Si .ii .,.,.*^'*;*''', "t '>"=»'l and .collected 

iiiV-i „■.. , .^'ctlmlzed merchants became sus- 
blivi f,°'""U ■*. m- and telephoned the city 
•n . Vnf; f^>-<l ,Koy Zillcr,- tor information, 
ti f« knowing tbo,. RlnsUngs never 

1 1 i.,nl™'"i*S. S''l''- -KlngUng or 

111. ll.ii-111 m. & Bailey, show- prior to November 
i nlrb ,"°S'"l''»tely denounced Spauldlns .a« a 
S . tWef .and ordered Spauldlrig ft pro- 
he v..r7^'''"'^'»!. Spauldlnfc walked one .of 

t "i« 'm'/'»J''"J'' '"K W<«W;to .a locatAotel. os- 

I 111. 1 ^,.i"" *° but Spanlding insisted that 
"II ai party accompany blm to the Union 

(Oontlnued on page B4.) 

Appearing In Tbe Concert. 


New Home 

Kcw Vork, Sept. 1 (Special to The Billboard). 
. — Specimens of all the animals of the different 
countries be has visited In tbe last decade ate 
belnfc collected by Pred Nlblo, star ot The For- 
tune Hunter, for tbe purpose of placing them on 
his estate at Mattluck, Long Island, N. Y. 
Twenty acres of the place are woodi^d and here 
tbe animals will be allowed to roam at will. 

Plana of the buildings ' have been accepted 
by Mr. and Mrs. Nlblo and It Is their exprcia- 
tlon to occupy the place next summer. The 
dwelling wlU be an exact copy of a famous 
chateau at Touralne, France. 

There Is a natural lake on the estate which 
Is situated on the htghest point of Long Island. 
Tbe place will be named Storm : Clltf. There- Is 
1,000 feet of shore front and on a clear day, 
ntiyone may see the Connecticut shore line 
twenty miles away without tbe aid of field 
glasses, , ■ ■ , 

The new homo of Mr. and Mrs. Nlblo Is per- 
haps one of tbe most plctnresiiue on. Iiong Is- 
land and when all the plans bave been carried 
out, it will be a n ideal place In w blcb to Uve. 


Now York. Sept. 2 (Siicclal to The .Billboard). 
—Having undergone a complete reuorctlon, 
the Music Hall at South SorwAlk, Conn., will 
be opened Tor the season September 2 with 
The blrl In tbe Taxi. Other New York au?- 
eesses bave been booked for tbe house. 

Changes in Kohl 


Chicago, Aug. 29 (Special to The Billboard). 
— Mrs. Caroline Kohl's purchase of the eontroll- 
Ing stock of the firm of Kohl & CasUe. from 
George Middletou and George Castle, makes 
many cbanses la the management of tbe thea- 
I tres controlled by that firm. Col. William Roche 
I assumes the. position of general manager for 
i Mrs. Kohl, with entire control of the Hay- 
market, BlJou and Academy Theatres. In addi- 
tion to his Albambra. and Marlowe holdings. 

Ralph T. Kettering, for the past two years 
press representative of all of the theatres in 
which Col.- Roche Is interested, has' been ap- 
pointed assistant' general manager. Mr. Ketter- 
ing also becomes resident manager of the Sijou, 
playlni Stair ft Bavlin attractions. 
' Tom Carmody has been re-engaged as resident 
manager of the Academy, which will , continue 
to house vaudeville. A. Kaufman continues as 
acting manager and treasurer at the Haymarket. 
Joseph Meyers Is ' advertising agent with Mr. 
Joseph Smith as assistant, and George McFar- 
land holds a similar, position at the Bijou. By 
tbe new . change. Abe Cohen returns, to the Bljon 
as treasurer after an absence of a year. The 
publicity of the 'Baymarket, AlKambra, Bt]ou, 
Academy and Marlowe will templn.In the han^s 
of Mr: Kettering. ..with Arthncl.H. Wallne as 
si'cretary t6 him. ,': ..l^. 
, Tbe change makes Col, Roche the mutagerlsl. 
magnate of Chieago', he' being the onbr indi- 
vidual in tbe Westerly metiopdia directtng tbe 
iwlley ot five theatres. 

atenr at Warren, O.. In 1S19. In December, 
1859, be made bis first. New York appearance 
at tbe Meiodeon. In 1861 he joined Hooley SEd 
Campbell's ^natrels, and ear^ in 1883, In eoo- 
innction with Bob Hart,' ocganiced^ SL minstrel 
company bearing tbelr names. " He played vritii 
Ciimcross and Klxey'a Minstrels In Pblladelpola- 
from ISOi nntll the opening of Simmons and 
Slocnm's Minstrels at the Arch Street Opera 
House, In Philadelphia ' (which - was buQt lor 
them). In 1870. Mr. - Simmons continued at 
this house nutU 1876. In 18TS. BlUy Sweiitnam 
was admitted as a partner, and-ln 1876 Simmons 
and Slociui withdrew. In 1886. • Rhnmnne and 
Slocnm's Minstrels sgain opened at tbetr old 
home In Plillsdelidils.' 

' He left tile profession in tiie SO'a, -vowIbs 
never to letaai, but lie did. In the early 9Vsw 
Ur. Simmans was one of tbe ownen of Urn 
Atliletle Cinb ot tbe Ameilean Aasodatian Baa* 
Ball X^agne^ -wblCh wm tbe Cbamidoii^p in 


Brooklyn, N. T., Angmt 31 (Siwda] to The 
Billboaid). — The new Linden Theatre.' at Elat- 
bnSh and Linden Avennes, Brooklyn, opened 
Monday, August 28, showing TsndevlIIs and 
motion pictures. The boose is one ot tbe best 
of Brooklyn picture houses, showing at troaa 
ten to fifty cents. Fom: reels of pictures ot 
recent release and tour vanderlUe acts wUI 
comprise tbe bill. 


Alexandria, IiS.. Sept. 2 (Special to Tbe Bill- 
board). — Negotiations are bemg made tor an- ' 
other theatre for tbe eomlOK aeaam. It tb» 
deal can be put tbrongb for Ifee site, mtenst- 
ed parties will erect a handsome baUdinic; 4Ss 
116, on a lot oppooite tbe Bapldes Tbettie.mB 
house will be devoted to moving plctares and 
probably bigb-daas TandevUle. The paztlea «s> 
pect- to— aacaBse all details dnrlac "tt 
few daiit ' 

Theatrical Man 

Breaks Neck 

aeveland, O., Sept. S (Special ta Tbe Bill- 
board) . — lioaplng from an automobile to leeoser 
his hat, which bad blown off, Harry K. Saywell. 
secretary-treasurer ot tbe Colonial Theate*. 
fell to tbe street and broke bis neck early this 

Saywell came to Oevelapd irom Albany^ 
where be managed a theatre.' . Be was knowa 
by theatrical men tbrou^ont. tbe United 'States. 


Fremont, O., Sept. 2 (Special to The Bill- 
board). — -The Fremont Opera House bas beea 
leased for a term ot years to Charles H. Boss- 
Kam, owner ot the Chicago Stock Oompany.^ 
Several changes and Improvements in the tbea 
tre will be made and the best line of attrae 
tions obtainable win hold forth. Mr. Bo 
Kam contemplates making Prtanont bis tnti 
home and headquarters. 


Oldest minstiel In tbe 'wodd, was kUIed «k 
Reading, Fa., Sept. 2, by an ante tniA. 


Xtie Blllt>oar<l 

SEPTEMBER 9, 1911. 



Donald Brian Dances Way to Frohman Constellation, While 
the "Rare and Radiant" Julia Sanderson Achieves New 
Triumphs— Knickerbocker Scene of Brilliant Opening 

THE 3IBEX, a mosical play ^ Leo Fall. 
' adapted by . Harry B. -Smith. Kjtlckerbocker 

Baron Siegfried BazUos.......... Frank 2£aal»n 

Clarlsse v..... EllzalietU Firtb 

Grtoa .^.......GUbert Cbilds 

Amiand. Marqoia de Baraniac.Donalil Brlun 

Mallpote ...... ..1... J". Pope Stamper 

Lolotte .i.. Julia Sanderson 

Haniribal Beckmesser .. ii. ....... <\VIU West 

Fran Eisenbehr Florence MorrbiOQ 

Suzanne, called the Sweet Monse.. 

. — ^, Moya^ Mannerln^ 

Yvonne, called the White Babbit 

......... — ..Pauline De-Lomre 

Jpstliie. called thp FiroB^. . .Clementina Oundas 
Pepi. called the Humming .Bird ..... .Sara Carr 

Hlml. called the :'ltem]aid ^:.......vjane Hall 

Ninon, called tbe.lSfafcple .. :Be«trice d'Esallng 
Framsl. called the Butterfly- ...... ^. Helen May 

Alberta, called the Poodle .......Gene Cole 

Tool, called the Kitty Cat .Ethel Kelly 

Mvxda. celled the Bragonr Pl.r. . .Louise Doaovan 
Robertiae, called tbe Gazelle 

. . : — ...Veroalqoe ' Banner 

Freda, caned the aMOSsh Ethel Davis 

LadUIas .Victor Le Eoy 

New .York. Ansnst 30 (Special to- The Bill- 
board).— The exact thejitrlcal center of New 
York on the evening of Angnst 28. 1011, was 
located ^t 38th. Street aqd Broadway, and to 
thia place — or more ezactlF, to the Knicker- 
bocker Theatre— same. taxis, niotors and vehicles 
or. all ..descriptions. unToadlne premier, society 
lb wondrous nnmbers. Tills - host- of belnca 
were paying homaxe to Cbas. Frobman's season- 
Initiative' production. The Siren, in which Don- 
ald Brian occnpies the steUar capacity, assis- 
ted by Boae other than Jolla Sanderson. The 
asaembled audience had . come meparrd to 
marvel at the tetpsieliorean levity of the new 
■tar. dances and kissed bis way to notice 
in The- Verry Widow. To Udnlge- them ' in 
their desiie,: Brian snared not one step or rnvo- 
Intlan. ont danced most obliElnsIy until Umg 

Hassan Beii Alfs 


New York. Aug.- 31 (Special to The Blll- 
bo«rd).— Whether it wa» engendered by the Im- 
pendinir . International war in Hotoeco or was 
netdr •'leflez of the prevailing bablt of the 
Cirla in eanyiuK Arabian .shoulder bags la a 
natter of, small moment. . The fact remains that 
this Is to be a no uncertain measure, so far 
as theatricals are concerned, a Morocco year. 

Thoogh Sie Hassan Ben All has been a flgnre 
In the ,amnaem~nt world for over twenty years, 
and has been busy enough to have acquired a 
comfortable fortune- fmm it, neither he nor his 
acrobats have ever been so mneb la demand as 
at the present time. He will have one troupe in 
«titb of tbe two Bobemlau' Girl companies that 
tbe Aboma are putting out. He has been asked 
^rlMHtr ft Co. to fnmlsh fifty Arabs and a 
Zwawa daneing^ girl for Tbe Garden of Allah 
and has already eaUed for Hohina, tbe most 
famous dancer in Tbngter. But the most Im- 
portant immediate task that Hassan has as- 
snmed Is that ot pnttlng on a big Eastern scne 
in the Hippodrome In which a caravan encamps 
la ftont of the Sphinx. 

There are two other Arabian plays schednled 
thns far. Edgar Selwyn's play. The Arab, which 
Hj-nry B. Harriii win produce in Bochester this 
week,, and Kismet, a Klaw & ErIanger produc- 
tion, which promises to be one of tte ^eetades 
of the season. 


New York, Aug. 31 (Special to The Bin- 
beard). — Sevm Days returned to Its original 
home, tbe Astor Th"atre, Monday night. Angnst 
28, for a brief stay, pending the production 
of a new Wagenhals & Kemper play. The audi- 
ence seemrd to find the exp*»rlencea of the quar- 
antined honaeholi) as funny as before.. The 
cast was as fbllaws: James Wilson. Wlllard 
Louis, Dallas Bmwn. JTames Manley: Tbm Bar- 
bison. William S. Xyon: Officer Flannlgan. T. 
J. McMataon: Tilbby STcGIrk. : the linrglBr. Wll- 
Uam Kvffle; Bobbs. P. O. Bntler: Bella Knowles, 
3{arr Xand: Anne Brown, irma LaPIerre; Kit 
McNair. Winona Shannon, and Annt SeUna. 
Marie Haynes,. 


New York, Sept. 1 (Spedal to The Bill- 
board). — Ethel Barrymore returned to New York 
■August 2S. to begin rehearsals of her new 
play. The Witness for the Defense. The suthor 
of tbe play, A. B. W. Mason, has written to 
Chnrles Frohman that he intends to come to the 
ITnlted States in time for the flnal rehearsals. 

after tbe varlons other Broadway attractions 
had closed their portals for the evening (nigh 


Then, too, the audience bad leamrd tbat 
Leo Fall was composer of the score — tbey re- 
membered him favorably, for, as Alan Dale 

(Omtlnned on page 60). 


Maggie Pepper, Rose Stahrs Latest Vehicle, Beneath the 
Ability of Actress - Critics Praise Star Highly— 
Play Comes In for No Share_of Plaudits 

MAGGIE PEPPER— A play by Charles Klein. 
Harris Theatre. 


Hattle Murphy Agnes Marc 

lmogt*ne Kelly Gretchen idng 

Elevator. Boy Stuart Bobsan 

Jake Bothscblld Lee Koblmar 


Llebler & Co., in selecting Miss Wehlen for the principal female role in Marriage A La Carte, 
save another evidence of their propensity for choosing the right person for the right place. 



New York. Sept. 2 (Special to The BOl- 
boaril).— Tbe dress rehearsal of the new Hip- 
podrome performance. Around tbe World, took 
place on Friday evening. September 1. The 
representative newspaper men and fdlow pro- 
ducers were, on hand to. pay homage to t&ls 
Sbnbert mastodon. 

New York, Sept. 2 (Special to Tta<> Billboard). 
— ^Liebler & Co. have fixed Friday evening, Sep-, 
tember 15, as tbe date for the opening of the 
amended version of The Bine Bird, at tbe Cen- 
tnry Tbeatre. Hugh Ford, genera) stage pro- 
ducer for tbe firm, promises a number of Inno* 
vatlons, snggested by the Enroiiean prodnctions, 
wblcb he witnessed during bis absence from New 

Mile. Faddma, In her own Biskra, the most 
famed exponent of the Algerian national dance, 
has been engaged. It has jnst been annonnced 
by Llebler & Co., for tbe forthcoming prodnctlon 
of the Garden of Allah, at the Centnry Theatre. 
One scene ot the Bobert Hicbens play will be 
laid In the street in Benl-More (Biskra), given 
over to the Onled Nails, and here. In the largest 
of the dance halls, it was tbat the man and 
the woman, Ognrlne la the book, witnessed the 
spectacular contortlonate movements of the en 

Hngh Ford, who is staging The Garden of 
Allab, said of the specialty for wblch Faddma 
has been engaged: "We are goiUK to show tbe 
] Algerian dance as It is, not as it has been ex- 
I aggerated by performers at World's FUrs, 
I but as it really exists today in tbe countries 
t we visited this snnimer for the purpose of tra.nB- 
! ferring actual conditions I;> Africa to the stage 
■ of America. The dance' is.,|^i;^y muscolar, and 

Is eoltlvated in certain families from almost the 
Infancy of tbe dancers. 

Max Hlrshfeld, for the past five years mnalca] 
dlrfctor of Victor Herbert operas, has been en- 
gaged by Werba and Luescber as director for 
Loin Glaser's starring season in Miss Dndelsack, 
with an orchestra of thirty musicians. Since 
closing with The Girl In the Train company, Mr. 
Hlrshfeld has almost completed the score of a 
new comedy opera in two acts, which Werba 
and Luescber have under consideration for a pro- 
duction next season. It is a' Dutch opera, with 
the scene laid In Scheveninger, Holland. 

Bobert E. Graham has been engaged for one 
of tbe important characters In Henry W, Sav- 
age's forthcoming prodnctlon of Little Bay Blue, 
the American adaptation by A, E. Thomas and 
Edward I'aulton, ot Henri BerAiy's Viennese 
sncceas. Lord Piccolo. For the past three Kea- 
sons, Mr. Graham attained a distinctive success 
as Fopotr, the Marsovlan Ambassador, In Mr.' 
Savage's production of The Merry Widow. At 
tbe termination of. last season's toor of the 
Lebar operetta, he was especially engaged for 
tbe role of Sir Joseph Porter in the Casino All 
Star revival of Pinafore. 

Tbe cast of principals who are to assist Geo. 
M. Cohan in the presentation ot his new mnslcal 

(Continued on page 60) . 

Mrs, Thatcher Eleanor Lan-son 

i^t". ?f ••• <5"'»' Stewart 

Etbel Hargen Jeanette Horton 

Mur<^lsoA Herbert Aylios 

J<>e Holbrook ....Frederick Truesdell 

Maggie Pepper Bose SUihl 

Ada Oarkin Beverly SIcgreaTea 

2aza Beatrice Prentice 

Johnson Lawrence Eddlnger 

James Oarkin .......J. Harry Benrim^ 

Johanna .Marie Hudson 

L.vpressman .Albert Goldbers 

Detective Bailey .Lawrence Gddlug>r 

New Yorjt, Sept.. 3 (Special to The Flllboacd) 
— ^The Harris Theatre (so named in honor of 
Wm. R. Harris), formerly known as the Back- 
ett. opened Its doors to a very cnriens and en- 
thusiastic audience for a Thursday night, Aug 
31. premiere, curious to Inspect the remodeled 
piarhouse, enthusiastic to pay plaudltory horn- 
age, to Rose StabU an acknowledced mistress of 
vernacular wit among all actresses. Henry B. 
Harris bas changed tbe interior of tbe theatre 
materially, and has Improved It wonderfally In 
tKtth ornamentation and ' acoustics. So much 
for Mr. Harris; his. part was nobly done: 

No criticism of the popular star. Hose Stabi 
coold be registered. She rose to the full oppor' 
tnnities in moments of wit, 'wisdom and gcmilne 
pathos. What dramatic requirements t>,-ra 
called for the actress met with credit. Seed- 
less to remark, her conception of the humor m 
faer lines was delightfully keen, and many the 
line of dnll monotone or meaning that was 
made to bristle with personality when inter- 
preted by the former "Cboms Lady." As the 
ranting critic of tbe, American phrased It (af- 
ter dissecting the drama and plot Itself -nntU 
be convinced himself that Charles Klein failed 
to produce a pen atory as majestic, merltorlons 
and consummate as his masterful dramatic 

Elays): -But Rose Stahl herself soared above 
er play. She left It. like Lord TTIItn's dangu 
ter, 'lamenting.' She is ■ onlqoely clever wo- 
man, full of splendid possibilities, some of 
which emerged In Msggle F^per." 

(Continued OB page n.) " 

Another Revival 

of Pinafore 

New York, Sept. 3 (Special to Tbe BtIIb->ant>. 
— Tbe star revival of Pinafore, wblch creatwl 
a sensation early In the summer, and wblcli 
was discontinued only ]>fcanse of tbe excessive 
beat, reopens with a Labor- Day matinees Miss 
Fay Templeton, who has been absent from the 
stage for several seasons, has Joined ttils or- 
gnnlzatlon to play the role of Little Buttercup. 
Her return to the stage In this presentation 
makes the reopening an event no less imimrtant 
than the flrst night of the revival. The Plnafon- 
revival was originally annonnced for four weeks 
and waa continued for six. Tbe present engage- 
ment win be limited to two Wi«ks only an>1 
will be immedateiy followed by a revival of 
Gilbert and Sullivan's mastrrplele. The Pirates 
of Penzance, wth a cast composed of the same 
players. The complete Ptnsfore Company in- 
cludes DeWolf Hopper, Fay Templeton. Georse 
J. MacFarlane, 'Vlida OiUette. B. B. Gra- 
ham, Editb Deck; Arthur Aldridge, EnK<-ne 
Cowles and Alice Brady. 


New York, Sept. 1 (Special to The Bill- 
board) — ^Lawrence .D'Orsay returned to New 
York on the Atlantic Transport Liner Mlnne- 
apoll!<, Monday, Angnst 2S. after two months 
spent at bis home In Shoreham near Brighton. 
England. He Is to begin rehearsals of Tb« 
Earl of PawtuPket Immediately. Mabel Talla; 
ferro was another passenger on tbe MInneapoIU. 
She said she bad no theatrical plans at pri-sent. 


New York, Sept. 2 (Special to The Bill- 
board).— Jane Corcoran has been engagc<l by 
William A. Brady to piny principal roles with 
Grace George and the r nyhooso tJonipany, an* 
will not appear Ir MoH-"'-.'" MIm George will 
open at the Alvin Tlioatr- ?ltt^burg. on labor 
Day, and will come to !;»w York In October 
with a repeHkiIre niiido n.i of Just To Get Mar- 
ried. The BarIb and Mucti Ado Abont Nothing. 


New York, Aug. 31 (Special to Tbe Bill- 
board) — ^The arrangements for Ty Cobb's debut 
behind the footlights have been completed and 
the contract signed. It was announced today. 

Vanghan Glaser. a personal friend of Oobb. 
will produce the play, wblcb will be Tbe Col- 
lege Widow, revamprd Into a baseball drams, 
so tbat Ty can come to bit with tbe. bancs 
loaded and make a clean op. 

A eemplate list of attraetlons at 
New York Theatros appears on 
page 61. 

SEPTEMBER 9, 1911. X tl C B I 1 1 tl O SL P d 9 



Program Offered for Last Week of Season at Roof of "Cor- 
ner" Theatre Replete with Sterling Numbers — New 
Pantomimic Production Makes Big Hit 

S>n' \'ork, SeptT 2 (Special to The Billboard). 
— Kor the last week of the spason ot ruot Tarl- 
etles at Hammcrsteln's "Corner" tbeatre a 
corliiD',- bill bus been arranged. Tbe leostb 
of Tbe program and the roof Itself were tbe 
bandlrapa an per castom to tbe opening (n<I 
closing acts, bat those artists In secure spots 
made tbe best ot their opportunities, and tbe 
result was. as we bave just said, a bill replete 
wltb entertalnlDs qualities. 

LaBelte Amita and Paul bad a most dlfflcnlt 
position— openlns the sbow — but racceeded In 
arresting tbe attention of tbe tardy ones by 
some EtaftUng gymnastic feats. The early spot 
also effected Alfredo, tbe Tlollnlat, a new act, 
and reviewed nneer that beaing. 

Hngb Uoyd bas tbe real opportunity of 
the eTenlng, for at tbe time of bis entrance 
the bouse was fairly welt tilled. Uoyd does 
eleven raimitcs work on tbe txraodlng rope, ana 
docs falfi work well, too. He bas an assistant, 
a woman, wbo other tban wbiatling ■ solo, does 
notblag bnt took pretty. Tbe ^'topsy turry 
..dancer;*' tJonis Stone, held over from the sec- 
ond week, was appreciated. 

A new pantomimic pndnctlon Itvrlewed un- 
der New Acts), called Tbe Apple of Parts, was 
presented by Coccla and Amato. assisted by a 
company of competent pantomlmlstg. Tbe 
piece went big. Tempest and Sansblne, who 
hsTe Jnst finished an engagament at the Win- 
ter Garden: Bert Lery, eivlns his "pictorial 
Idea of famous men and women," and Aida Ot- 
' erton Walker, assisted by Bobby Kemp and 
eight dusky maids, followed in the order 
named. Miss Walker and faer company closed 
the tlrst half of the dmw. 

A new comedy mtisleal act. WUlIams and 
IVmn, etn the second half of the sbow a splen- 
did start. Howard and Howard, who followed 
them, were a near riot. . 

Consnl the Great is back at the roof for an- 
■ other, week. At every week's rogagement In 
Hammersteln's Consnl baa a few new tricks 
that have been added to the loallne since tbe 
Rlmlan'i prerlons appearance' at the Comer, 
ne now 1^ several additional feats that are 
clever. * ' 

Even Bill at 

5th Avenue 

Nevr York, Bept. '3 (Special to The Bill- 
board). — Aside, from one or two .turns of fluc- 
t.naung tendency, tbe Fifth Avenne bill tbls 
week runs pretty well on a eenenu ti-nor of 
merit. Emma .Caras Is ,the,«bow's headllner. 
bnt it must be said that seTeral other artists 
a tbe . bill flnlabed In a tie with her In the 
race for tbe honor of the "hit of the bill." 

Joe Fanton and bis Awakening Athletes, an 
•ct that bas .,t>een nnnsnally a n eces af ul In tbr 
West, openi-d tbe.abow. On account ot tbe tact 
that this Is tbe Urst appearance of Joe Fanton 
and his athletes In New Xork tbelr nnmber is 
review^ed under New Acts. Second and third 
positions wvre filled by Tim Cronln and Porter 
J. White .and (Company, tespectlrely. tbe last 
named company presenting one of Oliver White's 
dramatic playlets called The Begnr. 

Just I-anded. the skit In which Walter and 
Georgia Laurence, regaled Fifth Avenue audi- 
ences. Is a clever conception In which Is em- 
tKNUed some original witty dialogne and one or 
two good aoag nnmbeia. A detailed di-scrlptlon 
of the vehicle In given tmder Kew Acts. 

SsleriM Is Wiled as Europe's sreateat Jn«- 

f lor, which means the Kreatcst In the world, 
be billing Is not an exaggeration. Salemn Is 
the best Juggler on tbe stage today. Uany 
may attempt to dnpllcate the InggUng : feats 
performed by Salerno bnt nevi-r nave they sue- 
cceiled In dolne the work as Salerno does It. 

Following Salerno In a hard spot, George W. 
Jones and Ben N. Oeely r-glstered a solid hit 
with tbelr hilariously tunny skit. Hotel St 
Reckless. Deely bas a song which Struck pop- 
ular fancy and the audience Insisted upon en- 
core after encore. 

To follow such successes as ' those rung up 
by the two acts precedins them on the bill 
meant hard worfi tor Mr. and Mrs. Allison to 
keen UB the pace, hnt at tbe Bnlsh they bri>eaed 
home a winner. Minnie from Minnesota, which 
Is the title of their otTering. bi a piece from 
Which the Allisons extract the best that Is In 

Emma Cams was eompelled to sins six songs 
before she wss permitted to retire.' This gives 
evidenre of the manner In which Miss Caras 
was recelveil, 

.„^'th some slight changes In the frame-up. 
xyiu Roebm's Athletic Girls gave exhibitions 
of fenrlng. boxiiuc. wrestling and bag punch- 
ing. That no one left tbe house while the act 
was^on and . that the audience remained seated 
long enough to shower approbation upon the 
performers Is a pretty good recommendation 
for the act. Fathers weekly pictures of a aeriea 
of enrrent , eTunts were Interesting. 


hJ^"^ September 2 (Special to The BIH- 

Uonrd),— Bills at local vaudeville fhcatres next 
■"•^•E sre... . 

Alhambra— Princess Rajnb. Jack Wilson Trio, 
».i • "•'enman and Co., Great tester, Rossow 
=™ X"*'**™ Spellmeyor. Fred Wat- 
»on, the Kratons. 

(Oootlnned on pace U.) 

Tbe lateness of their appearance on flie bill 

hindered Stepp, Mebllnger and King, the Batba- 
keller Trio, from scoring as heavily as they are 
wont to do when the spot Is favorable. Tbe 
Lambert . Brothers, In posing numbers and acro- 
batic teats, closed the show and showed to 
mostly empty chairs. 


Last Week's New Vaudeville Acts Consist of Five'New Offa> 
ings, and Range from a Violin Virtuoso to Acrobatics 
—Three Acts Begin Life at HammersteinV 


I£T£S; Fifth Avenue; t^n inlnutes; full 

Tbe fine team .work, as well as the splendid 
Individual etforts, of Joe Fanton and His Awak- 
ening Athletes gives to the nnmber a finish 
rarely to be found in acrobatic turns. Fanton 


The deTcrness and daintiness of Miss ICrymildi' uuuiributes largely to the success of the Bed Bose, 
now running at the Globe Theatre. Mew York City. 


New Tork, Sept. 2 (Special to The Billboard). 
— Maude Rockwell has signed contracts to ap- 
pear in I.ew Fields' forthcoming production, 
called The Never Homes. 

Aliout December 1. Eddie Leonard wBl 
minstrel, will begin rehearsals with one of the 
Lew Fields productions. 

Norma Tlioraas bas Joined Tbe Follies ot 19U 
at tbe New York Boot. „„, . . 

.iMlIe. Anl Hill and Harry HUI arrived 
In New York this week from tbe Coast, and 
are now resting on their farm at Smitbtovra. 

Sydney Nelson, who bore the name of Sydney 
Brody until recently, has signed to go out with 
Valeska Suratt in The Red Rose. 

Editb Hutton. who last season did a single 
act In vaudeville, will this season do a two 
act With one of her former partners. 

The Woodwells, acrobats, have opened on 
the Keith & Proctor Time. , . , _ , 

Ben Jackson has succeeded Lep Solomon as 
treasurer of the City Theatre. _^SoIoman has 
been transferred to tbe Nemo Theatre. Both 
bouses are operated by William Fox. 

Hubert DeVean, tbe cartiwnist. Is scorinx a 
success over the Keith & Proctor Cirenlt. 

Charles A. Clark and Company; In an Irish 
comedy called A Son ot Killarney, written by 
Evelyn Wetngartner Blanctaard, open on tbe 
Wllmer ft Vincent Circalt. Angnst 21 at- Allen- 
town, Pa.'< AppearluK in the- sket^ with Ur. 

i Clark is Uiss . Helen Rcblnaon. . 
One of the most valuable assets to a tbeatre 
is' an etBclent stage crew. A competent corps 
of men at work on the stage Is not only an aid 
'to an act but tbe means of making the per- 
formance more enjoyable to those "out front." 
i The stage crew which Manager J. Buck of 
' Proctor's BStb Street Theatre, baa assembled. 
\ must be named if one Is- preparing to select a 
group of capable lioys for ; the stage. Peter 
' McNally Is stage manager of tbe bouse: John 
i Far Is flyman: Prank Neyllle, stage band, and 

i joe Rocks, property man. 
Sir Robert Zenu . ot Zeno and - Mandell. sne- 
. eessf ally underwent an «penUon at the Ametl. 
' eaii Hospital. In ChieaWtod la now on the road 
■ to .•ecovery. 

The Anderson TvTlns,. who claim to be real 
twins, hnve opened, on the Keith & Vtx'jx Clr- 

(ContlBMd on pase 60.) 

bas worked out an excellent frsme-np. With 
the rise of tbe cmrtain tbe spotlight ; is played 
upon Fanton, who Is In the roman rings, and 
bis two assistants, who stand on pedestals be- 
side him. Fanton gees Into a "pnll-np" feat, 
which Is far more dllBcnlt tban It la showy^ 
He tlien xellnaniBhes tbe Umellgbt to lllaApaIifc.' 
ners, : one «f wium does a series of reTOlatlona . 
with the use ot the rings, and tbe ether fidlows 
with a ahonlder dislocation teat. The featuce 
trick of the act Is' announced as "a darlas feat 
by Joe Fanton.*' ' FantCKh is blindfolded. Ha 
swings with the rings, momentarily dispenses 
with hia bold, turns a somersault, and regains 
the use of tbe rings on the same swing.' It la 
a corking trick and at the Fifth Aveane broaght 
mach appLauae^ ; Fantta has. an act that la 
more than ttood all' the war tliroDtfi. 

comedy aUt^ Just Landed; ;Fiftl> ATemw 
Theatre; sixteen minntes; apedal drop, la 
one. ' 

Walter and Gediile £wiience ' line u act 
in one tfaroogh which rniw the Bemblance ot a* 
story. UIss Laurence baa Jiist landed tram 
Ireland. She was- to' hare- been nut at tlw 
dock by ber TOm O'Callshan, bat Tom is late. 
Miss £.anrence ; is seated upon ber trtmk, when 
a customs officer comes upon the scene and pUea 
ber with questions. The dialogue that is In- 
jected- at this time is excdient Indeed. Tbe 
customs officer. beeomlnK aieKosted at Mlsa 
Lamenee's hopelessness In answering his qne^ 
tlona. makes his exit. Miss Laurence .then goes 
Into a song. Mr. Lsurence returns, this time 
as Tom O'.Callaban. and after some badinage 
and aong dainu .his Mary.' Just Land-«d u 
an act away above par, and Walter and Oeorgie 
Laurence handle It In the best of style. 

ALTBKDO, Tlollnlst; Hanunerstieln's; elerea 
minntes; ill one. , 
This week at Bammersteln's, Altredo Is given 
his . first opportunity to demtmstrate . In faster 
comjiaiiy his ability aa a vlollalst. . natU tUa 

(Continued on page 81.) 


All-star Bifl 


' Imaginary bill framed up by tbe New YoA 
correspondent ' and ' Including acts appearing 
at tbe several Taudevllle bouses. Import- 
ance -of act Indicated by position -given 
A— Hugh -Lloyd; Eope Walker. ' * 

Hammersteln's; full stage. ' * 
B— 'Wllllac^s and Doimi Comedy ' Uiulca] 
Act. ■ •■ ' ' - 
Hammersteln's; In one. - 
-C — Coccla and Amato. - In 33ie ■ Apple of 
< Paris, pantomime: 
Hammersteln's; full stsge. 

0 — Walter and - GeOrgle Laurence, in comedy 

. skit. - Just Landed.' 

Fifth ATenne; In. one< - 
B — Salerno, Juggler. - 

Fifth Avenue; fnn atage. 

F — Geo. W. Jones and Ben N. Deely In com- 
edy skit. Hotel %t. Reckless. 

FlfUi Avenue: In one.- 
<l— Bert .Levy, Artist. 

Hammersteln's; full stage. 
H — EMMA CARCS, Singing Cranedienne, 

Fifth Avenue: in one. 

1— Joe Fanton and His Awakened Athletes.1 

Fifth ATcnoe; full stsge. 


New York, Sept. 2 (Special to Tbe BiU- 
board). — ^Bnrks and Bl chm ond. tbe singtng com- 
ediennes, will produce at Newport, R. . I., ,on 
Monday, a new act. The girls wiU sing Bve 
nosabers, Night Time, song by both girls, -will - 
bs tbe opening nnmber. Miss Bprka vrtn fol- 
low with tbe original bath-robe specialty and 
Miss Ricbmdnd -will then do her solo, a new 
Irish niunl>er. The - Harbor - of Love and O. Xoa 
Beantlful Doll, will be tbe final nnmbets. New 
wardrobe has' been' purchased and the act ftamed 
up in eiabwate style. 


Starting ; Monday matinee,^ Septeniber 4, tbe 
KInemacoIor CMimpany moved from the ^HeraU 
Square, where they have been enjoying a phe- 
nomenal mn - to Daly's Tbeatre. -To com* ; 
memorate tbe change In quarters they wU put : 
on an entire change of program, opening with.! 
from Bud to Blossom, a floral picture and tM ■ 
most scientific botanical picture ever produced.:; 
They -win show an entire nevr serlea of tlie Coe^.¥ 
onatlon views, taking in the best-known quarters'; 
In London. Including the King and Qaeea leaving ' 
Bneldngbam Palace on' C«(onatIOB ' Itar; vtiM ' 
royal progress over London Bridge, tlM great- 
est naval review ever taken, entitled Watcft 
Do38 ot tbe World, and will continue to show 
tbe Blchmond Horse Show In wtaleb' Judge Har- 
mon Moore of (3iIcago.'- and A. G. ' VanderbOt 
Ot New Yorlc, bdd np the licnan to niMr. 


'F e e i 1 1 1> o ai r itd 



With Dustin and William. Farnum in ft-incipal Roles Prom= 
ises to be One of Season's Biggest Successes — Mary Miles 
Minter a Child Actress of Remarkable Ability 

THE lAFTLSSH BEBEL. — X melodrama !n 
lour acts, tor Edward' Peple. PiolDccd Sept. 
1, at tbe Ctilcago Opera House. 

■ • TBSt CAST. 
Uentenairt-Odbiiel M otrlsdii, Diilted . States Cit- 
alif- .......................DusKii Farcmn 

General Grant ...............William B.^ Hack 

Forbes; hiar aajntant ...........Walter Horton 

Identenant Harris Boy Gordon 

Secseant Dudley ..^....i;;..,.T. E. B. Henry 

Corporal Sndley .......^........Jobn Shar&ey 

Harry O'Ooiinell .............. Jidm C. Hlciey 

Ckptala Herbert Gary, a Confederate Scout.... 

...... ....William Famtim 

Mrs. Herbert Car^ Pexey Baswell 

Tlrgle Cary . . ...Mary Miles Minter 

Dncle BUly, a slave George Tbctcncr 

Bally Ana Mamie Lincoln 

Jeems-Hencr ..I«wienee Menoa 

Tbe aetloa ipasses In Virginia, In. tbe rioaing 
tnontba of tbe CItII War. 

Cblcago, Sept. 2- (Special to Tbe BOlboara). 
— Septeml>er the first possessed a ttaree-CoId Im- 
portance, to Chlcagoaos this year. Besides nsli- 
eiinE In tbe first of tbe "oyster moatfas" end 
Boandlsg tbe knell of tbe straw bat. It marked 
the formal opening of tbe fall tbeatrl'sl 8<:a- 
' son wltb a notable premiere, tbat of tbe Far- 
nom Brothers, Dnstln and WilUam. In Edward 
Peple'a latest melodrama, Tbe UtOest Bebcl. 
In. tUs stbciag story ' of tbe' Amedcan Clvlt 
War. tbe eritles' Una' a w or t h y aoceessor to the 
laurels so long held by Shenandoah and He'd 
by the Knemy, observe tbe Famnnu at their 
best, and discover a clUId actress of remarkable 
talent In MIss.Mair Miles Minter. From all 
indlcatlOBB, Tbe Uttlest Bebel promises to be 
«De of the season's anccesses. 

The scenes are laid In Virginia In the closing 
days of the great Internecine, stmggle. and In- 
TOlve tile. heroic effort of a Sontbera father to 
■nccor Ills little girl, who Is left all alone on a 
devastated plantation, at tbe risk of his life. 
William Famnm is the devoted tatber. and lit- 
tle Misa Minter is his dan^iter Tirgle Cary. 

Lyric Theatre 

Opens Sept. 11 

Chicago, Sept. 2 (Special to The Billboard) — 
Tbe liyTle wm open on September 11, with a 
tingle week's ^ engagement of Gertmde Hoff- 
man's saison ide Ballets Bosses (Seasoa ot 
Bossian Ballets). Ibis large srganlzation comes 
Intact to Chicago from the Winter Garden, 
New Tock, where It will close on September 9. 
A special train of foor Pnllmsns and three bag- 
gage cars will convey tbe performers and their 
paraphernalia and a spedsl stage Is being laid 
at tbe Lyric, ao tbat there may be so splinters 
In tbe bare feet of the dancers. 


Chicago, Sept. 2 (Special to Tbe Billboard). — 
This week's bnaineis In every one of tbe Cbl- 
cago lMSles<|ne honses was smrprisins^ la each 
Of the bonaes of both wheels, bnsinen was re- 
ported as exceptionally good. Gallagher and 
Sheen's Big Banner Show was tbe attraction at 
ttie Cdnmbia. The show was clean and fnll ot 
good comedy, and offers an exceptionally flne 
olio. The Colombia is the only borlvsqne bonse 
In Oe loop and baa things pretty mncfa Its own 
way. From present Indications It will be a 
financial winner Hils season. 

At tbe Bmpire Theatre, I. N. Herk presents 
The Faeemakers.. featuring the Totola Glide. 
The soDgi are tbe featnto of tbU abow which 
played to the best bnalnen It has known this 

In one of the clandestine visits, the fatlier, 
who is a scent in the Confederate Army, is 
snrprised by a body of Federal troops nnder the 
command of Xlent. CoL Morrison (Dnstln Far- 
nnm) and Is secreted by liis cliild In the at- 
tic of the bonse, which is reached through a 

(ConOnned' on page 51.) 


Items of Personal Gossip and Brief Bits of News of Interest 
to the Amusement Profession Picked Up in the Vicinity 
of Randolph, Dearborn and Clark Streets 

Chicago. September 2 (Special to The Bill- 
board). — Father Dearborn, after a summer of 
theatrical famine, will have an opportunity 
to gorge himself from now on. I^st night 
the Chicago Opera House opened its new season 
with Dnstln and William "Famnm and company 
In The Littlest Rebel. Tonight, the Garrlcfc, 
with Holbiook Bllnn in The Boss, tbe Grand, 

At the Fidly tbe Jardtn de Paris Girls bold 
forth and played to packed houses. 

At tbe Star and Garter the Bon-Tons held 
the week. There Is a great Improvement over 
the ahow In eompartsoii to vriien seen bere last. 
The eostomes aii> all new and bright and the 
chorus exceptionally good looking. Several good 
comedians are carried -with tbe show, also a 
number of good singers. Manager Moe of the 
Star and Garter, reports tbe outlook this season 
to be far better than tbat of last. 


OdcagOb Sept. 2 (Special to Tbe Billboard) . 
— Ben Boss' new boose at Fort William, Ont., 
wbleb wHI open September 4. with a preliminary 
bm, win start regular vaudeville performances 
on the Uth, with five acts and two reels of 
pictntes. It will be booked through tbe Sul- 
livan Ic Ckmsldlne offices. Tbe bonse will be 
called tlie Corona and was built at a cost of 


Chicago, Sept. 2 (Special to Tbe Billboard). 
—J. B. Mce, manager of a circuit of theatres 
In HIssonrl. Wlfli headquarters at Hannibal, 
was In Chicago the special guest of tbe Eine- 
macolor Picture Co^ ■ Mr. Price has nnder con- 
templation the playing of Klnemacolor ithotos 
In his theatres, but CO far notbing definite has 
been decided upon. 

Bob Sabem has Joined a atod: company at 
Illwaod, Ind., to play Iieav7 roles. 


,^ '3'«,«»w, reading left to right: Ben M. Jerome, composer; BYederle Donaghey, co-Ubtettlst 
with Addison Borkbardt. Bottom row, left to right: Frank Smithson, stage director, and Addison 
Bnrldiardt, co-llbrettlst with Itederlck D(Hiagbey. Lonisiana Lon opened at the La Salle Opoa 
House. Cblcago, September 8. 

Excellent Attrac- 
tions Scheduled 

Cblcago, Sept 1 (Special to Tbe Billboard). — 
Some excellent attractiona are scheduled for the 
coming week at tbe ontlying booses. Manager 
T. C. Gleason's Stock Company opens its new 
season at tbe College Theatre <m Labor Day, 
September 4, with George M. CcAan's Tbe 
Yankee Prince. The company- tUs season com- 
prises Marie Nelson and Rodney Sanons in the 
leading places, and CamiUe D'Arcy, Martha 
Boucher, Vera Wadswortb, Arling Alclne, Tom 
Swift, C. Mllford GUan, Tay Qaigley. Harry 
banners and Charles P. Pitt, 

The largest single order of printing In the 
history of tbeatrlcala was contracted for by 
Gns Bill, for bis Mutt and Jeff Companies. In 
all there wm be over eighty different varieties. 
Tbe contract has been divided among four 
printing firms, who are working night and day 
to complete tbe complement In time for the 
opening of tbe season. Sacb well-known artists 
as Bud Fisher, George McManus and Otto Hngb- 
taS have fomisliea the aketcbes. 

The Man From 
Home at Grand 

Chicago, Sept. 4 (Special to The Billboard). 
— ^After an absence of four seasons, William 
Hodge returns to the Grand Oi>era House In The 
Man From Home, which was originally produced 
at tbe Studebaher Theatre, Chicago, in the early 
autumn of 1907, and was later transferred to 
tbe Cnilcaco Opera Honse, where It ran Into the 
warm weather. Now after snstalnlng tbe long- 
est runs in the theatrical history of New York, 
Boston and Ptalladelphla, tbe play and star 
returns to tbe city of its Inception, where an- 
other enthnslastlc season Is sure to await It. 
Bailee brings back with bim Henry Harmon, 
Ecblln P. Gayer and Ida Vernon, and will have 
as new players Harold Bussell. Arthur Bell, 
Helen Harvest and I«nora Von Ottlnger. 

John Beldy, treasurer 'Of the Lyric Theatre, 
(%Icago. Is back la town with a flne coat of tan 
accumulated while fishing and swimming at bis 
ancle's farm at Uke TUla. 111. 

with WiUlam Hode In The Man from Home 
and the new-christened Aa^lus. formerly the 
Globe, with a pretentions levlval of Wang, nil 
blossom forth; Sunday night witnesses the pre- 
miere of Louisiana Lou at the La Salle Omra 
House and the first metropolitan presentatioa 
of Uncle Sam at the Olympic, in which Thomas 
Wise , and John Batrymore Jointly star. On 
Monday night, tbe Colonial, which has been 
dark ever since early June, will resume with 
lill. * Follies, the roHihrlstened FolUes of 

GABBICE— Holbrook Bllnn .«dU. be seen In 
the leading role of Michnal BsgSia in Edward 
Stieldon's latest play of JOaxritMa modern life 
with wbicta tbe Garrlck reopens. Behind the 
craft and unscrupulous business methods of Re- 
gan lies a sturdy manliness and nobility that 
reqoirea the test of love and suffering to brins 
It out, and as such it offers an inteteattais 
psyctaological study. Maude Pealey plays the 
role of the wife in the Chicaao prodoetlon. 

ANGBLDS— Colonel WUU0 A. Thompson 
formerly manager of tlie Amerlean Mnsle Ball, 
opens his season of comic opera at the Angelas 
(formerly tbe Globe), WabaA Avenue andPecl: 
Court, on Saturday night with the great De 
Wolf Hopper, success, Wang, as tbe Initial 
offering. Kew scenery, property and costumes 
and an excellent company are promised. Wil- 
liam F. Glover, director of tbe Castle Square 
and Drory Lane productions, la musical di- 
rector. Tbe ctaoms contains tUrty-fonr picked 
ambitions operatic performers, and tbe princi- 
pals comprise Viva Ethella, Dorotiiy Vaughn, 
Anna Hoffman. Dena Jnllena, Tela Melcom, Ar- 
thur Deans, George KmikeL (Aarlea Hnnting- 
ton. Francis J. Abbott. lie Boy S. PUcber and 
E. H. Krusoke. 

LA SALLB— Louisiana Lon. Harry Askln's 
new musical comedy prodnctlon. will have Its 
CtUcago premiere tomorrow evening. Highly 
favorable reports bave preceded It fromMlI- 
waukee, where It had Its' ttyoat last week. 
The UbrettlBta are Addison BnrUiardt and Fred- 
erick Donaghey, and tbe composer of tbe score 
Is Ben Jerome. Frank Smithson staged tbe 

(Contlnaed on paga S8.> 

Follies Begin 

Chicago Run 

Chleaeo. Sept. 3 (Special to Tbe Billboard). 
— Zlesldd's Follies, the fifth ot the series 
of musical reviews prodnced by Florence Zieg- 
feld Jr., begins a limited engagement on Men- 
day evening, at tbe OolonlaL Tbe book in two 
acts and sixteen scenes. Is by George V. Ho- 
bart, while Baymond Hnbbell and Maurice Levi 
are responsible for tbe moslc The work was 
staged by JnUan Mitchell, iriille Jack Mason 
and Gns Sohlke arranged tbe ensemble nombers. 
Features of tbe performance which will be prac 
tically as given In New Torfc, will be a trav- 
esty on Everywoman, called Bverywlfe, a bur- 
lesque on Tbe Pink Lady, and a aatire on H. 
H. 8. Pinafore, called B. M. S. Vaudeville. 
New Year's Eve on the Batbary Coast, deplet- 
ing slnm life in San rranclaeo. Is a novelty. 
The one hnndred and fifty playera Include : Bes- 
sie McCoy, Fannie Brice. Clara Palmer, the 
Dolly Twins, Vera Maxwell, Three Gorman Sis- 
ters, Stella Chatelaine, Arllne Boley, Katberlne 
Smytbe, Lottie Vernon. Beth Bandolph, Harry 
Watson Jr. (formerly of Blekel and Watson). 
Leon BrroU, Walter Perclral. William J, Kelly, 
(3harles A. Mason, Brovm and Blyler, Tom Din- 
gle, Peter Swift, Charles Hessong, Bert WU- 
Ilams and sereDty-flTe Ann Gteld cirls. 


Chicago, Ang. 28 (Special to Tbe BUlboard). 
—Clarence Pcrfitt, who has been eonneeted with 
Mr. Pickens and tbe Bivervlew Motordrome for 
seversl months, wUI depart tor Grand Bapids 
tbia week to resume bis eld dntlea ot press 
representative and treasurer noder William V. 
Newklrk. who la manager ot the Temirte Tbeatie 
In tbat city. Mr. Newklrk was formerly with 
tbe Kohl ft Castle Interests la Chicago, nntll 
bis connection with the Grand Baplda bonse last 
season. Mr. Perfitt Is well-known In eonoectlOQ 
with Bivervlew Park, having served two seasons 
with that enterprise as assistant to . Col. Jim 
Hotton. tben director of pnUldty. Clarence 
served In tbe Cblcago olHee tt The BUlboard. 
and baa a wide acqnalntanm among theatrical 

"Who really makes Thanksgiving Dayl" Is 
the fine question raised at tbe White Hoose, 
and there Is ground for the answer tiMt while 
the President ot tbe United States Issues tbe 

proclamation be has considerable assistance in 
making tbe lelectlona. Thanksgiving Day this 
year will be celebrated on November 80. Tbat 
tbe date is tentatively fixed so early is due to 
tbcatrlcal and other managers, OHie announce- 
ment was precipitated by a telegram from Gns 
HUI, ot a theatrical producing association in 
Now, Tork, who referred to the report tbat 
November 23 might be selected, and argued for 
the 80th. Mr. Hill said:— "Should Thanksgiv- 
ing Day be changed from tbe last Thursday to 
the tonrth Tbnrsday the booMogs ot tbe holiday 
wonld Involre changes tbroaniont the entire 
conntry and precipitate a distressing condition 
on both local and traveling mtnagets. K yon 
will kindly set ns' at rest on the Issne yon 
would oblige." 


X ti e B 1 1 1 l> o a r «1 



Mew Family Vaudeville House Begins Season With First 
Class Performance and has Record Breaking Attendance 
for the Week— Bookings in Charge of W. V. M. A. 

Chicago, III., September 2 Specltl to The 
V.Ulboard).— The new PUu Theatie, located 
near Lincoln Park on Mortta ATenne. opened Its 
aasoo with W. V. M. A. booUiisi started 
/iff with a good *ow. From the Orst per- 
forounce the bnslness was fine and the nature 
«f this week's olferlaK wIU tmdoabtedlr bring 
thrai all t>ack next week. This honac to one 
of the largest family vaudeville houses In 
Chieaco. It has a large balconr and boxes. 
•jUe house Is under the very capable manage- 
nu-nl ot H. C. MlUer and Is conducted by the 
MMilIe West Amusement Commny. The theatre 
Ui bookea in coujnnctlon with the Interstate 
AmuscnifOt Company. _ 

LcranlOQ and Geddls. comedy bar artUts, open 
tiif Fhow. The comedy Introduced is awful, 
ainatwirlsh and poorly put over. That any 
.irtists skonld resort to the old slapstick to 
olitaln lanshB seems to demand sympathy In- 
sii-ad of criticism. Their bar work is ot a 
i. rr ordinary type and not over-praiseworthy. 

\Vake op I Lo<A who's hcrel Marie Spar- 
voK the Irish cyclone. Great billing. Miss 
Siiiirroiv. You're a "bird," that's all. Uarle 
Sn;im>w makes an entrance beSttlng her bllUag. 
>:|k''s alive and controls a bunch of the. richest 
Irish brogue that elicits real screams. After 
her opening eong. Uiss Sparrow follows with 
a monologue of - Irish character stories. In 
Viiin she scores heavily. She closes in mngs 
.'iml proved one of the big hits of the bill. 

The Five Musical tussles otfer a great nov- 
<'ity musical act with special settings. Their 
reiulltions In brass go very big. "Bach of the 
avc clrU is rally competent as a soloist. The 


Cnnmcnclng 6epten;it>er IS, DeQuerre and Rosa 
have two companies on the road, playing one 
aad two-nlgbt. stands. Hr. DeGuerre wlU head 
the No. 1 company and wlU'be surrounded by 
an excellent company, supporting Vlorenee 
Thompson. Home from OoUege. that comedy 
t9 wax Blngfaan, ha* been selected for tiie No. 
2 company. Ur. Bingham wUl appear ia the 
leading role. 

BiU at Wilson 
Avenue Theatre 

Chicago, Sept. 2 (Special to The Bniboud). 
— Gonnaro and his Venetian Gondolier Band 
is the headline attraction at the Wilson Avenue 
Tln'.itre this week and scores heavily. The 
i-xsfv setting is - very elaborate, and depict* 
a street in Venice. The opening Is very unique. 
CvDnaro makes his entrance in a gondola and 
is plven an enthusiastic ovation. The entire 

Cogram of the olferUur is good, and each se- 
ction made good. However, Gennaio ruins 
OIK- or the prettiest and best acts of ita kind 
><7 roncmdlng with sympathetic applause nim- 
iicrs: that la, national ain. When an act 
's really good, and to 80 tboronghont, why la 
It that almofit every one of this natiff« S|K)118 
the entire effect by "ringing In" national 
nlrti; This has been the stumbling block to 
raore good acts than any other single feature. 
Probably, though, some day the profession will 
wise np" to the fact that this Is not essen- 
t'"! to success; at least It Is hoped so. 

The show is opened by The Six; Juggling 
noses. These are six girls, all In their teens. 
Who work vcty weU together, bat the act needs 
Fni<.othlng ont to make It dealraUe (or better- 
class houses. 

Hamilton Bros., knoekabont comedians, sah- 
mit a lot ot the real old-faaWoned glap-sttck 
Etnor. but they get the langha and mage good, 
ihfy are very rough with each other, and It 
seems some very substantial pada would be 
necessary to protect them in some ot the hnmpa 
iii'T receive. 

Slebcrt, Llndley and Company present a 
comeily sketch called A Shrewd Business Han. 
iiie langhs are plentiful throngbont the act, 
nna the plot Is weH carried by all the members 
?L"!S,.™°''?"y- '^'"•y proved the laogh hit of 
the hill and responded to several encores. 

"Inging comedienne and mimic. 
Kaveimltatlons, some ot which were good and 

SiT 1. • clever little girl, and If she 

"i' Impersonations as vrdl as that of 

liinRuay. she would be more of a success. 

>i? i» ,Y •» ""W or them Is carried 

""" In I lie fl rst part o f this report. 


TiSm""^ J-'f^'f German Band Is a new 

■iJi now having rehearsals. The 

i.-r L,^L''''.J""' nonaged by H. L. Corpen- 
T.Mii.M ''n'"".^'*''!!' himself consists of M. C. 
H nil, • Webster. Ora Cranford and F. 
-.ct \^ , • " J' • or comedy musical 

» mil,. .""^ Closing In one, full ot good 
"lis m"' '^''Way. «nd lasting fourteen min- 

■• I ™JV Chicago, from where th?y 

r at «, °'iV**?^ ^°>e- 1*e Indications ai« 
the ; '^l" "alto a hit and will be one 
tw iHst new offerings of this year, 

J^ 'Mlep ^ ..Ai P««ee "nd his company of Old 
111"* "* booked ahead vl& United 

>'■• * l"^.,'"""** OB the big time nntn the cIo«» of 

act Is costumed very nicely and makes a itch 
and refined appearance. 

Carter, Stanley and Willis, a trio ot boys 
appearing In neat street suits and singing in 
harmony, proved to be the hit of the bill. 
The hoys have a repertoire «f popular songs 
right up to the minnte and nnderstand just how 
to render them to best advantage. The comedy 
throughout the act Is dean and well put over. 

The Three Nevaros close the show in pan- 
tomimic comedy. Their work Is well done ami 
was weU liked. 


-- <i 

Five Acts that Chicagoans Have Never Seen Make Up this 
List— Suggestions Ofto^ for Improvement Based Upon 
Remarks of Audience and Upon PersonaKOplnidn 

CABSOK 7S0S., Athletes; -Majestic. Chicago; 
first In nine-act show; thne. nine mln- 
ntes, working in full stage. 

Carson Bros, open their act In exhibition pos- 
ing. Both gentlemen are fine appearing and 
perfect models of manhood. They are not 
clumsy as some artists in this line, but seem 
to carry ont each feat of strength with perfect 
ease and grace. They do not allow their work 
to lag for an Instaut but perform one feat 
- of real strength after another. It takes some- 
I thiDg very 'clever In this chaimel to hold the 


Engaged by Bowlaud & Clifford to interpret the role ot Mab^ In Dare Iiewit' glar 
Don't Ue to Zonr frtfe. 

Clark Theatre 

Changes Hands 

Chicago, Sept. 8 (Special to;,The Billboard). 
—Through a deal with Joseph Grein this week, 
Jonei, IJnIck ft schaeter, owners ot the Wilson 
Avenne Theatre, obtained control ot the Clark 
Theatre at Clark Street and Wilson Avenue. 
This matter has been under consideration for 
some time, but owing to the high figure held 
out by Mr. Grcin, the desl could not be cim- 
oleted. This honse is lust four blocks from the 
fwilson Avenne Theatre and In order to avoid 
their own competition Jones, lamck & Schaeter 
have decided to run plcttres. The hoiise was 
booked last season by J. O. M«tthewB. hot ow- 
ing to Ito close proximity to the Wilson proved 
a losing proposition. 

Edwin T Emory's latest production, a word- 
less drama, embellished with an elaborate mu- 
sical setting, entlllod The Awakening of Bud- 
dha, and beaded by Gertrude *« Bend, the pan- 
tomlmlst and Hasel Harris, the danseuse sud 
eantatrlce, with a supporting company of six, 
opened on the Pantages time at Spokane. Au- 
gust 20. as the headline feature. The act 
win tour the circuit, coiulng eastward Tia 
Denver and Chicago. 

A Scarcity of 

Feature Acts 

Chicago. Sept. 2 (Special to The Billboard). 
— ^The various theatrical agents throngiiont Chi- 
cago report the greatest scarcity ot feature 
acts in the blsttoy of vandevUle. It seems 
that these feature acts obtaliuble an all signed 
up by the various tetai per cent agents and while 
most of the managers and agents aro averse to 
booking acts through this channel it seems to 
be a case of taking them or doing vcithoot. 
Norman Friedenwald bm signed np some of 
the biggest acts from the Bast and Is placing 
them on some of the big time. He sent three 
acts oa to the Cidted Time this week, several 
over the Western Clieiilt and s score or mote 
over the Pantages. 

A. H. Woods has added another comedian to 
his snlendld list of fun makers . that will sup- 
port Margnerlta Sylva In the new Vranx Le- 
bar comic opera. Gypsy lAve. George Blekel. 
formerly of BIckel and Watson, has been en- 
gaged to play the part of a German innkeeper 
With Henry E. DIxey. Albert Hart, Harry Mc- 
Donongh and George Blekel, the fan Interest 
win lie tept up at g tapid rate In the artva 

Interest of the Olalestlc audience, and that 
this duo la xeally exceptionally eo, was evi- 
denced by tlie enthusiastic applause accorded 
them <n_lloaday-sl(tit. However, as an act 
ot tUs kind tenda to boie any audlenee if it be 
of too long duration, the Carson Bros, have 
shown good Jndcment in cutting the tim* 
of the leering to nine mlnntcs. with gratlfyinr 

One; Majestic, Chicago: second In nine- 
act show; time, fifteen mlnntee. 
(Here's one of those song and dance teams 
with all that tiresome "something" eliminated. 
Mot one popular song Is submitted in the entire 
offering: each of the songs used is well chosen 
for an act of this nature. It is not the fact 
that there are not 'popular songs worthy of the 
beat artist, bnt when a song Is reslly popu- 
lar, one hears It in the smallest pietnre shew 
one day and the largest vaiideviUe^ show tile'' 
next. Then, to hear a wdl-wrltten siuis of 
an original sort and one that yoa never ^av» 
heard before. Is refreshing, to say the least. - 
Miss Bonalr and Mr. Ward have chosvu a 
little summer flirtation as the vehicle for their 
songs and dances, and have added to the ap- 
pearance of their act vrtth. a special drop de- 
pleting the seashore. The flirtation is worked 
In a true boy and girl manner and Is Just fnU 
of clean, weil-pnt comedy. The dancing of. 
the dno Is graceful and well done. This fea- 
ture made a great hit with the audience, who 
heartily applauded one ot the prettiest little 
patter acts seen In Chicago this- season, 

ZH£ GREAT PIBOBCOrEIS, Jnggters; Ua Jos- 
tle. Chicago; third In nine-act show; time.^ 
fifteen minutes; nnmher ot people, Ave: 
full stsge. 

A new and novel Juggling offering is snb- 
mitted by the Plroscoffis, but. before the act 
is over, one readily realises that there's some- 
thing amiss. It's the time of the act (s 

(Continaed' on page S8.) ° 

Opening of 

Parkway Theatre 

^^""f^J?" * (SpeclaJ to Tie Bill- 

board).— With one of the best balanced bills 
seen In family vaadevllle theatres aroond Cbt- 
caga The PaAwa; opened Its season on last 
Monday evening, ondcc the management of Mr. 
A. H. Z«wis. Tliere liaa lieen some change 
in the booking this season, as they are fms 
nished by Frank Q. Boyle, and last season were 
furnished- by the W. V. M. A. If Mr. Doyle 
conUnnes to place bills ot this kind In The 
Parkway it is certain that last year's occur- 
rence, the closing of the house before the pud 
of the season, wiU not be repeated. Uantger 
laOWls Is an old showman, having been in the 
bnslness about thirty years, and is capable ot 
handling iioth performer and andlenee. The 
hoBse is located oa North Clark Street ind 
Olveney Bonlevard, away from any Immediate 
competition, nus tact in itsdt^ia a great 
factor in favor ot the house. The show tir 
the flrst half Is o|)eDea' by Courtney and Ja- 
nett, comedy Jugglers. They worked: fast 
and well, and scored heavily for an act ot this 

Jf^j!' If pes appear in a moaical offering, 
called The Act Beantlfhl. The stage aettlos 
Is very artistic; the costnmes neat and con- 
servative. They nse the same Instruments 
as those seen in the ordinary musical aet^ 
bat their work on the mnalcal glaasea Is a de- 
cided novelty, and made a big hit. 

Curtis Sisters^ a duo of pretty girls in stim- 
nlng costumes, offer a alnglng and talkloc 
sketch in one. They close their act In a Yama 
somber, and with their liaaclng went big. - 

Foster and Faster appear in a little patter 
sketch, wherein trick and eccentHe p.IaBo 
playing is Introduced. The act, fall of good 
comedy sltnstlons. with the aid of some gool 
singing, carried them to success. 

Dixon, Bowers ' and' Dixon closed the show 
to a comedy offering, called The Arkanstw 
Fiddler. Some work on the wire Is Introduoed 
here, which seems entirely out. of place wtHt 
the test of the act. The act was reviewed 
more laUr In these columns two weeks ago. 


Omar, the hmnas top and Spanlah dancer, who 
has created a sensation to Europe and America, 
wm be the headltoer at the vatidevUle perform- 
ance to be given at Luna Padt. Seraaton. Pa., 
on the open-air atage. 

Caroline E. Nleluds and her orehestra. the 
Fadattes of Boston, are on their way Bast 
trom playing the Pantages Ciroult. They re- 
port a most delighttal summer season oa tlie 
Paclflc Coast. 

Bthel Kirk, prima donna soprano, has prodnecd 
her new act of hlgh-dass and popolar songs 
and nianOlogs. maldiix floor complete ehmges 
of gowns. Asslsttitt her la UHIan Kent, pUnist 
and vocalists 

Nat Cross, the song and daaee eMneinan. 
left the Franklin Stock Company: at 'WinOeld. 
Kan., and has Joined the Fay Slaters' Tande- 
vUle Show, whiCIi opened at Ottawa. Kaa., 
Angnit 28. - 


SEPTEMBER 9, 1911. 



Road Managers of the Empire Circuit Fomi Alliance for 
Purpose of Improving Conditions at Local Burlesque 
Houses on Western Wheel 


Cincinnati Wearer of the Cloth Delivers Scathing Sermon to 
Members of the Knocker Club— Attends Theatres Regularly 
and Suggests that His Parishioners do Likewise 

The Boad Managers' Association has heen 
formed among the traTellDE maingers of the 
Empire Circuit. A committee has been ap- 
pointed, with W. B. ■Watson, ebalrman; Harry 
Dixon and Barney Gerard, who will makie, rec- 
ommendations to President James E. Fennessy. 
The organlzatloa Is expected to complete the 
circle started by the Western. Wheel, secorinE 

censorship of the trarellnff companies throush 
reports from bouse managrers along the. clrcutr. 
These boose managers, in turn, will be snb- 
lected to the bbserratlun and report of the 
committee. Tbe committee will note the con- 
dition of the honse. inside and ont, and as to 
the obeyance of instructions to house managers, 
issued by the Empire C". 


New Tort, Sept 2 (Special to The Billboard). 
— ^A. H. Woods last week gathered in a for- 
eign opera, the title of which translated is The 
Forbidden Kiss. The names of authors and 
composers are Joseph Paezter, Budolt Schanzer 
and Silgomoud Vlnrze. The American rights 
of The Forbidden Kiss have been claimed by one 
or two other managements. The piece fa mn- 
ntng soceessfullr In Berlin. 


New STork, Ang. 31 (Special to Tbe BUl- 
board).— E. A. Weil and John Pollock have 
organized a company for tbe presentation of 
The Echo and placed it In rehearsal. Frank M. 
Ralnger is in charei" of the staging. Among the 
principals are Frank Woods, L. K. Jefferson, 
Ned Randan. Al. Hinston. Chas. HoDy, Caro- 
line Dickson, Bnnnee Woods, Grace Belasco, Si- 
lence Tower and McBride and Kavanangh. 
There ts yet to be engaged a comedienne for 
Bessie- UcCoy's original rale. 


Atlantic aty. N. J., Sept. 2 (Special to The 
Billboard). — ^JlelTille Vanlman'a dirigible bal- 
loon, with which he and five otliers will at- 
tempt to cross the Atlantic Ocean. October 
has been shipped to this city from Akron. O.. 

New Theatre 

ivhere tbe ballnoa was made. She Akron Is 
tbe largest iliri^lMe ever built on tbis side of 
the Atlantic* being 26S feet long, 30 fe«t Ioniser 
than the btilloon in which Wellman made the 
attempt last year. With the car and engines 
attacbfd the balloon will have a net capacity of 
12,000 pounds, or about SO persons. 

Tbe Reverend Benjamin Hypes, pastor of 

the Riverside Methodist Cbnrcb, Cincinnati. 
O., in a sermon there a few nights ago, said: 
"I have been in theatres many a time and fully 
expL-ct, the Hord permitting-, to go into many 
more. If some of my congregation bad gone 
more to theatres and less to their little knock- 
ing fests, tbey would be a whole lot better off 
right now. I went to the theatres for a pore 
and moral purpose — entertainment. Why sbonld 
all theatrical people and all plays be condemned 
Itv^t becanse some of the attractions are Tile? 
Wily should they be contaminated by having all 
this talk against them by people who are too 
ignorant and too selfish to think?** 
Dr. H— >es has requested tbe Cincinnati Con- 

I ference to give him work In anoth^ eectlou of 
: Cincinnati. The above statements were made 
in the course of bis. farewell sermon. 



for Detroit 

Detroit, Mich. > Sept. 2 (Special to Tbe Bfll- 
fcoard). — Contracts are let for a new $35,000 
TandeTllle honse at the Intenectlon of Grand 
Birer. Uyrtir and TrombnU ATennes. Tbe plans 
can tor a arepnuC Unae witk aboat 1.000 seats 
balcony and boxes, ^e Imnfle la being built 
by 'tlie Glohe Theatre Co.. who Intend to handle 
a diain of ten-cent honses. Dean & Brooks 
wia manage the new play honse. Mr. Dean 
Is well known in the amusement bnslneas, as 
to the past he lias managed large food shows 
and expositions with great success from coast 
to coast, raiey hare established offices at 302 
Son BIdr-. Betioit. Mich., nnta the bnlldtng 
Is completed. 


The Spence Theatre Company, which lias been 
touring Texas and Oklahoma - this snmmer. play- 
ing the Turner Alrdome Circuit, will close the 
snmmer season at Tylfr. Texas. September 9, 
and' open the regular season at Salphur Springs, 
. Ttaaa. September 11. The Spence Company will 
offer bnt two prodnctlons the' coming season. 
Slaves of the Orient and The liSnd of the Sfey, 
each play being staged with special scenery 
thronghont. An entire new line of three and 
four wrtor- paper — sixteen styles-^has been -got- 
ten ont bT the Russell-Morgan Show Print, and 
the Home Printing House. The roster of the 
company, which will be practically the same 
as last season. Includes: , Sohns & 'Bavi«. man- 
agets: Miss Loralne Spence, Miss Effie Dnlrym- 
Miss I.nla Xetliaway, F^ank Bi-dner, 
Xorvln Mayo. Miles O'Connell. Monte Myers, 
Norral V. Walker, Hermann Hnnn. Jim Baris 
and Harrv Sohns. ' Jforral V. Walker Joined the 
Spence Theatre Company at GrcenTlUe. Texas, 
S<vtemher I, to do the advance. This is Mr. 
Walker's* second season with the Spence Com- 
pany. Monte Myers, pianist, has signed wltb 
tbe Spence Theatre Company for the coming 

Robert B. Kane's Manhattan Opera. Company 
doses the snmmer season at Brandywlnp Springs, 
Del., after a long and pleasant engagement In 
li^bt and grand opera. Some bad weather was 
experienced at the beginning of tbe season, but 
as soon as the weather cleared and the people 
found out there was a real opera company at 
the park bnstaees rbanged, and for tbe last six 
weeks the company has been playing to capacity 
four or five nl^ts out of the week. The rnad 
season of Mr. Kane's Manhattans commences 
Mnnday. Se^t. 11. at Hosnoke Rapids. X. C, 
after which they tonr the South as far as Flor- 
ida, where Mr. Kane's company has won a name 
for itself. The following cast has been selected 
for the company this season: Miss Xella Brown, 
prima donna contralto; Miss Leila Bnrton. so- 
prano: ^Ii. Chas. Fulton, tenor; Mr. Geo. Xa- 
thanson. baritone: Mr. John Mnndlger and Mr. 
Wllber Cot. comedians; Mr. I>awTence Bingham, 
bass: Mr: Clltford Meech. musical director. 

Oscar Eagle has be^n appointed stage man- 
ager of tbi» Poll Players for tbe ext*?Q<led sea- 
son at Hartford. Conn. 

? "-s^- 

New York, Sept. 1 (Special to The Bill- 
board). — Henry B. Harris opens the ninth si-a- 
son of the Hndson Theatre by presenting Frank 
Mclntyre as a star in Snobs, a satirical farce 
by George Bronson-Howard, on Monday, Sep- 
tember 4. Mr. Mclntyre, Ut will be remem- 
bered, was the original Bob Blake In The Trar- 
ellng Salesman, when it was presented at tbe 
liberty Theatre a few seasons ago. 


New York. Sept. 1 (Special to The Bill- 
board). — With the appearance of John Drew in 
tbe new comedy. A Single Man, the Empire 
Theatre bi'gan Its 21st season under tbe man- 
agrment of Charles Frohman, Ijibor Day night, 
Mr. Drew's new piece la in four acts and is 
the work of Hubert Henry Oavies, the English 
playwright, already well known in this country 
for his The Mollnsc and Cousin Kate, 


Chicago, lU., Sept. 2 (Special to The Bill- 
board). — CItU and criminal action is planned 
by John Guy, a negro butler, wha.vas denied 
a seat on the flrst floor of the new Branston 
Theatre. Prominent negroes have taken a hand 
In the affair, and It Is said that tbey will not 
only aid Ooy In bis suit against tbe owners of 
the theatre, bnt will take the matter dp with 
tbe State's Attorn^. 

Eltinge Begins 


Atlantic City. Aug. 29- (Special to The Bin- 
board). — Julian Eltinge began bis season at the 
ApoUo Theatre, Atlantic City, K, J.. Uosdar 
nlgbt, Ansnat 28, In The Fasdnatlng Widow, a 
three-act comedy written bjr Otto Bauerbaeb. 
with music by Kerry Milla. Included in hit- 
supporting company were Carrie F. Perkins, 
Winona Winter, June Ifathls, Natalie Alt, 
lamea Spottlswood. Lionel .Walsh, diaries W. 
Bntler. James B. SnUlTan, and Frank Went- 

I.ast winter Miss Shoemaker played tbe Ingenue role In Belasco's production of Nobody's ' 
Widow, at the Hndson Theatre. New York City. During the present summer season she has -had 
ingenue parts with the Albee Stock Company, FroTldence, B. J. 

Coast to Coast 

Aviation Race 

Dayton, 0., Sept. 2 (Special to The Bill- 
board). — ^The aviators of the Wright Company 
are preparing their machines for tbe start 
of the first trans-continental ai-roplane mce ever 
held, starting September 10. Harry Alwood 
will also enter the race if be can posBlbly pre- 
pare in time for the start. 

The Wright operators will start from. San 
Frnncisco, and finish In New Tork or Boston, 
while Atwood will probably start from Boston 
and finish In Frisco. 

Tbe inducements will be a prize of $50,000 
off 'red by William Randolph Ht-arst and an ex- 
tra prize ]«y the 0>le Motor Car Co. 


. Xew York, Sept. 1 (Special to The Blll- 
hoardl. — ^Thursday, Sept. 14, ts the date set liy 
Cl)arl«*8 Frohman ftir the opening performance 
of I'atiSers-Py. the newest play by naddon 
Chambers. The pliiy wlU h» prodnted at the 
Crlt.-rl<in Tlieatre wltb Blcharrt Bennett, Kmest 
t.nwford. Julian Boyce. Lftniife Butter and Bo- 
salie Toller lit tlw chief parts. 

Ty Cobb 

Becomes Actor 

It Is said that TV C!obb, the ball player, will 
Join Xew Dockstader's Minstrels at tbe end 
of the present baaeball season, dolnie a mon- 
ologue atnnt.. It Is hardly probable that Cobb 
will be as snecessfnl on the stage as on the 
diamond, but he will pull down a nice "bunch" 
of coin for the. act, and anyway, that Is tbe 
main thing. 


Mr. William Bmns, a German comedian 
and singer of . Cincinnati, O., committed sui- 
cide on Anmist :>» br shooting himself 
through thi' right temple. He was visiting his 
brother-in-law, George Klosler. marshal of Wy- 
oming, a suburb of CinclimHtl, and Snding the 
manshnl's revolyiT Ijlng <in a dresser, fired 
the fatal «hot. Brtms, . who ts known on th-^ 
stnge ns Wlllliim Barns, btin been 'despon'tont 
because his wife ncvntlv srcnred a ■llvorce, 
and this conpled with the fnct that lif- has 
been nnnhle lo secure an engagement for the 
coming season, prompted the act. 


At present Jackson, Tenn,, Is witnessing a 
friendly theatrical war between the managers 
of the Marlowe Theatre and the owner of the 
Elite Theatre. Each one seems to endeavor 
to place the best show before tbe patrons, and 
In boosting his show as THE one, with the 
result that the people ef Jackson have had the 
entire season, the best line of plays to b>! 
seen In TaudevlUe. Both honsea haye been 
playing to S. B. O., three shows each night 
during the entire- snmmer.- The :manager8 of 
the Marlowe Tlieatre anoonnce that tbey will 
continue Tanderille at. the Marlowe until Nov 
ember I, at which time their new yandevllle 
honse wilt be completed, when they will open 
with their regular booking of big plays. 

Mr. (Aarl^ A. Felnler, manager of the Vir- 
ginia Theatre, Wheeling, W. Va., will assume 
the management of the .Court of tbe same city. 
September 1. Mr. B. L, . ttoore, tbe former 
manager of tbe Court, will book the attractions 
for Hr. Felhler In conjunction wltb the bookings- 
tor the Moore Circuit. At present the Vlrgintt 
will be conducted as a moTing picture honse 
and at tbe <\inrt both lilch-class and popular- 
priced attractiona will be presented. 

Tbe Lyric Theatre, Bnlphnr Springs, Te»s> 
M. T>. Moore, manager, TandeTllle and motion 
pictares. will be one. of the nicest Utile honsea 
of Its kind In the state when completed. It 
Is the Intention of the management to run this 
bouse the year romid, placing the best vaude- 
ville. The house will have a main floor and 
balcony with a seating capacity of 1,000, with 
oil modern couTeniences. 

During the past two months many Tery con- 
Tenlent repairs hare been made to tbe Grand, 
Greenville, S. C. adding much to the comfort 
of tbe patrons of this popular amusement honse. 
Mnnnger Wfaltmlre pcnanBllr orerlonked all 
work, which inclndes new t;etlrlng rooms for 
ladles, two new flre-esrapxs, added doors of 
exits, beanttfnl decorations and paneling on 
walls and ceilings, etc. 

The entire management at the Empire Thea- 
tre, Glens Falls. N. Y., has bt'Cn changed. The 
new ofllclnls are: E. J. T.,Tneh. manager: H. 
B. Fnrle, serretary-treasurer, and Neil Bnchlee, 
head doorkeeper, 

. I>. I.eo Pennlson Ims succeeded Chas. W. 
Miller nK mnnnger of tho Nixon Theatre at 
Wnslilnplnii. Pn.: Mr. MHIit wnn forced to 
retire on neroimt of 111 hcaltli. 

Power's Tliealre, Decntur, Til., opened August 
20, with The Hcart-Brenkcm as the attractlun. 

SEPTEMBiER 9, 1911. 

Ttie Billboard 




Renowned Birdman is Reported to Have Accepted an Offer 
from Martin Beck for a Tour of the Orpheum Circuit 
—$50,000 is Mentioned as Salary 

New York, Sept. , 2 (Special to The Bill- 
board).— It Is said 'that Harry Atwood, the 
aviator, has acceptcil an offer of $50,000 from 
Martin Beck of the Orphenm Circuit, for a 
iniir of the honsca of that circuit. The aviator's 
"act" will consist of a twenty-minute talis on 

aviation and bis adventures in the air, with 
an exhibition of one or two of . bis machines. 
It Js plauai*d to have' the aviator play the 
Orphenm honses In tlic cities that be will touch 
In his contemplated cross-conntry trip, and after 
the trip Is completed play the rept of the cir- 


WW York, Sept. 1 (Special to The Blll- 
boanl).— Louis S. Parker arrived In port Aug. 
30 The only repret expressed by bim as he 
stepped from the steamer was that custom does 
not sanction the presentation of gifts to ar- 
riving as well as departing travelers. It may 
be recalled that last spring, when be .was ready 
to return to London, Mr. Parker missed every 
steamrr that sailed from this city during a 
period of two weeks. With each announcement 
of his departure came an instalment of bon 
voyage gifts, and Mr. Parker decided that 
the business of steamer missing was more prof- 
itable than mttlDK pl»y« or isny of the common 

"lioOTBpanying Mr. Parker was his daughter. 
Dorothy Parker, who will continue to take 
ft«m TLlrbler & Co. the remaining receipts of 
Pomander Walt, under the gabse of salary. 
Mr. Parker came primarily to put on the new 
plav which he has written for viola Allen, and 
which is based on the legend of Lady Godlva, 
the Sutherland Sisters of romance. 


New .York, X. T.. Sept. 2 (Special to The 
BlUboard). — Ex-Llentenant Governor Timothy L. 
Woodmff Is arranging an aviation meet to be 
held at Nassau Bonlfvard, L. I., Sept. 23 to 
SO; onder the Joint auspices of the Aero Club 

New Empire 

Theatre Opens 

Hock Island, 111.. Angnst 29 (Special to 
The Billboard).— The New Empire Theatre at 
Bock Island, III,, termed one of the safest 
theatres In the world, was formally opened 
Monday evening, Angnst 28. The. Empire rep- 
reMots new ideas in theatre bnllding and Is tbe 
latest work In sanitary and fireproof honses. 
The .theatre has no balcony or gallery and yet 
seats 1,328, all within easy seeing and hear- 
ing of the stage. The ground fioor dimensions 
are 82 by ISA feet, making It a Jionse of on- 
usual site. The floor Is of concrete, with an 
area of B.OOO square feet. The house has nine 
exits and they are so arranged that the entire 
bouse can be emptied In not more than three 

The stage la large and can accommodate tbe 
largest of acts. The dressing rooms, which are 
large, convenient, sanitary and comfortable, are 
cut off from the' stage by a heavy fire wall 
and are accessllile from an entrance which does 
not connect with the stage.- The scenery eqnlp- 
nient is most complete. The decorations of the 
boose are simple but attractive. Old rose walls, 
•et off by Ivory and gold borders, with a large 
cvriter dome lighted by the newest In electric 
cbandellers: the bonces made In the form of 
a grape arbor and decorated with tiny electric 
bnlhs. form the general ^ decorative achome, 
while incidental and detail decoration Is done 
In dark green and brass. A floe bill was pro- 
vided at tbe opening. 

The bouse staff Is as followa: Edward T. 
Bolly. owner and minaper: Conrad Meenan. 
sBsIsfant manager: Rov Charles, treasurer: 
Menter Meyers, electrletan: Martin Sage, bead 
osher: George Nlcbola. atage manager: Harry 
Fltrslmmons. rsslstant manager. 

All acta for the Empire will Tw booked 
tltrongh the J. C. MatUiews Booking Agency. 


Sew Tork, Sept; 2 (Special to The Blll- 
boanl).— Miss Lllltsn Rnssell has been added 
to tbe Hat of stars who vrlll appear this sea- 
•on under the management of Werba * Ijiea- 
cner. H"r season will be almost equally divided 
between vaudeville and comic opera. 


Minneapolis, Minn., Sept. 8 (Special to The 
Bllll>onrd>, — netalls are being perfected for 
•he hydroaeroplane trip from Minneapolis to 
>pw Orleans. The date for the start Of the 
trip has been set as September 20. 


The Lonis Leon Rtsll Stock Company opened 
Ita s asnn at the Ornhenm Theatr*, Jersey 
^jty. N. J., Anriist 2R, In Arlwma was the 
""1. and a very favorable Impression was made. 

Wneic of Si-ntember 4 murks tbe last week 
or the last week of a snrrcasfnl six monthx* 
niti of the Lytell-Tanghn Stork Oomnanr at the 
nnrmanua Bleceker Hall. Albany, N. T. 
. il",'. Melealfe. charaeler man, and Mrs.. Met- 
cair (iTone Ilnnglasl. Ingenue, of the Cort The- 
atre, stock. ■Wheeling, W. V.t.. opened last 
w-J; wHb the Empire Theatre Stock, Holynke, 

of New York, and the Aero CJlnb of America. 
The prizes will probably aggregate {75,000, 
with a flight from Boston to New Tork as a 
feature. Mr. Woodruff is now in Boston ne- 
gotiating with the leading avir*ors that are 
appearing at the Sqnantam meet; 


Formed in Rochester, N. Y., Will Own and Maintain The- 
atres, Dramatic and Musical Companies— New Park 
Company Incorporated in Kansas City, Kan. 

Albany, N. Y., Sept. 2 (Special to The BHl- 
board). — The Astor Amusement Company of 
Rochester, N. Y.. filed articles of incorporation 
with the Secretary ot State. It has a capital 
of $18,000. and Is formed to own and: maintain 
theatres and present dramatic, mii^eal and 
other attractions. The directors are: W. : C. 
Hunts, F. H. Bennis and B. P. Cnlver, all of 


Kansas City, Kan., Sept. 2 (Special to The 
Billboard). — The Ocean Lake Resort Co. has 
been Incorporated under the laws at Kaxoas 


Her first professional engagement was with ^eodore Boberts, In the County Chairman In 
which company she had a small part. The following year she pUyed- tbe lead In this play. Ii'ar 
three seasons she played ingenue roles with the Chestnut Street Theatre Stock Company, Phila- 
delphia, and la now playing the ingenue part with Mrs. Flske. 

T. M. A. 


In the edition of The Billboard bearing date 
of August 26, an Item appearing under the T. 
M, A, Notes, referring to the placing or a 
marker on the grave of John Hoffman, mem- 
ber of Newark I.odge No. 28. by membera of 
the Cincinnati lodge, it was erroneously stated 
that thia was the first marker ever used by a 
T M A. Lodge. The writer of the note In- 
tended to say that the marker placed on the 
grave of Mr, Hoffman was the first ever used 
by the Cincinnati Lo<lge. To the Cleveland 
Ix>dge No. 9 belongs the credit of having first 
used the marker, four years ago, and to the 
Cleveland delegate at the Whe<!nnB Convention. 
Henry K. Witt, Is due the credit of having 
Bngge.«tcd the marker for nse by nil T. M. A. 
Lodges. After the Convention had adopted the 
marker. Newark Lmlgc No. S8 placed the first 
order and is the first lodge excepting Cleve- 
land to n«o the marker. 

Tlie T.vcenm Theatre, Meadvllle, Pa.. Ohnrles 
E, Schn'li, manager, oiiened Angnst 88. Tlie 
honae has undergone extensive repairs and ev- 
t-rvtblng has been made modem and np-to-date. 

A Happy Birth- 
day Party 

On the evening of Angnst 20 at Greencastle, 
Ind., occurred as enjoyable a birthday anniver- 
sary aa could be bad with any clrcoa, the occa- 
sion being the SSth birthday of Mrs. Lotta 
Brown, the owner and manager of the "op- 
town wagon'* witu the Hagenbeck-Wallace 

This nnnsnal social event with a clicns had 
tor Its stage setting tbe dining ear of tbe cir- 
cus train, which had been generonsly and beau- 
tifully decorated with flowers and It was here 
that the scores of friends assembled, sfter the 
night performance to assist the pnpnlar hostess 
to properlv celebrate her anniversary. Mrs. 
Brown was remembered by practically evey one 
with the combined- shows, tbe -tokens ot friend- 
ship left by the well-wishers aggregating at 
least three hnndred dollars in value. The 
Ssrdonvx Cl'nb. of which Mrs. Brown Is a char- 
ter inomber. presentfd ber with a beantlful giild 
handled silk nmbrella. The evening was spent 
In san:;s, stories. Instrumental miisle and so- 
cial chat. 

nolph and Snsle Levlno are making good with 
their unhlne turn. The Rival Arts. 

with a capital of $10,000. and work has already 
he:n started on a pleasure resort In Johnson 
County, a short distance from here. Phillip H. 
McKinley, president of the McKinley Publishing 
Co. of tbis city, is tbe chief promoter. 


Skagway, Alaska, Sept. 2 (Special to The Bill- 
board). — George. Perkins, a member of a theat- 
rical troupe playing ' here, was badly injured 
August 27, when he fell Into a crevasse in the 
Denver glacier. It was necessary to send l>actc 
to Skagwaj; to get ropes and assistance tr ree- 
cue Perkins. 


Sandnsky, O.. Sept. 2 (Special to Tbe Bill- 
board). — An aviation race in connection with 
the St. LonIs aviation meeting, which is to be 
held this fall. Is being planned by Sandnsky 
people. A course of more than 1,300 miles Is 
contemplated, starting at St. Louis and passing 
through Cincinnati, (Seveland, Sandnsky. To- 
ledo, Chicago and other cities. 


Boston, Sept. 2 (Special to The Billboard). — 
Prof. William Street Hntchlngs, for more than 
50 years a famous figure in the American show 
world, died here August 26. aged 80 years. He 
was with -P. T. Bamum for many years, and 
was known as the lightning calculator. For 
the last thirty yean be has been a leetnier 
in Austin & stone's' Mnsenm . In ' ttia city. 

Nina Lester, having finished the Geo. B. Greoi- 
wood Circuit, Is now playing (31ia8.~E. RodMn* 
Texas Time. 

Sanford Changes 


Philadelphia. Pa., Sept. 2 (Special to The 
BlUboard). — ^Walter Sanford, formerly employed 
88 manager ot the Ijrrlc Theatre here, has 
been appointed business manager of the Olyronlc 
Theatre, St. Louis. He received the appoint- 
ment from Klaw & Erianger, August II. 


with the opening of the theatrleal- season In' 
Michigan City. ' Ind., comes the announcement 
that Allardt Brothers, booking agents for the 
Graiid Opera Honse, ot which Horace Oenge la 
manager, will Instltnte the plan of giving one 
first-class road show during tbe week, and have 
vaudeville on the other nights. The Grand 
opened the season Angnst 22. with Graustarfc. 

The Grand Opera House. Peterborough. Ont.. 
owned and managed by the Messrs. J. J. Turner 
& Sons, opened its season August 23 with Tbe 
County Sheriff to excellent returns. Mr. A. J. 
Small, booking agent for Peterborough, saya^ 
that the theatregoers of this city' will see a bet-^ 
ter grade of shows than has ever been seen liflj 
the city before. SM 

The- Wlldey. at Edwardsrllle, 111., whlclS 
was managed last season by Wm. Sanvage of ^ 
Alton, Is now under the management of the 
Wlldey Theatre Co. This season's schedule 
calls for one-a-week on Sundays. The boose 
is also equipped, with a motion picture, ma- - 
chine, which will operate on dart nights. 

J. B. Swafford, who has bad the Pavilion 
Theatre Co. In the Mew England States during 
the* summer months, returns to Findlay, O,, as 
manager of the Ualestie Theatre, booked by 
thiTBelse Circuit. Frank Click will agaln^be 
treaiorer. The house opens September 4, vrlth 
Tempot and SoniUne. 

The Jefferson Theatre at Sidphnr Springs, 
Texas, already one of the handsomest playhonaes 
In Northeast. Texas, Is undergoing some extra 
Improvements. It has published Its 1011-12 
bookings, covering the best attractions visit- 
ing the state this season. W. W. Wllllamaon 
la manager. 

The Grand, at Clrdevllle, O.. wm be under 
new management this season, Walter Banght- 
man, baving assnmed charge. Improvemeots 
to the honse and stage that will admit of giv- 
ing tbe biggest road attractions, are being mads 
under tbe supervision of the new manager. 

The Family Theatre, Lancaster. Pa., opened 
August 2S with vaudeville and moving pictures. 
Charles Howell, late manager of tbe Boot Oar- 
den, will manage the Family, and the entire 
st.iff ot old employees will, bo retained. . 

I.onis SItriek. owner ot tbe Lyric Theatre at 
Dniontown. Pa., has leased the Misbler Thea- 
tre at Morgantown; W. Ta., for a term o( B 
years, and will ran road shows. ' - 

J. J. Turner * Son« opened tie Grand Op- 
era Honse at Peterborough. Out.. Canada^ Ang. 
23. with The Cnnnty Sheriff. Tbe show pleased 
a large andlence. 

Ernest Rlche. manager at the Opera Hoase. 
Toakum. Texas, has returned after a trip East, 
where be went tn amn^ bootilnga for nia the- 
atre. ■. 

Tlie Elks* Theatre .it TayL^rvUle. IB.. vUl! 
open the sesson of 1011-12 on September IS.' 
with The Goddess of Liberty. 

14 XtieBIllboard 

SEPTEMBER » itil. 

Motion Picture News 


Success of the Crusaders, Released by The World's Best 
Film Company, Sets the Pace for Enterprising iVlanufactur= 
«rs— Several Religious Pictures Being Made in Chicago 

-Chicago Aagmt SI (Special to The BlU- 
IwanU. — ne eztraordlnarr snecess that has at- 
tended the efforts ot Tom QalU, manager of the 
World's Best nim Oompanf, In dlsposlns ol 
tbe state rights ot The Croaaders. has stlmu- 
Jated many other firms to action in the same 
afield. A prominent local finn of film mann- 
faetnrpra la taking a s«rl«s of pictntes cal- 
-cnlated to malce similar i^peal to the latent 
-spirit of religions devotion., and : the leading 
oilncators and clergymen In Boston ase Indots- 
tng ilT. QnHI's romantie and lilstorteal pletnre. 
In Kansas City, too, tlie picture has lieen re- 
'Ceiv*^ witii enthnsiasm, Jnllns Stem, who is 
lianiiling the Crnsaders ot lemsalem Delivered 
Y»r tbe Mtesonii State Bights Company In that 
■city, reporting 18,000 paid admissions In six 
•days for the lilm. 

The oOces of tlie World's Best Film Com- 


NeVr Tork,' Septemhec 1 (Special to The Bin- 
lioaTd). — Tlie tnaease In boslnesa incident to 
the coming of the winter season is to be tarried 
■au In tbe absence of two of the best plugsers 
iu the game and those to whose efforts the in- 
^crease in the tmslness of their respective com- 
panies is largely due. Mr. Bert Adler of the 
inianbonsa Company iias been taken seriously 
HI with' typboid fever and on Monday, Angnst 
~JS. was taken to Ijebanon Hospital, with a lem- 
.peratnra of lOK decrees. Toward the and of 
tbe wedc Us condition was leported is still 

Mr. Cbss. 8Imime, dope shoveler for the Nes- 
tor Fnm Company and rscently appointed rlght- 

:hand*man to ' Mr. OavUI Hortiley, was cbsent 
from ills oflic* BerorsI days this wefek cin ae- 

-connt ot nineas resmtiag from ovecworlc and a 
seven cold. 

The Red Devils 


pany. In the Borce Bnllaing In Dearborn Street, 
are crowded daily with exhibitors from all 
over tbe country. Tom Is bnsy shaking hands 
with all of tbem and getting tbe money. He 
has already sold the rigbts to lUinots. Indiana, 
Ohio, Missonri, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Washing- 
ton, Colorado, Oreeron and the Philippine 
Islands, and has several deposits on other atates 
that maj* be sold at any honr. Mr. Qoill con- 
fidently believes that, by the first of October, 
every state In tbe Union and evetr province 
in Canada will be disposed of, as foe state 
right bnyerg np to this time annonnee big prof- 
its on their investments. Every one now buy- 
ing Tbe Crusaders will have first option on 
all of his coming feature films. 


*Every Little Movement'' of the Admiral's Trip is Watched 
and Sedulously Recorded on Celluloid by Enterprising 
American Manufacturer — Oriental Poses for Picture 

New York, Sept. 2 (Special to Tbe Bill- 
board). — Mr. Jack Beed has obtained some six- 
teen hundred feet of film pictnring Admiral 
Togo's trip in the United States, as the guest 
of tbe Department of State. The film covers the 
admiral's trip from Kew York to Baltimore. 
Washington, West Point and Niagara Falls. 
Mr. Reed experienced a great deal of trouble 
In obtainlne permission to take the pictures but 
he has agreed to show tbe films in Japan so 
that the friendship between this country and 
Japan, which was the object of bringing tbe 
Admiral over, might be Instilled into the 
minds of the Japanese people outside diplomatic 
circles as well as wltbin. Admiral Togo 
readily consented to having tbe pictures taken 

On Thursday, Angnst 31, the mnch-talked-of 
'Champion release after the story by Sidney 
Drew, was exhibited tot the first time. De- 
spite the fact that tbe devQs tbemielves ap- 
peared extremely black on tile screen, as must 
be the case, the photssraplD' Is of the highest 
order, being clear and mellow and tree from 
blemishes of all kinds, even in the sample 
print. Tbe staging of the play lias been 
well done, and the name of the anthor Uas not 
been relied upon to make the film go. Some 
very special scenery has been obtained, as 
well as siKcial people, and In all an energetic 
attempt to pcodace a. gnccessfnl film is appar- 
ent ttarongboot Its entire conise. 

WliUe many thrilling scenes liave beat at- 
tempted, the character of the production is far 
-removed from tiie ordinary hlood and thunder 
tsie, and many actors wbo should by this time 
lie so accustomed to '.'laying It on" as to be 
. nnable to get away tram It, here aaem to play 
their puts ulth mnCh'miaenjtandlnK and a great 
dedre t» gaSm dnmatle eSbet and put action 
- Into tkeis wotk witfaont any hoiaeiday' 

~ ' Itself to of a much dlifeient cbar- 

(Conttned on page 68.) 



With Powers Company Flayers. 

PIsyuig leading rules wltb the lielhuice stuck Company. 

Imp Director 

Sprains Ankle 

Kew Totk, Ang. 81 (Special to She Bill- 
board).— Ur. Thomas Ince, dlneter for tte 

Imp Motion Pictture Company, and vrell-known 
legitimate actor, is suffering from a sprained 
ankle which he received Sunday, Angnst 27.' 
Mr. Ince was absent from the studio dnring 
the week following the accident and Us work 
with one of the companies was temporarily 
taken np by Mr. Willat. general manager of 
tlie Imp factory and itodlOi 


The' Klnemacolor Company has now completed 
tbe printing of enough Coronation films and 

their photographers have taken enough differ- 
ent subjects to last one bouse twenty-four 
weeks, program changing every week. The Klne- 
macolor Company, having been especially char- 
tered to photograph the Ck>ronatlon festivities, 
has obtained many films which other companies 
were nnable to photograph, and when mnalns 
a two-boor show, as they are doing at the 
several houses tbrougbont tbe country, are able 
to show different Sims every week for twenty- 
four weeks. All the Klnemacolor houses are 
doing capacity business and next week will 
see a raise In prices In nearly all the houses 
throughout tlie East. 

Engages New 

Scenario Editor 

New Tork. Sept. 2 (Spedsl to Tbe BIII- 
bosrd). — The Beilanee Co. has engaged as its 
Scenario Editor, the former manager of the 
Motion Picture Department ot a daily paper 
which for some tune bas been looking with 
envious eyes at tbe motion picture business. 
Mr. Terwilliger has been a friend ot the mo- 
tion pletnre manntactuters and the business 
and Is well fitted tor his new position as scen- 
ario editor. He will take np the work on the 
new lob as soon as someone can be found to 
an bis old position. 


Chicago. Sept 2 (Special to Tbe Billboard). 
— O. C. Phillips, who baa been associated in 

tbe booking business for tbe past twenty years, 
has been elected as a general manager for th» 
Columbia Theatrical Exchange, l^be firm will 
adhere for tbe most part to supplying man- 
agers wltb Illustrated singers and machines 
on short notice. They now bave tbe booking 
of about one hundred houses tbrongb Chicago, 
tbe South and the Sonthwest. 

after the Department of State at Washington 
had granted the permission. He posed for a 
special still picture at Niagara Falls wltb the 
Borse-Shoe Falls as a backgroaad. 


One of the greatest dlffienlHes confronting 
the moving picture machine operator is the ad- 
justment of his carbons within t]>e lamp bonse 
while he is turning the pictures. He bas but a 
choice of two ways to remedy tbe flickering 
light produced his failing carlKins — one by 
peering through a red glass which Indistinctly 
shows tile interior of the lamp house — the other 
by gating into the electrodes themselves there- 
by subjecting tbe operator to the contraction of 
electric ophthalmia, commonly termed snow- 

However. Sydney 3. Jacotison of Washington. 
D. C, has invented and patented a redector 
which by being attached opposite an aperture 
made In the lamp bonse lust where tbe illn- 
mlnatkm are Is locsted, reflects the Interior on 
the wall before the operator, enabling him 
to adjust the carbons without stopping the pic- 
ture and without harming his eye-Bight, So 
perfect Is this lens that the Image is perfect 
and the readjtlstment of carbons a plensnre, 
.ind no longer tbe bane of the oiwrator. Tbe 
Jacobson Axe Bcflector has not yet tjeen placed 
upon the market, but will soon be exploited l>y 
a St, I<ouIs concern. 


wmiam Garwood, one of tbe fonr leatiing 
men ot the Ttaaabouser Film Company, left that 
organization to work in stock at Columbus, 
Ohio. Tuesday, Angnst 29. He has been with 
the Thanbonser organization for almost a b.nlf- 
yoar. having previously played stock before 
P'lslng in front of tbe camera. He Is to be 
replaced by Joseph Carews, 

ON PAGE 66. 

Kalem Engages 


New York, Atigast 31 (Special to The Bill- 
board).— The latest entry on the Motion Pic- 
ture Sheet has been made by none other than 
tbe famous first-baseman, Hal Chase, manager 
of tbe Mew York American Licague team. Mr. 
Chase bas been engaared by the Kalem Company 
to appear in a comedy sketch on baseball life. 
The picture will be called "Hal Chase's Home 
Run," from which name It can readily t>e 
seen that Hal will play an important part. It 
win be released September 27, after which 
several more pictures of the same ebaraeter 
and played -wltb the same hero la the title role, 
will lie released. 


Director of the Imp Stock Company. He bas 
been Incapacitated by a apralocd ankle and hi?* 
place bas been taken by Mr. Willatt. general 
manager at the Imp factory and studio. 

SEPTEMBER 9, 1911. 

Xlie Billboard 


Music and Vaudeviile News 


M. Witmark and Sons Celebrate this Season the Twenty= 
Fifth Anniversary of the Founding of Their 
Music Firm — Music Notes 

The Internationally renowned and univer- 
rellr looked-up-to pnbllBhlng house, M. Wit- 
mark & Sons, this season celebrates the twenty- 
atlU annlTersary of Its existence. 

This statement, simple as It Is. will be read 
with startled surprise, even by tbose who Know 
the members of the firm best, and who are 
best known to them, so rapidly does time pasa 
TThen one la engrossed in one's own pnrsnits 
that Important chronological facta are often 
orerlooked. Astonishing as It may ■ppear. It 
is nevertheless an absolute and Importuit. fact 
that M. Witmark & Sons, publlsbers, will not 
onlT celebrate their Silver Jubilee, tbia aeaaon, 
bst— and this Is atiU more remarkable— the 
Tear IBU marks the twenty-elgbth milestone In 
the commercial existence of the Witmarks 
themselves, separate and distinct from their 
history as a boalnesa InatitnUon. As twenty- 
Bve years Is a quarter of a centuiy, and one 
would naturally Imagine that the members of 
a concern which has piled op behind It a snf- 
llclent nnmber of yean to JastUy a illTer Ju- 
bilee celebration most themselves be creeping 
on Into the "sere and yellow" of sixty years 
old or so, yet the members of the boose of 
Witmark are known from ocean to ocean— yes, 
and across— as "The Witmark Bot." 

Although this great concern baa "come of 
age." speaking commercially. Its plucky and 
enterprising members have never for a ina- 
ment relaxed In TlgUance or vigor. On toe 
contrary, luatead of resting ' comfortahly opon 
their laurels woo during the yeirs of steady, 
persistent toll -and nnremltting enertg^ and brain 
work for which, .they have ever been -«is- 
tliignlshed, •rrbe Witmark Boya" are »«Ilt ' !n 
harness" — even more so than when tbev weie 
"bojs" Indeed, and began bnslneaa with a toy 
hand press. At that period of their existence 
sot one of the Witmark youngstera was tut 
of bis teens, so, to inanie legal respinalhlUty, 
the biothera pressed their fatlier,_Ui« lale 
Uiiens Witoaik. Into partnenUp. Ttair *eem, 

(Contlimed on page 55). 


New Xork, Sept. 2 (Special to The Bill- 
board).— E. Bay Goetz, Irving Berlin and Ted 
Snyder are the authors of the book and music 
of Eddie FcT's Show. The Pet of Petticoats. 
Toy will this season go out under the manage- 
nest of Cbatlca B. DUllagban. who bought the 
vteduetioa tbla week from A. H. Woods. 


In piAIlBhlBK In thematic roarm the song,; I 
Ain't Xobody's Fool, the addreaa.of .J.-.B. Gress- 
Ht. the pnbllaher. was given In The'BtHbiard 
IS Merlden. Coim., when It should have been 
Meridian. Wsa. 

Mr. Gressett writes that be has received 
Kany Inquiries for copies of the song, due to 
the publicity given It by The Billboard, but 
thit the reonesta have been delayed owing to 
the mistake in the address. Those desiring 
copies of the sonit should addresa A. Gressett 
HnsIcHooie, Meridian. Miss. 


George Anstln Moore has been spending bis 
iftemoona during tbe psst week In the offlees 
cf Thompson * Co. learning that Honky Tonky 
Uonkey Rag. which he will feature In bla aet. 
Ur. Moote teqnind a guod tag nnmber for bli 
act and waa<«alek to graaB the possibilities In 
this song. 

Malorie O'Boorke (The tltUe Olrl with the 
£lK Voice) Is featuring the Monkey Bag at 
the IT. S. Music ' Hall, ' irtiere there la mnslcal 
romtdy. Hiss O'Boorke represented Tbomp 
ron & cx>. at the song eontnt at Wblte City, 
•nd more than pleased the large audience. 

Bay Samuels, Tower Brothen and Darraw, 
LlBle Wallaee and Bay Howard , are among the 
others makin g a Mt with tbla aong. . 


New York. Sept; 2 (Special to The BiU- 
board). —yonH Want Me Back, by Nelson W. 
Gree^ot, a long of the same style ss- Some 
or These Days, la claimed by the pnWIshere, 
hendls and Paley. to show bright prospects for 
* "'P M'e. Anotber nnmber. Issued .by the 
•sine Arm. called Llae; which Is termed a' sis- 
ter SOUK of the now Tamnns Billy,, also seems 
to be springing Into ■ popular favor. 


Georgi. B. Alexander, the "Iramp" comedian 

«na ch.nracter artist; has selected Stem's new 
™"lty comedy song. On the B. A. R.. for his 
lestnrc nnmber during the coming tour which 
txMns wat Monday. 

J'r- nnfl M«. Sidney Reynolds have • signed 
"no-aeis for a nnmber of weeks of Western 
liSr. «"!' open their engatroment In Ohleago Im- 
Mrs. Reynolds la singing Oppen- 
helm nnd Cooper's new song. Child I/>ve. ■ 
>« » "/PI''*' «he South." Billy Beard, Is 
rmn *• present time having. ex- 

jCTitionni success with Henry and Bryan's new 
wJh v v*'lf » T.Ike tbe DreM. a nmn- 

w/rw 5'„!l» *een singing for the last three 
Waiw. Beard. Is- also using McDonald and 
h&JL J"«»I««lt>pl DInpy nip. being fhe drst 

Hnil " ""n*"""" to Introduce this song. 
BlnJ •■ . "uPhenan, the "singers who 

lilchM.,°."i. ,''"'?*f.'^'»n»« ""d Ooodairs new 
of th^ ^^^rVd °° *° 

Mabd Uowird and Jack Lawrence, who are 

booked over flie Sullivan and Consldlne Time 
for tbe coming aeason. are nsing the Olrtatlon 
version of Henry ft Bzyan'a I Uke the Eat, 


When I Woke Up Xbls Morning, Let's Make 
Love While the Moon Shines, and That Carolina 
Bag are the big hits with Jeannette Adier. 

May Wentwortb la nslng Kelly's Gone to 
Kingdom Come, Signer Creatore and I'd Love' 
to Live In Loveland with a Girl Like You. 

Monette, the singing violinist, has three Will 
Rosslter numbers In her act, namely: Let's 
Make Love While the Moon Shines, Love Me, 
Let the World <>o By, and I'd Love to Live In 
Loveland with a Girl Uke Zoo. 


Paragraphed Items of Late Developments in the World of 
Variety Throughout the Country— ^Personal Notes 
of Performers and Their Act^ 


New Tork. September 2 (Special to The Bill- 
board). — Manager Bobt. E. Irwin of tbe Tittb 
Avenue Theatre . will- have anotber oldtlmen' 
bill at his .house during the coinse of this 
month. For one of the features of the pro- 
gram he Is endeavoring to secure Sam Hodg- 
don, who Is now connected with tbe V. B. O. 
The following -is a copy of the letter Manager 
Irwin sent to Mr. Bodgdon. at Is s^-explan- 

August 23, 1911. 

Dear Mr. Hodgdon: 

In order to make our oldtimera'. vreek a 
grander anccess than ever. It atroek me that 
we should have yon on the bin. If yon would 
consider an offer to play a part In the after- 


Celebrated Band Master, and artist of snpierlative abiUty. 


The Great Stockton, Illnalonlst, has Inst 
returned to his frame In Cincinnati after pay- 
ing some Important dates In Indiana and Ken- 
tucky with hla company. His act created a 
favorable Impreeslaa wherever be appeared, and 
managers In whose theatres he played have ex- 
pressed tbeir desire to have him play return 
engagements. He la now figuring with Gua 
Sun and may play the Sun Circuit If they can 
come to terms, otherwise he will continue to 
play dates booked by himself. Mall addressed 
to him In care of The Billboard will reach 

Word comes from St. Petersburg. Russia, 
that the Two Vivians, shsrp-shooters, gave a 
special performance before His Imperial Ma- 
jesty, the Oxar of Russia, at tbe Boyal com- 
mand. Both Mr. and Mlas Vivian were pre- 
sented with diamond-studded medals, as an ap- 
preciation of their excellent work. They are 
now playing at tbe AQuarlnm Garden. St. 
Petersburg, and are being advertised as the Two 
American sharp-ahooters that appeared W 
special teqnest before the Czar. 

Art Adair, "That eccentric musical comlquc," 
erstwhile old clown In clrousdom. also acrobat 
evmnaat and "fiddler," has about weaned him- 
self away from the "white tops" and now 
claims "vode-vllle." HavluR very Rood success 
playlnc all the W. V. A. lo'^"'"** S-.i,? 
S. Cjrenlta. this being Art's Mfo-^^ ''' J*S 
coast over the 8. * a Time Ul the past two 

Blanche Aldraeh, rapid change artist and 
male Impersonator, has entirely recovered trom 
the serious operation performed upon her tnroat 

at the Lowell (Mass.) Hospital on July 8. 
Miss Aldraeh waa confined to tbe hospital fw 
four weeks, but Is entirely well now. She baa 
resumed her bookings on the Scenic Olrealt In 
the New England States. 

Newell and NIblo, who have been enjoying the 
swimming, boating, fishing, etc., at Paw-Paw 
Lake, Mich., the past two months, will again 
be seen on the S. & C. circuit, opening with 
the road show at (nndnnatl. September 10. 

Stlekton, travestler and ninslonlst, bas just 
returned from a trip through Indiana and Ken- 
tnck]^ where his act was very well received. 
He states that acts of bis kind are scarce and 
that he has a busy aeaaon ahead ot Um. 

Wm F. Herbert and The lAugweed SIsten. 
In their feast of fun. will revel over the W. 
V. M. A. Time, opening at the Temple TbeetK. 
It. Wayne. Ind., Sept. 4, to tbe tnne ot four- 
teen weeks, composed hy A. E. Meyers. 

Aiua 'Gould, the coon shunter. Is making a 
big bit down South, touring the Hodklns Cir- 
cuit. George B. Greenwood bas signed ber 
tor a two years* engagement and will give lier 
a New York opening October 15. 

Tbree Zechs, novelty aerlallsts, havo Iwen 
resting for a few weeks at Lake Orion. SQdt. 
The trio will start tbeir second season over tbe 
Gus Sun CIreidt, September 4. ■ 

Jack. Donahue and Alice XT. Stewart, char- 
acter comedians and eccentric dancers, scored 
big In Chicago last week. 

Baby Esmond, tbe Chlljl Wonder, la resting 
at Ijong Brancn, N. I., and will resume work 
In September. 

piece, T should I»e very glad to hear from you,, 
and can assure yon that we will give you the- 
best billing possible and see that yon have a - 
good dressing room and ar^ featured In the 
electric sisns. There will he only two shows-'' 
a day and no doubling In brass. 

We sincerely hope yon will seriously consider 
this oticr and It will be to your advantage tO'. 
do so, as nearly every performer -who .bas- 
opened at the Fifth Avenue, and made good. ' 
has always had an abundance of fntnre book- 
ings, and we feel sure that your appearane-- 
bere tor a week would reeult In haviiiig; your 
entire season booked np at one. 

Kindly state yonr lowest terms In first Iettet.^ 
Awaiting your reply, I am. 

Tours very truly, 
(Si gned) 'BOBBBT B. IBW IN. Mgr. 


New York, Sept. 2 (Special to The Billboard). 
—On October 15, Willie Hale and brother vriQ 
sail on the Minnehaha for London, where they 
are booked to open at tbe Hippodrome, October 
30. Hale 'Will do his original donble hoop roll- 
ing aet with his wife nnder the name of Hale- 
and Frances, while the other male member ot 
the present act will do a single Joggling num- 
ber. The two acts, after their London Hippo- 
drome engagement -will play thirty-five weeks, 
tor Moss & Stoll, and then will an several 
months' engagementa In theatres oa the Oontl'. 


The Kltamnra Family ot . Japanese acrobats 
and Jngglen have been spending a snmmer va- 
cation in Japan and win return ',to this country 
shortly and open on Percy Williams* Time. This 
troupe Is one of the best acts ot Its kid oik 
the road. Mr. F. KItamimi, manager ot the 
company, recently arrived In Now York to ar^ 
range details for the coining season. He states 
that the tronjie bas secured a new f5,000 slllc 
drop stage setting, a beantlfn] piece ot hand 
work. The curtain will be used tor the lint 
time when the troupe opens here. 


New York, Sept. 2 (Special to Tlie BOlboard). 
— ^Billle Beeves' Oomedy OimpsBy arrived I» 
New York from London Sunday. The company 
Is booked to open on the Percy O. Williams 
Circuit early this month in a new version of a 
Night In a London Mnalc HalL Binie Beeves 
heads the aggregation and Is assisted by Johnny 
Doyle, George Hoare, Jimmy BerresfonI, Daa 
Ryner. Imy Forrest, Flo Bnasdl and Frank 


New York, Sept. 2 (Special to The Billboard). 
— A team new to the East Is Bolilnson and 
Thompson, a pair ot singing and ^■iMwff com- 
edians, who have Just opened on the Proctor 
Time. Since their opening here they havo 
been duplicating their success in the West. 


New York, Sept. 2 (Special to The Bin- 
board). — On Monday Warren and Seymour, la 
Uie tnvesty caUvd Quo Vadls Up Side Down, 
open on the SnlUvan & Consldlne Circuit at 
Chicago for a season ot 2S weeks. Tbe act 
will have a feature position on aQ blll& 


Oaidand, Cal., Sept. 2 (Special to. The- 
Billboard). — Work has been started on tlie ras- 
ing Of a ikinnber ot bnlldings at the coiAer at 
Fkanklln and Twelfth Streets, to enable the 
eonstmctiim of a new theatre, which will b» 
opened to tbe public about the first ot tha 
coming year. The theatre win .eomplets tao 
Pantages; Clrcnlt. 


Vandalla. IB., Sept. 2 (Special to ne BIB- 
boatd). — The season at :tbe Dixie Theatre opens 
September 5 -with Rowland tt CUttord'a- produc- 
tion. The Rosary. Tbe Dixie la a new tbeatte. 
being erected by the I. O. O. F. Ijodge at a 
cost of $27,000. It Is- situated on the gnona 
floor and is thoroughly modem and np-to-dato 
In every respect.. . The • house has ,a :aeatinir 
capacity ot 070. Shanoek and Sharroek : are- 
the lessees and manacera. Ibe Dixie , la Uated 
with the Affiliated Theatres, . ■ 


Messrs. Klaw A Erlanger signed contracts 
with the managers ot the Theatre. Royal. Orory 
Lane, for the production of General Lew Wal- 
lace's Ben Htir in the Dmrr Lone theatre on 
April 6. 1912. . The play will be revived with 
an EngUA company. 

At the coadnalon ot Its prospective- run at 
Drury Lane it will make a tour ot the provinces 
ot England, as It has never been seen outside 
of London. 

It Is interesting to note that Ben Hur 'wlU 
also be produced In the autumn of next year 
in Australia by Mr. WilUamson, who negotiated 
for It while be was in America last month, and 
as Klaw & Brlanger are arranging; for ' a U?- 
production foe this coming seawm In Kew. Ynk 
and elsewhere, the play will bave the distinction 
ot simultanew .on three conti- 
nents, an erent rarely recorded-lBrOr'Ustoiy'ot '- 
contemporaneons theatricals. 


Tftie Blllboarcl 

•SEPTEMBER 9, 1911. 



SSSUBa WEEKLX, ana eoKted as Secand-dass 
Mfdl flatter at Post-office. Cincinnati, O. 
vAiIilress all commonlcatXoDs for the editorial or 
bnsinesis department to 

416 Elm St., Cincinnati, O., U. S. A. 

iMOg Distance Telepbone. Main 2769. 
Cable address (Begistered) "BOlfbor." 


Room 5. nolland BnlMIne, 14W Broadway. 
Telepbone 1830 Errant. 


1203 ScbiUer Bnildlttsr. 103-109 Bandolpb St. 

Telepbone Central S934. 

Boom 803, llissonrl Tmst Building. 

Westliank BoUdlns, 830 Marlcet St., Jnnctlon 
Marlcet. Ellis and Stockton Sts., Snlte 621. 


ITO Temple Cbambe'rs, G. C. 


121 Rae Uontmartre. Telepbone 222 — 61. 

ABVERTIBINQ EATES — Twenty cents per 
line, agate measarament. Wbole page, flU' 
balf page, $70; anarter page, t3S. Vo adver- 
" ■ i» tliaa - - 

I fin liiw* accepted. 

mont lii. fLOO; paysUe in adnaca. 
So e»tr» chuga to Ctnidtan or XaaSga nib. 

tion. Other means of preventing 
panics could also be devised. While 
it is, of course, unwise to arouse an 
audience's uneasiness by even sug- 
gesting the possibilities of a Are, a 
sense of security "could be instilled 
into spectators of moving picture the- 
atres, by projecting, at the beginning 
of each show, a slide explaining that, 
even though a film should explode 
or a flash be visible on the screen, 
there is no danger, as the curtain is 
of asbestos and the moving picture 
cabinet fireproof. Jf a slide of this 
nature were shown at each perform- 
ance, the people would soon become 
accustomed to its use, their fears 
would be dispelled and. In case of 
fire, they would' leave the theatre In a 
calm, unexcited manner. The Can- 
nonsburg catastrophe Is certain to re- 
sult in some stringent precautionary 
measures being adopted. Enterpris- 
'ng managers might forestall stricter 
regulations by. taking the initiative. 


THE BUXBOABS is for sale en aU trains 
and news-stands tlirangliont tba TTnlted States 
and Canada, vbieb ais supplied by tbs Amer- 
ican Vewa Co., and ita braathet. It ia also on 
sals at Brentano's, 87 Avenne de I'Opera. Paris. 
France. Vnien not an aala, please notify this 

Bemlttances tboald be made by post-oiBoe or 
express moner order, or registered letter ad- 
dressed or mads payable to Tiie Billboud Tnb- 
liibing Company. 

Zlie editor can not midartalce to retnxn nnso- 
Htlta d mamuotipt; correspondents sbould kup 

Saturday, September 9^.1911. 

Fire! How small, insignificant, in- 
consequential, this monosyllable ap- 
pears In print; how awful and with 
what terror it strikes the heart when 
uttered In alarm. This sinister word 
breathed in-.fear, and yelled In fright, 

, epItonUzes : coontless stories of' grief, 
shattered ; fortunes and death. It Is 
almost synonymous with sepulchre: 
it is more dreadful to the ear than 
any other word or phrase In the En- 
glish language. Its use, or. In fact, 
its misapplication, has sent to join 
the ranks of the silent majority a 
number so great as to startle the most 
blase statisticiatt. ' Xiast week the uni- 
verse was .awed by a cataclysm 
wrought by- the Uttle word. fire. ; At 

■ Cannonsburg, Pa., during a . moving 
picture show, the film exploded, and 
while the damage done by the fire was 
very slight, twenty-six persons were 
killed almost inntamly and two-score 
more injured seriously in the panic 
which resulted when some thin- 
blooded craven yelled "Fire!" It Is 
true that the operator allowed smoke 
to enter the auditorium by opening 
the door of the booth, but it would 
have been possible for all persons to 
leave the building in perfect safety, 
and the fire could have been confined 
to the cabinet, had not the fatal word 
inspired terror into the audience, the 
majority of whom were women and 
children. In this : particular case the 
picture theatre was located on the 
second floor and hasty and safe egress 
was therefore rendered difficult. Sec- 
ond-storj- picture theatres are crim- 
inal and should' not be suffered by 
the authorities. The concentrated 
imprecations of public and press 
should be brought to bear against the 
establishment ot such places of 
amusement on the second floor, or 
such precautionary measures as the 
erection of fire-proof buildings should 
be adopted and coerced by legisla- 

It is said that a large ofEer has been 
made to a certain young woman who 
■s now the central figure in a Virginia 
murder case, to appear on the stage, 
tf such an offer has been made, we 
hope It was by some speculator not 
connected' with the stage, as we .do 
not want to think that any theatrical 
manager or anyone connected with 
the dramatic profession would be so 
low or unscrupulous as to attempt 
to stage somethi